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Boys and girls. We are back with another episode of the authority project. And i have my new good friend here every twigs. He's here he says to help us. Beat procrastination in five. Simple steps. eric. Yes it is absolutely got a five step plan. That he implemented. You can beat procrastination. We shall see. We shall see on this curve of the authority project. All right ladies and gentlemen boys and girls feast is in tune your ears. It's that time again. We are live with another episode of the authority project. It's the video. Podcast streamed on facebook. Youtube twitter and periscope where we talked to digital marketers business coaches and creators of all kinds on how they built authority their field. And how you could mimic their success developing authority building your audience and attracting clients to your own business now without further ado. Let's bring to the virtual stage your host. Brian s arnold back. Another one people are here gene. Depressed nation procrastination. Yes you are the project and we want to slap thirty to your name. And here's how we're going to be today. We got very twin for your how you doing. My friend fantastic. Glad to be here the here. We are excited to get into this topic. Now you've got the title called five steps do five. Single steps to being progressively. But here's the entire title that he gave me a first so here. Here's the here's the shore full extended version inside the discipline of now into be oppressed and incheon. Mukhin make more money in more done more confidence in a lavar that so before we dive in. Please tell us who you are personally and professionally. Yes so. I'm eric twigs. I m your procrastination prevention partner. I'm the author of the discipline of now. And i'm the host of the thirty minute. Our podcast and do hell. I help entrepreneurs an executive leaders the beat procrastination so they can make more money. Get more done and feel more confident in on the personal front. I knew i did it backwards but on the personal front i am a husband. I am a father and the thing. I'm most proud of the family side. I think that's really the priority at the end of the day. Absolutely i totally totally agree with that so next. Can you tell us what your current project is that you were at the moment so my most current project is also the president of the what now movement and we. We help people to pivot right. Because i was talking to a lot of people that you they ran to a pandemic for example we had comedians. I would talk to a comedian. And they say. I can't go to the improv anymore. Everything is shutdown. So i'm just gonna wait until you back to normal thing to do. You wanna you wanna keep moving. You should be asking yourself what now right. And that's how we came up with a wet now moving. I'm the president. I've got to business partners and it really ties into my mission to overcome procrastination because we've helped people who are just waiting for things to get better now. They're pivoting now. They're focused on what they can do now to ask themselves the question. What now that. My latest my latest project. And we've got the what now university masterclass it's coming up. It's like a series of seven different masterclasses to help you to keep moving. I love it. I i always use that freeze after someone might go through a course of mine. Or course you go through the court so you read a book and you say what now because the action has some type of action has to take place after that right over. Sure i love. I love that movement awesome. So can you tell us before. We dive in to the procrastination being procrastination. What your daily routine is okay. So what i do is. Here's the most critical part of my routine the night before. I have a three by five card. And i write down the five critical things that i have to do for the following day and then so when i go to sleep now. My subconscious is working when i get into the following day. My priorities are the five critical things. That i know. I need to get done. And that really just clarifies. So i'm working on my five things. But i wake up. I always start with prayer and meditation just to make sure. I'm in a good positive state by have i go and i work out and exercise and then when i come back i'm ready. I'm talking in my day varies after that talking to clients. I'm doing coaching sessions. I'm writing but those things. I'm doing it all ties back to this little card. You ever seen it like when we're not in a pandemic if you ever see me. I've always got three by five card on me for that reason to help with my day to day. That's something that you just originally originally of yourself. That's something that you learned from someone else in the past. I've seen very asians from various mentors. But it's something that that really just helped me to prioritize. We talk about overcoming procrastination. I just find that the things that i write down and the important thing is the writing for me putting it in a phone isn't the same between when you're writing you carving it right from your brain and so i'm going through my day and i feel compelled to do those things that i put down as my priorities awesome. Okay great. so let's. Let's go ahead now eric. Let's dive right in to this five. Step plan discipline of now. How do we be procrastination. Go carre so. This is based off of my book. I've got a model that i created in. The model is based off of the twenty eight thousand plus coaching sessions. That i've done with entrepreneurs and executive leaders so as a five step plan. I started going over at around chapter seven in the book. Where give you the overview and then we get into it in a back half so the first step in the five. Step plan to be procrastination. It's all about your attitude so it's a pyramid and at the bottom of the pyramid. The foundation of the pyramid is your attitude because your attitude is the foundation of your success and the the studies show that for the typical person. Eighty percent of their mental thoughts in self talk is negative. You really have to address your attitude and if you're if you're so pessimistic. You're more likely to procrastinate so you need to so we have this habit. We have this negative habit of just thinking about negativity and thinking of the glass half empty so the best way to overcome bad habit is to replace it with a better one and the better habit is focusing on gratitude so really being intentional about what you what you're grateful for and focusing on so you attitude is critical and then also starting with your wins so people that coach i have them. Tell me they're wins the first thing we're gonna talk about the thing that are going. Well you victory your successes because it's so important first key you really have to check your attitude in the book. I go and much deeper as far as other things that are related to the attitude. That's number one number. Two is awareness bright awareness and i talked to people who say oh eric. I always procrastinate procrastinate all the time that's not true i have yet to meet anyone. Ever who just always procrastinates comes to everything. Certain thing like the person that thinks they're chronic procrastinator. When it comes to something with their kids they're right on it. So you keeping is you need to be aware of your patterns if it takes writing down what you're doing from time to time but you need to be aware and you'll find that there are certain patterns for a lot of people they procrastinate. One is a they just. They just don't like doing it. Deep is not pleasant to them. They don't like to do something that's unpleasant. they'll just put it off. So so that's you need to figure out what are your patterns and some people procrastinate when they're going toward something that's aspirational something going to move them forward. Maybe the big reason tation and he started listening to the negative voices inside and then from other people. So you so really. You need to be aware and you also need to be aware of your power times right so you. Some people are morning people. You have energy first thing in the morning. Some people are night owls but the key is you need to schedule your high priority activities during the time of day. When you have the most energy i like how you say pattern. 'cause i i asked one of my big key key words because when i'm driving i can tell the people that are dragging in front of the whole groups could be slow in my way. Could you pass this guy you know your patterns and you can see it right away right. You don't have to the second guessed that or whatever is obvious. What's your patterns are. If you're really if you really are you say true to yourself. Your patterns are right. I guess you're seeing write them down. Make sure that record track correct. Yes yeah if it helps a mentor. Coach semi aware of your blind spots like when i coach people that again. There's pads i i know. Turn things that some of my clients. Just don't want to do. it is necessary. They don't wanna do it. They don't like to do it so i know then. I know some people when they're afraid of something. They're going to procrastinate and me knowing them. I'll does ask i'll say okay. What are you afraid of. And then it comes out and wants to get it out. We address it now. We can move on. I like that. Those are the two so far. Let me know when you're ready to continue. Let's go let's give so as we've talked about the attitude. We talked about awareness so number. Three steps three is about animation. And that's really about energy right if you think about if you look back at the time but you're procrastinating. It's usually some type of entity cycle. You really not feeling you're feeling like you energy down and if you look at it like a lot of indiscretions happen on fridays and the reason for that we go onto the you week and a lot of you. Get off of your priorities. You're you're more likely to procrastinate but so you need to be aware of how important energy is and so you need to be doing things that produce energy. You need to think about the foods that you're eating. You need to think about having a consistent exercise routine. That's why you'll find that. Most high earners in high achievers consistent workout routine because they know it gives them more energy and they'll start to feel better and you also need to understand the need for recovery. okay. I just can't support work. You need to be able to manage transitions in know that you need recovery a even if it's something as simple as taking a nap like lamm. I'm the big fan of naps of england and so like my energy cycle. I'm an early morning person. But i find when i take a nap and then had to go do a podcast. It's like my energy cycle. Starts over again. I take a nap and so again. But it's all about that. An asian and focusing your energies in a good place. Do you need a multivitamin coletta people. It's rest it's making sure you're working out and just being aware of those things. So you're you're not a proponent of going fortune our days do whatever it takes. Were working to you drop. That's not your thing now. I think the difference between being active and being effective right. So i think even if you have to work a long day at good to be aware of your energy and good to unplug from time to time right even if you're not even if you don't take a nap if it's just getting away for thirty minutes forty five minutes. Just allow your mind to to relax. If if you notice. I know for myself like my creative energy my creative juices on another level after i take a vacation and go take a vacation. I'm just hanging out with the family. I'm naturally thinking about things. Like i normally when i come back i just had this influx of ideas Because again it's all about that recovery and understanding how transitions work but energy is so important absolutely awesome. That's three okay. So we've talked about attitude. Awareness animation next is automation right and i wish someone would have told me this early in my career right there just because something needs to be done. It doesn't mean that you need to do it right. So can you set up systems. Can you automate things so that certain things are getting done without you having to do it because the ideal goal especially if you're an entrepreneur you should be operating in your zone of genius. Ideally you're spending the majority of your time doing the things that are in your area of genius. It could be writing. It could be speaking. It could be coaching but if probably not administrative tasks like most level entrepreneur. That's not there now. The administrative tasks they still need to be done and bad things can happen if you just put them off right so it's about. Can you automate certain things. It just as simple as getting a virtual assistant it could be that and a lot of people are are overwhelmed with email for example. So could it be as simple as setting up the automated files in your emails or certain email just flow right to your folders that you don't even have the process it my procrastination. Just out of pure exhaustion or mundane task. Just you just you. Just don't the point for the worst phrase ever known to man you feel like it because you you do it so often right right right. I mean you're you're touching so many things so there's something it's called decision fatigue and so you willpower and it's like a muscle and the more you have to make these decisions the less of it. You have why it's good to set up these systems where you don't have to touch these things if anybody is listening and you work in an office environment and you wanna same email and you have those people to reply all to every email now. You get these emails in your inbox so you can take. You can take reply. All ron and chris special folder him so he sends an email. He goes to special folder. And you can take a look this up you need to read you read that you can delete it so but that's just an example but definitely be thinking about how i can automate my life so that things are getting done without me. Having to touch everything. Gotcha gotcha this for the first step to be beating. Procrastination activity and i put that at the top of our pyramid. Because if you really want to get to the top you have to take action and then there's just no way you can get your goal poster. Your vision board. You can sit around being funny and all of that but at some point you have to do something right right so wet now and it's all about taking action but it's about taking the right action. That's eight area. We've all heard of the eighty twenty principle and really is a twenty percent of the things you're doing are getting eighty percent of your result though it's about figuring out what are those priorities and focusing their. I love it okay. So dust for five done so will will some of that. Some some up again. Leader sean. Joe but talk to us about getting things done over time as opposed to last minute safe. You have an accountability partner and you like just going to for next week. We have one task that you're going to do the main task you're going to have done and then you wait to the last minute just to put it up to criminal in there before you like. Where the nighttime trying to do this. How why is they ineffective to you. As i went to your book. A little bit was ineffective for entrepreneur. So so here's the thing we. We are bad at predicting how long things really take right. We assume best case scenario we assume that nothing is ever going to go wrong and so it the challenge one of the many challenges with waiting until the last minute you put yourself at. You can become a victim. Circumstances is something happens that your computer crashes that day printers network. What whatever if you wait until the last minute is going to be tough to recover from that as opposed if you start early in some happens you get enough time. I mean it's just like people that you live fifteen minutes from your intended destination. Leave in fifteen minutes. You're not anticipated is going to be traffic or it's going to be raining or anything like that. Yeah there's there's there's a there's a pleasantness say when you know you've done everything early you know. Everything's ready to go that the day before two. Today's before you're like almost set. There's a weight off your off your mind. The stress has gone so they're trying to scramble. I wish people could really understand the emotions of that. Because so so speech that what emotions come about when people wait and hesitate hesitate. H h like an talk about the emotion. Emotional stress on this of this procrastination. Yeah baby comes as a like a stress cycle right. So let's say you find out there's something that's do so you're feeling anxious about that and then you put it off and then as the days are getting closer. You're feeling anxious about the. Maybe it's a presentation but now you feeling even worse. Because the deadlines coming up in your ear focused more on the clock then you are on quality and yeah. It just becomes a stressful situation. Okay so i've just started to coin a phrased it was talked about but i call it. Comparison syndrome we have people look at somebody else's work some someone that they look up to the model in they'll procrastinate because they want to make sure that their work is just as perfect as that person that they're looking at so they'll wait to try to tweak. It tree can make it better and better. Can you tell you. Tell the people how dangerous this is to try to be so perfect in the beginning and then things just don't get done. Here's the key. And this is something that i had to figure out and really this is the part of the show. You really need to lean in on. Can't allow perfect to become the enemy of progress. I decided yeah. You can't allow perfect to become the enemy of progress. You have to focus on okay. What's the next step. You're not gonna always have everything totally figured out when you move forward and then the other thing you mentioned if you ever just said okay what can i do to feel bad about myself star hearing that can accomplish that somebody else and say oh my goodness but here's the challenge though but that's not necessarily an apples to apples comparison one. That person could have been doing this for thirty years. Maybe doing it for four months true. You can't expect that your work is going to be equivalent to that person and the other thing is you have no idea. Would that person is dealing with true and may have challenges. That have you eight. He'd be like oh. I feel better about myself now. You don't see the whole picture. You're only seeing the front stage. You don't see what's going on what it took to get to that point or the sacrifices that person had to make so that's definitely that if you wanna come if somebody wants to make a comparison compare yesterday's version of yourself. today's version. I like to ally that so. Do you think people's expectations are too high. When they start so they wait. Wait they feel like maybe something in the past has caused them to be like. This isn't gonna work anyway. So i'm i'm going to wait until i figure it out in that one stores still stood up projections thing but they they've had things in the past that didn't work out so now this makes them wait in linger because they had no good expectations for to be to be any better. They won want high expectations. But they feel like you know is just not going to get there. Somebody say that. I think sometimes we don't look at look at the path of the right perspective. We're not thinking about okay. What can i learn from this. And that's something wear mentors and coaches can help you. Because the key is everybody had setbacks. And everybody's head things they just haven't worked out especially people that steph started companies. I mean i years of just they'd use a failure that you don't really see you see them now when they've got the this excess but they learned the difference is that they learn from the failures and really the only failure is the failure to continue that the failure to move forward. So i i do. I think you're right though. I think people they look at it and they say fail with this or this didn't work out so yeah i'm sure this isn't going to work out either. Get learning process. Negative negative connotations. I think like you said having their daily routine where you're like affirmations of something that you're watching something to get you into into the right attitude that you say is the foundation of each day correct. Oh yeah so. Far would ask the typical person. Hey tell me everything that went wrong yesterday from this customer and oh man yeah traffic but when i ask people tell me about your wins. The silence media crickets. Because we're so focused on fixing if you're not even business. You're so focused. On problems solving problems overcoming these things so but what i find the people like i have people. They start to wind log. Said he'd take like a sheet of paper and they're going through their day. They're right now. The positive things they observe in still more wins. You write down the more winds you'll have to right there with great stuff man. Okay i have one last question for this has been awesome. So far bro. Awesome so one last question in excess of all of my guests. Go up this people listening to you. The watching you and they love which would which you're bringing to the table and they want to be a mentor teacher. A coach to help people with their procrastination with their with their lifestyles. Make them better. Can you tell them in your own words how they can become an authority in this space. I would say fine number one. Find mentors fine people. Who have the result that you want of if it's an on procrastination or productivity find people and these can be mentors that you you watch. Listen to their podcasts. You can read their books and just basically see what you can learn and start practicing it naturally keep you. Don't be a lone ranger that that will be the biggest advice. I would have find. Mentors mentor that you can meet with in person mentors that you can study if you can read their autobiographies the coming the study. Show that if you in any niche if you read three or more books on that topic you actually no more than seventy five percent of the people that are actually within your niche. So i would encourage you to steady. Studied the people that have the results that you want in that particular area if procrastination if it's whatever it is so that would be my vice. You wanna be a mentor. You want to be able to help. Someone else does awesome perfect. That's perfect bro. So i have no more questions. Let's come up with some of the game. What the five steps ours will so that people can can can leave off with that fantastic so again picture. A pyramid nation provisioned pyramid at. The foundation of the pyramid is your attitude. The rung is awareness. The run after that is animation. The next rung is automation and then the top of the pyramid is activity. The best way to remember. Remember attitude your foundation of your success and then at the top. You can't get to the top without taking action as a good way to keep those things in mind. I love it. Great stuff man. I'm good can you please tell people where to go to after the snow so they can get a hold of you can go to the discipline of now dot com. And that's where you can pick up the book you can pick it up. It's an e book it's in audio book format and it's also in a paperback format. You can also go to the wet now movement facebook group. We help you to pivot. Keep moving not saying oh. I'm just going to wait until things get better. Go to the what now movement facebook group and you can check me out you interact with me directly their love. It press perfect bro eric. Great stuff great stuff. People five steps. Beat that procrastination. It's so so important for that couch in get to work and doing so. Start this start today. Start this weekend so get on it now. I appreciate you amid was any final word for you out here disgrace stuff. Yeah and just. I mean i just find. That clarity is the starting point of success. Where in their early at the time. Initial koi wait. We're in the early part of the year. Making your clear on specifically where you're trying to get to you and that can make some of the other decisions. It's easy to say no to things when you know where you're trying to go clarity. The starting point of success. There is people i'm done we're good. People remember remember. I have one last thing. To share is the authority litter dot com. Please go there. Joined that list to help you build your platform with three part. Miniseries there to help you do that. I give you weekly real talk litters on the online industry almost too transparent so get there now enjoying that and enjoying community right and we're good. We're good to go. That is all for now. People remember build it share. It enable come out of here. And that's a rapper. this episode of the authority projects. Thanks so much for tuning in and if you like what you heard we want to hear from you. Subscribe rate and give an honest review share until your friends so they can hear too and for even more authority building. Tactics be shared a sign up at the authority letter dot com get free weekly content and ongoing digital product to help you on your entrepreneurial journey we certainly hope you got a key takeaway or maybe an aha moment from. Today you'd broadcast just remember your authorities build carrot and they will come until next time.

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