Kinda Cute Ep. 13 Bon Appetit Gone Wild, Dev Patel and Timothee Chalamet Both Have Perfect Hair, & A Rihanna Smell Update


It's kind of cute right hello and welcome back to kind of cute and if you are new here welcome I'm your host Bailey in an Kinda cute we discuss articles from the cut and my general pop culture Mu Zang's not gonna lie guys I was worried that wasn't going to slip off the tongue quite as easily as already is because we're discussing the cut which you know obviously New York Mag but more than usual where we're dabbling in the New York this week so anyways back to Champ Dan my sister got a sweatshirt it's a beautiful lavender pinkish color it's orchids she says I'm in till I was like giving toast which I didn't even really want to do somehow was told that I needed to give a toast and you know I was I was feeling it as like it could be user error so then the weekend after that I went to one of my dear friends weddings I'm so happy for Eric. Congratulations guys and my ankle I couldn't even feel but the next day I woke up with a fricken Zine on Nebula on my leg it went from the kneecap up to the upper eleven pro not great really not that impressed with the picture quality but maybe I'm just doing something wrong like I fully acknowledged I would never send you a text asking for ice and if you come to one of my parties there will be ice aplenty and fact at my party I also had dry ice today Turkey turquoise embroidery that says if you haven't guessed yet kinda cute and I z. who it wasn't her birthday but she was along with us and she got a customized champion sweatshirt which I shout out to champion like if you WanNa get they do free of customization on Saturdays so check that out of here in New York and I'm sorry ahead of time this is going to be a very New York themed podcast any type of ice you want I had a light up ice cubes that aren't actually cold but they light up and they look super cool I think the party went pretty well so as I said in my last podcast I was leading into the weekend where I was throwing my party it was love potion deemed and fittingly that week the cut came out with is to last weekend I went to New York for my sister's twenty first birthday which I think I told you guys about in the last podcast and I have to shout out my sister article about how the worst tax that you can get before a party is can you get ice and I would just like to go on the record saying I would never do that to any of you then I was traveling for work and then the next weekend I was Kinsey what was I doing the next weekend oh I was in New York oh my gosh guys that brings I feel very in the moment and like I want to do this well I south side and I stood on a plastic chair and honest I it was about four inches wide two feet long just getting my legs that long but like it was the whole length of upper thigh and then later on the night when I was done pretty much I was literally having like a little nightcap with my sister where we were just grabbing a beer just the two of us and as I was walking disgusting human being but invigorated and I'm sorry to interrupt again but I'm currently babysitting Kristen's I'm sorry puppy sitting Christians new puppy something customize it's fun to go there and you just like pay whatever thing you want and they will embroider you can put fun patches on it and I didn't think it was overpriced and I know a lot of times six chair street up like felt the rue it bruce like at the time really wasn't in pain I think it was drunk enough to not notice it I had a little cut on the it's mortgage Berg like but but I literally eat everything I drink everything I come back feeling like Kenzi likes to I I like to act my producer but really she just talks far off microphones that I then have to reiterate what she's saying so she's advised me it's orchid stop no there was already like a significant amount Tequila in the drake and then she poured in like multiple knuckles worth of brandy on top you know I was already stake was right beforehand we had what was maybe the strongest Marguerite I had it was delicious I love the bartender there it was at someplace called Doug add cements whereas my loyalists fan and I'm just gonNA throw this out there right now I just thought of this I am going to say right now my first run of merge it dropped my phone shattered it to the point where it was just a broken screen it was straight up broken phone that I then could not use for the next five days until I got a new one and I have to say the Oh people that leave a review it has to be five stars because I'm a con artists like that on Apple podcasts. If you're not familiar how to do that just go on Apple Pie Monday morning because I had tickets to go with Elena of course you guys know Elaine I mentioned her every podcast I'm sorry girl you are literally the the beacon feeling Kinda good and I get to this Patina that and I decide I'm in full journalistic mode I am like I am here for the and Rick was making tacos and Alex Delaney High Buddha beer with threes brewing which is a brewery and Ghana's Brooklyn got there and I really are I miss they Christian we love Rooney maybe we should trade dogs back to New York we say we just did so much we went to the Whitney which was like maybe I will say that he on the record he told me that he did not get to meet Kiki the night before when she attended the Bona petites hot ten of it much but they have the best food so it's like you kind of have to do that when you're there and on the last day though my sisters were flying home on Sunday and I was flying home of kind of cute we had to go to the bone petite event that I talked to you about in the last podcast and it was hosted by Alex Delaney and Rick Martinez it was kind of cinematic because as I was like let's get up like at the end of my life kind of sappy toes which says day I don't really remember what I said I fell through the he's adorable his name is Rooney he is much better behaved than might all my dogs being a little diva man and it's Christmas birthday tomorrow so shout out to her happy outcast buying Kinda cute leave Afifi Review and then leave a written review I will send you my stickers and my first run just de Meer address I promise I won't Stock You oh shoot but I was like okay we met a male model last night apparently he is very tall and so the first question right off the bat was if he got a lot of so I asked him about that and then he informed me that he actually has a friend who does press for or did price for the Hustler hustlers the movie which I felt was very fit kind of like a male model at this point he posted these picks of him that were like very model askin multiples and I I'm sorry I forget who did it who do the luke she had her own show at New York fashion week I asked why they broke up because I'm a monster like baby Jesus why did I ask that and the list goes on the first cultural thing I've done in Newark need very long time I went to the met like years ago and since then I basically just drink too much and I think I just asked incredibly invasive questions as I was drunk off my ass so I came right off the bat to Alex Delaney he's the drinks editor at Buna petite list the Douglas it was right next threes brewing. She was so fun so cool dose us with these Margaritas though like she like I thought she was pointing at Tequila Shots Kinda cute listeners. I'm going to give them what they want I'm going to give them what they came for I'm going to ask the questions no one else's willing to ask instead mm for this podcast again it was based on the cut article the Hustler's at scores and that whoever that was got to hang out with J. Lo and behold but again we were asking what people wanted to know I was taking full on photo shoots of strangers I encourage this adorable girl who's wearing a bona petite I think I would like it to be selling small like stickers I'm thinking stickers so i WanNa make a Kinda cute sticker and for the first fifty gardens right five zero Shebang Lily reinhart concerts we'll I'm sure Kiki but yes so as the night went on my questions became more and more basic for example I asked him if he and by me at Bailey Evan or Kinda cute podcast or even at my dogs at groggy palm and we had the best time we did so much every time I go to New York it really is just like mortgages board I almost said it did in fact date Susan Alexandra and Susan Alexandra mix those adorable little bead bags that you probably see among those hip girls she's been featured in been there I mean Holy Shit I would flip by because a fucking Love Kiki get on the Kiki Palmer train if you're not already on it Chu Chu I guess the better question would have been do people like flirt with you in the DM's because obviously back goes down like if you get a random dick pic or boo pick from someone are you really going to engage in fact no one I talked to me Kiki which actually made me feel a little better that I hadn't gone the night before because if I thought there was a chance of meeting Kiki and I had he's like Bazar south-east I might put them on the kind of q podcast instagram page but I'm not sure if the shame will allow me to they are that bad it's not usually but sometimes it is like I don't know if I mentioned the whole story about Hunter Mcgrady and how she met her husband through snapchat so I'm kind of like tied together at their tails and they just become this disgusting Blob I brought everyone down to the sewer with me I was like being seeing ask a question she is secretly hated any of her coworkers to which she responded she didn't so we didn't get the juice there but we did again get into disastrous photo shoot all and I think that is all my updates I just came back a wreck human being on Monday I almost vomited in my airplane which was a first for me elated with that I would like to know so I asked him that I also technically said it was off the record so to protect his privacy Dick and boo picks into the DM's because I'm always fascinated about this was snubbed because I feel like so often people will acknowledge that they encountered someone I also got the point where I was encouraging everyone around me to get on my crazy train like the little rat king I and you know how the rat kings are those bundles of rats to get oh we actually this really goes to show how embarrassing it was this event ended at six we were there till seven thirty this is awful photo shoots immediately off the bat my answer would be this US I don't see the appeal I truly think it's awful and modern love I like better than that it's not part again I apologize to everyone who had to witness that yeah I said it in my ascribes where I'm sorry to this man shout Kiki a huge anti this is us fan like I am not a fan I think if I was asked like what is one thing that you hate that everyone else loves moving onto our first cut article of the day I really wanted to talk about this because I wanted to see if any of you guys have been watching modern love it's on Amazon prime and I have watched I think six episodes at this point and I have to say like I'm not that into it and maybe this goes back to me being like she writes while the plot is corn superficial it also confronts real questions about pain and love puppy palace popping off nations bona petite they're on the cover they each have their own cover these poor people elena at least a leaner joined in and she has a sweet Christina if were awful and unfortunately I had turned off the live function so there's not much saving of them that can be done but you know what the thought was there if some leeway taken some fictionalization done and I think my favorite episode so far is the one with Death Patel and even not one was like picture do a photo shoot I lost my damn mind I also met Rick Owens and Christina today and they're actually on the Thanksgiving times and I do like reading those I haven't read them in a few years but I remember back in the day I was obsessed loved them each episode is roughly based on one of those articles with the teacher and all of its glory and girls if you're listening and I did not airdrop all of the photos I took of you please me and I will send all of them too I've been the way episode was a dumpster fire again you guys do I love representation. I love talking about mental health I love mental health being included in mainstream it confronts real questions about pain and love and infidelity in a way that still sort of relatable but that's for another time one thing in dealing with that subject matter but obviously whoever wrote the article that was must have been her experience and I respect that but Anne hathaway let let's get to it and how is I shall amaze beautiful hair by Eric Smith and now I also don't intend to be having a two weeks in a row talking about timmy shallow way but he is the man of the moment and because death looks perfection it I've been a fan of Patel Saints slumdog millionaire a just a gorge Jonah film absolutely sure of I two would have left my fiance for Ted Patel and his glossy locks I'm sorry spoiler alert that was a major spoiler I'm sorry I fucked up but I just had to agree and I don't mean to segue into another gerhard hair article but it's happening in this one is no one can resist beautiful timid quite as cheesy but I still have my issues with that and I do love the markets it's based on the modern love column that's reoccurring in The New York Asia I think got his start almost got his start Article Erica Smith says the following regarding Timmy's curls those girls are getting their eight hours of sleep confronted not not my thing so this article is called eye to leave my fiance for Dev Patel by Judas Sin Kurtz who else what it became and when I was in New York I mentioned that I could see timmy taking the path of Elijah Wood and Elena was horrified I woke up at three thirty a m just hysterically laughing over how we got so drunk from three to six PM on a Sunday and mind you the rest of the place not the ones with the cute sweet girls in the Batik shirt but like just me taking weird self fees and making Rick Martinez pose with his manicure I mean just awful on yeah I can tell just from the caller that's how much fan girl guys I saw the little tied I and I knew it was a bona petite shirt I encourage her to take off her little sweater and had that Volta do although I definitely did smell another killian sent that smelled like marshmallows so I thought I was smelling the one she used but I might have been wrong because in this article meditating drastically cutting down on daily screen time Andrea leader of room temperature water out of a photogenic glass vessel every single morning and with that I agree media stuff but it just felt like a really weird portrayal of bipolar disorder to me and correct me if I'm wrong I just thought it didn't do a great job of safe boop moving on we tried honest secret perfume by Kathleen Howell guys let's get to the main point of this article it's talking about Laura dern a big little lies biggest star and how she gently tussled household they say it has like an insane weightless it sold out everywhere so I don't know unless that random Miami Sephora just did happen to have it in stock 'cause I swear so I love him and I disagree with on this as usual but I like again I just really wanted to bring this up because I would love your thoughts on modern lob I thought the I have been totally responsible Friday night in New York Saturday night New York Ho this girl was how did together Sunday afternoon I lose my shit we I'm trying to think has come full circle remember when we talked about a smell back in an early episode will now the cut has officially done an investigation the one I was Shalam as hair so it says falling genteel shoulder touch she reached her right hand just a smidge higher and nestled into Timo Taes crawls people try it out including two of my favorite ladies of this art of this podcast Erica Smith and send Jettison Kurtz but first up we have Karenzi could he's GonNa be the man of the moment for at least a year to come again not trying to make this a timmy Shalam Fan podcast but that would that really be the worst thing if that's jazz aerosmith encourages us to set this as our background glue it to our vision board an I just WanNa say thank you Erica this is exactly the mantra I need in my kind of to heart wrenching we sad for

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