393: Watching from the Corner Edition


Warning the following podcast contains words if you get offended by them, that's Kinda. Gone you this week's episode of the scariest brought to you by Hymns Ziprecruiter and by Don Juniors new reality show at her all in the family. And now the scathing atheist. I amy and I'm John and I'm Taylor despite the fact that we three worked for one of the largest school districts in Florida and that our clientele is often unevolved. We can assure you that we did in fact volve from filthy monkey men and women. it's Thursday August twenty seven and it's national banana. Love her stay. Also my birthday. But no, that's cool. Yeah with. No. I'm right. It's my fucking birthday. Cincinnati Swing State and Georgia. This is the skating atheist. On this week's episode. We've got just the way to tell your Scorpio baby he's an asshole. Donald trump gets nagged by God in his own man. And that ten point. Five million dollar cushion fucks up. My Jerry. Poorly choke The? Diatribe. I will never understand how Christians can convince themselves of their own moral superiority or even their own morality. Rate like there's a system where you can become absolved of all sin by silently apologizing to yourself or if we want to be more generous by apologizing to a mythical character that by definition is obligated to accept your apology and love you know lasts for your transgression. Jesus doesn't even demand that you rectify the problem or even you apologize to whomever you might have slighted with your sinfulness. He asks only that you confess your sin at which point he's duty bountifully absolve you. As the whole point what's more he doesn't even expect you to stop sitting afterwards. He knows fully well that you're gonNA fall short again and when you do, he'll be ready to forgive that transgression as well. Jesus comes with infinite `get-out-of-jail-free carts and if you think that you could do moral philosophy that bad for two thousand years without getting really shitty morality I'd ask you to simply look at any Christian institution that has existed for any time period anywhere ever. All right. Let's start with the oldest the Catholic Church. Yes. They raped a bunch gets, but they said they were sorry right they they're gonNA make an earnest effort to do better in the future. Hey, they're flawed descendants of eve living in a fallen world after all. So they're not GONNA do perfect. Jesus stands ready to forgive them the next time they do it to, and since there's forgiveness base morality, there's no need for recompense. Did. Did there's no point releasing the suspected pedophile there still harboring quasi-state of child? Rape Stan Right. There's no reason to release the victims from the nondisclosure agreements that their financial compensation was contingent on. There's no reason to proactively give up the names of every little suspected pedophile law enforcement as long as everybody's admitted to their sins and sincerely apologize to Jesus they're in the clear from an ethical perspective in fact, all these minor reforms and reporting requirements and shit. That's just altruism is sing on the said sorry can't get mad cake if you think about it. Or how about we look at the second biggest nomination of the US the Southern Baptist Convention what is Southern Baptism? Anyway just a water spin the other way when you drain the Baptismal Font, there's some know it's fucking slavery. Right, like in the lead up to the civil war, the Baptist in this outside of that, they couldn't be friends with those abolitionist assholes in the north anymore. So they split off and made their very own baptism with hookers and slavery not not only did the fucking southern Baptist come into existence provide the logical justification for slavery and white supremacy. But that's also what they continued to do for at least a century after the civil war. One could argue that still what it does but at the very fuck at least that's what it was doing into the sixties providing logical justification for white supremacy. A couple of years ago, the Southern Baptist seminary the the oldest seminary affiliated with the SPCA tried to confront their racist origins with a report called the report on slavery and racism in the history of the Southern Baptist theological seminary and to their credit. More or less did lay out there bigoted origins and their central role in justifying slavery segregation and white supremacy. More or less more or less they released this report and twenty eighteen and they said they were super. Sorry, right. The whole thing on a stage where they had a black guy come on and accept her apology on behalf of African. Americans. And that was morally cleansed by Christian standards. Of course, it's not like this legacy. We're talking about like thousands of years ago. They are still directly benefiting from this today like, for example, with their hundred million dollar endowment almost universally donated to further the goal of maintaining the racist status quo. So a nearby historically black college said, Hey, if you guys are really sorry ray, how about you ties ten percent of that racism fortunate you still have to us or to some other method of black empowerment and the Southern Baptist seminary was like fuck you. We already said we were sorry and that was that right? Did you not hear the guy who accepted our apology? Despite. Christian claims to the contrary universal forgiveness is not a fucking virtue and pretending otherwise vice it's a bullshit bit of blame Jujitsu. Yes. I'm the one who did something wrong but I said I was sorry which is good. You didn't accept my apology, which is therefore, we're both bad in this story and you were bad last in fact, this will be doesn't even require. That I give you back your money as long as I've apologized to you for stealing it. So even temporarily withholding acceptance of my apology to see if anything's going to change his bad or at least fall short of the ideal good. You should forgive me universally like Jesus would, and if you don't, that's really a problem with your ethics and not might be more Christian. Is it any fucking wonder that people spoon-fed that shit their whole lives think that African Americans are being greedy when they talk about reparations or affirmative action or any act whatsoever to help rectify the enormous imbalance of power that results from our nation's multi century history of white supremacy. White people already said they were sorry after all. Okay Christianity is not a good source of Morelli how it isn't even a bad source of morality. It is a short cut around morality and it always has been. Incidentally. By this diatribe is very much inspired by book I'm reading called White too long the legacy of white supremacy, American? Christianity. By Robert Jones normally, I would not recommend the book I'm not done with yet. But if this is the topic you want to explore more at least the first half of this book is really fucking good. I'll I'll link in the show notes. They're talking. Joining me for headlines Tonight or the HUFF and puff to my blow heat then right knee lie Bosnich fellas and you read it frightens piggies. I'm thinking we got a team up with those angry birds. The pigs hate all there you go. Okay and I've said, this isn't about pigs. This is about ethics in. Housing Journal. Topical. Thank you. All right. Yeah. Yeah, we'll. We'll and on that note we're going to pause for a quote from our first buzzer. This week. Hymns. All right roll, your attack rel. Okay Fourteen wound that is the success. So long luxurious locks burst from your head Nice. Awesome. 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Day, supply refund requests must be between ninety, one, hundred and eighty days after product shipment delivered prescription products require an online consultation with the medical professional will determine if a prescription as appropriate restrictions apply see website for full details and important safety information. Remember that's four hymns dot com slash scathing. Thanks. No, we'll definitely check that out. All right. He theoretically die row for a front facing. A face. Yes. With it back and forth. Yeah you are my hair. And now back to the headlines in our lead story tonight. The Democratic National? Convention. Anna. was talking about. The greatest crispy. That's right. The Democratic National Convention happened last week. And we have some great news about that. Thanks the democratic. God is dead yeah we do. Yup, we can wrap it up now. People in charge you the event finally realized that Christianity is pretty much gone from the United States and atheism is super power. So they intentionally omitted the phrase one nation under God from the Pledge of allegiance. No, they didn't. Trump they did he also had rabble rabble rouse? Ask Okay. Sure. Isn't like an ink master type villain from George Orwell's trash. Can detect bill in from George Orwell's track. Entirely possible I I I I can't. This validates the people who said see we had to put this was Jesus into it or the people who said see it didn't matter how much Jesus you put into it, but but they also the victory lap around this. So. Here's what actually happened. They recited our creepy fascist pledge of allegiance to a rectangle of fabric on all four nights that convention. And they included the phrase, one nation under God all for those times. But apparently, there were two groups of Democrats who met during the day not during the televised convention itself and they left out the word God from the pledge and both times it was because invoking Christian God would be super obnoxious like beyond the normal amount that goes along with reciting wedding vows to a flag. One of those two groups was the Muslim delegates, allies group, and the other was the lgbtq caucus. Probably had something to do with Christian God explicitly wanting to murder all those people are. Just guessing or translated out of reality into a trump tweet quote the Democrats took the word God out of the Pledge of allegiance at the Democrat National Convention at first I thought they made a mistake but it wasn't it was done on purpose remember Evangelical Christians and all this is where they're coming from. It's not done vote November third shoes all right who else am I doing bad weather okay. Got It. Got It can't believe the Democrats got long John Silver's instead of Popeye's for catering black people and all. I. Can't believe the Democrats chose skippy peanut butter when choosy MOMS clearly she? But my favorite freakout came from hate pastor and Keebler HR Guy Robert Jeffress. According to Jeffress Democrats talking about faith. It doesn't count because they weren't specific enough about faith. Interview on Fox News he said quote. Democrats talk about faith in some ethereal undefined way but they never define what that faith is. Is it faith in oneself faith in other people faith in the tooth fairy? Oh Said faith in. God. Then you have to ask. God in the Bible the. Pretty much. All Christian Baby murder most exact quote. To cut away before he and his own sentence came to. If. There's anybody who's rhetoric could throw a chair at itself. Yeah. It's Robert Jeffress. Jesus. It'd be a folding chair and he'd have trouble with it right? Right. Around, handle him as he threw it yeah. Yeah. All right circling back the pledge of allegiance just for the record that was written the version. We know anyway, it was written in eighteen ninety two by xenophobic Baptist minister from right near allies hometown in upstate. And even that guy didn't include under God. In that original version, we added that in nineteen fifty four. So we could defeat all those godless communists using the power of kids talking in unison so. moral. The story hate pastors from the eighteen hundreds are way too secular for Donald Trump and the gop of twenty twenty nine. That's where we are and and Taurus a new one news. Nice. You know if being a parent has taught me anything, it's that you really only need three hours of sleep a night and that the government is watching me through tiny cameras as placed inside my life. Ayla alike, the story. Sorry sorry. But the third thing I've learned is that there is no idea dangerous or stupid enough that someone won't try to sell it to you for your baby from homeopathic cough medicine to attachment parenting if you put sleep through the night by eleven weeks on the back, so one will buy and this week we learned that we're stupid to brand new levels because chronicle books is releasing a series of astrology books for babies. Shits like a cancer. that. Actually that's great. Well, anybody be fair strategies. This is one of the few demographics that doesn't yet consistently see through their bullshit. So yeah. I it. Yeah, I. Guess. Now to their credit, the publishers seemed to take these books about seriously as we do going to the article I. Read Quote Harper said that with chronicles books parents will get to spend time thinking about a very broad version of off topic they like and babies. Meanwhile, we'll get bright colors, characters, narrative end rhymes. My worst never gave me bright colors or rhymes getting ripped off on this shit. Absolutely. Either way he's an I. No money when we smell it. So Morgan, hit it. Nama stay I am Guru Bosnich. Nama stay as well. I'm guru and right. and. We're the authors of the brand new series bullshit for babies. Bullshit for babies endeavors to introduce a brand new line of debunked poisonous and dangerous ideas. Your baby's brain as early as possible. Like our first book Peekaboo, which castor you a fun and colorful guide to where and when your baby should cast a shadow. Or what about one? Two, three, alchemy? A rhyming exploration of the transmutation of Metals Little Newton in your life. Or. Why not try phonology with friends this story teaches the important guys guys you have to stop. come on no north she's trying to make money. Yeah. What's the big deal? Well, Tony Perkins already put out last book. You guys are going to get a sued. Well, that's fair. Okay. Yeah. Good. Looking out looking out. And in Oh my God. This is so amazing. I'm shocked it didn't break on a Thursday morning news. Everybody else. Is Watching Jerry Falwell Junior. Get fucked and that's weird. Right I'm sure he's A jerk off to that or what? We're doing lefty. Rome okay. Yeah. There you go. There you go. So last week we learned that he'd be placed on indefinite leave for liberty you for accidentally blackmailing himself in reverse by voluntarily posting compromising photos of himself online, and then this week we learned that he's being placed on even less definitely Vegas for. A thing I'm pretty sure we have neither word nor phrase for academic English english-language failed I'm going to go with insufficiently devout cuck your. Imagine being one of the kids who got kicked out a liberty university for watching an R. rated movie. Yes and then you. On the phone paper. Or even worse imagine being one of the kids who graduated. Worse. Now from. Universe reading a story come on. That's that's a little hard. To look, we'RE NOT GONNA king shame on this show. If you get off watching other people, Fuck your spouse. Great. Have Fun with that judging by the fact that. Five out of six trending videos on porn hub involved fucking step something that seems pretty mild to me but yes. Right right now. UAE. Carlos Granda. It turns out the falls were not taking their twenty-something pool boy around on vacation for entirely platonic reasons like they said, they were according to both a groundless assertions and be text messages and other evidence reviewed by Reuters Rhonda and Juries. Wife quote developed an intimate relationship and Jerry enjoyed watching from the corner of the room. Quotes. What why are the? Why are the cook? So He's in the corner right room. I feel like I'd WanNa get in close. I'm, checkout. Angles. But holes, and whatever two things very important. The first says imagine being the guy at routers where the guy was like and you're GonNa, WanNa see these naked pictures of me, fucking Jerry. You as a reporter after to be like. Yes. Go ahead and show. That is news as part of a trump. And you can. We just take admit Cox deserve better PR. I mean. It was everyone who disagreed with the Nazis. Now is Jerry Falwell inviting someone else to have sex with your partner is downright neighborly. Probably Cook Mr Roger. Sharing. He, did he did. So of course followed tonight all of this issuing a statement to right wing propaganda mills the Washington examiner the day before the Reuters article was coming out claiming that Granda had been blackmailing him for years over a relationship that grunge had was wife. which is how blackmail work. Without a hostage, there's. Really. Yeah. Exactly. I'm going to tell you about the wait hold on. Wall. Pack explained this to you. Yes. So in an amazing doth protest too much moment follow statement that came before this article actually says that his wife. Quote had an inappropriate personal relationship with this person something in which I was not involved and. Who has you know normally, you have to explain whether or not you were a participant in your spouse's affair. It's like that Becky Falwell could not be reached for comment as she has not yet emerged from under that bus. You know he got up that phone call and Becky was like I'm with you. No matter what we're GONNA. Make it through this together and he was like Hey I'm glad you say that. New Shredded you are this is the bad guy. And in Bible piece theater is coming to life new. With all this economic turmoil resulting from the global pandemic don't trump had a meeting with the invisible hand guides the market last week. His name is God and during a rally in Minnesota trump explained how that meeting with God, Wench, fucking insane it's insane. Oh, crazy warning to trump. He was a little too bragging with God during that meeting about the amazing economy that trump created out of nothing but Obama's gummy. Created covid nineteen as a test to see if trump could fix it again and apparently he has. You Know Mission Accomplished. Seems a little broad for Bible piece could may be weighed around a dead body do a musical number. This do this was in Minnesota? Susan. On Fifth Avenue Way. So. I'm really not exaggerating about trump's claim here in his own made up story about speaking to the God of the universe. He was such an arrogant asshole God had to challenge him with the plague for spike. Here's the exact words we got from trump quote God said to me. You know you did it once and I said I do a great job God I'm the only one who could do it. They're talking about the economy here about mixing the economy that he was handed. That was they'll small talk with God continuing God said. That you shouldn't say you shouldn't say you're the only one who could do it. Now we're to have to make you do it again I said okay. I agree you got me but I did it once and doing it again. And then got offered me a low five but I was too slow. I, am very humble. Please exactly this is. The Christmas, what you'd be more humble, and this is where he went with what I was chatting with God one Yup. Yup. That's what happened. The crowd loved it to ridiculous. Yeah. It trump also added some absurd nonsense about his fantastic work on the environment and also the amazing unemployment numbers that he's working with right now what Ya I'll stay sort of try to explain here just for the record the environmental thing that was a conservation bill proposed by Democrat and backed by Democrats mostly that trump only signed because two gop senators told him it would help them with their reelection campaigns and I guess trump guy a little to brag about that one too. So God made him. Try to read the word Yosemite during. Fail. But the economy tests is going great according to trump after the remark about God teaching him humility trump added. And you see the kind of numbers were putting up best job numbers ever three months more jobs in the last three months than ever before. Well, but did. The media. So busy bitching about the fact, I burn down the house, that none of them even bothered. Thank me for getting rid of the mildew in the upstairs bathroom yet. No termites either by the way, well, not in the burn part so. Just review again this is trump's own grazie store. Talked with God and God found him off pudding, which led to a plague in, right? Yeah. Nobody has own account. If he'd been less Schmidt God a hundred and seventy thousand more people would be alive in the US alone. Yeah. And that plague caused our unemployment rate to jump from about three and a half four percent to about fifteen sixteen percent, and now it's back down to like ten percent and that's what trump calls best job numbers ever. President. Who doesn't even know what direction to lie? You gotta look at it per job though. Seizing and he even worse we have an electorate that doesn't even understand what I just said. Yeah. I just heard the word God in his thing and they started clapping. He talked to him and and PB, mistakes news. Okay podcast listener are you biting down on something? All right. Well, if the answer was yes, that's weird. You should bet that drop it, drop it. Okay. Now, put it back into your mouth. You lie what? Sorry sorry I was just getting them ready for this news. All right, everybody ready. Televangelist convicted felon and freeze dried food product huckster Jim Baker received between six hundred and fifty thousand and one point seven million dollars. I wasn't remain. Great, now he only does the irs about five million dollars wait. No. The whole thing is illegal that he just pulled off now it's back above the six million he's owed since nineteen ninety four when he got released from jail. Yup. Great. So there is good news regular listeners to the show will know that birds got fly fish gotta swim and Jim Baker has to commit fraud. As why at the start of the CO crisis in the US he almost immediately started selling fake cures for it, which it turns out is illegal. and. It's illegal even if your regular pitches by my bucket so you'll have nowhere to poop when the Horse Scorpion Locus. There's an ongoing lawsuit about that. Yeah. I'm not that confident about how these lawsuits are GONNA go sincerely held lying basically the cornerstone of the John Roberts Supreme Court Yeah I enough. Ties it all together, and let's keep in mind that he spent years in his silver water cure all venereal diseases without anybody ever saying shit. So like say in that stuff is illegal selectively if anything yes EXC, it's got to be out of the charts I guess. So yeah, you're actually not allowed to use your PP loan for crimes. It turns out according to the Associated Press quote. After the fact, the Small Business Administration will review organizations and companies to identify those that may have submitted inaccurate self certifications. The agency may seek repayment win the potential for civil or criminal penalties if they fraudulent application was submitted. Okay but again, the problem with Baker isn't that nobody's seeking repayment. And according to attorney Daniel Grooms a former federal prosecutor who worked in the Justice Department for Fifteen. Years. There is every reason to think that an entity led by a person with the profile a he has given his history and given the ongoing fraud issue surrounding the product was selling that those ongoing investigations and the ongoing attention. Would, be realistic to think that would lead to further investigation of his PP. Loans. The investigations are going GONNA lead to more investigations boy. You can tell that mother motherfucker has worked as a federal prosecutor against churches before right? Yeah. That's how. So Yeah, a fake Cova Cure Schroeck now might have to come up with one point seven, million dollars frontal Sam I think it's safe to say it's been a bad year for Jim Baker but That means it's been a good year for the rest of us. Better. Anyway. I feel better about that. Yeah. He's having a bad. You're. You're right. I. Smiled a little bit I. Did it. All right. And finally, tonight in the devil's in the detail news Tennessee Pastor, rehabilitator of witness tampering felons and not vigilante. Greg Lock extended his record for consecutive weeks with scathing atheist headline consideration by noticing that if you turn the logo for the Democratic National Convention on it side and then draw satanic symbol over it. It looks exactly like a satanic symbol. Which means that greg was like taken random democratic symbols and drawing over them and Cran being like Shit. Why? All right still haven't found anything yet I'm GonNa find let me just. Lay down on Massad for. Second. Take. I. Got Him so simple in question is known colloquially as a star or if you WANNA freak out Christmas Pentagram. Or if you wouldn't have both math nerd about it, I just learned this an ice talk. So non intersecting concave polygon. Sorry there's there's not much to this. I have to make the workout somehow anyway literally just a Goddamn Star but that didn't stop hate pastor Greg Log from tweeting out a picture of it rotated ninety degrees next to a shot of the goat pentagram symbol with this actual observation quote. I suppose it's just a coincidence that the Hashtag Dem Convention logo turned sideways is the exact same design and measurements as another familiar logo. Satanism is alive and well, and to quote. Thinks to images have the same measurements because. On his computer. Their own they're not even the same like he photoshop together and they're not even the same size the two stars. That's right now they're both one hundred and twenty-five percent. Yeah. Also unrelated the Dunkin donuts logo looks like boobs. So you know keep an eye on those who? boobs and their logo now obviously, the good folks on twitter were quick to help block deco some other sideways and upside down Satanic. Symbols like all them little devils hiding in the American flag or. Devil, worshippers to play for the cowboys and all those little kids who did so well on spelling bees most noteworthy perhaps where the three stars in the GOP elephant which don't even have to be rotated to point downwards. Now Lock has not responded to any of these points though. Because he's in a closet from plus she of Patrick from Spongebob would be my guess I guess we're going to wrap the headlines on that lovely image. So heath thanks always Monje and when we come back opiates. Gets. A rebuttal. You wanted to see me Mr President Tyler Tyler Kit inhibit guy you remember message Tehmina and Sarah Huckabee Sanders Jailer Sarah why are you still here? Squatters rights you know? You never lived here. Says you maybe Anyway, we're working on Methadone meal as big speech and we WANNA. Make sure we hired the best people for the Republican National Convention well, why not try ZIPRECRUITER WATTS JEOPARDY? ZIPRECRUITER's the smartest way to hire ziprecruiter send your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job sites. But they don't stop there with their powerful matching technology ziprecruiter skins, thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience and actively invites them to apply to your job, and how do we choose people for the R. N.. C. We hired whoever kissed a cardboard cutout of you the most passionately. Nice who won? Don. Jr. At tracks. 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If there's one group of people who consistently prey on the minds of children a group who all good parents must remain vigilant against. It's those damn commies and no we have been transported back into the nineteen fifties only are thinking has with this month's election from Hillary Morgan Bearers Mama Bear, apologetic? Yes, the time has come for a chapter I have been looking forward to since I looked at this books table of contents on Amazon. Chapter thirteen communism failed because nobody did it right Marxism? Okay. For the record as wrong as I'm sure Hillary's about to get everything. She's right about how shitty that argument is. Communist. To seize the means of production. God. Salim. So the good news is even Hillary is going to admit at the start of this chapter that she has no fucking idea why she's talking about Marxism and a Christian apologetic to. Protect your kids from thinking. Yeah. But dammit, Marxism is just too big a threat to ignore. Yeah Yeah. This right here is where it gets ridiculous right now. Yeah. Chapters about naturalism moral relativism and pluralism they were all right in her intellectual. Interest. I think here's her quote about it quote. Up, until recently my thoughts were isn't communism thing of the past Ussr Berlin Wall have we learned nothing about the errors and evils of Marxism and isn't Venezuela learning this lesson like right now? Spoiler alert. No. Apparently, we have not learned this lesson and quote. Yeah. The drop in the market price for oil is really teaching Venezuela about the pitfalls of Martin. Also Eighteen percent of the humans Chinese does she not know about them? I. Don't think she does but don't worry. Don't worry she's going to get to it because it turns out that Hillary Morgan Fairer knows why communism has never worked out got reading absolutely not ready. Yeah. Quote reject whatever is about to happen when you read Marxist literature, you'll notice it completely ignores original sin and human nature Jesus. fucking. Could theoretically work as long as you don't have those two little factors at play. Good luck with that. Quote, telling crushing it, but then some lady handed him an apple and the whole around. To be fair things have gone way better for him had we lacked knowledge of good and evil. So that's fair. That's true. Now, if you're wondering who the insidious forces pushing Marxism on your children are why that would be teen vogue with fuck is happening she references a twenty eighteen article that explains the basic ideas of Marxism versus capitalist in Teen Vogue. Teen Vogue probably isn't the best source for that topic but. Then again here we are talking about Hillary Morgan ferrers chapter about mark. Right, yeah. So Saw Relative. Here's what she has to say about that article quote back in my day, we learned about the latest lip gloss colors and laughed over reader submitted most embarrassing moments and quote but. I could shoot materials that didn't teach me things the author of this book. She's fucking. Christ. So now we go to a section insultingly titled, why are we talking about failed economic policies in a book for All Questions. Is Not the first time one of her editors margin notes made it into the final draft guys. But she's GonNa lose a big chunk of her audience right up at the front of this section. When she says quote I want to say right now that the Bible is not pro capitalism and America is not God's chosen nation and. He'll scratch stewed read the room, right? It's like US Open a section of our show about how bald and a goatee is a really bad luck. Our audience. Great Look. Great. Look you look fantastic. So yeah, she. Really. La So she explains that her problem is that Marxism. Is Religion the she spends two paragraphs on this. So I guess it's warning in on our territory. It here's the quote Marxism is more than just a failed economic policy. It is essentially religion one that touches on every facet of life from Church to family to morality and quote it. It's like an opium for itself. Yeah. She's basically saying like if you turn stuff into a religion fucks up the. Cut. And my book. Yeah. So now is going to set a straight with a section titled What's The Difference Between Marxism Socialism and communism or as I call it, he are you biting down on some Copy got a copy. Each heading has a Satan outline that's a little more full or. So. Henry's answer despite that title seems to be. Mad they're all pretty much the same ha-. Because they're all coming for your Bible according to her. Section on socialism she says quote socialism can coexist with freedom of religion but generally promotes secularism a radical separation of church and state where religious ideas are welcome at only in the private realm of Harpen, home communism on the other hand is unapologetically atheist. From each according to his ability to each God is dead. I remember that from the book. Goes on this great little communism rant here at the end of the section when she's explaining, it says quote, the people would collectively own all manufacturing all commodities and there would be no more classes of people meaning that every be perfectly equal sounds great. Doesn't it unless you're like be and you remember how? Well this worked with high school group projects I was the one who cared the most. So I ended up doing all the work. The idea of equality is great until you remember that it does guarantee equality of motivation but I digress. End of real quote I digress in my book that's group well, right yeah. Right. I feel like she took the name of the Mommy Blogger who said he'd the communism chapter out of that sentence at the last minute. Sharing which brings us to a section called. So what do the Marxists think they are doing sneaking out of the House to go make out was brad apparently. Yeah close she explains at the Marxists are so dedicated to their ideas. So single minded that the end always justifies the means no matter what evil they need to do. To get rid of evil class systems and that's why they must be stopped. No matter what. Right but in Christianity the beginning justifies. Yes. She even points out. That may be may be all the child labor of the seventeen hundreds wasn't awesome. Here's the quote quote. Play Devil's advocate throw the book burn. Marks made some legitimate points in the communist manifesto about the abuses that occurred to workers during the industrial revolution like how industrialization commodities children for cheap labor unfortunately, despite improved working standards and government regulations through the vote. That that have significantly reduced workplace abuse, Modern Marxists Socialists, and communists still portray all capitalism is evil and usually personified as the man yeah. Capitalism doesn't get enough credit for all all the regulations on capitalism. And Christianity doesn't get enough credit either, right? Yeah and I honestly just demand while we're at it. But don't worry. She's GonNa defend capitalism in a way that is so it convinces me I wrote this book as a prank against here. Let's ask ourselves is building a business bad. Person, starts a business and eventually become successful enough to hire workers. These workers do not own the business rather they work for the owner. Work for them. Got It. Yes. I. Got Lost For a second whose goal is not merely to create and sell it cost but to create and sell for a profit Oh fuck. A workers again. Yeah. To make money heart when that happens the workers have job stability and the owner can expand the business and hire more workers. This is capitalism one. Oh, one and quote. The. An startups are are known for great jobs to. Maybe go ahead and enroll in capitalism one or two. When you learn to outsource those jobs to country with child labour, use that extra money to hire lobbyists and convince a bunch of prolife idiots to vote for deregulation and tax cuts for rich people just yes. What might happen in one to? Why does so many self-appointed commentators on Economics Brag about how remedial their knowledge is right You could be insanely Adrian on this topic still say X. doesn't instill with much confidence. Is it supposed to I? Think so God damn capitalism one, one that you just. She continues quote marks considered this process to be the exploitation of the workers because their efforts were not being equally traded for product an equal trade resulted in no surplus and thus no profits up to the workers. Okay. According to capitalism prophet is good. Profit means that the owner can reinvest the money, grow the business and ultimately hire more workers more workers create more product, which then creates more prophets. This is how one builds up business that intern enables people to make a living and community synchro and beautiful analysis school. Yeah. No that the gun companies crushing it and so is the butter company and Done and two story Oh. Yeah. It's just reaganomics one on one. You, need infinite grow GonNa fuck this gun barrel. and. Live in a great day even with this sunny trickle down Theory Hillary is afraid you might have just gone read at the thought of sharing. So now it's time to roar lega mother. Oh, he's way ahead of young. So we'RE GONNA start by recognizing the message and list all the problems with Marxism starting with rejecting innate sin and Point here is that Marxism blames everything on capitalism. They say that capitalism is the cause of all evil in the world, which is as she says, very silly to think, right? No, that's ridiculous because the real cause as we know was that fruit whore. She'd said that earlier. Yes, and she says it again here the second problem with Marxism is recognizing oppression. Let me say that again, a problem she lists with boxes them is that it recognizes oppression but or as she puts it quote this is called identity politics and is a strong theme in the politics fear having an identity is not lease. and. Now in the educational sphere from kindergarten to university students and quote yeah Marxism leads to pluralism and then naturalism and now you've killed God this is really coming together I since he's building chapter on chapter yet but that's not all Marxists also emphasize justice and equality scarecrows hers or as she puts it quote when Marxist talk about injustice was the really mean is differences have you ever noticed how futuristic movies often portray people as all wearing identical jumpsuits disillusion of differences supposedly equals dissolution of inequality. Yeah. Marx and engels were mostly focused on everyone being gym teacher. Yeah. Full suits. Big Shiny onesies with a with a giant via across the front. So. Now, it's time to go offer discernment and she's going to start by pointing out that Marxism is now put forward under the guise of social justice who she actually calls s j w the really really yeah. The aforementioned S GW's quote rightly identify areas in which we as a nation need to change, but they don't understand that the solutions they offer are grounded in Marxism in their zeal for justice they may not realize they are being used to further an unbelievable agenda and kwame. Jesus said rich people can't get into heaven unless of course, they're providing liquidity friction this market but like most of them aren't going right because you need liquidity. Obviously. But but to be fair, H doesn't want US thinking that s j w have nothing to say there is still racism and she admits that quote I have friends of color. Who have told me stories that make me furious they are not race baiters and they haven't bought into identity politics. Jesus fucking Chris. She wrote that and she looked back over she thought you know what my readers are going to go I but those n words are making it up. I need to clear that up right away. fucking. Wow. I have friends who are Jews and they are not liars they have. NAME NAME ONE OF THEM Hi Me. Rose and. Berg. Hymie Rosenberg Ju-. Damacus. She even admits she even admits that it might might be hard to be a poor person in this country quote when children do not feel safe in their homes, they often cannot mature emotionally and psychologically where I differ is that I don't think all these problems will go away by throwing money at them and quote. if it's not money, I wonder how she thinks being poor good. Weird one I. Mean I guess it's gotta be guns or butter. Both tricky those the two things remaining. So now we're going to a argue for a healthier approach and argument shocking. I know is going to be sure we might have different amounts of money, but we're all the same under God out. Genocide and stuff or bad but we're all children of God. So stop asking for your lives matter or as she says, it quote if we make every tiny thing into an example of oppression than the word loses its meaning and people become indifferent and quote. Yeah or you could just read this book and be in different from the start. She fix it. Is it fixed now in her head so now we're GonNa are reinforced through discussion discipleship in prayer and three of these are fantastic. So here's how to reinforced with your kids for young children one play the image of God game. This game helps children understand that we are all made in the image of God and reminds them of our shared humanity as opposed to focusing on differences. Anytime you encounter someone different from you skin color hair age body shape disease mental states is going to go so badly ask your kids apparently out. Loud. Instill our collective identity as image bearers of God. No matter what our differences. Great. Great. Bunch of little kids walking around fucking Florida wherever her readership is there in the supermarket being like Mama found a black guy. Let's play that game. Hey kids. Look at this disease mother ear the game by the way peeing pretend racism doesn't exist the game to be clear. It's Pointed the guy the wheelchair and be like him to Black this is perfect. Please tell me you have a mental illness. Gay, I'm about to get five fucking points. So. Number two for middle school and high schoolers. She says, stay aware of buzzwords like justice injustice equal and unequal. With your kids start talking about that kind of Shit Jesus, fucking Christ ask your teens to define what is unjust just or unequal about a given situation we're skipping equal. Read Matthew, fifteen fourteen through thirty. The parable of talents. What parts of this parable would our culture say are unjust? What point do you think Jesus was trying to make okay. I read that Jesus was saying I'll magically he'll someone from a different race but only if the answer my riddle like. Wishy thrown out a bluff would that I can read it. Number three ask your children I love this one because it's so fucking evil. Ask Your children if disagreeing with someone means you hate them recalled examples of times when you and your spouse or family of disagreed but still love each other reinforce that disagreement doesn't equal hate guy I've never felt more sorry for her advice here seems to be but think of all the nice things daddy buys mommy afterwards. God, and so now it's time for the discussion questions. Gentlemen are you ready pass? Number one icebreaker look in the footnotes for the links to the teen vogue articles read them aloud and disgust your thoughts no no no. No. Why allow does she think we're to? Send a copy of mind that's going. To main theme when you ignore original sin as humankind's main problem, no solution you propose will work imagine telling your kids to do their chores for the good of all mankind. How effective do you think this would be how do you think they would respond if you took away any rewards or allowances for performing their towards? What does that tell us about human motivation? Is this motive wrong? Why not? What do the following passages tell us about motives seed Corinthians nine through twenty four, Corinthians Three, eight, Matthew Five, ten to twelve. Okay. I Corinthians Nine, twenty, four says. If you're losing maybe try winning. So was like, okay solid point. And she was three eight of I transients says. From each according to ability to each according to his needs as determined by God, and that verse from Matthew says. Tolerating persecution is for the good of all kind stopped bluffing. That makes sense for your thing I'm checking also like. I didn't get allowance for doing my fucking chores what the Hell is wrong with you, Hillary? Number three self evaluation most people long for a better life you're on earth. Are there times when you were tempted to think that money or economic policies are more important than the holy? Spirit's influence on society. Why do you think we are inclined to pursue other solutions before going to Jesus because people read I Corinthians three eight and they're communist now because. If we were all as dumb as you, we wouldn't have made it to the point where we could do language yet. Go. All right number four, brainstorm read axe to forty, four through forty, seven and four, thirty, two through twenty five. Twenty. Five I don't think that's right. You have three to backwards. It's like. He had to go right to left onto Tom Y-. How might a Marxist interpret the Bible as advocating for Communism? Do you think it does? your those verses say be communist God loves communist almost exactly. That's what those say read Matthew Twenty Five, fourteen through thirty the parable of talents. How could this parable be seen as? For capitalism do you think it does okay that's the same one from for it. It's about making a whore Canaanite. Answer a riddle to get health care for her sick child. So I mean American capitalism IAGO. What can we learn by applying both principles advocated in Scripture Nihilism Cancel nothing number five, release the bear over dinner or during a long car trip talk to your kids about what they think would happen if school had no grades or all the grades were averaged and distributed equally among students will they think students would work harder or less heart? Why? Re James, one twenty seven and discuss it orphans and widows were people who had no protection or power in the Bible Times asked your kids who got as put in their path to serve what is the difference between asking individuals to serve versus asking the government to serve on a nation's behalf which one puts more responsibility on the individual is this a good man? That's sure. Depends on whether or not you need to help Oh Oh and also before you invite your kids to have that discussion, make sure that car trip is GonNa take you away the fuck out of Wi fi range. So they can't Google do kids learn better without grades you fucking any and why didn't you at least look that up we know the answer to that. Jesus fucking earth and speaking of sub optimal learning that people stick with despite mountains of evidence showing them. Counterproductive. We're GONNA read more this dumb ass books who are going to be back in a month with even more. God awful books. Next chapters about feminists Oh. 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