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Galatians Part 8


Welcome to enjoying everyday life with New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer on today's program. Joyce will be teaching from the book of Galicians. What if everything you did was done by faith? What if you woke up each morning and said God, I need your help today. This is one of the most important prayers. You can pray. It means you're allowing him to take control of your life and trust him with your daily meets. There is nothing in life that we don't need help with and the book of revelations is about learning to live under grace living under God's grace is not about having the freedom to do whatever we want. It's about overcoming the trap of legalism and learning to be led by the Holy Spirit as we seek to live for him. Now, here's Joyce with today's teaching from relations. Don't you just wish God would tell you? When. Oh, but now he won't tell you that. Ios stretch you as far you can stretch. Thank god. He never puts more on us, and what we can bear. He may not be early. But he's never late. Genesis sixteen one through six not Sarah Abrahams wife had borne him. No children. She had a female AGIP servant whose name was Hagar and Sarah said to Abram behold now the largest prevented me from bearing children. So go into my servant. It may be that. I shall obtain children by her and Abraham listen to the voice of Sarah. Now, man, I think there's a boatload of times when you need to listen to your wife. But this is one of the times that Abrahams should have said lady, you are nuts. You would think that any woman would have better sense than to give her husband another wife and thank that was going to work out. Now just to be fair. There was more that that went on in that culture. And it was not totally unheard of for a woman who was baron to maybe try to have a child through one of her maid servants. But it still it was a dumb idea because it never works. So after Abram had lived ten years in the land of Canaan, Sarah, Abrahams wife took Hagar, the AGIP Shen her serving and gave her to Abram her husband as a wife, and he went in to Hagar. We know what that means. He went into Hager that must have been fun watching him go into her town and she got pregnant I here comes the problem. And when she saw that she had conceived she looked with contempt on her mistress. Now this. Lady who had been a servant sweet attitude. Sweet submissive attitude now, she thinks she's got the upper hand. And she's I well, I'm pregnant and you're not. So guess what Abraham is gonna love me more. She didn't say that. But that was the intent. So what does Sarah do? Oh my gosh. This is so much the way we are. Okay. So now, she's not liking the results of our flesh Lee plan, and she said to Abram may the wrong done to me be on you. Come on. Now, I gave my serve onto your embrace. And when she saw she had conceived. She looked on me with contempt may the Lord judge between me, and you and a broom did what the man always does. He said behold, you're serving is in your power due to her as you, please then Sarah dealt harshly with her and she fled from him. So they got a stupid plan that could never have work. It was work. So the flesh so knack they're going to be what frustrated nobody's going to take responsibility for this mess that they've created. I read something wonderful couple days ago in one watchman knees books that I was going through again. And this is simply what he said, I want you to get this man must take responsibility for all of his actions. We must take responsibility for our actions and stop blaming other people for our problems. Yeah. Well, you're not really sure you like that. I know I can tell by the sound of the clamping how much in agreement you are and how much you're not. I've said we tasked to stop blaming other people. For our problems. So bottom line was was they had a child, you know. So it was another ten year mess, and then finally they got around to having the baby God promised. So works of the flesh. Always do nothing but equal frustration. Now when God called Paul the bible says that he did not immediately confer with flesh and blood, but he disappeared into Arabia for three years. This was a smart, man. This was a guy who'd been persecuting, the church and happily trying to get Christians put in jail and see them stoned to death and all kinds of things. He he hated Christianity. He was a zealous Jewish Pharisee. The thing was was as bad as it sounds his heart was, right? He really did love God. And he actually really thought he was doing. The right thing. So he says God gave him grace because he lacked knowledge, let me tell you something when you're doing something wrong, and you really truly don't know. It's wrong. You're going to get a lot more grace than somebody. Who knows they're doing something wrong? And they just keep doing it. Anyway. That's why listen to what I'm gonna say every time. You go to church every time you hear the word of God. It almost gets a little bit more dangerous for you to be disobedient on purpose because you're hearing a lot of truth today. So now, you can't go inside. Oh, I didn't know. Mike, the Israelites twenty three thousand of them got head to die in one day. And they finally said we have seen. It's like what kind of a mess? Do we have to get in before we say looks? I should have done things. God's way. I'm not doing much better today than I did last night. But it's okay. I'm not I'm just. Not caring about the notes. I'm just gonna preach and have fun. So. Here we go. Then after fourteen years, I went up again to Jerusalem with Barnabas taking Titus with me. So here Paul has this meeting with God this miraculous meeting with God on the Damascus road. Jesus says to him. Why why are you coming up against me? Why are you fighting against me? And Paul was a smart, man. What would you have me? Do Lord is see that's all God wants to hear from you. When he confronts you about something as God. I'm sorry. If I'm not doing it your wife. What do you want me to do as long as you're willing to change God will work with you? Is you hear me as long as you're willing to change God will work with you? No matter how many mistakes you make no matter how many times you fail. No matter. How many times you fall into a pit? If your heart is to please God, God will never give up on you. If you don't give up on him. So after three years he did go and present himself to Peter for fifteen days. Nettie disappears again for fourteen years. Now, it wasn't that he wasn't doing anything. But the bible doesn't tell us much about what he was doing. So it's obvious that he didn't need the approval of man matter of fact, he didn't really want to be that affected by everybody else's opinion of what he's should be doing. So he got alone with God. So he could get real clarity. And get a real foundation in his life of what God wanted him to do. And I remember when God I called me to do what I was doing. I tried everything that I could try to get around other people that were preaching and head big ministries. I had a big vision. And so I would make appointments with people and they'd get canceled. I wanted somebody to tell me what to do. I wanted somebody to tell me. How to do what I was doing. And it happened. So many times that I finally got it gods. I don't want you getting from them. What you should do. I want you getting it from me. God doesn't want you to go be a copy of somebody else. He wants you to be you an original a, man. And so I'm really not too much like anybody else. And I don't I don't I mean, I have a lot of friends and ministry, but to be honest, I I don't want to be so entrenched in people that that I get sidelined what God's call a need to do by starting to feel like that. I have to have their approval for everything that I do. And so Paul said, I don't I don't need their approval, you know, why? Because when you have really heard from God. And you know that God has spoken to you and said something to you and called you to do something. You don't need everybody else to tell you that. It's okay. And then. Now, I'm not saying that we should never listen to people the bible says that there's wisdom in many counselors. I would be careful if you come up with something that you think you're supposed to do and twenty-five real strong believers that you respect tell you you're going in the wrong direction. You might wanna go another fourteen years in price more. But you how many of you know, if you let people lead your life. You are not going to end up where God wants you to be. How many of you know, that you can't? You just can't do it. And so you have to take a chance on losing some of those friendships are some of those people out of your life, and you have to be okay with that. Because when push comes to shove what you need is God, not everybody else. On the month. Pretty much tell you that every time you make a right decision for God. The devil is going to find somebody that don't like Paul said when I went and met with them. I went because of a revelation. I two of Galatian too, though, privately I met with those who seemed influential. Proclaim among the gentiles the gospel that I preach in order to make sure I was not running are not run in vain verse five I love this. And from those who seem to be influential. What they were makes no difference to me. God shows. No partiality those I say who seemed influential added nothing to me. In other words, what was Paul saying here? I'm not impressed by your position. I'm not impressed by your title. Can I tell you something just because you finagle and connive and managed to get around ten of the most important people in your church. You know, the end group, can I tell you that that doesn't really add any value to you. The only value. We have is who we are in Christ. And really a smart Christian. Instead of looking for somebody that is important that they think can add value to them. Go look for somebody. That's lonely and somebody who doesn't seem to have any friends pick them out and B them. And then guess what? Gobbled promote you. Are you understanding? Amen. You know, what if I said to you? Hey, I want you to come back to the green room going to have lunch with you to do. You know, what that would not make you any more important than anybody else didn't have lunch with because it's not people that give us our importance. It's God that gives us are important. And everyone of you are just as important as anybody else. Thanks for listening. 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Thanks for listening to enjoying everyday life. Our mission here at Joyce Meyer ministries is simple sharing Christ and loving people. Remember together, we can do more.

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