BTSC Steelers Post-Game Show, Part 1: A Steelers/Ravens game broke out in Pittsburghs 19-14 win


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Other co editor behind the curtain. What's up dave ob still. Did you win. The game kicked off and it just not feel like this was the real thing going on. Just it just never felt right. It felt like i was watching a replay on. Nfl network or something like that. Because it was at four o'clock on a on a wednesday it. It was hard to get into the game. It was a weird time. But i tell you i figured out how important was by the end. Who that's right brian. Anthony davis podcast producers. What's up brian. How are you. hey. I'm happy. I'm dave man that was. That was just weird. I watched the first half from my car on my phone because of because of something. I like to call a real job and was out there and we offended by that jeff. Gannon two jobs actually. No i'm sorry my my career job and but but you know in fact i've more flooded this but what i'm saying is a trying to finish watching it. I got the full experience. But i wasn't in my regular position you know how superstitious have become so i. I was hoping they have a great leave. So i could go to my new chair but i never was able to do that in the whole time. I felt like they could blow this and it was just a weird game all the way around. I'm really interested to hear. Mr john harbaugh and all the crying and whining. That's gonna come out of out of that pie hole. There's going to be a lot of it for a lot of reasons both. Let's start the show off like well. Actually you know what let's change it up a little bit. Let's change it up a little bit and let's actually go with special guest here. That was someone who's just observing guys got you bring them on if he wants. That's up to you. We'll bring him in for his knee jerk. Reaction monday jerk not to warn you guys. You do the article and that's all you gotta say. Oh you want to go on. Let's see just catch the dag on football. I did we ever count. On how many drops they had game. I wanna say it was seven. I believe i thought at one point. I saw eight and then countered another one but i thought it was. Yeah it was a lot for a big brokerage. Welcome to the show sean. Manahan gives us five dollars. Eleven nine eleven. No that is right. Eleven is eleven. And i said this after the on twitter after the game as you know what is it exactly. That eleven to know is eleven. No i'm sick of justifying win. I'm not going to do here either. That doesn't mean that. I'm not going to criticize the football team. But i'm sick of justifying. Well they should have won by more screw that they won the football game. That's what matters mark and former podcast or for binding curtain dot com says. What do you do steelers. Eleven and here we go. Can we all take a moment. And bank mini din. Chazan vincenzo williams. Thanks number ninety. He was the one that need to stop on justice hill and he's also the one that laid on was a gus edwards. Who was the running back at the end of the half that he was kind of laying on a purple jersey. That was i guess at work. I think it was his game so then he laid on gas in the fetal position until someone actually physically removed from the file. Hey it's not like he's the only person in the national football league would or ever has done that Michael clark is four ninety nine. Is this the first time since two thousand and eight. We have swept the ravens. Does rainy land have some to do with this. Should we air it out. More and run. Were we're gonna talk about that all the day. I'm gonna ask your brian. Is this the first time since it. They've swept him before that. Schumer regency seventeen. Did they sweep him seventeen. I think you might be right. I think he might right. I'm going to double check double check on that west hickok. He gives us five dollars. He said winners win. But enough is enough to heck with the outside noise become on. The lack of execution needs to stop defense. Got done. thank god. Yeah i mean. The acution weakened absolutely criticizes team. I'm not saying there beyond reproach here of five dollars from what the i dunno. Five dollars have what is that. What okay family just need. This game would be sloppy too much too much change hope but is okay and hope the wide receiver spawn new hands not just wide receivers one tight end as well. Let's go with grayson. Brown gives us four ninety ninety sub. Guys i don't know how we survived this game but hey levin l tomlin presser is gold. Hey he said he said bud got hurt. That did not say significant seniors cross on bud. Let's talk about bud. Dupree right off the bat. Because it's important davor. You hearing anything new no honest verifying. It was two thousand seventeen when they when they swept the very good only report. He said that budget did get hurt. He's being evaluated. he'll tell us more tomorrow. That's thursday 'cause tunnel media thursday at noon to discuss everything under the sun so That that will probably no more i. My guess is that we were actually hear something this afternoon evening. It just seems like one of the insiders whether it's ian rapoport or tom placebo. They all adam schefter. They always seem to find out some of these nuggets. We'll find out by the end of the show. Sadly this is how it went down with. was the devon bush where we weren't sure that during the show he found out of the season ending. Acl he was listed as questionable to return to the game. Let's keep that in mind. I'm not saying that's whatever. But when when devon bush left the game he was out he was not coming back. Maybe that's a a silver lining in the cloud. Maybe that's meeting super optimistic. I don't know we'll see but if anyone saw that play and i saw it live. I saw him down because he actually had the edge on the tackle. And i'm waiting for him to sack. The quarterback he just falls down on the ground is buds. That's a good. It's a non contact so we'll see fingers crossed over the spurs of debris. No one wants to see anyone get hurt but if he is heard too big loss for this pittsburgh steelers defense said how many sacked the end up was. We'll get to it. Let's go through the show. Let's stay focused here guys. Let's stay focused. And let's start off with our box score recap as we always. Do we start with the offense Let's serve benjamin todd b. t. r. a. Yeah todd rothlisberger vcr he. He threw the ball fifty one times guys fifty one times thirty six for fifty one two hundred sixty six yards. Five point two average a touchdown an interception. You gotta think if half of if he had eight drops half of them are caught. He throws over three hundred. Who knows if he has another touchdown as well but still finished than eighty one rating. I can't believe i'm going to say this. But i kind of believe i kind of agree with chris collins worth after the game he said. I don't think ben played that bad. No one helped him out. He's had drives. I wanted to throw it over to brian. I brian what gray d give ben rothlisberger in what believe it or not. I'm giving him a because exactly what you just said if what what did he say. Thirty one thirty six fifty one or he finished thirty six fifty one. Yes all right so you give eight you give them eight-pack or let us give him seven back. That's forty three fifty one. That's an amazing day. He was doing everything. I want to talk about those receivers a little bit. I'm going to save their grade but they let him down. Ben did not do anything. That intersection was was rushed an ugly. He was trying to make something happen. It wasn't pretty. it was on fourth down. So you know. It's a situation where he had to get it away. So i'm not really penalizing him for the interception as much. So that's why. I'm going to go ahead and give him an a all right. Let's go to dave. What do you think. I'm going to give him an a minus. The only reason i'm bringing him that little bit was he had of that interception where i don't i'd much rather him throw it up and maybe someone tried to catch it on fourth down. Then maybe throw it away other than you're like. Oh well nineteen yards feel difference but the throw the ball away on fourth down but he had derek early. I just don't think he has the chemistry with what to trust it. I just wish you would have trusted it to make the throw seeing how it ended up turning up turning out i mean if he doesn't hit wide and then someone else is open. They're like no one says anything about it. So maybe i'll too harsh on a but that's basically the only thing it was his receivers. It's accurate making bad. Throws a couple of times. His arms were it. And that's why the the throws weren't there. I mean what i mean. yeah. I got to give him that. That modest back on a gutsy called a throw it to the one nine just going to muscle away from everyone there because if you if you look for the replay from behind he had him but the way he loved it he allowed the defense to come and converge in on that and boy are we. I mean we're going to be talking about the defense making a stand at the end if it wasn't for grandpa strong that ball away. That's right big to give you an opportunity to exit the show if you want to leave. But if you're gonna stay you gotta stay. i'll stay. He'd been all right. I'm stay a unlike dave and going back to the giving the a minus because the interception was bad and actually look at the at a slow replay of that. Play my issue with ben as he didn't look to the to this trip side were they had to receive your stacked and what broke open. He didn't look there first because there he had two running backs and tight end he went his eyes went straight to the receiver side and by the time he came back everything was covered. And you know he did have some drops but there was one by lebron that everybody's talking about on that third and two at ball was behind him. A little bit iffy leads him. That balls out in front of him. It's an easy catch and go. But he he was plagued by his receivers dropping but I was real upset with that decision. Making right there On that interception the interception was bad. I'm going to go with a b. Plus because i was enduring twitter. I'm very active on twitter. During the games. I like to interact with fans. I respond to people. I try to be the anti beat. Reporter. 'cause d reporters always tweet during the games and people comment and they never respond and i used to be one of those fans would say things like ed bouchette or jerry. Do you never got a response. I always try to make sure. I respond if people ask questions and stuff and this guy was kept on saying benz. Good but he's just not as accurate as he needs to be now. There are some throws e diontae johnson. Third down drop in the fourth quarter. That were absolutely perfect. I'm talking put the ball in the basket. But then there's some others like big bro. Richard said with ebron fast should he have caught the ball. Because yeah there's a perfect run there's also a catchable ball should have caught it but it was all thought it was on the wrong shoulder and i think rothenberg would be the first to say that that's him it still gonna say For me i'm gonna give him a b plus. I then didn't play bad game but ultimately could all be a little bit better Let's go with the running game. Yikes benny snell kind. Saves the day with the fourth quarter especially the end of the fourth quarter sixteen carries sixty yards three point. Eight average anthony mcfarland. I liked this kid. I want to see him. Get more carries them more opportunities three carries for nine yards and ben had the kneel down for minus one yards but guys the only rushed for sixty eight yards on twenty carries a three point four average. That's going to drop their average significantly heading into week. Thirteen let's grade the running backs sit with the office of line. Not the offensive line. We'll get to the office of line. A second Let's go dave. We news daily. What is it the report on. Bud dupree in it is what For my garoppolo. We says initial tests on steelers linebacker. Bud depre- indicate a torn. acl sources. Tell both him and a can kabbalah test coming to confirm. The team expects into be lost for the season. Alright dave can you exit the show quickly and write that article audio needed. You know i can do that but you missed superjet. I can't i got it i got it all right Big rush nine. Nine hundred ninety nineties is the line start opening holes in the run game. Let's celebrate the win and look forward to this team. Finally hitting their stride before the playoff time to start using water fullback will. We're gonna talk about the running back here. let me get to I hope i didn't miss any. I try to save these on my screen snowman. Five dollars in my heart. Transplant is scheduled for tomorrow morning l. Eleven oh wow. Thank you very much snow for the deb we appreciated. I'm trying to see if i missed any other super chats. I did i apologize. It looks like i'm pretty clean all right so we lose one scofield and we gained another where. You're better looking scoop. We're going to battle through. Let's talk running backs brian. How do you grade the running backs. I'm going with a deep loss for the running backs the reason it wasn't worse because like you said earlier. Benny snell saved the day. They just weren't doing much. I like what you said about mcfarland. I think he has an opportunity to be good but playcalling goes a lot into this to it. It just doesn't seem like they headed going. Maybe pouncey being gone made it even worse. But we'll talk about the offensive line later all right. What about you. Big bro I'm going to go with a with a c. minus And the reason is going at high is because of benny snell. Saving it at the end. basically helped run the clock out which is something we don't do anymore But really we're not putting up. We're not putting up the yards the way we should now absolutely not. I'm gonna go with the c. For the running backs because it's tough. It's really difficult to grade the running backs as their own entity based on the fact that they are really relying on the people in front of them blocking murder and get to them in a second. I'm going to go to see let's Let's talk about the offensive line now. It's a good break before we get to the receivers. Let's talk about the line It should be noted that for the fourth straight game. Brian ben. Rothlisberger wasn't sacked again. Yes that's a shocker. he's only been sacked. I think the last time he was sacked was week. No it wasn't a week eight was it. It's he's only been ten times the baltimore's act in twice a week. He was sacked was against the baltimore. Ravens that's incredible dave chinese so you got that's that's unbelievable and also let's not forget the day. They didn't markey's penalty in this game today. Because right before kickoff or right before the inactive around noon ish one o'clock they find out he got put on the covid list. He wasn't able to play. So now you're throwing jc hassen our out there who has bounced around. The league played ni Whatever the af or whatever stupid letters it was but guys that's great the offensive line because they couldn't run the ball but they did pass protect. We know that that's their forte. Brian will start with you align line would he grade no. I'm going to go ahead and give the line of being plus excuse me a c. plus and the reason i'm doing that is because you know they got it done. They kept ben clean but that he was rushed. I i'd like to see What some of the hurries were. How many hurries the ravens. Racked up in that game as clean as he was capped it could have been better. The running game still abysmal. And and they're not helping. Losing pouncey hurts though. And i got it. Yeah baby brody thing yeah. I think i'm on board with brian. air With the c. Plus i was thinking about maybe a b minus We we let ben get hit one time early in that game when we messed up our blocking up front and that looked to be a little bit because has an hour. Although i am gonna give half an hour long credit. He came in and with bend. Sit back there and shotgun all game. The snaps were pretty clean Really just we've got to be able to get some push on the offensive line. I can't give them a great grade until they start pushing people when we try to run the ball offensive line. You're looking at two sides of the coin you're looking at they. didn't they. Didn't let ben. Ben rothlisberger did take some hits today. I wouldn't say a ton but he did say to take some heads. It is the national football league. Mind you he was not sacked yet. They can't run the ball at all. And that's an issue and that's that's a you know i think pouncey i would be. I would love to know from someone. That's actually you know in the no. It's in the locker room. How big of a loss is marquees pounds. Not having online. I'm sure calling coverages. I'm sure he's pointing out blitzer and things like that. It has an hour wasn't able to do that. I don't know i'm going to go. The c minus for the offensive line just their inability to run the ball and a lot of this comes down to feed her. And or ben until the last play outside of the downs short yardage. They're not even trying to run the ball in when they do. They're not even trying to have a full back out there. So just one of those head scratching things about this pittsburgh steelers team that will have yet to be solved nonetheless. Let's go to the wide receiving corps the wide receivers for the pittsburgh steelers now at least on. Espn they do not log dropped passes. I wish they would. Because i would love to know those numbers. Eric ebron added seven receptions. I think that's a season high for him. Fifty four yards chase. Claypool six Receptions fifty years ebron was targeted. Eleven times though guys chase claypool was targeted nine. Diontae johnson eight catches on thirteen targets for forty six. Juju smith schuster eight catches for thirty seven on nine targets. Heated score a touchdown in. Benny snell did have three catches for thirty three yards for eleven yard average guys. There were more receivers. Obviously james washington has the clutch catch their on third down on the fourth quarter. But what were your thoughts about the receiving corps in general. Okay in general. What grade brian. I've got to give them a d plus and you know i almost give him a c minus the reason. I'm going to go ahead and give them that. Great is still thirty. Six catches moving the chains. There were there. Were some big time catches by juju. There were some drops by juju by klay poll. One guy that i wanna. I want to single out though is You know. Dave mentioned earlier. Grandpa strong. I kind of love the combat catching of james washington. And what he can do and that was a big time. That could have been a game saving catch. Absolutely it's hard to believe. I mean this is a game easily should one. But you're right what about you. What do you think. I'm going to give him going. Give him a c. And the reason. I'm going to come a little bit. Actually i'm gonna put that on. Benny snell We a couple of times yet. Just then took those quick quick little out in the flat to benny snell. And i mean we're not doing that enough. That can really help. Free up our receivers down the field more because they gotta respect that back pop out. The drops killed us. If we get rid of a lot of those drops were probably looking at you. Know at the receivers with a b plus ak- kind of game but drops just and they were at such bad times. They were on third downs. They were third-down drops. And and that just kills droughts you bring up the way they utilize snell out of the backfield on a few occasions and it was a collins worth i think he was talking about. How mcfarland he said they wanna use him like they used to use leon bell as a guy that can also catch the ball. The backfield think back to two thousand fourteen. Two thousand fifteen. That was when lady on. That was his coming coming out seasons. I mean he was dominant. How many times brothels were getting in trouble just dumped the ball to him in in the flat. He'd rumble for fifteen twenty yards if they could add that to their repertoire. Be great connor can do that. I don't know why they never do that. But connor can do. They like to go empty empty. That's one of the reasons. I'm gonna give the wide receivers If it weren't for james washington's catch. I would give them an f But he caught the football so it's a d. minus so it's just it's to me. It's it's inexcusable. I am not going to try to sit here and make excuses for the fact that the these these passes are catchable. That's what i'm gonna say you can sit there and critique the and you can sit there and say that by all means the past is should be here there. The other i subscribe to the theory of hit your hands. You should call it hits. Your hands should have caught it. That's what my dad told me. Grown up when he coached my flag football team. And i heard it all the way through school. If it hits your inch got bit. This is not this. This is not going to be the answer. It is hoping for his. Let's just hope it's a blip on the radar. Let's just hope. This is a one game thing in next week because You know ben roethlisberger said this. After the after the game he was interviewed by michelle to foia and he kind of made funny. I think we have another game coming up right after this. It's a double header. She didn't get the joke. And it was really thick sarcasm but You could tell they were kind of ticked off. Not only with the way they played. He's there was tough. It was tough not knowing mentally when you think about okay. We're gonna play on thanksgiving night. No we're not now. We're playing on sunday. No we're not now we're gonna play on tuesday. No we're not. That's tough for the team. That is doesn't have an outbreak going through. Maybe that had something to do with it. I don't know it was just so weird. This game in general was weird. It was weird sitting down at three forty on a wednesday to watch the steelers play. That was weird. The way the game started was weird with all the turnovers watching robert griffin. The third on the field was weird period. So i don't know let's get to some super chats here arthur steal a dollar ninety nine thoughts on how highsmith fares buds absence Well that's tough to say because i actually think It'll be a mixture of him and identify who will try to replace debris. Brian who else know dave knows this answer. But who else do they have on the roster as a pass rusher. J. ron elliott still on the team. He he did not dress today but yes he's there. I don't think anyone else really deny that. Now i mean they're they're pretty thin. Okay so Dave's give me the hands now. That's that's it so they're thin. I someone said in the live chat who they're going to bring in. I don't who. Who could they bring in this point. I don't know we'll see we'll see. Let's go to isaac aguilera five dollars. This was the sorry win. Sorry to say this are rushing game. Sucks to be sorry to say it. That's fat isaac. I mean that's that's that's back. It's not good period. Not good at all so all. That's good okay. I'm so ex was four ninety nine. That's eight is that might be the last time was the alvin debris in the black and gold. I really hate baltimore yiming. Let's it's the reality of the situation. It's a reality of the fact that he's entering another contract year. Could they franchise tag again. Possibly but ultimately there's a good chance that he won't be back period and that's a shame because he's had a good end of his stint with the steelers. I felt like he's really changed a lot as a pass. Rusher the nonetheless. We'll talk about that when we get to defense guys. I wanna talk to you a little bit before. We take a quick break on the audio side. Not on youtube on the audience side about the offensive play calling and really situational stuff. The want to get your thoughts. We can sit here and rail on rain delay until we're blue in the face. That's that's old news. What else thoughts about you look at this game. So let's look at the first quarter there. It's a fourth and goal. Where ben throws the interception think about what they actually throughout the formation in big bro. Rich actually diagram this earlier in the show you had what in snell in a bunch formation on the left no wonder they never. He never looked there in the defense. Probably knew wasn't gonna look there that to me is silly. That's a silly play at that juncture. Maybe i don't know maybe they were gonna motion them back into the backfield. It actually have a lead blocker. i don't know the guys at sampling. What are your thoughts on. Play calling and the offense general. Brian will serve you. I don't love the play calling whatsoever. And i don't just blame randy. I blame ban as far as the play calling. It seems that the the running game anytime they go to the running game. It's like oh yeah we'd better go to the running game. I don't think they are using it as a weapon at all. They're it's it's an afterthought in this offense bed the reason you're going to see ben throw the ball over fifty times. Probably the rest of the season is because that's their running game now. What about you. Big relative offensive. Situational schematic schematics of it. We seem to get an area where i'm like. Okay i know about time. I start to think okay. We're yeah we seem to have it down next thing you know. It's like what are we. What are we thinking. There's no there is never any comfort there. Because as soon as i get comfortable you start to think. Oh my god what is randy land up to. That's a bad thought process. Now i'll say this. The steelers have an identity they do. And if you don't want to accept that that's fine. And i say you is in the listener if you don't want to accept the fact that they are a spread 'em out throw the ball in going to use those quick passes as an extension of the run game and they're only to run on a day really have to then. You're kind of in denial. That's who they are. The problem is is that my gosh they. The receivers dropped the ball to date literally and figuratively dropped the ball and if did receivers hold onto the ball as simplistic as that sounds. I don't think you have as many issues as you as we're talking about right now. I don't think the ravens probably score the markey's brown touchdown because they did all that stuff is just it would be extra fodder. This is a game that was head scratching from start to finish. I do wish that the steelers were using a little bit more disguise when it comes to some of their play calls in their formations and situational football. But you know what they're spread amount team and to be honest with you. I've watched a lot of the other top contenders in the afc. Mainly the kansas city. Chiefs watched the buffalo bills. This past weekend we played the steelers. Play the ravens twice. You'd have a really good secondary to defend the pittsburgh steelers because rothlisberger gets rid of the ball so fast that if you don't get home in not many teams are you have to have a really good secondary. You know what the funny thing is. I kind of was lambasted on twitter for saying this could us the ravens secondary was one of the few position groups. That didn't get the outbreak and didn't wasn't impacted by that brian in our pre show. I don't know one of the four that we did leading up to this. i'm humphry. They still had peter's they still have their safety of back there. That's a good secondary and it's a team that knows the steelers. Well not every team is gonna be able to do that. Let me make very clear. Brian go ahead his anything. When i say no you're absolutely correct on that and that is that marlon humphrey had a pretty good game. Get a really good game. These great player guys. He's a great play. Yes phenomenal phenomenal player. And he he is awesome. He's just a raven he's kind of He's kinda mouthy peters. He not as bad as peter's though. Yeah now peter's again to say and i hate that i'm saying this but i kind of smiled a little bit when i saw him limp off because i hate the guy. I don't wanna be that guy. You can smile. When benny snell trucked in the fourth quarter. Yeah i did. So what's going on. Why some the asking me. If i watched the game i mean i don't know if my analysis is often sorry but Really i thought i thought humphrey had a good game and you know the steelers. They really didn't go deep that often. They went deep. They got they got that passenger interference play right at the beginning of the third quarter and that really helped them. But i'm wondering about that as well you know. Maybe as they're good. But if you go deep you test these guys you can score on him no matter how good they are so i mean. That's that's a. That's some things i'm looking for you. Let's get some super chats here. Anthony johnson gives us five dollars. Love the show is always you guys ever consider an open q. A. with the chat. Go steelers Sometimes we do It depends honestly because when you have over six hundred people in the live chat and everyone's commenting it gets. It gets crazy trying to stick to a regimented. Show as much as we can so In the offseason. Do a lot of qna stuff where we'll spend an entire thirty minute segment on just answering questions We'll see play by tom. Era gives us eleven dollars. Thank you very much at eleven dollars dollar for each w new. You're doing that tom. He's been doing this last. Few weeks is was an ugly. W but there are no style points. In the national football league no practice gets the product we witnessed offense defense. Special teams are bad thankfully. The ravens were worse. They were absolutely. So here's what's going to happen. We are going to be right back on the audience. I just gotta go to part two of the post game. Podcast run youtube. Don't go anywhere because we're not going anywhere but we'll be back right after this break. Today's show is brought to you by. Spd play spd. Play is the weekly betting contest. Challenging you to bed realize on your favorite sports with no real risk test your knowledge and hone your betting strategy while competing for a five hundred dollar weekly cash prize. You'll wager a virtual bank roll on a selection of professional and college games taking on your friends and spd's play users from around the country. If you're looking to get in on the action with no financial risk join spd play today for your chance at the five hundred dollar weekly prize check them out at sp play dot com and be sure to use the promo code sp nation to get some bonus cash. 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