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And that helps keep me stay sane and not hating the entire world trade cra- farms grows the finest ganga in southern california. It's legal if you're in california. They sell it and other dispensaries. They sell it in retail locations. But what i really like you to do is follow their pretty little. Instagram tradecraft farms on instagram. Because basically that's the metric how they know that supporting the smoke entire is good so if you guys want to see pretty pictures of the best ganda in southern california the kind of stuff that we are blazing on the daily tradecraft farms on instagram. Go check them out. Oh right on this show. It's zach and i do it in a little. Qna actually a lot of a. This show goes pretty long and We go really all over the place when we let you guys suggest q. In a we talk about cars. We talk about watches. I think there's fifteen minutes on sailing somewhere in there It's a good show. It's a fun show. We cover a lot of ground and zach and i are so low in the studio doing q. And a. on this episode of the tire. Podcast a study. A study published a couple years ago. That people who are Wristwatch where's and enthusiasts. Are more considerate than people. Who are not in general presents true. I didn't have a watch for a long time and j. f. when i started working for him he was like you should get watch. You'll s- you'll be more punctual on production and it was totally right. Because it's easier looking to take your phone on your pocket. And i think the sample size and the study was relatively small about one hundred twenty people maybe hundred like not tens of thousands of people. There is true for me nevertheless it does reinforce my belief that what i do makes me better than others. Everybody believed everybody's beliefs We were going to be on time but everything updated over the holidays like every device in here so we sat down. It was like oh shit bro. We were like four minutes late on a saturday other day that we shows to work on. I was already at my first job. And i called you the saturday of after christmas and i said hey. Do you wanna come over so i can do my second job also and you were like yes actually. That's weird that's but okay. happy saturday. I hope everyone had a good christmas zach in i in our lady's as Jews we asian takeout We try to chinese food. Is what new york jews do a lot. More chinese options serving on christmas in new york than there are in venice. Typhoon here yeah. I was born with a tie. Good tie is good the ties the tie is the is. La's chinese food. Starting thai food. I kind of gave up on chinese. Like this is what i watch. Chinese was most of the time. Because it's a little like fresher and more like natural not as greasy right fried But there's some you know like the little fatty like there's chinese. Like like artisan chinese probably. What the fuck in china and not. What the in. Chinatown that like. It's coming back. It's coming in west coast. Chinese food is like more watered down than the east coast. Even so we have. Well that's most mundane interests of the chinese food options. I mean americanized chinese food. You you searching for general tau before the documentary. No it's a documentary called searching for general tau. It's pretty low budget he's really. It's starts about seeking the origins of general charles chicken. It's not it's worthy Worthy pursuit if he asked me But the only really interesting super interesting tidbit in the whole film is that when chinese people came to At both ellis island and to the west the coast of immigration centres. Wherever the fuck they were. I'm ashamed to not know but wherever they were The the chinese Like immigration authority early nineteen hundreds. Encourage them not to like cluster and make a homogeneous community of chinese people but to like go out to america and be like the only chinese family in some little fucking town in some midwestern state or whatever and make chinese food and bring chinese food to america. And so that's how you end up with. That's one chinese restaurant. That's been there for like fifty years in every single town in america that is it was a policy. It's probably the most accessible ethnic food like across the entire country for certainly a while Yeah i mean. I can't think of like you said maybe more but no that's true right. Good point might be more wasn't no. Oh it's a competition misunderstood. Hi everybody again. I hope you all had a good christmas I don't have a lot to bring to the table right now. So i want to hear from you. Get in the super chat. And let's see what the fuck is up I will just start with. Oh there's already some good okay. I We can start with the bmw m. two s Well let me start by plugging. Can you go to road and track dot com zach. I'll plug i wrote. Some words about the porsche's drove the five porsches in one day. And if you didn't wanna watch five videos i understand. It seems like a lot of content. We put out seven videos and seven days leading up to christmas so we worked a lot And so i wrote some words it. It's some isn't it right on top. Oh it was the top story yesterday is it. Does it bump in bumped off the front lot up here really Spaghetti got bumped off the front page already. Boo drive stuff every day. I mean it was only two days ago. Two days in internet time you cross over of a friday and a christmas and a saturday we made. You made three videos in two days. You're you're arguing with yourself. Good point anyway. If you want to read some words. I think i think a piece came out very well. The m to cs is really really. This is the thing about the. Mtc us really good. They make you pay for it though they take out wait. They replace things with carbon Transmission tunnel hood roof mirrors There's a spoiler there's a splitter there's that's all the carbon is really lightweight wheels. There's optional ceramic brakes with which might test car had vaires adaptive suspension And as a full three motor. It's fucking four and forty five horsepower. So it's It's one hundred and eighty pounds lighter than the regular m than the competition Much hundred and eighty pounds lighter. That's pretty significant. It's pretty significant. Yup because there's been like lamborghinis passer like forty pounds different. Well there was one I forget which there was a wanna say it was a mclaren but it might not have been a mclaren. I mean the The m three lightweight from nick ninety five that was not that much rs. america also very very not that lightweight but One hundred eighty pounds is pretty good. And it's fucking lively but the big deal is the the adaptive suspension with the comfort mode. That makes it a lot less like bouncy which is good it's like a magnet system. Do you know not mag ride. But it is fully adaptive okay so Just having the comfort setting makes it a lot. More compliant and like usable. Did you drive you driven comp rate comp yeah. I didn't like the cop that much. Yes pretty steph. I thought it was really stiff. And consequently it was really stiff on the road and then on the track that stiffness turned into lot of like hoppy. Nece like we'll happiness and it didn't really rotate the way i wanted it to. I didn't really like the cop that much. I like the i m to the regular. Yeah i didn't like the comp. That much now i like this one the most. But the one showing on the screen right now the The blue with the gold the the ceramic brakes and the one i had was. Dc which points against because you can get it in manual and that's probably amazing but it's a good dc great no complaints about the dvd itself in its pure existence. No it's fine. It's it's really because it's dc t hanukkah drive it. You know You know ninety thousand dollars though. Yeah fuck expensive. Ninety is like you're really getting up there at that point. Now here's the thing you probably don't want the ceramics because they are like porsche. Two thousand nine levels of squeak. They squeal like crazy. Like when if you wash the car right. I've had it for a week. And i've made i've made the the poor guys wash it twice in a week and i never. I almost never wash press cars. Ever like. And i made because not because i cared about how clean car was with because with like it rained yesterday. Yeah was it yesterday with today's days ago. Rain whatever it was rained after that rain the the wheels got wet and the brakes didn't speak for like maybe forty five minutes they went back to. It was like fucking rain. And they didn't quit because sometimes high-performance pads squeak after they get wet sometimes vs squeak when they get dusty which in southern california is always so it's that was really annoying. And you paid for the privilege. Now it's it's unfortunate because they work pretty good. You know like the if you watch video i would. I would determine that was mobbing and they were just just fine. Yes us about right for that vehicle. God the squeal. That's a. I might be a deal breaker unless you really for some reason absolutely had to have that stopping power had to steel instead. Oh the carbons are an option go. You're for the fucking all the way right with the cbs and all the it's the only one. This is the only two that these breaks ever been available on. If you're going to do that with the resale in mind but if you want as just a car that you love then why not get every all the good parts plus the good breaks because we we know we've talked to so many people say steal brakes fine like you don't need carbon and they just cost more money ball. It is is when you're going to sell even spike said when you're going to flip the car later you need that that thing on the description. But i'm going through. This with Are designers at our new place. There's certain things that they are determining that we need to have for resale fuck. I'm paul and i like to cook. I wanna forty inch thirty nine or forty inch countertop. Yeah and they're all nick the standards thirty six so yes. I've heard that the standard is thirty. Six we're going to have a forty inch countertop. Because my back hurts. If i cook at thirty six inch countertop and there but the resale also you know that you have to have bathtubs in your house even if you have no kids and don't take baths as the next person is probably going to have a kid. And they might have to advocate I guess the kind of makes sense if one keeping the garage. I should hot. Tub doesn't count. You got one of those huge super tubs. We're gonna have a hot tub center. Huge super tub a super tub or the shack. Your forty jobs because the clippers live nearby house down there. That's a good point. I could direct market across the street from. Wcbs are like. Is this kind of thirty six inches. It's not never mind. You think if like brad williams was building in the house of his dreams. Some won't be like brad. You need a thirty six inch countertop for the resale go and go fuck your side. You know same thing here. If you're doing it set it so you can get the get the too the breaks you you get them with the brakes. You'll in with the brakes. Electric cars guy. Good that's a lot of power for that car. That's a lot of power for the car you know. What real fucking fast. It looks real fast it goes. It is a very very fast card answers. Fast yes and this and it does. It does the holy shit. I didn't know i was going that fast. Does that pretty well but it also has feel to it. It's not like you know like that. M four forty thing. I had the beaver to one. We haven't put the video up with that one yet. It's coming up in january. I figured the cop would do better in fucking make money december but The four forty is also like you zero to sixty in the threes a quarter mile and the twelve's but it doesn't feel like anything does. What does the power being in the m to this laffy leg flats of senior between three and seventy five hundred makes exactly the same amount of power. Okay yeah yeah which is actually fought. You would think that it's not fine like that. But everyone i've driven that was tuned and i'm talking about him for is now every m four. I've ever driven. That was tuned was worse every single. One i won't argue with that against that. Because i've driven these to win. Their model like people put too much power one. And it's like real peaky. Think you know. There's this middle ground where like dinan to was pretty good. Yeah in that regard. I want a little progression in the power band because even a big block something you feel more power coming on and celebrate but like the m force for awhile when we first drove the m four m three was just like all the power and this shelf. Yeah it's just weird to manage And then when you people would tune them then the that that blast would be even harder true and so actually the best modified him for had bigger turbos because it came on it actually made it by by by intentionally adding turbo lag. It actually made it more fun. You know what. I mean because of the lower power band do you didn't have to be so afraid. Rat right now throttle and it would come on a little more territory. I forgot forgot who who's car. I was that drove where it was that it had upgraded turbos. But that was actually better. All the stock turbo cars with tunes were horrible. But if you upgraded the turbos and actually added turbo lag got better. You know what it is like. Hypercard supercars during a bunch of clarence. They all get a lot of them. Have progressive boost right because they can't give you seven hundred twenty power in first gear second gear. Because you'll the tires off. But when people modify their turbo cars they basically give themselves all the power that rpm and even ferrari mclaren going. no no. that's too much too early. what are you doing. She use that same practically exactly but See us his really really. That's a nice car. it's fucking expensive. But it's got a low volume parts in it. You know that that carbon hood in that carbon trans tunnel like those are low volume parts. They probably have to be handmade by some little other suppliers somewhere And it is the best looking best driving car that bmw makes right now at any price. You cannot spend more and you cannot spend less money on a bmw right now to get a better car than that. It's the best car you can buy that. They make period. So if you're really into. Bmw's that's your option right now. If what you want is the the bmw that you'd think you you know what i mean. Like not like a a six hundred horsepower. Crossover fortunate you have to spend that much money to get the bmw that we all like but Yeah but it's true it is so it's really nice. I fucking get allot but at that price you know. You're you're really here's one. That price becomes worthwhile. Because if because his limited production like the one m right so began and manual. Get in get in the hot color. The blue with a gold. You know what. I mean you get it with the right options resale oriented and you pay more now but i bet it holds. You know what i mean like. Okay like a z. Fifty one vet three lt. All the goodies is still probably five or six thousand dollars less than this. And we'll go faster and rides better. You know what i mean and is arguably arguably because it's mid engine better right you've also you're also into came. In gede gaming s can even came in gts levels at that. Gts are more expensive than you think. They're up in the nineties. You know you're you're getting into some real performance cars. Yeah but those. A vet depreciates like any other car. You know what i mean. Came in depreciates like any other car. Any portions not a gt will. Depre- depreciates This bmw might not well. It's also i think because it's kind of special in their lineup. It's like because they don't have a lot of stuff. That's really good in kind of connects to the driver. This will stand out more porsches or the vets. The vets me so many of them. It's the first year car. Yeah they're just gonna keep cranking those out. There's a lot of offerings from that. Yeah they will sell as vets as they can sell. And then what they can't sell to you. They'll sell the fucking enterprise. How many the twenty. two hundred globally. Geez it's not a lot very small. It's a more than one m.'s. I think there was fifteen hundred. One 'em's but it's not a lot more no number small number by bmw standards. That's pretty good. Yeah it's a bitch car. Yeah he's read. It looks like a graduate for a subaru lover. Like like world rally on hold but you have the more money here you go at. Those wheels are fucking yet color. Combos great the only thing. The only things about it. That i'm not into our. It has keila start kilos entry. And i someone deemed me because i bitched about not having entry in the video and they said that queue entries an option and it weighs like forty pounds. Oh so all right. Okay if i was bmw. I'd commit even further and making a fucking key like the the forty-six key like you want to it's got a clicker clicker to open. But it's a key well now. I wonder if that tumbler. The tumbler in the steering column weighs more than just the button. And that's actually later to go with the button. Damn it maybe it is. I don't know it's a good question all right well. Anyway i found it and forty forty pounds or no forty pounds. I found that annoying to not have kilos entry but to have kilos start and not. Because i'm fucking snobby but because my brain would get confused like for the whole week. Yeah i was. You know. I'm used to because in my garage. It's not locked. Get in and i start. You know what i mean. But then i walk away and i hit. The thing doesn't lock and you know what i mean. I walk up to the trunk and grabbed the trunk groceries. It doesn't open. I'm like oh sing is this is halfway to start. It was twist your brain it just you can't. You can't develop a consistent habit. That's what's difficult even a key that you had to put on lock like you plan how you hold your groceries for that is you. Hit the button. Yeah you hit a button. You get a button. It's not the end of the world but it's inconsistent behavior and that was weird and also they delete the armrest and to some that. That's not a big deal to me. It it made it substantially more annoying to drive a regular car to have the arms of love. My arm has a laguna seca. Louis forty-six not armrest and he looked at mine and he kind of made fun. He's like oh you got to lose weight and then he kinda stopped because when you sit they place the armrest. It's the same height as the army on the left. Like good job because some cars don't have so when you sit you can put your elbows there. When you long distance. She does the best job with the exact same height. It's which is how every car show the driving eight hours or six hours like you need that or your shoulders. Get tightened gets all dude. I did a lot of miles in on test day. On the in the mt i did a bunch of miles. Almost two hundred on that day and and my hands from just them hanging on the wheel because the wheels kind of high and it's also really like fixed So so my hands at the end of it i just. I couldn't find a way to rest them appropriately. So i hope you know. Maybe that's an option. You can put back in or something but like to not have it was sorta like this is. This is not at a certain point. Lightweighting gets gets annoying. Yeah not wait forty. pounds Yeah yeah but i In in every other way that's about the best. Bmw that you can buy right now. That coffee gave me like a real real cotton mouth situation going on. Also tradecraft farms. Shut out to you guys up. You all have been shopping for tradecraft this holiday season the official ganga. This smelter podcast with it. Get with it. Live folks. I'm gonna be on with mattie rock later tonight talking about bourbon and cigars. I'm not that into cigars. Going to say but bert. I like bourbon because the problem with cigar as an ex cigarette smoker. It's very hard to get into cigars wh- because you are like because you don't inhale them you know and like e people like just they sit on that cigar for like forty five minutes and so to just be puffing on the same i i. it's a different mentality. Yeah it's like. Wait i'm not. I'm not inhaling this. i'm not getting. Hi i'm just sitting here like i really like being around other people. Smoking cigars the s the aura of it. But i don't know. I might just broke up a fucking cone that titan of rate i've got this this This floral floral cone still. This is a pretty decent shelf life. They told me things. Amazing smoke weed really. Think it looks really cool. Yeah kind of thing you want to give to your your your girl. For valentine's day it is. They should sell those bouquets market. That will absolutely valentine's yep. Yep yep yep so we go to the people because it's a question all right cool. Because i don't really have anything else. got thin. Because it's hasn't been that long since your last recorded. i haven't done much. I fucking play tennis and went on walks really really all. We have a lot of questions about ten walks. Good yeah goods of whatever. We were talking about recently about cats. I've had so many people out to me like how do you know about cats. As a cumulative cumulative eighty years cat experience true yeah anyway. daniel says. I'm eighteen years old. And i just bought an e thirty as the first car. I don't have the money for racing school. What can i do to improve my skills as a fast driver Love you live somewhere where it snows. You can find snowy parking lots do drifts figure eights and practice car control that way or if it rains Find a parking lot not a road crash auto crossing in eighteen. This is your first car. You don't know very much. And i mean like. I'm not trying to be dismissive auto cross you know. Sometimes i feel like sometimes boring but i recognize it as an educational tool in. That'll teach you a lot about just like breaking in connotation you'll spin out and you wonder why you'll figure out why it's safe and it's like forty dollars to go usually. Yeah i also would say Work on your footwork. You know assuming in the thirty s a manual a great car to learn heel toe skills and that is a skill that will take you for the rest of your life and you can do it everywhere all the time. You don't have to be a performance situation. You could do it on the way to work or school or whatever we're just around To me when. I drive a car. Heel toe driving is just driving and if you watch my how to drive a manual transmission video it i see i teach that and there's people who will argue with that methodology but that's what i teach soda So would say. Watch my video on. He'll toying or fucking watch. Senna you know in a in a accurate. Ns around suzuka or whatever like you know. Best foot footwork. Videos and and practice those Those techniques with your feet because an e thirty is a great way to md. K- kaiser says What is the story behind the metal bracelet him. Oh this one. This metal bracelet is from tiffany and it was given to me b- on my bar mitzvah and it has my bar mitzvah date on the back of it. November twelfth nineteen ninety four. And i've worn it every day since then except in senior year of high school. I gave it to my girlfriend and when we broke up. I didn't get it back. And then like four years later. She was she like we. Didn't it wasn't a good break-up we didn't talk a lot Like four years later she was like a moving out of my parent's house And i found this and thought thought you'd want it and send it back to me and that was very nice of her. I was that was pretty much almost the last time i spoke with her and she sent him back to me and i've worn it every day since so. Yeah i just. I had to have the class replaced. Which after thirty years tiffany charged me. Sixty two dollars for and i dropped off the bracelet for repair the fucking day before the lockdown and it sat tiffany for like three months before you get it back but they only charge sixty five dollars thirty to fix that. So shout out the tiffany Jasper mandeville says. Have i ever driven the million dollar highway in colorado twenty five miles from the double r l ranch. It's awesome it's outside. i don't. I don't think there's a sign there that says million dollar highway. Does it have another road. The us five fifty. I mean that. Sounds like the kind of thing i would have driven on something. I've driven by the double rl like when we did When we did the e thirty thing the bentayga and the thirty. I think dr i that that sounds like a road. We would have driven for that. We were near it. I don't think we're on it and it has a better photo. I'm not sure. I don't recall specifically. I certainly hope this picture. That zach is brought up isn't as us five fifty is what it's called doesn't ring a bell doesn't ring a bell. He goes north south from silverton to silverton to ray. Us find fifty. No i don't know. I haven't sure okay. Sorry oh there's some good sections though. Go back that if you google image million dollar highway. Oh wow there's some there's definitely that looks lovely this like they clearly blasted a cliff apart. Yeah lots of cliff. Edges lots of horseshoe corners horseshoe bends. lauda undulation. how that looks exposure holy shit. Yeah looks great. I don't i haven't done it but by based on these pictures. It looks excellent. Nine dollars in corner is real shady. Yes you could drop a week that corner you've got pulled up. He says oh shady. The guardrails have cost a million point near like sorry. Yeah we don't have a picture. Isn't that picture right there. Highway to hell just to the left of it the same by corner. If you go up one is at the same corner there. Yes same corner yeah. It's a different time of day. It's like not as dramatically lit and it just says highway. Two one road can simultaneously be called million dollar highway and highway to hell. I mean this is a two lane road. That's just as twist any of the cans we film on and has no guardrails and the side that's exposed. It's literally two feet from the edge. Vertical it makes pike's peak look like a modern formula one circuit little wider and it has some guardrails in some places it has guard rails in the risky. I wanna say riskiest. But some of the tightest turns where there's the most exposure in two thousand foot cliffs like. That's where they have. Guardrails on pikes. peak I don't want to judge this whole road by this quarter mile. Stretch that we're looking at but that quarter mile stretch looks shady. I mean this is not a place to learn adrift. If you're the kid who bought the thirty this is not a place and it is It is very beautiful though. I guess yeah well. We'll keep that one in mind. Alex fucking grave rat yet looks awesome. Good recommendation thank you sir. Joseph much He's got a one thousand nine hundred nine porsche. Nine thirty in silver. Should you go with the red tail lights. Or the euro. Orange amber lenses zach. Do you an opinion here Well my car is supposed to have clear tail lights. And i have amber orange on that kind of like him but microbes blue dude. I don't know I'm colorblind. I almost can't tell the difference. Like if you if i sell your car and you're like look look what i changed. It'd be like oh. I what what did you change. I'm just can't tell my instinct. Says i read stands out better from silver but i've never seen the orange ambra once i met to look it up I mean i am not in. I'm not one of those people. That's like a purist where it's like you have to whatever came with. Keep it stock. I don't really give a shit. But oh well i mean the the amber looks nice. They're right there. Nine thirty nine thirty nine six four. I mean the amber just in a quick glance looks nice. I guess i'm pro amber. i wouldn't. I wouldn't replace lights. That don't need replacing. But if they need replacing fucking ambulance cool when my tosh goes back in for service. I've got those yellow The carello fog lights. They're going to go in. How nice right now. I have clear fog lights. But they're actually not the correct ones hellos and the correct one is a carello and vinnie. Got me and my inbox and a set of of the correct carrillo's but they're from the french market so they're yellow instead of clear okay. Us market would ever ah but like actually. They look awesome like so. I'm i'm going to switch my fucking fog lights from us spec to french spec because i because vinnie thought it looked good. Yeah and i agree with him so he didn't do it. Excuse me trent says what a weird fucking question. i'm. I'm looking for a pontiac. Sports car should i get a two thousand and six manual. Gto or a g. Eight g xp with manual much-appreciated g eight. I think gee what a weird like. There's pontiac enthusiast like you. Ps are still expensive. I know but that's because the the fill a niche that is almost no almost no. The car feels which is a medium large sedan with a front engine. Rear-drive manual transmission very difficult to find cheap. Amg or yeah. Yeah yeah and and and they drive beautifully and they're they're they are. The australian cars were the best may gm cars of that period. You know what. I mean so i understand why i would just go with the xp newer nicer better car and the styling is closer to contemporary. And me the gto is very much like leftover late nineties. Early two thousands bulbous kind of style. Totally that's my opinion. But i think it's funny that there's like enthusiasts of this period of pontiac and they somehow need our help deciding which one of these pontiacs by like. Honestly if you do if you need a back seat get the fuck and four door. I think cider weird. It was one of those coops where it looks. Oddly long in the door looks really long. Yeah but it looked like squat It just didn't have a lot of styling and interior was good looking the next year did not it was just very i agree and i think i have a not certainly not a unique perspective by any means unique for the two of us in this room because i went to australia for sailing camp before this car was sold in the us as the gto. And i saw it as the fucking holden commodore and the holden monaro and so when it came here it was just like walk. Because i had seen years before in australia as this. The different grill on. It was the same car like you weren't fooling me. You know what i mean so i was just like you know i didn't i didn't give a fuck. They're they're they're heavy too heavy but at least then. You're getting a four door car. I've driven a couple of gto's and if they're set up right they drive pretty well and of that period there pretty well made but i just. I'm surprised they're a pontiac enthusiast left. That's all that aren't old. gto's fox life says is l. a. Worth moving to for the car scene roads and tracks or is there a different area in the country. Should look into relocating to keep those things. Wow so you won't move their four the car scene. I mean i would say your options are pretty well established for you l. a.'s. One texas probably austin but the austin corridor. A pretty good car scene doesn't have the roads though they don't have the roads they do not but they do have tracks and they do have their own brand of fucking crazy ass highway racing at night that kind of thing and they do have culture that is for sure. I've seen a lot of car culture in texas absolutely North west has good. Rose seattle better than you think although you've got a short season yep Northern california is expensive. But it's also sonoma's laguna thunder hill. I mean three of the best tracks in america. And there's a lot of cars events you gotta you get a year round season there. There's a lot of events pebble beach. Is i mean the idea that you would go to the pebble beach events every year and not have to pay for fucking hotel at those exorbitant prices. That's excellent mike. Moustakas drives home effort. I asked her I mean miami. They don't know the roads they've got a couple of tracks but they don't have the roads and they have the culture the carolinas over there. I mean nascar country mooresville If you want that that kind of culture for certainly I mean other places have car culture but if you're talking about moving somewhere for the car culture those are hard to be. La for the mix of the variety of cars. You'll see on a week or weekend. The caliber of cars plus the access to tracks and good roads. Like you really. It's really really hard to beat l. a. But if you go if you i was just doing the other day sunday i went to bills for covert and coffee with hannah and we left early. We went home and we went for bike ride also on the bike path back up and so we leave early. So as we're riding on the bike path backup pch. Other people are coming to just park yourself in one of those beach. Parking lots on a late. Sunday morning nine. Am to noon. Just sit there and just watch. What fucking drives i mean. It's unbelievable. Yeah it's like you're in forza horizon or something. I mean i sat there for. I made my poor wife. Just made her sit there me. I go because there was so many cars ca hand. Let me just just sit here for. This is ridiculous and it was like special. Lambeau mclaren porsche. They rock something all muscle car closing. I mean one after the other after the other after the other you've never seen anything like it And and maybe it's it's more popular now because other options are limited and driving. Our cars is something we can do. But like i've never seen the the malibu corridor you know as stocked with fucking sports and classic cars. Ever as i've seen in the last month. Yeah i agree. The debt the density of the sports cars on pch on a sunday is like holy shit. Everybody's out everybody. And if you go to the you know the country mart it's like this rotating cast of just a spot opens up a new thing pulls it in a group of polls in they leave a group of challenges. They leave like. It's just amazing. What you see so i don't think you can beat it here but i think if you if you're just if you don't need that biggest scene and you're into like more into the tracks and stuff and roads you can find that in a lot of other places that are less expensive. Colorado denver denver has good tracks. Good good roads. Where anymore with mounds or somewhere with hills the hills and preferably. That isn't snowed out for half the. Yeah this out georgia. There's like an p. georgia and georgia orlando. Yeah the north north of atlanta. There's some decent roads for sure. Yeah i wouldn't move to atlanta for the car culture though it's not it's not it's not it's just not as dense atlanta's very suburban. It's not like it's not like there's like a concentrated seen like there is here anyway. I hope those are some good suggestions. Chappie says do we know any big collectors who actually care about limited run mclaren's they all seem so similar. And if i had the money i wouldn't really care i mean if you define limited run as the senna the p. one gtri car I'm sure there are some heavy hitter. Collectors care about that kind of stuff. If you're talking about some you know. We painted a special color. Have you seen any of those they made. There's there's a lot a lot. ms msn msn. Just means it's like porsche exclusive right now. Someone said i make mine this way and they do You know. I think i don't. I don't know if there's any serious collectors. That care about Mclaren special editions. Although i do know serious collectors that own mclaren's I think it depends on. I mean to the most serious collector mclaren f. One is the game over of course. So that's the that's where that's where it ends pretty much every car collector of modern cars if you've got an f. One you win. I'm curious what's going to happen with cars. Like you know this there's a mclaren sabre man. How would you feel if you bought a center. And then they come out with this. It's like it's like the same thing but a little less ugly. Yeah well there's also this one who came out first. This is ordered by something and it was a dealership ordered like twenty five and so i'm curious in the future. What will happen with these We'll see you know. It's what's weird is what i would like to know. Is the group of people that are buying these cars growing or is it just the same couple of hundred people hoovering up everything and i wish it was the former. But i really think it's the latter. If it's the latter than i almost want to give props to the dealerships that are like creating these special editions ted. We got another one. Oh baby you know. Just sell them another thing that they've created. I don't know it's thursday at any given moment a lot of mclaren's on the second hand market a lot you know what i think has changed about this decade versus like f one f one back in the day like that was the made x. Number and it was they were racecars or was celebrating the race. And now it's a special edition that's just like there's more solutions based on whatever they've kind of created like this is to give a nod to this. They're celebrating christmas bonus reading a lot more things It just seems like the hand out a little bit quicker. Well they're just. They're working their way towards more mass production. And so that means you know before better and for worse Now the financial state of the company always seems to be kind of who the fuck knows an. Msn is a great prophet center. Because these people who want shit custom are willing to pay real markups or that kind of stuff yeah If you're a league where everyone you know has a seven twenty and ten of them. You're like well how do i. How do i get the same feeling of his car. I love but it looks different than what my friends have. Right right so Yeah so interesting. Question though l. Alexi lalas ks o. J. louche whatever sure I turned down location for a morgan. P. one oh one Did i make a mistake. I've already have a three wheeler and trade plus some cash super dry edition The p. one. Oh one i didn't. I didn't read the story. Just browse the headline. What did they announce a final. Run of morgan three wheelers. They're phasing out of production. And i'm i'm to have to get caught up in real time. The wheels look cool as fuck Limited edition three wheeler to celebrate an models production What is different about it is. I can't really tell go. Keep going down. It's a thirty three units so it's got different wheels. It's got delivery. It's got a thirty three units. Let's see range of unique components and bespoke detailing conscripts down please Tano cover blah blah blah. It's so it's got like a speedster kind of tano cover. That's pretty cool. It's got some fog lights on it. I mean did. I make a mistake by not getting one. Here's the thing. a morgan. Three wheeler is already the most unique vehicle that anyone who sees you driving around is going to see that day. Do you need to spend that much more for the super special edition of that three wheeler on the off. Chance you run into another three wheeler owner and need to one up them. Yeah they they say they sold twenty two hundred. This is also amazing. Look at morgan. It's the most popular vehicle i've ever had. And they sold twenty one hundred. That's how small manufacturing but twenty one hundred in the world and it's a vehicle that people do not take out very often said the chance if you bumping into somebody i would say that if you already own three wheeler and you're happy with it unless you are just the most hardcore morgan guy or girl out there you know what i mean like. There's some hard core ass. Morgan people and i know one of my clients here at wcs has to morgan's one of them as three wheels in one of them is four wheels. And so and i understand both of his choices they make absolute sense to me as a car. Enthusiasts in general this dude is a car enthusiasts. Oh zach output feed frozen there. Oh my output took a hop anyway If you already own a three wheeler and are happy with it my guess is you'd be throwing a lot of money down a hole to get yourself out of that three wheeler and into another three wheeler and if you are unhappier board with your current three wheeler i bet morgan would happily sell you some kind of mods or something to to change it up enough to make it interesting to you again. That's my advice. Don't cheat out for another three p. One on one thing does look cool. This dude already has a special dish. He's got a super dry edition. Which is already the special edition from a couple years ago. Kevin bolaget says what will be the best. Four cylinder used car value in three years. F type four-cylinder. Seven eight came in mercedes a forty-five or the super four-cylinder. I think the seven one eight came. I agree because i think the enthusiast won't really want him that much on the second hand market and you'll be able to get what is ultimately a really fast nice driving car When the enthusiasts don't embrace something and you're okay with it. That's a great opportunity. That's a great point. You know what i mean like. There's a lot of like everybody likes the four cylinders. i personally. Obviously you heard me say some videos prefer the six cylinder cars but the the is the seven s and gts crazy amount of power. They're really really fast and in dynamically. The chassis is extremely as just as good as it doesn't bother me that it's four cylinder. It's fine like it's pretty neat. Engine is really technically advanced engines. Very cool fucking cargoes like hell. Real fast is got a five hundred horsepower. Package for the s holy crap. So all right. So i think that'll be the best value for sure Michael cut g Fucked that up. i'm considering a considering honda. Two thousand do you think. The jd market will continue to trend upwards or will it correct itself wants the world goes back to normal I don't consider it. S two thousand j. d. m. i see when i personally and i'm not trying to be pedantic when i i think there's there's the jd market of americans importing vehicles. That were not sold here. And there's also just japanese classic collectible cars. i think japanese collectible cars will continue to trend upwards they're reliable. They're usable a lot of folks in their thirties and forties have fond memories of honda's and and stuff like that from high school People are starting to pay real money for civic s. is two thousand Which i understand to a point because they are kind of nice So i do. I do think it will continue to trend slowly upwards I have multiple clients at w. ccs that are collecting nineties and two thousands japanese vehicles. Both jd m. and us diem and I see. I see an opportunity there to to invest in a car. That will be Relatively inexpensive to run and relatively reliable and that is a relatively safe to place to park money. I mean cars. Don't really start to get cheaper like collector cars until the audience. That loves them. Get quite old. Yeah like quite quite old in our generation is really just coming into having disposable income to kind of by we'll call collector cars and show we're interested in. We're not gonna stop doing that. Until we're like s to thousands will always have value always yeah gerald cutler says does saco make the best mechanical watches in the two hundred dollar price range. Are there other companies that offer the same quality at that price range so In my opinion yes. Saco makes the best mechanical watches in that price range and eh. But there's also seko's Like cousin company orient which makes similar quality and equally functional watches in the same price point as well and there's a lot a lot of smaller brands That us entry level automatic and manual wind movements and sell in in that price point. I like seiko. Because they're vertically integrated they make all the parts in the watch they don't just use a movement from here and get a case from here and make their own dials hands and go. Hey we made a watch like they. It's all saco so i really like that. That appeals to me. Two hundred bucks. It's not mechanical but g. shock g. Shock is like the best two hundred dollar watch you can buy probably But for mechanical. I would say yes. Saco and orient is really where you're at for the price point g. Shock always looked like athletic mountaineer watches versus like seiko. Looks like address walk. Single could be a dive watch. It could be a field watch could be addressed watch. There's all kinds of different seko's for all kinds of different occasions G shot for any g. Shock you're you're definitely right. It's it's more like athletic. Type look the rubberized ones. Now saco r. g. shock also has Watches that are made of metal and so that is a You know you know a thing and you can. And those are more Fashiony type watches. You know what. I mean How about frank says As need more heavy batteries to reach high performance and range targets will a tiny lightweight single cedar hybrid with a tiny drag area. Be the last way to enjoy the old school sports car experience working on this type of project now is is the thing i'm working on goodness. He's invented the motorcycle again. Has anyone explained to this person. What a motorcycle is well. Because it's single cedar more lightweight hybrid with a tiny drag area. That's a motorcycle bro. Or the What was that crazy. Bc one of the mono. Yeah i mean like. I don't think a hybrid hybrid specifically is any kind of way to enjoy the old school sports car experience. The old school sports car experiences not available with a hybrid powertrain the best way to enjoy the old school sports car experience. This is gonna shock you frank. You should buy old sports car. I cannot recommend that you will have one hundred percent fun. But i can recommend that you will one hundred percent get an old sports car experience by buying all sports car. And we're i think you know in in a eighty years. Maybe we won't be able to get those but like we're not going to be in a place in thirty years. I don't think we're you can't get gas and you can't drive the house car no so it might be. I don't know banning gasoline-powered vehicles outright sale of new vehicles from the roads would be an absolutely undue burden on many many many of society's people that rely on inexpensive gasoline cars. I'm curious why he would go with a hybrid powertrain because if the car is tiny and has a small dragon single senior than it theoretically to be a really really efficient thing and it'd be really really light. Yeah i mean he's talking about the volkswagen like xl one or one of those kind of so one hundred mile per gallon deals in which case like cool. But don't pitch me. That is old sports sports car experience. Like a tiny motor. Make the thing way. Six hundred kilograms came over. Yeah thanks frank i think paulson. Thank you thank you for donations. Miles live back says. I'm looking to buy one watch for life. Something's used with a case diameter forty one millimeter or smaller for less than less than five. Jeez nothing vintage ideas for me. Immediately i go to places The tutor black bay. Oh the weiss is you're wearing weiss. I thought it was but you know why i see a why. I love cameron weiss. I don't know if that could be a one watch for life. Because of the water resistance is not particularly water resistant. Like it'll survive a quick swim but she wouldn't really want to do serious water with it. So one watch for life has to be like nice enough that you wear it with suit but also has got to work with a bathing suit. Got to work with a scuba tank. It's gotta work when you're in a garage it's gotta work when you're getting masi. You know what i mean. It's got to be durable. If you smash it against something. So to me. I would say tudor. Black bay The tudor black bay Tutor is the Slightly less expensive alternative to rolex It's what you'd call the the working man's rolex. The tutor black bass strongly recommend resembles the rolex mariners and dive watches. They range in three to five three to six thousand dollars variety of basil's variety of dial colors and they're just as durable as the rolexes. They're just like slightly less Fine as it were. You know what i mean just a little bit less but really really well made Really nice watches. And you. could you get one and where it for the rest of your life or like breitling super ocean. That's a great one omega seamaster. There's a thirty different kinds of omega see masters You know what you want is a dive. Watch that also isn't too bulky so some dive watches like fucking giant but you said forty one millimeters so seamaster planet ocean seamaster aqua tara or tutor. What does that say. Oh sponsor bromont hasn't hit his hasn't come in yet. Raymond scott they come through with the product before i start plugging exclusively draymond. But i'm sure braemar has dive watch too. I'm not familiar with their dive. Watch lineup prey on prey. Mount watches or more pilots watches and field watches. It's more of like an airplane thing true But yeah there we go good with your feet clapping. Techno outlaw says. I'm thinking about buying a mercedes. Three hundred d turbo diesel as a daily My s. l. five hundred is basically the same platform that. Oh wait one one to four. That's not the That's the that's the old e-class the sol's basically the same platform. I don't agree with that at all. but Okay i mean you're talking about an e class from the nineties slab-sided Relatively durable cost a lot of miles on them. They require a specialized maintenance but they are made They're quality items there. It's classic what people think of when they think of a of a german tank. So i mean i don't have any points against i've never driven the diesel one. I drove a three hundred. I guess it would have been an e three hundred. The gas one eighty three twenty. Maybe even a three twenty five is slow but it shouldn't last as very yeah. I had a friend in high school whose parents seek. He got from his parents as a hand. Me down right because we were in high school. Ninety six to two thousand. This car was probably like a ninety three. Maybe so it'd been like ninety seven ninety eight ninety nine. This kid had the car and my friend was a fuck up. He was an addict and he was a fucking problem and he was a bad driver and he was irresponsible is can be and he couldn't kill it and if he couldn't kill it someone who gives a fuck about it brealey probably won't be able to kill it. Shout out to sean from high school Joe crave her says. What is the best horsepower to weight ratio for. Count a canyon carver. I don't. I haven't done the math on power to weight but my favorite canyon cards. Streetcars around four hundred horsepower at the tire and around three thousand two thirty two hundred pounds. That's that's a happy place for me in the canyons. Why do you like it that way versus something like two thousand five hundred twenty eight. There aren't there aren't a lot of cars way. Twenty eight hundred pounds. Where when i really start going fast. I feel confident and planted You know when people start really lightweighting cars to astounding. Low middle twos. I guess you could say like the gunther was really light and that was very fun. put in terms of ideal. You know usually we're talking about cars that have like interiors and stuff like that. You know what i mean. So i i deal yet. Twenty eight hundred to three thousand and like around four hundred horsepower the tires but you know up to thirty two hundred and you're still. You're still all right because i drove. I drove a strip out. Two thousand that was like dynamically an amazing canyon carbon but the loudest thing is you have to drive to and from the canyons. Also like it's not the overall experience of canyons involves going there. Sometimes hanging out bit cruder around like whipping so i think Having a little sound innings nice. We were filming sorted the in the east coast I can't see. I can't say what i was about to say because i'd give up plot points. Sorry i can't do it but let's just say somebody returned later and had taken a thing that i said about their car to heart and made a change and made their car quieter and they lost zero taking their car off a bearable fucking volume still sounded fantastic. Great car sounded great. But it went from. I hate this kill me now. I can't hear anything to oh okay all right and still every bit of super bogey that the car could do yeah. It was excellent. I hope that doesn't give away too much plot Did i answer we. The first question Chinatown town bulls five. Should i get a c. Four or c five corvette as my first corvette five role with corvettes. You either get a nine sixty three to nineteen sixty eight or you. Buy the newest fastest one you can afford. Yep that's it. That's one hundred percent a c. Five will at the worst. It'll sound fast but feel in. Be slow because when i valeted him i was like oh cool and then you get in what's happening with interior. It feels. I know they can be quick. And the chassis are fine but why not get a c. Five there's a lot of value in c four's er ones. They're under appreciated by a lot of the youth and the old people that are dying and selling them aren't getting the money they wanna get for them and you can get. Z are one which is a properly awesome performance machine for not a whole lot of money if you can get into a second. Gen z are one which would be ninety four ninety five do it. Otherwise basically five from ninety seven an op is a superior machine to all see force. That would be my opinion. Yeah the newest fastest corvette that you can afford is always the answer. Unless you're talking about cromer corbett's. Jj more says how would compare the stiffness of the forty-six m three to that as a model of modern sports cars. Such the to see s to the older cars with non adaptive suspension tend to be stiffer than new cars zach. You have a lot of forty-six their way softer like anything. Older tends to be way softer both in terms of how much they lean how they ride I think cars were just made software. That's what that's what people wanted to appoint. That's also the technology allowed. We didn't have adopted suspension. Where you could say at the touch of a button you can go from soft and pliable to firm and track ready. You didn't have that so if you wanted to sell. The car to a larger audience had to be relatively comfortable and stay pretty quiet. The new cis is waste differ than my car. I mean it has a it has a solid mounted rear sub frame and rear bushings in all of these all of the pliability is in suspension whereas forty six. We you probably know has lots of bushings in the back in that soaks up. A lot of No imperfections in the road and a lot of lean. So anything i drove on. Zuckerman z. Thirty nine m five One of the things. I liked so much about it was progressive body roll. I was like holy shit. i all. We've been talking about how flatter cornering always better. But i missed the body role because the body role is how you really feel the weight transfer working for or against you and you just in the middle. That's why the thirty nine m five is such a great driver's car. It's not just because of the four on horsepower v. Eight in the manual transmission which you can get in a lot of other places. It's it's because there's a balance and a fine tune ability. Same reason when jason kameda was up in here. I don't even remember if we had this conversation on the show or after it. But because when commission i record this show goes on for an hour after the fucking show You know he thinks his one. Ninety cosworth is the best car. He's ever driven and i went. I've driven one of those. They're good but not all of that and he basically showed me a video of him driving it on laguna and by just doing a he was able to fuck do the most beautifully controlled body roll initiated slide and it was like just the easiest like exactly the amount of steering in you know what i mean and he was like. I do that every single time like all day. It's a joke and he's like you can't. You just can't do that. In modern cars like turtles small up in you know what i mean. And it's like the whole this whole thing and he's like you can and with you have to do it on the throttle in these new cars. 'cause you sometimes can't transfer the weight as well whereas you you know the break. Yeah right. the byron talks to you about how mu- how fast are you going. How much how much room do you have left before you lean on the tire tired you have left for your sliding exactly exactly Yeah that's good. Eighty nine ford f. Three fifty says. Tell us more about your sailboat. Racing in long island sound When i grew up in i grew up in purchase new york and and then my parents moved to greenwich which like purchases on the side of the border and greenwich the wasp side of the border. The connecticut new york border the jews all live in purchase and the wasp's living greenwich and But yeah i. I always liked sailing and so when i Started going to camp. When i was a kid. I sailed sunfish and zuma's and then zuma twos and then when i had my bar mitzvah when the second time this show talking about my bar mitzvah with this fucking with this bracelet My parents my bar mitzvah gift was a laser. A laser is a A single handed racing dinghy that there. There's an olympic class for it. There's a lot of college level. It's like a it's basically honestly. It's like the spec miata of of sailboats. Google laser sailboat. Okay i looked franck. Sharks yeah what the fuck where looking at laser. So sharks with lasers gotcha laser sailboats. And so i had my parents got me a A laser sailboat which then started Sailing competitively out of riverside yacht club in connecticut. These boats are so awesome. They're basically like sunfish to go really fast They probably can go. Fifteen to eighteen knots like under a heavy whiz. Emmaus power twenty okay. It's pretty fast. All fucking dinghy way. Like twelve pounds. They don't want anything. Nothing i think the whole hall the entire hall is maybe maybe one hundred pounds. And then the madam ashton sale way a little more but the What was i saying. Oh yes sailboats. Right so then. I moved up to Flying scots then. I moved up to J twenty fours which is a twenty four foot team boat and then i went to sailing camp in the caribbean and started sailing bigger boats. I never really went back to To the miatas. Yeah out. Yeah pretty much. Yeah and so And now i get to use that skill to charter. Boats on vacation is very nice. Very nice So blue box of wine. I'm having a kid. I need a car. Bigger than current gulf are of jesus max sixty inch height. I mean jesus. That's that's general. That's a little too general. Get a very Get a Get a well i guess. Mx cx five turbo. I think that's a great car. Mccown or bigger gulf are is a mikan. Do you need more headroom. Genie more cargo room like before hats. Right now do you. How much money do you have. Many questions is a terrible Yeah mccown i would say. The mcconnell is the bigger gulf are That's where i would look if you can't afford a mikan dropped to q. Five or s q five I'm lucas parkin's says i'm interested in getting a fiesta. But budget is a bit tight. What is more important low mileage or recent model year they updated something in the fiesta halfway through the production line run and i cannot remember for the life of me what it was my instinct says lower. Mileage is better than than year. But i straight up. Don't remember what they changed in two thousand sixteen. I'm sorry they're definitely definitely google that Check the forums and So yeah i'd say the age of the person you're buying it from is those cars flag got driven. The younger person is it on that car the more they probably fucked it up Diesel pb says your opinion on the two thousand twelve twenty fifteen chrysler three hundred s rta. I liked that. That was great car i wrote. I got an reviewed one as a press car. And i was writing for somebody. That doesn't exist anymore. I don't remember who it was. I wonder if. I even have the reviews still. I remember driving win at fontana like a media day and two thirteen also got out. I was like why is it so good. It was great. Look great really nice car. I thought it was very weird that they discontinued that it seemed like an easy profit center but they that was strange But it was a very nice car at the time. Yeah how they've held up. I don't know but at the time was very nice. Blue ridge in our thirty four. Gt are from new zealand. I said that my life goal is one by the time they're legal. It's been five years since that video. Where does a perfect seven hundred horsepower. Gt our fall in the list of mythical beasts now Well i owned in our thirty two. Gt are so i did. I did buy one After this And the are thirty. Four is still not legal in america. So i can't really get one in any any kind of above board way at the moment My perfect gt are really isn't seven. Horsepower it's maybe four fifty or so at the tires and very reliable with working air conditioning. So i had a gt gtri. I liked it. I flipped it. I didn't i wouldn't say i flipped it. I accepted an offer that was at the time over market and now kind of on market Sold it and maybe one day. I will have another one Baby right now. I've got a lot of cars less time to drive them then cars so i'm going to try and enjoy the cars i've got and one day i'll get another. Gt are but i've seen some youtubers like ho- like fucking freddie bless his heart was he eighteen cars now so many added a lot of them. Are he forgets about help himself. Bailey forgotten please. Fucking forgetting these cards all cover all over the place like its way out of hand so Since my videos aren't really about my own cars for the most part. I don't have to keep buying sh- by the cars. I wanna drive right now and make videos about other cars but that pretty sure that skyline video is in our top five most viewed videos of all time. jeff. Weiner winer says the current generation rolex air king. Is it a future classic. Willett appreciate in value like sa- mariners. I have to say probably not I like the air. King is a nice watch. It fits a lot of people's really well not mine too small but A they don't really sell for over market now. rolexes fall into two two two different rel- camps Vintage stuff that is rare and sort of collectible because it's old and then And it was used as tool watches and so there aren't a lot left. And then you've got the modern stuff that's that's intentionally scarce and therefore priced over market. The air king really isn't that watch So i think they. They remain kind of hovering around sticker price. And i think if you go on crowning caliber i think. Maybe they're they're around sticker. I don't i. Don't i don't see the explore non explorer to and the air king. I don't really see as being appreciating The same way the the dive watches do And the last questions accu hand was also a watch question. Oh there's two more The sean official says i'm looking into saco five automatic. Same sean just get your saco. Can i recommend anything better at that price than a seiko dive watch. I cannot get it. Get get that Aperture three d. printing I have an f. r. s daily driver is spending five thousand dollars for a pump gas. Two hundred and eighty horsepower. Carb compliant supercharged setup. Tuning out of class. Should i save for a seven one eight instead now. I've driven biard r. z. Or and he's one of eighty six with that road tricks super charger on it. That was about to eighty the wheel and it was very very nice. So you're almost tuning out of class. You're getting pretty close to tuning out of class. But i would say you're it's not quite tuning out of class. It's you know what i mean like i. I've never heard that term. You heard me say that. I tell you about something to talk about tuning out of class. It's like if you if you could just get a lot better car right with the same money that you're putting into this car you can't i mean depending on what you bought your for us for fifteen grand let's say like us market and you put a supercharge on it for five grand. What are you getting for twenty. You get it you also zero sixty five. Yeah do you own the car outright. Are you making payments on it. Is there a warranty. You know is it are. Are you buying the car for this or do you already have it. And it's well. Maybe i'll sell it or maybe all model. I would say if you've already got the car and you like it five k. for that increase in performance. It's a lot of money but it's a big increase that for him. Yeah and If it's going to be that or get rid of the car a b. r. z. Or eighty six plus five k. On trade isn't gonna get you some amazing other car you know saving for a seven eight. You're now talking about quite a lot more money. And i don't know that now we're in a fun now. It's a finance question not really a car question. The best seven eight nine. Gts maybe just s. What does that forty grand in has no idea. I don't. I haven't looked like lot more for sure. It's a lot more. You could get a good corvette for the same money as an efforts with a superstar and all that stuff but like you said if you already have the us which i like a lot of that car and it'd be it'd be cool experience to have as an f. r. S with a super charger on it. If assuming it's that road tricks is in a lot of ways more fun than abass. Corvette base corvette does a lot of things well. But it's not it's not everything it's not necessarily like an inspiring drive whereas actually that yeah platefuls the right work. Yeah so anyway. I wouldn't be i wouldn't be like really Man it's hard. It's a lot of. It is a lot of money but but the roi like the power. You get a lot so going back to. Did you see his post like six months ago. He bought yeah for his bmw. And got got zero. Larry camps for bmw to grant you know camps from my car like two thousand dollars. That's so funny. When the last time was that someone like dino tested those camps after putting them in a long long time right and you look at your eighty horsepower. A ton of tour. Yeah i think really liked that whole setup. I think it's an awesome sight. I think it's a good setup to and if you already like the car stick with it and then a couple We had one more slide into me last question. Everybody jason peres says. My girl wants me to buy it. I know more about toasters than watches of those any good. They fall into A porsche not really their fashion. They're kind of what you'd call them all watch the fashion watch. It's not like horrible like it but it's not in terms of like watches like like want like a with the mechanical things that watch people like about them not really not really Andy said if i had to do a project car today what would it be I don't know something. Something japanese probably. I dunno just seems like japanese cars are good for doing projects which love a good five ten. But i know that the deaths in five seven. It'd be a full build of some kind or like an old mustang. I wish honda made a like a rear wheel. Drive car that. I fit in like i can't drive. S to thousands. Because they're just not comfortable my knees and the a non adjustable steering wheel like i wish. They made a car that i fit in better because i would really enjoy that And i really enjoyed racing that little honda coop thought it was superfund. The drive like Yeah a little honda. Maybe but i don't i but it's really nice to not have project car. Yeah because they work work. Yeah donny's returning donny's unfunny ferrari right now. I mean it wasn't like fucked. Donny's returning my car to one hundred percent factory spec which is where i want that car o Serum says thank you for all the things. Oh i think the serum. Yeah don't worry about mispronouncing your name point taken. That's our show for today guys. That's what i got. My brain is ended and that means the show. It's the best part of being your own boss and not having to fill a specific radio block. I don't is this going to air. Before new year's i don't think so. We have all right well since we've already recorded the ones before this. I hope you've had a good new year's. I hope twenty twenty one works out for all of you better than this fucking year Thanks for your time. Everyone we will see you later bye.

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