Let's Ride: Setting realistic expectations for the 2021 season


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Let's ride every single monday wednesday and friday and before we get started talking about the expectations for the steelers. Twenty twenty one before i dive into the twitter mail bag before i started taking some callers here live on the locker room app. I wanted to plug behind the curtain dot com. It's a great website if you love reading about the steelers if you love pittsburgh steelers in you'll love binds to curtain dot com. Make sure that is your one stop shop for all things. Pittsburgh steelers no matter when say well. Jeff in drought over. There's nothing new. No news is going on until i dunno training camp summer not true. Steelers signing rookies. They signed two more. They signed their fourth round. Picks both from texas a and buddy. Johnson and dan moore junior that takes their total to six. The only players that have not been signed yet are the top. Three najji harris pat Youth in kendra. 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I'm sorry monday through friday. So that's my mutton. Monday wednesday friday. Let's ride you. Have wasn't the live mike on tuesday the stack on thursday day scofield and at some point during the show. We're going to give you a player. You need to know the player in. You're going to have to really think and at the end of the week. You're going to take all of information that we given you and you're going to have to figure out. Okay what is it on being. What is the the code the key. We're talking the davinci code here. What exactly they trying to have as fine. You gotta crack the code if you can crack the code you wit. It's simple so you're gonna have to list all five five chasm remember there on all cast platform city. This one. you can always go back then. You can always listen and find it. You can rewind if you have to will always give it to you at some point during the show. So that's gonna be coming up next week and we'll talk about that again. Wherever you get your podcasters steelers the steel curtain and you will find us there for short okay. Let's talk about this before. Taking any calls fry dive into the twitter mail day expectations for the steelers. Twenty twenty one. I really think that steelers fans as a whole need to take a realistic look at this team and set realistic expectations for this team. In twenty twenty one. I say that. Because i believe that this steelers team is going to be good. Are they going to be as good. As last season. that's debatable. Some people feel like eleven to start from last season. Twenty twenty was all smoke and mirrors that the steelers were not that good that they were just beating bad teams. Maybe getting a little lucky times. Whatever the case may be. I think the steelers team is going to be good but we need to be realistic so when we're talking about realistic expectations for the pittsburgh steelers. Twenty twenty one. I think you have to start with the most important statistic of all wins and losses. That's it it's what it all boils down to. How many games are you winning. And so in this regard a lot of folks in not steeler fans not steelers media. These are more than national. Pundits are really talking about the steelers. In saying mike. Tomlin's run of non of martin's run. Not having a losing season could be up. they say it's in jeopardy. It's tough schedule. I understand the top division best division football last season taught. Is it really going to happen. Are they really gonna lose more than they win. Remember seventeen game regular season. There's no more five hundred mike. Tomlin finished five hundred. I think twice. There's no more eight eight so you're winning record or losing record from here on out. So i don't necessarily see that to be completely honest with you. i think. honestly if you're listening live on locker i'd love to hear from me in a second. I think the double digit wins is not out of the realm of possibility for the steelers. I think that when you look at the games that they have at home you have the extra home game with the seattle seahawks. You have the division that they typically a really tough. it's a tough division but they played their division opponents. Well i can see this team still being really good with that. Said i do think the steelers suffer more losses than they did. Twenty twenty finished the regular season twelve and four. We all know how it finished both in the play offs and down the stretch in because of that a lot of people still have a sour taste in their mouth in. I understand it one hundred percent. I feel everyone's pain. People need to remember this is this is me. I'm a fan okay. Do i run a website. Yes do i have a podcast at a lot of people enjoy yes. Does that mean that. I'm any less of a fan or any more of a fan. No i'm a fan just like every single person that listens. Let's ride listen zoeller afternoon. Podcast all the other morning podcasts. I want the steelers team to succeed. However i just think that it's in and it might not be a bad thing my new if the steelers do struggle a little bit if they do maybe have to find their footing sooner rather than later. We'll see i'm not saying that. Losing games is ever a good thing. But at the same time i look at this team in thank. How did that eleven. Oh treat them last year but they need a little full of themselves. A little over zealous maybe. A little prideful conceded. I don't know some would definitely say that. They think that they are they were. We'll see another realistic expectation. Is i think that steelers fan base should really prepare for the steelers rookie class in twenty twenty one to play well. I really think that they should prepare themselves to see a rookie class. Especially the top three picks in that snazzy harris out of alabama running back. That's pat fried youth tight. End at penn state in the second round net is kendrick grain center slash guard. We all phrase the center at illinois. And when you look at those. Three players should be key contributors. Are they gonna be starters that i hate that term in in football because if you look at the steelers that they come out and they don't have to tight ends in eric ebron on the field. I youth is not going to get the start yet. He might still play a percent of the offense snaps so hughes contributor but doesn't get counted as a quote unquote starter so some steelers expectations for twenty twenty one. Yeah i think they're going to be a good team. I think that they might have some struggles. It might have an early. It's going to be a long road. Is the tough grueling schedule. That just got longer in the week seven by week all we can hope and pray that it actually happens when it scheduled because we all know what happened last season when that week seven bye week turned into a week three by week or week four by weekend. It was just chaotic. Will it that way. But i don't believe that this season is going to be last season as it pertains to covid nineteen outbreaks as it pertains to moving games around and things like that. But i want to know what your expectations are. So if you're listening live on the locker room we have a couple of people here in the in the room by all means put a speaker request in. I'd love to talk to you. I love to get your take not only on the steelers expectations. But anything else that you would like to talk about. It could be anything steelers related as they are preparing for the second phase of ot as then will come the third phase of ota's which is typically when moore the veteran show up. They get some extra work in the minicamp. Then we hit a break and then once we get to that mandatory minicamps done the players gone until training camp and that's when it gets a little dicey but if you're listening live on locker room just put it in a speaker request gladly. Have you on to talk about the black and gold in the meantime hop on over here to the twitter mail. Bag answers questions from my writer. Dai crew dated testa testa. Sorry says how do you think shuker brown will fare. As a steeler he was a projected. Third rounder falls to being an undrafted. Free agent. I have high hopes but he might be just another quote less than jane and he's talking about One justin lane who came at me at twitter one time. There's a long story. I'm not going to get into that. But david answer a question. Whatever i think of a player that most deem as a great value pick all we had him projected in the fifth round we had him projected in the third round we had projected in whatever round in. They fall the question. That i always want to know is why do they fall. Is there an injury concern. Is it something that everyone else's overlooking there's always stories now that does not mean that you're curb round is not gonna be a quality player that does not mean that he won't be able to be contributor. Reports for mark. Volley of the athletic is that the steelers gave him the mos lucrative rookie undrafted rookie free agent contract in team history. That's probably one of the reasons he went to pittsburgh. And so they value him in that regard but what made him fall. What made him slip being undrafted. I don't know i don't know. But if the steelers like him enough they're going to make him the wealthiest undrafted free agent in team history. Will they must like what they see. and so. I do think that secure shaker brown is going to make the team in. I think he is going to be vying for that. Nickel cornerback daryl. He's a very versatile. Player comes from a big time school in michigan state and i could absolutely see him being a player that makes the team. If he doesn't. I'd be shocked but at the same time. Stranger things have happened. So good question david The is another justin late. I don't know we'll see. Let's get jim on here. What's up jim. How's it going. Good how are you can't complain. Will you wanna talk about well. You were talking about the expectations of the steelers. And right now. I gotta say you gotta take a step back and take a look at where people are coming from. Altogether people are saying. They're not going to be doing this because they were under randy. Land last year right at this year under canada. We don't know what. Canada has up his sleeve yet. Yeah that's a that's a great point. It's a wild card that no one knows that's like you said no one knows to go ahead continue. No i was just saying. No one knows how they're gonna react to canada and how his offense is out there so we can't really my way i look at it as you can't really say all they're gonna do great or all they're gonna do bad until you got to get in that preseason mode and get to see what they're actually doing now you're right. I agree. I agree one hundred percent. Let me ask you though. Is your expectation for let serve the rookie class. What's your expectation for those top. Three picks you think they're going to be big contributors or not so much Yes yes they're going to be big. I think the first three are going to be big. I think after that Rochet's gonna be. I think a good player and then after that. I think it's a possibility. I don't know africa universities and other one just shook round where he everyone said will adams a fourth round raid and he slips all the way to why why did he slip. I know the things happen but still in the gym last question. So your expectations when you look at the schedule which is a tough schedule. No one's going to deny that neck and change injuries could happen But still what are your expectations for win. Loss totals this year. I'm actually right there at honestly around like that. Five hundred marks you know if flip either way i always look at it this way when we're playing our division. I always say one win. One loss Just like how you said before. Like the other day about the super bowl window closing for the steelers. I dunno if it so much that people are saying that the steelers are maybe getting bad but maybe the teams around them in their division is getting better. Like gordon brown's and the rate they're getting those players. They're they're building up it's not such a cakewalk anymore. You know it's not the great anymore right. Maybe that's why when people are saying the windows closing its other teams are getting better and pittsburgh is have high expectations in the first place and they expect high expectations falls too. You're right you're right in jim. Thank you for time in. I appreciate you wanna talk to you in just put another speaker requests and the one thing that fanzine wherever you bring up the division. I wanna talk about this respect. You bring up the afc north and you look at the landscape in. Everyone saw the images last year in graphics. Last year of old man. Ben rothlisberger in young. Lamar jackson will young baker mayfield. Really young joe burrow. I think it's important that fans know that all these quarterbacks that are not named rothlisberger they're about to get paid case. I think baker mayfield sucks. I've said that over and over again. I don't think he's any good. I don't think he's ever gonna win the super bowl however the browns are going to have to pay. They are going to have to pay him. Top dollar just like the ravens be absolutely stunned in living in maryland. I hear a lot about baltimore in the ravens. I would be stunned if they don't feel inclined to pay lamar jackson now. They have other avenues where they could say. Okay we're going to let you play out your rookie deal in. We're going to pick up the fifth year option in. Then we may try to franchise tag you but at. What point is lamar jackson. Gonna say that's enough like you gotta come on. Quit string along either. Pay me or let me go somewhere that they will pay me. And the reason i bring this up is not. Because i care so much about these teams but when you look at the browns and even the ravens because they've been winning with a rookie quarterback when you look at those teams are under a rookie deal not a rookie quarterback. When they've been winning with those in that scenario they don't have to expend a lot of money of the quarterback position joe burrow will. Do the same thing will happen in four to five years with him as well in cincinnati. They are going to have to pay those players when they do. It changes everything. It changes the entire dynamic of the team. Look at perfect example. The la rams with gov. He got paid handsomely after their trip to the super bowl in his place fell off. Now he's a member of the detroit lions but the rams themselves have had to make so many trades they put themselves. They've gotten rid of so much of their draft capital. It's it's really frightening. It's really frightening. All right. we're gonna get to some more callers here in a second. I'm gonna take a quick break. So those are listening live on locker. Don't go anywhere. Because i'm not going anywhere on the audio side. This ad will be right. Support for this episode comes from locker room the app. That's changing the way we talk. Sports locker room is a sports fan. Dream come true. It's a live audio platform that lets you connect with other fans experts. And even the athletes themselves locker room makes it easy to start your own conversations. Talk about the latest rumors takes news and teams care about most join massive watch parties for all of your friends to react together in real time as you celebrate a buzzer beater or suffer the agony of crucial bricks. Free throw. and if you've got a bunch of supremely spicy takes you'd like to fire off during luck can even record the conversations if you want and released them as a podcast. So it's time to start thinking about catchy. Titles it's all totally free and available at the i. Os apps store right now so. Go download it today. Locker room changing the way we talk sports All right dealer fans welcome back at the second sake of this live. let's ride locker room app mailbag and we've got a lot of people joining in want to talk about the steelers. A lot of people wanna give their expectations talk about anything black and gold. Let's get nick on the line. What's up nick house gun. Hey jeff how you doing. I'm great what's up. So i joined a little late so i'm not sure you guys have talked about this yet but something that i'm really interested in watching and like really interested in since the draft is running back because i think especially with the addition of nausea harris. See a lot of movement there and i'm just kinda wondering what your take on. That would be my specific question. Is i think najah. Because he's such a complete back kind of makes a lot of running backs on our roster a little more obsolete or a little redundant a little more redundant than they would have been without him for example when. I'm really thinking as benny snell in particular. You know he's kinda of short yardage ground and pound back will kind of does that and he'll probably do it a little bit better than snell. I still think other other running backs have roles. Such as anthony. Mcfarland ezekie change of pace. I just wonder what you kind of think how the running back rooms gonna fall out. You know how many you think will keep because he kept so many last year and i'm wondering if najji kind of cuts will end up. The drafting of knowledgeable ended up cutting a few more running backs than usually see. The steelers are smart. And i i used to say you know. They're going to do the smart game but we've learned that they had they always if the seals are smart they really do have to keep an eye on nausea harris and his overall touches. You want to have him out there and you need to have out there to a certain extent but at the same time you really need to monitor him in you need to monitor the wear and tear on his body because you look at this this running back room although yes them. Drafting nausea harris from alabama does make some of the players obsolete. Mainly benny snell. But at the same time i could definitely see them. Keeping harris snell as an insurance policy mcfarland is a change of pace in jalen samuels solely based on the fact that he has a repertoire with the new offense coordinator matt canada for nc state in. I don't think if they do key jalen samuels. I don't think that he would be used as a running back very often. I think he'd go right back. Netted h. back role that he did it. Nc state and that he thrived with matt canada and other than that. You really don't have. There's the free agent they picked up. Who is name escapes me. But at the same thing is calvin kaelin than thank you thank you so i actually see them. Keeping four and maybe samuels goes obliged as that. They like any place long. I know they're not getting rid of mcfarland in. I doubt they give her a benny snow. But that's just my opinion. What do you think. I definitely agree. I think they keep the darling because earlier. The perfect change of pace you know. He's a smaller quicker back. And i think that's perfect. But i do. I don't know like for example. When i think about that patriots game with what two years ago now. Three years ago where Jones samuels had one hundred and forty forty or yards or something like that. I feel like he kind of played a similar game to that kind of zone. Running one cut. Benny snell type of football. So i don't know. I feel like maybe i mean you can't really trade. Benny snell because i feel like his his stock is that but like i just feel like. There's a lot of redundancy in and we have such a crowded running back room. I think it's going to be really interesting camp battle. That's what i'm what i'm excited for. Kind of st. Who shows out doesn't but yeah. Yeah you're absolutely right taking chiming in. I appreciate your absolutely right. They they are going to have a very difficult choice. Make at the running back position and there's a lot of players they're very similar and i don't necessarily see. Yeah you bring up the patriots game where jalen same rush one. Forty plus I believe that was the first time he ever rushed for over one hundred yards in his career notches. Nfl but even college because he's more of a that age back at nc state it. It'll be interesting to see it'll be interesting to see how the steelers approach. Let's get logan on what's up. Logan has done during a just wanted to talk about. What are your expectations for. The defense alana address think will keep up with their fifty year. Sorry fifty six per year pace. They've been onto the fears. Or you think. I'll end won't get many sacks. They usually do what they've led the. Nfl in sachse believes the last three seasons. They've had fifty over fifty or more sacks every season and i believe after the first season that they had fifty. I was on record. You can check the tape on the steelers preview on you live on youtube also our audience. I'd i said i don't think they're gonna do it again. And then he did it again and then they did it again and sometimes you would miss a piece of the puzzle. That would be a player. That's gone there's a player that gets hurt and they still find a way if there's one part of this defense that i don't question even without budget pre even without mike sees me even without steven nelson. It's their ability to put pressure on the quarterback if everyone stays healthy and that's a gigantic. If look at last season you know budget pre in week. Thirteen or fourteen whenever they played the ravens in heinz field. you know. He turned his acl in. That changed everything. But a vacant stay healthy. Logan i think that they are definitely going to be at or above fifty and will they lead the nfl in sacks. I'm not sure but. Tj watt has gotten better every single season not only on the field in terms of the eye test but also from a statistical standpoint. And so i see no reason why he wouldn't be able to continue that trend. Have you agree. Logan or you think it ends on the lawn has been outstanding the past At least five years. So i think it will keep going and what Three players do you think. We'll have them of sax on the team. Okay three players most sacks. I'm gonna go with tj while number one. Now last season thank steph onto it. Hit double digits last season cam. Heyward had really low sakamoto. I wanna say he was round four. That's that's to me. that's an anomaly. That's not normal. And you throw alex highsmith into the mix. I'm gonna say watt one. I'm gonna say alex highsmith to in. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that it's cam. It has a better twenty. Twenty one in hobe third. That's my guess. You agree with that or you have a different list. Logan you could so you put toured in there but other than that baby underdog roche could probably find his way into five or six sacks that'd be great performance out of a sexual So but do you think five or six would be enough beating five or six for top three. Though i wouldn't think so would you. I was just saying has yet. You're right. I don't think he's going to be in the top three. But the highsmith bought to an hayward should be top three absolutely absolutely so all right logan thanks for chiming in appreciate anyone else. That wants to talk live on the locker room after splitting the speaker request. Glad to have you on. We have a couple of people on the comments section. That are talking about this or saying. Alex is mistaken. As brian says he has devon bush at six sacks. I could see it Although sometimes you have the vince williams site that is kind of the slash gets in there but are we have another speak request. Nick wants to talk. What's up nick. How's it going good kind of on the topic of the defensive line i was. I've been thinking about you know. Honestly just. Chris warmly a lot and i know you guys have talked about you know. There's a possibility that chris warmly got signed because they thought they were losing tyson. Aloom and then you see them bringing in this louder. Milk kid from our even. Remember squeezed from wisconsin wisconsin. You know econo- makes you wonder like. Do you think that they would move on from someone like warmly to try to clear up more cap space to sign a Another free like ryan kerrigan. Who just got signed by the eagles at one year for three three point. Two million or something as dealers could match that but anyways to answer your question about one we. I m someone. The believes that the steelers signed because a lulu said he was going elsewhere. Now does that mean that they cut him though. I don't know. I'd have to look at the structure of his contract. Nc how much money would he still be owed will the day save. It's certainly a possibility. People need to remember they just because a player gets signed. Even if it's a free agent doesn't necessarily mean that they're going to stick around so everyone's everyone kind of was bashing the joe hague signing. Oh joe hey was awful last year for tampa bay okay. So they drafted dan more he pans out. Joe hage is not needed anymore. You get rid of them. You get rid of him. By certain at certain period. I forget what the window is that you have company think. That's the other free agents deals abroad in it. Just don't pan out dante. Moncrieff comes to mind So chris worldly signed a two year deal if he does doesn't isn't fitting there is one thing to keep in mind though. He's the only player on the current roster that is labeled as a nose. Tackle that something of debt. That's no worthy to me. Because the steelers the they said that they liked to have a nose tackle and they know that lewis tried. They haven't had one since hargrave left. So i don't know if that means anything to unique but to me. That's kinda tells me that they might have had it. They might have a niche role for him. This seat that could be. I just think of like. I feel like the d. Line is one of our strengths. You know we have a lot of really good pieces. There we have hayward we have to we have a lulu and then beyond that you know we have bugs who you know. Played all right. He was injured last year but played pretty well and then carlos davis he certainly exceeded expectations and then just seeing them bringing this draft pick it kind of makes me wonder like that's a really crowded room and i feel like not a lot of those guys are people that you can just kinda stash on a practice squad and not have anyone notice maybe louder mill but i mean you give a fourth round pick next year for that. I feel like it'd be really foolish. We put them on the practice bottom. Someone else google map you know. There's no way in my opinion outside of the top. Three draft picks. There's no one safer on this roster than isaiah louder milk you just you cannot trade a fourth round twenty twenty tech to get into the fifth round and then cut that player if would have just taken him in the fifth round. That's different but you treated into that round to take that guy and so i don't think he's going anywhere. Carlos davis in isaiah bugs. They're going to battle it out. I do think it's the end of the road for like a guy like henry mondale. I think bond does a great. Excuse me he's a great story. But ultimately i just don't think there's a spot for him and made even isaiah bugs 'cause people forget at the end the last season it was carlos davis those getting snaps over above in. That's when bugs. Got all butthurt part. My french on the sideline and was having a hissy fit. It was warmly had break-up he in davis because he wasn't playing and he was even inactive isaiah. Bugs was towards the end of the season. So something to keep in mind else nick. I actually didn't know that that's really interesting now that you say that. So yeah replacement for bugs. Yeah thank you never know all right. Thank you appreciate it all right. Let's get to the twitter mail bag here. Finish out the show mendez steelers seemed to be looking to signing a veteran out side linebacker. Do i have a favourite free agent. That i would like to see signed I would like to see justin. Houston look i was all on the ryan kerrigan train. It was a gut punch to see him. Signed with the philadelphia eagles. Four so cheap. If you would have gotten a lucrative deal. I would've been the i get it. You know you got your money. No one else is often money. But the steelers Him from his much eighty as a similar offer. He decided to stay in the nfc east because he wanted harass the washington football team. I don't know. But i would love to see justin houston. I think it would be a great gift for the steelers. People don't understand that last season even at his age. He's thirty two even last season at eight sacks for the indianapolis colts in the year before that he had eleven double digits acts. This is a player they could come in. And if you don't need him to be an every down pass rusher perfect role for him perfect role. Tj what needs arrest. He's gonna give you that pass rushing presents. You need same with highsmith. I'd love to see them. Get justin used. Ben pease is. Do you think we'll pick up another veteran. Cornerback the other side of hayden or just roll with what we have also who in the wide receiver group do you think will make a major splash. This season okay. So let's break this down. Did by bit to pick up another veteran. No i don't They did sign. Excuse me they did. Sign a cornerback. Slash safety earlier. This season really kind of flew under the radar to be honest with you in that was by a name. A gentleman of the name of arthur molet arthur mullet. He played for the new york. Jets again. He has played some safety and some corner. Now are jeffrey benedict is going to have a film room breakdown on this gentleman soon and he is basically talking to me a little bit in the rest of our staff about how. He thinks that he could be this. Mike hilton role in a vacant. Just find someone to fill that slot. Cornerback position it really frees them up. I didn't camp sutton is going to be pretty pretty good so i don't think they'll have to worry about that as the wide receiver group who will make a major splash. I don't think it's a surprise. But i would definitely say it's chase claypool. You thought he was good in your one way to his ears belt way too. He has another year with rothlisburger. Wait till he has an offensive coordinator. That actually knows what he's doing. He could be really special in venues the hashtag tag crew and looking for harvard third jersey. I love absolutely love. Let's get back to the locker room at ace. What's up as as a gallon. What's on your mind. Oh yeah i'm just. I'm just here to talk. I guess. I guess the first thing we're probably be. What do you think are now he was talking about. You know author mullet. Gosling that. But i gonna say for me because i thought he i thought we were gonna drive to maximum. And that's what. I like the the The secure brown's side. That's not my favorite of the. You know what. I'm saying. Because i thought that was gonna be one of the people. We took fourth fifth round. I what i thought right. So we picked him with us cool own. You also do get you know gilbert. He's interesting you know. He has had a couple of really good season couple of years ago. But i mean. I'm not gonna say he isn't good so but i will say that a lot of people has happened to the fact that he is relative to The readers yeah. Yeah the connection. There's a connection there. I know that a lot of people it is a good point as in thank you for chiming in. I appreciate it you know i. I'm really when i look at this. Cornerback group and will include the undrafted free agents. Who shook around is and definitely some others but when i look at this cornerback group. I really not as frantic in freaking out as much as other people are. There are some people that are screaming from the rooftops in the mountaintop. Saying all we need to sign a corner. I feel like they did when they got arthur. The lead in. I really don't think they need to make any moves now. That doesn't say now. They don't need to make news now if they wanna make a move. In my opinion they do a ross cockrell. What does that mean. They wait until after cuts are made a training camp and then they pick up somebody that maybe has a really deep cornerback. Room that they're like. Hey we can grab this guy. He could be a really good dime cornerbacks for us in. He can come in and play right away. That's the only move it would make but that's just me. Let's get nick vacuum one last time if we go. What's up. neg what's on your mind. All right i have do last things. One is just a statement. I've been thinking about this a lot. It's about The the new center kendrick green. I just wanted to say like. I love this kid. And i've heard i've heard a lot of doubt around him a lot of worries around him but this kid is like an animal. I was listening to one of his pre-draft podcasts. And he said in his predrag Podcast a lot of teams told him that they expect them to be center so he's actually had some time for any center. He's been training all skis at center. Because that's what most teams told them. They'd like the plan but on top of that dude with just like a physical freak at his pro day and he ran a four eight. Six forty which is like crazy and i- comparison is create humphrey. Who everyone said he had all world He ran like a five zero nine or something like that his pro day like this kid is he's a he's a physical beast. I think he's gonna be perfect for like polling center that the steelers do i love the I actually picked him in a ton of mock draft Super excited to see that. We picked him up with that. That's my that's that's just one thing. I wanna say. The question i had for. You is about linebacker so completely different. I kind of have always viewed vince williams and robert splaying very similarly. I think explains a lot of younger and a little more athletic. Like not a huge difference. I'm just kinda wondering how you see them if you see them as similar players or if see them as completely different players or how you would evaluate them right next thank you. let's First and foremost kendrick green was considered by many the most athletic center of the entire the entire class in that that includes everyone. You mentioned create. Humphry you could talk about land dickerson. All the most athletic the steelers value that he has speed. He does have a nasty. Let's not please. let's not underscore a we need underscore that because that is important. This guy is not gonna take just eight not going to be pushed around. We'll put it that way as for your question I completely forgot your question. Come on tell me about. The question is area. Now what was your question. I totally forgot. I was still getting. He's such an exciting prospect. Now i questioned was Inside linebacker position yes Splaine explain yeah. I've kind of always do them as similar. But i feel like you know. Spend just a little bit younger a little martha but i was just wondering if you see them any major differences or how you kind of evaluate the to your thank you for jogging my memory. Goodness gracious getting older. All right thanks next. Spelane and williams are similar in a lot ways. They've they both are great. Run stoppers spelane. More athletic than vince williams. When it comes to coverage but vince williams is a better blitzer. Vince williams sheds blockers better. So these two players. Everyone wants to set up a battle between the two. And i say why. I don't think you have to when you can have where you put one in compared to the other. And when i look at this. I think it's Lane and williams is a great. Combo is long as devon bush's healthy it devon bush's healthy than the steelers inside linebacker core is fine. You can put spain in certain spots. Don't forget miles killebrew. I talked about. How warmly is listed as a nose tackle miles killebrew's listed as a linebacker. Not sure if you knew that or not but he is. Keep that in. Mind as well all right. Let's get this up here. We did start a little bit early for the joining us. The tame ones play tonight. I wanna make sure we get everyone three before the pen. Start their playoff push. Hopefully they beat the islanders western kansas with the addition of fryer means. Do you expect to see more too tight inflammations or might he challenge iran for the starting job. I don't think he's going to challenge. Ebron because iran is a different type of player. He's he's more of your wide receiver tight end With that said. I think that him being there could in should in hopefully will equate to more two tight. End sets with the steelers western. You can also ask knowing what you notice today. Who's the starting office in line. Okay left to right starting left tackle. I have troops core for what i know. Today left guard. I have kevin no-brainer center. Kendrick green. I think he wins. The job in training camp rookie starts at center reich guard. David decastro all pro. Don't you just say a word about him right tackle. I've got zack. Banner because he won that job. Last season mike tomlin said he wants it back there this season and to be completely honest with you. If that's the steelers offense from left to right barring kendra green completely following flat on his face. I liked that offensive line. You might disagree. That's fine last questions. Zips says what numbers do you think. Harrison armies will put up the season. I will say that for harris. I have predicted that. He is not going to get one thousand yards on the ground. I do predicted to have roughly twelve hundred total yards. Though i have about nine hundred rushing two hundred. Some odd yards receiving equate to over a thousand total yards. I think he's going to be a good red zone threat as well. I see him having about nine to ten touchdowns believe it or not in terms of fryer music. I don't think he's going to have a lot of yards again. Another red zone threat. I'll say four to five touchdowns. Total receiving yards will put it at three fifty in have a good season. I think that will You know people really understand that when it comes to fire me. He's more of a two way tight end and maybe he'll develop his own his own piece of the puzzle. We'll put it that way so all right folks that does it for me for those. Are listening live locked room have thank you for chiming in. I really do appreciate every single one of you. My rider diary. There's the people that never missed my. Let's ride podcast. Which is found anywhere we get. Your podcast served steelers or behind the curtain. subscribe solitude. Every after every monday wednesday and friday it airs at five. Am eastern time. You can check it out whenever you get a minute. Also make sure you check out behind the steel curtain dot com for all your pittsburgh steelers needs as we always finish out here folks be safe be kind in god. Bless have a great day. We'll see evacuate on friday jan the morning.

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