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<music> hey is jolly dumez of of edo fire and the entrepreneurial you this show for dedicated and passionate caribbean entrepreneur seeking daily inspiration brought to you by author speaker in award winning entrepreneur hencke watkiss porter. You must be prepared to ignite <music> the currency a real networking is not greeted but generosity keith causey greetings my peak performance. How are you doing today. I just that you're having a great day. Welcome to episode one one hundred and twenty seven of the entrepreneurial you podcast hanukkah walk sporto. Today's episode is with john. Tulloch rico janis among the world's foremost experts on building relationships that yield amazing results for his clients. John has worked directly with some of today's today's most powerful and influential business and thought leaders celebrities and more importantly people just like yourself looking for a way to connect next and create a life of your dream. I'm looking forward to this conversation on leveraging the power of units work with with john. It's how to recall welcome john. Thank you so excited to be here. Welcome jamaica and yeah really excited for this our own <hes> and what's your favorite thing about jamaica. I met you ran your jamaica. Yes saw me. I spoke with the legendary less brown yemen yeah so <hes> the people of jamaica i think is my favorite thing. Just the kind hearted spirit always striving to to be the best that they could be <hes> just a warm wonderful country country and i love it. I love the people all right so i'm happy that you had a great time. We had a great time welcoming. You here and them really have happy that. You're on this podcast with me so we're gonna just go right into having this conversation leveraging the power of your network because your story is pretty much one that depicts that power and home which we can never get to win in our everyday lives note tennis about your journey sure he could well. I i actually grew up in michigan. I'll give you the short version kind of <hes> blue collar town. <hes> mama's on food stamps welfare. They got divorced when i was seven so that was at the time kind of went. Divorce wasn't really opulent back then yeah exactly so y'all by seven. I was kind of embarrassed of of my upbringing <unk> by age twelve. I started <hes> drinking around age nine for about two years. I <hes> had some really horrific. Things happen to me by a woman who was entrusted to take care of me the and that she did not do in all. I'd like to speak to people who have been through some hardships. I know a lot of people have gone through some things and so i understand that and <hes> fast forward a a bit you know i realized later on in life that headed when i hit rock bottom round two thousand nine was working for one of the top internet marketing guys and the thought of had the dream job and realized that it was not all it seems so i actually ended up living out of a motel my wife and two dogs kind of homeless we it didn't have a job. We're broke and that's when it kinda hit me that you know i wasn't going to go out like this. My life wasn't going to be defined by this and started ready to take an inventory of what i had and while a lot of times we think we don't have things we have some most important assets life which are our relationships family and friends friends and work so from that is <hes> where we're at today and i've been able to <hes> build some amazing relationships and leverage those contacts all over the world been able to travel traveled thirty six countries five continents last few years and just met some amazing amazing people and helped a lot of people are realized that they can live the life of their dreams so you've you've had a not so glorious life right <hes> in the beginning and in the beginning and you mentioned that's that's a while ago. You know you could have been very bitter right. You could've taken that sense and being very bitter and disowned the the world owes you everything but you just said something that is absolutely absolutely very profound john and that we think sometimes we think we don't have but what we have is so much more and so you talk the boat you alluded to relationships and i want you to exit owned a little bit more on the power of relationship when i was at my lowest points i i saw quote one day. I was going to starbucks every single day. You know sets up their office sarah. I'm seeing the same people every day will see you. Tomorrow and i'm walking can home one day. I saw this quote from marcus aurelius. It said <hes> the thing progress <hes> what stands in the way becomes the way and i that hit me like a ton on a bricks. I'm like well. I have become the problem in my own way. I've blaming people angry becoming the victim and i realized that that moment that my life was not going to be defined by this so i took an inventory of what i had in my life and which was i made a list of all the relationships that i had family friends work associates. It's college people and that's when i started to realize that by reaching out to my relationships existing ones <unk>. Let's like an inventory like you have. If you have a business these are very valuable things that people want to help each other. You know at the end of the day. Everybody just wants a better life in you find at the core. Most people want to just help other. People gives them great satisfaction for me. I love helping people so it's also important to be able to ask for help when you when you're down and out so many people these days they don't speak up we have to deal with bullying and and people have gone through some horrific things and it's important you you find your voice and have the courage and the confidence to tit least speak up even if it's to one person and so then i started speaking up to my network my relationships and by taking action sometimes we don't know what the next step should be in so we don't do anything we get paralyzed boy there'd be fear of i doubt by negatively by by blaming by being a victim but once you take take that first step and maybe you don't realize what it's your where you're headed but at least you do something and you reach out to your network you reach out to these relationships and say hey. This is what i'm doing and this is what i wanted to. Maybe <hes> is there anything you can do to help me the universe they reward people who take action and so when that started to happen it was amazing what started to unfold in my life. I started getting phone calls from people say. Can you do this for me and that's really where my life took off is when i actually reached out to my network <hes> and actually the let me back up. The most important thing is when you're reaching out to people's is to offer value. I saw a lot of time to those places of desperation where where we really think <unk> but you don't understand. I need to pay the bills next month and if if i'm volunteering or giving away my time or or my my thoughts mightiest for free that's not got pay my bills but what happens. Is something very amazing that i've seen it over and over again in my life a lot of my friends lifeline my clients is that when you give without expecting anything in return without having an agenda the universe god whatever you wanna call it rewards you and you will be amazed at what happens in your life and things that you start to manifest. Well okay so you've said that. A lot of nuggets right there like a lotta powerful nuggets at the core is that some of the things that you said like core people want to help others right and genuinely believe that people are genuinely nice people at the core until whatever recipes triggers something else right. Another important thing you talked about was asking for help a lot of us. We need to get to the next level. Whatever that is but we are afraid or you know too prideful in your ego gets in the way eh of asking for help right the court that you also mentioned ease what stands in the way becomes the way right all right. You're just so many nice things that you've said right there that we could see this conversation. No different direction talk about so many other things but i'm going to try and bring bring it back you know just and focus on because you said something <hes> also importantly give without expecting anything in return turn or <hes> so we know and let me preface it holds all you do that when everybody right no john seemingly also parasitic for a city. It's all about like you know i am. I am in a situation where i know. Purses are held some personal to help me because of a particular my putting cygnus standing and it's not a genuinely please of wanting to and to help yes. We know that when we give it will come right back to us right and any not come from the person's we have given to but it comes right back so there is no need to be policy but how can you know <hes> prevent yourself from on should be that parasites and even becoming parasites. Yes well of all the time in a lot of my clients. A lot of my friends are very famous celebrities celebrities and athletes and actors and all that in so i approached a lot because <hes> and it's always most of the time with ill intentions because they haven't agenda so the first i the first thing that you need to do is you need to have clarity and and really you have to have <hes>. I like to say the word act. First thing is awareness in clarity clarity. You need to be aware and clear about what it is. You want for your life. Then you start to look at the relationships around you in your life and say okay who would best help me be able to get to michael then. I want you to set that aside for a minute and see okay. These are the key people that that might be able to help me get where i want to get but what is important to for them. What kind of things could i do to be value. You have to let go of any expectation of anything that results because maybe that's not how you're going to get to where you wanna go but by being of service certain things will happen. Certain people will come into your life and i i know this because i've tried it both ways and i did it the the kind of hustling way and it doesn't work because your intentions are pure in the universe god. Whatever you wanna call it does not reward those things that are not authentic so i've tried the other way. It doesn't work now when i do it. Did it the way you discussed while i gave value i and without expecting anything in return. I'll give you a great example in how i ended up been in bob proctor ladino him from secret one of the for me the greatest teacher around. I wanted to build a relationship with bob because i loved his teaching followed his work for years and i started going to some of his <unk> seminars. I started paying attention to what was important to bob well. He loves the song. It's gonna be a bright bright sunshiny day. Johnny nash and i actually hunted him down. He's a reclusive clues that was kind of his one hit and he doesn't do public appearances but i hunted him down in texas and took me six months got him to agree to autograph album for bob proctor offers eightieth birthday. Now bob didn't know me yet but i had that album sent back to me and i made it very easy for them. Include the postage the marker the letter everything was done and i had a friend at one of seminars. I dropped it off at the front desk and from that that was about four years ago i now a few months ago ended up at bob's house where he was given me a testimonial for my course now when i gave him that sure i would love a relationship with bob and his inner circle and all that but i was okay at that did not happen because has i generally wanted to do something that would touch person's life and so when you think of something unique that something you know a lot of the people that we want to connect with what are all. We already very wealthy. They're already very famous. So how can you be different. How can you be genuine. Where you want to do something for that person and then you let go let go of any expectations because then that's not pure giving that's an agenda and that never works so anything to your listeners. It's find out something that means a lot to to the people you wanna work with and then do something kind you don't you don't wanna by people but you know you can do things that touch people's lives lives for for next to nothing and when you start to give an have gratitude every day then people the right people will start to come into your life the right situation situation so right circumstances will be created for you and you will be amazed at how quickly on your path to the life of your dreams and even having this conversation they become dot com. I personally become very annoyed. I know persons wanted to connect with me simply because of my network i mean i understand that after time you'd be relationships and these these things happen by default right so no needs to try and get with me simply because i i don't like that and i don't think we should practice that so i. I'm glad you're you're you're right here with me talking about leveraging to power network and how to do it without you know becoming <hes> seemingly just opportunistic opportunistic great for that relationship that it's it's all about you know you're investing in people we know we all want something because everybody's tune into what <hes> w i i wasn't for me right and what is into that radio station apparently but at the same time at the same time when you're able to add value oh you know think about giving value i and things will will come and don't necessarily know because he want to always extract but just give and and it will come right but see because god indeed authenticity and i love that you're you know you're talking about that. No ho do you find opportunities quickly. You talked but when you look at your life and you made a list of all you know all your relationships and so on and go from there. How do you find those opportunities. Where do we even look for them right. The first thing we have to do in the first place we have to look is instead looking outside. We need to look inside because so many of us think that we know what we want and i'm sure a lot of your listeners are most of them are all entrepreneurs and everyone loves the book thinking grow rich but if you ask most people if they've read that book you'll see all the hands chance go up ninety nine percent people. I'm sure ninety nine percent of your listeners will say yes. That's an amazing book but then you ask how many people actually do the six steps that he talks about guarantee to prove a life of riches and that is a clearly defined goal with a set timeframe and you read it to yourself a morning tonight and you'll see maybe one or two hands up so we have to look at be able to look in the mirror took me a long time to be able to look myself in here because <hes> i just you you know a lot of us have been through some things and we allow that to consume us and like you said earlier. The ego goes words comfortable. It doesn't want you to step out and change people's lives. It doesn't want you you to change your life because it's safe and comfortable where it's at and that we're that is usually negatively or a life of regret or doubt or victimhood or fear and so by looking inside and saying okay look. This is my goal. This is what i really want. Bob proctor talks out about your sea level. Goal which is something completely out of the realm of what you think is possible but it is definitely attainable so you get clear on your goal. Then you start 'til reverse engineer who can help you. Who in your network can can help you and if you don't how the network i i talk a lot about some call to people remove where i really believe this. I've done it and shown people that i can get to anybody in the world through one or two of my connection so you start to look at. Maybe a great site is lincoln. Let's see who <unk> who connected to the person you want to get to and if you don't have the relationship in if they don't have the relationship maybe that they have a relationship to someone else that can help you so you kind of reverse engineer your network and who you need to get to then you got to do research sneak. A lot of people are just they're just. They don't put in the time they complain. They spend a lot of time with social media and they say the the very busy but then you need to do you need to do research about the people that you want to do business with because you never know when you're gonna get an opportunity and so so you wanna know you want to put yourself in situations. Also you want to go to events. Go to seminars go to these different things but the well armed be well research so you know what's important so when that opportunity does present itself. Let's say less brown walks by us. Mr brown now are you. I listen to this. I know you're doing this. How's your health. The little things are what are gonna make you stand out and be unique. Absolutely i remember when lebron conference. I actually interviewed him and it was <hes> i had a it was a brief moment but it was a it was a great interview as you know last week on on on the podcast guest my guest terry dir she talked about being successful in business is an inside job and you've pretty much mentioned a while ago to about success. Anything is an inside job. He first of to look within and so get claire. What it is that you really want and once you have that clarity who it is that can help you to you know to get to that goal then we we take it from there. No you've mentioned about <hes> just jumping back a little to some of the successes you've had leveraging or your network and just reaching out at one of you you mentioned undesirable bob prato but if there's any other examples of how you've you've been able to travel the world and connect connected in fact one of the things that even triggered me to to to have this conversation with you because i remember <hes> meeting you right here let lesbian conference and then when i read unac- singles new book and he was saying some things about you in the book. You say no what is confirmation. Let me just have this conversation with john so all right awesome so give us some other examples of you leveraging the power ria network jer nigga. I have for the last eight years. Here's become business partners with with connell. I'm sure most all your listeners know him. I've traveled around the world with him. That came out of a phone call and someone asked me if i could bring him to india now. I didn't know him through the what i teach in through what i talk about. I was able to get him there yet. Now we will actually be down in brazil october. We'll be back in india december so i'm i'm partners and the when i talk about my relationships i'm not running and taking a selfie in all these photos. A lot of people like to post these are people that i can call directly and i have their number. These are because because of what i teach their genuine relationships partnerships and business relationships less brown asked me to come run his company for a couple of years. I went in there and helped him get things sorted without <hes> have great relationship less. I was able to a lot of your listeners. I'm sure loved cricket. Even though we we have enough time in the world west indies but probably one the few americans you'll find who loves creek. I lived in trinidad for year and i was able to put together deal and bought the trinidad and tobago cricket team when they launched the c._p._r. League it was a co owner of that with like a mobile from england. I put that whole deal together in six weeks with no idea how i was going to do it but because of what i believe in what i teach in the mindset that principles i use that deal was done in six weeks at twenty five million dollar franchise. I became co owner of that. A lot of clients in in bollywood of one of my favorite clients is is <hes> brian lara the <unk> y'all him. Oh yeah still do a lot of stuff with brian spoken this morning. He's over in india for the world cup so brian lara. There's there's <hes> i've done produced produced two feature films how raised four million dollars for that now the clients i have several billionaire clients one owns a football club in india and several several clients in bollywood several clients music so but some of my favorite clients are people who aren't <hes> celebrities or people you won't read about on the internet the people who actually have been through some hard times and who have been close to giving up in through what i teach through a course that i put out there. I've been able to help them get back on track to know that they have great value to know that something called the million in you that that million dollar gift each one has that special million dollar d._n._a. Where we have our unique gift that unique to each and every one of us to give and bring to the world and to transform our lives in the lives of people that we come i'm in contact with and so those are the most special people from the ones who who i touched by my message to know that i can give them hope and by sharing my story order by being authentic i i share openly about what i've been through my life and what i've been able to overcome so whether they've been through emotional physical or psychological abuse or or any kind of other stuff that there's always hope no matter where you are at in the world no matter what age you are color race ethnicity doesn't matter but you all have everyone has a unique gift anytime you mentioned indies lightbulb something goes off in my head because i'm so in love with that country having spent two months there there <hes> in in two thousand eighteen and so you talk the boat of course you you you do stuff with your econ. <hes> to india was it and <hes> you're doing all these amazing things with these names that are known but you did also looted a fact that the per- you work with people who are not we're not says is known. They just want a better life and they want to construct a bit eleven so you can help them to do that. I'm going to ask you what is that one person can construct this bitter live and perhaps you can segue into <hes> the course that you have that can help persons to that sure nigga <hes> well in mike course and in the webinar i teach kinda masterclass they teach people that they have to master these three steps to change their life and the first step that i talk about is is really what i call mastering during the mirror where we have to get honest with ourselves and we have to be able to look in the mirror <unk> for years i would you know even wash my face on an angle because i was so ashamed of my life and and how things turn out so we have to have complete except in so for what we've been through and where we're at in our life you have to take a an honest inventory tori of where things stand and able being able to look at yourself in the mirror and saying okay my past does not define me and the future does not define me but today what actually can i take today. Those are two days that we should never never worry about ever which is yesterday and tomorrow we should just focus today one day at a time but you have to be able to look yourself self in the mirror and say okay. This is what i'm gonna do. Now doesn't matter what's happened to me works <unk> so you you master the mir. The second thing you need to do is you need. Take an inventory of your network like we talked about earlier and really have clarity about what it is you want and then start to figure out who can who in your network can help you get to what you want and i go into much greater detail in this. I know we're short on time and the third step is really the where you need to change your mindset. I talk about in the training. <hes> we've all been to a lot of seminars. We go to all these things. We all fired up. Get back home. When we and everything goes right back down it was and we all want a better life. We know that if we do certain steps steps some most of us. Do we just changed a few things we can have the life that we want but most of us don't ever do it and so i've been i just been obsessed with trying to understand dan why when even my own life why if i know i do these things i can get to the promised land so to speak. Why don't i in like you said earlier. It's the ego there's something i call the minefield that that that gap between where we're adding where we wanna be and so you have to have awareness and recognize what it is. That's been holding you back. Usually it's either fear doubt up blame the victim so the first step is awareness then this is what i talk about when i see you have have to act awareness this the c. is choices. Now you have to start to make some other choices because at ego will fight you so hard to any it does not want you to change. It wants you just to go through life. Miserable unhappy have regrets in like what could have been in it wants you. It wants you stay safe but that's not what we're here for. We're here heared play huge and to make a difference in the world each and every one of us and the most important thing that t is thank. Thanks give thanks you have to have gratitude you know we talked about a lot of my celebrity clients and all this stuff and it was great. I've been able to travel on the ruled private jets and all that wonderful stuff but what really transformed to change my life life is when i started to have gratitude every morning and get back in. I now volunteer a lot with the organization called starkey hearing foundation <hes> we went to the dominican in public and gave hearing aids to sixteen hundred kids. I just was able to bring them to trinidad year ago and when i was able to put that hearing on a little seven year old boy who had never heard sound before in his life if it changed my life no longer did all these fancy parties and planes and all these stuff that didn't matter anymore. I realized that that moment that this is what was important jordan so we have to have gratitude. We have to remember that we have to be thankful each and every morning and that's the way we need to start our day and give back and so from that like you mentioned. God created a course if everyone wants to go check it out at million new dot com forward slash free training if you go in the chat box and you just put the words nica in there i wanted to do something special for listeners also asked for is that go through the course. Give me a review but i will put i will send them a coupon code indika where they the course for free. I wanna do that for you and for the people jamaica. I just ask once you go through it. Give me an honest review. I love to hear the feedback of the course and really in that course you're gonna gonna learn everything that we talked about today on the podcast in much greater detail how do how to look at where you're at in your life how to change your mindset how to evaluate and find your network. How do you use that network how to leverage to get back how to adopt the the two people removed mindset and something which i think is helped me stand out from most people is something called little things for big connections how to how to do those little things that will make a lasting impression on other people amazing master the meru through taken venture of network and change your mindsets <hes> in in a nutshell. That's essentially what you've said. In the last few minutes is such a pleasure. We're speaking with you. John and i know you mentioned the website that we can get your free course but we also want to give you this opportunity to just mention where social oto nido <hes> that we can find you <unk> on on facebook. It's <hes> john keller rico jay owen t._a. L. a. r._i._c._o. <hes> same on instagram as well -solutely amazing thank you so much my guest as been john taylor rico and i thank you john and wish you all success as you continue to give back and you continue to having person persons to extract opportunities from the global network and construct the life that they think is impossible. Thank you can and really a grateful to you and grateful mazing stuff. You're doing there for the people jamaican in around the world really to change change lives and anything i could do to help. I'm always here for you. Thank you for having me. You're very welcome and thank you my people former for tuning into this episode with john taylor rico. I absolutely look forward to connecting with you next week onto next time visit hanukkah what sport dot com for courses blogs and binge on past episodes of the podcast get resources and so much more remember you were born to win but to be a winner you must bonanza win prepared to win and expect to win walk good we needed to risk capital but our experience with local financial institutions was that they were cautious and slow to act an interest rates for far too high. We had real concerns about financing our business through outside equity investors on the possibility of interference. Could we get a fair valuation for our business. We had our own ideas about the business and its value. Should i go the traditional l. root of bank financing or should i try the jamaica stock exchange so we made a call an experience transformation of our business through conversations. I'm john mahfoud c._e._o. Of jamaican teas and we're listed on the jamaica stock exchange. Give us a call today at eight seven six nine six seven three two seven one to begin your transformation through conversation. We want to see your company listed on the jamaica stock exchange exchange at ten sean leader casts. Women is an inspirational one day leadership events featuring reknowned female leaders male and female and audience members alike will leader women with the tools they need to become nita's worth following at ten of the events via simulcast at mitzvah court hotel else on october eighteen to learn more visit hanukkah walkies worship dot com or call eight for nine to five seven one.

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