Hour 3: The Club


The Dan Le Batard, Woodstock Gotcha podcast is brought to you by capital on capitol. One is reimagining banking offering accounts with no fees or minimums that can be opened in five minutes Capital One. What's in your wallet Capital One and a member FDIC? So tell Ben Smith is a bit of a very fast menace for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He led them in tackles. He's very fast during good, and he is announced on Instagram that he will not play football in two thousand and nineteen. Now, the recent spread of guys retiring for health reasons is not a part of this story. This story is something that I have not seen before. Which is it sounds like television. Smith wants a sabbatical from football after leading his team in tackles. And this is what he wrote on Instagram. It was said to me from great coach that in order for the man to be his best. He must get his world in order at this time. I must take time away from this game and get my world in order. I must give this time back to myself, my family and my health. I appreciate all the support. I will and will not get. I just ask y'all respect my. Decision to not play football this season. I know the rumors of trade talk came about. But I started my career in Jacksonville. And the day. I do decided to call through the day. I do decide to call it quits. It will be right here in do. All I love y'all. And even on my time off, it's hashtag ten toes. DFW, and you feel me love, I feel you. I guess ten toes down without the. Oh, yeah. This is not unprecedented. Several years ago BJ Raji did this and he announce it as a hiatus, and he just never came back that wasn't. He played all sixteen games last year. There wasn't any sort of physical health stuff surrounding telvision Smith. I love that. He's self aware enough to know that people are going to criticize how dare he take a year off to get his life in order his house in order. Well, that's but that is unbelievably responsible, given what the literal lifespans can be in that sport. And what the career spans are in that sport. They they tend to be really small. He just led the team in tackles something much it. It makes me wonder there must be something going on with someone in his family or family football is getting in the way of of whatever it is that he needs to address with his own mental health, physical health and his family's. Well being. I mean, that's the first place. I went to it's either he's dealing with something personal that. You need to year off to deal with or it's something within his family that he needs to go deal with or something within his relationship or marriage, though, he just needs. He needs a year to take off and go deal when I know you're saying that as if though it's something we say because no Raji didn't take Europe. He vanished. Right took here. He announced it as a hiatus, maybe with the intention of coming back and your just vanished. And he was a good player. A cynic might ask. Would he be doing this? If he played for the patriots. I mean, Gregg giannotti did this and he was coaching for the patriots. Sense. A curious story Allison has been a bit of a mess today. Because I've again, put her in a totally untenable position, Patrick Willis was another guy that retired who was a monster. And he kind of just stepped away from the game quietly when he still had plenty left all but wasn't he coming off of terrible injury. Wasn't he coming off of something that was physically brutal? And when he left we were all like men that guy was great. But his body must hurt in an unreasonable way looking at his body. I never thought men that guy must heard anything hurts. Right. And you look at his body. And you don't think anything could ever heard on it because what could you possibly break on it? It's all made of fortified Steve what he did have a toe injury. So real achilles toe for Patrick Willis. But yet safe feeling with Cam chancellor, and he got her. Yeah. Well, I mean, look at Thomas get hurt just running into Kam chancellor. Look what happened to that? Legion of boom like their bodies like for very short run where they were the most physically imposing defense, and it took a toll on them. Correct me if I'm wrong because I'm doing this off of the top of my head. I have not looked at any of the numbers. But my guess would be that. If you catalog the people who are quitting early you're gonna get running backs. 'cause that's where everyone gathers all eleven guys in the middle of the violence on defense and defensive players guys leading the league in tackles or playing doing playing the way Raji did which if anyone quits that how the hell could you possibly blame them? Hey, I don't wanna be three hundred sixty pounds and and stuffing the middle on double teams all gain hurts. Yeah. Collisions all the time. But Doug Baldwin was a relatively smart player and look at us being forced to retire because of all the injuries. It's a dangerous sport. I've found. It's also I guess wide receivers have foot issues. Right. Like, that's what happened with Calvin Johnson. That sport. I don't know. I do not know how anyone in our audience can understand what it feels like by the time that you get to game fifteen and you're leading the Jags and tackles. There were some Browns fans that were a little scared when Odell Beckham had this, quote, he's like I played on saying the next five years in Cleveland. I'm like sweet, we get five years amazing. It's the rest of his career. Alison, I I want to apologize to you. Because. Has been laughing at you. Because you keep leaving here where you're on calls with PR, and you're reading lyrics. So I want to explain to the audience. What can I tell the audience because you're the one dealing with executives and all the nonsense. I don't want to deal with. But stugotz, I've told you before this is this is what happened. I have since learned what happened you and me were gonna be the Jay Glazer character in ballers they were going to use us. They were going to use the highly questionable set. There was gonna be a fight between Dominic and sue and Dwayne Johnson. That wrecked the highly questionable set ESPN didn't go for it. Because I would guess the football partnership. I'm guessing the NFL doesn't like ballers the same way they didn't like playmakers. And so we couldn't use ESPN stuff with these contract partnerships that we have with the NFL and so- bowlers was going to build us our own studio that looked just like this studio and ESPN was absolutely not. Now, here's the situation. Find myself. And because I understand that. I don't like it. But I I understand they get to do whatever they want with their ESPN stuff, but Luther Campbell Miami hip, hop legend who went to the supreme court freedom of speech with buke Buddha music. He has asked that I do something for one of his videos, and if you know Luther Campbell's work, these videos tend to be sexually explicit. So I understand why it is that ESPN wouldn't want me or our ESPN stuff sitting in the middle of that video. I get that part. But we keep asking Luther Campbell did do stuff for us. And when he asks me to do something back. My answer always has to be no because he's Luther Campbell. And so I thought what Alison was dealing with. Allison. I don't know how comfortable you are with any of this. You tell me just you can tell me what your day was yesterday because I just heard you again. And again, every time I walk past you saying lyrics. Into a phone in Bristol. I love that. You preface this entire conversation with them. Sorry. Because I don't know that you really sorry. Because you like I'm sorry, Alison, but you're not because here we are. Why are we here? I feel about this. But we're here because because Luther Campbell has done me number of favors over the years. And I'm tired of ESPN telling me that I can never return the favor. And so this seemed harmless enough because as far as Luther Campbell? Goes these feel like very PG thirteen lyrics that I heard you over. I didn't know the lyrics to the song. I don't know anything about what Luther Campbell wants beside one thing of staring into a phone. I'm sure he doesn't want me to phone. So are you asking me to read the lyrics that I had? I'm not asking. I'm just asking you to tell me what happened yesterday when you were talking into the phone tell the listener what was happening. Yes. I got tax from Dan group tax, which he loves to do this don't go Luke find out if I what he needs. He needs me to shoot something in the studio TV, we can do it tomorrow. Here you go. So I don't know what that means. So he's tomorrow one of those. This. Here's my friend, shake shake joins the conversation. There's always a friend. There's always a friendship. Hi, shake. How are you? What do you need? We need Dan to be. We'd like to end to be in a music video we'd like to shoot him in the studio and highly questionable for an upcoming song of Luke's, and then I need to ask PR. And I then I'm asked for the song and the lyrics and in a cringe like cringing. I saw at one point you were sort of like you're pushing away from the telephone away from your computer away from us. You were as cringe as I've seen you this. I was cringing sending the Email. I sent the Email with the lyrics over and the song. Would you like me to read them? I mean, I could do it do it. If you're not gonna do. I don't wanna put you in a in a bad position. Who's reading alerts? I'll read the Lear. Okay. Go ahead. Make the booty though. Booty go. That make the duty. Go jump Joan. Do the bad girl walks. What you want? I got it. But. That what you want? What you want to the left to the right? Let me see you there. Yes. Good job there another favor. Maybe you could do like help them move a couch or something I'm trying to read these books that he's kindergarteners. Can you help me out with that? Maybe one of those. Yeah. Sure, I'll tell Luther Campbell to be more Disney for sure how do you like your eggs cooked or could you tell them to be Drake. Oh, eggs cooked. Wow. I mean fried for me a little bit running about that over easy, grab it with cheese. Yeah. I got scrambled cheeses. Well, it all depends on the mood. Sometimes. Fram guy. Sometimes I like them boiled five times like fried. Farro as this kind of. Let's go back to what uncle Luke and the lyrics and come back. Read the lyrics. That'll be good for our feel about an omelette. Billy. Not big on Hannah. She's I love a good. Dice bake it in their sausage onion, diced tomato cheese. Not available. 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An officer subject to change without notice. Visit light. Dream dot com slash lebatardshow. For more information donlevatar d-. Why do we still do this? Why don't we? True. Why did we work? We should stop working with him. Yeah. We have offers. Offers offers still gots. Oh, hey did with back. We're just talking about how much light are we pivoted? I think we're in place. It's going to be so good this year yet ready. Flying. This is going to be offered disaster. Been working with him for years, and I still go home upset with myself clinically. Really? These are show with this to God's own ESPN radio. If you missed any of the show, you can listen to all three hours of the Dan lebatardshow. Plus, our Miami only our and our best of podcast on demand in the ESPN app. And subscribe to the in France podcast network, featuring south beat sessions stupidity, and our brand new podcast mystery create featuring the shipping container doing very very well. It's because it's very entertaining. Check them out new episodes every week please rate and subscribe, it's all valuable the more tab of the ESPN app. Stupidity has one of stugatz. His cringe e restaurant reservations on it. If you wanna download that and be made deeply uncomfortable. But before we do anything else. Mike wears the cruddy imaging that allows us to promote stupidity. So that people continue to make it the fastest rising thing in sports. For the daily Billy both on gazing on relenting promotion and thug selling out, these diluted and Lacey show those to collect the future Bill money. That's two guys will inevitably need. A long. Did it take my father to do that? Chris hearing him say that gives me nightmares hours. I think it's. And how mad this is? Why hate you guys? What is the sound that we could play from stupidity? As part of our daily selling out to promote the things that involve navel-gazing. This is from a very special mother's day. Addition of stupidity. I just listened on my way into work. It's a really good episode this week guy. Don't sound so surpri well, the David Cone interviews a little long. This is really cool because you've heard from Scott says dad in the podcast before. But this is the debut of sue says mom, she's very funny. She even does a sports whisper. But here's some voicemails that she left as part of the podcast, courtesy, stupidity laboratory and friends network account record your message. Hey, john. It's your mom. Listen to me this Clayton Kershaw guy. How about you do me a favor when a World Series and get back to me what a disappointment he blew more talent than the nineteen eighties. But blue cocaine, and they had Dwight Gooden, Dr K should have been Dr say, by the way, you know, who hasn't done any work that phony eland musk that guy is a fraud. I mean, shouldn't we be on Mars by now how bad he focuses on a car that works instead of having us all live in space back to that. Kevin durant? There was an easy path to space. Kevin Durant would probably take it. And here's something you don't do in sports is something you would never do. You. Don't leave your team to join the team that you yourself. Couldn't be you know, who wouldn't do that Michael Jordan 'cause he's the goat. All right, John. I'll hang up. Listen in chip off the old blog. Allison, what was God's is original idea here on what it is that he wanted to do as part of a mother's day celebration. He wanted me to call Clayton Kershaw. Mom, Kevin Durant's, mom, and Matt Harvey's mom and. Tell them all the things that he's said about them in the past and let them just like him just Rigby and the other idea I had was to have you on the podcast as the mother of the Dan lebatardshow, and you said no to me, I said, I gotta go for all a good idea. It was a fun idea would have been a funny execution of the fun. Good idea. Alison bailed on you know. Having the moms on a great idea having you on dogging about us would have been great. The one that got carried away. He's pivoting away. Alison, he's pivoting away from your accusation, which is unbelievably the aggressively lazy Stu gods. Now. Want the mothers of people he's insulted to do his podcast four instead of him. Dan. Dan blank canvas. Why are all your ideas someone else providing somebody else's Lansley had standing help them out with what to say? So best case was hey, happy mother's day. This is why your son is terrible. That's right. Let me here. Let me rip you in a number rip your son in a number of different ways. Celebrate this mother's day. And so that I could profit off by my podcast being more successful. Is that a good idea? Mrs Durant stupidity. It's actually a great idea. Why not a great idea? It is a great. No. But how I I just Burs behind me. Terribly judge. It's a terrible idea because they would never agree to do it. But if they would agree it isn't great idea. Let me apologize to the moms of people that I've ripped. It's not ripping the moms nodes to the mom. No, no, no, no, no. It's calling the moms and saying, hey, this guy's guts is. But saying this about your son or a couple year at so now for mother's day. He is giving you a blank canvas to repay back to defend your son. Take shots at him. I twenty ide-. Kevin durant? Mom on talking about how I think easy pep practicalities part of these ideas. There's no way that happens. Yeah. Well, that's a huge part of. Okay. So on sportscenter, for example, they had ninja who's like a famous game. A write a letter to his mom, and he read the letter into the camera looking at the camera wall. His mother was in the other room listening to the nice things that he said about his mom, and then she comes in and she surprises him, and it's a touching thing. This would be the opposite. You're sitting in front. Of a camera reading insults to these players mothers as they're listening to you. And you think that somehow this is a nice not understanding a someone not named it. Got calls the mumps. Okay. His name is Dan stanza does all the work. Okay. He calls up. Kevin durant? Mom. He says here are the things. That's the God's would say about your son. You've probably heard of already. It sounds like the name was in Stanford. It was Allison originally. I was just looking for numbers from ouse-. You were just looking to not do anything. Correct. Your home is important. That's why gyco helps make it easy to save on homeowner's insurance because home is more than just a place home is where you have a cute little reading for those rainy days when you want to curl up with a good book. But you don't even read. So you just sit in there during thunderstorms and scroll through means on your phone and laugh in the darkness. Geico insurance agency could help protect the dark mean field corner you call home call gyco. See how easy it is. Switch and save on homeowner's insurance donlevatar the Cleveland or hotel sits on a famous strip of land. And it's a party palace there. Sometimes these conventions that roll through here that are terrifying. Couple of weeks ago is the bitcoin people still God's sake all the the events seventy thousand tons of metal. It's more than that. It's a lot of metal men. I mean, listen to me, ROY. I love Miami. That music has made me consider moving. You're talking about more. VC's live at our show with this to God's own ESPN radio earlier in the show. Tim Kirk SHA was accused of giving bad information. A guy a caller called in and said, you'll me a hundred dollars can you? Then MO me one hundred dollars because I lost bet in a sports bar where I told people that can Griffey junior never struck out once in high school and the guy said that's not true. It's simply not true. And Tim Kirch in says, I can't tell you whether it's true or not I could just tell you that Ken Griffey junior told me that he never struck out in high school. So now, we go out to Mike Cameron, Ken Griffey junior high school coach, and we will settle this dispute once and for all Mike thank you for joining us. Thank you for looking through your records because I was told you didn't have the information readily at hand, but I guess you went through the score books. So can you help us figure out whether or not Ken Griffey junior ever struck out in high school? Well, I can tell you that the stats show that in a two year varsity career struck out twenty one times teases. Wow. He was a real a real, Mike. Thank you for betraying your high school prodigy and portraying him as a liar. No. I'm just getting thank you for getting us. The fact you still have the score books. Well, what I have is the Satistics the seasonal statistics and also their career statistics. But I can tell you he still the greatest high school player that I've seen in the city of Cincinnati foods the likes of Pete Rose debatable. I mean, Ken Davis junior should be as name. What? Yeah. Chris Davis day. Oh, okay. Appreciate Tonette iae can only attest to the Cincinnati. High school berry. Larkin include Tonette, quite a few. He struck out more times than I did night school. He was up a little bit more. Yeah. Oh, my. Coming at you. Gotta hit off a Matt Lehto. Chris Cody a hit off of Matt Lehto toast back off Cameron. Thank you for joining us. We appreciate you making the time for this nonsense. Mike, thank you. Thank you. Bye. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. Guests on the Dan Le Batard show appear via the shell Pennzoil performance line. Here's your sportscenter update the Seahawks released, but Doug Baldwin and Kam chancellor with failed physical designations Baldwin who battled through several different injuries is expected to retire and chancellor at a career ending neck injury. Last season the dolphins obeyed Xavi and Howard the highest paid cornerback in NFL history with a five year seventy six point five million dollar deal. Forty-six million guaranteed and finally a man fell to America's most dangerous volcano and survive. The man was in his thirties and fell sixty to seventy feet from the volcanoes crater. He reportedly climbed over a metal railing to get closer look at the cliff edge and lost his footing. He landed on a narrow ledge was able to be rescued for all the latest headlines information, tune into sports center on ESPN radio all throughout the day. Billy, what's the matter? You have been very frustrated during that conversation. That's one of the most delusional rooms I've ever been. Every day at something. Now, this one is a better baseball player that can Griffey junior. He struck out fewer ties Ken Griffey junior in high school. This one has a better. It looks better than James harden with his shirt off, and a better athlete, James heart and doing to he said, give them two months, and he'd be in better shape, James heart all the site yesterday. I was never better baseball king junior. But it's a fact my junior and senior year, I didn't strike out twenty one times not a fad. How is that? A fact my dad has all my steps I can bring it up. Bring a binder my high school dad right now or maybe preferably at the end of the show. Let's wait. But let's call him and go through the high school stats and find out if you indeed struck out less than that liar, Ken Griffey junior because Fisher that Griffey junior regatta hit off of in highschool. I'm sure wasn't as good as Matt late. Dude. I'm there for you start calling. You the Cadillac James harden? Nope. No, no, no. No. At lebatardshow Instagram Twitter on the polls, let's get to some of them. Here's God's because we're going to open up the club in the next segment, lebatardshow, Instagram and Twitter, if you wanna vote on all of the nonsense we've been talking about today. All right lebatardshow on Twitter who has a better hockey, Nick day. Your choices were the Buluan wall. Cujo the Beezer and the eagle forty two percent of the audience that cujo greatest nickname in the history of sports was Terry Rozier, the general that led the boss itself Dicks to the e CF last year. Sixty five percent of the audience said, yes, what did scary dairy ED's? What he did does Dallas braid and look like someone who could make you table. Eighty nine percent of the audience said yes is it fair to describe twister as sex box. It is sixty nine percent of the audience that. Yes. Nice. Is the worst look in the world. Dress socks, no pants. I don't think Tim coaching has ever said anything that is resonated would be more than that. I mean, I can't look at myself. Both of you look particularly ridiculous that way not that. I'm a sterling Knight in shining armor, but both of you in dress socks without pants at your size. It's pretty funny visually broke it to Tim Kirk that we had king Griffey junior high school coach on and then he struck out twenty one times. I'm I'm waiting for response. We'll keep you posted any other guy hundred bucks ever that. Who does look good in address socks with? No, Ryan Reynolds. Yeah. Well, seventy five percent of the audience at yes, it's the worst look ever. Do you go sock sock shoe, shoe, or sock shoe sock shoe? Very important question. I mean, you're an insane person. If you go sock Shusaku, like you're a person, I can't be friends with gamma put it on the poll. Can you be friends with someone who goes stock shoe suck shoe ninety four percent of the audience said, Sok, Sok shoe shoe? Those are the Mike inexplicably told me during the break. Hey, dan. I haven't emptied the file on the movie ghost which just getting started. We got so much more. I was really such a satisfying movie rare is movie with two baddies that you hate almost. Equally at Willie Lopez Willie Lopez you recall, the the initial one that led to the demise of Sam okay with bad skin. And we found out. His name is Willie Lopez because we went to the apartment, and he got his come up, and then coral who behind the whole thing because he was moving in Mali, SAM's, girl. Okay. Then you find out. He's the brains behind the operation, and then he dies. Spoiler alert gets impaled by broken glass. But rare double death because not then soul comes out and gets dragged to hell by the the scary shadowy demons, rare double death. Yes. Yes. In fact, the second more satisfying because. Yeah. Yeah. Go to hell because of what you did to Sam didn't John Malkovich. Have a triple death at the end of Conair any die in three. Then have like die in three cliches, where he, you know. No, no. 'cause what happened. Cyrus virus in in Conair was inexplicably. He was not an explicable. There was an explanation as to why he was writing the top of the fire truck. Okay. But the fire truck like hit a bridge or something while he was riding it. Then that survived the, but like, that's one of the deaths. He might have survived it. But that's the that's one of the cliche ways you survived it. But I think he was in old downtown Las Vegas at the time. And for whatever reason in downtown Las Vegas. There's a junkyard. Okay. So he got thrown from the fire truck in downtown Las Vegas all the way to a junkyard somewhere off landing spot lucky. Wasn't a soft landing spot. He was cliche. Impaled at the end. There was like a pile driver. He landed on conveyor belt liked it on a conveyor belt and was smashed in the face by a pile driver was impaled earlier that they triple in the leg. It was. Yeah. Yeah. Anyone? Is that what he went miscreants quiet scream? Here comes on at truck. So has the goes file emptied now? Yeah. Okay. Donlevatar? It's friday. I'm getting into the weekend. I want to get my drink on. Stugatz. You've got gotta open up the club open. It. I would open it now. But is the computer buffering err is these? Live at our show with this to God's own ESPN radio is Marcus smart. Correct. When he says, we should not blame Kyrie Irving for what happened to Boston this season. Nope. He's not correct. I just love the idea of going to the guy the season when season was eliminated who didn't play very much toward the end. And in your final game went over four and eighteen minutes as him. Hey, tell us who's to blame. He gave a very professional answer mortgage more did. But you know, those guys feel like their guy. I mean, they were they were more successful. They went further last year. I don't know how much better they actually were. I'd have to look at the numbers to see. I know they one more last year, but the east was weaker last. They're not better. Let me be clear they're better with Kyrie Irving. But those guys think there are better without kyri rosier, certainly does I remember when Marcus smart was in college, and he was a scorer. Let's send people into the weekend with the opening of the club. We do it every week. It's an assortment of memorable sounds some of them cringe. I imagine there couple in here at my expense. That are gonna hurt. Let's see what we've got here. I sound in the club. If we do ten is a comp. Bono's brunch. That was good Bono's brunch. Doesn't know breakfast? But he knows brunch. Who else breakfast does that was brunch? He does it. No ten. He knows eleven a lot better. You are. Thanks, dad. Well in the club. We've got the new to buck up. Doc. That is Chris Cody Walsh show had been making the new Baca new buck, but forgot his own line is only line. We've got the new Chewbacca vodka. You find that funny? Do you Dan? Oh, no. Is it? My laughter. Is it something worse? How how familiar were you at the time with Chewbacca like how your upbringing hound has had how much in Chris you're exonerated. You weren't even the worst to Bacchus sound of the week Baca. How familiar were you at the time with tobacco like how your upbringing how how at how much Bach has make fun of me? I mean, I deserve every bit of laughter that that gets at my your upper anyhow had how much balking bringing out have out. How how how again I'm going to remind you sports radio show in the worldwide leader in sports, we were interviewing the neutral Baca who we called new Bach. But then Chris called Chewbacca, and I asked him this question. How how familiar were you at the time with your upbringing? How how how? Baca who else in the club? There. There is the new Baca Baka. He doesn't does it. Well. I did good. I've watched TV show. Good again. The loaf of bread bear. Who is dominating the NBA on behalf of the nuggets. Rewatch the Star Wars trailer. And I have thoughts about ghosts. Ever saw a verifiable authentic ghosts? That would really open up universe to me. Just a random voicemail from Pablo Tori, Tiger Woods has not minded being the guy that Donald Trump. Redeem. And the club. That was the best thing this week. That was the best thing to look it up on the internet the implosion of Lockhart stadium. So sad.

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