Episode 140: Robo Johnson


Gamer talk podcast <music>. They found me hello listeners gamers geeks grownups and internet welcome back to kantara gamer talk podcast sniping video video gaming action right out of northern arizona somewhere in washington from the inside of the crew's quarters in a london shipyard. This is season as a number two episode one forty your listening to a weekly podcast when we talk about everything and anything but mainly video games. I'm your host chris and today. The full crew is here okay. We've been talking about our story contest for some time now so send us your stories to win that money. You can send us your origin story to console missile drones at g mail dot com. That's c. o. n. s. o. l. e. d. r. o. n. E. s. at g mail dot com all right. Let's get to it. It's tar for employees. They start off this week with john. What are you drinking. What have you been playing this week buddy this week. I i am drinking. Jeremiah weed sask parrilla whiskey and i played modern warfare that to be to alpha and insurgency sandstorm. That's it for me all right. We'll move on over to miguel mcgowan drinking. What have you been playing this week. Buddy drinking water. I'm trying to get back on my <hes>. My meal plan because i fell off for a couple of weeks. <hes> what have been playing i. I played some overwatch on p._c. And xbox and this is for the last two weeks since within podcast last week a play black ops on xbox and on my p._c. Eh and that was horrible experience because i'm going to buy modern warfare are xbox john <hes> anyways quick story areas. I went to go play <hes> some solos on i._p._c. for blackout and apparently he doesn't have enough players is to have like solos duos squads so they rotated and whatever's there is what you get so <hes> if they can't keep a fan base some pretty sure i'm just gonna buy it on good old xbox <hes> shadow of the tomb raider so i started playing this again this week because i got burnt out on other games so i went back to games that i didn't finish because i started pulling chris this year and i'm trying to finish up those games that i hadn't finished so shadow the tomb raider. I finished far cry. Don finally played a little g._t._e. That's one of those games got burnt out on. I got tired of the grinding. Madden pissed me off as always world combat was irritating me. I think that day that i was playing g._t._e. Madden and mortal combat. I was just fed up with what i had been playing so that's vice which is a strong. I have a question about far cry new done yes. What did you choose at the end. The doesn't matter i know i did not kill him in the cut scene yeah. I shot him afterward. Yeah did the same thing. I'm not going to see what happens and then i like barron. He won't i bet yeah. I shot a cut scene and then lastly. I played modern warfare t. v. two alpha sweet all right. It was added buddy you said last night all right moving on over to joe lashley moved out over the joe. What are you drinking. What have you been playing this week. Buddy wow this week. I'm drinking eight five pretty good like <hes> been playing all at seventy six g._t._a. Five online <hes> play the escapist on xbox 'cause <hes> it's wanted to see what it was and i played <hes> are or been playing portal nights on the switch. That's it what about you joe. Joe also played one single game of blackout with me two weeks ago and then he that'll be right back and then he never came back yeah well. When i did come back you were gone so i was like okay. It was like an hour and a half later. Spartan showed up and i played with spartan like five five matches and you never came back and okay. What about you chris <hes>. Let's see right now. I'm drinking gatorade right now. <hes> he does not does just gatorade is fruit punch and berry. It's called the flavors called fierce. It's pretty good. Actually it's one of my favorite gatorade. I knew someone was going to do that but someone do you mean john someone was going to do it could have been youtubers and <hes> let's see this week. I played on my my switch so marvel ultimate alliance three <hes> catania zero and trails rising and then over on xbox one. I played some fallout. Seventy six scrapped donald online and i tried no man's sky beyond yeah. I don't think i have the patience for this game so i might come back and revisited visited but there's there's just a lot that they included in this so i'm like fuck another survivor game. I got to learn what the fuck i'm doing so i'll probably eat that later. It's it's just a lie within the same earned it on <hes> started playing and i was like i gotta remember how to play fucking games start over so yeah. It turned off real fast. Yeah me too. I got frustrated and just it's just a lot right now. And then i played this game called fishing planet so even though i can fish right out near my house here of i play this game. It's pretty cool to free download if anybody wants to try it but it is. He's a decent game <hes> i could say it's paid a win because you have to pay for coins. Unlock areas go fishing at kinda sucks so <hes> yeah and that is pretty much me this week we do <music> weekly news keeping informed and up to date in gaining industry all right this week short even though we haven't been on two weeks there's not much news <hes> megan zero z x. Legacy collection has been announced for consoles in p._c. Will be four mega man zero games in the collection and i it will be on xbox one and <hes> <hes> yeah january thirty bucks twenty th january twenty one twenty twenty <hes> it will be for p._s. Four switching xbox one <hes> p._c. Players will be able to purchase it on steam. So those preorder you get the music for mega man <hes> <hes> moral combat eleven combat pack roster and and release dates have been confirmed so there will be the terminator <hes> joker and spawn so yea ah i can't wait for that unfortunately small does it come out until like march seventeenth of next year so won't be paying more. I won't be playing until march march of next year. Timelines are stupid for this mortal combat so the terminator t eight hundred which is arnold <hes> even though it doesn't have have his voice <hes> it will be october. Eighth sendero will be november. Twenty six joker is nova or january twenty eighth and then march seventeenth will be spun night wolf. Inching sung are now available so you next this game. We really haven't heard in a while since last us. I'm chris and i played it but a leak dangerous okay. The september update is going to make things easier for new players and they're going to be making fleet carriers shit. Oh yeah so fleet carrier those of you you don't know space vehicles carrier or like an aircraft carrier <hes> you can pi- alongside fifteen other teammates yeah so you can you can fly the carrier and then you can have fifteen other teammates board the carrier in when you're ready to do battle launch and fight. That sounds pretty fun man. That sounds cool you'll does. I said the only thing is i'm like five or six planets. It's away from you so i don't know how the hell i can get you well yeah. I'm trying to find a group that we could game up with and you know fly together but yeah what does this on you guys. You guys excellent experts right yeah. We have joysticks to space flight simulator very of it. I heavily dangerous. I just don't have the joysticks. I have it too because chris hasn't just touched it. It's really in for the news short and sweet man. Thank you joe all all right moving on over to the dates miguel anybody boy howdy. Do i got some dates for y'all. Demonic steets keeping us on track with what video games are coming out soon yeah. There's a lot of shit this week. There's a couple of good ones <hes> one. I want to ask you about because i don't know anything about it but i've seen a couple of things online referencing it so i want to see if he has no anything but <hes> amex g._p. Twenty nineteen this is eight twenty seven for playstation an and xbox which is today by the way <hes> the bard's tale four borrows deep director's cut playstation xbox nights and bikes <music> playstation this going to ask you guys about control. He has no anything about control. I heard about it. <hes> i think it was the same uh-huh. Is it the same people that did a condom break things so from what i'm hearing yeah i saw little bits and pieces of it <hes> at three at the press conference and was it as soon as it was like oh yeah. I think it's <hes> it's remedy remedy is is the one that's doing it. <hes> i think they're the ones that did a condom break but i haven't other than just watching her use like force powers or whatever but it's because i've seen it on my timeline a couple of times in completely ignored it so christ star on playstation wreck fest on xbox and playstation at rec fest decay of logos on playstation barksdale tails also on xbox on showdown on xbox. I'm sorry what was that doc. Children that that that one game that we played like ten minutes yes that is that one game by this game john john by this games we can play john john okay. Let's play it all right now. I'm done yes on showdown. That's the one coming to xbox today huma huma gal by it on xbox now play it on p._c. Played on xbox. Here's your bitching about it so i figured i'd ask <hes>. We can have a full group here now. <hes> okay recognizes also on playstation breakfast twenty-eight ban. Dan brace cold soul on next month's hucker bots. I mean hook pots playstation switching xbox like hooker bats on that's great following following up on hooker bots on the twenty ninth. We have heave ho heave ho eurocrats on switch lord of the rings adventure card game switch switch playstation xbox had decay of logos is coming out on the twenty ninth for switch which it came out two days before for today on xbox the thirtieth thirtieth <hes> the dark pictures man of madame playstation nextbank's next box yeah so this was by the guys who did until dawn which was a playstation exclusive and now it's on everything for the switch because such mitch's <hes> newt one xbox playstation and switch blair witch xbox decay of logos again this time on the next day on on xbox astral chain on switch next week nine three catherine full-body on playstation and torchlight to switch xbox playstation spiro reignited trilogy on the switch for your chris joe their final fantasy seven remastered playstation that switch and xbox final fantasy ours phoenix point <music> on xbox and that's everything coming out so men abedin move all all right so we're going to move on down for a segment that we call it. The more you know with the joker drone. Do we have any updates on any any of the stories john or anything. I like that you're getting emails. I have not gotten any emails of you joe. We got an email from your brother but he only asked asked <hes> that we talk about the stadia little bit. That's you jason. That's totally tease there joe while then sorry <hes> now okay because our listeners jerks i mean they don't wanna participate that miniature parts keep my money. That's my there might be a lot of it might just be too much work for them. I don't you got anything for the more you know. Though i do ladies engine step down and i'm sure you guys have talked about it already but <hes> i just wrote donald list of the top ten best sitting selling video games of all time you guys familiar with these lists possibly possibly who who's the number one this did you don't start from number one. I just wanna know what your opinion of number one is and then i will read this stuff. I can guarantee in my opinion is not going to match. What's number. One top selling video game of all time is this yes. Is this a <hes> list from steam or what is it console or wet now. It's all of them all of them that joe guess no. I'm going to say i guess i do. I'm going to say is this of all time so we can get all the way oh shit on the change that then because i was i was gonna say game that made four billion <hes> within the last few years and it's super popular among the young children <hes> fortnight but i don't think that's okay. Y'all gain so it's not profit. It's how many copies sold so. I'm gonna go old tetris in their k. of all time. I'm going to say super mario three all right so we're starred number ten diablo three thirty million plus released may seven may fifteenth of two thousand thirteen for p. C. and that is normally like it's been released for like seventy four. It was originally okay originally originally released in two thousand thirteen p._c. And then later for his four xbox blah blah blah it hit thirty million and only three years sales totals haven't been reported since two thousand fifteen so it should be much higher number nine. We sports resort thirty three point zero nine million released in two thousand nine mario uh-huh cart we thirty seven point one four million released in two thousand eight super. Mario brothers forty million plus released in nineteen eighty five <hes> sales don't they have not accounted for sales for gameboy advanced we or we oh you or three d. S. so the total sales is actually higher but it currently sits at forty million <hes> pokemon red blue green yellow combined to estimated forty five million released in nineteen ninety six <hes> intendo intendo hasn't publicly shared a sales total for the first generation of oakmont gains so that's just an estimate from polygon number five pudgy fifty fifty million released in two thousand seven teen. It retained <unk>. Sorry two thousand seventeen fifty million copies sold in in just over a year june of two thousand eighteen. We sports is number four. I got an eyelash eyeball sports eighty two point eight six million. It is the top selling single platform exclusive of all all time and in ten does best gone bestselling game ever number three grand theft auto five one hundred ten million. Oh released in two thousand thirteen u._t._a. Five is the most profitable entertainment release ever and as april two thousand eighteen eighteen has generated over six billion in revenue which is more than any other game book or movie yes macgyver and evolve end of august august two thousand nineteen me joe and crystal threw money at it so if you did number two minecraft one hundred good and seventy six million plus on top of the one hundred seventy six million paid users there are two hundred million free users users in china so we get it for free. I don't know i didn't get that part. It just had it on the article number. One dan tetris fuck you joe released on june sixth nineteen eighty four the union developed chronic a sixty computer and it's credited with helping launch gameboy success by selling thirty five million copies unintended os handheld console. You guys and fourteen was reported by the tetris company that four hundred twenty five million eight mobile downloads and around around seventy million physical game sales old as chris. It's older than me. I think i'm the same age tetris tetris yeah. It's awesome so yeah tetris number one selling game of all time and that's it for the more you know sweet yeah. Thank you john amazing stuff good job. It's time for our what the fuck for the week. Anybody have any went to flex this week. Joe goethe's he looks like he's having trouble holding it in no i just i know he can't get it out now. It's time for what the folks for the week all right. I'm just yeah what what the fuck <hes> the whole disney sony shit <hes> or more. I should say it's more sony pulling spiderman from m._c._i. Is john. I live under a rock at what happened. Okay <hes> <hes> a little bit of a history lesson. Mcgill kind of chime in on this <hes> sony had the film rights to spiderman originally still have still okay going back has the film rights them <hes> hence all the shitty spiderman movies that have been up to this point okay. <hes> disney buys marvel and assumes you know the merchandise for spiderman. Now what happened was the original deal. Deal was it was it was i wanna say it was like eighty twenty five no no eighty twenty like us us the percent for the merchandise no yeah for between between <hes> disney and sony so what ended up happening with sony made all the money on the films homes but disney made all the money on the toys from the movies okay okay disney came back in and said i've i been reading articles and they said they want thirty percent of the films thirty percent. That's it okay and they're doing homework. They said we'll pitch in the money. We'll help pay for the movies. We'll help distribute them. We'll help do all of this and sony said no and they pulled they said spiderman. We're gonna take him back in. We are no longer going going to have spiderman in the marvel cinematic universe <hes> so ashtec boycott sony because the day they announced it that sony stock has dropped and it's still dropping so fuck you sony those of you that are gonna say well joe. You have assorted t._v. And you have a playstation four and you have a playstation v._r. That check is already been cast moving forward. I will not be spending any more money on sony. Yes yes miguel but just so the listeners know. He won't touch his playstation either. I haven't tested. I haven't even get this <hes>. I haven't even use my yarn for porn. Dan dedicated yeah so <hes> yeah sorry. I'm boycotting sony at this point <hes> we were supposed to be <hes> spider. We were multi verse for halloween. My son my youngest youngest one. It'd be miles. My oldest wanted to be the tom. Holland's fighter in <hes> says he was going to be gwen spider house going to be the new are are spiderman the nicholas cage and <hes> nope so the two boys will still be spiderman but i i'm trying to find something else to do for halloween. Did you buy those. Did you buy those costumes yet for the boys. Now have it all so that cash hasn't stopped and and you're still putting money into okay. Oh yeah that's right but the merchandise goes to disney so shut the fuck. Sorry my bad. She's so since you're boycotting your playstation v._r. Sony porn are your balls as blue. Who is the sony looting screen. I have a piece i have. This magic held p._c. Right here but it doesn't have the are this does. He's got cardboard board dude yeah. I've got cardboard. I could sit there like this and i'm good so plus. I'm like this close to getting oculus quest in in iran or go ahead john so <hes> with sony pulling out on the movie deals pulling out <hes> does that mean that disney is no longer sharing profit from the toys. I believe disney still has because they own marvel so they will still get the prophet front. Are they going to be splitting it with sony. I don't no no no no sony sony's rights to spiderman our video rights. They can make movies and athlete t._v. Shows and that's all they have the rights of spiderman for that's what they purchased video probably electronic one of the electric media okay so summer shawny has electron ick media rights in that came way back when when because before the m._c. z. U. and before iron man <hes> marvel was about to go bankrupt basically so they sold all their proper they sold their popular properties the x. men and spiderman so the x men and all other content went to fox and that's why you have all lows fox x-men movies spiderman went to sony and that's why you had the tobey maguire and andrew garfield sony movies and then <hes> they struck a deal sony and disney where spiderman could join the m._c. You and it would be collaborative <hes> but at the same time sony still doing their own <hes> spiderman stuff into into the spider verse was a strictly sony thing it was an sony and marvel so sony still owns. All the rights to spiderman fox was purchased by disney so now they we have the x. men back in the fantastic four so that's where that's at because now marvel isn't obviously going bankrupt so they yeah yeah yeah and well tom holland. He's still from what i've been reading on on his twitter he still going to be spiderman waterman but he's gonna be in the sony movies now and now they're trying to get a big push to do <hes> to add spiderman into venom movies. He's for right now until disney. Drops the hammer and says guess what sony we own you now so that's to me to me. That's next move to me. That's checkmate <hes> i did also i did also re joe and you probably read this to that <hes> kevin feige aggie who is doing the whole m._c._a. You he's like over the whole m._c._a. You like his plan for spiderman for the next couple. Movies was like pretty much. Just spiderman not like this massive pulling in wolverine or anybody else until his universe. It was spiderman in new york. I mean his spiderman thing so oh <hes> sewn her. Yes only can continue to do that. I mean they can continue that path that disney set for them but i mean they've angered the fans. So who knows how that will go. I mean it. Spiderman was left with that cliffhanger so they're going to continue to tell that story and that's why <hes> tom holland. Linda's still gonna be spiderman. They're going to continue that story but they're going to find a way to break it off or just. Cut it off entirely. They're going to replace like nick fury with somebody else sick nouri. Oh god nope the rock will be nick fury now. No i'm joking. <hes> i also heard that the disney's decision to pull spiderman was from the fact that kevin feige your whatever his name is <hes> has your owners had too much on his plate because he had all of the other disney i._p. Ep to work on sony felt bit. Oh well he's too. He's overcommitted and we feel that spiderman won't be as effective or or won't make as much money as he has in so contradicting because far from home clearly made like what two billion it's like the highest grossing spiderman movie ever and for sony to make that comment at that the point i just i just dropped. I just throw my hands instead fucking sorry but yeah. They said they said <hes> kevin by who has been directing this whole like coordinating this entire m._c. You with them obtaining rights to x. men and fantastic four now and they're going to start bringing x men fantastic fantastic four in the n._f._c. you they feel that spider-man's gonna be neglected by kevin fight you basically i don't so oh and by the way i don't have playstation vue anymore so in a nutshell that's that's the history of sony and marvel and fox as told by me which may not be completely accurate but what i've heard yeah so <hes> going onto the next what the fuck for me <hes> and you luck just saying that was kind of got whoo but <hes> whoever had andrew lucked should name from their team should add a luck yeah yeah yes john lavan andrew luck. He retired but saturday he was like john. You happened on iraq. Have you been living in your view with no cell service out in the middle of bump egypt or what you must have got some goats or something priced bat gloves or something or like feeds and stuff on my facebook. I don't look at facebook. I don't follow the news. I don't listen to the radio. It's nice and peaceful. I mean i was watching football pre-season on saturday in her like yup. Andrew luck's done it was like what am i was on thursday yeah yeah. What was it thursday. A saturday saturday earned no. You're right sorry saturday. It was the day i did my draft. I for some reason i was thinking. Draft is on thursday just kidding. It was right right after our draft to my dad drafted andrew luck well. I've seen i've seen <hes> drafts where the person is drafted andrew lock and they have no mar miller miller john lamar miller tours a._c._l. That is running back for who he doesn't play fan. You don't play fantasy football right. I don't think i can see now. We're going to go to this game right. That's why we're going to the game in the september. We're all gonna be sitting in the stands and you're like yeah. Go you that just through the football yeah john. John knows his team though he knows what what's going on with. This girl was he does russell wilson is yes. Do you know your team. He's not as well as i did last year but i haven't. How's that better. How's that star wide receiver doing which one the d._c. Metcalf that you guys just drafted. I have no idea oh yeah he's not playing anymore. Well how about having these hurt. He's out toward still lock it. Okay whichever augie still baldwin's gone so anyway <hes>. Let's see what other what other what the fuck what the buckled jackson broke his finger today drafter. I was gonna drive me to yeah me too. I said no yup draft him but he's a needle so yeah <hes> another what the fuck just this is just not a bad but <hes> i'm going through and it's funny because since the sony thing was spiderman i've gone through now and i purchased eight marvel movies and four k. So miguel got ironman one two and three <hes> <unk>. I've got the only ones i missing are the guardians in four k. So if you need any for new okay if it'll let me 'cause i know out of those other four k. movies. I'm assuming if it comes with a code. It doesn't let you do it because it's just the barcode to get it but i couldn't get like any of your movies except for a fifth element and i think that was it okay well. It's worth a try. That's for me. That's it. Galyani what the fox this week <hes> i. I guess it's a good what the fuck got a decent draft for for not following in the off season. I was ranked in a for my draft baskin. I did drop a._p. Today because there's a forty percent chance gronk comes back which i don't care a._p. Sucks anyway so i'm just holding onto it. In the event. He comes back. I can trade him because travis kelsey so it's just just a horrid old pastor. Johnny got any what the fuck this week buddy yeah. We've got a couple got so not this recent weekend but the weekend before i tried taking my children camping emphasis untried <hes> we were going over to place called fish lake <hes> <hes> about two hours from here bischoff yeah and it's first-come-first-served serving left early on friday. We got there and it was absolutely packed. It was not a spot. I dunno seventy campsites and they were all awful. The only spot there was one spot but it was not long enough for me to park my trailer so we had to leave their. We ended up going to a <hes> another place. That was really more of a parking lot for our visa was like nice manicured and had grasp that the grass strips between we ne- r._v.'s were only about four feet wide so you there you had four feet of grass and there's another r._v. and envied grass another r._v. It wasn't really what we wanted to do. I need wanted to go fishing. The really bummer part about it is on the way there ryan started throwing up. He ended up having a stomach flu and he couldn't keep waterdown. He couldn't keep anything down either. Eat or drink and then twenty minutes to an hour later eaters right back up so we stayed friday night act up first thing saturday morning came home and i ended up taking him to <hes> <hes> urging clinic again anti nausea medicine the friday that i was trying to get you to play colony with me and joe probably woah home camping camping in according according to that text to sorry to butt in real quick but i i thought you were camping in the game. I was like anyway it would have been fitting but now i was over for his literally camping camping in a parking lot behind this weekend to <hes> no okay now. Check this weekend. My wife and i are going over pullman which is five and a half hours away to watch <hes> washington state. Go cougs play new mexico state so you're not gonna mana of medallion with us. I don't even know what that is. Thanks for being attention on my tax. You'd my brother-in-law will probably be he playing <hes> if if i can force him to put a controller in his hand he'll be playing with us so that's my one with got sucked. It was not a great camping trip but trailer were my truck pulled. The trailer was better work. It's twenty nineteen twenty twenty. <hes> what the fuck is you know that wound on my leg i showed you in the last podcast from sliding from sliding yet got infected it and <hes> my ankle and my leg my left leg or like twice the size of my right leg who i i have. I have a chemical boeing not have health insurance or were no they do. I went to the doctor on monday. Okay on this the last monday a week. From yes we a week from yesterday and i got antibiotics antibiotics topical ointment and medicine orel mad at some pills at laurel medicine salty but then on tuesday tuesday i woke up and my leg got super swollen and wednesday the wounded turning yellow and was really read so i went back to the clinic got added different antibiotic ointment and now the wound is almost gone but my likes still swollen and it hurt so if i'm just saying this now i don't wish on you john but if they do end up amputating your leg you're gamertag will go back to being capping off ah hey i'm sorry but it will be can. Can you get a wooden leg higher. Can you get away with a wooden leg. Yes that'd be really want one of those. I really want one of those leaf spring leg. Oh god that'd be cool. Yeah run fasting a circle because my left leg would be fast. <hes> it's funny he'd get a robot leg like like robocop opens up you can have your pistol and then like the calf opens up and and there's a beer and they're all that's a great idea. You know you should buy one for me as tech support john amputation right. I know we're going to get emails. Else should do this with your leg you should do. We're in a crowd fund your leg detailing l. again liz legua crowdfunding amputation sorry but if we had the technology in i told my son this last night i said if you know because i saw the new disney trailer for star wars and i said if i ever get over the first thing i'm gonna do is i'm gonna cut my arms off so i can have robot arms. He's like what are we going to look like. 'cause the robot arms. That'd be awesome yeah yeah. It's like <hes> what is the lead a battle angel angel right exactly starting to take multiple times a thousand. That sounds like shaving yeah. Well lots of lou. Buddy predict just like a lot of new technologies though they probably will have a dick. Oh god all the technologies. We'll have a bunch of bugs. You'll be breaking shit and fucking nine. Break your concern. Ah if only only we could title this episode robo cock robo cock on. We've got to say that at least four times the episode and then we'll name it cochran beetlejuice the shit my folks sweeteners yeah. I got a couple one. We we lost another guy in our secondary for the cardinals. Robert alfred is out for probably eight weeks is what i'm saying but i'm thinking nine or ten and just because of the fact that he tours fibula so that's that's pretty bad so wait. The fibula bone yeah or broke his fibula. I'm sorry not talk okay. Ah okay that's impressive. He really not funny on districting gatorade too but anyways throng shit yea williams get so as you guys know. I was upset about patrick. Peterson send robert alfred was supposed to be on the other side ahead now. We don't have anything we're down to second string in our quarterback so there's there's our weakness right there. Just throw it to throw the ball though the bog and you'll get a touchdown so it's kind of shitty for us. Hopefully our young guys can step up and then speeding. They'll be you guys will be okay. I mean eagles dealt with that whole issue last year throughout the entire season and didn't do awful so yeah as long as peterson doesn't take anymore. P._d.'s in stays healthy. At least it'll just be six games and we'll be okay on that one side god yeah joe and you can always go to these same <hes>. What do you call it game scheme as the chiefs did last year because the chiefs had a shitty worst worst secondary's last year outscore opponents. That's it. That's what i'm hoping for. That's really what i'm hoping cuyler tears it up. We'll see we'll see what what happens. I don't know <hes> they're hiding a lot of things now. Watching their preseason can't really get much out of it but kylie looked sharp as far as what he did <hes> but that's <unk> as much as i can say. I don't know he's going to have growing pains regardless. He's a rookie <hes> and unlike mahomes mahomes and start fresh off the plate he we had one year behind alex smith and that helped. I'm sure a great like a ton. Just learning in the in the veteran coach to andy reid yeah ah got andy reid and his scheme is pretty bad ass so as far as throwing the ball goes and when they had some running backs running the ball before somebody started hitting women in hotels but thinking kicking hitting kicking saint ship can't get and voice and then during our draft right joe so you talk about this what the fuck here. Are you going to remove the dagger out of my fucking back. Anyways some name players joe and i talk strategy before draft which will never happen again inside buddy but i won't i will be telling you every player. I won't take because you stole like four of them easily about it to utah. It'll be out to the drought. He's like christmas so pissed. He can just ganked me. I was staring at patrick mahomes and i should have just fucking did it and took him and left you with nothing but i said you know what hey joe. He's my brother. I'm gonna let them have it and then what you what you okay. Let me let me oh my defense. Here's no friendship and fantasy football to sense to my defense again dirty. It's dirty yes recurring. The draft was dirty but considered as a security pick. If you want to trade i don't know see that's what i'm saying. That was all my whole mentality behind it. Yes i was fucking with you. Yes i drafted <hes> christian kirk cuyler murray <hes> <hes> michael crabtree andy isabella so mr fuck with chris just to fuck with chris okay all stemmed from because because i was targeting julian edelman okay but we didn't talk about we didn't. You'd never told me about element at all. I know i know i didn't but the fact that you that you picked him mm-hmm right before i was gonna pick him you motherfucker nuts but on the flip side of that i said look okay. I'm i'm going to draft these player. Get if you want to trade. I have them. I don't mind because i have cooper cup. I have loved bill todd gurley early. <hes> latavius murray in leshan mccoy is my running backs and it just picked up darnold thomson case carlos hyde flops in damian. William flops ops <hes>. I've got those guys. I'm stacked at running back a as far as receiver yeah i would be willing to trade for a wide receiver receiver. I'm not gonna take kittle. Don't worry i've got o._j. Howard who's like the number three tight end <hes> but i'd be willing to trade for wide receiver. I'm i'm going to hold onto cuyler umbrella. Gonna hold onto kirk in crabtree. I let go of india's ability. He's he's available now. If you want to pick them up and it's not going to be used for points really so it's droff you get anti and he makes good points so yeah but <hes> yeah so yes. I did draft a bunch of cardinals to fuck with you chris but the draft isn't your permanent team in nobody ever has the same team that they drafted with at the end but you broke the code man. You broke the code really talking yes. Yes we brought yes. I broke the code gross with you. I have gambhir's beers actually had like a forty and i was fucking with everybody. Else was having a good time so it was like i'm gonna keep fucking with this guy but i've got him under lock and key again megadeal isolated megadeal. I get it but our whole league knows more shark cards. Ah maybe see just saying any real money. I'm just saying if you give up a wide receiver or i don't know. I don't even need like your number one receiver. I'm just saying you ain't getting mettlement izzo. No i'm not asking for men but i'm i'm just saying it's like looking at how it is if crabtree blows up keeping him but you keep capture i wasn't going for him. At all cuyler murray and patrick mahomes the chiefs in the cardinals had the same by week so it does not no good to keep carla murray but i'm holding onto him because if i had let him go <hes> somebody that had some quarterback andrew luck by depict him up right now i just i get the lock and key thing but also <hes> commissioner can stop oliver trades thinking that we're scheming this whole thing up to at the same time time because they know we're friends well. It depends on what it looks like so it over. Pin is no reason to block it exactly exactly the if it looks like a fair trade. There's no reason i'm not gonna ask for julian edelman. I'm not gonna ask for cattle not gonna give those guys up either way so so i mean i mean i i may trade i mean unless i can get pilot murray and christian kirk to you for one player then maybe you know if i can give you kirk in murray for edleman or kirk murray and crabtree ataman then why not but you'll get three players for one number one wide receiver i mean hell even madden would say you're of course yeah you could trade is approved. We'll see we'll look at it. We'll look at it. I had to mention if you're just my defense on on the draft. I was just doing it to fuck with you because i knew the draft was a permanent. Should i don't even know if bell sorry. I don't even know of love bell is going to be you know be playing in top form even shady mccoy loyd because now that they've got running committee with frank gore and chris ivory and all the shit in buffalo. It's like i dunno shady me not do anything right right so i may drop shady and really my what the fuck was just more of we had discussed it the day before players and then you took those players and the players is that were undiscussed. I find with it because that's the way the game roles but if we talk about something that's that's where i'm coming from. That's all. I just wish you had gone to the draft. Because everybody was shitting on you. That's fine everybody was like after i picked up in the champ and they will yeah everybody hates you but every one one so i picked up <hes> chris kyle murray and then it picked up christian kirk and then everybody was like oh mugabe doing it's like i'm just fucking with chris is like oh who's the titan ricky. Seals jones is like no. We're not doing the kicker. I'm like gonzales yeah and they said well. We'll just leave him the defense he can just take the decent yeah like what egypt's anyway. I was this close to getting the bears. If whoever took the bears i was going to take them during that part of the draft. I can't remember who got the bears but i was going to start him but honestly i also have trubisky trubisky so to bisky is the quarterback that i might want to keep for that by week. When the cheeser week twelve i would keep a bum yeah. I'll give carla murray and <hes> all the cardinals for breeze to two weeks in within the season and we'll talk traits. I'm just saying i won't i won't let him go so kyle unaccounted murray note so i was going to draft him john so tired of this is going to draft him in some pick them right before my son of a bitch after the draft i get a trade request cuyler murray for jarvis landry and i'm like fuk you oh yes. I don't want okay. John journalists charges across from odell so who's going to get all the catches on that team who he's integrate now isn't he. He's he's gonna be out for the game or two. I thought yeah but he wants. He comes back. It's gonna be joke who all day because they're gonna be streaking across the middle. Whoever wide receiver three or the a slot receiver is him in jokue or going to get all the catches one like one last question fantasy football have either of you heard an update on cam cam. He sprain in spring so he should be okay <hes> for the first game. Hopefully it's whenever he dresses like a bitch before the game that's when he gets injured so his style so fucking weird yeah but i guess that's his swagger yeah. I don't know anyways. That's pretty much what the fucks sergeant had to bring it up dirty. It's no biggie like you said. There's no hard feelings. Agars said my strategy was just locking key because i honestly think cuyler would have fallen right into my pocket regardless. No known was going for cuyler now. Known was gonna really go for kirk either. So if lee was there at the end i would've but i knew you probably would have picked him up but yeah i was waiting for those guys at the end. Unfortunately well fortunately only for you. I've been doing a lot of reading on the cardinals so i know more about the cardinals now in their depths in the roster and who's going to be you know oh wide receiver to behind fits keyshawn or crabtree or kirk now they're saying keyshawn sean in kirk fighting for three now now that crabtree's there that i figure crabtree would take second spot but just for the the experience experience anyway yeah enough fantasy football talk and shit so we're gonna move on over to our main topic the week which john and miguel had played this game mm-hmm. They played the alpha. What is it a monitor <music> alpha thank you it's modern war <unk> fair to be two alpha so <hes> whoever wants to talk about it i go for it. John hasn't had a chance to talk in a while john go oh for it. It was fun <hes> the two v two. There's no i mean you. You play against two other obviously to to to be to <hes> you die verse team eliminated. Yo team wins the round the round there's six five or a six rounds. I two six yeah. I two six <unk> team wins. I had fun. It took me a while to get the hang of it. <hes> and then i got demolished in. I got angry rage. Quit was gonna turn it back on. 'em play with miguel but he took forever for at <unk> so i stopped playing but it was fun. I'm looking forward to playing it when it comes out in in full campaign mode <hes> because i liked the mechanics <hes> i like the guns it give me. It took me a while to get used to just because i've been playing first person suitors on my computer a lot insurgency sandstorm shut up joe and <hes> looking forward to playing it when it comes. I guess as much accounting. Let the dogs out over okay so it sounds like yourself in the head with the microphone the <hes> so to me too i like jon said the gameplay felt really smooth. You felt like modern warfare used to feel you know how call duty has different feels like there's modern warfare just the way the game play style just feels different from blake black black ops. It felt really smooth <hes> new mechanics there's or less mechanic at least two to where if you're like behind a wall on on your kind of peking you can mount the wall looking over while you can mount on the wall that was youtube joe <hes> but yeah there. Is that a new mechanic <hes> in the to be to everyone is given the same weapons so both players on both teams have the same load out. There's like a five second cool down at the beginning of the match can't despondent. Throw a frag- to wait for it. <hes> weapons feel really good. They didn't feel super heavy on the kick. It felt pretty. Accurate is one of the one of the it must have been a desert eagle blur something because that thing had gnarly kick. There's desert eagle. Yeah i think that cake was ridiculous. Now one of the things i did really like if you hit the enemy <hes> your controller vibrates like if you act you could tell you hit them because you're controlled vibrate when you hit him at a notice that <hes> one thing that i know has gotten a lot of flack on and i'm not sure if i like it so called duty style every time you're to hurt you. Start seeing blood in front of your screen now along with that. Your screen touched starts turning black and white so not sure i feel about that. It's kind of weird because it has both effects. Why do you need both <hes> the maps. They were very well designed. I thought they were very small. Oh maps 'cause it's t._v. Too but they felt well designed and balanced. I thought it was. I enjoyed it <hes> last game. I played after john left her. John told me told me that he reached quit and i got on. I was like okay. I'm going to play another one. I'm gonna keep playing tyler's and then i went on a fucking winning streak for lake ten games and then lost but it's fun the <hes> against phil really good the attachments or really useful unhelpful. No it felt like modern warfare. It's been so long since i played modern warfare. I can't relate. I can't say it reminds me of what it was but i enjoyed it. <hes> look forward to do to get my computer xbox. I don't know we'll oh well. It's up to you like i said i felt like the p._c. Community for <unk> no matter just been black ops. There was nobody there when i went to play it again. Chris with the two v two of mode owed does that go up to a certain amount of points to respond or is it. You get killed your out type of deal or house as at work. Salima nation first esteem eliminated got it for. I two six rounds win it so they're six brown or gray each round. She got you start off. Each kashima has the same weapons and then the second round. You have the same weapons and then the third round changed your new load out same thing fourth-round shame weapons fifth round load up okay. That's where i got confused because i i was thinking office to veto elimination those real fast matches their while and then they're like what thirty second matches and once that thirty seconds ends us flag spawns in the middle of the map forcing you to go get the flag yup yup yup and on it for certain amount of time to capture it and hope the enemy team opposing team doesn't shoot you while you're standing presents yet a stand on it for three okay so it it eliminates people just camping out in their spawn. <hes> and i didn't really experience to begin with so gotcha. Tre cool all right so we're going to move on down to a random shit if you guys are done talking about the two two alpha on modern warfare yup all right so move on over random shit you guys have any random shit this week yup our john gopher buddy. We got tickets for <hes> the seahawks versus cardinals which actually brings up a what the fuck chris's brother <hes>. Where's my money. I've been asking him for the last few days and regret like i said regardless. I'm going to pay you on friday. Also i know i just wanted to bring it up yeah. What's your brother's name mike. That's my fuck mike. Where's my money at. I know man anyway so that my other rando i i watched alita battle angel and i i liked it. <hes> the plot was a little may i dunno it. Just didn't seem super solid but it ended with the no it didn't really end. Just the movie stopped so is there a going to be another one probably as i mean that's how they left. David has like what i'm confused what is going on. I assume there's going to be another one because the last scene is she wins that tournament so she gets to go to a place yeah will so her boyfriend falls off the two but then it's like what six a year later something however however long later and now she's winning turnament like okay well what happened between now and then why didn't she just go the rest of the way up there. She obviously can jump over those security things too many questions. I liked the concept story. It wasn't together in my opinion. I don't know anyway wash letters okay. My kids wanted to watch too much violence sifi saifi violence. I mean my kids equivalent of luke losing his hand. That's aw that's it. Anybody else have any random shit this week rise of skywalker kerr trailer gonna fucking awesome. I i saw it to wow. I'm excited for what for what for <hes> what's. Her name comes to the dark side so i thought that was don't home you think so. I thought it was pretty cool. Look bad ask very ending of that trailer. I was like holy fuck. It's at clone. I'm excited for double ended light. I don't think i think it i think it's a vision yeah just like luke head on <hes> dega qaba trading with iota and he sought yeah. I remember that he cut darth vader's at off yup yeah. I think that's what it's going to be so mostly. I just hope there's some dual side light sabers. I like her switchblade. Lightsaber that was cool as neto held a lot better than carlos funky as lightsaber yeah. It look bad ass as look like it's going to be dark but you're probably right jones disney. They're probably just making like a dream and so this is the last one yeah it's not gonna dark still unless they ended that way. I don't know ah news yep. It'll be <hes> interesting definitely definitely interesting any other any other horrendo- random random <hes> yeah i wanted to <hes>. Ask your thoughts on the whole hulu disney plus thing. It's it can happen in all of the m._c. You star wars shows that are going to be on disney plus. What are your thoughts. I mean i feel like i'm not super excited about any of the shows to be honest i <hes> we've been in this world where we have daredevil in all these other superhero shows that are episodic and eh. I don't know if it's something i personally want <hes> because he got han solo. You got wanda vision. You got <hes> doing a solo show show. I thought they were no obi wan obi obi one so i i don't know if it will be ones if it's like a true jedi jedi episodic show where there's light sabers and not lake fucking <hes> what was that movie between three and four ruben rowen like one of the best movies only because the i mean it's it's it's a great movie but when i watched star wars i want lightsaber battles djeddai and said you want the whole actional. Yeah i do light show a new so if it's going going to be episodic and there's not going to be very much in it than i could care less wanda vision screw vision but i'll watch elizabeth olsen any day. I mean there could be some good ones but i just feel like it's going to be so much time. Consumption not saying it's a bad thing i'm saying i don't really really want to dedicate all his time to all these fucking disney shows that could potentially have something to do with movies. Maybe just a tiny bit as i don't watch that many t._v. Shows so. I guess that's where i stand for me. It just depends on what show entices me to to buy that subscription plan. Sometimes all all love like what i did with youtube t._v. I bought it for a month just to watch the cobra kai series and then cancelled it so i might do that to one of these depending on if i get hooked into something so <hes> that's really it. I'm not gonna stick with it or anything because i have too many subscription services as it is and it's it's just crazy so john do you care note as as admiring my dad spiderman okay john <hes> i'm interested because it comes with hulu so like i said cancelled playstation vue i'll be picking up hulu <hes> uh-huh because disney plus comes with lou disney plus will have she hulk moon knight cloak and dagger. They're gonna bring back punisher. We're going to bring back their double and the defenders <hes> you have <hes> one divisions. You have the winter soldier during the falcon yes. I'm going to be watching these because realistically anything else on t._v. Is just filler anymore. I would just rather watch live action comic books because that's what is live action comic books happening every week and disney plus said that what they're gonna do is all of their shows are going to be episodic and they will be released weekly. They're not going to release the whole series at once so you will have to sit there and o._k. New week of of <hes> winter soldier in falcon comes out and so i'm interested because this will all lead into phase four or vase and five of the movies and i'm just i'm ready to be ready so so i guess too fucking much you know what it may be but star wars is coming to an end. This is it december. Is it like the star war. The skywalker saga is done. There won't be anything else vader skywalker array none of that shit. It's done <hes> so after that you have manned laurean and the o._b. One series so we know how it ends with obi wan but they're actually saying that they'll be one series is gonna take place between or from solo to him hiding <hes> for episode four so are you saying darth maul. They already said darth maul is going to be casted for. I'm so for over one series and and they're trying to park. They're trying to get ray park back as soon. I'm sorry in. I'm just i. I'm geeking out with this shit shit. I mean it's perfect time to be a geek a nerd for this comic books shit yes jong. I'm interested now okay. Here's the thing disney plus. If you get the hulu subscription it. They're they're doing a <hes> it. It's not released until november. They're gonna and a half discount. If you buy two years you get one year for free a whole year and that's still cheaper than net flicks. That's still cheaper than fucking the playstation vue pay two hundred dollars now. Get a year free later. I'm just saying yeah you're gonna forget the money but you won't have to worry about <unk> bills or cable bills in anything like that so and you'll be entertained and there's going to have there's enough shows plus. You get hulu so so my i think about my thing about who joe <hes>. Do you have it. Currently i had it but no. I don't have it now. Did you have the base plan because they have all these different plans in the baseman. It's like there's really nothing live. If there's no you wanna watch you wait a day. So if you're okay with that cool i have hulu free with with sprint right now. It's with ads and all that i hardly ever use it but i mean if there was something on a watch walking dead for example. Usually you have to wait and that's the part the noise me about hulu. Even you can't get live with the other version but i mean it's worth the price. I guess if yeah aside from disney plus portion my whole t._v. Experience watching t._v. is only d._v._r. If it's not d._v._r. I don't watch it a d._v._r. All my shows and then i watch him when i can <hes> other than that. I don't just turn on the t._v. And to sit there and flip through the channels because playstation can view in their guide sucks balls plus. I hate the fact that my preseason game comes on at five o'clock in the afternoon. I don't get to watch it until ten o'clock at night. Just fucking stupid. It's stupid. I mean yes if i liked the local team or if i like the cowboys i be able to watch it on t._v. On local not be other than that. I don't get to see my team so it's like verizon. Thank you n._f._l. Network i to watch it on my phone so so at this point. I'm just if it's not primetime. I'm just probably not going to go as far as like trying to get sunday ticket and trying to get a what is it the game pass for n._f._l. I may do that. It may be a cheaper option than getting sunday ticket. One hundred zero eight hundred bucks for your oliver game pass yeah ninety nine bucks not live. It's the stupidest thing about fucking met john. What were you gonna say a while ago. I was gonna ask the the characters in the marvel shows <hes> yester- soldier in falconer they played by the same actors. Yes molly <unk> go blank she hulk. They haven't decided yet. <hes> one of the things i posted on this comic book nerds on facebook and i got a a ton of likes for was the fact that i said with the current narrative now i said laverne cox should play she. Those will be donahue. Laverne cox is that is the transgender black african american woman that is in <hes> orange is the new black she was in in what i season choosing note or multiple you first and second season but yes she had big orange is the new black but she is a transgender woman woman and i said why not the narrative is right now. That's what's gonna happen. Disney is gonna try and do it. They're already making valkyrie a lesbian in character <hes>. There's already talks of a series coming out. It has a l._g._b._t._q. Character main character in it so <hes> yeah yeah john all the all the shows are going to be part of the all star were shows are going to be part of the star wars universe all the marvel shows those are going to be part of the m._c. You so it's whatever they're putting on disney pluses gonna it's cannon yeah. They're they're already talking about <hes> cannon in in means it actually exists. It's not fiction or yeah. It's not some science. Yes not some side story. I guess and they're trying to get kiana reeves. Yes <hes> they've been. They've been talking with <unk> to play a possibly moon knight but but they're they're trying to get him to play a few different characters <hes> right now <hes> what is it nathan fallon who did firefly he is the <hes> shoe shoe into play nova who was also if you didn't know this but in in game they show nova in the in the crowd those of you that donahue donahue nova is google so it there's a lot of shit happening right now and <hes> also kit harrington in angelina jolie will be playing a. the internals who are like the gods in marble so they're they're expanding this. They're blowing this wide open. Yes it's unfortunate that they can't have spiderman involved but i'm thinking that disney is going going to play their chess pieces perfectly and <hes> at any point that this disney hype or this marble falls falls disney's in case of emergency break glass by sony and guess what was coming back and spiderman doctor strange will be coming <hes> to the different universe and taking spiderman and say come with me. If you want to leave anyway yes we go on a side note semi related but not really related joe harley early quin animated series thoughts. Why not you're gonna watch it. If it's on the dc shit no it's on on the days. Have you seen it though ooh robbie. No it's animated oh. I missed that part. It's <hes> it's it's the only thing that's the only thing that d._c. Does right is there animated shit. There live action shit and has been rated r. hawking phoenix you motherfucker <hes> yeah. You wanna talk shit about marvel. Go fuck yourself and your stupid as joker movie dick face anyway so i got to say go go look up. The harley animated series after this podcast i will. I'm done any other random shit here. We get more shirts made joan. I are still what kind of working on who we're gonna pull of get him through <hes> and <hes> yes we are. We're just we're working on it so i know we've i know he's been working on designs and they look pretty dope so <hes> stay tuned if we if we do shirt campaign will probably do podcast shirt or the podcast logo the gamer talk logo. We'll probably do that first and then work on different shirts later depending on the quality and the t shirt printer we wanna see what the sources with a gamer talk logo i first and if it turns out good then we'll continue with that source so we are not making sleeveless shirts on. Oh you can buy one sleep you. You can make a sleeveless. All you want to yes okay any other random shit now all right so maybe we should answer. <hes> listeners email talk a little bit about stadia information for jason right. That's your brother yeah okay. We was until he didn't enter. Dan contrast jason my life i mean i love your brother. So i have some information on stadium here. I mean we we've have talked about stadium before. I know joe's brought it up. In the news right. Now you can preorder the founders pack which is one hundred twenty nine dollars and that comes with <hes> whereas ah i'm not ready here. We go comes with chrome cast ultra. It also comes with a limited edition night blue stadia controller three months of stadia pro for you and a friend first dibs at your stadium name and then you get the destiny to collection and that's the founders pack. <hes> probably the biggest pack that you can get. There's actually a cool function that i thought was cool. They're intertwined with youtube right now so you're able to you if you're a streamer you're able to have a it's called the audience button so any of your audience members. That's watching you stream just with the click of button they can join you in game play when you're streaming which i thought was was really cool. That's one of the new features that i think is only for stadia in its intertwined with youtube. You can purchase controllers for sixty nine dollars each if you wanted to separate controller <hes> and i it only runs with google products right now so you'd be running with like <hes> the pixel three i think it is or any other google products. I have the game list here. It's not it is big as i thought it would be. I can go over those if we're interested john question on the website. What what is the pixel the google product what is that for so phone so you can plate on the pixel book pixel x._l. The pixel slate and on a tv tv using the <hes> chrome cast ultra so chrome cast as well as the stadium. Yes it's all right now. It's only on google products yeah because the stadia is stadium is just it's not a console. You have to stream it to your device somehow and right now yes. Yes you have calms the chrome cast. It comes with it. Yes in the in the founders pag comes with the ultra. Which is i guess you can play four. K. is what the ultra does if you have a four k. t._v. But most of them will come with a chrome cast for your t._v. So so i know <hes> butters preordered his stadium already. Yeah miley thing with the stadium is when it all comes down to it. Yes it's great. It's a great machine or it's a great service but it all comes down to your internet. It sure does if you have shitty internet because they're not using what is it does does new orion or <hes> whatever that software that they're working on if they're not using that software it's not going to be great because those of us that have the s. l. connections or shitty internet. You're not gonna be able to take take full advantage of this product yeah virtual so i mean yes if you're in a great area with great internet by all means play the stadium. Let us know how it is. Let us know how many games you can't play <hes> because the game list is small <hes> for right now but i know they're trying to jump in the market but i just don't know i just i don't know so right now. They're saying at launch. Stadia will allow you to stream games up to four k. Quality and sixty frames per second in the future google says says that allow streaming in eight k. to one hundred and twenty frames per second in other words. It'll be just as powerful as an xbox one x at launch in only get better in time but like joe said you need good internet for this to happen miguel. I was gonna say. Is it fair to call say it'll be just as powerful full as an xbox one ex. You're not getting a system. It's a survey computer running. This game that you're playing is often thailand island. Who knows it's off somewhere else. You're not getting your own machine. That's as powerful as an xbox one x because it's just streaming video go to your screen and sending the inputs from your controller to a computer somewhere in area fifty one right and this is what we're anticipating going off of this. They're actually stating that. It's going to be just as powerful as an xbox one x at lunch but we'll see it all depends like like we've been talking about about internet speeds. I just feel like they can't make the claim that it's just as powerful as an xbox one. They can say that it's equivalent to the quality the quivalent but i don't think they can say it's what you're getting. Physically is as powerful as an xbox. One is not with you know for sure i i. I totally agree with you too. Just because of the way the inputs are going through and what you just explained. It makes total sense so we're gonna theory. It could be that that great sorry to interrupt. No you're fine in theory because we realistically the technology is not out right now for eight k. T._v.'s correct. I mean you. You can get a cake t._v. If you want to spend eight thousand dollars for a t._v. that does that does four k. Because the tech the benchmark is not there right now how so for them to make these these not false promises but just to make blowing smoke up. Everybody's ass to make a buck to me is not a good sales. Dell's business plans. Not it's just like you know your your hyping. It's the hype life. Unfortunately i'm gonna go through the games list real quick <hes> they're basically this is what google stating right now so stadium works with the existing third party games that you'd expect to find on any gaming wing console. Let's see here the games list right now. A no eighteen hundred assassin's creed odyssey attack of the titan to final battle will baldur's gate three which believes exclusive for stadium. I don't think it's even on u._s._c. So beyond good and evil borderlands three cyberpunk twenty seventy seven dark siders genesis destiny to destroy all humans dum dum eternal dragon ball zeno zeno verse too far cry five far cry new dawn farming simulator nineteen final fantasy fifteen football manager for honor. Get packed grid guilt. Just dance twenty twenty marvel's adventure metro exodus mortal combat eleven n._b._a. Two k. orcs must die three power rangers battle for the grid rage to rise at the tomb raider samurai showdown shadow of the tomb raider. They put that twice. Oh never mind right that rise yeah steep super hot the crew to the elder scrolls online thumper tomb raider definitive edition. Tom clancy's ghost recon breakpoint. Tom clancy's rainbow six siege. Tom clancy's splinter cell blacklist. Tom clancy's division two trials rising watchdogs legion and wolfenstein young young blood in that is it yes. What is this dark siders genesis you speak of it's new. It's a new one. It's i don't. I don't know if they're making exclusive for google stadium but it's going to be for the switch p._s. Four stadia windows in everything basically but it's it's <hes> <hes> i'm trying to figure out who it is because it's not fury because she was the last one right it <hes> trying to think hold on hold on hold on strife strife. I didn't know there were already set for another game. It's the fourth horseman of the apocalypse strife. Six strife will also team up with his brother war so release date is somewhere nineteen. That's all it says and it's only forty bucks. I'm confused on this. If this is like a true release lake is side got chains of olympus game or whatever i want to do some more research on that one yeah topped out. Oh it says top down hack and slash top fuck yeah. It says it's a top top-down hack and slash r._p._g. For the switch well yeah. It's like a switch game but it's fun to p._s. Four xbox one stadia and p c yeah windows house. That's funny so also with the services that you can get with stadia <hes>. They're talking about if you're an e._a. Fan they don't they're or not if e._a. Access is going to be involved with stadium right now so anything e._a. Access wise you may not get stadia until unless they say something later on down the road but ubisoft. You play pluses available so you'll be able to get that but just remember. I believe these are all separate subscriptions that you're going to have to pay. It costs fourteen eighteen ninety nine a month for that ubisoft plus. I believe in a grant you access over two hundred titles from the you play store whatever it is so they're adding saying that in <hes> let's see anything else that i want to add for google stadium right now other than you can go online and check their basic packages ages and stuff that they have right now that keep talking about the founders pack and they're probably just trying to get more people to buy into this thing. <hes> i mean you get a free game with it but it's just fucking destiny to. It's not really anything great <hes> in my opinion. I know some people love that game so <hes> they have a stadium. It'll set you back nine dollars ninety nine a month. It's the ultimate way to experience switches. The four k. resolution sixty f frame rate five point one surround sound. They're just keep talking about the founders pack here and then in the countries that will be released in belgium canada denmark france germany ireland italy netherlands norway spain sweden u._k. And united states so all those those other countries will have better internet than the u._s. So they'll enjoy the experience then what we'll have but i also read something with microsoft that <hes> <hes> what's his name he came out and spencer. Fuck is named now. I can't remember his name. How would this phil spencer yeah. Hey sorry joe. I'm fucking. It's i'm sweating like crazy over here. It's hot as shit in my room but <hes> phil came in and he was talking about the streaming services. Not we're not there yet. He's saying marcus not there yet. They're not releasing any streaming services or anything like that or a streaming box. It's all gonna be sheer hardware. It's all going to be power straight coming from the microsoft consoles itself which x. cloud which means yeah but he's really saying that it's not they're. They're just like testing getting all that stuff. I don't know if you read about this but he did. Come out and say that and you know it's it's not even on their plan right now as far as anything but they're just working on hardware. We're like the scarlet and stuff like that so for me as a gamer that makes me happy that they're still doing this and i don't have to worry about internet speed with stadia so john on you want to add anything with stadium or for your brother. No okay well. I care about jason jason. You should buy it and then i'll compla- it and and you can tell me what you think and i'll relay the information with what i think to the podcast there you go so there it is. That's the information mation that i got from stadia to talk about for my rando. It really don't have anything else. <hes> do. You guys have anything else before. It closes up. Nope nope all right. This is going to wrap. This is episode number. One fortieth says chris. I'm going to go place. Fallout seventy six out of here is john. I'm gonna go put my kids in bed and maybe i'll get on insurgency again miguel. I'm going to go do nothing this joe. I'm hungry. I'm gonna go eat and then. I'll play something game on game on game on. It works mm-hmm.

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