EP097: Made in England The Story of Hooker & Young


This is how cuts it in hedge industry podcast show with lane episode number ninety seven. To how to cut it in the head. Jesse industry broadcast this show, you that gives you that incites rations and information to take your handwriting and offering to the next level as your host dumb. Hey, welcome back to how to cut it in a hairdressing industry show with myself Dumblane episode number ninety seven and you are listening to the UK's number one rated and original podcast show for the hair industry. And this is a show that gives you the insights inspirations and information to take your head Jesse. I'm Barbara in careers to the next level. Now before we head into today's episode. I just like to give a quick shoutout to our friends and sponsors of the house could see podcast, a nice crummy towns, and screw me is Europe's leading brand a sustainable Ceylon towels. They are one hundred percent natural sustainable fibers and aren't one hundred percent biodegradable, and I can let you know, they will completely biodegrade within eight weeks. So by using these towns, you know, you aren't doing you'll smooth it for the environment. Now as sponsors of the how to Cutty podcasts. Crummy have offered a discount. All of our listeners, and you can use the code how to cut it at screamy dot com. And you will get a twenty five percent discount off on your first order. And if you're unsure of the product, you can also request a sample pack via their website. So what we got for today's episode where we have a cooker because I'm going to be joined by Gary Hooker, and Michael young better known as Hooker, Angie. Young. Now, these to jump Eli is in the north east of England are one of our most respected successful and likable. Hairdressing? Jewels to come out British hairdressing in recent times, their success is huge. They have five beautiful luxurious salons in a northeast of England travel the world in shows a work on many, many photos, shoes, their education work is of another level. Their work is beautiful. I mean, these guys are some of the hottest property in British edge us in Anna. Great showman to I've seen these guy. Perform, and they us so entertaining to watch that that just so good, and they're gonna share a little bit about this in today's into to talk about that show work. But also, I want to get the story of these two have they come together to form Hooker onion. I'm what's being the drive to make them become the successes that they have achieved. I mean, they really have achieved huge success which is seen them in demand around the world. So lots to cover in his interview. But also we go into the future we're gonna find out about reach. They're gonna tell us all about that. And how you could possibly get involved. This is a story that you do not want to miss you are gonna love it. So sit back injury, and let's go off into the story of the hookah and young Jew. Now, I'm excited as just mentioned in the intro to welcome onto the show probably the UK's leading headdress in GIO of our generation. And I'm honestly when I signed makes time on the show. I'm properly ex. Side. So please welcome to the show British headdress in the woods finalists and winners. Gary Hooker and Michael young welcome to the show. Lots. Oh took. Grabbing? Run onto the stage at that very moment. Title biota. Sits up we've been trying to get these disorder for since grid. Finally, doing this absolve excite you can't because are often put it out to our listeners and say who do they want onto the show and you to always at the top. So I know we we organize it sometime in two thousand eighteen and yet so D'amoto the show, but we got you here. Now, how good is some of got so much. I want to go into today. And when I was preparing for this. What can I ask is just so much? I wanna ask them. And you know, I think we may just go off in absolute tangent here. And that's kind of why I want to do. But I want to learn about you guys. And you you are so wall regarded in our industry, but I want to know about you. I want to know about your story. I want to know about your rise. I wanna know about you as a Jew as well. And a new so you have new things coming up, which I would love you to share. But first of all, I'm proper jealous might gel our listeners jealous. Just tell us where you guys are was we doing this interview. But we we all very fortunate to have a whole second goal sped. So we're actually Santa we sat down at our home and spent through through the view much to carrie's disappointment. He wanted to stay outside sitting around the girl because it is ball Hewlett off today. It's you'll be removed. Just so there's no destruction. So yeah, if that's maybe good job is just audio VIN that people won't be. So quite suggest looking at absolutely blue. To make people will listen is in Australia be saying, well, we get every day. So he says here in the UK that ruefully miserable here. But here we are February two thousand and IT also made me laugh because Gary you did say to us just before coming on air. This is in video, and why was that? Well in the mornings, it's really cold in Spain. So I've got big fluffy ones. I'm Seth yellow connected. Teddy back, you think true. Buck Catholics, look splits. It's not very good luck to ship. On social media. If you guys in that one. Later on. I I will look we have got lows to go out today and say you to adjust. I mean brilliant. So I up I just going to really get heads up on what's actually going on for you right now in two thousand nineteen. Lowell taxi. I mean, one of the reasons we've we've kind of come over here for a little sneaky weekend is just to plan the head without any destructions. It's good to be able to have a clear head. We can literally send talk about fitness promptly like say without destructions book. We continue our rollers international on buses Schwartzkopf and twenty nineteen is proven to be incredibly busy yet for us. We've been trucks offers foyer now so definitely established ourselves as good international ambassador are to them globally, and that's really kind of committed fruition this year because we go a lot international work. We do shows in Romania pro-asia ole inland. We do in the we're doing the grind finale show Russian hedger lots in Moscow. Napster's to nimble if you haven't got the data for people this literally, I think we'd go about seven international trips on this year, Saddam keeps us really busy and not as well as the soupy do throughout UK as part of our ambassador Brown, which walks cough. So that that takes the Musset PA the, but we got lots of things going on his well, I think this is up through us weekend of the Quayle on chime. No so going to relish it. Kobe days. In the Phoenix really important for our listeners to understand because we're all listening thinking that sounds just mega but. I realized how tar in this can be okay. So says stress'll is low because take you just get back from one job than you're setting up for the next Jovan. It also would both we both still work in the cell on the Selim floor. We got five salons ago seventy stuff that we have to manage in D with Oli still stay off to deal with you. Don't wanna did Davis is still as well as doing the shows in seven hours count become a bit crazy. Sometimes just only imagine how he's the trampoline. Three hundred traveling because the the great thing about Trump versus up with doing it together. So the Zola was you got each other than it's a it's not severe leaving your partner tool. So we try and make this eight phoniness pleasurable as possible we always made might somebody school the day before we gotta day on book. It didn't bother me. I think they saw the always sounds incredibly paced in enviable. Our guest is enviable those people who stop now both people just kind of see the surface of what is he doing and either Fritz in state show that will be doing in Russia. They they will be weeks and weeks preparation going into that before actually happens. And then we arrived in the evening the following day. When we that is all rehearsals in prep. The next day is the show and the next day relating KOMO. So it's it really is. It's fast paced. It's very very tyrant. But you kind of get through on a Drennan because a it is hard work. It's incredibly exciting. And a not makes it makes it all worth wide. And you know, although we'd be doing this a long time. Now, we both still look at we go still getting incredible goes office. And still feeling credibly on its doc people around the world in different countries won't won't invite us to showcase what it is. We do whether or not the education or an often God show ah sometimes we'd a week beating by job that countries to mental teams and be interviewed and inspire people on. It's it's always on blitz. Mason to the us. Now, will you mean you to just be not only are you just incredibly brilliant hairdressers enough doff had the pleasure to see you and shows us in your tribute shows are so you white back about twenty years ago in jersey on creating the front cover magazine, look and. Good. You know, we were in a hotel in jersey. And I think it was. Yeah. Me and my brother went to that. And it was fantastic. And that was the first time that I was really getting to know of of yourselves, but you you personalities as well, you are just incredible performers too. But I just want to kind of get a real insight really to know any just use a pair. But also the pair of you where it started. So going too far into the store because he could probably take about an Aaron itself. But just a quick heads up for you, Gary where did you start training and yet just briefly took on from that? Yeah. They'll into Henderson accidentally really are really Tuke friends who work in have she met with the train Wilkin on a power station in wasn't particularly nice job in that east to goes regard to know, I like the way they split would get dressed with great people great environment. And I got job that in. It was just a just seemed so natural to look it from day one. And you know, next all this this this is what I wanna do. You know, it was fantastic it to be honest cheap to comply each tours. I never found any aspect of Henderson hard or stressful. United look through it in uplift me base through to get through the ranks and eventually became status. Not was in Phoenix in Newcastle county knows they're about to yet. Another star to look around to get another job in the song thought would do more. It'll autistic stuff not show went with with a big franchise could be called sucks dot led onto a may order meal. Solid. So I'll let Mike who stone his journey now. You've done this before I. Ugh. Stop. It's assaulted headdress in pretty much straight from school to be honest. Never accept radio on the rate off me. I. On his Shipley. A creative types thought wanted to just seems the draw. I wanted to do something expressive, whatever that may be whether it was going gonna be seeing or downsizing those results things that I was drawn to an ad punt to enroll in a performance college in Newcastle and similar kind of thing to Gary I was friends with the guy who was working on the socks in time. And heat sits mayo. Why don't you just come in on Saturdays and holidays, you don't pay you'll get paid small amount for the day? But it was a bit pocket when I was a gay out do not and a deeds, and I think because at the time they will regroup dot doing OSCE Gary was was created directed for them at this point. The groups are being really progressive in education, and it was in the in the days when people stunned to really build Brunson a different way through the media of Lightfoot Brock. Collections and stage shows they do not. Helps looking up to be able to go along the system the opposite stall while you know, it it it was all the things I was kind of looking for eighty expressive creative exciting out. Always just saw that Harrison's Hollins were, you know, kind of your go to work subject hell in leaving go home. And I had no idea the headdress the industry offered these kind of outlets of the creativity and self expression, and it was a dot point. That's kind of realized that everything up Slough confided career job Hendrickson could give us. So it was by chops are going with book of Neville back. Relate are going to really read quickly founded apart quite natural working with hat, and then the creative team at the time that Gary headed dope, I used to just kind of, you know, coal them and sit can I assist. Hurry the backs and I will come along. And you know, how to pay my expenses dodgers. Try and be everywhere that I could tell him the ends they had so used to being around the kind of bench style Askin with a do you want to call them see stock at invited rather than the begging to to rates, and then became a became a junior member the odd scene a very quick that started winning competitions. I will not I British headdress in the world in nineteen ninety six. I mean awfully it was the first year that I enters northeast. Headdress of a finalized. And wouldn't. I was thinking about might go business. This is a Mason at address. But like I was I was living living the dream raid. And then it's just continued Gary I obviously had met by now. And so will you couple at this point did you conduct? When did the relationships off we sold the met in nineteen? Longtime go thanks might. I've started doing the habits in the world wouldn't Nolte's headed fifty at twice those going for the third time be Michael a couple lead. And so within around nineteen nine hundred thousand we'll be I met ninety one that you on an dot point out at a salon with sucks. I don't front Chai's, and it wasn't going very well at all vacuums actually on the way out. I was almost bankrupt in Baghdad did claims that we saw what happened at. I think what promos I went. When I went into a wig Bassac tells off see interested in the autistic cited things in the shores all the trumpet, indefinite, which I did a lot full that Clooney. I was out selling the lot head not the be is owned a solemn because at managed to get a little bit of money from parents tool to buy the solid franchise. Not I didn't meet how. A clue what do I wasn't reading. You know, I wasn't qualified enough to run me on Sam. But silly Athol because of the franchise soon else would do for us which was mistaken belong in slowly. But surely just Selim was great. It was really really busy the desk debate. But course, she wasn't making any money an hour of the off do notice great things and things went down pretty quickly which just about when we we actually I met fact the air we met with the actually was closing solid down. So yeah, it was it was good. It was a good year. The budget said time must have been a quite stressful period. But obviously you now come together as a as a couple when you look in maybe as the Hooker in young brand. So where where did they start to take his food? Hats conham lightbulb moment. Let's let's do this as a. That started a holiday in Africa. We went on holiday safari. And I was in a solemn working is scarring. Hookah Michaels will sell on is Michael yo because of contracts that sucks, so we would win allowed to work together. And we were just having dinner one night might just still put beside yet. But when the girl was just kind of weird because we were both operating when drought all names into separate solids because contractual obligations this wasn't. So it was sorry. Just you just you names within the license of a franchise of sex. So we weren't we knew we glad satisfied his points. Bright sorry. And so Gary Gary had solid on coal Jerry Hendrickson than I had might go you head. We'd let socks now we called high school. We still were contractually. Not really a lot of work together through smush whole periods. That kind of the end we will unholiday on his discovery we sought one night. And I don't know why I felt felt like approach agreed really big big subjected wasn't quite the elephant in the room. But of something I thought by provided was sold the Malcolm in the Solomons and joining the names, together and onset the Kia how can fail about colon. The Sahlins who young any said, no it sounds like solicitous. Now, you come to say it. You. We all see talk about it. It seemed the logical step a weepy gathered at by two yet. So we'll pretty serious than. And so we that's what we did. We set a looking for a new place in we we already on one existence all on in gospels an appropriate cable. Let you in a few months looking appropriate came open in judgment industry to the first who couldn't use on us. Juicy your listeners have no idea whether this is in UK just explain that. Since it's the northeast of England's Newcastle uk-us upon time. It's probably we're only about an hour and a half away from Edinburgh Sobe with hind on the way up to Scotland. So it's better known for Jodi show. So I mean, if we go really back into sorta eighties period and probably the ninety six starting to get a little bit better. But it hasn't always been easy in the northeast, and let knows having a business. I have you dealt with that. Think new cusses surprise you at a lot of people think new customers is you know, it doesn't do very well, it's hard to do the is being obsolete of changes with the shift building in coal mining. But the retail side of things in new consoles been great. You know, we've got great times Newcastle at now uk-us like a high of activities ball new bars restaurants in Alban every week of the retail started to suffer now as with the high street nut with online shopping, but we've never really a problem that you can pan new though face in part of why I absolutely love new kospi's one of my favorite cities. It really is. But where you'll get in these locations was there a particular area that you wanted to be an is his villages of these towns where you out skirts kind of civil civil of the city. So I think when we were with sucks and everything kinda went wrong for us. We just. Sided to stay with city centre ventures for a while. Well, not wires actually continued right to the president do Nettie. But rather than not we go to affluent suburbs? Sagoes fifth. Ingestion dope. Useful Jetsons kinda like Kohl's Chelsea would be gale until inland in you know, Gus area, which is known as is a is a wealthy area to live we've since gone on win yard, which again is a purpose built so location would beautiful big houses into disposable incomes. And then lastly are selling we talked to you'd which is again Afaf Newcastle airport, very wealthy, you know, houses house to big big disposable incomes again. Just to know the affluence superb. You know, Ponti Len's is sort of like alterly- edge yet really disputes full, very, well, caq Lutely. Village quite Quaid's, and I was selling in our Brown. Just we fix the fate of in place like up really really works for issue. Kyle on them brand. Well, we've always, you know, we've always wanted to give people. Affordable luxury headdress in the beautiful beautiful glamorous, wearable. Have that issue? Our client is. You know, sometimes people think because we go profile, which may be. You know, the war within profile with everything that we've done in the longevity. That'd be that. Sometimes can put thought into people's minds that we opened with maybe out-priced ourselves I'll be super expensive. And we not we rob syllabi north. And I think the cut the service that we offer is top patent. But the prices that we charge are not necessarily top end. We we do real beautiful have Riddell people. And that's kind of three we on what we see strike to get the best experience. Anybody could possibly wanted. Solid nuts. One big big things for giving clients the perfect journey. And again, we don't overcharge the will be provide very look Sherie relaxing environment. The people get ahead a massive tunnels that you've got. No that no up here. Most sellers are not huge at all demonic boutique Yale. We always the bundling we've always done as well when we said fit in. We've always give kind plenty space around them. So every section that we have all the salads over beaten a off white, you know, to the slow to space, but magazines, bots coffee, tea, whatever in the again, the space between each section is also where probably one seller would get twelve sections in there. We would only put six in. So you've got very short boutique solve at home field tunes. Well, three three months Salim's the most recent three we kind of gone from. Okay shins which allows to give a townhouse boutique field. So you've got a reading ice Folkman reception. Graph for solid in hopes says salon we try to do that. So it feels like home for moves that people feel about sitting in the reading beautiful space rather than in a in a really nice solemn. And with the oversee have in Meudon wound. Silent takes a lot of managing doesn't it. Do you offer team pathway for your team, you know, opportunities to maybe? Suicide. Look, you know, I'd love to have a who. Corinne young. Salam. Yeah. We do. We do we. You know, we go one thing that we will re really proud to off a Stallone giant. He'd our having our team. We got a team of approximately sixty five people. We've got certainly we've got more than ten people being with us full fifteen year. We've got three or four Abe newbie desire for acceding twenty s it it's an amazing missing same thing. We've always trapped people incredibly, well, it, Trenton, how are we won't be treated our selves, not his read kind of stood as well with the journey of the team in terms of people kind of climbing the ladder. Do the things the sudden mind roots up people content. We do not with several people. But we also one dies poll who we would posh without Punsalan Sala. We don't tell you that we do the polish ship where you know, we we eventually gather. So he is the director and shareholder of stop particular sons, and it's working credibly well forming works, it's really solid. Super successful. Anyhow supposed support bucking myself in Gerry any works really hard in. It is a huge successive exits. Everyone's a winner at so many great names have come out your on the you've obviously supported them in the industry and would winners, which is a massive credit. Now, I mean to you could we could talk about hookah and young fellows for so much. But there's over stuff that I would love to chat to about as well. But before I sort of finish on this is more of these to come or you kind of get we're happy what we've got. Now, we were the thing is in the master plan to to open. Golden wall. But I think it's just one of those things you see some ways he'd opportunity if you've got stuff with like, I said, we stuffing never left or so we had too many stuffy, but into a to grit to that ghosted up read over the new silent facilitates them move somewhere else. Instead Melo's on we lead today is the most applied do anymore, but said never happen. All we always get approached with June dis them, you know. So if we think y'all tuneD is worthwhile from wwl enjoy doing now. That we would do it. We hunt the right people. And the thing is the biggest thing double stop a student now, which I think it's probably everybody spoke is getting the right people get the right stuff that problem too. Yeah. Yeah. What me we all ceased to very very hard to get young people in the industry when you get a good one. You know, like you if it's fantastic in one. Okay. We've got some really you you, overcoming no-stars in our business, which is great. But to, you know, getting the competitor site when author start Harrison, you know, way back in the good old days. It was hundreds of people wanted jobs as headdresses with now seems to step back really night people seem to shy wait for the other being discouraged from joined the industry at the time of the injury. Now is the best investments thing industry is. It's going to be a childless often people are gonna start coming back into it. Because I'll tell you why site is because as an industry, I think we've been really good really reinventing ourselves and how we're promoting it, and you can sit really happening again. To think. So I think like just going back to said, I don't think people shy away from the street. It is definitely a case of people being discouraged. It's it's all to further education schools in copies. Do not encourage any anybody to leave in get the pressure. Not just in hairdressing apprenticeship in anything that full. You know, people you'll people leaving school at sixteen is a rarity now than only all stay on different issue. Tillery exerting. So what happens is now nearly all of the people who we got applying for positions as a trainee headdress all eighteen and we missed stop period, stop tibia period where you can take them on, you know, put them through the to with with with big with big groups. It's maybe easier to absorb. You know minimum wage, but for smaller solids independence, you know, independent sauce, maybe with just one cell on your they rely on being able to pay young people at apprentice wedge for the just for the survival of the salon in it becomes really difficult when you've got solid SOLAS assistance who roll on minimum wage for small Solomon, especially that can be quite crippling rating. Absolutely. I know we had. I'd like to think that in the next few year. We do see more people coming back into the industry that would be it would be grass path come on episode seventy to choose Aaron that movement as well. So people that are really start to try and help get. We we we we never really. Think somebody comes in the late nineteen twenty don't wanna start Henderson with zip. The rain is huge and either you can see potential that. We would take them on like a heartbeat because I think when somebody guests today go bit more light experience, especially the deal the type of clientele of we deal with so ferocious it works. Great. So getting people who he's gone traveling for awhile combat not knowing what they're gonna do the fall in the head listen, but I don't have to be one of Henderson's it become a good one. 'cause might deny approved operating thought about being a hairdresser up. Just bring this point. Because obviously, I mean, you'll massive names. No earn in Yucaipa. Bluntly, as as headdress you tool the world issue region in EU region. Are you big names to and therefore does help attract staff? I would say goes against I kinda interesting boy a think yet. Yeah. We will see everybody knows who we are in our region will when we ties. Ties. Due appetizer. Anybody who signs stylus, especially we don't get people applying in when we find out then somebody should be to without seeing you you. I was nervous that didn't really want to. I don't did never be good. No thing things that I see you have to get plus ducks. Personalities, and I'm not gonna meet direct spectators. I'm not gonna but that's because that that's going to be. Low people to sink, maybe the dole be judged on. What you just said, maybe wouldn't come up to the Mark. So rather than put themselves through a stressful situation that's gonna cause anxiety that just don't bother and it's a real shame. Because you know, we we we really look giving people choosy to coming work with said and give them an amazing career. But like we said it. Yellowtail one executive tell you one example, John always like tell the story because it's so amazing this story. We gotta go. We opened on solemn five yet again. We understood him that we'd hood would love to come work for us. So we approached that. And she said, yes, she looked talk to us to arrange the trade testified Copeland models in produced. It was Michael actually when she found out. Michael was going to be the person that should not do the hand for. She backed out such didn't wanna do it. Stop making excuses about how the Trump was to fall didn't enjoy it. So we we didn't let it go. Because we knew she wanted to work for so Mike rhino said I want you to come in. And I'm going to do immortals and try and take don't get too stressed out by you'll be fine. She tried to make a few more excuses. Not to come. We eventually got rain long story short, you know, one of our top stylish Ponti unit and actually the group she earns in absolute fortune. She she would never ever thought. You'd gone stared shoes on pro-life stays. Yes. Jeff solid tonight show, and she should something. She'll sit I can't believe which might lice changing by getting think that identity didn't come for this job. How different her career would be. I think she would have been when she was went to stink about moving it slowly sullen town still living way outside of Newcastle. I mean now, you you talk nations akin gone action about Ezra on tonight by no, can we give it can we mentioned tonight. Sorry. We mentioned a name. Is Tracy Tracy Tracy from our Punsalan solid in concerned Gaul. She drives the car hundred veins. She's got beautiful how such a all Jonas self. She just looks at length. Now interesting. She called believe in fighter where he started falling wedge. He sounded is so amazing for us to to see somebody, flourish and change their life light is it's amazing and having to support you guys. But with her heart, Grafton passion as well. As a great combo. She just great. He's great good workers. And I think he's clearly reconfirm listeners to understand actually if you put it in you can get it out. Nothing. I just think of we'd let up goal she wouldn't be with us. We actually literally chase. The said you cook we want you to work for on topping selling but open to bite not often coming. How would you describe you to as a parent unit? Finally had them all in front of me now. And I said look come on, Gary, Monaco. Well, they lied them to. Thing. I think I'll tell you. I think they would think out described Michael now let him describing Michael as. We used to be really funny thing gold episodes. If you if anybody at Michael ask for meeting with somebody you'll enemy thought over in trouble. Teams the one that fifth day is the fraud anymore. Yeah. He's just get a scary. Michael. Like all night on like, the Dodds. It's a funny thing. I think you know, Jay to generalize. I think do doing all the huge amount of love and respect that from all of them. We get told all the time you can feel it around them. It is it's so locally. We do feel respected and looked from them. All we we give them while they want to create great opportunities footing, which they're all are totally Funchal fall in love it. Gary is kind of like that the cell on company dot, you know, if all any snugly onesie. With problems anybody needed to speak to. Gary they would fail the field comfortably to be able to pick up the phone. And I think fall, you know, for the owner director of a company like ours. It will be quite read things on a young team member for another from what our Sounes would feel a good pick up the phone and speak to him. And the fact that in hiring in do I think speaks volumes about what bit thing about him. I'll get and that's that gives a really good idea of you know, you guys in that salon is the we know the persona of YouTube on stage brilliant person on his you. But what does the tribute? I think has saw the video was well, which might be on your website as well of YouTube, it, it's just sometimes I find it takes rule out to get me to have a real belly laugh or. You have -solutely smashed the you like say, yes it earlier on you. You're just incredible headdresses, but your personalities shine fruits so much and you'll humor which often the northeast gives you guys, but the wife from that the personal side of the industry. What do you like off the stage away from the Ceylon a wife in the hair industry? For p pretty much the same. Really we. The bus already taped yourself seriously. You know, we have a good Lafon overseas. Again, I do get stressed out by the way, you know, when when you go to big t, but people that I found me really, you know, announced ever lose that. Thing way. I take things really personal. You know, if anybody leaves find out somebody's not happy things like that. So. But in Michaels, you'll the same on your mail. Yeah. Pretty much outside work. And I'm not sure if if you know, but we have we've got a huge family dogs told me everything thirteen dog has you. I've got to. And I thought that was lows. Daily twenty minute. We've got to let Republicans who's calling. They're not in Spain. With you swear are by. No, no, other only told we've got a girl who is it on sheets of solve the backbone of life. Really? 'cause she looks after the dogs in the house. She signed knocked she's out Duggal, Pat. We looked out there. She works was all-time. So he's at referee every day of the week. She she looks off to the dogs emission, the well in a few walks moves in Atlanta that sheet she actually lives now how Saotome motivated many dogs because the crazy. Well, we've we go. We've got great Danes BULLDOGS g with we're not talking little pooches it well tiny. We've got Italian knees often Pinson, so we got it's from the sublime every week of tiny tiny dogs that Danes giant Braves as well. But the the great Danes is kind of labor blow for Gary because. Of when I first met my throat days in when he's Kramer the house. You've stuck your energy to dogs? Right. Ben it wasn't. It wasn't for about two years of living on pedestals. Strike. Get get rid of it. Did get the dog things being like the part of me from. But yes, he has has not shown show him. Breathe. Great. Thanks, just as yes. Could only collected little ones. Yes. We've all righty non-jury. Now, we would not have done you the way we do they tell you why from the professional life. Is it just a good way to switch off? Yes. But maybe the dog shows like I get was once or twice a little more time getting a call electoral either like three four o'clock in the ball. Get me get me dogs, and I don't think about what the whole day. Nobody veins is on them days. We clear. No, the yeses. It's completely different life completely different in a thought process in doing very well. You're not be very successful. It'd be the toll in great Danes. Twenty year. So you can not that sector as well. So Gary looker is a breeder in the great Danes. Gary is he's the most away doesn't eat give yourself credit, but he's the most successful grit daybreak ever in the United Kingdom. No way. Yes. Any judge to judge them crooks-r-us Chea, which is an amazing amazing on time is still done here to get us to judgy Crossman east. Houston's never knew this looked these podcasts. Yeah. Yeah. No. But what you'll yet? I mean, we've gone up South Africa forgot what stralia Sweden. Norway Finland front shortly note, the Henderson Texas around the globe until to the dogs. You equally passionate about the dogs. They market because obviously Gary hugely the dogs. I mean, I'll look the dogs explicitly. I mean, they re the all light light mind extended finally slightly obsessive them, but I'm not competitive with them. I could be because I am a very competitive person. Book a do think it's kind of healthy to have. Inch because you know, minded Garis lives are entwined in every way. Do think it's good that he can kind of head off on the weekends goat with dog show. And it's a different world a different life firms. A completely different set friends on the not the whole numidian on November November's well, but it's just not my thing not kept it out with purposely just remains his interest away from wall do on separate to anything we did together. And I kind of you know, I've got my own interests now while the win. Well, a silvery connected to the to to the head to head dress in the head industry, but do a lot photography now. Obsolete. We love not so still connected to two hairdressing. Lynch's mild. Life's passion. Isn't it? Bizarre. Because I is what people say to me, what's your hobby and an ice sheet. It's the hair industry. Sometimes I get really frustrated by because he must be great to have some outlet probably lot. What you're doing Gary with the the dogs that, but I find it very hard to make those two passions. So do you find that as well? Marco. Yet. It's a weird thing is I think that the talker feed. If I was taking pictures of something else other than had that it would be completely separates though. I am only say impeach. Detroit's. Although it is a to think that it is something very separate to the actually doing hair side of things. Yet. It is still obviously because the subject is had a Louis. I absolutely love it. And I do I spend a lot time on its do my own edit. So I've kind of told myself so doing your own collections yet we've last year so being didn't for about four years now, and the kind of started as a hobby finding my feet student things might way and just through trion era. Just find in styles enlightened setups in things that I like what you style. Just I mean, it's more about how shoot the girls are linked to of what the law for talk this law, pretty talkfest and watch the way people work and how they are. I into understand composition and everything really really well on something in terms of creating a grid. Composed picture up. Just not reveal like, I've got good Lucks. But on the way that I work with girls feeling Cup. Just some really really great moments with the girl send us a. A yet feeling rather than up the look make sense. But he's saying that you're going to try and grow further and further into definitely I mean, I've been doing a lot more a shot blow people for the BJ's roster finalized, which was incredible. Who would they fly? Full Joshua Goldsworthy. That was brilliant. Josh as really good friend grit collaborating with them on handwriting. To all to the goals have to the guys from one of our solids one too. So I said to shoot together we dates than they finalized as well. Ours contested, and then after still shoot food the Schwartzkopf you'll notice detained shortly last week and the results of testing on Seoul thrilled with maybe in the next couple of months, they headdresses journal gonna a good publish that. Bill Reed brings some I'm limited. It's great. I'll let me let me be secret if not really enjoying it. So if our listeners listening to this I think I'd like to have a shoot with Michael young Eurropen to definitely I mean, we actually huddled law requests this year, people ought to work with me and. I absolutely flooded on dex equally as exciting to bias. It's isn't positive buying on. I alluded against grit results on a of collaborating peak on on new fresh ideas. So yet definitely we resulted new a new part of the business cold rich and a big products is the photographing offering whether it be a photographic seminal on how we get it writes, all four shoot don't in your own solemn to the whole thing. So come on to reach you kinda go onto this is more than just a photo shoot and organizing this. What is this exactly think who reached of microbes forgive Scholley seminars? Go ahead. Salons or go to Katowice do in different things in the we found out that was like you get one or two people left from each solemn. But like than for the amount of money was caused people to go down to London when he only horror story for how many people get charged the border shoots. And Michael was putting these closures together, you know, with the, you know, the the model soda the make was in. It was commended in it was like realistic budget, and we just saw them. So many Solomon's out there who shy away from mentioned night, the Henderson award show doing their own pictures of because of these ridiculous stories about him, which costs are involved. So we put this together that we could offer somebody and in production photography and to put together a collection on a small budget. Really? So you almost clipped on right to shoot been assistance full that Ceylon, all hasta, honest. Having say you get the whole team involve nets it might do. The folks screen 'cause like over the so many photographers who Michael knows what picture looks like, you know, like we both know how has should work on on on the camera. So she's out somebody wanting to do to help people can get involved with that. Reaches reach its imports that we is not just full graphic. I mean, it's not grim for renewed education in creative addressing so Mr. checking you just to get to the point, that's brilliant. I I decided about likeable. It's great. It's as the you know, we done this for a long time. We we've got a real passion inspiring educating addresses. Are we at central advatage, Chrissy people succeed and progress and learn building failing the doing and it's just about giving back. You know, we've done this for a long time. And we eat quit lanky ourselves, you know, revived and an excited about what we do. So reach is something that allows us to give back to the hairdressers tolerance that may have the opportunity to work with people like goes on do the things that we offered. So whether it is a solid education for the whole team just to refresh people excite the all do there will full shoot with those help them and guiding them all to the other extreme where we organize the for shoot for them. Either opened our studio in Newcastle or. In london. Whatever is easier. We can cut we were offering whole packages where we we guide people and help them to make sure they get it. Right. All at a really really good cost Yanks of the use of money wisely cost people zillions because I can match analysis it can again Bilodeau. So wanna go for that interview with you think, you know, knishes, Gary Monica. This is gonna cost me one hundred thousand pounds of gone, dude. This. Away everything. Its own price. High point we've created a digital Brocha which we're going to be sent to people here who we got any queries from. It's really we've placed the really well like, obviously adored Hartford, MS Cocco through everything. But for instance, the as of one of the packages is for a small individual or small ting to come up to work in the studio without behind Newcastle, which is at our home. We can put it for shoot together for fulltime pounds and not everything huts models make bodice to close everything of who. Eddie is everything and for anybody who's new husband's shoot before the might be will full ground still money. Anybody who is doing for sure will know the focus on trees, no money. What can photo shoot do for their career because I think that's important for them tonight. I think for shoots photo shoots are absolutely it important pivot thing to anybody who wants to try and grow themselves as a head dresser or salon brands, we've built our reputation on creating and get published read beautiful profit collection. So it's possibly Poland's whether you want to enter into a Hendrickson competition or may be might be a local local pay off shoots. The solemn window Justice all Chilean clients. It says it's a hugely important thing to me confused for many different things yet. One thing that we started doing recently, we go we sell them visits. And you know, we thought Jones compulsive central be still attend. We'll try to get the name out there and try to get up there with the big boys. We'd good this solemn to do seminars. And is he has gone on. We still do bigger things bigger shows we did company but year, we did this seminal in a subtle with the young team in we both walked win from gonna lose dot was amazing that such a great day. The feedback w gonna these guys in the dues Jassem the show to a we sharing with them. And really all over did is basically doing what we're doing with you. Then just told the story told him how we offer it told him will help how we get to everyone be with. Let's do more than to start doing quite a lot for Schwartzkopf now around there their Selim's in the beaten an amazing success because you don't we go there. We get one last week. And we got that in the brief was quite vague. We didn't really know bought the one. The day in the by the end of it. We could the cableway said, oh my God was fantastic moves. No, do we reboot school buck down there getting to a photographic seminar with so, you know, the told about guests getting into the cell phones. And getting to know what how the people wanna work, and that's exciting is as you said, it's not new style a new journey. And I'm guessing that's what keeping you fresh moving forward. And I mean, I I only get blown away by that you do in RG seeing. He's you visionary. And I think it's so so good for us guys to look in. And see what you do is is so inspirational when I mean, I've got had holistic, by the way gents of questions of other the star any of them because it's been the most narrowly would compass. I honestly, it's just being brilliant. One of the easiest liberties conversations I've had so far and. That's great. That's not me. This last year we see less to yet. We've been doing it feature in special Henderson sees really. Well, we will week load interviewing headdresses and dot. It'd being a brilliant thing for us. We've got an awesome. We they're all great friends, foes, anywhere. But we win we Nikki clocks house last week in viewing. If that was based we did Charles Wilson, we've done a Daniel Galvan ops. Colo we it is being brilliant. I think when we first saw do not series skull in conversation with a thing we thought it would probably be run for about six months or six six different features. And we're not third year. Now, an extra kind of gains momentum Dona few phoned is premier interviewing people as well. Most people got similar stories in the you know, the star often similar way as old gun down journey the punt button good times. But everybody that we spoke you still sold through justic, but the industry, but a hell long been doing, you know, like Nikki clubs. Been doing it for a long time Daniel Goldin, I mean, he was inspirational he was running down the street tells us stinks up we forgot to tell us about what he was doing in the Solomon, which is like, wow, you're gonna buy some being this like sixty s we did the Millen foam Lii in. Everybody's described solution dues yesterday. Reduces the recent one they chose well into now. Fantastic and their great great rates. So again, any of our listeners wanna gun check. Now. I'm sure nNcholas Shannon will be very happy for me to give a nice bloke for professional. So get online subscribed to their magazine. And you read these articles at Gary and Mike who days so we say time is just running away. I'm afraid of virtually I could do a free our show on this. But appreciate you probably got live in. You may be swimming pool. It's waiting for you. Looking at it off, the we'd go glove. It did. I'll just looking at the window thinking how many coats I'm gonna put on. So that's. Just a few just before we get onto our listeners questions. I'm not gonna put dumps five quickfire to you. Because I want to our listeners to put some questions to you. But obviously the British address and awards you how many times have you been up now for chadris of the? Eleven I what would that mean to win that? I think I doubt it is obviously incredibly passionate box said it would be a it's a giant box mcglade take. I think the the sort of the eleven nominations of validation enough because it's people who put you that you'll you all being nominated into that position. So that that feels wonderful anyway, if we wouldn't it would be the icing on the cake, be brilliant. But but honestly, the nominations themselves in the fact that we've hockey ten eleven nominations now is quite homeland anywhere. We only we never forget every go through the said protests. We set that way to get full goal. Will we get over with hope we do jingly? Will we set them? We talk to each other. And so, yeah, it's a great deal begun tastic pro teams while if we will would would be delighted I have to say see you guys win it because I think be better if his shot by Michael young as well. Much not I think the the true definition of somebody who should be a British nominee should be a real. I'm BUSTER doing ambassadorial stuff spreading the word flying. Like the bridge. Headdress leather dots traveling around the UK of the globe. And just spreading the messages of how great we all you care what we do. And that's what we will continue to do if if because of that people keep coming at us for brief headdresses year that we will always be grateful for that. And we always accepted wholeheartedly dominate you. Anyway, you'd be dominated. So. So one bit of advice. I was going to to really about you is, you know, working as a Jew. I would in truth we have, but we've gone off into such a lovely root of conversation that I didn't really want to pull it too much back to that. But if there is a couple who work out there is a in a in a business relationship working relationship as well as a relationship of as a couple was the best tip that you could give to them working together for success. I think you've got to respect each other's opinions. Listen to each other's opinions in the compromise of the miser. And then stole was think that I'm right. Another thing that we always try to swell. His overseas were together unlimited together, we try to have it cut off until it's not always possible, but send maybe eight o'clock in the agent we relied right? Can we stop talking about work now and just give ourselves some time out and talk about other things, you know, live like otherness actually perfect absolutely perfect to perfect interview really house paying, but we're not done yet. We're going to just share some links after these questions I'm going to put to you an old link spot away listeners, as you know, by now, we'll have them on the show knows. And maybe we can share some of your images of work as well guys. And maybe a photo of your dog Garryowen mollycoddle, an image of your photographic work would be good. But we'll be in touch about that nearer. The time of the interview and these questions are put out there to our listeners through free to answer. I'm gonna just awesome as I see them. All right. So we're gonna kinda guy fruitless as quickly as we can. So we had a question from the EZ director international director fatigue, and he's a former guest of ours. Allen, Alex, Byron hell, and he just said you'll be a two thousand eight collection two thousand eighteen collection was incredible. What was your thoughts on this collection? We use three behind. I think we decided a couple of years ago just to you know, somebody's been take stock and take setback and think about who we are out brand days what we should really be kind of putting out that it intended imagery. And it was a celebration of of real women. You know, the story story was to is no story. You know, we didn't have in color half of it black and white. So present it in a very editorial fashion way. Multi-cultural in abuse beautiful girls wearable have with an edge. But every picture told the story, you know on the day. We were really estimate goes to model we've gotten to be relaxed for the commerce had girl. So I said so the kind of thing that given around, and we just created copter to really, really grit more. I think we wanted when people look at those pictures of what we want them to smile women in the gallery, we stood watching people come job Patiala smiling near the emotion that we want to put through the pictures. We take love those pictures, but of C wasn't to be and thing. Not this case. Because it was just about, you know, kind of celebrating empowered women strong, strong beautiful women, and I'll do think dots. That's exactly what we achieved. We had. We had amazing feat by really fantastic things legal said about them and not is validating of. We'd we thrilled with how the will be saved co. I k- this question. We had from Daryl Taylor and he asked what sacrifices have you had to make to achieve your goals to question. Well, it's it is a bit took for not because if it will take you back to the beginning like reading spoke about whether it all went wrong, you know, when you go through something like that. When you are what is old falling down around June. You've got start again, you never wanna make those mistakes against two week beaming. Creditably we've been incredibly careful over the Las twenty s to re grow ourselves to where we are now and we've just worked incredibly hard. You know? We sit here. Now, you sit we sit in our woven spe book that is as being a result of, you know, many many many years of hard work, and we still continue to work mine Meyer, vice Lupi, no matter no matter when you think you've made it like of arrived. A can maybe take my fault the pedal. Stop working. I think that's a mistake. All the people that I know who've got long grit success at grin on jeopardy all still were hard within that bronze that dropped stripped might trade slightly, but everybody continues to work at peak passion. And I said that would be the best vice personally, I don't think up med any succor sacrifices, you know, of the success of go because of enjoying everything's leaks. Never felt like the hard task of gives him a go to to get where we all. Because being such a great journey. You're not being very lucky to deal with the person, you know, who I live with as well. Going to see the person that he lo let us. I to get to. So we can have to expect to Pia no coming out in a minute. Okay. Know a few questions here. But I am going to have to just pick one more from these who we gum, Tracy, divine. Smith again, forma guest brilliant, head yet says she asked a question on your Roy's advice. Do you have on the Roy's to having a British headdress in nomination? God. We've struggled with that for a long time. But we all see we've been trying to get on the guest prior to be nominated and nothing has just like might said, full consistency. Make I mean, we do so much still out there. We support the fellowship. We support anybody acids to do stuff what they're, you know, come see trying to put a professional images professional up shoot to the industry to really don't know the uncensored question. I think for us interests came as a result of hard work, and dedication, and I know of trysts he's a good friend of ours. And she is all of those things. Wounded full headdress integrate on vote for the craft. But like Jerry Senate, I think is just consistency. Doing doing what you love it to the best of your ability at fly in the fly globally as an I'm BUSTER making people in a we I always think everybody should be privately address up. We completely all and when we do anything we have no contributed to get onstage or to Trump to people we promote headdress in on. It isn't just about potent ourselves. It's about promoting Hendrickson in the UK. We want everybody feel proud to be part of the semester industry. Not we all Paul off the which never any most apply at the Steelers in. It's quite hard thing. According to fight it said you need to be doing this. The all the other all I considered from personal experience is that we've just we through week at ourselves wholeheartedly into what we do we give it a hundred percents and throw said it. It's. It is worked for us yet. I think goes so just always be humble, it'd be nice to people, you know, have time to people as well enough to the point that I think is a perfect end to a perfect interview. How could we talk about it really is over? Then obviously do have actually we can't just this is quick. This is Tommy Reynolds. And she said, she she just mentioned this. She said, you will her absolute faves and wants to know if you could come round to your beautiful house fatigue question, Mark without a doubt. Are you? Go me get in touch reach out. It's thing about the line. You brings the drink is a day and go into fluffy onesie, you will decide welcoming be great. I'll be doing. News. I thank you Dave down up, and Chris grimly also put some questions out that just times we're in in a way, we are now going into record territory of our longest interview, which is a credit due to just blow. Yes, I so just to finish on it. You mentioned reach them. Where can we find out more information? Where can we send them? So at the moment, we of visiting Email setup, which is reach at Hooker neon dot gov that you can. But as all next week this gonna be direct link to reach on our website, which is hook Grignon opium. Neom websites brilliant. We'll we'll put that in. And if any goalies thinking, they wanna come and see you. Offi we're going to be going live after pro life. So just keeping in mind. And so if they're interested in coming to see you live in the show is only way that you can be performed in the UK soon. Well, we we gotta be up real hail ice. We'll on Saturday twenty four to forty five within half an hour of the platinum stage. So that's really exciting. Everything else at the moment that we got schedules is is for international ah minutes, but we could be doing a lot. Also with with wall. We wear all stolen have another era in Branko, Berlin. Golly. Really pushed up this year. Get behind the and get it out. There will be developed in youth. Diffuse still rages. Well, sorta exciting stuff that fantastic Graham busters. You great for us. And I love you by having you've been an absolute Julie to have coming onto the how to Cutty podcast. It's been a real hard light for me to bring you on as guests and on. I just look forward to keep in this friendship going forward. And thank you again for joining us today. Our pleasure. Thank you once then to Gary animal coup for coming onto today's how to cut the puck is an absolute honor. It was half their company. Now, if you would go and check out any of the points that we discussed in today's interview as well as some more information on Gary Monaco, as well as links and some images of their work than we prepared some show knows for you, and you can find this by going to www how to cut dot it slash EP zero nine seven now moving forward to this Wednesday. I have got sT very special for you. I am bringing you a series special because I'm going to be joined by one of the most influential has d'allest tonight. A true visionary who inspires and sets the trends, the other hairstylists around the globe. Follow because I am going to be joined by the incredible Eugene Solomon, and is a big big deal for me to interview Eugene ever since I started this podcast Eugene. In has been top of my list, and to have the pleasure to interview him to discuss his hairdressing live mouse to clause was incredible. For may such a such a frail. And hence, we're going to be bringing you this on a Wednesday. Not on Mondays gonna co ROY in between our two episodes. So expect everything we're going to be getting a story behind Eugene. And we're going to be learning about his mind. How it works young? Eugene solomon's. So be sure to listen to this. And then next Monday, I have then joining me a hairdresser, the I'm pretty sure a lot of you may not know of because I'm gonna be Julian by going Mitch charmers. Now Mitch is somebody who was involved in a serious motorcross accident which left him paralyzed from the waist down following this accident in two thousand fourteen but through sheer determination Mitch has since we trained and pursued his dream of becoming a hairdresser and with the aid of a standard. We'll chair Mitch network. Fulltime is the stars. So we're gonna learn about this on the incredibly inspirational story now to make sure that you miss none of these episodes and series specials that we bring you is to subscribe to our podcast, and you could do that budget search and help to cut it on your favorite podcast provider, including I tunes and Spotify. And if the puckers providers allows it they will give you a notification as soon as I episodes, go live, and if you enjoying the shows, please continue to share them with your friends and colleagues, and if you wanna get in touch me, then you can find me on all the social media channels just search how to cut DM media look to hear from you. I will reply to you a message if you'd like to get in touch via Email, then you could do that. By emailing info at how to cut dot it. So once more before we just sign out just want to give you a reminder of that incredible offer, the our sponsors, the how to cut it podcast show, scrimmage towns are giving you an hour giving you that twenty five percent discount off on your first order. And if you're. Unsure of the product you can also request as some APAC oh via their website, which is scrums dot com. So thank you for joining us. I appreciate you peace love, and smiles all the way goodbye. How to cut it in the head of the industry. Taking you ahead. You're saying our interests. Chris.

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