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Take one big trouble shop. Heady relic were good call. Welcome and ask our America. Motormouth presented by mutual martyr. Sonner here with Kyle Petty's Pila Tar you doing us. Great great for some Montana racing action this weekend. I'm ready for some action. I'm ready to send another one. I need another fist pump. No never mind is not. We are not going to do that instead. Will lead off with the best news of the week. Coming around fenway racing and the good news continues to come either. I mean who would have thought just over a week after his wreck we would see these images coming out this week from Ryan Newman. I'm fascinated with the recovery as the accident. The accident took my breath away. I think we all had major concerns rightfully so it was such a fierce accident imposing live from the five hundred he walks out of the hospital holding his daughter's hands and now here is back at the race shop. It's amazing. The whole storylines bent amazing. I'm excited to see the day. I'm confident we're closer than we give. Cards gotta be right. I mean he's out there I just. I hope one of these days. We're going to see him back car. Imagine how this list of the team spirits. But Kyle you came back from a from a big accident and an injury. When you're able to visit with the guys that kind of motivate you more to be around Carson. I want to get back in that motivates Ryan. The guys are excited to see. And you know they are. When I was driving for Felix and had a compound fracture in my left Femur to get back in the shop. It took me almost three weeks to get out of a hospital and get back to the show but to just walk in the shop even on crutches and the see your race car with your name. Still on the gas still busting their rear end. Can you spray their Kenny Wallace? Filled in but it does. It makes you work harder and Rehab. It makes you work harder to get back in that seat. Well let's get to our starting grid today. How about Indycar sees Jane's Hinchcliffe? He'll call into the show today. Sounds good doesn't it guys and he'll tell us about his GIG. It's GonNa be fun to talk to Hinch and ruts basement. The Jimmy Johnson Quiz Edition. Stevie going to be able to ACIS quiz for a hug. Robert Wood Bat. All your purple. That was very nice and the West Coast wing continues at Fontana. Will we see a third different winner to open the season and I said no waiting for you to say now I can say going to give you a now all right. So speaking of Fontana Mr low-tar here the odds for this Sunday. You're not player. So Kevin Harvick at top of the list. What do you think when you look at that? First thing I see is four to one or a little bit long shots for the favorite which tells me that Vegas probably as a little bit of a guest of. Who's going to run out there? Kyle Busch five one. I can't remember a race that he was even paying five to one. But I'M GONNA Circle Number Seven Ryan. Blaney he was last week. He's one of my favorites heading into sixteen and one. That's pretty good on your money. Reflect asking the other guys are there. I don't know I had a great second place to buy the IT. It does bother me a little bit. Maybe you will be up next year. When he's in Austin College calls on that you end up being worse five to one for Kyle Busch. After the way they ran last week. Would you put your money there? Well he's one three six races out there so intelligent. I mean listen Kyle Busch at Las Vegas Train Ricksen. Scott Bush has been going to Vegas. I agree the point point that that Laws Vegas would say. It's a bad bet. From Fontana one thing is going to happen to Fontaine either going to say the world is back to its normal orbit and we're GONNA be fine if he runs his poorly at auto club as he did boss Vegas then. I say this should be paying Toyota and the other thing that makes it difficult. If you're GONNA lay down some money this weekend is the only run Fontana once a year. So you don't really know exactly kind of how things are going to play out. They just put a dollar Jimmy Johnson all year. Long IT'S GONNA pay off right here. Of course we want to hear from you guys all day long here on motormouth eight four. Four NASCAR NBC. We will start with Carl from Akron. Ohio on the Pole Position Day. How You Doing Carl? Y'All doing I got a question for our kerchief and our driver we know that this is one of the oldest surfaces on the circuit. That'd be in California. So Steve for you as a crew chief. What challenges do you have setting up the car and KP you driving the track as a driver with a surface at this old okay PM my mind? The biggest challenge for Fontana. Is that the first. Few lattes are going to look like restrictor plate race. They're going to be packed up and then five ten fifteen. I don't know how long into a run. It's going to be all about handling. Can you simulate that in practice as my big concern right if you go out there and you run by yourself the whole time? Will it drive the same way and I believe that while we saw those crazy starts at Vegas in the end? You're going to have to have a real good car to get on. Those final two more front rows for the crazy restart the is. It's still going to be one that that's a good point. I think from a driver's perspective. You just have to take everything as it comes at you and what I mean by that. Is You have to be willing to run the wall. You have to be willing to run. You have to be willing to search if if if I get a laptop or I have a lap time and it's three tenths fat slower than the lap before. I don't WanNa go back to that place. I don't want to go back to that place on the racetrack. If it doesn't feel right you've constantly got have to adapt to what the racetrack gives you and it's constantly going to change and everything's in play down about the instead. We didn't talk about the bump shed. Which are you? See Kyle Larson video and social media going down the backstretch. Sorry Mario Block goes out of my mind. I don't know if there's there's plenty of sleep tonight thanks. Let's go to Kevin in Alabama Kevin. How you doing? I'm doing well man. What's on your mind. I WANNA know if qualifying is rained out should NASCAR Hamdi starting lineup from I practice and there was rain in the forecast. We hear what now is the crew? Chief is no because practice is about practise. It's not about competition and unless you're going to inspect all those cars that nothing should be based off for it because Kuchis perhaps would remove way maybe not run within the rules. Maybe be a little creative trying to get a starting position near the front. Maybe work on a draft. Well let's let practice practice. You wanted starting spot run. Gooden points lights and two. Everybody's on different agenda. Yes I mean could be to your point working on something completely different than even your teammates or you could go in four different directions. If you're a hindrance to the expert on the other end of the tape it would get great quick. Quick qualifying was based on practice. Yeah there would be a lot of things going on. Let's go to Elliot. How you doing Elliot Good? How about you guys good? What's on what's on your mind on? Twitter this is the year. Chase Elliott breaks out Every year it seems like goes to his death and tracks road courses or Talladega is and we expect to win but something was different Vegas. He had you know good car four. You have a right rear. Go down or something that run his day it's just Kinda neat to see and do good at a track that other drivers succeed at and I'm wondering if this is his year we can expect multi. Wins Okay. So here's what here's what I say. I thought he already had broken out. Okay sure I I have to say when you put the multi multi win seasons. That's a breakout year. That's a big year. I think what chase and what this team has to establish is a consistency weekend and week out. They've had some incredible bright spots. Last week was a great run and have a tire go bad. And you know that as crew chief and as a driver you'll go to stretches where everything that can go wrong. We'll go wrong and then you'll go through stretches where everything that should have gone wrong. We'll go right and you'll win races. Chase has to get on that track and fall into that and sometimes that's just the racing gods and racing luck that puts you in that position but I think he has broken out. I think he's the guy let's say it's A. It's a big weekend for the chevys because obviously in Las Vegas. They showed a whole different side that we didn't see in twenty one thousand nine. Can they bring that again? And Fontana well I would say we did see it in two thousand nineteen at Las Vegas about that track lines up either with the Chevy car or the Chevy Teams Hendrick specifically. I thought had good runs Las Vegas a year ago. You talked about bumps Fontana. Las Vegas is a very rough racetrack. It's not quite like other standard mile and a half's I'll even throw Fontana in the mix you mentioned at once a year. We go there so I mean a second good run for the CHEVYS will bode confidence. But it's a long year and you keep it up and you you know when you get a model change and and the Chevys a little bit of a model change it always takes five or six races to fall into what that car is trying to give you. Even with all of the simulation and everything they have the bumpy race tracks warned services. Things like that seat of the pants still gets it done ninety percent of the time. I still does all right. Let's go to Clifford and North Carolina. Clifford how you doing. I'm good today. I'm good today. Cliff local and then to get through here like like it is. Toyota's race take a good lab was painful man that was paid. You got what do you got for us Blow my question is today. You notice how. The manufacturers won the first three last year. Same drivers have done the same thing this year with the switching occurs and the cars over and I'm really confident and the chevys though in the California and and break through but can't get my opinions got a really good stat there the past seven years. So it's question was well the. Toyotas struggle again in California this weekend wall the nineteen with the bright spot in Las Vegas and they didn't get the finish there but he had the pace lies. I mentioned Kyle. Busch didn't have huge expectations. But the other two definitely weren't as good as possible I don't know I don't know what has changed. The rules are basically the same as they were last year at the bigger tracks. They'll change it the shorter tracks which I am a fan of so I think the presure right. Now there's the least amount of pressure on the Blue Hills. Yeah they came. They showed up. They ran well. Harvard was up there. Pence gives up their Chevy. A good run. You just said it pressure to back it up. Toyota had bad road pressure to find something else. Now success to the Bulls. That's a good point. Let's go to Noah and North Carolina knowing what's going on guys. I was just wondering what you guys think of. Alex Bowman this weekend was the strong. Push up the field from last week on. What state they're Kyle. That's Kinda Racetrack. If we if we look at California that is a place and if and there's so many ifs here saying hey if the Chevy performances there and we heard Steve just talk about how the Chevys did performance Vegas last year if the Chevy performances there. This is a place that Bowman can perform. Because I think it's one of those racetracks that we know Hendrick. Motorsports has performed royal historically there through the years. But it's one of those places where he seems to find the groove and find the place not as not as dramatic as a Kyle Larson or some of those guys but he just starts coming once the tires get worn. He's one of those guys that funds that rhythm on worn tires and can come from the back to the front. I dare say at that. Last cautioned doesn't come out. He wins that race in Las Vegas. You agree see and it was a great phenomena. Lap-times told me he was coming at such a pace and I'm not sure blaming DABBLED EMMA. Now Lady said we would have. We would have kept him behind his easily. But I don't. I'm not sure he knew the full picture of what was happening there and now quick or he was smart. Show the full picture car or looking remarried. Drivers only give you about half the truth. Half the real who come to interview on eighty. Maybe half the truth Alex Michigan. What's happening today Alex? Hey guys so the question I have today is about Ryan. Newman's accident we know back in two thousand three he flipped at Daytona on the Daytona. Five hundred my good friend Jason. Jacoby remember very fondly. He walked away from that accident. How does this accident changed the rest of his career but also how does this change the outcome of the rest of the season for him the team and for Chris Bush or now you're the you're the best one and here's what I say for the team? I don't think we'll know how it changes the team until we get later in the season. Because I think that Ryan Ryan Newman has been a driving force to the Jack Grouch. Racing routes fenway racing back to where they are I think he's really identified their weak points and being able to to make them stronger so him setting out these first few races. When you're gathering valuable information how will that play out five or six races in the year and that will affect Chris? I think that'll affect the product that Chris has but I think Chris is a great little race car driver. Now as far as Ryan goes only Ryan Newman. I'm not going to get in the head of a driver. Didn't pretend to get in the head of they'll junior when he had his accident and had to set out for. You can't only that driver knows what they're thinking what they're thinking about coming back what their timetable is and how they feel they will react when they get in a car but they don't know until you get in a car you really don't know until you get back in the car what you're going to feel. I don't think I can even analyze the downstream effect to Chris. Butcher until we find out Ryan's table of course we all want to see him back in the car and the pictures looked great. But I'm no doctor. We weeks away. Months weak- I I don't know if they have the information we surely don't so until we have that information. I don't think we know without a doubt is thank goodness. He's okay but you want Ryan Newman in the car. Companies stronger with him in the car. That's why he was hired to drive back. Risher well coming up next. The mayor is going to be here with US ON NASCAR COMING IN LADIES and Gentlemen Jeff Burton Mayor Pinch challenging tense cliff. He joins US snacks. He's GonNa have a busy season ahead both. In and out of the car the mayor coming up next on motormouth Sunday march fifteenth in Saint. Pete indycar takes the Green Flag for the twenty twenty season here on NBC SPN and this May NBC is home to the greatest spectacle in racing. The Indianapolis five hundred new seasons almost here and we'll have a new member on our team as well. Everyone was asking me you know. What was it gonNa take to finally become a winner and I said minimizing mistake turned one clip estate out on the track. What X. to this type of town because the hairpin for the final time it's that low at them or maybe you're a buddy lead if he said a moment ago the mayor of Pinch town. James Hinchcliffe joins us now on motormouth. How're you doing hinch? I'm well guys how you doing. We're good man. We hear you have a new GIG or something right along with you. If that's alright you while I was GonNa say you realize that. Means you have to work with all of us. Check all the particulars of the contract you before you signed. It can't be good news right. You gotTa stop as so but you and I had this conversation for years like television is always something that you've always been keen to. You've always had an interest in it. Is You know and I really cool opportunities to do some stuff on that side of the other camera when I was coming up through the ranks commentated on Champ car races Jeremy Shaw the international broadcasts. And I've gotten paid Elaine EP. In the past so I kinda had a little bit of a taste of it and it was certainly something that I wanted to to look at down the road I was driving and I still very much plan on driving for a while but you know obviously with twenty twenty being a a bit of a gap year for me. I figured why not give it a try and kind of get my feet wet in the in the business well. Hanes low-tar here first of all welcome to the team excited to have you on board of always been fascinated by your personality and your opinion on the sport. I think it's going to be great for the fans to here but I'm four you to put your analyst hat on right away at this story in motorsports become a national news story is Ryan Newman. In that huge accident. You yourself had a huge accident back in fifteen you bounce back to be a pole sitter at the indy. Five hundred so. I know you can't speak for Ryan but take the fans into what drivers have to do to bounce back after those types of accidents. Yeah it's funny you know I. I was listening before the break. And you guys were talking about. You don't know until you get back in the car and that was the same sort of situation for me you know. I knew that I wanted to get back into a car. I knew that I wasn't afraid to get back into a car but I think there's always that little bit of anxiety in the back of your head that what if there's something self conscious that just doesn't let you drive on the absolute limit anymore. Even if you really want to you know so much of a performance from a driver as a subconscious thing that that ability to just kind of draw that last one percent the last few tenths of a second and that can just disappear whether you want it to or not and that was my big fear getting back into the car. It wasn't about the speed or getting hurt or having another accident it was as my mind still. GonNa let me drive at the absolute limit and until you jump into a car and see for yourself. You just don't know but you know you can't be Ryan but I know he's a racer and I know that he's probably dying to get back behind the wheel and An answer some of those questions for yourself and everybody else fascinate. This is cow and I want to echo. What Steve Said? Welcome to the team. I'm sorry you have to work tomorrow with Martin. I know but I do want to ask you. I saw your video that you put up on on twitter and instagram. That would be that. Made the rounds and it said you had an opportunity in there. You speak of an opportunity. This rare sports a second chance an opportunity to go back home to a team that you consider family explain those emotions. Yeah well you know I think if you look back at starkly in our school a lot of sports when I was an athlete and a team sort of part ways. It's usually for a reason and it's rare that that they come back together. It's not unheard of but it certainly you know a rare thing and and that's really what. I'm getting to do this year. Limit SCHEDULE THAT. I'm doing you know back within the score who I spent three years with the two thousand twelve to fourteen and the only reason we parted was really commercial issue more than anything. It wasn't that we can liked each other or we wanted to go our separate ways and you know Mike an eye michael-andre and I always kind of joked here. We run new other than paddock. And say you know one day. We're going to try again we're GONNA. We're GONNA try and do this again one time and you know it's a crazy story how it all came together but ultimately we're we're back together and it is kind of like a bit of a homecoming. I maintain great relationships with a lot of people on that team. Engineers mechanics drivers. You know half the drivers on that team stood at my wedding. You know so it's It's a great group of people Environment that I really enjoy an atmosphere that I think is really conducive to teams pushing together and helping each other and making the whole team better. And so I'm I'm very excited to be back there and giving it another shot. Well if the stories that crazy my first bit of TV advice will be. Don't tell it to anyone. Here's why rain fell buddy and when it rains in your area get to go to the motorhome and hang out when it rains in your own. Tv You're going to have to have some great crazy stories. Great Fifth Grade. You know you do have the GP to kind of get warmed up. I guess but what are the challenges of just hopping back into a car at indy? Trying to do to thirty at the overwhelming doesn't also add pressure. Maybe even that you're you're GONNA be an Andretti car. Because those cars are expected to run up front in Indy. Well I mean I expect throwing up front in India so I think that pressure comes from within more than externally if anything. Gp is going to be more of a challenge. Because you guys are going to be coming off four rounds. They're going to be warmed after. GotTa be race fit. You know the Russell be well and truly blown off for me. It's going to be you know my first time really back on a road course. Having not been able to test in the off season didn't take part in the Austin tests so that one is almost going to be more of a challenge. When you get to the big old hole we get a test on the on the thirty twenty ninth thirtieth April somewhere in there And then you also get the whole week of practice. It's the first oval of the year for everybody it's actually a much more level playing field so the GP and a lot of ways it's going to be a bigger challenge in terms of just kind of jumping in the deep end and and trying to get up to speed but with all the all the cars that Andretti run. And they they. They're known for running a big stable but there's known also consistently getting every one of those cars to be quick. You know when you build these cars for the speedway. The smallest difference can make a huge impact on the on the track. But you've seen time and time again they'll show with four five six cars in every single one of them. You know shooter. And so I'm excited to get back behind the wheel at one of those We're excited to try and get back on top and I've got a lot of great teammates to lean on over that practice week to get up to speed. So you're not only going to be a driver analyst on pit road for the INDYCAR RACES. You're GONNA be doing 'em so you're going to be part of our brickyard four hundred weekend coverage on non Nascar coverage India's well so what has you most excited about the TV side? Honestly that That July fourth weekend brickyard is is pretty cool. I'm definitely excited to see that. You kind of the first one on the new date and I think religion is going to be You know cruise in the infield looking for trouble so that could be kind of fun so I make a deal. I'll help you see this site at the brickyard. Four hundred. But I've never been to an indy. Five hundred ooh La Vie. Come on you gotTa show me round the brickyard on the big weekend for the indy. Five hundred I know a guy. Yeah well I know. I've got one better. So this guy over here was making deals throughout the rolex. Twenty four but Alexander Roger Man in a in a junior motor sports car so we get hint to ride and xfinity series race on a road course before he does the brickyard. Can you make that happen? Well I know a guy. That'd be honest he. He's a below above our pace over. Who could pay for that ride? But Hey I got news. Come hang out at the rolex. The deals are made on the pit box at the rolex. Are you enhanced if we can get you an xfinity series ride at the road at a road course? Timing out man. I've been done one of those for years right whether it's the role Charlotte. Whatever let's go. It's got four wheel. He'll make it happen before. See how this happened. They will see in Saint Pete. Hand too it's going to be awesome this year. Yeah can't wait guys thanks. Yeah we'RE GONNA be fun to hang out with James Hinchcliffe this year. We'll get back to your phone. Calls next year on motormouth hit US up though social media at the Hashtag. Let me say this NASCAR AMERICA ON. Nbc is brought to you by Liberty. Mutual Insurance only pay for what you need grassroots moment of the week last Thursday Kyle Busch race at the Las Vegas Boring for the first time since two thousand seven of course what do you think. The scored the win a super late model of yours by slightly better than that first win at his home. Track IN SEVENTEEN YEARS. I want to one of your last. I never wanted my own care way Yeah ever you can watch more great short track events NASCAR ARCA AMERICAN FLAT TRACK AND END. Sach and with track pass on. Nbc Sports Gold Tribe. Today at NBC. Sports Dot com slash track task Unofficially Stephen Z number. One user of track bad as long as I love constantly wears out track pass as a matter fact. I mean who couldn't think this up sooner? I mean you know who's the biggest non fan currently is Mrs low-tar oh she was go so I definitely nothing and now my son has shown me how to throw that up on my TV. So now it's like I just watch it like wait. You put a whole new dimension even. Tv here is my apple TV. Chain Gate Ma'am tell rates awesome. That's good I gotta clearly. I'm behind the Times. Let's get back to the phone lines. We're going to go to Matt's in Tennessee Matt. How're you doing today but Matt stylings here Her comment Kid first of all Jack Rouse shows. He's listening he altered Greg. This'll in in the car for a race. Which leads me to Greg for one truck race at Texas. Last you know Kevin Harvick's got a fifty thousand dollar bounty on any driver. That can how Bush in one the four chuck races. I don't know which tracks they are remaining that he's run out this year. But I know Danny Ham on and often dealing has said that they're interested in running now if KBM dirge ems would give Alex Bowman Kurt Busch Cole. Custer or Dale Earnhardt Jr. chance I believe they can be cowed and let me tell you. Time driver listed half the field. You're just listed man. You had your back with boost. Yeah GimMe Gimme To Allergy think What could be called US over One of the races. I wouldn't one. How about Kyle Larson at Miami? Can someone please truck ride? Yeah I I think only cowboys can be. Sometimes when he gets in truck listen. I think it's a great concept. I think it's stirring conversations it's made you think about different drivers different drivers that you would like to see run the truck series to run against him and I think that's good for the sport I I like. That is out there whether it never happens or not whether anybody takes up the challenge. But it's got people thinking you know care for what you pick what you choose what drivers choosing. I'm GONNA take probably. Oh I don't know William Byron or Christopher Bell because as I check their talk resumes truck. They may bounce back but hey listen kyle. Busch won a lot of races that they were in. And I'M GONNA give credit because all this conversation is because Kevin Harvick yes throughout and then Mark Simone. Back it up. That's right I mean it's it's it's a great story and I think it is no matter what it gets paid out because it's going to pay for the ones that say well. What about the truck regulars let me remind them that the half of that bounty it's coming from the CEO of the company that Supports Truck Series? So I believe but Kyle said earlier this week for the truck series regulars. We've already had seven chances to do it and haven't been able to service and and again again we're talking about it talking injured thinking about it and that's the main thing you're thinking about. You're sitting at home thinking. How would this work? Who could do this? What if this guy got in this trucker this guy got in this drug which is good for the sport mother to Ohio to our Buddy? Marvin blue how you doing Marvin and how you doing marty. What's happening but what's on your mind today. Oh my question for you. Guys is With Auto Club speedway celebrating Kobe Bryant this weekend. I gotta ask you guys this question. which paint scene from William Byron or Ryan Blaney. You See who get the most advantage in the win on on Sunday shows that we're all sorts fans all the way around and and Nascar being in L. A. Obviously wants to pay tribute to Kobe as well. I think both of them were great. They both look great. But that's my vote. If you're asking who's going to run the best. I got that good looking body armor twelve right there the Kobe tribute. I explained it run really well and I think that's going to be a popular skiing out in California. Yeah I think no doubt certainly appropriate when you're out in La to pay Paichadze to Kobe and everybody thinking about him is his entire family so coming up next we'll head down to ruts basement. How you do with Jimmy Johnson Quiz you think I would fail miserably. Never worked with him. But that's all take the quiz together. How `bout that that Awkward Prologue to? Yeah you know. We've learned in the last thirty seconds. Steve that chase watches NASCAR? America influential show is to the community. We were talking about the truck series. Bounty guess who's going to enter the truck race Atlanta Georgia zones going to Atlanta Chase Elliott. Gm love it. You put one hundred K. On the line like people are gonNA find rise. Might make something happen. I wish I had the phone number of the website. I put it up for ticket. Sales could you go out to Atlanta and watch? This thing is going to be battle. That's a double header with xfinity. Same Day saying Oh yeah. It's an awesome show. All right I just got up. I'm driving down go SELENA. Let's go all right you too on a road trip you good by the way you guys hear Jimmy. Johnson's final fulltime out there. And where did his first win? Come on April. Twenty eight two thousand two. Jimmy earned his first cup series win in front of his hometown. Crowd at Auto Club speedway fever. You were at Hendrick motorsports at the time. And I'm sure the shop reaction was good for Jimmy. Johnson Shaw the words after that race when you look back at your first win. What do you feel about the party that night? The party huge moment track team all the stuff. We surf finish line. We're going team has cigarette destroy. I assume ongoing Charlotte and I see Jeff and Jeff is going got a bus. We're taking a group of people who are going to La. I assume you saw the sun come up. I wish I would have made it that far. Maybe a little too excited I had to turn it in early. Oh He's got a great time was two thousand and two for four four. I was wondering where that story I know. A few on the shock part of your reaction life was shot. I could really shocked. I consider Jimmy Johnson. A good friend. He's a spectacular teammate. But the day Jeff Gordon walked into the shop in two thousand one and said Hey. We're going to expand we're going to expand to two cars. We were like. Oh okay out of the shop to Kars four federal. Who's GonNa drive it as Jimmy Johnson? And we all kind of looked in like come again because this point. Jimmy Johnson had one nothing vinnie series and the story Goes Jeff. Followed them in a race. If you saw what this guy was doing with the car he's going to be spectacular so we hire men and and he races and none of us really believed it and then he won that day in in Montana. And we're like Jeff is talking about him. Eighty three wins and seventeen later. Just proves that Jeff Gordon Zahn only driver but an unbelievable judge of talent. The talent scout that was his tenth race of his rookie season as the way. Just in case you wanted to know. So Jimmy's first win was the subject of ruts latest quiz for drivers which came first. We gotTA ruts basement to find out. I've had a fun game. I've been played with everybody which came first so your First Cup. Start October. Seventh two thousand one at Charlotte Motor speedway. Doesn't feel that long ago I was just thinking how long and the fact that you've made a game out of it ever really did which came first his first cup start war. Really Irish was born billy. Bush has come with Jimmy. Johnson's I've never heard of billy. I do you know who that is. Now I've heard the name for the girlfriend told me you said after after Britney Spears. Justin timberlake breakout. Was that before after. Jimmy's First Cup start. Who Cares Bernice Brittany? I love you Justin Timberlake after a hard time for tough deal. I mean that's about as cool Guy Right. You can find legitimate first. Ipod came out. Didn't have an ipod before or after. Yeah Oh yes yes Jimmy. I three weeks Jimmy. Johnson's First Cup. Start OR WILLIAM. Byron was born blow hellos willing eighteen. Sixteen William Byron turn to twenty one. So William Bonds Birth Byron was born in before Jimmy. Johnson's for start before. I had the pleasure of being twenty first birthday great. Hey here's looking at you. So was that a shot of water. What was that? I don't know if it's too many. He will get on the roof of a golf cart that out now. He admits by the way Steve. Geez you know. There's a Kyle petty quiz to didn't I wish I would have studied. It did not make the cut for basement but there is a kyle back with. Everything came after cal. I feel bad about that because I don't know who. Billy eyelashes either artists artists. Yes yeah there. You go all right question number. One Kyle Petty Quiz. What was the number one Song Kyle? Petty made his cup series debut. You would have to go genre. You GotTa give me the our discussion. I got something to add after this because I didn't know that was August Fifth Nineteen seventy-nine just to put it in perspective board in May of one thousand nine Hundred Barrels Donald K. You like this song. Got Something on that. How old was William Byron Wound Kyle? Petty got his last Cup win. I'm not sure about when it was born. When Calvin about that minus two your laughing up ninety five on right about William Barron born in nineteen ninety seven and Kyle petty got his First Cup win in one thousand nine hundred six? What was the number one movie that year? I know that because I'm married to eight girl. Okay I'll give you a hint there's a sequel. God One grossing movie Sequel Comic Big Wheel. Topgun good yeah. That's the Kyle Petty Quiz everyone off. That's pretty good. How about that? Good the answering message on my answering. That's another TV show. Yeah that's another one. We got time to slip in a couple of calls here. Let's go to Bob and Pennsylvania. Bob How you doing. Hey guys I'm doing all right Another question I'm a big fan of Jimmy Johnson's and do you guys think he can get out. It was winning slump. This weekend at California Steve. I'm not willing to put California as the number one place. Can't he absolutely will he? I don't think so but I do believe Jimmy Johnson Visit Victory Lane in his final full-time season. Putting dollar wins this year. We're on the same page. I will say this we on motormouth on on Tuesday. We had multiple Jimmy Johnson fans. Call in I cannot believe how loyal fan base is. He has a fifth-place finish and they already having an eighth championship. I mean they just believe and I mean that in a nice way. I'm not. I'm not being derogatory. They just believe that he can succeed. They believe he can win. And they believe he's going to turn this thing. We'll go one further that if he does win this weekend. I wish I was there. Because I think there'd be another bus to La for art can through female Doberman throughout dovers. Maybe that's coming up races. They're coming up. Nate Ryan joins us with your thoughts from social media with let me say this here on motormouth this Saturday Monster Energy super-cross comes to Atlanta or toll. Mak will look to get his third straight win and extend his championship. Lead tune in Saturday. Five eastern right here on NBC SNL. Let me say this. I'M GONNA say this I'm GonNa say this. Let me say this. But I'M GONNA take but I'm GonNa take telling you can. I'm telling you that I'm telling you something forever and with that we greeting today Ryan Co Today. Ever get tired of me how you get excited wearing a sweater. I am disappointed. No sport coat for me a for American. Like the sport codename. I'd next time Marty just for you Hashtag let me say this. Bring it started from Italy. Stockcar live I Italy Italy. Really? This is that's bank this all the time. This one's good. He notes that goodyear is brought a softer Tyre compound and he thinks that the lodge brace was evidence that already seen better racing. So what are you guys? Thanks for compound. That's after the chief question the Kuchis for loop. I'll tell you that being in the Garage Jerry in Vegas Listen Do I think softer tyres and highway tires make because it leaves opportunity for Kuchis drivers to make improvements to their car You know but it's easier said than done in a little softener in the mix but bravo goodyear tough challenge and they lived up to it in Las Vegas Retire Fontana. But it's always. It's always better right when when there's people who good at the beginning of a run good at the end of Iran I mean. There's you know movers driver's perspective. You like that yet. You won't because if you my dad used to always say the guy that runs the fastest always win. The race is the guy who runs the same speed and wants consistent. You can get your car to be young at that time now before they green white checkers and all this stuff which let's let's be honest about that. All Right Mike Hashtag. Let me see this wants to know. Does Las Vegas have better racing. Because of the reconfiguration of they did fourteen years ago. The increase the banking from twelve to twenty degrees. You guys both are familiar with the old Las Vegas. Las Vegas is having an effect having that progressive banking. Say we don't want to show because we don't blow it. I forgo a reconfiguration. That is a good question that is that is a good question because they did. They did they did they put they changed the bank. But I would. I would venture to say this. I think they have better racing. Not because the track change one time because the iteration of cars in the engineering on the cars have changed twenty million times and think about it. Think about the cars over the last thirteen fourteen years. And how much that technology has changed? Track has stayed the same so the track is great. The bumps help but I want to give credit to Nascar people. Don't ever want to give them credit. This package makes for better racing at Las Vegas to some not so exciting races at Las Vegas and yet we haven't had any in the last three with this Arrow package so so the tracks great. I'm not gonNA track but really it's this rules back. And the track is aged in nicely as well everywhere on that racetrack. It's very nice right now. Finally this is not really Hashtag. Let me say this but we have a tweet from Kevin Harvick melt giving chase Elliott Adeboye along from the down the hall office on much right down the hall has brought us to Chase Elliott News. Now you're bringing the Kevin Harvick. That's giving Harvard Kanada boy to He opened up another one of his baseball field sports. Charley Boy Kevin Harvick. That is a great program at Kevin Delaney. Do so I'm going to give him a tip of the half of that one you break anymore and get your own desktop. Maybe we'll have to be out in the hallway and I hear more of your calls when we come back on Motormouth as we continue here on a fun. Motormouth DAY NASCAR AMERICA ON. Nbc is brought to you by Liberty. Mutual Insurance only pay for what you need. See Nineteen Eighty. Us Hockey team in Vegas tonight in one thousand nine hundred good for you guys grand marshals last week cool to see that by the way coming up next on NBC. It's miracle on Ice Fortieth Anniversary Conversation with Mike Tariq. Oh and the man who called that Special Game Al Michaels. Still a good by the way new in town. Yeah Yeah I saw a snippet of that interview. It was really genuine having fun at the race. And they were having a blast. So Hey we're GONNA try to knock out as many calls as we cam. We'll go to Anthony in Florida. How're you doing anthony? I'm doing really good. How are you guys doing? We're doing fine it's it's it's really good to hear from you guys so so. I wanted to ask this question about Matt's better dental what type of ratio do you think he'll earn? First Cup series win at you. Don't want after after the Vegas race. I think just about anywhere on honestly I I think last year the team he was driving four. We just put it down a short tracks and some some specific places the speedways but the Vegas performance. I think opened up a lot of people's is I think with the wood brothers. Those guys can compete weakened and week out just about anywhere. I like it like say Bristol. Now I think anywhere anywhere. Love it all right. Let's go to land landed. How you doing today bud? Good good buddy. What's on your mind? I was wondering Gar course twenty. Twenty s How about MATTY DO DARK? I think Matti. Djba dark horse. I think William Byron my expecting to get his first win and move even further into the playoffs. I had him as dark horse. I think there's actually a bright crop of what I consider Dr Courses. That's good. They're all young have great futures but I have Mattia William Byron on the list. I couldn't agree more. Okay agree more cool. Let's go to Beaufort North Carolina. How you doing Great Gatsby? Quick FOR COW and Steve. Yes no answer. Do you ever get to watch a race at home like the average race? Fan If you if you mean. Do I move my refrigerator from the kitchen into the Dan within reaching distance and sat and scream at the TV and fast forward rewind and fast forward and do stuff? Yeah I do that all the time all the time as long as I can reach the refrigerator over here can set it right there. Yeah I'm watching it if I'm not there I'm watching. Yeah so always in the first half when Fox's on I probably get to thirty forty fifty percent of them and the other ones. I walked home slash like you guys watch every Saturday and Sunday vanity. Watch it all right. Let's go to rob and California Rob. How're you doing good? How you guys doing today especially GonNa let you guys know a big fan of the show and everything on weekly becoming on my Snyder San just normal man my research that Hashtag question racer okay just wanted to know Kind of towards Steve. What they've a lot with the CHEVYS and they really showed up in Las Vegas. How do you think they're gonNA show up in California Steve Jerry's out? I'M GONNA be interested as you. Chevy Big West Coast run. We'll see how they do that is taking calls to the end of the show. Thanks for watching motormouth. We'll see on Monday everyone.

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