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Episode 14: Cutdown Weekend Fallout


<music> i it has though welcome to episode sued fourteen of the official established the run dot com podcast. My name is adam levitin one of the co founders here at e._t._r. And as always i am joined by the man himself. The owner of the legendary matchups column fellow co-founder here to salvage run evans silva evan. What's up buddy. What's up man. It was a wild weekend of cuts trades and we keep an everything up to date on on the website the top one fifty two tiers already have a few matchup <unk> metric columns up on the website at established the run dot com and that's that's gonna be a big change for the match ups column this year you know at my old site we would never post any of the games until thursday when i just put out the column volk now. We are releasing games. You know as soon as monday during the regular season and we're recording this on sunday night. We've already got three or four games. Post it yeah <hes> exciting man we week one is here and actually. I didn't think that we were going to have a ton of news to talk about but silly me on this episode. We do have a ton of news to talk about because it was an extremely busy weekend in the n._f._l. And <hes> we thought it was important not just to focus on week one but to get you caught up on the news because i actually have two more where season-long jazz with my buddies <hes> this week and i'm sure a lot of you guys do as well but more importantly i mean we're getting ready for the glory the opportunity <hes> the pure fund that is week one d._f._s. <hes> i know a reminder for everyone. This is the final free podcast. I repeat repeat the final free podcast all podcast going forward with evan. I will be for subscribers to our in-season package. Only we will be recording thing three of them tuesday night with a look back at the previous week and kind of action will take aways going forward friday night with the position by position breakdown every play on the main slate that we think is in play and then a live show on sunday morning leading up to kick <hes> so i think if you enjoy this podcast cashmere enjoy those three podcasts that we do during the season of course our season package also includes a lot of other content besides the podcast things that we've handpicked take that we think are important. Evans matchups column eluded to which to me is the best football content on the entire internet fantasy or not. We also have an audio transcript of that as well. I i know evans excited about that. A lot of you. Guys are excited about that to a lot of people out there apparently having they hate to read and they're excited about actually having someone read the column to them so i'm excited needed about that hurts myers buy low model which you guys. She listened to episode with herbs meyer. Pat dorms weekly ranking snaps and pace brandon thorn opposite wind men's line matchups. I don't think people understand how important it is to project pressure <hes> and project dropbox when choosing your defense india fast so we'll have that waiver wire top plays. D._f._a.'s my ownership projections my player props article lots more <hes> keep going here but evident. I aren't into self promotion that much child thinking and i think i think we think being humble and being grateful is probably the correct way to to live that said like when you're running a business and a lot of it's about like puffing chest down and telling everyone how great you are so so yeah we're great <hes> we're telling you we're great but seriously heads established the run. Check it out. We have a few options of different packages right now. Full year through the super bowl comes out to about ten dollars a week anyways. I know that was long ranted that. I covered all all their evan. I think so man all right. We have about eight news topics nine news topics that we're going to get to here. I think the one that everybody everybody wants to talk about right now. Is this chiefs backfield. Obviously they let carlos hyde. Go not a huge surprise. Someone who aspires though was that the bill bill decided to let lucia mccoy go they kind of went back and forth on that and then once he got like was like oh man. There's too many connections here. Andy redrafted leshan mccoy. Andy reid loveless shawn. Mccoy actually wasn't andy reid had the sarah exit affiliate was chip kelly who showed lucia mccoy the door in philly and also breach now the g._m. That she used was basically reads. You know intern slash right hand man those early years when the shawn mccoy wasn't phillies so i guess not a surprise after the bills made a decision that kansas city went for it however <hes> evan. It's certainly not great news for damian williams <hes>. What was your initial reaction <hes>. How did you respond to those trauma. Koi signing a super super tilted triggered this assigning came late on saturday yep and look the chiefs were aggressive about going and getting they wanna make sure that he did not go to the division rival chargers. That's what happened with <hes> with sean mccoy had two major suitors. They were the chiefs and the chargers in they gave him pretty darn good money <hes> one year and four million dollars three million guaranteed. That's good for running back actually actually that <hes> four million dollar annual pay makes him the fifteen ties paid running back in the league so a pretty significant investment and they were very very aggressive about about going out to get the like it throws a wrench obviously into darwin thomson and damian williams you know so when one thing that we talked on the fantasy defeat for years about with ross because people were always very anxious about drafting patriots running backs <hes> because you the rotations and they use multiple backs now when the back field would consist of three guys getting touches. None of them were were. We're really very usable and fantasy. They certainly were not trustworthy but when one guy would kind of fall out of the picture usually due to an injury. It's just james white and it's just sony michelle were just james white and it's just a l- aguirre blunt in both those guys can crush and this is a similar all our situation. It's a great offense. If it's a two man backfield i think that with shawn mccoy and damian williams can both be fantasy starters but darwin thompson was very very good in preseason the chiefs kept elevating him and even if he's just pulling three to five touches away from from the backfield because look you know there's only last year chiefs backs collectively average twenty four touches per game if we're pulling away three to five if that's significant and that's a three man backfield and then we get to a point for week one i'm projecting right now based on that twenty four number number twenty twenty four touches for the chiefs backs collectively a twelve for damian williams eight for lasalle mccoy and four for darwin thompson. That's not fun to to start a running back that you think is gonna get twelve touches fantasy football especially when we're not even to the bi weeks yet but the good news is the things at some point are going to change. It's quite possible that darwin thompson is not part of the week one picture <hes>. This is still the best offense in the league last year that she's led the n._f._l. Points i think it would be a shocking disappointment if they didn't finish top five at worst this year. The defense is still oh pretty bad. I mean one of the worst secondaries in league. They're going to score a ton of points in. They're gonna have to score points in. These guys are gonna make big plays. It's just they're going to be you know as as long as if it's a three man backfield. It's going to be a frustrating fantasy situation yeah. There's a narrative out there. I want to run past you that trump thirty. One years is old. He can't play anymore. This is not that big of a blow today me williams because well with shawn mccoy sucks and a lot of the advanced metrics will i'll say yeah well trump was absolutely atrocious. Assery fell off a cliff. I think that the situation in buffalo last year was so so bad. I know that a lot of these advanced that's on the sean mccoy our situation independent but you know it was just not the right spot for with shawn mccoy. Now i would also note that josh allen this is from scott barrett a friend of the show a scott barrett with josh allen shawn mccoy eight point nine fantasy points per game without josh allen games without josh allen shawn mccoy fifteen point seven. Josh allen is not a fantasy fantasy friendly quarterback on dump off on getting players into space in the shore area. He's a push the ball down the field scramble around hold the ball trying to make big plays kind of quarterback the back and they're also had an obsolete offense of line. You know i think they replaced. Four starters on the offensive line are for this year upcoming so i don't know i haven't do you think shawn mccoy has anything in the tank and more importantly using a maddox all that matters for number of touches does andy reid think that was sean. Mccoy has anything left in the tank. Why personally do not think that trauma quit has very much less than the tank but i'm also well aware that like my personal talent evaluations they can go either way. You know i'm not i don't pretend to be he likes some great talent. Evaluator certainly do have opinions and you know all all i'll say him and they're all constantly going through my mind but ah the chiefs as an organization and they are good at talent evaluation i mean they would they finish thirteen and three twelve and four last season. It'd been consistently successful over the years. <hes> under andy reid bay clearly do thank sean mccoy has something left in the tank number one number two there is a scenario scenario here and like you can't dismiss it because there are a bunch of different ways that this this situation play out. You cannot dismiss the possibility you bet lesean. Mccoy just takes backfield over i mean i know that everyone like so many people out. There are so down on the sean mccoy in i get it because i kind of share their view about his talent. At this stage of his career. He's <hes> thirty one years old. It's just so unlikely for for a thirty one year old running back to bounce back and be very very good all of a sudden again after they had the kind of season that shawn mccoy just just had and certainly he's an injury risk but there is a distinct possibility based on his history based on all the facts factors that you just mentioned that were working against him in buffalo hello last year that shawn mccoy ascends and becomes a seventeen and nineteen touch per game back. I mean this is the single best fantasy environment that you could draw up for any running back in the league. You cannot dismiss that possibility even if you have doubts about leshan mccoy's talent level and right right now i i. I have damian williams at r._b. Twenty seven and i have shawn mccoy or be twenty eight and that's kind of a hedge but it's also an acknowledgment that <hes> i just don't know how this is going to play out and i'm willing to draft both of these guys in the fifth or sixth round range yeah i think one of the arguments for damian williams was that hey he doesn't have to be that good to just go completely nuclear in the kansas city offense right so if you're gonna use that argument for damian williams you'd better use it for lucia mccoy oy also. I think the last topic here is what should people do who already drafted darwin william darwin thomson are we moving on completely from darwin thompson standard size assery where we recommending people hang on kind of see how this plays out for darwin thompson again and we talked about it all off season. Even when i made a stupid carlos hyde ranking you know <hes> the to begin again <hes> to begin before training camp started that we just wanna take shots on this offense. Darwin thompson is still a shot on the offense is a great bench stash. I'd like to see what happens in week one. It could be an active in that shouldn't surprise anyone you also get like seven touches in week one so <music> at very least man. I would like to see how the week one situation plays out sean mccoy again over thirty significant significant recent injury history damien williams has a significant injury history as well battled shoulder problems throughout his time in miami and <hes> in training camp of course mess what two or three weeks with a hamstring injury so he's no lock from for for a durability standpoint either. I mean at some point you know you're going to have to cut bait on guys that are third stringers and that's what darwin thompson is. We think at the moment but i would like to see see what happens in week one. I i still think he's a very very good benched. Ashi want guys with upside on your bench darwin thompson although he is not usable in week if one he does still have big upside if he catches a couple breaks. Let's move to the buffalo bills backfield. Obviously they let loose shawn mccoy. Go saved a bunch of money. They're gonna go with frank gore they couldn't have. I mean to just thirty something. You're all veteran hall of fame back on their roster. Thank god so frank. Gore devon singled third round rookie and t._j. Yelled in what we know about this evan is that coaches love frank gore <hes> they can't help themselves but us frank gore stories reliable he hasn't fumble. He protects the passer. He has an all around game etc etc they just love to we know that t._j. Yelled attribute is in the past game. I think they're excited. Decided about devon singled chairman. They use third round pick on him. I thought he looked fine. <hes> in the preseason he catches the ball well as i mentioned under the shawn mccoy stuff though i don't think josh allen is is conducive to running backs racking up a lot of catches. I know people are excited to go out and draft devon single terry right now. They think he's an absolute steel. <hes> i could see that happening at some point. I think to start the year though it's pretty obvious that they're going to use a three man committee. What did you do devon single terry in the rankings. And how do you see buffalo's backfield. I feel now yeah moved them up from rb fifty seven to forty one and then realized that a bunch of people were jacking them up way higher than that like into r._b._q. Territory and i can't get on board with that at all. I i do like devon. Single-day remember watched him. I thought he kind of looked like shady mccoy ah f._a._u. But he was playing against what conference u._s._a. Opponents number one number two when he went to the combine. He ran four six six six at like two hundred pounds. That's a big red flag. He does some flashy stuff. I mean i think he's like a good football player but man he he lacks axum serious traits from a medical from a measurable standpoint <hes> that send up an immediate red flag. He didn't catch very many passes ces in college and then he's entering a situation where you know for all the reasons that you lined up there. He has a very very very low ceiling in terms of how many how many passes he you might catch in buffalo. Frank gore's absolutely going to be involved <hes> <hes> and then t._j. Sheldon is going to siphon away passing game work a might clay projected devon single cherry for thirteen point seven touches per game this year. I think that that's even kind of may be aggressive <hes> for week one. I don't think there's any <unk> any guarantee that he gets more touches than frank gore and right now. This is a backfield based on how high i've seen devon single terry moved up this backfield to avoid at this point because it looks like he's gonna end up getting severely overdrafted. This is a low scoring team. You know he's i liked them. You know as a late round pick and certainly his rejection went way way up from where it was but it looks like he's eighty p is going to go way way too high so <hes> not not really a guy that i'm gonna end up getting in any of my late dress yeah and thirteen point seven. <hes> is extremely high to me to start the year. Maybe you could see pass to him. Getting there are by the end of the year midseason or november are something like that. I think to start the year though i'd be surprised if he was up in that range <hes> let's go to i mean and just a ridiculous offense at the houston. Texans are putting together right now and you can say what you want. Bill o'brien is clearly adult like he he butchered so many different things from a personnel karasu construction standpoint so many times dwayne brown thing andre dillard thing i mean he just got desperate and got fleeced right in anytime you're in any kind of negotiation like desperation. There's always going to be a bad thing. He just get take advantage of that said evan from a real life perspective obviously houston a bungled this whole thing from a fantasy perspective. We're talking about to shawn watson duke johnson deandre hopkins will fuller kenny stills kiki kouteh. They add laremy tunsil who i assume they're gonna get signed signed and pay some exorbitant amount of money for is still. We're going to have a terrible defense. I mean you ranked shawn watson as your q._b. One his weaponry and situation is just just absolutely out of control. What was your reaction so what houston did at least fantasy. You know we we can kill. If you want to kill bob. Go ahead but <hes> whatever no. It's just you know separating real life football analysis from fantasy football and shawn watson is set up crush this season yeah we you know we open the draft on july fifteenth and he's been the quarterback one in there in the same year with patrick mahomes of course but the quarterback one in there the entire time. What are those a big reasons is because he averages over forty rushing yards per game. Patrick mahomes is awesome and he's probably gonna throw more touchdown passes than to shawn watson but shawn watson has a big a big leg up as a rusher on patrick mahomes. <hes> now has a a left tackle. Offensive line still isn't going to be very good. Man only have two you good offensive linemen and learn tonsil and nick martin. The rest of the offensive line is just a bunch of journeymen trash and then <hes> their defense got. I think their defense might be legitimately awful this year. They really only have a couple of good players on defense. They lost kareem jackson. Who was their best cornerback. Last year. They lost the honey badger taran matthew <hes> they traded jude avion clowney for a third round pick a couple of backup linebackers. They lost chris covington in who was a really good rotational reserve upfront from last season and they weren't very good on defense last season their great past funnel because they had the best run on defense in the league but you could just rock them with speed receivers. You know you remember that robbie anderson game <hes> to hilton crush them. Routinely you know they they cannot hang with speed receivers and they're not going to be able to do that this year. Either jonathan joseph can't run anymore and bradley roby. We'll talk about a guy that ravi anderson percents took to school last year <hes> bradley roby men. I mean that was just a burn festival and so i'm yeah i i'm excited about the texans offense. I'm excited about how bad i think. The texans defense is going to be in a very excited about the shawn watson people moving down willfuller. I do not understand. I think that it's clear that kenny stills is going to be primarily a slot receiver in houston. He's played a much higher percentage than john hopkins skins or willful or has throughout their respective careers and they don't they don't have a tight end so and <hes> the shawn watson although duke johnson is they're gonna command more targets than lamar miller did and i think <hes> do johnson is still a very good position. Even after they added carlos heidi we should probably talk about right after this but <hes> i mean i think it will fuller is like really secure still and locked in and kikuchi actually takes the biggest hit from the kenny stills addition yeah i. I think the texans were just like hey. He can't stay healthy. I mean i mean they love him but you can't get on the field so they got some insurance. There will also battled injuries so you still a solid throw in that trait yeah and i'm someone who was pretty hi on key kutai. This obviously is in the best news but i think it will shake out and and like you said i think <hes> having four guys is just a depth thing for them to insure insure themselves against injury when all four healthy though it's certainly not great for kouteh you mentioned carlos hyde. I mean all the veteran running backs who the texans could've added this weekend. I think tide is one of the best case scenario is now on his fifth team. In the last twenty months i mean he couldn't beat out like daryl williams on the chiefs and is not going to play in the past game so yeah i think you can bridge carlos hyde for between the tackles to get maybe one hundred twenty cares or something this this year but do johnston with how much team's going to be trailing and you've talked a lot about how hard houston schedule is this year and how many shootouts they're going to get into. It's just so much better for or do john and so i. I don't know if you moved johnson down at all. I don't think i would have moved to johnson down at all in the rankings. After <hes> carlos hyde sign no. I didn't move them down at all didn't even put put carlos hyde in the top one fifty one no part of carlos hi. This is like a terrible landing spot for carlos. Hyde skill set where you would really want is carlos high going to cuts mike the chiefs who is going to play from a head. You know he'd have a shot at goal line carries and you know maybe clock killing carey's. That's not these texans they have. Their offensive line is still bad. It's much better in pass protection with laremy tunsil. It's not like they're going to be able to impose their will with <hes> you know running between the tackles like that. That's not going to happen <hes> he's. He's a miserable pass catcher and even the one year with the forty niners where he caught aww passes just based on opportunity. He was highly inefficient with his targets. As you mentioned i mean so many teams have just given up on him over the last four years and i think it's very very fair to question does does he have almost anything left and i think he offers detection so so little and do johnson's gonna end up playing like seventy percent of the snaps this year yeah love duke okay <hes>. Let's go to miami where i think we were saying. Hey just scratched the redskins off. Your fantasy board scratched the dolphins off. You're bored. It's going to be a complete headache all year along. They're not going to score hardly any points and maybe they're right but i at least want to talk about it. They've gone full tank. Have the miami dolphins and you love to see it. I mean obviously i name my second son sam. After sam hinkie i've been to multiple draft lottery parties and process meetings for the sixers. All of my t shirts are either <hes> assoc- brown or sankey t shirts. I respect the hell out of the process. The thing is it's tough man when tony roten's out there taking thirty shots a game <hes> <hes> it's it's it's tough right and maybe there's guys like tony. Tony route was a good fantasy player for a little while. Maybe someone like presa williams. James can be a good fantasy player. I mean they're down to like alan. Hearns devante parker albert wilson presi williams wide receiver we know drake and balaj are going to be there but now know tonsil- and now i like the morale has to be so low on the full tank. What's your reaction to what the dolphins are doing so to put it in perspective brennan thorne had the dolphins as the worst offensive line in the league before they traded letter tonsil so this is a team that is going to get clocked in time hi. I'm possession when they are on the field. They're going to struggle to not go three now and we can talk about albert wilson. You know i'm sure he's going to mix in a couple of big games. Aims and kim grant is gonna mix a big play here and there because he's fast and devante parker is gonna have his annual one big game and then he goose eggs the next week he can. You know mike just sickie. Maybe he'll earn playing time but this is not a situation to invest in fantasy. I don't really want any of these. Dolphins dolphins receivers in anything other than best ball and <hes> you know a little bit kenyan drake. I think that he's he's going to catch a good number of passes. Maybe kaylynn balaj real late at this point but now this is an offense that you really just avoid. I hope at some point this year my boy preston williams gets a shot but we'll see okay well. Let's move to seattle evan where you were right and i was wrong wrong because i don't know how the seahawks did it <hes> but they cut gironde brown as part of the part of the on cloudy deal there. They're wide receiver depth chart. Now is just i can't even fathom what they're doing and i'm sure they have some plan but right now they have tyler lockett and then behind him. They have decay mcafee's. If he's coming off need surgery they have david moore who is out are they kept their fourth round rookie gary jennings who was like a cut candidate because he was struggling so bad they lead john ferguson go <hes> <hes> he's been resigned to the practice squad and they kept guys like john or suwa me turner. I don't know what they're gonna do besides the ball time to tire lock it and handed off to chris carson <hes> a ton <hes> but on jerome brown <hes>. I can't believe it but he's gone. You're right right. I was wrong. What what i was right about because i didn't like predictive getting cut had had written the matchups column <hes> section and this is always the worst when you like right up a section. You have to redo the whole thing. You know talking about him. As like an opportunity based you know cheap flyer but yeah he he ends up getting cut and right now it looks like and they can still make a move but it looks like they do expect decay metcalf traffic coming off the knee scope to be ready for week one. He's such a good fit as a role player in this offense <hes> kind of compare them to martavis bryant as a live lifter that you might get five to six targets for game but is just going to be so difficult to cover for by secondary's when russell wilson does off script stuff and he's like running around back day like you can't cover deakin metcalf for four seconds. That's gonna be really really difficult but it looks like they expect to be ready ready for week. One and then it looks like the other starter and they did wind up keeping gary jennings who just had a miserable training camp and preseason. We're looks like to other stars can be john bursa seventh round. Pick <hes> who was extremely productive is final year at hawaii and has crushed it in the preseason a cop all four of his targets from russell wilson for one hundred yards <hes> and he's a slot player. I would not assume that it means the tyler. Lockett is moving outside earth. Suwa played about eighty percent of his iran about eighty percent of his routes this preseason in the slot but tyler lockett was still at sixty three percent and even last year when doug baldwin will was there in the games that doug baldwin played <hes> tyler lockett was still right around fifty percent. This team team was top three in four receiver sets last year and in those scenarios you know you have to slot receivers so i still think that tyler lock is going to get a ton hana slot work and as i mentioned really been looking at this seattle bengals game and i think it's it's gonna be kind of a fun one and then. I think you bring it back. Act with tyler bullet you can read the the match ups column for that that one should be up <hes> pretty soon. We've gotta think four games up and that will be one of the next to you that gets posted on established run dot com yeah looking forward to it. I am intrigued by that game too. I do think chris carson will be very very popular. <hes> in defense in week one speaking of the bengals evan. I was kind of flew under the radar. I was at least encourage that the bengals decided not to put a. j. green on. I return out out after his ankle surgery. I think there's been a lot of pessimism around his injury and that's caused him to go in the ninth round. I've seen of season-long drafts at this point. The good news is that the bengals expect him by their actions based back well before week eight. I think our friend dr chow has said that. He thinks around week four is a reasonable time to expect age agreed to return. I mean it really does return in week four or week five <hes> and he's healthy to get him in the ninth. Round is just agreed value <hes> <hes> do you agree or disagree evan yeah. I've drafted him recently. <hes> 'cause his his a._d._p. Had not adjusted enough off there for like a while and then they got him in the seventh or eighth recently so that's where i've always been willing to take him i. I don't think he's gonna play before week four as you mentioned and you know what he's still likely to play more games than they did last year when he missed half the season and he i mean he he was still really good. In terms of you know his is on fuel efficiency. He was number seven among ninety six qualified receivers in yards for route one. That's one of the the most predictive metrics that pro football focus puts out and it's a measure of how good a player is really <hes> and a._j. Green is still really really good. Of course he's going to be at risk of setbacks when he comes back and you know there's definitely risk there but we're taking out a lot of the risk. When he starts starts to get to round seven eight nine yeah okay. Let's talk about <hes> quickly. Nick charles brown's the only reason i wanted to bring this up is because i was a little bit about dontrelle hillary. Maybe a little bit too excited because now it looks like the ernest johnson may be a direct backup to nick chubb during his johnson. If you follow the af you remember him if he played preseason you know during his johnson and also news in brown's backfield is kareem hunt while he suspended as having sports hernia surgery and yeah he should be perfectly fine to come back for training surgeons only four to six weeks rehab that said it's smart from a lock so any changes to the nick shove outlook with cream hunt having surgery surgery and have you downgraded dontrelle hillard at all yeah pulled dontrelle out of the top one fifty and put yet move of nick shove ahead of latvian bell so he's one of the prime targets at the end of the first round like the for the ones who turn nick chubb great target there you do still have the issues that although he could be unlocked a receiver to some extent he still doesn't have that track record in college or in his rookie rookie season <hes> so that's not necessarily a lock you have some concerns on the offensive line which the browns has cut their starting left tackle today greg robinson he stinks but apparently they're just going to bring him back but that still like no one just cuts. They're starting <unk> foil <unk>. Doing you know like is just a really strange move and then <hes> you know brandon has the browns offensive line ranked six worst i in the league and they have not settled there right guard position still and <hes> so those are concerns then kareem hunt coming back so look man. I would love to put nick chubb actually at rb five ahead of david johnson even potentially louis but he's just got these little like concerns that have prevented me from putting him there yeah. I actually think that i- option i'm certainly not telling you what to do with your one fifty but i think option is james connor over chub and david johnson and i would have no problem people going that route. I i mean to me james. Connor honor is just a total total smash based on the way these using the preseason based on <hes> his resume last year before the high ankle sprain in the way pittsburgh uses <hes> running backs. I dunno. I think james connor ahead of david johnson is not as crazy as it sounds yeah and i've made a lot of mistakes over the years <hes> i'm like putting a lotta stock into how i think a player looks in the preseason <hes> but <unk> frigging good on his couple of touches and and yet they're bringing back all five offensive line starters. He's played what all but one snap no all but four snaps in the with the first team in only reason they didn't because he just took a hard hit he's fine but he just came out for a minute and a jalen. Sam knows went in beni smell. By the way looked terrible preseason he was he's a bad prospect to begin in with just a a total grinder but <hes> yeah i think it's right now off the top of my head david johnson at five james connor six <hes> nick shop at seven among running backs and i think it's dalvand cook at eight and then leave your bell at nine and then you'll love it okay last thing we're going to talk about today. Is ezekiel ezekiel elliot situation. The current time is nine forty three pm eastern on sunday night <hes> before week one there was heavy reporting this weekend from <hes> adam schefter from charles robinson who said that this thing is almost done. It's almost wrapped however other people in the dow's meter saying yeah they're talking but <hes> it's not done. I mean look when shefty says that something is intensifying that it's getting closed that means that <hes> it's getting close if zeke is in here here by tuesday or wednesday in here. I mean signed by tuesday wednesday. I would assume it would get done sometime in the next week after that <hes> so with the the information. We have right now evan. You're on the clock at one point over four and i think that's the question that people been asking a ton. Are you taking zeke at at one point. Oh four with what we know right now. Oh yeah yeah. I mean you know you remember when we did that. That second live draft like a kind of take zeke fan yep in over. David johnson was finally went with david johnson because we crush the rest of our draft <hes> but yeah i mean i haven't moved zeke off of at one point. Oh four all off-season and at the end of the day like you know. How many games really gonna miss you know. What's i mean. What's the most that he could miss. It'd be like three thank and then when he does come back. He's going to be a massive difference maker so even even if he misses three games like by week four. I want ezekiel elliott on my roster because i mean this is such a good situation. Their schedule is cake. They got their quarterback rolling back. Look so good this preseason. He's in a contract year. He's locked in <hes>. Their offensive line is fully intact act with travers frederick back <hes> you know they they have this new young potentially innovative offensive coordinator kellyn more in the arrow can only go up on them. I am from like a strategic and schematic standpoint. They finally got it that they should use zeke elliott in the passing game last year. <hes> the the only like the the question. I've been getting recently because people have started to get confident. All the sudden at zeke elliot is gonna play for week. One and for good reason based on all the reports is did you start to move him ahead of alvin kamara or saquon barkley or a christian mccaffrey. My answer to that is no because there are still risks here. I mean the guy missed all all training camp <hes> and you know. I think we've seen over the years the guys that miss training camp tend to be a little bit more. <hes> you know <hes> risky risky in terms of their may. Would you be surprised if by week three like zeke elliott zeke elliott pulled his hamstring you say that you that you would be surprised i know and would you be surprised if even z. doesn't pose him sharing that tony powered has earned four to six touches a game or seven or something like that yeah and that's you know all that although that sounds like nothing and that doesn't make tony pollard a guy that you can you can use them fantasy. It's taking ezekiel elliott from potentially essentially you know twenty seven touches per game to twenty or twenty five per game to eighteen and that's a really big deal so they're still still risk factors here but i'm taking zeke elliott jimmy risk factors to elevate <unk> inside the top three but yeah i'm still taking him at a one point four and i'm taking him at one point four even if he misses the first couple of games yep yeah. I agree one point four lakh button for ezekiel elliott. I wanted to mention this free row promotion that we're doing. I don't wanna get into too much on here but to explain it too much. Basically this is like a ridiculous zero that we're giving out evan. We're going to vegas with with somebody who wins this contest. I hope it somebody koo koo koo girl trip for two to vegas. If you win the super knbr contest all you gotta do is win this <hes> a._t._s. pool that we're running through the action network apso good our twitter to find the links <hes> for that lastly. I wanted really wanted to thank everyone for listening to these podcasts that we put out over the last two months. There's been an overwhelming response. <hes> we understand that not everyone who's listening to this. We'll be joining us for the three pods. Slash shows that will be on the site behind the pay wall but we still appreciate. Did you stay in touch on twitter at adam levitin all one word at evans silva all one word at establish the run all one word get on our mailing list. We'll have some free stop op some promos some other stuff on there and <hes> yeah just thank you guys and hope to see you on the site so four four evan for jerry for pretty sure luke. I am adam good luck. Everybody yeah yeah.

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