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AP Headline News Mar 04 2019 22:00 (EST)


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President Trump says he will cooperate with a broad House Judiciary committee investigation. The panel has sent document requests to eighty one people touching all parts of the president's life from sons, Don, jR, add Eric to former advisor, Steve Bannon and Sean Spicer. It makes some specific requests like asking Michael Cohen for any audio or video recordings of his talks with the president committee chair. Jerry Nadler says the investigation will look into obstruction of Justice corruption and abuse of power, but the document requests away to start building the public record one official familiar with the probe says most responses are due in two weeks, and the committee expects some people may eventually face subpoenas. If they do not cooperate saga megani at the White House. Three other house committees are also seeking information on private conversations Trump has had with Russian President Vladimir Putin at least twenty. Three people including three children were killed by tornado or tornadoes that the national weather service says cut a mile wide twenty four mile long path hardest. Hit bull regard and unincorporated community of about ten thousand people just break more. Because most of these kids, you know, I've I've known their parents for a long time. I've known them the aside it really breaks more Lee county sheriff's department says dozens of people reported missing after the storm hit yesterday afternoon. Members of the Senate Foreign Relations committee, both Democrats and Republicans are frustrated following a Trump administration briefing on the killing of Saudi journalist Jamal kashogi. The White House was given a one hundred twenty day deadline to report on the investigation into his death. Last October committee, chairman Republican Jim risch says the investigation will continue adding we will not let this go to show. She a writer for the Washington Post was killed in a Saudi Arabian consul in Istanbul by Saudi agents. This is AP radio news. News. Rumors had been swirling, all across South Carolina. After a one point five billion dollar winning mega millions ticket was sold in the state last October. But no one step forward to claim it some the winner running from the law and other rumor was that the dick ticket was from an office pool. And the winners had call in lawyers or whoever one died on the spot after learning of the big win those rumors have been replaced by who is it after the winner emerged today. AP's Rebecca Santana reports announced that South Carolina resident had stepped forward to claim the one point five billion dollars mega millions jackpot. But we don't know a lot about the winner because they had chosen to remain anonymous, South Carolina is one of a handful of state where winners can remain anonymous. So we could never really know much more about the winner than that. Lottery. 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