TSS 260 - Should We Get Back On Track OR Get Onto a New Track


Friend colleague associate of Mine I. Guess Who's been on the podcast number Tom's pay the Cox once told me you will stay the sign with it's not for the people you made the books you read and I suppose in essence what he was trying to communicate day was if you don't try and get to speak to you from other sources or other people, essentially, you'll live in your world and you'll never experience change and you'll never experienced other people's opinions and receptive today input. Not only in business, I should qualify in life in general. It's really hard to find those people. saw on the first person decide became listen to. Which is why try and find amazing guests to come on the show because I know for the better part that my well, not me but. In this instance you lucky because I've managed to get a gentleman to come on the show today who is. Certainly, someone that has been around the block and has a launch a man of wisdom under his belt now. We've comes in many forms and I suppose if you've had somebody that runs a successful business that's one thing. That you can be hearing from somebody who's accomplished all who has presented Ted talks all over the world on numerous occasions runs many successful businesses now heads up global charity and has some amazing in sought not only into a realm of business, but into the realm of life. Is a absolutely wonderful discussion and I'm sure you guys are GonNa get a lot out of it is a huge takeaway. Ego is in the South Process auditees and I'm sure it's going to be a big pain drop my mood for a lot of you. Know, you'll enjoy the show and account Whitey comments and feedback on it. So enjoy today's podcast has been proudly brought to you by Treaty wit 'cause try to whip God's with tribespeople only on their websites and marketing solutions to help them stand out from competition everything from web is on through to Seo. Search engine marketing content creation. You dammit cars a customized solution for tried vice organizations and it's fantastic hit across the tribe guys dot COM dot au Ford slash apply filling the form and let's have a conversation. Keeping Chinese in contract is around the globe the tools to run a modern business you're listening to toolbox talks from the site shed. Now he's your host Matt joins. Hold on. Welcome. To the PODCAST. Well that it's a through to be here. Thank God am so. We should pay tribute to the man that introduced us on always a podcast listener. Brin exactly. Yes. What he's what I would call and I'm sure he's listening right now but he's been call a deep plumber by that. Goes. INTO ENORMOUS DEBTS TWO WEEKS? Probably exactly. But he thinks about business and a very interesting way and yes that's how I met him and that's and then threw him I that you which is really cool. What I like to call plumber for knows. Go a new, a new group, a new subhash. Polio, we're going street wanted organizations you I associated with. Like a pot or something, but he wasn't Jae. One. Let's before we get started a background of the UN. You've done multiple Ted talks now you. Ve written books. and. You're a bit of a celebrity and so it's Going to get paid such a amazing status on Jinnah. Give us a bit of your story. Well you know it's always challenging. Do a bit because when you realize how old I am the bid is a long bit. So let me give you the really brief on my. Supposed to have one of these heroes journey is you know where you come from a family and my family was poor by the way but you know, and then you have all these struggles along the lines. May now sort of thing, but I think most of those invented after the event. So in my case, I think it was just a story of getting lucky you know was born in the united. Kingdom. I got when I was twenty one, I got Hayden wanted to become one of the first ten in Juvenile Guyq out Australia. So that made I was hanging out with Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard and learning so much from them, and then I created one of Australia's first computer companies and then way back when. Before you would aboard Iraq, and then I realized that my you know you realize we had a coin and one day I went to a seminar before we actually understood what seminars were. And neighbors lightness revelatory thing for me because I did this thing. But my God, that's me. That's what I was put here to do and so I. Literally That Day sold the computer council and that was kind of interesting. And decided that I would speak around the world and and I said just speak. Would give me pie and peas. It's beat right. But but fortunately that really took off and you know as as you ally tool king today, I think the estimate is that something I two, hundred, twenty, six, thousand people. Benefiting from or those those things that we created and then along I was actually had at twenty three, thousand white way back before these are sort of interesting numbers twenty, three, thousand and business owners to whom we were doing the marketing and and that included not surprisingly a lot of traders and stuff, and then I sold all of that in the two thousand and you can probably guess from voice that this hard someone close to me let's just put it that way said I want more of you. So you need to retire and I said yes darling. was. But that was not for me. I got to tell you and three years afterwards. I had to get back in there although I was under sorts of legal restraints and stuff. Then quick story nearly there in two, thousand, seven, I You know all of us have moments right and I had this moment where I realize there was more to business than I actually up until that point few essentially what business was business all about either said, well, it's all about You know adding enormous value to the people that you're privileged serve and and it's about having fun doing those Miami things. You'll notice that money wasn't in there, and that's probably a huge emission on my part. But there was one event where I realized all my go out. You know there's there's something else here and that was gonna I realize lobbyist the two percent people he won the both lottery and there were people there. There were opportunities frost to do really fabulous things in the world and that was the one one. Came into operation and so now that's the great part of what I do and that's how I met Brin and I saw jumping to be one g want a little bit. But can you tell us a little bit about the Ted Talks you've done in the past? What you were talking about I mean that's far as. You've offered some books as well. I love to hear about. Some of the things that you've. The are you like a five fifty Ranji almost from stage type of? Yeah Yeah. Well, I did most of my Muslim books and indeed tend to. And videos. were. On something creative way back in ninety, ninety two, which was this whole philosophy was called towards service and what was doing was looking at the tiny tiny things that actually make a difference in business and you know that that continues. Today. Just just yesterday I did a whole series of videos on more. I called trump's embitter and the idea that is you know if you imagine met the yesterday, I was a one just from the site discussion a number one on something I'm going get one percent better. So that means I'm one point one today right get just get the mess but one percent at which doesn't seem very much. But if I keep doing that you know for a year and you put applied with the compounding. Now you one point one times Nord certain rights to the three hundred, sixty fifth power, which is thirty seven point seven, eight I. Happened in our times, right And so these little tiny things so so so important and the reason that great for business is because they are so tiny, they cost nothing for you to do. Not, they have a huge impact, a huge return if that makes sense which which seems to me like a great deal, you know be able to do something that costs you nothing but instantly produces. Large without reading books and over the years which sort of subscribe to similar philosophy is. The one thing. I think it's right Kellogg The Idea of essentially it's about just doing the small things that at the big the big result and I was. A lot of people decide that with A. Business mentality are a it's really it's pretty much a metaphor for law. Let's like. Is. One thing is how you do everything Brian Slowly. So I'm interesting and some of the some of the work I do I ask people I isn't I know audience of business owners how? To imagine something very frequently I happen to US plummets actually I actually use plummets and so I said okay. So think about. From I and let's talk to the person next we just go ahead and talk about your experience. How do you feel about? Plumbers and then. Is a runner. So what are you? What are you feeling and always I'm not kidding you always at least eighty percents. The audience says, well, I don't feel good about it. seriously. So, why is that? Well, they don't turn up on time. I'm serious that is the biggest issue. So. If you think about that by the way, this is not about plumbers. I mean people always all Foxtel. About doctors you waiting it's all of that kind of stuff. So again, it's overused but it's these obvious things that we miss saw one of the things that that I will do. You can play with it as well. Where you know I, I use all times because if Einstein a someone on. site. Like they told me it's done on Monday, but they've got this on which. All his idea about well, I can't tell you what time I'll be there because got all of that sort of stuff. Right on know that's challenging. But one of the things that we found is that when when Triton, let's talk try it is when when I use all times, it changes everything, which is a very simple triet. So resemble if if someone says, well, you know I'll be there one o'clock. The problem is that one o'clock doesn't mean one o'clock anymore it kind of rains roughly right clock. So you get you know seven minutes after one let's say but the. Other person was was was figuring or you'd be there one. So straightaway there's a there's a trust issue and by the way what some people were kind enough to say, aw sorry I'm late by the way you should never say that you should always say thank you for your patience by the way the reason I was like well so I don't just get in the and then we found transpeople seriously. So The Times I recommend not. I'll see you at one, twenty, seven off. One or? Something after the you like one ten or one, twenty, one, forty, notice not one, thirty, one, fifteen, and one fifty and people go. This really interesting and then one particular traits guy in new. Zealand's he was. Celebrated as the business of the year in New Zealand seriously was. And so the interview they interviewing him running Christ church in the TV station says. So what's the secret bryce right? Bracelets well I. You know ever since I met I turn up all times and he says, what's really interesting is and this guy's a landscape gardener and it was really interesting. We have people standing in the driveway checking whether we will be on time, and of course we are and it just changes everything. It just changes everything because then the level of trauma bigger and so on social. So. What's the wants the shift they are really followed Waukesha going to be there at ten. One. Okay. Why why is that ship question? Sorry. Well, Barnacle doesn't mean anything, but it means like approximately one. That's that's why air. But one ten, the brain he at differently took. And you will you actually that's why when you and I can take flights not that we can do that by now. But. If you think about the flights that you take, most of them are at all times and that's because the airlines understand behavioral economics, which means that if the ascites leaving at one on seven. By the way don't go making appointments at one. Oh. Seven them one, Time One, twenty, one, forty. Then people will people will get the and therefore they'll take off with full airplane. So interesting that kind of yeah it is it. is relevant to things like we're doing now. Send out of calendar linked to you, and you can book on your schedule according to wants a foul, but typically speaking all those bookings, lots of round numbers and I know a lot of the guys now especially in the Wyckoff and all of this whole. Situation around the world that are listening and watching like they're in similar situations where they doing a lot of remark meetings with the clients and all of Etame Tame. Meetings all the time. Typically it's through a calendar though is that the same mentality or was it not so much? Yeah. Yeah. There are some gallant as one lady to do this but many world. So yeah, it when you book meetings with me, for example, the meetings will set up as you know one, ten twenty and by the way overlaps. and. I will always schedule often have meetings scheduled twenty minutes lead myself time just in case the meeting schedules will always go one ten. The blonde forty, then the next hour will flip to. Fifty next flip to fifty. Sorry to to twenty, forty fifty or those sorts of things and funny thing when you know because there are two most used words, these used phrases these days because we're spending so much time on them. One of them is your mute that's probably the biggest flood. But interestingly, I don't have to wait the people there, and in fact, the people who used the talking with if I'm like, you know a minute on again emails. And I think what happens is human nature it's how you do that. Is How you do everything. So for example, with the tradespeople again, that timing is really important and we have people that say things like by the way if we're not there on time, then we will pay you. For every minute that we're late up to a maximum for her laws. So the trust level goes up and then the next one is it makes biggest frustration. If you like is this whole thing of when you ask general audience for people don't don't clean up after themselves. You know that sort of thing So these these kind of. Soft skills that determine how world people see you as what you do by presume that you're gonNA live other. Trade thing but it's the other stuff around that. That really makes them feel great and by the way, that's how you get premium prices as well. Yeah. It's interesting as well. I think today we live in A. Lucky to live in a environment where A, lot of those things technology can. Help you. Do the heavy lifting. Down the bookings is an obvious one but I, mean, you know one of these job management and project management softwares at the guys I using it there, and Kudos. All using that, and if you know what you should, you know like having a having some sort of technology imply switch in our if not notify Z. Customer when you're going to be there to the to the minute has some sort of tracking capability certainly notifies you on what time you need to be at the customer's house so that you're always there on time because I agree with you. This is the worst thing even these way. And I always want to funny because. Quite, obviously, quite heavily tried spice education perspective and. When Experiences we've tried staple back frigging well, know about it because I should. Still waiting. On My Monday Saigal Koi tomorrow let Tom Accounting. We haven't received for coal. I haven't heard it from the dude I and I'm thinking this is to be honest a typical. You know experience for a Lotta people which. Drags the industry down to buffet I'm which is completely unfair. A lot of. You. Know. Obviously people that are watching. You appreciate the confronted but. He talk about technology and then some of it sometimes, I'd technology actually heard. So I remember When was this two thousand seven? and. Go, ABS Christian and someone was offering to coach this guy and he said, well, how much You know there's a whole thing around that. But anyway so the guys said, look, let me spend a day with you and long going to tell you whether only gonNA help you this goes and spends a day with this with the attrition at the end of the day the. What you're making, he says. I, I think I could add hundreds of thousands of dollars fuel business in the first year. And the training. That's is this is this is, but there's a deal I'm gonNA make a deal. He says, the deal is that you give me your phone right now you just give me your phone. And I will get your phone answer for you. In fact, I'll do it for the first month. And you're going to have access to your phone other than when I call. And because think about that just goes is the inauguration right now he's mobile phone there and he's doing his albums. Lol stuff or whatever else. On the phone rings, what's the first thing that happens a person happens? Once my is the first thing got. So, Pixel Phone Goes Yeah Oh. Yeah. Can you all ya I'll give you the quite get on Bang goes the fun ride. So and if you if you think about that and you think about how can I use technology so that I can be productive and at the same time I can deal with the customer different way all of the sudden you get masses by the way the number for that particular guy was hundreds of thousands of dollars in fact, the five on the thousand dollars. In. In the first year along so and it just an example of a little thing that we get used to doing. But we don't think about the implications and and this is a conversation regularly in the group and and we've quantum on this morning always talking to a quantum on all whatever the fine rings I always answer it to which I said that's ridiculous. You should be doing the work that you people applying you to bye sought to be doing instead of answering the phone. And Anyway, these are calming conversation because people they often the the the regular feedback. I get it will if I don't answer the phone call that I get the job to which I normally side, Boesch it and the. Nine, what he can offer like can answer the questions like I can which Lille motion. I think I think fundamentally days like guys get caught in this way of thinking Miss United? Mendome. Onset problem with I think that. They're the only ones that can do this and to be fair until they're thinking changes they they are because there's you know there's so much technology and racehorse around there, which can help remove them from those those medial tossing the business of stopping them from bank productive. Serving the customer better and imagining and from a customer's point of view if you're on the on the job and you're you've come to fix type washes or whatever, and I'm talking and you find makes you guys an answer, it essentially just said to the person that you're doing the work for all of these phone calls more important than. Of, course you have. If you doing things by the hour, which is another whole discussion on maybe spend five or six podcast about whether or not you should do that. Then they go the made us seeking. That's sort of that sort of thing and I'm by the way for those of us your. Reality is that the person who actually would answer it for you would in all honesty do job the new and I don't mean to you know put you down in that I just know from experience. There's a Mij- I mentioned nine Major. Retailer in Australia. On inclined to mention that one where you know the guy's fixing it on a yes. So could you tell me the price on experts at all year three, hundred bucks you know don't don't go. And just by changing that just by changing that at the end of five and a half weeks of forty percent increase in their business while. Just by changing them. These things are right in front of somebody just don't see them. That's on always plumbing and. Managing projects and things like that I. Mean You find rings when you're in the middle, you just sit down to do something especially when you're. On the project ours and the is out there will be nodding their head agreeing with this because it's like as soon as you actually get set up to do something the fine rings and then you you just feel like he never get back to the. Room set out in a guy and you come back that I pack it up, give them down a bloody thing going to leave inboxes and answer phone calls. As. is inside but I mean it's it's it's a reality a lot of the guys they thinking boy no. These coal because if it's bill and I don't answer it then on the job and I'm what you've been working for these at twenty. Of Cool she gives job. I'm sure he'd be happy as you could pleading work instead of answering your phone call, but I think what happens as well. As the mindset way, stop thinking like this, and then we try clients to expect things like this. Presence other provides walk well, no. No. I call you and you answer that's how this relationship works and unfortunately that's like Doug, Yarn Gripe data at a gray. So then you go down that path of re-training clydes, different process and Albany just dump these yesterday I should add like with some of the support tickets I we were so many companies. Now, this support ticketing sought of things is an ever evolving. I wouldn't say struggle but struggle and. Improve the. At involve process and some people don't like it end of the day it's you. You have to do these things and you've got to you've got to two. Things. Flow better like what it's all about it's optimizing. Absolutely is and and. But it's also you know the. Scene about it another way too because you know when the when the treaty electrician who took the calls and we took the phone off him. I mean he's going to. Get onto the quote tonight. So now you're home bang you you you. You know you're evening's shot as well. So you know and and all of a sudden we think our businesses really stressful because that's the way it has to be done. Well, it's not the way it has to be done and business should be joint doing what we really. And then you're right I mean the the great thing about what you'll dying met is that you help people see that and I'm sure there's many people listening to us now I got yeah, he does. Sorry. There's a lot of as you know as a community grows and evolves and as we get amazing newbies coming from all over the world is like something like six thousand. Global try business a part of the community, all their experiences. Good old bad and. There's nothing wrong with bad experience as long as you can learn something from. Them Yeah. So. Like some of the conversations, they're you know a very constructively in from he is and I'll find. On like I only have a young child so it's probably not relevant to me, but you've got children yourself. My Dad decided my I'll tell you things over and over again and you would ever do it until somebody someone else's Zach of his arm thing and you go and do it and I feel like it's gone. Sometimes. It's like that in business you he's things. So often from united from one certain avenue, and then all of a sudden you hear from somewhere else and it's like bank. Oh, that makes sense already that I've done it myself I do myself is. Now. It's. It's so true. It's Soto. And that's what I mean. That's. That's what makes it interesting but it also makes it kind of interesting realize that even though we might think right now that we're at the Max, you know if you like in terms of performance, the reality is going back to those little one percent things that you know on a there's so many little things here particularly now, they can add to your business very significant. To Your Business Your Life as well. Well, exactly I mean one of a be the big focuses for us for the last couple of years as Bain. By our from libraries and for helping lawns and Mrs Viewers and pot about communities, understanding how how important structures from and William as when you because. Because there's so many guys out there and I'll been there myself and I'm show you there as well at one point where you just feel like you doing everything because you doing everything. McColl Taika, you're the accountant. Sales person or the dispatch on your everything right and until you can understand that in order to. them out for yourself you need to process those roles and responsibilities and trying to do it. You'll way and you can step out of that role and you can focus on the things you to be doing you know, and that's exactly it's pretty much the only way I mean Farrah from meetable China's to to bobbies and a lot of guys out there the Siamese they've been able to apply some of these principles, organizational structure and all of a sudden they like. I don't have to work Fridays anymore or I can. Jump the kids at school in the morning and all of a sudden they mornings back and this is through making a small like you said like little saw changes on a journey already on. And sometimes, it's a little more than there too I mean you know because we get locked into, you know the things that always used to be that way you know. So as a for example, was dealing with a plumber again recently in August Schwartz vice earns the you know in the channel is right and this guy's name is Darren and we WANNA or and the car is getting killed on getting code as what was. He says, well, people they make these we kind of know but you know they're they're kind of Kohl's where they checking out what we say. So they'll say some you like. So I'm going to go this problem. I need to fix my toilet how much you're going to be going to be for that and we say, well, it's somewhat for our whatever that thing is, and then later that we know as the competitor. And then all sudden we get killed in the marketplace because we might be causing. Forty Euros or whatever they charging, Guernsey? Per Hour and so all go to do is say IRA. Twenty three Mrs Johns and all of a sudden bang business goes out of the new. So you started thinking about and you hang on a second. Is there a different way? Yes there is Roy, why would you? Why would you not do it very differently not even worry about the alley, right? Why would you not do it another way and in particular case that's exactly what happens. So it when he when he? Would take the calling fate wasn't inland site in the builder win team taking the call it would like this Mrs John's would say, yes I need my toilet fix Tommy much it is and he would say well, yes. Mrs. Jones by what do I can I just ask you a couple of questions to help you best. Yes. So what's the type of this? What's this and he'll say okay well, that's going to be. X dollars whatever it is. And then he would say and that includes a number of very special things and I guess what? Mrs Johnson Opponent Mrs Jones says long. Walk what? Things that Oh well Mr? Jones. Glad you are because when we give you the time to the, we're going to be there by the way we will be there at that time and if we're not, then this will happen not only that we do this and this and this and this, and this whatever those extra things are and another extra things they're just the things that nobody else talks about that's that's the difference, right? And They Miss Jones goes I best fine. Bank no discussion Abou. This Bryant Street within that as his bang because what the customer wants in another and obviously there are exceptions to this. But typically what we need to understand that the customer wants is certainty that's what they want. They want certainty and and through that certainty, which by the way comes from structure as well. The moment they see you got to structure they could become trusting of that. So trust and certainly the sun is like, oh Let's let's let's do that as opposed to you know the typical thing we've quoting for example as well. Yeah I look I'll think about that and I'll give you a call back. You know that's not GonNa Happen You know that you know all the guys get. Interrupted and all of that kind of stuff. So again and the methodology by which do that. Is Very very, very important but again, little thing larger outcome Interesting as far as like in the beginning of this whole thing when you're not businesses here, try to win your lockdown around the world winning your lockdown and force lockdown Marshall and. Ribbons is. There was there was a lot of sort of. freaking out about it and then guys rightfully who saw this sort as an opportunity to us always step. Segment themselves. Competition. Big issues that all the issues trying to solve that point which to be fair economy shoes, you're always wanted to resolve as Business Shawna? Or promote a product or service to a potential customer Ivana. Mitigate mitigate risk can reduce fee and you know when when a customer comes when you trot working for a client, like they have apprehensions whether they voiced them or not and concerns, and it's your job con- of. Proactive in trying to reduce those or address is before they get to them dating. A much better chance of getting foot in the. Absolutely. Right. It's all about building that that relationship during the connection I think that actually businesses all about you know. All about bribery things. But one of them that is really easy to do, and that is it's about connection and really about connection it's not about sales of just connection and the extent to which we can connect with people and therefore build. The trust is is is hugely related as you not to the revenues and profitability business and. Then, we've spent eased and anyone that listen to this broadcast. You seek the death of me talking about it but like exactly what you just say building trust and rapport through connection and like instead of being always fronton prison as the guy trying to ram down someone. About. Trying to help and educate and so. Proactively. Investing in frameworks and tools and programs to help try business owners create useful content and share that content with a potential customers existing customers. Are, things because that's like a touch point, which is first of all not going to get unsubscribe from and second of all it's useful invaluable which. Were the final on Obama and the customers as well this is actually stuff that I'm interested in. It's not like daylight US promotion auditors which I couldn't give it to us about. Alleluia and and as a result of that, the level of trust goes up significantly and the thing that we need to understand is that no trustee equals no sale it's as simple as I. It's an interesting land skype as well as probably is when. You come from being a try business on our and our side is all the time like you're not in the plumbing building electrical business anymore your education's. Liking going. To educate people coming DC information, you gotta give them information and then maybe they'll tell you assault. But if you don't do those steps very very rarely will you go from one to three without two? And so. It's interesting because this is the first one I have spoken in any depth right under than high you know sort of thing and an interesting that you know we talk about the same things and you say, well, you know we're talking about that and We'll that makes me think of is there are these time on a truths, right that brought Joust A. Bit, we tend to forget and we forget them peril I think as well. It's Like federal less you know as as tribespeople to be fair, it's not I mean, that's why spice in this but you know I'm sure across any vertical, any profession I experienced similar problems. In this way, you can go and try and to be a lawyer or an accountant or a doctor or plumber or builder or whatever it is, and you get really good at doing that profession. But I, point throughout that process is anyone ever takes you the skills involved run a business, and that's a different whole as a completely different guy. You give me the best plummer in the world, but if you don't know how to. Promote yourself, and if you're not cheating presentable skills if you can speak to customers correctly and if you have all the invoicing stuff down and your act professionally. Water. I remember in nine hundred, Ninety gameboy before you were born. Being Michael Gerber in fact, I read mentioned Michael. And I remember reading Michael's book and December Nine, hundred and ninety as the myth and I just went to go to thirty one. I remember I thought God he's written book just for me. Is I'm GonNa get this guy. To come to the straight and you remember those twenty, three thousand business on his arm swing. And so I went to the back of the book is how long it goes, and there was a fax number member is the. Seriously I fixed him and you know and eventually out, he came in February of ninety ninety one and it was just amazing. But you know Michael Michael always used to. You know he's big thing was You know we're on the business rather than in an. To say, he would get on stage. You say, then he addresses in the road right on I on hairdresser and he was like do on the business and he said, and then he would look at them directly because Michael if you've been in an audience with Monaco, the does get blue a little time on about to do that. But anyway. So mogul look and he would say so that your head wrestler and you're on the business that right so. He would say, well, let me just look straight in the eye inside differently than that but in. The worst person to build to to build a hairdressing business and I noticed that way he's saying it that West. Hairdressing businesses a hairdresser. and His because you see, you always default cutting the hair rather than thinking about how I can build a business where other people can do that. Do you see you see what I mean and so You're so you're so right it just because you necessarily have the technical skill which you work hard and everything else to do doesn't necessarily guarantee success out there in the marketplace. But I think it certainly ties back to that conversation around understanding your organizational structure because for a lot of. We run those some events all over the world surfing and skiing events and all these cool things and when I run through these talk, these topics with guys at the events. Oh. My God I've just realized that. All I am in the on the head of my finance department then. SOCK numbers or on the head of customer support and Hyde paypal and. It's like a revelation penny dropped for them because they're like. So hang on a minute or need to do is try and someone on how to do this, and I can spend all my out on the job managing the projects, which is what I'm good at and then. All of a sudden bang. It's amazing. Now, one of the guests who had recently yarn he's on, he's been a couple of times, but he runs it extremely successful cabinet freebies and is on the northern beaches Sydney and Nelson gone goodbye him on. Now he's sent a couple of years ago is to a workshop recently did in Japan where we built out old shots when we're talking about old shots and he came back actually before the said all by the While to tell you that lost workshop in Japan, the gloss came back by. The old shot we bought some guys. Even the businesses grind twenty percent like. So. It's quite interesting. These little little things that people. Think is significant all of a sudden. It's like, oh, by the way. Eric could. Words you using around that you're the owner of the business. It does this rather than you are that. I think that's a very interesting distinction I. Think we have another distinction as well. The Lot of relief as well for a lot of guys out there is. You don't necessarily have to be the see all you don't have to be. and. I think that would be me. It's always like what? I know for sure I'm not GM Jean material you know like I'm the director of the. Off and on I want people around me I can implement these things and cut through cut through the crap you know and it's okay to be like that. If you understand that that that's your role in the business. Then it makes it a lot easier to deliver on and I want is your heart will bring people into those positions to fill that void. So you get LICO system jailing. So is this concept isn't air flow, which is like doing that she really enjoy and everything else. And you know if you if you don't enjoy the finance stuff. Don't do the finance because why would you got to yourself to they're doing right? In in the groove as to what you do and then find other people do it and yes, use the organization. The find the people who love to do that better than or now of course. which. Is released. Yeah. I'm I'm curious about is we've been chatting for quite a while. Conscious of the Tom you're investing. Thank you very much but. A little bit about the the more recent initiative we want J. One something recently came on board with your your. Ride. Again. Shout out to bring the intro bit. Of Mocking in wide. For Martin businesses to sort of give back to society community one to be honest it's really hard like looking at all these different. Charities and causes and things around, and he's like knowing what you know and what you hear about all these you know these charities the. Such, all actual portion of the money to the charity and the rest of the guys that the directors Lamborghini, fund the whatever. It is. Yeah. Sorry. It's quota I think a lot of people that to be would be. Thinking similar to me. On love to be able to give something back to a coal is. Actually legit and trustworthy in always always actually stuck to stumble across bay one j one because I mean didn't I think it was one conversation Saami outlets guy so I got into Hello I. Think. You. By the way, the Kislyak. One thing that goes. Because Zoom? US. Of the other day you're in his body. In Gina Forest. And that is actually my view here in in from the. CONDO. In. But. Yeah it is. But not the whole concert Jim on is very simple. We saw glad you're here by the way and then bring again shut out to Bryn is this whole concept which comes again to connection right so the whole concept is, wouldn't it be a great world if every time business was done that something great happened. So think about that from it wouldn't it be great world? If, you know when? Whenever, for example, in my case whenever I sent an email, very simple, a kid gets access to education and that's not about me guy while I'll look to me what it is saying is remember that whole thing about the percent birth lottery and remember what what's ahead just said about it being difficult. You know you you've got to find this charity and find that charity. In be one you on. There are something like six hundred projects and their high impact projects, and so you can link your business activities to whatever these projects. So you know if you're applying, you might want to say win win the quotas accepted open. The job is done. You might want to give them a little note after the event that says, thank you Mrs Jones. It was south frontier you might not use those words, but it was it was good to complete that job on time and just to celebrate that we thought you'd love tonight that as a result of getting the do that fifty seven kids just got like to water. Thank you very much. I was thinking about the impact of on Mrs Johnson, by the way I need to say this is not about you going. Let's. That's absolutely not what it's. It's it's about youth any even better about what you do and I spoke with a guy not that long ago who's had really successful business and he said. It was surprise visit law meaning or purpose in England has become all about the money and I think we will reach that stage hopefully some others and so being wanted you on unlocks that whole sane and allows you to link as I said before he will seem simple business activities to doing something great and you choose that way to real estate or to comment on your point when you do that in the. One hundred percent of your giving goes where you want to go. There's nothing comes off the top weight Mike anything out of it. It's it's it's it's really beautiful beautiful say and I think that right now we are at the something like two hundred eleven, million giving impacts, and all of that started just to circle back to where we started this these tiny little things that make a major difference and and Masami. Toe founded this with my she had that simple idea but in big right if that happened. So it's a little tiny thing but now where it goes and so I think it's also metaphor the how we can build great businesses as well. And if you want more information on that websites, one g one DOT COM and up on this podcast goes love you actually I would say set up your head across the. You'll say something. Polls. You help me with that hopefully because I haven't done this. Is. Just. So you can go on a cross relied at back to me how yours model for your business. You can add across to try to whip guys come off dot com and you can just sort of say we're going to do with that because it's Different to what you guys do as tribespeople, but you shot and I got the picture anyway Dan Philosophy inside fire. It's pretty pretty Donna easy to set up. Very easy. It's slow bureau. We even have a kid. And I think I mentioned today This woman she joined the Jew and she was selling Ban Lee about a and on the Saturday night after she joined and and what happened was she says Okay David Ten Year Son David Time Yotam dishwashing and David goes on. And she said, well, what about if we find it from my doing that and she was a little? One, and so she simply set up a little giving story which says. She's doing David. About right. David. This. Set it up so that when you do the dishes, what do you think would it would it be kids getting educational? It's getting more or should we countries? What should we? He's not well dishes water. Why don't we give ten kids access to water and all of that it only cost ten cents through and then he says, will you play the ten cents or going take you? So. Anyway and now you know this lady. So she called me about this was like on my mom she did this and just got the days ago we are in July and she she she said not been an issue with this but it's So gins get right. They really do and we we all people sometimes older people sometimes need to just take a moment and pause and just go. Wow, that's pretty interesting just from the great things that I do in my business great things can happen in my world and I can be. And can be in control of that is really a powerful thing. It's a great initiative so. Getting up and running. Thank you from the globe. We're getting want to be here and it's getting light lighten the die for you I'm sure appreciate very much the time and the compensation That is being. We'd none of us not none of us knew where it would. regale inside but I think it went interesting places and for those of you there's been listening to it I. Hope it was valley before you too. Thanks for listening. Yes. They'll be funny of conversations come out of the back of these especially with what we spoke about in relation to the time being and the selling thing and. and. So we might have to call on your on your expertise again at some point. Refine it's fun. It's fun to be able to talk about it and. The guys listening to us now they're doing important where I can and. I think we need to support that so anyway that I can't be happy to be back. Around five that's a wrap. Thank you for listening to another episode of toolbox talks if you liking what you hear and you can hit across to the site shared dot com where you can join community by signing up to toolbox stalks, you get sent a weekly notification, which is basically a high lot of everything that we've spoken about during that wake along with any other industry news that may be relevant. Oh, specific to the triads. If you're enjoying the show, you headed to achieve stitcher or soundcloud what you can leave us a review that would be fantastic. All the reviews get right out in the show. Likewise, if you have any friends or colleagues that you think would benefit from this show and the the episodes that we create and please go ahead and share it with them.

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