The Masked Singer | Season 3 Episode 10 RHAPup


Hello and welcome back to the mass singer. Hops pop jazz where? I don't know if you've heard where the super nine We get to revisit people who we have not seen on the show in quite some time and we get to talk about all the nonsense situations that the show put us in in a very fun but somewhat uncomfortable to our super nine. I am your host the rubber chickens and Mickey. Leigh and I'm not going to try and do the April fools thing of. Oh I don't have a co host this week or so co-host left and now we got a new co host. Is the one person always here? Ready to talk singer with me. It's Liana the whoopee cushion or Liana. How're you doing today? You might have to find a new CO host. This is so boring clue. Packages were literally just recaps within a quote unquote super clue at the end. There was so much filler. I totally felt you with the the the in betweens with other contestants when they swapped masks April fools day got cancelled because of covert nineteen. I know that they've filmed this way before. This was ever a problem but still. It's no Eric from San Bernardino but my God off not okay. So the April Fools yes. It is an insensitive time to be trying to pull the wool over ones is when the reality of the world is harsh as it is but it's just be cancelled outright. Why do we need a day where everyone is going to go out of their way to out? Dick one another. I'm not I'm not about that life. I'm not about the. Oh I have an announcement to make on my facebook just kidding. I didn't do that. They said I was going to do. Or Hey just did a new thing and it's like a picture of like the net flicks head studio checkout. Sorry kidding don't have a show. I'm actually just sat on looking for attention like why April fool's Day it was created by. Hallmark is a ploy to sell cards so that that is true. You're trying to fool me. I know that's a Valentine's Day thing that's not a theory. It's not as April fools and birthdays. Okay no home. Yeah no I can't even dive into. I can't believe I'd rather celebrate Arbor Day. Let's go plant the trees stopping dicks to each other. We get started petition to cancel. April fool's Day you know. My grandma's birthday was on April fools. Day Yeah on. We should have that day known as your Nana's birthday not as April fool's Day and not as the Bananas Birthday Nana's birthday I. I just WANNA keep bantering. Because I really don't want to start the show by talking about the ABC parody which was just bad so bad. I've heard Wanda better lyrics and it was. They put the lyrics at the bottom. And so you could see how they're trying to stretch it like be named can John. They named Nick Cannon and they named Jenny not even her full name. Because it wouldn't work but just Jenny so Nicole Scherzinger Robin Thicke weren't even mentioned in the parody. So that was the thing. I think it's one of those things where they're like eight so we need. We need a song for the three groups for ABC. Oh my God wait. Abc EASIEST ONE. Two three okay. That's the song we're using and then they did the lyrics because it was not well thought out. The only thing that I thought was smart was the ABC thing. And that's part of the actual song I will say. I like the concept. Okay really loved the concept just the execution was a little. I like the idea that I like the idea warmer performance singing together. But I don't like actually seeing that I- performances together right well or in a music video type format the cream of the mask crop. That's a phrase that was said this episode. Let's pretend that I. It wasn't so the cream of the mountain mass top. What are you even talking about? You know the top of the mountain. I don't know basically these added mask to it to make. But anyways Eric from San Bernardino was an upsetting segue because I genuinely would have loved to see Snoop Dogg on the panel but it wasn't snoop Dogg. It was annoying. It was very irritating and I was very you block. Here's what you don't do my singer. You don't advert you. Don't pretend there's a panelists that actually makes the panel exciting for a change and then take them away from me and tell me necessarily enjoy the next hour and a half with just these four people that you've seen every episode. Yeah I get that I think I would rather have okay so in my ideal world I would rather have had snoop dogg but if they're going to play a prank the fact that they picked not a known. Snoop Dogg impersonator. But just Nick Cannon's Buddy I San Bernardino which I loved it. That was his name. Eric from San Bernardino. That was that did make me laugh. In retrospect although yes it would have been better to have snoop. Dogg here yes. I'm just sad. I like Snoop Dogg and I approvals April fools however when I also don't approve of we're really starting on a negative. I had fun with the subsidies. Want to put that out there before. It sounds like I'm just coming in here. Salty but so the format so this is what we're doing tonight with this episode. So we're going to go through the first three performance all group. A and then there's GonNa be a vote and the bottom from group goes to the bottom great and then Groupie and a group C. That's how that's GONNA go. What did you think of this as a way to go about dealing with the supernatural? What is the point of having it still be in groups a B and c? But yet you're going to call it the super dyers or all performers together. But you're still gonNA divvy them up. Was it like a filming thing that they had to film over separate days or something like that so they wanted to all group grouped together. Be Together see together. I don't get it. Why couldn't you just vote for the worst performer at the end? Or something like that. Maybe it was to me like too many performances. They wanted to let the audience vogues otherwise they would forget like. Oh Group A would get screwed or something like that. I don't know but like I I don't get it then as possible but I just think that they they really messed up. I mean they really did. Advertise this as a super nine as if a super nine is a thing and by last week I was. Yep the super nine. That's what it is and that's what I know. It has and even the car on the show when we went to commercial domestic or super-9. Good Marketing to get that to become a thing with they failed to do was make it matter because all it did was hit the bottom three from each group against each other and that doesn't really matter ultimately and it's not like this format is going to continue because spoiler alert next week we're going to go back to two groups of four we are. Yeah so that's the format next. Week is two groups of four with the return of the smackdown. Oh well good thing. We had the super nine then like whatever I mean. Okay look here's the thing I don't come to Massingir for logic. Okay come to the mass thing. Oh yeah that makes sense so you know what it's fine. It's fine everything's fine doing. Oh who's going to be in what group that is a good question. We can look it up at some point before we dive into the questions. Okay so we haven't talking about the warrant happy about. Let's talk about something that hobby were both happy about? And that's the turtle. What did you think of the turtle this on this episode the Super Nine Okay? So first of all. We're not I don't know how you want to do it. But I got nothing from the clues so I'm is just a recap of clues and then we got the one super clue at the end. Which is that. He's a Superhero. Right or like played a superhero or something so superheroes so he is so. I think for this episode weekend will go in. It's the turtle and then if you think of any clues that stood out to you talk about them otherwise you can just say your general thoughts about the performance and all that so last week Liana bars. You mentioned that you are not gonNA look at the visual clues anymore. Going to focus on the audio and now you're telling me that the Super Glue was comic book thing. No the super clue. He said confession. This is not another teen clue. Okay but either his confessions. No it's not. Usher don't even try and Segue. There wasn't all that much with these with these clues. The packers were kind of formatted in a bit of a recap. I assume so that people who have missed out on any episodes can come back and see what's been going on since they left and The turtle talked about doing ten K. Runs in preparation for these shows with the with the bad like with the costume on and they do Corio now even though they're not a dancer just talking about what they're doing to get to the performances that they've been putting out so which doesn't really help and figuring out the identity of the person that just kind of gives you an insight into what they're doing so yeah you're right. Yeah only clue. Was the super clue that was added this week and even that. I think a couple of them were strong for other performers. But this one didn't really give me anything to work with any say. This is Jesse McCartney think I believe so? Okay Yeah I don't know I have no idea. I got nothing from this but the performance. I really did like this. Reminded me of how much the turtle and feel good about his chances to go pretty far in the competition. I thought that it was a great song. Choice that that was a good performance and plus the performance quality here was wow just amazing which I did feel bad especially for the Kangaroo. Who goes names like sorry? You don't get a choir backup dancers or like Confetti. We'll say the backup dancers look like decorations. You could find Kia like little red men with the heart thing on it. That didn't look like something you can find. Kia think you're looking at the heart. Like logo read people. You know how they have the the for the Scott this for sketching movable guys to idea oh I know but it just doesn't it just it looks like whatever not important anyway. Yeah I thought this is a good performance. I feel good about the turtles chances so I thought the performance of higher love by Steve when it was very nice. I like the I like this rendition of the song and I do agree. I think that they like the turtle through everything in the kitchen sink. Into this performance it felt like there was a disco ball that I was into the background. Had these big hearts that was great and like you know all of that and the voice from the turtle was incredible across. The work was great. It was a lot of razzle-dazzle with choir there I always I was into this. I could see the turtle making it to the final two is what have my notes. And that's how I feel. I agree the background dancers. Were like creepy to me. They I know they're supposed to be like romantic because like the heart motif but they just looked creepy and there were read more suits. That doesn't do anything for me. So that was probably the lowest point performance for me. Everything else was an ace so overall I really liked it and like I said final two as possible reason our final who's because unworried about the turtle having a very similar to the rottweiler which I was not happy about last season and I will be happy about this season even though I love whereas in the final two anyways well I think the morph suits. They must've gotten a deal on at some point in time they were like by one in every color because they have so many different more suits balls. Oh the Oh we'll talk. Oh honey I have feelings about. The inflatable suits the block. Ip's feeling I got a feeling of ood awful saw that inflatable seats. They're gonNA wait. Tonight's my try on Gandara well so when it came to the judges and their comments in guesses we learnt that there is a new thing this week. Not No. They're not going to get April fool pranks given to the judges. They're not gonNA do that but they're gonNA do is say one thing that they're not. I enjoyed this. I think this was a very fun way for them to try something. New and in the cases of some of the performers genuinely helped me narrow stuff down and you know eliminate complete justice that were going the other way so. This is a fun element for me. How was it for you well? It was really only helpful. I felt like for the banana. What was the turtles? I didn't even write it down. It was something about like. I'm not just known for one thing right. I'm not known for just one thing which thanks I mean. It's a good one. If you consider the fear someone was focusing on just like actors. Or just singers. Oh no no no. This is someone who might have done both. So then you start broadens your horizon. It's like okay so they are singer but do they have an IMDB page and look at Real Quick. Oh you know what they do have an MD page. Okay so I'm trying to figure out so it's good. It's good if you're focusing on one thing. I guess I'll see I mean despite all that can still has brun literally when pretty sure only the boxer boys Indus- nothing else sees only known for one thing so is drooling Shea. I mean he's known as part of the band ninety degrees but then also Niklas brothers. So that's too thanks. Does that count? Yeah I think so. Oh my gosh. Another reminds me of in. Love is blind. When Vanessa shows like I'm Vanessa Lucia inequity. Obviously Nick O'Shea yeah. They were choices for the as the host for that show. I'm obviously what's Nicholas's brother Bryan Bryan grew? I wanted to. Who are the other two ninety degrees? I honestly cannot even tell you I would if someone was like. Hey who is ninety degrees? I'll be like Oh. Yeah that's Nicholas Shays Group. I wasn't his brother and that would be the end of the conversation. Nicholas a Drooler Shea. Kevin La- Shea and Jolie Shay Yeah but only two of them were in the four. No not all four of them. Go check in drill. I'm looking I'm looking at the WIKIPEDIA page right now. Jeff Timmons and just in Jeffrey or the other tools. Are you frigging kidding me on April Fools Day so stupid people digging each other? Then you're GonNa give me on April Fools Day also April third third. Oh happy April third. Okay whatever I get it. You just work for Hallmark. Now is our. You're trying to tell me a while. You're not getting April Fools Day card this year buddy you why would you April Fools Day? Me I'm making April April fools. Jj Okay we'll put this okay so you're pro April thousand and even a good pray that was banter amongst friends. Okay as April third. We are playing a game tonight with a bunch of people's on trying to play. Nice right now because I'm not about to get whatever you get. Outta here I will. Don't even try me. Bro. Dobro Fam- anyways. We're GONNA move on shut up so so yeah. Jewish a was Robin Thicke. Brian Latrobe was Ken. Steve My day was Jeff. Timmons or just Jeffrey the other two. I hate the episode interludes. I mentioned this last week. I know you've come around to it but it just does nothing for me. It's not funny. Oh we're the four performers that we've swapped masks around your the Rhino Not. Now Ha no. It's not great. I can see the appeal as it is a family. Show that in a family. It works at understand that this show isn't made for twenty eight year old puja but I have. I have a right to express my like my dislike that of online. Or even your unlike unlike now we can talk about the kangaroo and the kangaroo is here to bounce back after being vilified by the kangaroo rumors and they've been put through hell last year and they're super clue was a little inflatable kangaroo that they got on sale somewhere and then set. Alright dolls do you know who I am now. Question Mark I think this is just. The kangaroo has a baby which is super useful because no one has kid this new. We've been new. She's already said little room before. Rising the thing. Yeah this is a super bowl. It's gotta be something New Right. No I mean I would assume so too. Oh Okay so oh okay all right I get it so you're saying it's new so that means it's not about a baby it's about something else. I would hope so if it is. The baby got irritates me because hey we already knew that So I don't know are adults someone's catchphrase. Someone says all right dolls may be. I don't know I personally don't really have any strong of a guest. I go back to the whole being vilified by rumors of being put through hell when rob was our guest. The first week I went down a rabbit hole of trying to find Hollywood's biggest beefs from the past year and I landed on the Khloe Kardashian Clo- recording one of them versus Jordan Woods. Who doesn't have a wiki page so I can't even try and like verify but that is the closest I've come and then we her clue package back in. What does the absolute three where they? They're like their brother was like a plant person and it looked like it was a cabin in the woods and like the last name as woods. So that's kind of where I'm squatting for now. I don't feel that strongly about it but I have zero other directions. I take so we'll see where it goes. Kangaroo still an unknown for me yeah unknown for me as well I have no idea. I've no idea who this is. We could limit it to people that have children. You know so. That's helpful dude. I don't know this episode was a struggle. It was so much filler. Look I love the massing? Come on man. This is a lot I think. Having it'd be a two hour episode with one boo and the format was not great so there were some choices such as that could've made to spruce it up but it did drag a little bit and I can't imagine we watched it later with no commercials. I can't imagine watching it with full commercials to for two hours. Yeah ferrall yeah but Liana clearly not stranger to making enemies of the song was not ready to make nice by the dixie chicks. I don't really know the dixie chicks or listen to the dixie chicks but I love the kangaroos voice. I really enjoyed the chandelier and the on the stage and the background I love that but ultimately it was pretty home basic of a performance not a bottom three performance by any means but also not a top three performance it was a very very decent middle performance and production that went into the turtles performance. We got a little bit of pedals. Further kangaroo and that was it bad like they used up all their production budget on the turtle or or the Chandelier. Just cost a buck and a half. They clearly didn't get that at the knockoff. Wish dollar store so Yeah I thought this was a good performance. I really love the dixie. Chicks chicks. I love the song so I was pleased to see it especially because they thought she was. GonNa Sing Rachel. What's her faces? Fight Song based on her clue package I was. I was pleased that she chose the dixie chicks. I would completely agree with you. Literally wrote overall decent probably a middle slot so I think I have the feeling that the kangaroo isn't going to be one of the few Or well we'll talk. I think she should fall in the middle. Okay Yeah I think yeah if we power rank them. She's between fourth to seventh right. I would agree that yes I would agree that Yes yes yes okay her facto so her what are you not are what you are not known four or whatever that was she said. I've never it's because I short formed into my notes after the first one and I wrote W Y N and I don't remember what stood for so if I go up real quick one thing you're not okay W there what? You're not okay. Whatever I've never lived in Australia. That doesn't help. I knew you Australia. I knew I knew. The kangaroo was just the choice so that was awful clue as a choice. Yeah so as Robin Thicke that we know. Now we know it's not a key as Alia is that's all would eliminate and adult the anyone who was on some of the guesses your but it was struggled for me agenda. Mccarthy woman amber rose no. It's not amber rose. I can I know that for a fact then. Leeann rhymes don't really know her Nicole. Guests in India are re was robin. Thicke which I also do not know her so I can't verify those clues to being close or those guesses to being close. Yeah it's definitely not amber rose and it's not no. It's not enough of them. I don't know I don't know who the last person is. But it's probably incorrect. That's just now. Write rhymes Leeann rhines. She's a singer. She liked part of a group or something. No she is like I mean not that I know of I. Think she's just a solo artist. Which honora country. Okay Okay Gotcha. Yeah sorry Leeann rhymes sorry then. Mean any harm or slander. How rude you're listening. I apologize so we're okay. You Better Apologize Lien so listen to this fine. The man of the hour the performer. Who Ends up saying. It's the white tiger I wrote. I don't care for the clue packages in my notes and then I just have the super clue which was Swish Swish. Which actually is a good clue because it's a new one and it talks about how I mean. If you figure it out obviously at the end they tell you that it was because he was a part of Katy Perry's music video for Swish Swish. And he was doing the the floss. Which is the backpack. Kids dance was also in that video Yeah so I guess. I share similar sentiments. Okay so what do I have to say about the white tiger so you said in the pre show that you were going to sing right set. Fred's I'm too sexy into in White Tigers way so take the stage. Hush shut up. Why are you trying to April Fools Day? Two days later thing off. When did I say that win? Did I say that the seventy five dollar patrons will know that is a complete lie? This was a weird issued of what is already a weird song. All-sided I'm looking at the lyrics right now and I didn't know the lyrics beyond I'm too sexy for my shirt so this trip for me. Yeah Okay I wrote down here. Let me just okay. Let me just give you my notes that I wrote down. Okay I wrote. What the Hell am I watching dot? This is bad. What a waste of a good costume. Because I thought that the white tigers costume is a fantastic fans of the White Tiger. But it's just show challenging to listen to all the other performers here and be like. Oh Yeah No. I'm cool with watching this. No now also. This is the first one with the inflatable costume. And this I oh my God i. It was like the knockoff knockoff. Generic knockoff version. That mean that's like Oh when you order it online or like the wish me more. It's like Oh and you get it on wish or the mom we I want. I want an inflatable lion cost you. We have inflatable lion costume at home. What's at home this? Oh my goodness it was ugly. Why was it weirdly fat? It didn't stay inflated. Why was it on a stripper pole? I because okay. I got this one so your last question last question. Why is it dancing on a stripper? Pole coming to the main stage is the inflatable line stripper at main lines main. Listen I'm with you okay. I thought I saw my notes aren't too dissimilar from yours. I said what am I even watching? I do like the background but I hate everything else. And then what the philophical this inflatable lion stripper. And I didn't say fil awful it. It was a strange performance and I do share the sentiment of I don't want to like I'm not trying to rain on the parade of any White Lion Fans because people were gracious enough to let me enjoy my leopard moment last season but ultimately there's no talent here if I'm going to vote you through because you're saying too sexy for my party to sexy. Anyone can do that. I can do that. Anyone can do wrong. Scott the moves gronk thinking that his dance moves are unique is comical so no anyone can do that. What anything that GRONK can do. Everyone can do better so it was uncomfortable bomb. Yeah I was just like honestly I'm not kidding. If for some reason the white tiger survived this performance. I don't know if we should just clan so the podcast. No just for an episode. Because I don't think anyone wants the heroes complaint for an hour which feels that we've done fifteen minutes maybe twenty but like there was other stuff to talk and we got the Ken cut out. Oh Yeah can't cut made a return. I mean they have to make but this was a different one wasn't the other one big face cut. It was really giant face. This was like one of the ones that you have at the movie rental store. You know what I mean. It's like advertise like. Where did they even get that from a thing or did they actually make that? I think they must amita no. I don't know anyway so that was also a choice again. More filler. Sell fine fine. Well my favorite comment of the night from the judges was toward the white tiger. Where they said when you're seeing your like we'll just pick any note. Why are you wearing I okay? I picture the White Tiger going into going to a cupboard. Yeah y'all take this one. I think be minor plus Banjo music. Plus how about a little bit of give me a little bit of the William Hung Sprinkle? Yeah and then just a just a dash of nine year old boy dancing at a birthday party okay. Perfect Guy Walks. I don't think legally at counselors singing we had an adjudicator that'd be like this is not a vocal performances. Okay Yeah Things. Maury you called me Mori Yeah. This is not the father the father. That's Maury thing I get it but I'm calling Maury don't Mori me. If you don't know me I don't even know what that is. Well then doing what is happening. Sequester is getting to you know I think I think I think we need to talk about the one thing that the white tiger is not in the White Tiger said. I'm not just bronze. I'm brains I wrote a bestseller. Oh my God oh my God when he said that I was like okay. Yeah sure you wrote a book like you feel like you're listed as the author but you certainly did not write that book my God unless it's just a compilation of his tweet. If they're in which case then yes I would believe he wrote the tweets would even then just a small percentage of the time. I don't like it so. Jj Watt was a guess. Then Nicole Diaz Gino. Jj First of all. Let me just say this. I know that. Jj Watt was on the League. Jj Watt has more self respect. Then there's like no one would debase themselves in such a way like Gronkowski. Okay so clearly rob Gronkowski. I will not be the end for the landowner. Who IS THE HIPPO FROM SEASON? One Antonio Brown himself debase defaced. What did you say to based like base? No no debase. It means to re like to reduce the quality or like to make worse or he based himself and then it was all downhill from there. Well Yeah but you know I mean that was. That was different okay. There's there's no debate about it a debate about it. Okay Yeah So. Did you enjoy Nicole? Butchering all the names and saying Rob Gorgonzola Rob Garbanzo bean and then guessing Joe Macaroni. Which ended up being Joe Manganiello? Yeah I mean reminds me of neck. Macaroni so I'm okay. If your last name was a food what would it be? Zanu Akilah. That's hard. I feel like Paninis. Zan Julian Penny this on some yeah okay Zan Panini that's not bad. Okay we'll be flon flan clam clamp clam Panini okay. Yeah that's pretty close. Okay well Liana. Boris be Liana snore s stagnant. What's a food there is of? Boris Loris no schooners. The promise you haven't us show so it's hard to put those together. Only on a couscous. Yeah I mean. I don't have anything better so I can't really. Hey how's that this is the part where people are going to pause the podcast in. Addis with obvious names that were front of us the entire or they're just going to shut it off the podcast messing content here for whatever this is okay. Well if you're about to hop off much left all of you thank you for making it thirty five minutes in your view. Don't don't follow me on twitter. Just find our website. Do The rate and Review Rob's website dot com slash massing or one word Eliana. Ihop at all right. So where were so the clues the guess now all of those? And we get to okay. Who's the bottom? Who's the bottom three? Oh my God. Everyone's on their on pins and needles. Oh we're going to break before the guest reveal of course nick cannon. That's what you do best and then we come back and it's the white tiger no-one shocked. I was like kind of shock because bready just to be angry and disappointed. That's good that's good like set a low bar for you for it and then just be like all right. Look if it's not the White Tiger least I'm prepared to be angry but if it isn't like Oh yeah okay. Good great finally. The audience made the right call. So here we are. Yeah okay so that wraps up the group a folk and all right. So we're going to jump into group. B Here we have the kitty the banana and of course the frog now. Have you felt seeing our groupie friends make comeback here? Yeah it was nice to see groupie back. I mean. Obviously it hadn't been as long as Seen Group A so so. That's the thing that happened but for this one. I was actually really reminded. How good the Kitty is and this performance in particular solidified. How strong the FROG is. Because I didn't think that the vocal performances from the frog and the first set of a groups was particularly amazing but this one with jump by Kriss. Kross was so so good I think Kitty and frogger actually too long game contenders long game and game and I mean we. I saw the frog. You're very on the frog. And how was the one that was a little bit like now? I'm not really feeling it. And then ever since I have not looked back in it's been it's been a good ride but kitty someone think is being slept on. I think no no one's really talking about the Kitty and I think the kitty someone who is very easily a top five in the entire remaining cast and could honestly go to win at all. Even I'm old enough to say but let's talk about the Kitty right off the bat here. Freak flag fly was the thing that was said in the package that I thought could be a thing as starting young struggle to myself image and the super clue we had the The tree come out from last season and Katie said. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Did any of those Speak to you and help you inform yourself or us of a decision on who could be. I don't know what I'm wearing at this point but we're gonNA run with it. I think hideous top four not just top five. I really really like they for the super clue. I thought that it could be a Christmas related thing. It could be an Anna Gassar thing could be an SNL thing. I wasn't exactly sure what the connection is. Part of that is because I have literally no idea who the kitty is but whoever it is. I'm definitely rooting for them. The Balls Kitty Cat. Yarn balls that takes to choose. It's all coming back to me by celine. Dion is amazing and she's just so so so sad what I'm saying that she could win on but I could also see her getting robbed at the end. We'll see how it all goes down. But so did you have any new feelings. You have about the clues we got. Okay honestly you know like I said I was so dry blacks from the Kitty. I think it's up one more seasoned so. That's that's how I feel. I know Mike said Sarah Hyland when he was on with us. I don't think it's our highland but You know the closer we get the more clues will. Maybe we'll get there who knows a but the kitty did. It's all coming back to me now by Selene Dion. I love her voice. She's nothing going for the whole time. He eater vibe which I gotten like. I think you can compare her like I think you can compare to the kangaroo in the sense that they both went more vocal based but the kiddies way better at both using her hocus to command the stage and the performance whereas the kangaroo has good vocals but doesn't really do enough to bring it all together in a collaborative process to make a amazing amazing So that's where that's where it's supper the kangaroos W mid-tier closer to the lower end whereas the kiddies top-five pushing top three. Yeah definitely one hundred percent. She's just a stronger singer and I don't know what was her clue. Her her anti clue talker a jet. I rule ooh yeah. That one's off. I have no idea. I'm sure of course when you look back on it. Oh Blah but like for now. I'd see Nicole Richie of Vanessa Hudgens. Murrah birds are Levin. I don't think any of the four Vanessa. Hudgens might be the closest one for me but not even a via the clues via who I think they would get. Who would be good enough of a singer to be included? Oh No it definitely can't be averill Levin because she's dead and has been replaced by Melissa in the absolutely very true conspiracy theory. Was that her name now. Turn on that. He's necessary totally real and it's about a good time as any to appeal away onto the next one and talk about the banana. I don't have all that much from the clue package of the banana. I wrote that. Imagine they were a party boy looking for a good time. And that there's super clue was A mullet so that's about as far as I got now. I personally do not have flu who this could be especially when we learned to about the new. What are you not clue for the bananas at Blue Collar? I'm a Funny Guy. But not a stand but not stand up funny. So that eliminates Jeff Foxworthy that eliminates any of the blue collar comedy tour which everyone was talking about so now I'm back to square one. Okay this is the person. I'm super excited to talk about because so I don't even know how to. How do I start this you know? How do I get so mullet? Okay remember how is on the whole like hairband thing? This is like weeks ago. This was so hard for me to remember clues but thankfully I have my trusty posted notes here so I was GonNa pick out episode of either rock of love or flavor of love or I love New York for you. Watch because remember. I'm going to get you to watch the classic. Vh1 reality TV shows. So I was able to find the first episode of Rock of love. I start watching it. Yes what is in literally the first like two minutes of rock of love. He built a motorcross track in his backyard for his two daughters immediately. My thought was the banana because remember when he had his like family members or friends come. It was his two daughters talking about how he built a race track in the backyard for them. I think it's Bret michaels which then totally fits with my other theory from before that. It's somebody who's in hairband empoisoned every rose has its thorn and others and so. I think it's Michael's I don't I can't I am not a big poison fan so I can't tell from the voice but from watching that episode of Rock of love. I mean come on in. It sounds like it does. I don't know if any of these facts. You're spitting are factual because I can't verify because I haven't seen rockets love but now you will. And then when it gets revealed that it's Bret Michaels you'll be like Oh my God. I'm so excited to watch rock of love what happens on seasons one two and three also. Because now you know. There's three days and spoiler alert seasons wanted to do not necessarily work out all that great for one Bret Michaels. Okay well I will get back to you on that when I eventually watch rock of love on I will say however that this was okay. The performance was fine. Ios Speed Home Alabama by Leonard Skinner. Those very clear before the July team performance there was the banana split. Obviously being a staple of it And being fetish is it was fine. It wasn't amazing. The sexy Mac. Tonight's were out thing happened. They need to retire. That mask on replacement something else. I'm sure there's better banana masks out but it's good to know that whatever costume store. They went to still recognize his MAC. Tonight as a thing but that's about all her woman. Bananas I know I know we make the joke that they're Mac. Tonight masks today very much look like but they're not moons. They're definitely bananas. I mean they're just Max tonight masks spray painted bones or yellow so really getting. Yeah well this is where I was talking about the deal on the morph suits because here. We have the picnic blanket. Morph suits that we have the dancers and but I thought this was a performance. This is a good song choice for the banana. I mean I still think he's probably like bottom two or three now that we know that garbage cat is gone. So I think he's probably GONNA be out next second next but whatever or Bret michaels or not but a good week for owners of Tigers Right. Brad Michael Tigar. No but white tiger costume was owned by Gronkowski. Who is out? Oh sure yeah okay yeah. Let's really tiger king because I think that's actually a requirement in media. Everything must be related to tiger king. At least one reference to at least one joke about Carol Baskin and her killing her husband her husband. Yes yes yes. Yeah and then yeah I think that's that's an issue to your in the minimum of your clearing. Okay got good gun on. Yeah so the judges went with Leon once again you and Jenny McCarthy cut from the same cloth you both think is Bret Michaels and Robin Thicke. Thinks it's billy ray Cyrus which I did not need to see the banana or Michael's twerk or booty pop or whatever that was supposed to be Yes sorry I was still thinking about the fact that Johnny stole my guess which I had that gas before because I have it here in on a post it note. If anybody wants to check it says motorcross track two daughters. Bret michaels banana and then I wrote. I drew a picture of a cube and then I wrote two to one and then I wrote quote Kinda not a great spot to be in which I don't know what those things referenced. But still I have the proof. The proof is on the posted posted. Note notarized and date stamped but this is more proof than you would need for Carol Baskin to prove murdering her husband. Look I tried to make a reference and I got confused. It's okay you try better next time champ Is there anything else? You would like to talk a banana here before we split. No let's not monkey around. You can't go while you think the next on trying to decide if the one you did was good or not. Cowan's monkey banana like play Word Association. Game what are other words that you think of? I don't know call me George because I'm very curious on what you just did. See but that's like a train of thought from the Monkey. So that gives validation to my monkey theory. What do you WanNa pat on the back? Like you WANNA banner behind. It would be great. I prefer a trophy but either way what would this trophy. Say Twenty twenty. Don't even think I deserve that. Um Man all right. We're talking about the frog now. Do deserve off on. Oh come on. I was doing done that one a lot. I hope you have a notebook out as I've got my lily pad ready for the frog. Read it Ribbit segue anyway so the frog so the frog is here and who better to talk about package of the frog and the number one frog fan. Boris No. You're the number one fan health. Would you brought your name now? Did you change your name? Congratulations although we'll get very confusing on the podcast. If we're both Boris would you like for me to take the reins because it sounds like you're trying to avoid talking about the from no okay? First of all super clue night. Don't know what that means. Don't care because I want to talk about the performance which first of all jump. I Criss Cross aim. Mazing song choice by the frog was so good. It proved that he can sing. He CAN DANCE. He can sing wall doing the dance which I would say that. Probably my biggest criticism of the frogs I mentioned earlier was his lack of singing ability. But this to me was a Fox level performance. I really really liked it. I don't know if that was the fact that they had some time off and we know that when they filmed previously it was essentially re performances. Like back to back to back. You could have just been tired but frog being all rested. Getting his share of flies is great and I really loved it. The only thing I have to complain about is the fact that is closed on backwards but I will survive okay. Well some of us have been in the frog. Is this season's the Fox camp? So it's nice of you to join US okay. I'm not permanent. Yeah okay but I don't Wanna I don't WanNa buy I'm just GonNa rent okay for now. No no because I'm not ready to commit to it yet. No lease nor rent you either buy or you go by okay. Finally I go bye bye bye bye go to the other camp. The White Tiger camp So yeah so. I thought this was a great choice for the frog. This was a very very very very good choice by the frog jumps is a very engaging song in that. It's a crowd pleaser. Everyone likes it. Everyone knows it remembers it and you can easily dance to it. You can show your chops with regards to wrapping or at least being very quick with the lyrics and the frog did a perfect job here kept up with some choreography dig gut. The movements even was able to show off in there. What are you not thing with the judge by saying? I'm not a trained dancer at all. So He's already dazzled them with the dance and that was a you know. This isn't even me my final form because it's not professional this just what I do you know as I do what I do so I loved it. I JUST. It was very fun. The dancers LoC- like pickles. The had become frogs so that was fun but this was a very very good performance for me. I I still maintain what I said. Last week I think the frog is to me one of the top contenders to take all because they are multifaceted and at the end of the day they turn out a fun fun performance for the audience. And that's all you really need to get the votes so very very happy with frog and also we bid New Orleans. I've been new died. This is still bow and nothing has changed for me. And that's where we're not. Yeah but the. The shirts were really ugly. It looked like someone just went to a screen printing shop and got lazy and just printed like crap which we just put jump on there. It'll be fine. Oh and don't even bother wearing a backwards. Come on how do you do crisscrossing not wear clothes backwards like what a missed opportunity for men is wearing a full costume. It's crisscross. They managed to dress up the monster in different ways. Fine don't even put just just put his jacket on backwards or don't even put his out on backwards but the backup dancers outfits on backwards all you. Pray can't tell that they're backwards. Says there dockers they probably were on backwards? There's just so ugly. Yeah that's the thing is like the the frogs wearing a suit jacket and if you put a suit Jerem backwards your front words. Show hands so him a different jacket. That just like did crisscross. Actually I think they actually turn their clothes around backwards. But that's not the point so him a jacket. That looks like it's backwards. You're really trying to split hairs here on the frogs performance China Nitpick a problem I don't get it. Well you know what I don't close backwards so okay. Here's an article from twenty thirteen. Chris Mac Daddy explains why he still wears his pants backwards. It's all crisscross. Has Criss Cross jump as a very one hit wonder? This is all they're known for. Of course I'm going. Wear their clothes. Backwards MC Hammer. Is the only person still wearing pants? Probably and and and crisscross don't have to wear a forty pound costume. Yeah okay fine and and you know what else is strange? In what world is Ken John? Thinking Cisco After Just One jab from the frog because of the Thong Thong Thong reference. Is that enough to get Robin Thicke again? Being the closest Amari on which I know this isn't but that is a great guest for the frog given what we know and what we are seeing. Yeah yeah all right well it might just be about four PM here but it is nighttime somewhere else. And where there's there's angels. Here's the night angel time actually. Maybe we should just quickly say banana. Is the bottom vote getter. But I don't think we're shocked where you shop. No I was not shocked here and very happy with the outcome. Say Very might say okay. So this is we take a break here. A word from our sponsors shore. Okay you know what that is a great idea Liana. We'll be back after we had a message from some sponsors and we're back thanks to Liana. Who Kept US on track? Yeah baby got back. Okay Well Okay Sarah Palin. Well baby got back tied. Five Sir Paola. Let's go just hate it when you wake up and you see Russia from Your House on what is happening. You hijack the podcast well. I'm supposed to be social distance. But that's just normal life here in Alaska. It's not me please please you. So the night angel got came through and talked about the avoided putting themselves front and Center for years. They helped others. There're success and also their fake accent is very annoying and then they're super clue tricycle. Now Liana as the number one now I know for sure night Angel Fan. What are you making these clues? Do you feel confident. And who this is enlighten us. Okay Oscillate between. I am one hundred percent confident. I note months lake can John. I know exactly who this is between ore. I've no fricking clue because all I hear when she sings is candy. Boris but then I see the tricycle. And I'm like I have no idea what that means like escape had four. People tricycles have three wheels unless there's a mini secret wheel I don't know about. I HAVE NO IDEA. I have no idea what it means. She is not a clown. What else do tricycles me a threesome. A threesome I don't know maybe cannabis has been in a threesome. I actually based on her song that I'm obsessed with that would actually make sense but I think it's Kandi burruss okay. You know what it doesn't matter you know it doesn't it doesn't matter because she's amazing and she's Mike Winner pick and I love her and I don't care that her Hossam looks like a sex doll with its open mouth. She's just amazing. So I don't know who this is but I also you said even if you don't know so you might not know that you telling me. There is a chance you might be wrong. I just want to get that on record. So that if it's not candy birds we can make fun of you. Yeah I mean look if it's not bars and I'm completely wrong which I very well might be. You are allowed to make fun of me but just like when she started singing high here but then I don't the clues me and then sometimes they hear singing a different way. And I'm like kidney pursing that way. I think so. I don't know but denied angels amazing that we agree on the night. Angel is amazing. I really really love her voice and and and I really really like feeling like I'm in the clouds which is what her background to me. Yeah the clouds those were heard. I liked it. I what I hate or the dancers. I don't know what the dancers were supposed to be. Not a fan of that but everything else I liked. I thought she killed it and I believe it was John who said by far the best vocals of the night which I would have to agree despite having heard the turtle despite having heard the Kitty I think the night. Angel is the strongest vocal performer. Oh yeah no one hundred percent. I love her so much. I really really really really really hope she wins. I don't know if it's going to happen but I really am rooting for her. I'm rooting for her. As von I would love to see Liana I however don't feel that she will win and shut up love. You have control over this oil. Yeah take it back. Don't put that out in the IRS. I'll take him so the the the night angel is not just voice but also mogul so candy. Peres's I'm Oh. So is Frankie `Grande. Yeah but he's a social media moat all I mean. He lives in social media. Mogul in two thousand fourteen. I feel like what is he. Maybe that he made me now. He's a mogul. Vogel Noah. What's Frankie `Grande up to that? One show on Amazon right like fashion. Show God. Sorry I'm looking at a picture of him from the Victoria's secret fashion show and it is uncomfortable. Burn with fire burner fire okay. Robin Thicke guesses the friend of candy from the Big Brother House. Hey Mark Braxton winner of celebrity big brother season two so maybe close no cigar Campbell. Was Ken Jones. Guess and I think right now as a podcast. We have the candy burs guests logged for. Now we'll see if anything else comes up we'll see you know what the biggest clue that is candy burs The stage she was singing on is shaped like an x man so they were all in escape. Every single person one. That's that's a fan of the band can be a member of the band right. Yeah well we know that. That's how the way that the clues work so we are all escape fan. We are all escape. Now that's what I want to do for my home escape because because of Helvin but everybody stay inside and wash your hands. Wash your hands. Maintain the distance and don't mess with the bull because you'll get the horns but not the bull's horns the Rhino's horn now. It's time to talk about a rhino well. What IF RHINO KNOW? Who WOULD RYAN? What do Reino? I don't know what's wrong with you. Rhino hardly no. No that is not a thing Ryan. No God I've Hung Up. Used the Rhino said that their journey is forcing them to grow and they became comfortable playing a role for a long time. They're super glue. I've risen of the the billboard chart you may have even you eat now. You may even have an album of mine and said you armories taking gambling type and then a slot machine was decided so now all of this month makes me want to circle back to my co host. Liana the whoopie cushion Boras. And say. Remember last week when you were talking about this being a baseball player that you were convinced. It was a Kansas City. Royals baseball player. How's that looking not so good? Oh yeah the fact that they were like you may have one of my albums risen up the Billboard Chart. I use even trying to make some bizarre connection to still make my theory. Work really really couldn't do it. Like what athlete would have some sort of album unless it was. I've no idea what's another. What's another album? Okay not a music album. But what about a photo album? Because he's on trading cards and he would be in a photo album his album. Yeah and plus risen up the billboard charts what other billboard charts what about Billabong Billboard Charts like the surfing company. Sorta chart sure that's true. I am a human being. Yeah I don't know he's not a singer no he's not an athlete. He's a singer. Bro. I don't know but the good news is the rhinos. GotTa be gone soon because come on. Yeah so aside from the fact that I enjoy seeing you e crow and the Rhino needs to evacuate the building again throws I rose I. There's nothing that's jumping off the page for me with the Rhino I. He doesn't do enough to stand out. He barely does enough to separate himself from the bottom tier. Like it's just okay like I was the opening for the for the For the song what a man to do. What's a man to do by the Jonas Brothers was? It was tiring for me. I didn't care for it. Then the inflatable dancers. Keep coming back. I just don't find a to me it's again. It's not enough Liana. He like we talked about how the frog engages the audience. The turtle engages the audience. The Rhino will do one head nod to the crowd and be like the audience. Work like that is not enough or the dancing. Oh I'm GONNA do is shuffle for like two seconds. Oh that's enough. I danced like it is not enough. I think they really did him. Nice in the production side because he had the golden background and the Confetti and like there was a lot of stuff going on visually that stuff like that could help down the line. I think obviously on the night. She was better than the White Tiger which is not saying a lot but moving forward. I think right now in my head and my heart truly the bottom two without though I tiger are the Rhino and the banana and Yeah No. I completely agree with that again. Like you said the Rhino. There's nothing wrong except for those ugly inflatable Rhino costumes. Again I go back to my room earlier about the inflatable tiger costume or lion costume or whatever the hell it was so ugly. And why are they so ugly? How how is that even possible? You tried to cover them with Confetti. Apparently which is why they use so much confetti because they're so ugly show distracting doors. They're here and I will say. The rhinos performance also got better when he had the musical backing tracks. I think probably says something about his performance. But I don't care because a stupid inflatable rhinos where they don't like them Z. Only inflatable costume. That has stood firm far and away. The best inflatable cost the only good employable costume. Is those dinosaur ones. Where the heads kind of bobby loose that actually was in the T. Rex's performance those. I've seen around there are mean. Those are great every other inflatable costume. That's an like Adema based or most link outer base. There never good. They're never good. They're like they don't inflate and stay. Inflated keep like coming in and out of inflation Not Good at one point there. Was this one sequence. Where like the Rhino was dancing and his two little back. O'brien was came up behind him. And we're dancing with him. And if fell off key because then the rhino turned around and they turn around too. Late was a stop bad. Yeah but it is bad. It's not a fan. I would prefer honestly. If it's just dancers with masks of like a rhino mask that'd be find like the MAC tonight folk. I would prefer that met his name. Yeah but the MAC. Time people are terrifying. Sure there's a cool rhino mask or like a rhino mask with glasses. Song just solving different. Maybe like if everyone last year had the Fox's kids masks that would be creepy. Don't do that but there's reason to believe that if you stop buying these inflatable dummy outfits you can easily use that money for good masks and then you know matching clothes for the dancers for each performer. That's it that's all you really need possible. Sam Smith was talking about the Ryan even though we don't care for him and his chances. Oh so the rider said and there. What do you not? What do we know about you? That is not true. Said I'm not nearly as tall as you think I am. Liana could this be. We talked about it at the beginning of the season to where they had sent. There are going to try and do stuff to change people's heights. Have we finally gotten someone who's either on stilts on platforms on something that's made them taller? This be one of the Rhino. Can't do more than three moves. Yeah that's entirely possible. Although did you see when he did his feet shuffling? Everybody was like it was a great lost their minds. Yeah I would actually be super super stoked if that was the case because I remember being so excited remember how your eyes. What are all the things that they could do and you said Yeah. They could make people taller and shorter and I was like. That's not possible. How do you make someone shorter? And right yeah. You can't remember you learned that you can't use it that I'm saying is on standby it is possible. No okay whatever so anyway. I'd be very excited. If that was actually the case I was trying to then pay attention to what the feet look like to try to figure out. Okay how how do you make lifts possible or something like that still? Don't really get it. I hope hope hope that that's the case. I also hope that that's the case and again. I'm just very excited to get more from the Rhino as far as clues hopefully more or performance or just find out who it is so out soon I I'm not. I wouldn't be surprised if we find that as soon as next week. Yeah Yeah we'll have to see updated so the guesses the judges made was Vince. Gill Duff McCain from guns and roses and Derrick jeeter again you Jenny McCarthy one soul one mind going with the baseball player so yeah it's a criminal. How you how close the two of you are in guesses. I'm deeply deeply embarrassed by this. It's a bird and I left with every day. So let's just move along. Okay Yeah Well. We'll we'll we'll move right out of this world because the last performer on the docket is the astronaut and more like Astra's not no astronaut. Good he was good. Okay then don't just I am. I am but I'm not what I'm astronaut sure. Sure that's probably the best way to respond. Sling worry on ashore. That's that's wow. That's so nice so the clue package of the astronaut actually gave me a lot to think about and allow me to piggyback. He piggy-bank a Lotta piggyback off of your guests from the last go around. Because I'm starting to think that you are on the money. I think you caught the astronaut. I think is Hunter Hayes. And here's why so. The super clue was a record being broken. And obviously that takes and there was the global on it so World Book Guinness World Book of Records. Breaking that that makes sense. Okay now if you look up. Hunter Hayes record break or world record. You will find that. He holds the records for doing most shows in one day. Would you like to guess what number that is? How many shows Stacey nine? I should know before I feel the C. You don't laugh don't Nelson. It was ten which we saw to dis. I'll snake is no two fives on dies. Snake is is now you said that first of all I said to Sixes to one okay. Right that were they did you. Do we really think there were two sixes. No I said Oh okay. So you're incorrect twice. Once you're incorrect in thinking that what I said incorrect was about incorrect. No sure sure okay. Don't go go flip your heart. No I don't bless my heart my heart on blessed thank you to fives equal ten therefore ten cities hundred as went through to break that record so that is what I think that means. Obviously we could be wrong. Because I'm following Liana. Guess Leon has got a couple of guesses in the air. That are not confirmed. Quite yet yeah. I think a lot of guesses that are totally right and I think I have a lot of guesses. It could be completely wrong so we just got to figure out what's what what what the second part of that don't do that song. I know where you're going. Okay so what do you think about the choice to do? Not give you up by Rick Ashley which Oh yeah do we. This is an April fool's day themed episode. We were talking about that. We did and to end it on. This was pretty pretty incredible. Yeah it actually was pretty incredible. I liked it. It was cool. I didn't realize it for the first second or so And I was like. Oh my God. No way we'd be enrolled. Yes and why was the performance seemingly shot through a different colored Lens? Did you get this where I guess it was kind of grayish? It was so weird I was like. Is he in black and white and there was like. Did they repaint his costume? Then I thought my TV was broken for a while. There was like what he's going on and then we snap back into color and then I was like Oh my TV fixed itself and then we went back into black and white. It was very very odd. Unlike the green lighting off the astronaut was always present. So I couldn't tell what was going on I think so. I don't think the mood landed. Footage was black and white right. Yeah okay so maybe a spoof on that or is there like more is it? I don't want to speak any further on the on the off chance likely chance that. I turn out the sound stupid. I don't want another snake. Eyes situation the moon footage landing wasn't black and white. It was it was in color because they filmed on a sound stage. Okay you stop with your conspiracy. This not bad podcast pod. Three no is like sorry okay. I can't classify what we saw as black and white anyways. I don't know what that was. It was like a bad instant filter. Yeah the only thing that was missing was instant on snapchat. I would've loved to find out which celebrity the astronaut is via the filter. That would have been fun. Oh Yeah if only they had done that. And it's not like they recorded this after the filters available but it's fine it's fine. I thought this was a fun performance. I enjoyed rendition of the song and I honestly think that the asteroid is getting better with each performance is this is hunter Hayes. Andrey's like the for the astronaut talked about how they were nervous and shy at the beginning and they were trying to find out truly. Sounds like they've figured it out and he's a singer. He is a world recognized singer so if he's getting better I think the asteroid could go far like very far and to the point where they could upset us and make it further than they should or will. Also the inflatable dancers are awful. I think here's the thing here's what we're GONNA DO. Okay as a podcast. I think we both recognize that. We have complained a little a lot about these dancers. So what we're GONNA do starting next episode. Just not gonNA acknowledge any inflatable. What no I don't agree to this. We should we should. We should have made it. Oh here's okay. Compromise has that's how the world works so we omitted but we each get one. This is the inflatable dancer. I want to roast for this performance. Why why to this? Because we're being nice. We're trying to spread the power positively and feed the positive to the community instead of being very angry about the inflatable dancers. Even though they are very ragent wannabe angry. Fine fine keeping the positive fine. Yeah we'll pay a thirty second like thirty seconds to just go on all of them or something like that. Okay Sure Yeah. And when you want to redeem the thirty seconds you say something like. I know exactly what I want to say now. Aside to like. Turn ON MY COUPON. Yeah exactly you gotTa Throw Your Voucher. Fine. Her Okay. With that being said we get to the? What what is your. You've never done which I should have written down what it was because I'm just saying different things each time. What is it that you've never done a who what are you not? And they said they've never had traditional voice training which again comes off a humble brag. Oh present you just did this amazing thing same with the frog. You just did this now. I didn't even get trained fan. I just woke up one day and I sang. And that's where I got and Robin. Thicke said something along the lines of while I was never have vocal training but I'd vocal strengthening. Isn't that training your voice? Yeah like what counts as training and then also same deal with the frog though like what? If you're a TOT CORIO BY SOMEONE. Is that not training? Yeah I don't know because it's like so it's like if you watch a video of like let's say a hip hop choreography of YouTube. Is that not counted as the same as going to a dancer? Who's going to train you in different? Sean different I think if you like Goto somebody who's going to teach you. That's different because news for Ya. If watching a hip hop corio video online is the equivalent to being a trained dancer then I am maturing and I trained dancer. Can you do that? What kind of dance is I? Don't know it's just the one video that I like because the guy at the end is like remember. Think you're amazing. He tells me that I'm amazing. And I liked that the you watch the same video. I don't really know I'm still really bad at the same dance. But Yes oh so okay. Yeah I only have one or two. I tried watching. I mean I have other ones that I've done before but I don't like them the one that I do all the time is the one where the guy tells me which now that I'm saying out loud incredibly pathetic validates me okay. Hey No this is a no judgment zone. You're getting getting out and you're getting dancing and one day you will perfect that and then you will make video teaching other people to dance and be positive. That's right yes now. Where were we with this? Yeah so vocal training. So they've never had tradition. They specified traditional so maybe they did learn off youtube. Who knows right so they're And then guesses were David Archer Leta g Shah's Aa Ryan. Tetter I don't I think it's none of 'em I'm so we should be good there any last words for the astronaut before we get to the ending of this. I think astronaut still market on the second attempt astro. No no you better don't so everyone's done performance. We get to the Group C determinations. What happened rhinos? Bottom three shocked very shock. Not really so then. We get to the bottom of the now. It's all the bottoms. So you got your white tiger the Rhino and the banana sending together and they decided this is a great moment to another April. Fool thing I felt so bad for the banana. This was awful. They faked them out as if the bananas in the bottom and then said no. You're not in the bottom. Something like this is exactly why they winnie to retire. April fools nonsense but not make it April third. No I was messing with you. That's different than doing an April. Okay got it. So it's okay to mess with me. Just not with Bret michaels and a banana costume. I get where I fall on the higher with me you sir. Where exactly which is a true statement? I don't understand why you're saying that I mess with you. A Happy April thirty two. Okay so the white tiger is in the body. The white tiger is getting plugged off and this is a glorious moment. We get to the final guesses. Two of them said GRONK. It was genuine robin. Of course it was Kenwood. Jj Watt and then negotiators who switched guest. Seventeen Times John Cena. I don't know why I think that. None of the clues onset of the Boston. They know the clues lead to John's book. What ever Yuji. Unicol take it off. Take it off. Its shock her. I couldn't belie could not be leave. A I am so happy that this nightmares. It took ten episodes to get the outcome. I wanted after one day. He wasn't in six of those episodes. But yes I understand he wasn't but the feeling cocooned through editing the padres. I kept finding myself at least once every episode saying why tire should be there or this was not as tight. Yeah so definitely living. My head read free. And I'm glad that I could affect the white tiger from my bed while I'm happy for you. Thank you so of course. We end the show as every week with the unmask performer. Doing the Salt Lake House. How does the song go again? How did ROB Gronkowski? No I'M NOT EVEN GONNA. I didn't even listen to this. I just turned it off. He's too sexy for his party. And now we are a little dance. He was so proud of so good grog so good speaker talking about stuff. I did check out his unmask interview on the sorry. I will like to throw. Psa to anyone that uses the APP on if you go and watch these beware that there is a small chance that Youtube is going to recommend it to you when a new video comes even if you have notifications off. I don't even subscribe to the massacre page. I just watched a video. I was recommended the master White Tiger Unmasked Interview. And I'm like okay. Thank you. This was Thursday morning so going into the super nine episode. I knew who was going and I was not happy but I was happy also annoyed. I wanted to get their organic so disappears that anyone. That's using the APP. The Youtube APP. Beware because could find okay good. Ps I've gone your gone ahead and turn off northern everything for Youtube out just to make sure that they're not get now. So then the interview Rob Gronkowski said. Experience has changed me in many ways and he was very excited he was just as all demeanor was very positive he said. I was taught by professionals. Real dance moves really enjoyed that. I really wanted that. I felt no shame because no one knows who is underneath the mask and when asked he said my highlight reel was my first performance of ice. It just felt like I was flowing. I got all the words. I got all the moves. I was in my own head. So wait is a trained dancer. If he learned from professional excited to take them into other avenues of his life and since he's retired from football I can only imagine that we're good to see rob Gronkowski on the next season of dancing. Now that's fine ano- watch that show so sorry at Mo and other people watch that show now okay so then. He mentioned he talked about some clues to the horse. Pin Yada was because he's part owner of a horse that's also called Gronkowski. So and he did split the Horace Pignon half semester and that route sixty six was. I'm six six fine. And the last thing he says is I hope the massing against this is an actual quote by the way. I hope the massacre gets picked up and clubs and bars and I can perform as the white tiger again. You think he legit once that that would be okay. There's very few things I would pay for. I would consider spending five dollars to go see rob Gronkowski performance the white tiger. It's cute that you think would cause five don. I had to set a bar somewhere so if if it costs eight dollars eight dollars. I'd go for eight dollars but like fifteen certain push it but I would like sit twenty. That's rough because you and I I would have to like forty dollars. Yeah Twenty Okay. So twenty if there's other stuff going on you know if it's if it's twenty and you get a free APP and unlimited skibo. Sure that sounds reasonable. And it's twenty just to see gronk performance. The White Tiger No. Yeah but think about the novelty of at all. Okay twenty-five no but anything under that we could answer. Do you think we started. Go Fund me. That's a refunded in this trying. Time I mean I know that taking Right now is the time to take footage of yourself with Tigers of any similar. So maybe there's not enough value in the twenty dollars at this point. Maybe if this was three months ago this would be no I mean we were also till areas to hear him talking about going to do performances now like I know that was filmed forever ago right like still. I just love that. He says I hope Massachusetts picked up in clubs thing like clubs and bars are green. Lighting shows like okay. Now we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA run syndication or friends. Oh drag race like I can. I can go to the gay bars here and watch drag race like the Yorkshire. Buffet has drag race and they have dry like shows that are around it. So maybe that's what it would be like. Nobody he said he wants to perform the way. Yeah exactly to bars and be the why he would go to the clubs and the bars as the white tiger and then people would watch the episode and then during the commercials he would do performances. You think that's what he means. Look I interpreted with my very limited world. Knowledge apparently must lay shaped by drag race. So yes okay well who knows what. Gronk is going to say and believe it or not. This is not the last time we're going to see the rock this week because he is hosting. Wwe's two-night event of Wrestlemainia this year Fine I know you've been hankering to watch it. No I can't wait. It's going to be Friday Saturday and Sunday now Friday. So enjoy that now. Are you ready to answer a couple of questions before we put the cap on the super nine and move on to next week's setup? Let's do it all right first. Question The aforementioned fan of dancing with the stars we've got Admiral and Admiral asks. Was this episode too big for one night and let me preface this by wrestlemanias slogan has something to do with this because they split Wrestlemainia to two nights because they said it was too big for one night so even though I think he's making a joke. It is a question worth asking now filler. It could've been. They should have done one night and one hour down. I don't think they could have it down to nine performances. Nine clue packages one hour. That's a lot that's trail. Yeah I think the Filler was like felt like a lot of filler borough. Also like the ramones were moved slowly because it was okay. I know what's coming. Let's just move on. I think I should have just split it into two and made it. They have it be like the Super Ten and we had to five performance. No Feller Yeah but here's me so if I'm trying to help the producers out on like they're trying to stretch the season right now okay. All right always a different question. That's a different question right. Because if you're trying to help producers I have a bunch of ideas to stretch it out but if I'm the viewer I don't want to watch a recap of the clue. Baggage is also because okay wait. Let me take okay because I am very unique person. Legit have notes written about these clue packages like maybe this was great for the casual viewer. Okay so I feel bad for being mean Yeah I. I don't think the the casual viewers happy about this. Maybe there are facebook page. I duNno I mean the. What does it our facebook page? Okay what doesn't have a facebook? Page a Lotta game. We're playing who we need to finish these shifts so okay dancer and most question. Yes I thought. The episode was too big for one night. They should split it. That's fine we can move on okay. We can move on Tim Westinghouse so next week the groups are being split back into to force. Do WE THINK BANANA RHINO. Go before we get back to sex or is there a chance we lose like kangaroo. Now you've meant you've seen since we talked about some of the show. You found the lineups for these two episodes right. Ooh Yeah Did I feel don't know them yet? I had to restart my computer. Okay we wait. Let me try to remember from memory. Okay it was Kitty. Kangaroo Turtle and someone else. That's not rhino or banana. Because I was mad. That Rhino is frog or something it was. I was Super Mad. That banana and are in the same frigging group. Because as far as I'm concerned they're at the bottom to if I had to make it to your list at this very moment my bottom tier banana rhino. I think they should be the next two. That are gone then for me personally. It's kangaroo an astronaut and then I have my top four being night Angel Kitty Frog Turtle. So how on earth are you going to take the bottom two and put them in the same group which means I have to wait like three more weeks or four more weeks for the people that I consider to be the bottom two gone? I swear to God if we lose one of nine Angel Kitty. Frogger turtle before banana or Rhino. Go I will be mad at home safely and wash my hands. I don't know man a lot. It's a lot. Yeah yeah so I am not happy with that is that is truly the breakdown. Because I still can't find it but if we go off of that is frustrating because yes the reality is. We're going to have to have a slow wait a end to our fades. Go out because of this breakdown. Not Loving that. So if that is the case I think banana should go the likelihood especially this being the season at the white tiger. That's not going to happen. We if we lose kangaroo. I'm not mad at you know. I'm not matted at all my yeah if we lose someone to collateral that I think is a front runner. That would be setting. Yeah no I would agree with that. I would agree. I'm okay with kangaroo or even astronaut going at this point but that's what I'm saying if we lose one of the people that I consider to be in the top four that I'm GonNa be mad also as a side note. We are super out of touch with the fans. Gronk should have stayed. He's the most fun up there. Please Follow Sports. But this guy has a fabulous personality. He was so much fun. That is sixty two lights. I have to say the casuals continuing doing what they do. Best but like that's fun. At least someone will get some fun out of it right like if we're not happy at least other people are happy happy. I'm sad he won't be on next week. I'm happy that they're that. So you derive joy from the misery of others. Got It derive joy from my misery for ten episodes. Oh my God. So the there's a there's a show here that says I can see your voice at see Your Voice Fox. I can see your voice. Ken John Coming soon to Fox owned nine. Is this your voice? What is going on I can I can see. Your Voice is what it's called. I found it through facebook. I can see your voice. Oh South Korean TV series original version. I can see your voice mystery music game show. We're using no no yes. He's a Popstar. Trying guest. The skill vocalists from the tone-deaf singers. I'll so it's sort of similar. There's costumes there's Oka- but I mean let's see trying guest the skill of untold us without hearing them without hearing them sing with. Alpa TONE-DEAF DETECTIVE TEAM. They must eliminate one or two singers trump before performing on the stage of truth with a star in the final singer can hold a tune they will receive a special reward bottle mystery tone-deaf they will receive a cash prize. How do you guess who they are? Okay so you just you have to rely on your team on your team. You gotta like maybe some how they look or whatever. The voice taught us that. That's not real so this is this could be fun. I don't see this being like a full season. Maybe it's equity maybe not coming soon to Fox. Although this page was created page created February six twenty twenty. So my assumption. This is probably not gonNA happen for a long time if ever Ezzor we. I'm done I mean we did go off course but mark Levin please okay. So we'll do one last sociology solid. Ask Congress when the Superman film how many groups there episodes air we know that Group A was at least prudish shown before they recorded the super nine so I think at most group he was also in the middle or had started showing when they record it I don't think Group C was so that's where I'm going with that as a guess Yeah Okay Yeah I agree at that and then the last one all these two months after seeing all together is it time for the winter draft and I think it is so last season we did each of us. Got Three picks. I think we do the same thing here. Each of us get three picks. We're going to snake order and made the best person victorious. Okay yeah all right so since I won last time. Hey I would like you to go I night Angel Baby Okay. I saw that coming. I saw that coming down lugging it. Dan or I want to go with the give me the frog. Of course. Of course the frog is going to be there. And I'm stuck between two but I got to go with Turtle WanNa go with the turtle bow. Okay I'm GonNa go with Kitty then that's who I wanted but I didn't do it because I honestly feel that she's GonNa get robbed. The why would you pick the kids better? I don't see I think that I think the Voto kitties way I think. The kitty offers great vocal talent as the Night Angel. But do they give other stuff? Do they add to the other and I think the turtle as talked about doing more corio in their stuff. The Frog is definitely doing more corio in their stuff and if the white of there's one lesson to be learned from the white tiger is that the the audience in houses enjoying what you're putting out there they will keep you so all it takes is one valid for the at the wrong time and then to over okay do I pick now again. Two picks kitty and astronaut see. That's a value pick right there. Healing Maria Feeling. Good about it leaves me with the bottom people which includes the banana the Rhino and the kangaroo. Right right. No there's got to be others eight year right. I mean I'm picking the Kangaroo. The kangaroo is not a good pay whatever You know what I think I played myself. I should've gone I I didn't. I didn't think that through. Yeah but here we are. You WanNA redraft on. I'm just kind of like kicking myself. It's forty nine last time. I took the liberty laughed in my face and the leopard forth. So who knows? Maybe the kangaroo wins the whole thing anyway. Fine I'll laugh behind your face or well I appreciate that and You can all off behind my face to thank you for tuning in. Liana Wayne Levi. He didn't finish the job. No we were doing only three. Oh Yeah so you pick kangaroo Bret Michaels Pick Brit. Might I picked Brad Mike. Vh1 Reality TV star. Brett like dropping someone to pick bret michaels then bret. Michaels Rhino belong to the audience. Now I'm so sorry let's nights okay. Well this has been fun podcast. It was a long one but I think we did everything the appropriate amount of time. Now Liana where can people find you? And what are you up to lately? Okay you can find me on twitter at Liana our age a he. I M podcasting with Mike Bloom on our talking with Kirsten McGinnis this week about a jam packed merge episode of survivor which should be really fun. And then I'm also talking with Rog Mon Mon Edwin to talk about ripples at Joe Rigorous so those are going to be recording this weekend and should hopefully be out soon. You are talking to four people that you're playing with tonight in this game. I hope no one's a first of all. Let's be realistic okay. We are recording this on the third of April as we mentioned several times. They're not gonNA edit this until tomorrow right okay so this is going to be recording before the sequester game that we are playing tonight. Do you WanNa make any predictions or do you want to just not do time. Capsule situation. But I'm terrified why I mean. Worst case scenario edited out. That's a good point. Okay all right so I predict that we know. What do I predict? I predict? I don't know I don't know I don't know I'm nervous because this part I hate it. I'm GonNa make sure that either this gets stays in Oregon removed completely. I think I'M GONNA win. Okay then I think I'm going to win because positive a positive. You're losing the battle of the words. Leon win with that. Attitude Power of positivity. I Say I'm GonNa win two and then now we both win. Pop our positively. You know what else is? Pop Pop Prince of Persia. You know. Who's the Prince of Persia me? The winner of this game is legit massingir clues right there. Pops POPs further job Fritz Persia. That's me pop pop but leaving the Fox on Papa. Pop Pop pop power. That's fucked say this is almost guaranteed not to be on but if it is and you've been listening to this Kudos now. I think it'll be fun. I'm excited for tonight so to segue into my stuff. You can find me at puja. Ism either congratulate us or send US commiserations. If we do bad in this game tonight I have. Let's see what have I done? So yes I did a podcast about Wrestlemainia with Robin Akiva that you can find on Robinson website dot com. We kinda broke down the match ups for this this year. Then we talked about the state of sports in nineteen world and what it means and how it's been going and all of that stuff. I was also on twitch or twists with Jordan Kayla's in Rochester Nina. Last week of Vietnam heard that. And you WanNa hear some some horrible quiz play by me. Let's be real. I took an L. to Robin. I'm still not recovering. It's been A. It's been a hard time for me and way. I don't think I'll supply what is who actually with play is when you play quits. Any is why I don't know just sound garnered out of snow. I liked dirty thoughts. Okay all right bye. Everyone will iron mask you at your next day. Do not leave one. We're not done this one last piece of business to address if you would like to leave a rating or review of the podcast. You can go ahead to Robbins. Website dot com slash mass singer. That's one word and let us know what you thought. Maybe I shouldn't have plugged after kind of the shambles. The last ten minutes was but you know what it is. Where the my singer podcasts? We have fun. We unmask we talk about dancing sexually dancing bananas. We talk suit. That's fine. You know we talk about an Wall Unmasked You your day.

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