Let the Real Warrior Come Forth- Part-2


Good morning good. Evening Good Afternoon. Only go before they The music so forgive me for talking today coach. We're going to get right right into the were because the fifteen minutes very quickly we want to get as much as we can into the word on today and so we're coming again From the topic the real warrior come forth and this would be to open crave very quickly. Father we thank you in crazy. You answer to God that she says we study a word or your work till to study. The show are approved. And so we're studying. Oh God because we want to be imitators of you. We want to live the abundant life and we want to walk in and out on In our legal party which were given us as our position in Christ following. Thank you and we bless you. Jesus me and so we We're talking about our legal or not that. We have here in the result of what Jesus has done for us on the call Amen and so on yesterday or the day before yesterday We we talked about all. We put the question out there. Why are so many Christian? Just we have a legal authority in the. Why are so many Christians experiencing defeat in their lives and so we came? We came up with two of reasons in the first season was As a result of ignorance in other words We really don't know. We may not have an understanding of the authority that crisis giving us right. We haven't been taught. We haven't sat on the in teaching. So we're not aware of what belongs to us in terms of legal authority In the earth and then the second reason we said is because Some Christians failed to live in a way that would give them confidence. They don't have the confidence to exercise their spiritual authority see as Christians. They used to be a time when we were told. When you give your life to Christ everything going to be peachy clean. Everything's going to be wonderful. You never have another problem. You'll never experienced any Sickness you'll never be sad but let me tell you something the scripture says and I'm GonNa give you two Scriptures and John Sixteen and thirty three This is the new living translation. Descriptions says and John Sixteen thirty three he says I told you all this so that you may have peace in me here on earth. You will have many trials and sorrows. But here's the joy of it. All he said but take heart my brothers and sisters in Christ because I have overcome the world. He Jesus Christ as older Combo World. Well WE'RE IN CHRIST IN CRISIS IN US so if he has already overcome all the craziness and and and evil in the world well because we're in him and he's enough. We too are over commerce and I said on yesterday or the day before That we overcome by the word of our testimony and the blood of the lamb. Amen so the blood Has taken care of some of the the issues in our life but guess what we also have the testimony we to testify. Oh God's goodness testify of what he has promised us in his word. GotTa speak it Amen. We're only going to speak those things that we believe. And so we believe that we're or come as we're going to speak like we're over commerce a man if we believe we have the victory. Then we're gonNA talk like we have to victory because as I said prior if we WANNA win souls to Christ where we have to act like you know. This is some good stuff. This is good news. That's what the that's what the word of God is. The Gospel is the good news and so we have the good news. We shouldn't be walking around depressed and our heads down and defeated the Scripture says but take heart because I have overcome the world. So we've we're overcome as because crisis over comer and then in First Peter Four and twelve. It says dear friends do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal. That's come on you to test you as something strange were happening to you again. The scripture says and that's the in IV version the scripture says. Don't don't be surprised when you go. Protest and TRY WON'T BE SURPRISED. You're going to go up and builds things amen but even though we go through those things. We are still victorious in Luke. Ten and nineteen. This is The V version. The scripture says I have given you afar not I have given you us Christians Authority to do what to over com. Oh it didn't say psalm. He says you we. He's given us the power the authority to overcome all the power of the enemy. All the power of the enemy. Now I looked up I like to look upwards of like analyze worlds and so even in this scripture are our main scriptures coming from Second Corinthians ten and I believe that's four and five but I just wanted to break down some of the terminology in Luke Ten and nineteen because the scripture says that Jesus says that I have given his giving giving me he even means that he has bestowed that he had bestowed unto us the believers and he says I have but stone given you Believers Authority. What does the word? Rt mean not means power he has given US power he has given us or delegated to us Oh right amen. Like the Blue Cross guard lady. She had a Bharati. She had the right to go out in the middle of that intersection and put her little feeble hand up and we the irs of whatever vehicle we were in we had to what Oh Bang. We had to stop. Because I'm when this polity. Our town had a stoled upon her the power to delegate right to be the crossing guard and to be able to stop the traffic a man so Jesus says that. I've given the stolen to us to believer authority power Rights delegated rights to overcome I to overcome means to prevail to prevail over just amount to convert to win. He has given us. You're right the power to to prevail over to some out to conquer or win now. The word prevail means to be proven Superior in strength or power or influence. The words are mount means to get over or cross barriers and obstacles. They man and so. I have a not AC- John One John One four four. So let's go to John I John One in four four okay first job. Send my note. So let's see if we can swing over there. Real quick time goes so fast. We're ready we already at six minutes And we just saw in them at six minutes left and still I John First John For and four at school they're structure. First John. Four for this says here in verse. John Four Four. This is the King James Version version if this year of God little children and have overcome them them the in the me because why the scripture says or is he that is in you than he that is in the world to get the pitching amen. Okay what the enemy brings against the believer? The scripture says greater is he the Christ in you. The hope of glory graders that is in you than he that is in the world and the Scripture says that he's given us a power in the far over all and we need to get to all but the word or the article all a. l. l. means the whole plot quantity quantity everything and anything. So He's giving US bestowed upon US authority. Power rights delegated rights to overcome right to food superior in strength power on flawn influence to get over or cross barriers and obstacles over all the whole quantity everything and anything. Louis that the enemy would bring our way right. He's given US power and authority. Now look at the word power word power right because we know that the enemy. I said a on the in the last episode. We don't don't get it. Twisted the enemy does have power and he does have some power right. He has power and we know that he has power because in the scripture in nineteen he says I've given you authority to overcome all the power of the enemy. So he has power description that but the the great thing Things are God is that our God has all power. He has some power but God has all power and so he says I've given you the believe to overcome anything and everything. Anything ENEMY MIGHT THINK. Come up against us with over all of the power his ability a man his scheme is traps is ally his physical and mental attacks. He's a tax on our finances. Attacks on our family is attack on their shoot. He's attacks on their marriage. His attacks on our body. He's given US power. God has given to the believer delegated powers authority to overcome he man and not diluting to the fact that the attacks will come as we know base going. John Sixteen thirty three and First Peter. Four and twelve every read but the great news about it. The awesome thing about it my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. The awesome thing about this. They will not. They wound not overtake us. They cannot beat us down. The cannot defeat US unless we don't exercise our of Bharati. I don't know about you right now but I feel like I just WanNa get up and jump around my and shout holly lose the only way we can be defeated by the enemy is if we'd be like Adam and eve and we turn over our thaw thirteen he man the only way Holly Louis so we have to learn how to walk in that Authority empower that God has given to each and every one of us. Let's look back at our little crossing lady over there. She has been delegated authority. She has been given the authority. Power right to Stan at the intersection to stop with traffic when necessary necessary to allow the children to cry. But although there are many forces those forces would be cars and trucks and buses and machinery coming from every direction powerful machinery and buses trucks and they had the ability to overtake her to destroy her but listen things God when she steps out into that intersection with her badge. Her jacket and a Red Cross inside talk all of those potential wars cars trucks. Exact trump must adhere to the authority that is given to her invested in her highly. Louis what am I saying when we step out in the farther? T- that we have in Jesus Christ our Lord and see because he's in us and we're in him that's the power and the tactics and all of the schemes and tricks. Enemy tries to impose on us to make doubt God to make us walk in defeat to make us walking sadness and depression and hopelessness. All aback. Have to come down when you exercise you at the holiday Luhya now. I'M GONNA stop there 'cause I'm GonNa tell you and our next episode how you are going we to To manifest and walk in your God given authority. We're GONNA talk about that when we come back In our next episode. So join me in our next episode. I don't know when that'll be So just look for I guess you're going to have to look for the announcement whenever it comes up and you'll have to tune into the recording. A man So we just GONNA Pray Father. We thank you and we praise you. We pray that this word has fallen on good ground and that the people of God are blessed. Thank you and Jesus name now remember that. Jesus Christ is Lord and I pray that this day this evening afternoon be good to you Holly. Muya and walk with the walk with the king. You'll never lose a man 'cause he'll never leave us nor forsake us. God bless you pastor. Marry next time.

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