Rule the day, the plan faced way with the new vegan mixed vary from smoothie king powered by whole non GMO fruits, milk, and vegan protein. It's a dairy free vase smoothie. You can feel great about with thirteen grams of protein and half your daily fiber. It's an easy way to get the essential nutrients. Your Body Craves, skip the line in order online for pickup or delivery smoothie king rule the day. But also the weekend roasted toews. Cory Martin and. It's not fair. I don't worry about it. Still, Judah. Shoes. saw. What's gone on everybody? What's going? On here today. Really Start. Chad. Core the hortatory. One time. US. One. Time. We'll see what you do. going. Ever. Again. And already starting to how you're doing today. What's going on? This is Martin here. Hey. Divorce. Member was going on everybody good to have you here. It's going to be good day to day mark got new hat I like that. Mar Rode Horse. Jockey going on. I like that have man. I do know I told you came in how do I like that a lot it really. It really does that's funny because I'm normally don't like hat's like this why? Some about them or even when I like when I put it on and I'm like man and this one I went into the. And I was just like Sh- It felt really good. Let me push the mirror and I was like. You to one. sporty. Club. Service engineering man lagging man fits that fishy will I haven't tried the? Tumor on his way. Now you need to create. Philo Kid. funky pretzels. Jackson. Thomas. Allah's good. That way I like it. Yeah. People I'm feeling and I said, Hey, that's why I was satellite that before the show. I'm a Finnish church. You got man. I've had this shirt for a long time. It's been hanging up on the rack and sit if it was. Shit. I hate you. I'M GONNA. Get you bits. I knew knew Cunanan. Nice up here. Could we? You know what? Would complement and everybody? Let's couple you guys out there. Welcome everyone. Else, coming on and right now we got a good crowd up and now we introduced. chat up in here, the G. Chat bringing in visuals and got them. bitches up in here. What's up bitches? Mr Mountain ill Sweet. Oh My son Julian Aka Real Cobra stars up in. Glad. He made it home. Tiga Goddamn. Yeah, you ain't got me yet. Let me see any dare. Julia they're. Angry is up in ahead Jack Jack off man is up in he was being so generous giving us all those saying what he's doing is making a very strongly worded suggestion. Jack Off Man. Yeah. Yeah. If you ain't doing and then start. He's got a star Star. Hesitant to see you ask hesitate. Let's get it all. The dark sleigh up in here slime Roy. Here. Bushido Black Ashtray. Bitch. Lukasz Fire Wolf. Who is up in here the Glucose Guy I am distraction. Is Up in here how you doing? Though. Maybe destroy that Gary Not He says I'll get you bit. All right. Well, you know what? If I don't? Start Post. At. I'm a girls up here yacht superfan. Brain another one up in here. Oh good to have you guys here today. Good to have you guys up here today. Thank you right. Trying to get started right here. So I'll hold off until you what's going to happen although a lot of you do know already, I've been excited since last night substance last week we'll tell you what that is. Oh somebody WHO's Right, Burns says. The Minnesota should not even if there wasn't a. Way, we. Can find a vaccine hang on on Minnesota. Out. Loud that you might have a gun. Yeah. Not Get. Sued is that a real twenty dollars bill? O.. The fourteenth is. Oh. You'll sign grumpy orders. loin of beef. All. Let me see here I'm kid I don't know. Yeah. Maybe some. Title Hold. MINNESOTA GIVES EVERYBODY WHO's up in there I don't know we got fans who wants to come and Y'all never love who knows maybe maybe Welcome the. Area was it I got from. Miami's issue move over a little bit. Here visit as. See us. I'm sorry not billy don't see. Yes. Best nobody. got. AKC is more than once a week. To. Enforce whatever else you got bring. Church. Late. bitches look at. I'll go link up, here, increase. Is. Up here gone gone he goes up to heaven right there. That's strange. gone everybod- go. Train. Guy? He's the last one to train. He. Still, stuck on. Get you. I'm mixed up. Thank you so much for your generosity everybody 'cause a lot of people for the last few days, I? Don't WanNa get money almost started I'll train ya shit I gave an extreme. You've got a whole lot of stuff that you don't even know more. I'm. Always need me yes. Thank you. Mike the we. Always need. I just need but he need. saw. Always GonNa need some sit around here we negroes. Eighty negroes. Trump's GONNA sewage covered in front of the media. You know what I know. You don't like this line right here but I don't mind I. Liked I mean. It's all left. So yeah. Exactly exactly it is so bad that I'm not drinking keep in mind I used to drink winn-dixie. Slow. Acquired taste. It's a windex but you. Do that a hand sanitizer does smell so much like Margarita. Going on your hands and then you drink from one of these. And it's almost like you're in Mexico. Let me try to. Centers. In smells just like Margaritas man it really tough. Almost. Marlins marlins trying to me and I was like man I I'll be and about. This all good keeping. Myself. Shortage. Shortage. This meal. He's on the beach. Corona commercial. Yes. Man Have you smell That smell this Tell me I. Keelan Jesus does. The president. Yeah. Man. Oh No. Thank you. For being here today once again if you didn't hear. Because of all that hype. Today we're GONNA. Be Talking. About. The much anticipated bad movie review for a master of disguise. Really was reminded me. It was a seventeen. Years ago two, thousand, two when it came out. Oh, eighteen years ago. It was the last time I saw that movie. We'll see if just as bad as I remembered. Martin never seen. Until tonight. Oh, I can't wait to hear. Bill Maher that changes everything sure does. It changes every taste been eighteen years since I've seen it I watched it like last night. I. Got I'm telling You I. Remember it so bad I membership from that. Cal. Yeah. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA get into people. We almost got somebody. Say we almost got thousand people right now watching so people wanna see this review so let me Ask. This one. This. One. A lot of people man lot of people wanNA. See this I tell you what? I'm going into the review and we'll get into an early today since we got a lot of people watching. To be taking up your time, but we do have to do things before we start. Head. fugger. You know my nerves he made i. tell you make me mad every show. Put It on. First couple you laugh with a third. More focuses some. Oh. Okay. Near somebody said, you almost got a thousand. Two Thousand and Patriot yes. We almost got thousand dollars in Patriots. You know what? Since you brought that up. Question about that, let me go ahead and pedal some stuff out there. We ain't begging yet until we need. Bigger we'RE GONNA. Patriot. Pastors Yeah. So everybody we almost have. Put this up. Put this up in the. Chat to. Let me see here. Since you know since you. Brought it up I'm going here and just follow through. Let me go ahead and. But does down right here. And gone over here. So folks. You, know we have a Patriot on. The patron is so that we can just create new revenue stream as port where we will be here but also to bring you out some new stuff we're going to be. Having. You have access to archives. We will be creating new streams for you. We have the. Parties that we do. The view in part is that we don't. Fridays sometimes once a month we're going to be doing it this Friday for the stuff. And trying to get that going for animation. So. Here's a Patriot page right here you said the three to three fifteen I'm sorry three, five and then fifteen. Each one of those has perks, of course, Lew Brown, Golden Brown and. Then you start out, you start are warm and toasty is right. On that. But if you WANNA go costume extra get that but but you want to be Golden Brown up in this bitch. Got To, pay premium. Money over here. Fifteen dollars every I mean every year gets you different perks. Of course, the higher you go up the more perfect but we're trying to get that animation going. So. At the dollar level once we reach a once you reach one hundred dollars in your subscriptions in. Start trying to put people. In an animated shorts as supporting characters are as background characters we'll find some club with him, put you up in there. But yeah, people check it out. We're trying to reach our goal of two thousand dollars so that we can start. We're halfway there nine hundred and eighty. One dollars is where we're at right now got a question. Yes, sir. How come you don't have a link for it on the double toasted say. I'm about just asked about that today. Funny Cabin. On the site we just got linked up with Patriot today it. was already done but. Today. The Kevin that's I develop you put that up there. So when I site would definitely going to be putting up, they're gonNA put a video up there and everything. Okay. So here's. Here's why you know that it's not there because I got multex from dawn who's trying to find it and can't. Type Patriot well, he is. That's what I said. Go to paycheck type double toasted because I was like. When I did it, it popped up keeps telling me he's trying to use the APP do it. You just gotTa Google it just Patriot. No I did that I couldn't find it. That's crazy when I went to patriot and then use their search. Double toasted. It came. Yeah. Because we're talking it in your name and it was like women no, no Goddamn. If you put it in. Patriot yeah. Well, that's why I told him. He said he said it wasn't working for him. To the site because I've done it. Wouldn't work for me, but he's been trying and. He hit me up and I'll I'll set them straight I didn't have time to hit him back today yet. But I'll just go to page avenue. Going to find the creator should take you right there. But Yeah folks. There you go. We. Need to go. It's also also there's a link on the youtube site. Youtube Site Yeah you go to Youtube Channel. There's a link in the banner that will take you there too Gotcha. So they don if you listened to the banner. On our youtube channel initially, take you right there. I'll bring up on Youtube Channel Show you. Right here. I'm just trying to get you paid. Tell me how to do that I don't. Think at all. Running. Here, it is right here. So. Right there on the ban. So. So there you go. also. Let me see somebody's GonNa. Love a night button plenty of love night by night by putting. Putting it out there. Oh Yeah. Go that crazy face get. Show. You where that came from a little bit. But yet night. But thank you pointed out there in the chair for me appreciate that. And let me see here. Also you you can subscribe on the Double Tosa Channel. On twitch, get yourself a free subscription if you have an Amazon prime account. and. If you want to keep using that Amazon prime accounting not to renew every month but don't forget to do that if you WANNA keep. Being subscribed to us. Argued it's up to one to two to three subscription but he like I say we try to get up in the Patriot on right now too. So. Thank you. No matter where it is. Appreciate it. We'll get to two thousand. Soon. Let me see here. Oh Is that somebody in Jed Some over here. Bonnie McGee doing binding Mcginn abandoned Magee. Lanny. One. Learn. been watching guys. Since the bucket lists review. In two, thousand, seven during the days. Love you guys they love you to. I've already started drawing these people. We're going to have a stream up and going. Oh, who is E. V. EIB thank you. For the Serbs man I just drawn new Samsung tablet today. Loving it. Yeah. Man Drawn Chris. Herman. EASTBOUND. Withdraw his special needs get beat up by some. Being Down Stung by. About Lake. Almost. Drowning. He's he's a he's great to watch Jim Teaching Our gym Tj Gym teacher beat him up. When he was when he was eight. Plus. In the mouth what? Say. That's what I say. You know he's probably talking some shit say. Hey you. Yeah. Be that as me, his was a second grader. Probably, a little foul-mouthed. I'm not saying he should have pushed him. I'm just saying. He didn't do nothing. He's probably kids who think like, yeah, you can't touch. Look at this fucking. Started going on. Man. You do jumping jacks. Who Your Wife fucking. Hail man heard you wife last. That's the same share you head on yesterday. Kicked out of the House. You slept in your car. Smell like eggs body spray back on the market. Slow found. Sorry I'm sorry. You went. Gave me a permanent time man. Saying. He did something. Understand at you hit eight year old child, you don't understand. What he's talking Mike carry-on. He talked about my wife leaving me well, I can see why if you're this violent Get That you've. Clean. Water. Seem unemployment lot old man. Rule. Say years later. This is Jim. Teach you all. Talk Homeowners do. Ob. Gear on the, Lake. To De. Breaking, into it. To flop. Planet. Paid woman with Robe Soda, IN HIS FACE UP A. Movie Theater put the wasp behind the door was. Hey Christopher. Alberto. Limiting in. Karma Bitch. ME. Back, to my car bucks. Back to the Group Just. You into your reason though did he? No, he said my gym did you beat me up and that's it? As always, it came out. I'm sure. It was a lot of people were saying. I'm telling you I just joined in. I don't know what happened was fuck man he slept all the kids were saying. I've seen these kids at school and Jim Jim is the worst because ain't nobody really keep an eye on these kids you know talking to coach goes away for a little while doesn't bullshit on. and. He leaves. Drinking. Coach. was that recently that said our kids they're all psychopaths. Chris. Yeah. Yeah. Point taking. A look back at all. Yeah. Exactly. Nah, I remember we used to when we sit in gym and it was guy ninth grade. It was guy, it was a custodian the janitor he's he walked he used to have. I don't know. He has some condition where spinal and yeah. He could use to walk with shake all those kids at the time. There was a there was a song. Shake Day. Every. Every time that do. All those kids start saying girl want to shake you down. Well. Wow. That's High? Acuity. That guy just ignore it he just jangled on. Jangly man who patients patients Your time and we'll get the. Yeah. Man. Who goes together saying I want to say Gregory Abbott but that's the governor. Not. Yet it song that will you up probably I can tell you don't hear. Wow. Yeah but it was a song girl I wanNA shake you down. Yeah Yeah Wow. Station the player fifty, times. My Grandma's house. It was Gregory Watson. Understand somebody Algebra now. Yeah. Right. Eligible you can fucking where he was. Garden and the one known then. Singing Gregory. Gregory Abbott Okay Okay. Let me see here. So. you've got. Jesus EARWORM own here. Yeah that that it regularly. Who went on to be a white governor of Texas? Shaky Down Nessin that was it. You know what the individual. They had to make the video sexy. So they may black man a sex as woman you know she's Get The bug at. Used to come in hard. Data. Consoles. Crescendo. No. Larry Graham. Kick the door on a song. NIGGLES and had time to be. Guy's got the. Guitar Harmonica and now he's wants to. I know pump. Stops thinking God. Damn. Right. My. Moment. Crazy. Right. Just. Wanted to you. Could stay closer goddamn. Maybe wants the feedback. And we'd be here all day. Exactly. That kind of look with grows. Don't hold on. You I'm GonNa go to the bathroom real quick girl competed. He's not gonNA. Let me go. Capital s coast staring. I mean he is loud as fuck. OFF because. Sold. No Hundred thought about it but at a point where you've of lyrics. Oh you missed this roses are red and blue. So account. Gephardt top on the place. was down in order. Listen you. GotTa. Like to do from mammy base now I do I was Gonna say man Brian Gumbo. Bad. Shake me downpour. Plays God damn song and getting taken off a tweet saying. He goes. This Jackie O.. Try fucking song. Shake. Course fifteen million data. Scott. Everyone. Because did. Right up into it. Taste. Better. beat the shit out of. The shadows looking at people. We're the videos back then like he's like nowhere in the room with the girls. Just pictures. To ruin him. God. Been What You I'm not doing cocaine. Looking to your windows and Stock Footage Musher can use it. 'cause. All in to be the. Girls in. We'll. Be. In the next room Can Record on a different day. You won't be able to hear mobile we can hear him. Yeah. On TV. His Co. some. Video some hang on the room when. She saw this TV to. Come out. I. Pulled Together. She did not look it'd be looking at him right now. Is Check. I engaged yet. Out of bit out. I've been missing. You know it's funny. Every time I could. Talking Song. Ohio. Good points. Just, saying listen to you as anyway. You know it's funny an. Back, all my. Second. Girl remeasured. Girl. Wait a minute I'm not many you are. Saying. Listen you spoken word is. Healing sweating. Hedging I WANNA reach testing. Got Detergent commercial that He. A wars tease ever. Right It was hot in the room. Jennifer Green a kind of taking somebody's bound. Greg Rabbit. Then he went on to be the governor of Texas. Open up the ball. You go people. Nasdaq's Asahi's sanita saying that's when they used to serenade our janitor. Walk by. and. See. Clever kids yeah right. Cruelest kids more. Let me see. Let me see. Say They thought twitchell shut us down on yet. To get canceled man played all IBM Song? I love this. Like. The Only said that because every time you read up on it us. Let me. Know I didn't because I was going to increment that mother fucker took his time. because. I know I wasn't like going up ahead. Let me this. fucking. Shit. Shit. down. I'M NOT GONNA make this easy for you call. Talking Shit. You'RE GONNA work. Wow Wow. The Yankee boy said almost choked on my cigarette smoking. I don't do. Matignon. This is the. So, everybody was laughing last night. Everybody. Crazy face I was making. And that was because I was watching a certain thing. You always make that face. Yeah. But I didn't know anybody else can make their face. Oh, I knew anybody could do that until I saw one video that somebody sent me and I was mad about that video. If. Somebody say, Hey, look at his review this crazy video of Jamie Foxx from Sesame Street and I looked like two video. Fuck, you wasting my time with this. Review what it's two seconds of video. Putting his Shin fucking mailbox right here stuff to do and I played video probably time. Just watching it laugh laugh my ass off. Do Mata Motto you'll me I talked about that yesterday for a long time. Let me see here. See and find A. Buddy show this weird me up man. Let me see. There we go. Jamie Foxx on Sesame Street. And he's the. Singing about the nutcracker suite. Let me see here. Okay. Yeah he's in. They just put some in front of his brothers face. It freaked him the fuck out. See. Let's go on A. Sesame street dissociating. The. Word. Came on titties hanging out. Fixes. Man Like you know where you're going right. Here it is. Let me okay this. Be The came in yesterday and it. Cracks me up man I don't know what what they what they put in front of Jamie Fox's face. I don't know if he was just not prepared for what he saw, but some just fried his brain at that moment. He's like, wait a minute what. Let's say Y'all got dad's mice. Prepared, prepare Alleanza. subdues costume sheets like now fuck. Shit. Dancing almost to put a picture here in fucking a Duda. oops shit. Bitch. Shit. I don't know what they put up in front of here. But Somebody's see some they supposed to have reaction the muppets. Jamie, Foxx like fuck. The hell is that are you really? Love. Face okay. I got my face anybody else can do the. Sheet. Mice candidates. Yeah Man. Oh, yet people don't make that email. Yeah. What the free came out so much I. Don't know I don't know what happened I think he's trying to make a mouse face. Is that what? happened. I think that's where he thinks it is. This was. lassie everything but the mouse over. A little bit of ratting to. Dust. This, is weird. Amass that they must have showed him like he must've done slow me takes them wasn't doing what they want. Do I do well, how about this then yeah yeah. Get the picture him fucking do nothing. Or? We'll take it or he's all set and he was a tear on and they were like we got some. Freezer right. Right. Brain is fried. I don't know what they did to this brother Radia. FREAKED Squirted eliminated as. It does seem like it's short-circuited is bringing. Heated. have he didn't have a reaction for if? Not, at all, there wasn't even his repertoire. Wasn't the dancing. Mouse. This going to look. God pull your pants back up. Trying to do. Jamie tiny do something. He must not just been giving them a reaction you must have been like. Yeah whatever I know. All right. You know what? Call the general template engine. Beach. Is. Good to me. That the reaction y'all won't we'll. We'll take more than before. Somebody. said the mice will kill it though we look at. Again down and Out. Came after him make that experience no choice doesn't keep dance today. I said he probably WANNA. Fuck one the mice. That's where little shit. See. That is that's the closest that look gets to. Tell. Me these mice with this fly sit. I have a certain predilection. Get up. Somebody said Daddy just kicked in. They say you didn't know Jamie was a furry. Yeah. We don't make that new moderate their. Somebody somebody's I cannot with this is barely you can't either. Too. Much. Jamie short-circuited man. Of A short like electro. People that's the they came from me. Yeah Dan Pink when they're. People's fine. saw. That crescendo on this. Journey. What am I indebted? Horford. Unsettling it's. It is the music combined with these dance and ask. Jamie Foxx help helping with. Face, you know all this should is. Face. To face. We've. All just we'd. Go. On. Unsettling is. Waving around. A kind of a moon then. Yeah. Maybe that's why he had that big lava. Admit I'm like, okay he's like the fucking. You're going to be doing this you. GotTa suggestive mistreat there's No question. Call. My agent. Yes maybe Jamie Fox took some shit before we got, we'll have you know state of the art puppetry. Because it is kind of like this, the new systems of an. HBO Does. Have Money. This is from two, thousand, two, thousand, eight. Okay. Yeah. Yeah I said I was from two thousand eight. Like I said. That Jamie Fox took some shit before he. Waited that he took but when it came out, shit kicked in quick. Not Now not now please God. No Jesus. Now I'd just waited. Longer. Right. Up. My, mind. Up Fuck I don't know what's real anymore. She's Christ. Almost. Almost, done just. No big moves. Mice Gabe eighty lost. Jamie. Get. Jamie, why'd you take the ship before you came in here? Yeah Be. A. Jamie A. Jamie to ate the whole bag mushrooms if we got on the set of Sesame Street. Is. Jesus. No Not Mel God no, please. No. Might look over and got blood. National. Okay. Just keep playing. Music is so unsettling. Really like are dancing. Jamie. Shit Hi. Jamie. James Clean episode of Sesame Street. One more time but somebody said new sub blurred right there. Which one right? Danton mice. She bill on the table. So. Brian. This let. Me Forgot he's gone. All right. You know. Maybe If A. Crescendo as the subway. Dives too long giving nightmares. Yeah. Yeah. Man. Maybe, a context this would make sense did I, was watching it. But when you when you isolated and like I said that faced on him. When you when you you, you see when they says kicking right now God. Yeah man when you isolate is weird imagine when When you watch the whole thing, it's not as creepy. But. I still can't make sense of this. Data. Right there I don't know where that came from Matt. How much you watch this? No. No somebody said one twenty, two into the video. Let me see here. And like a David Lynch kids movie, I could see that. You know what? If I could do visuals where it? You know what I can do visuals me if I could have the mice. Dance. Jamie Foxx like. Yeah. We could probably maybe maybe we can do that. We'll play around. We'll see. We'll see we'll see how it goes. But I have a funeral people nervous. I fill in the. Context as Megan sends either. The rest of you. Know. Still. I don't I have no idea. Portals. Yep. Maybe, you hanging out with elmo should probably gave this. Puts them sitting his waters council. Why of Crazy. Economy Jamie on the. FIRST ONE'S FREE Oh. arrived. Take. coon out. See here. All Right Go ahead and Take, a commercial break real quick, and then we're GONNA get back. Into the review before we do that. Let me tell you how. You can email us while we take their commercial break because that's what would be like do we like to email to from you? So if you could please. I'm going to help you help me. I'm on the information you need. If you plot a keyboard, there's one right there using get close with US and other witted type Infamy K. Cool Mansa. G. Mail DOT COM. That's Casey. INS E at emails with any questions, comments, compliments, insults. Input and advice it is up on the social media's instagram twitter. Make a book. You'll face facebook. Copy the information downright they're taking exactly what you need to go. In a bump to visit their Tikhonov, you emailed Martinez you find me on twitter and Instagram Martin underscore no rope no fro or look Martin Thomas on facebook. and. Looking for billy don't ask you don't want to hear from you. Become ask US find yourself in Austin maybe track down billy and while you're doing that, hang out with us. But don't do it yet. 'cause big roadway is out in the street still screws she got the president. She. She had a sniper right on his ass. So. You could get Joe Lame Ass Your. By knows that people so tell you what? Let's wait till. We get grown out these streets when everybody can be safe and then you hit us up in the meantime tell us you plan Austin whenever you get. K. Kumons GINA DOT COM. You're gonNA, email us. and. Less nope. You moving here at just passing through. One day once and safely, we'll be able to hang out with you. All right. People. How? Let me see here. My stepsister loves as background music I know some sexy music. The Turner on because you know technically you're not your real system. Catch up. These days is she is. And his? Hot. None. Roy Judgment Angel Dana beloit in there. Sometime, it has music just lying. And I'll give you the song. Boost. Dude. The music was playing. It's not a rule. Somebody's been to south somebody's, and you'll be in the south to law. No, that's our cousins that we do that. Unless you go. Deep Alabama. Mississippi. Places but everybody knows about their. New. Right. Let's go ahead in. Guinness emails. But before we do that. Go ahead and. Cut to a quick commercial break. Let me see how we got some new people on Patriae. Very nice somebody even went for that fifteen up there. Thank you. Thank you very much. I'm telling you when we get to where we need to go. We're GONNA get animation started I'm already drawn people this Friday I believe either Thursday or Friday you'll be able to say I got a bunch of stuff to do an interview come up with Bob Gale the guy who produced back to the future Oh but that's not gonna be live some of these people they don't want to live Prerecorded maybe show it on Sunday they wanna be able to come and go like, Hey, that thing I said take that too late I'm ally like. Oh. Yeah I got you. It's Not Something I got. Show all this so many times done long interviews with people and they come back. Makes days, Ainley hey some of that stuff I can you take that out? Like what? The Hell Satan. West I talked about my last studio or the producer worked with and you just not. On I had already edited that. Use The N. Word or Something you that part. Which porn should several times? Sure I. got you. Yeah. No, cutting on around here. I WANNA. Cut. Stuff leaving all the stuff you don't want. Do that Snyder. Got His cut cory. Cory Cut. The keep? David Peanut. Butter. dyson. Somebody said that twelve hour stream was awesome. Thank you. Thank you for that. Jeremy Johnson. Let's see. Thank you. That was Matt Matthew White. That twelve hours. Dream was awesome. Last week. Has Something Nice to listen to. During a twelve hour drive I'm glad you well, our yeah, I'm GONNA trucker. Yeah well, I'm glad we gave you some occupy your time with. There's a Chris Coach right there. To. Yeah Yeah I liked didn't I like and I had a good time. At a real good time. All Right Joe might do some for Christmas when it comes around. Since people asking for a Christmas episode. So you know my my brain, some Christmas decorations in here. Kind of get a Nice Chris Masih, atmosphere party atmosphere gonNA bring some Eggnog and. A Little Bourbon. Look Christmas Birmingham. Might even get a visit from black applause. Of another. Zach clause. So again before we can this commercial break this Friday, we're going to be doing our live viewing party for the stuff and you have to be a Patriot member our member on the site to go ahead and watch that and. We have another stream. I. Think on Friday we'll have another patriotic stream are stream for people have to scrap to double toasted dot com are patriot, and that'll be with the stream of me giving people a little sneak peek of the drawings that I have made some the people that have subscribed at the higher tier the highest here and whenever we get around doing animation, we'll have you guys up and ready to go. And, Yeah. That'd be it for right now as far as we know. Got A movie poll again today for you. You don't have to give any subs substance time you've got given enough. We'll be back though but it's for Halloween I think that'd be the perfect time to get Michael Traps, and in here to talk about his love of Halloween resurrection. That's where. The infamous Michael Myers was defeated by Busta rhymes. K.. You know. I. Don't think so. that. What he saying? No, he's it. All Times I. Might. Michael Mayes. So Yeah he'd be karate on him and everything, and Michael Traps and talk to me for about forty minutes about how much he loves. About how much you know I'm gonNA call them right now for doing things see see if he'll do it. He talked to me about forty minutes. He loves. Halloween resurrection. We'll see if he's on right now see we can get him committed right now. Because, I texted him, he didn't want to answer me back. Aw. I think he saw the Texan didn't want to answer unless he's upset because I didn't do it sooner. Because I know we talked about doing it like a couple of months ago. We never did that would be. Yeah, I don't think he'd mad they don't think he may. He might. He might be practicing new moves or something. Dancing something right now. He's not doing dancing all the time. Yeah, I don't think he's not going to answer right now I'm leave a message. Traps you. Michael Traps. We'll get a hold of him later see commit him to the show. But Yeah folks put up this poll after the commercial break. So let's go and do the commercial break real quick and. As my button so that we can do that and we will do that. We see here. Yeah. There it is. will do some emails while we're doing commercial breaks and we'll be right back after this. Oh, let's see. I want to show some nice artwork just in case people to see a last night. Let me see here. We had some nice artwork somebody. I'm starting to show people's artwork a lot more. Because you guys do such a excellent job better. But let me see here. This is from Known. Now, what I wanted God damn. You know. That you bitch get you busy got too many pictures up. There you go. There we go. Right there. Monica is very nice. Man Monica said here. She wants to actually do some pictures of all of us for Christmas and she says, she didn't have time to do it right now. But for Christmas, she wanted to get a head start on that. So she wants to know what we would like to be wearing picture and whatnot I'll get that information to you but she said for right now. Are. One more time let me see here. From Monica because I got to go over to the emails anyway Monica. Very nice for this very sweetie I appreciate it. Let me see here. Is that Monica right there. There we go. Very nice of her. She said I WANNA do some fan off with crew for Halloween but I don't have time however, I can do one for the holidays. If you want, you can tell me what outbid you'd like to wear I'll do my best to get on everyone's side. In the meantime I want to show. Core bought some love and I drew him I. Hope he likes and there's a picture right there. That's very nice and you give them some broad shoulders. Neck and. We're GONNA. Yeah Yeah we'll get going. You'll be happy to see that. and not doing twelve streams trying to get his they've tried to get some practicing boy that was watching him in in Herman. Herman with Christmas May. I don't know what he said, but it was a point he said. Did I do. Up because you. Think at some point over the table. They made up. The good good good for now but now. There's something we should. kind of crazy didn't. Yeah because He. was making. But good. Now, it's good. To and everybody you know nobody was nobody was Chris I got I got a comedian Chris is a thing because I talked to Chris and Chris Chris Very cool. About things and Chris has been very helpful. One of the best people we've had come in. Chris wants to get things. Right. So you know when things mess up on the air, he's not used to that like we are. which is great because you know, I I'm some of of a of a perfectionist when things. Kind of pointed out and he's not used to do anyway he's like, no, I care about I care about the presentation I care about what we're doing I don't want. They don't want this to look bad. So we talked about then. Really Cool meant you had that kind of attitude easily I just I just felt bad because it wasn't just. I just I was flummoxed in things more working right now is cool. Down the whole rest of the day after that he no, he was he was and he's like. Yes. That's always worried about him. I was like man he's not eating I was like Chris. You're right? He's account by. Not, because I was by Sunday, I was like, oh well, let me go ahead and get to this. And I know you. Probably. Primarily me and everything. But now he was he was He was very cool about I appreciate the fact that he wanted to. He wanted to actually come in and make things right in here. But I told him I said, and that's why we did. I said know we got time I said No. is going to be messed up and that's why we did it. So we had to figure out how to do this, but I appreciate the perfectionist inside of him. Yeah but eating better. We seem better by Sunday no, by Sunday. Sunday, he was cool because. I almost now they get your shit together. Okay. No. No I didn't. Know I told him as a lot of people that I do that too. But I ain't GonNa you know I'm not GonNa do that today 'cause it's twelve hours and I appreciate you you know yeah. Yeah. Yeah Yeah. Yeah. But people feel Narayan I know a lot of people like the. Okay. If I'm okay. Yeah he's good. Man He's actually really. Really Good Guy Man. Let's see here. Somebody wants to review. The avengers the Marble Game. It is out. What understand four or five? Four. We see here. All right. This is caliber rudd. Calibrated says. Hey. Double toasted gang just recently found your channel about half a year ago and while so have become great fan and really enjoy your content. I was wondering what your thoughts are on the Will Smith Two thousand movie hancock while it has its flaws I see it as a very underrated movie. and Phil had been sick Gilligan hat time to finish it before you started breaking bad. It would have been up to its full potential. What's your Martins and billy starts on this man I've only seen handcock once and I thought to start out great and I don't think it actually met through the promise of his premise. Alone. Movies broken into thirds. I third is awesome. Fulfills the promise of like this is on premise. He's a bad superhero. Yeah and then they just went but we came make will smith bad drops he drops it. With he drops the cadence of speech, drives the Kentucky, what the Charter school which he doesn't goes to prison. Talking the same way. Yeah, and then the third act makes no sense at all. It was a typical Hollywood thing. They had the premise, but they were caught between this thing of. Interference from people saying like. All right. One we really make will smith the bad guy and superheroes not something that really sells the product. So we had to tone it down at PG thirteen also. They can't follow through on the whole thing. You know this black do what does white chicks they couldn't follow through any kind of romancing. They WANNA do like it was going to be like Oh. Man He's he's stealing Jason Bateman wife but that was the thing they couldn't abide by. So they had to make it like, Oh, well, she's also his species and this is how they can be again and they can't. They cannot kiss at all been up with them blog loops on that. Once and then they they end it right there those she goes. Yeah. But yeah. Michael Trabzon. WanNa man. By Man How you doing. toasty man need T- merch. Man We all. Brothers good to hear from me on the show right now, and the reason why I called you because I want to log some down. So we got Halloween as month and with thinking about doing a Halloween show. Our Halloween movie review and I thought now this would be the time to come in and do Halloween resurrection. Thing. You know. So maybe about a couple of weeks on on a Tuesday night man, we'll have you on and we'll do review for for that. You'll be may WanNa rent a point on. That show. Favorite. Ain't. happening. Man where you went the night. I don't know you were talking about this. If thirty minutes forty minutes of the night and I was I was into it. I, was like man said, he's way into Halloween resurrection. Spence. Okay. You're no. Jarring. Short, okay. Then you know what I wanted to set this up with the People's I'm GonNa, make the short phone call because we're on the air but I just want to I just want to hear your voice in in going commit to announce. Details afterwards. Yeah. Man How you doing man you all right. Thank goodness. It has some things happened, but we we grew we beckon it working all couple of things to come out in. The stuff away since they don't it. All right. We'll talk about all that man. So when we come on to do the review will, which is making the the Michael Traps in show. Let's see what was up with doing everything was what would they? End Up. Doing. A couple of weeks a couple of weeks from now. abloh Santi too so so hard. So. Something about it. Martin. The HARA joints. Right man. To man the Saint Lawrence. Hey Man I still got the whig brought. Make it happen make it a real horror show. You. Time gave is junior so you can get loose name Douglas. Lane nameless. From boondocks. Got His name is joining smoggy smoke. Smoke smoke. Smoke yes. No male again, let's see. Well, let's see what happens man. So let you go. We'll let you laid off. I see. Tommy Davis Junior. Maybe that's a real. Michael Traps at a Tommy. Davis. Tommy. Davis it's somebody who impersonates Tommy Davidson his Sammy Davis Junior. But he does like urban. Comedy, jokes. See You Plymouth phony. You just messed up. y'All. Let me see here. We go. Yeah man we were talking about just real quick talking about Hancock Hancock A. Different. Time. handcock couldn't meet its potential because they couldn't do certain things because Hollywood Hollywood superheroes at the time. Like you know certain stars they didn't make rated stuff but this they would just kind of like will smith as a superhero. He read WanNa make money on that. Joe Has. Did, you want a cookie. Plays off. Hancock's latest act of so called row IX chapter. Eleven, every. Drunk flying. You know what? Should up. Yeah. The first forty minutes a great. Yeah. If. If they were doing this today, he would probably be a great movie. Yeah. Because not but we have handcock today you got the boys you know you got things like watchmen and stuff like that. They're doing some real interesting stuff with the superheroes I would say hancock to Kinda give it a sort of a sideways compliment. It was it couldn't do what I want to do because almost ahead of his time. I feel like it. It had its shot and completely missed it. Shot itself in the foot. No, it certainly did know certainly did. All right. All right. Oh. We'll give you a chance to talk shit about me. I gotTA, go peace. Obey. Me I just saved. I just say hold it I'll be non-opec. What's going to be going? Bph. Are. Just put it on you. Know you want to. You can try to run the camera over here. No. Right. Look at Mars pretty face. Let's wait. Two buttons there white when when You welcome to, try. To You know what? Nine ain't the right way knows it's one over here. To go to buds. Try tries the in button and his middle button right then. Yeah. You got this we're going on. He's switching. A You weeks. Goes in but he's. been talking. This one. What are you talking? Weird okay. So. Anyway, Billy. This'll hey. Hey Man. You never get a chance to talk and tell us about what's been going on OA I suppose to have it on me you never get. Tell us about you so so so what's been going on? Now. Maybe just doing stuff for as online and we do have a page on page two. So you just got to look at it as far as yeah. We just been doing stuff every week man online and we just we just did a GIG for corporate. Then we did a Improv GIG which is really ragging onstage stage. Okay. They filmed it so it was so. So. Let me ask you this the like we alive show. Dad You have a Patriot for that work if people get with the tears, well, the thing about is we we're doing musical numbers and stuff we get together. We do do some stuff green screens like I did spike Lee Introducing Gone With the wind did Kanye President I did Obama. Obama's new rules I? Did you know that kind of you know either we get together we did a whole post office number where we did it outside and different locations and shot it, and then we have an editor at things together because museum. Okay. Question because a lot of your repertoire has been you know at least was you plan Obama. Abomination office anymore. So now, well, that wasn't a lot of it. Okay now do I play the played Al Sharpton I play? No No, no no I'm sorry. Okay I'm not seeing so much what? Percentage of what you did. I'm just saying you did that. So often why did a long time but I mean it like it it it turned it. Obama cameos the last two years. Okay. So last two, three years actually yeah. I mean I playing Obama when he was in office then it was just a cameo here. Get Laugh Cameo to get a laugh now, we just had come because he would them rules as a opposition to trump in just the former president but other than that I mean I was playing Al Sharpton for the longest to be honest to the last two years so. A lot of out shocked when Sharpton Lately Yeah we just did it is because I'm able to do the voice. So we just did it as him moderating debates primaries on. Okay. Right on right on I know. Exactly. Yes Fine Could get your. Thank you. It's easier because we're just two of us. Yeah. He's interviewed me a little bit. Just seeing bills to. Thank you. How you doing bill? Want you to don't worry about it. The way. Okay. Okay. Anyway. Out The way why is correct free? Okay Better than me. I. Have Questions thrown at you where you don't feel like there's a hidden agenda he's. down. Warriors. Boring Glad, you saved time. My fist clenched WSB. You WanNa know. How's it going today. which a little smirk. To. See a little fucking little small and. Shit. Undo how I'm doing. You never know. At you. Travel the fuck. Yourself I need to I, need my gain. You gotTa tell you yeah. Man. I've been doing this too long. Yeah I gotTA. Start stepping up a little bit. A writer. See. Over here. To help you doing fine I'm just thought. Would you? Know. Really good man late everything's file for now. Let's see. Let me see we got here. Right. Let me see here. Somebody no one trust you you shouldn't. Take. I don't trust me. All right. Let me see here. Going in this review. Late, eighties, early nineties. Good too old Dana carvey right here man. SNL S S no was very good to Saturday night live. Thanks to. Bucarest, he played over there. Between his spot on impressions of. Famous. Celebrities and big figures out there also has some characters he created over there that became pre legendary. Let's see I don't know. Let me think I mean knock on Mr Nov.. Doing that could have been. The church lady would have famous phrase. Could it be Satan? Isn't that special? Isn't that special? Of course? One of his most popular characters on Saturday night live if not is most popular creation on there was alongside another popular character over there where he's on ways world as a side kick garth. Says with wolves. You know that's That's with wolves might win the. Academy. Award and monkeys might flatter my but. Three hours very boring. It like dances with squirrels with lack mental squirrels biting people's faces. I don't know why was public it was funny like the movie I hated this which. I love the schedule, your movie I was Kinda. Actually to be like the sketch. One thing I related because we did access television. But, you know what I'll tell you this about these, these these characters. To that talent man, they really did seem like. Teenage teenage kids yet with the camera on the show. They did that very well, they lost themselves that characters very well, man. And then the mid nineties hit. And at that point. Things took a downturn bowl missed carry over there. Everybody's GonNa. was that. You said Kerry Karbi car, car. Dana Carvey Czar Dana Carvey. Thanks to downturn for Mr Karbi over there. Even I can't remember his name. Suffer. Because Saturday, live they build people up to all right. You get your boost here. Maybe started doing some appearances and other things and knees start getting all movies out there. And do old Dana Carvey over there and did not work well, had his. His first big flop. But this movie called clean. Slate Easter Yeah you meant. To say it's like. The one. Because nobody remembers that. Maybe, they did see store remember clean slate clean slate because that's what it was man who was A. Was a movie about a guy that loses memory load is when they walked out. Detective M. L. Pogue has to figure out what's up with his friends will be doing oh, he's great. Except for that? Yes. What's wrong with this dog He's in love with the one thinking next you her name is Sarah? So, it was kind of like a goof as memento. Ahead of. Things. Of the car. Was So. Bad. And they probably drug that dog. Didn't even. Touch the. You can find it. then. They say, well, maybe movies. NACHO thing. Depending. You with somebody else but you is them. Leading comedy maybe this does not just name. Let's take it down to the small screen but this time you get your own show. and. You the Dana Carvey show I never got it. But I know it's legend and know why you didn't get to see it because he took off after seven episodes which they say it was funny. If nothing else is interesting because of some very free, some fresh young faces you may recognize you might not recognize. Two tickets for ten minutes highway. Two tickets. Okay. Fuck is wrong with. That person right there you might not recognize them with digging his pants. Leg Off. Front. That is. Louis C. K. They're young Louis C. K. right there man. So I don't remember the show, but it was it was canceled masks. The guy just couldn't. Catch don't forget about Steve Crow and Steve Carell was in what people recognized. A lot of people don't recognize it. That is a Louis C. K. man but yeah, it was gone after seven episodes I. Heard was all right I heard it was kind of on kind of Sirte is absurd is comedy, but that's not really well some and some somebody's my man in the that's when Dana carvey started thinking he's like you know maybe. Maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just. Maybe I'm just not funny. Thing is just done for me. So now I've read all this somewhere I, don't know about how much is true. But what I've read, the legend goes that after. All these flops failures and not really picking it up comedy scene. Mr Karbi, went out to the woods said you know they'll. They'll excuse some I just want to spend more time with the family. Out There And he went out there and. He couldn't even go out to the country and have it easy. Man Cholesterol hit high cholesterol. He had to have a heart bypass surgery in. Carb is like, Oh always me can't get any worse. Life was like, well, I'm glad you asked. You don't want. To tell you but I'm looking right down, she opened chest in Dr cut the wrong bypass. Yeah Man. I guy was having a tough time. Now this is where old alumni. Oh, buddy comes in Adam Sandler says, Hey, my my my snl friendly snl. Right? You know what? You look like you could use some help you can. You can. You can use a hand I got this production company. Happy Madison. And bringing anybody I'm always giving my friends trips. Yeah why not you? Yeah. Yeah. We don't. We don't. We don't make movies. We take vacations. We just bring a camera with us. And talk a bunch of dumps it. But you make, I'll make a move with you man. Especially, some special for you. I'M GONNA produce. Look y'all buddy. Your uncle saddle over here is going to produce a movie for you, and that is going to get you back on track. And that movie that was going to Save Dana Carvey career was The master, of disguise. You know this right here is something that brought back. A lot of bad memories from me. I remember I remember watching this back in the day sitting in a theater no-one was laughing that's a rare experience. No matter how bad movies you're going to find one Near who finds it hilarious because it was free they got in there and he feel special. They probably been drinking some and they just stupid and they let off not this. This is this is the one you asked me which one winning until I was just in a theater. With people who would just not amused. You it was such a weird. It was such a weird experience in an uncomfortable experience. I'd rather watch porn strangers the wash this again. This was. It, it was. It was so embarrassing to watch I would squirming the whole time this again Dale, my computer, I was embarrassed I was embarrassed to washes up front of Marquette. My cat was looking at me every night and like no, really it's my. Review. Yeah Man. Yeah. Judge. Is. I'm GONNA have to. mccaw jagged. I'd Rather Watch my cat watch me Jack off instead of wash this in front of any living thing. That has have any has any kind intelligence this this was so bad. This is a sign I. Forgot that this was a half Madisonville. And that they made the thing is you know they've made a lot of terrible movies I don't have to tell you that we've talked about a lot of this is probably got to be the worst and allow me to explain why and I will do. So because what we're GONNA bill, you don't even know if you knew we were GonNa, do today I didn't. But you remember Latin from it I remember a lot from Washington movie almost twenty years but I. Know. God I'm glad I did. Yeah. Yeah, people. Sorry. I'll explain what I think that. This is possibly the worst. Happy Madison moving to refresh offers a lot of bad ones. But this one is definitely has to be one of the most uncomfortable that I've ever seen in his little special. You Martin Thomas has never seen this that that will mark Martin always tells me while you're. Doing your thing watching movies or hanging out you know I've done fucking around or whatever I was suffering watching a bad movie to talk about it on the show. Well, the tables have turned with this one. Yeah but now seen it so. Eighteen years later. This is always we'll catch up with the. We in this together maybe. RUN THEM STREETS Actually around I'm the one that I is watching the best Shit Martin's getting by but now the tables have turned show turn now so. I'm very, very curious to hear about what you're viewing experience was like with this let's go and take a look at the master of disguise. which was supposed to be the big comeback for Dana Carvey and. We'll see what happening why that was not the case. Long, when I, review of the movie right after this. In a place of mystery. In a world of magic. One families extraordinary power to change their appearance. Will we lift in. The hands of Blonde. Management. It's Nice. You or cheesy. Marks. Live in the moment. Player if he Picks up. A lot of bullets with. WHO Can. Only get better from you. Cover, we sit the more we. Sold them history to shine for you to find your mother and your father simple waiter must become much more. Like a teacher to become a mesh of this guy. The. Of this. Humus this guy's going joyous cities. This everybody who sees movie wants to do that. That that man is now. Kind of want to do it to yourself. In the trailer and goes on so long. That's the payoff. Daddy. That's the trailer right this. Profess love. that. If that already pissing you off on around turnaround no, you been warned. Your training begins now. Prepared to make the tree. You ought to. Be. Tape. He will need assistance commonly fall in love with the skies you mashed. Can you resistance pistachio? Can you resist me? I'll give it a shot. Practice. Now you cry. Who is your? Daddy? And a whole lot of. Is. He gets his fucking. You just wish he'd stay down. He. Just wish he would not get back up none of it's none of it. None of airtime he hits the ground please don't get back a please roles credits US funny isn't he will need a partner and you see generous because she will need a paycheck. She'll need to get the fuck out all of. The metal soup croutons no. neopolitan ice cream. Chocolate strawberry one of the greatest things ellen invented and. I'll tell you the half the people that you think are acting. They're not acting. Gray he's tired of this. He does not. He's not act like I don't have T. I'm just an extra this ain't worth paying like this is racially offensive on so many different levels I don't even know where to start. It's a white man and Brown face doing this shit to me while I'm up here playing plan servant he's like this is not the extra fifty bobbin feature prayer and. This if this ain't the most fucked up racially insensitive inception. I'm the I'm the round Real Cuban of PM Meanwhile, this this white and Brown, face sitting up taking shit from our service plea. Fuck this fuck you Hollywood. Just. Split that play. Spacey's like this Tenth Take you can be pleased. This. tied. Chris Subway. One of the greatest things invented. mcabe. It don't get no better with this edition of bottomless pit of Shit. Every time you think man can get worse than this book. Don't ever ask that question don't address that question. It doesn't get worse sometimes, it just stays the same. As a city. Is You sink you plateau yeah? A. Little Bit. He's going down and down you go down in the movie, the like eight or the Sunday so. You've. Like when you walk in there. Host. But but you going down yeah. There's no, there's no upswing here. Nothing nothing here nothing you don't be at the bottom of that fucking pit before it's over with. Are you a member of the Turtle Club might not. Enough for the courtesy clip. Might Show Okay you know. You like that little thing. Kate Turtleneck I remember back in the death of this that was one part in the trailer by laughed it, and then you see the movie seem place House Oh horribly you'll what like that was the one thing you like at least turtles scenes coming up. WE'LL BE Turtle seen seem like it was at least interest in kicks right in the. Plays out so bad, there's not oh. Yeah. You, gotTa. I saw the movie. Yeah. I was there today not eighteen years ago like y'all you mother fuckers were this is fresh for me. Do. People. Most happy. Madison movies. You know when they're at their worst. Happy Madison. Moving now before we got to the trail I said, this is one of the worst ones that probably be worth one that I've seen and we've seen a lot of them in happy Madison at their worse. They don't even tell stories they just they they take a trip and they they have a premise and they just filled with a bunch of stereotypes bathroom humor. Characters just make noise off or easy laugh. But because this is one a day kid friendly movies. Because of that they you get more of all that solution than you do in any others sure they can. They can go. They can get a lot more stupid but. At, least. You'll be surprised at how even doing some the worst adult humor will. Bring it up a little bit some sometimes but this right here. You. Know this is. This This double it double d. Down on everything that's bad and all these other movies and he's happy Madison Movies It's like talking down to kids just making funny faces in noises you some farts and. Kids love. It's for kids will love it and all we gotta do collect the money after this and I will say there's a Santa they only go on vacations when standards starring in the movie. When he's when he when he uses friends of movie, it's the bottom of the barrel scripted. You can work your yeah and they to some cheap set, but they only go to Italy and Africa and all this year when he Yes. He got his own he. Got His RATPAC exactly because Shit petty go to studio. City me. Yeah. That's true. Because grown was just in the woods by creek they didn't do shit. Yes they went camping. I guess I guess they bought cruise tickets to lane communicating. Him. Like, yeah, I can't put I can't pay for a vacation for all. I'll buy some later on. A. Maybe that's when they were having problems had to go to the woods and talk all this. Could have led to brain the camera makes them money while we out there Fhimah Workshop Man. But. You know This looks like it could have been fun in the beginning when I saw this. So when I first saw it, I started up, it'd be but I thought. All right. You know what this this could probably be something they They they start out with the you know this could be something where Josh not? Justice? James Brolin which what the Fuck Yeah James. Rolling Boarded Adam Sandler. Somehow some kind of way he goes he goes getting people always a filed the Senate Chino but he so he got James Brolin a Thanos dead up in here. And you think like him and Dana Carvey they're going to spend the movie maybe Dressing up in all kinds of costumes, they introduce all these these characters You, know where they have you know they they do a bunch of celebrity cameos with them. So they're going to dress up like a bunch of celebrities that we know. It'll be fun to see them come in and do their thing. So I, am because at the beginning of it they introduced. The introduce A. Bow. Dera who is really? James Brolin and I thought all right. You know what? That's. That's a funny gag. Bo Derek being the. The the seventies sexy celebrity that was infamous for the corn rows. They got it back to do that and in you know what? In the beginning? All right. A. Little Giggle because I didn't know what I was in for. Mistaken woman is not folk Derek. Was Close. Thank. From the beginning scared headed by. Looking. Good. Owned by the way that was half the budget. That was actually not a bad special effects. Pretty Good Nah no but when they do the movie. Yeah Man Yeah Jeeze pros like eight, this better. Every time every time you see his movie goes is you can't do snapchat for. Take take me with it. Whatever happens is going to put me on that head. And here's the thing man. That is kind of that is of funny if not a little frightening and then they introduce Dana. Dana carvey character right here. And you hear that voice. And you hear that name they give him an it's an immediately downhill. Two minutes into this morning. Unless, of course, I had the shaving cream bill to go along with it this migrants on a pistachio what self respecting A talion father would name his. Stash. eeo Pistachio disguises mustache disguise it might as well the bucket spaghetti and meatballs man. Effort to put it into right those. Guys, they make everybody everybody get it. I'm impressed that you remember that name I'm telling. Shit it'd be like us name kids chicken watermelon. Focus. Jackie. Should come in. Somebody's obstruct bowling. Classy Big. City. That's classy over there. No Stash. Oh now it's got to be stupid. There's gotTa be a salted pistachios disguising. Of all the main they could have chosen for the last name. It's like Oh massive disguise e. In. Okay. They will use that as a as a as A. Look at the real thing that was stupid. His name was Edward. `Nigma Nah this look at this rate I'm like yeah. Now some work winning. This was not what's the what's funny Italian names the Statue He Fuck you man. Very. From the very beginning. Up just. Come that's stupid. Hang Funny. Moustachioed Siri they gotta it inside. GotTa make. Sylla's fuck pistachio. This And Dana. Carvey this movie with that voice I mean Oh God. That's the thing if you walk in here and. See. This is the thing. When when you sign this contract with Adam Sandler Modest Williams you, you've taken a risk of sign with the devil. Sure but it's hard to know if it was Dana Carvey. is idea do it or if Adam sandlers the one who walks by the water bottle going? Do. Voice with that. No that's what he odd because. Dan Karbi wrote this. But I'm sure that I'm sure that Adam Sandler was in looking at the takes he was onset every now and you know not yes you're right yes. At voice not stupid enough. You know look at me look watch me to. Do that. So that's what he's doing i. Needs Potassium. It's like no reason what are you fucking the mentally Challenged it totally. Hobbles the creativity of it and the likability of it. Like man, so you can't build this to be any kind of real. Somewhat real character because he has the do the boy sold the time. Mario's got more than he. got. He. Doesn't take place in. America. Why does he have the accident? That's the thing the more you watch it. So what was the reason for them to be Italian, cartoons at. Many other names that you could chosen as and salting, it would have been a chick. Gardiner. Would have been a more clever name them chapel stash eeo. something. That just ends with A. Stash, she'll macaroni grill. A. Stupid. Boy. Dan, Carvey is just in this movie that hyper kid. That gets on average teachers got down nerves. He's just running around is yellen and doing things for lab making faces and making stupid voices. You know everybody's gone to school with that kid like no matter how silly you? You never got a silly as that son of a bishop this is the kid class everybody says you know you you with the teacher I wish he citizens now and when you grew up later his walking around like this because they finally put him on lithium. Back, back in school you just kind of like. You make a MOTHERFUCKER WANNA learn. 'cause I don't want to be stupid like you. He's GonNa get kid coach punches him in the face. STACHEL HAS A. Has a condition. That that really is just an excuse for Dana. Carvey. Do some dumb shit. Just make a bunch of stupid voices. He has a condition to where when he sees certain people if they got an accident or something, he's zones out and he must. He must muck them. Yet me some man size. Too fast. And my goal on. Q., fast for. Are you mocking my husband a huma because you better not be better not be. Point is like, please beat the fuck out him leaving. Him The credit start rolling. This would be a full price. Could walk away a happy man he beat. Out. He should. Be dislodged. Thing. please. Down Everything's. Already de. please. Just, stop and. Get, this still full price. Shit. But I told you and that you know that never happens man this shit just gets dumber the moment think it should be going down. He doesn't the money do get him down. He gets right back over some dumb shit. But I tell you at least he's doing something. At least he's doing something right I hate to say it but some of the in any other movie, this would be the worst thing that you see. But here it is not here. That's actually productive here. That's actually He's at least trying to put some of his talent to use. Their moments in the movie. When his phone would he when he has? Nothing to do. When they have written any independent thing he just spasms the fuck out. Like sit. down. Yeah, what are you doing? What is supposed to? Nothing absolutely nothing. He beat the guys. We don't laugh the scene goals know where it goes on for and it goes off forever. Cut, this off I'll cut it. So the fuck is still going look. I cut it off right there. He's still dancing right imagine near the crew watching and you got that Smiley face 'cause you like to see what he's going to turn into, and then once it starts hitting ninety seconds late. I gotta get my fake laugh queued up. The people this it's not it's not just. Him As that character if he plays any other kind of care I'm sure somebody wrote some shit data carbon just said, just let me do my thing which is stupid. Just let me be stupid. You know the writing here the writing. I am for those who are listening I putting this sarcastic air quotes the the writing here. But what little they did is so lazy they don't even try to end on a joke. I mean they actually set things up they said things up that. That might be a little bit clever. Things they show is that throughout history they want to show you how the masters of disguise. You know it's almost like assassin assesses creed disguises. Know How dare you, sir? Throughout time throughout history. They show you how the masters of disguise of every lineage of influence history disguise through all the disguise. He's there. And you know the joke is in there if you just finish it but no, that's too hard. Can't do this shit. Why right a punchline? Why going there rice I'm clever. When can just come out and stupid? Abraham Lincoln was such a boring speaker. Had to help him get elected president. Excuse me I just need a drink of water. Rough crowd. He didn't. Take it back the whole setup was done. By you honestly. I'm trying I'm trying to hungry watch this recent. nobis. All that all that Techno Horn right there. Right over here. Off. You know what I take it back people scene is worthless. Taking back this this this was clever now so you know what Dana Cards you get as you get a stupid as you. Get older stupid outright. there. You. Go ahead, go ahead, get it all out to sister go. Owners May. Maybe, he'll get tired of go to sleep. Just the beginning of the movie at the beginning of the movie Oh. It'd be. Like This idea that it'd be funny to watch Abraham Lincoln. Do that is destroyed by not being Abraham Lincoln and just being a grown ass man who? Better. This. is like watching an eight-year who just has some ice cream to sit? In the Mamas over there just tired. Wishy sit his fucking head down. That's when your parents, all the friends over the kids not being paid attention to goes out. So I was dancing for. This he acts like the kind of kid creates alcoholics. People this is why we have wine MOMS. But as seen as like you said, it's worth it doesn't make any fucking sense. makes. Born. Dancing you could've come in if you want to send, you could've come out and made something. That funny. But just just an stupid you could come out and say, are you ready to pay anything anything just even you guys ready to party? Cute hit it boys have a band play and cut right. You made your point right so Now you don't get out. Linger, but you look at the result of that scene does not add up to what it took to put the folding chairs out. All right let alone cost you the costumes and sets. Oh. Yeah. No you can't cut Martin Data Cops I. Got Way Too much energy left. This movie was a lot of padding to yes. That's what people do a preschool. All these kids they do and they just. You. Know Elementary School, and your kids put on a show and as something that you'd be like, oh. Yeah. Matt. A fifty year. Old Guy fucking grown as man. I. Thought that seems. At this. The audience. Telling jokes. I mean. He's a comedian. That's that's what I hear. Begin to doubt that very seriously. I'm. GonNa see why he fell off. I can see why you retreated to the woods maybe you should have stayed long. What addressing the woods man. Me that scene also that so lazy that's Best Yorker come up with him just dancing just let him go man. Okay. All right I mean yeah. They. Look good people. That's not the worst. No No. Yeah. I told you. We going back up. We done here man and just we just GonNa go lower into the crevasse exactly man. This God Damn Shit in going, we're going deeper be off it. You think that's about as bad as we got cheese we gotta Bet Y'all got about another forty minutes we got. We got a lot more talk about with this. If they can't write. A two minute joke. If they came right a two minute scene, then you know they can't fuck around a whole movie. You know they're going. GonNa fill up our twenty minutes. You know what the Hell were you thinking? Like I said there's a reason that went on as long as I. Say 'cause I got nothing new nothing. Wants a Dana Carvey, Abraham fucking. Lincoln. Oasis is down. They still got shit. We got our feel almost done. No no no we still got where we still got a ways to go and three pages this whole thing. They fill in this up with jokes that they came in. They can't write a punchline for. They just build a time running gags man Lot Of. Lot of slap it in his movie. Every ten minutes somebody getting the shit slap out of them in in his never funny. It wasn't front in front of Mcginn and you think it's you and you know I'll put a hole slap montage. And not needed not even put everything. That's that's why I could not. Could not do the whole thing. All I can do give you a sneak. Ish shouted like. You send like grandfather. Having Fun now Trent. How do you do? Daddy. Daddy. People to sit got so bad. It got so bad it may. It made me question? My love for the three stooges. I'll say you know what? Is this what? Other people watching don't women. Is that master of disguise moment today. That's his. Three stooges as the slept in the shed each other. That's that's what the fuck the master disguised. It made me question myself with the three stooges like maybe there should ain't that good question. You don't do even watch those clips. That's how. That's how you do. It but that's what that's what this should do. It'll break you. It'll make yourself. Everybody everybody. Every girl I've been around the three stooges one funny and maybe they will ride. You kidding me. Maybe Larry Lobbying I've been giving them their master disguise moment this whole time and I'm sorry I'm sorry I did that data buddy this every grow up every day to hate him and I would watch it through. To watch it every Saturday. Stand, fucker. Mother could not. Ship long as was sitting down quite. Long at the medicine. Wasn't like. Play both which come up with a girl. Students. Log is my mother watched wash it three to allows I wasn't doing this. Yeah. This is what was that curly over? Today. Don't you Meet each other. That's good SNL. But. What's the thing? It gets worse? Even as slapping. Shit. It's when you start to look at what they do is like well, they have at least it's not as bad as this because I told you, they have they have running gags they that's what they feel this movie up with. If. They if they're not slapping shit at each other, then have another running gag where it's the do fart and breadth spine Jesus is in here. I mean you talked about far joke that first of all the from the very first fart. Had nothing to do with the movie no had no punchline had no joke. The only joke was. I laughed at that. Did you laugh at? You better man than me. It wasn't that it was a Fart joke because I hate fart jokes but it was the way Brent spiner plate. Yeah. Because he gives because he's actually his scenes. He's the one thing I'm like this. He showed up to actually do something here and the way he played it was like, okay that caught off guard that was funny. You know the first time that's the thing listen. Listen. You Ain't GonNa win. No. Not GonNa win because. What they're going to do is they will play that Fart the first time. A sick man, Bowman. So that's the joke he labs and we last too much farts. Two things are gonNA happen. Either either. To be sitting, they're mad like me. Are you, GonNa be sort of laugh like Martin. Is. All in Prince binders reaction the way he played it I was like, okay. That was good. I'll tell you. You'RE NOT GONNA win. No, they wouldn't let me win because because either way it goes like if If if you if you like Martin you let. Oh. We'll have a far right now I didn't know you you. GotTa hold. Back. were. I. Don't. Know that. You don't really. Think, about it and I didn't like that I. Already signed. On you know you. Know. declined. You got. Yes. Now's. Fuck over on them. When rock into know that? That's what you see. Him doing far mayor that's not just it. I mean I saw I laughed. Come back every went eleven minutes and go like do that again they thought. They'd car. Again. That's the that's the. Trail right there. and. The other thing is like if you like you know what was sitting on how? I. See that no more are if you like me. Who didn't need that shift from the very first one? They GonNa, say well, you know what? We AIN'T GONNA. Thing is maybe you'll laugh we do it for the twentieth time. Before stop laughing was sitting. In the movie with how bad we? We. End Movie would literally obeying. Your. Just. Use, Obama. Even good for it sounds no. No, you sounds like somebody. In the movie people that have shit to do but you know what? Those parts, a lamp, Mata Good Times. So you know what? What does in the movie like Hey we're in the movie in the mobile, the positive. Martha for you. Saga Boom. We got laughing at first part. Of, them. Around. The ideal. Joke's not funny but we tell it enough. You'll start to laugh at unfunny it is no Oh, you will laugh again I was. One Look Brit Spa. Sorry does give in the car when the farts again, even the actors like they did this again. Book, even character look on his face like Jesus crucial do. By did it he didn't go ahead and he's a God damn. I Some Allow. Dialogue is far. And let and let me tell you about the jerk. There's a bus. And Win. Win this movie is. Ends bills like it doesn't. That she keeps on going blades. The funny thing a movie for whatever its running time says, it's really only an hour maybe an hour and five minutes and then fifteen minutes of post credits. This just just enough to cross. Run to get a feature runtime. Let me see. And they would padding to get that our. The end of the movie. In the movie credits, roll. We would done like, no, no man. We're so funny. Now we got to get people more people leave yet. Should we got costume? We got so-called jokes that the people didn't see. Stupid as easily people just dancing. Bees. Dance but no resist the making you wait for these credits get over with. Because they want to see. These people danced stupid as he was when he was. Abraham Lincoln and oh but bay stick around cigarette long enough. You get some bonus costumes that you see before. More Turtle Action that you missed. and. That's when you know fuck this shit turn to a Harlem doing you he don't even know. Cop Licorice is on, but it goes on shingles on the thing it's like, Hey, look at all these these deleted scenes we cut out of the movie and you're going why? Is that like you make it a whole lot. It's just like you got a strong store. You May as well have the one in their. Shit, you know cut that shit out. So I can get the hell out of here. No, I, don't need to see the number. That's the one thing they did. Right? They didn't. They didn't subject to that bullshit and had the put in extra scenes because I'm telling the movies to sees that aren't necessarily anyway there's a fucking skit, a skit. This is one of those movies gives me with this is one of those movies where. Somebody brought Dana, carvey back in and Dana Carvey just thought I am so funny people love the impressions that I do that. They'll just watch me do anything. And you know what? Maybe? Maybe an two minutes skit a skit on Saturday lab I must have been watching do this meaninglessly for hour and twenty minutes fuck is wrong. It's bad enough that the movie is uncomfortable to sit through because it's so embarrassing. But the move is not satisfied with just making you uncomfortable. Satisfied making embarrass movies Oh. No we got not tell you. We sink now we gotta be disturbed. I forgot. How disturbing. That turtles seen. My guys we're. But the name the Turtle Club no just nave think take me a little bit too literally. Turrell may I help you? Are you a member of the Turtle Club. Not. Exactly. Not exactly M I not turtle enough for the. This is the kind of Shit that you see. You'll survival skills kick. Looking at me wonderful book. Get back. Get that get that shit away from me. What the hell is that or who are the weird. Yeah. Should I was. This. This. This goes beyond just. Being on, be be looking at this being funny. This goes beyond being embarrassing this goes to. This this is obviously an abomination. This is up deformed man right here who's not right in the head club. Not Okay, he's fine. He's earls. Off. He's trimmed if this place ever since he was a child. The. Costume is day exactly. How is that blending? And also she about the suckers DICTA. She's all like all his grill. This. Well. You don't need a cost do the hot chick. that. Cost to exactly a blended it. For whatever reason what really bothered me was that he has an eternal imprint on the back. Show. Up this is a Ninja. Go blended with like did you even if it was a literal Turtle Club, you suspect talking turtles to be there. Did you expect the? The Ninja Teenage Mutant Ninja. Turtles speed the fuck purpose that that serve knowing what was not just to be. Anything for the comedy the movies Weird I'm sure it was something that somebody came up with or maybe even Dana carvey himself and thought this'll be the showpiece. This'll be the thing everybody talks was well if you notice. Countless people walking past them into the club he's getting stopped wearing the grass costume. All he's doing is making these wars. Thing is I was I was scared. For the other people in the movie like I'm talking to other characters in the closure I was I was. I was like this scenery of Aso's 'cause they start giving him a hard time I'm like I'm like, you know what? These guys that the joker kills exactly these these. These guys right here I was looking at them do not provoke this fucker right here along Lima. Milan because you're GONNA set him off you're GONNA kill everybody in his room. Leaders food alone. Can I? Drink maybe some pond water for your friend. Don't don't provoke this fucking man. Prints like this that was an oddly specific. Yeah we wanted to talk to the girl Okay. You got the. Bad as actors up here just. Can't even can't even. Kit. Even laugh convincingly water for your friend. They must have be they must say how ha ha ha ha ha they Muslim literally saying the words ha ha Aha Ha. He's also this week as. Seventy, five year old. Roget's. Go. Together. Larry Go. More sensitive he said. You Know I. I. was saying I don't want to vote these people don't kill everybody in the room which he does not do but he actually. Actually. Does something way more decision? Yeah. Way more disturbing this and. Up We go. I remember at the time sitting in this crazy shit I remember at the time sitting in. A room full of strangers. And I'm sitting next to person I've never met before and we'll look at each other like we're going down the plane crash. which is kind of like we can't believe this is happening I was about to get on the phone call my Mama Mama about Omega I love you. I'm sorry you know it's funny. You say that. Because when they were shooting this that the planes hit the towers. Did they? Yeah. It happened while they would do while he took a moment of silence and I was like, wow. So nine eleven wasn't the only tragedy. And I. Should I wish they stay silent he bites his nose off and Spitzer back I don't, and I don't know where to the fighting off part of the spinning back on. What happened loose? Talk. My Shit about the turtle. He's nonplussed by. Netscape keeping my. Vice knows off. There's no whole schedule Toyo Learn. It's just a black thing and then boop and it's a weird thing know he's in a suit like Danny Devito war and Batman returns. who also bite somebody's nose off that same. Gushes blood. Did still. Man. This is supposed to be a cartoon. You know as a kids movie, but it's funny how they just made this way more disturbing. They probably probably meant to. Happen to like wait what the? Fuck. Spitzberg. Oh, it's okay. Kid He's going to spit it back Ends. In. The scene. So he just Mu. Yeah. Yeah it goes to that. You like okay. Well, I. Guess this is where he just goes crazy and has all kinds of mayhem at this party. Talk. To Somebody Athena. Like somebody I've never seen before, we looked at each other and we just kind of like what the fuck is happening because. Then what are we? What are we doing here? What is this I told you people I can watch pornography in front of strangers and not feel as uncomfortable as I did watching this, it's just a weird moment. This is a wish. Like. Really Bizarre it's like what the fuck was that, and then when you think about, let's say you lazy motherfuckers and then you get. Well. Like. They have no. Throughout this whole movie they don't know how to and Shit were. That was not a good. Yes. How is right? Gore, as not a could have seen, right? Yeah, it's just weird how how disturbing that is because apparently the script have been around. For a while and they talked about getting Jim Carey in it. which like times you watch you like I could see I could see why he would turn it down but I could see. Him. For. This if not Dana Carvey, but then when dating carvey guy he he, he said I wanNA tone this down and make it more of a kid's movie and yet. Scarier than any kind of PG thirteen movie you could have made. fucking turtle gay people nightmares. Fuck out here. Take me home. came out. Get him out. NOBODY GOES TO KICK HIM OUT? Do. Kids, Pants Mommy. I heard Hannibal's playing. Let's. Watch it his -CCOMPLISH nothing. The clothes. He Bites who's spits back and then it's over no they got into the club they got a solid file cabinet and they left. Mainly, they just watch spell fluid. Next scene, and that is probably the best thing in the movie because there's at least one of the most interesting things in the movie got people talking that you know for all and all the the Sterban Shit net scene is probably the best thing in there and it's not is not even remotely good. It's horrible. It's horrible scared to share. I'll take I'll tell you what let me say this. I'll say this because I'll. I'll take that turtle any day. I'll take the turtle anyday over these tired of impressions that he does yeah they. Just that's the weird thing about couldn't get over the Hump on those see my best when Dana Carvey was snl he did really funny impressed. He was the impression governing. Yeah, and so it's weird to watch this master disguise he's in his room, his element in all it, his impressions are tablets is called. is called master disguise, but meanwhile, mass massive tired as impressions I mean. These are these. These are tired s impressions that people have I'm sure at least seen over one hundred times. We're GONNA party Oneida. That's you have fun. Of course, scarface no, their body I do scarfing. Alba Chiro and he at the beginning that he. Sent a woman. Yeah. Yeah, me and my little friend. Everybody said Star MARLA FOR ED by the way everybody either either you can do Tony Montana are you are you tired of people doing it? And here's the worst thing man googling even going Chris Tucker's impression that Tony Montana's better. It is. You know. The only thing worse than watching somebody do tired asks impression of scarface is the person that don't know when to stop. Talking Tanaz when people just Kinda like okay. Yeah. That's cute. You notice shut the fuck up and just go because probably everybody looking at you like yeah they get deadline out it's done it's done. Dana carvey though I got more. That is a rare shrunken head right there. Tribal Chiefdom from the village of Consta-. Lockers. Holy Hall of US hot. Poor people in the crew must have been a god dams along as day. Is He doing ham elective? No. I mean. Better, fresher if you just take a chainsaw star just like in the movie scarface. Get. Your. Impression to do everybody sees fucking scarface everybody. This goes on forever. It goes on people I'm I'm I'm sparing is a dance number. So fucking dance he's doing flips. Yeah flips. People. Is Not. Going sit down. Turn. Under This Kinda shit the make Jamie Foxx space. Battle. Is Not enough for him to do Tony Montana, just go on about his business man he's gotTa do. Let me see the. He's got to to get out in the middle of the with with the ban start doing flips into. Point. This mother. fucking. People because you know that's a big part of scarface. Tony? Montana turn. Up and doing Jackson's doing. somersaults. Fake as. He's going to beg right because they couldn't get their rights not. Everybody, Kinda Congo. Congo. Who Jacuzzi Mama Carnegie? People. Anything that he got something that occurred to sit his as down in stop. Just out. In the scene and get the funds that we get this movie done with. Are you kidding me? We need a certain amount of footage wing you. Guys you got thirty minutes ago. We got do some. Back Dancing? And I mean even when he stuff that you like Dana Carvey, it's like he just rehashes it here mayor by the Sienese this George. Bush impression. If you back in the day everybody seeing this short Mr Davis Board folks around here Komai W. You can call me came George, and necessarily just he he should just throwing in is just throwing him because for. Me Doing George W. Bush I mean. This is if the joke is George Bush, just walking down the street. Wadham walking down the sidewalk walk in my pool walking bipolar as it no no no. No secret. Mr President it's like. There's no, there's no clever setup for it. I mean, maybe that is a joke. You know George Bush is in Mexico walking by the pool. And nine eleven it just happened. I'm sure for him. This is much worse than. Yeah. I don't care defined just let them see that movie. I'm going to do justice check it out. Man This is this is upto you people it gets worse. It gets it gets worse we ate duddy keeps thinking. This is. Isn't the fucking titanic movies man no matter how much you climb up you go down here. You Ain't getting off this is in the both split. I don't give a Goddamn on the tippy top that's just seeking. Home hit the water. Grab onto me found a pathway. We can crawl through here and get to a debt in. You go somebody say how can it possibly get worse? Well Tony Montana's Lizard Lee something that people know you can make fun of because it's such an outlandish character. Sure An you can also blue not understand he starts doing impressions just I'm I'm serious. It's it's at a point where he just pulls some shift from a head and Said who you want me to play next Oh Shit Oh. Yeah I'll play the I'll play the shark. Hunt. Guy. With accent from Jaws Quint Yeah Robert Hey. Did you see a dark haired guy run by here? and. Let me just say this. At least those impressions were recognizable somewhat somewhat. Tad Bit decent. This shit is not even a good impression. It's not the character only didn't hate it because he's not flailing all over the place. Because he just got through doing this for a low key. To manage for a long time. Cities that had citizens down a boat I. Tell you again you better man than because I couldn't take dish. Put over I could not shake. Bad pressure it goes on fucking. and. It's not a good impression. He starts whatever accident he's doing for quick. Turns to a God damn. Leprechaun in the middle of let's. Garin by. Chief. Had Guy going no water. No. And he just starts talking to ship. But also who is that? That's not that's not rubbish thousand. That's lucky. The leprechaun yeah. It just started. Then he starts talking gibberish she just starts talking words don't even mean anything. New. Orleans vanishingly a what are you talking about that? He May. He. Knows how bad is the point here? Just don't even yeah. He just even. Talking gibberish she's like fucking a good impression in West Elizabeth. Short bodyguard you. What are you even talking about? What are you saying? Depression this is a you've. Got Drunk Conductor what do you? What do you say a fucking know what you're saying in bodyguards would've shot as anyone. Holding that voted. Watches SC. Fuck around. March. Bashing the crap. That goes on forever to yeah goes on forever yeah. UPS. People what I'm about to say. It gets worse. I'll tell you you ain't gonNA survive this it gets worse. I know you keep saying corey no you. Can't get worse. You kill somebody if it keeps getting worse. It gets worse people. Because, at least he's trying to do something you know did I tell you the impression that he's doing the most the most offensive thing about him is that just not good. Oh, they're tired but when he runs out in when he runs out of when he rise out of a Out of a running to fill the movie with Keeping my people, there's a nineties. That old chestnut. That's when we got to put. My celebrities? In funny people. Oh. Should I. Go man you made me do this. I don't want to do but now I gotTa I. GotTa go them stereotype. Got Swallow the May it over here I'm looking for my grandfather. Not here boy you ought to be. In you. Bad. Okay Yeah. Like We really go in. Your. He's not here. No. And I'M GONNA. Tell you people. This is how much people don't even give a shit about this movie. There's not much people forget about Dana, carvey initiate because all the people who say PB canceled for Black Face Brown face. They totally just skipped over this and radio y'all when hard on Abu Well, you ain't seen nothing yet. Yeah. Soon, this is. This. Is the WHO is thank. You know the question is not who I am. The question is who are your I know who I am I am Prince Alabama from the ring eating heights your Bombay. Calcutta tally India India India. Is Like Damn. I don't. Make. That will make an Indian person lose. All right motherfucking. Cut The bush cut that out now. The love grew sensitive. Because he didn't go that far. That makes them Love Guru Gandhi. People. Yes, it does get worse. Mona. Remarried he even even he had to come in and give them something Jamie phase. People. Do. It ain't enough for him to come here and talk about. How you. Released come again. To do that had to pull at this? Flu. that. That is a big reptile not program. Should even a sneaky bitch? That's Naked your. fucking, more quarter Guinea Jesus coming. Out. Them. Ns, thank. Get the Good I. Love I. Love How to every Horn is moving buddy modern music comes. In He. Played a recorder. Dad and snake and say, we ought to be so as right now. He's even try. Yeah. We went we went along with this long up. We try. We try bitch. You gotTa have to, pull the horn out. We ought to kick your ass right now. Domains like seriously. Oh. Oh Wow, this is really racist. It's not me doing it. So I still get a check. Exactly. It's come to this. This Come. True is better a bit and you know since I got the movie a Man I even hopefully, it'll never get released. Shit. Here's Dana. Carvey. Went right back at that depth cabin, the woods where he will. Strong. Wind back there and kept his ass after this I don't see how you can recover from his locked his bid one more. He do one more yup, Adam, Sandler, Jack, and Jill. Was He a Jack and Jill? I was reading about it. They were like man he came out to do this one of the worst movies ever, and then he went away and came back to do. I never saw Jack and Jill. Put a real Lincoln. To a cabin, the woods and just just stay the man I. Think Yeah. I think it's done. It's done like everybody tried to help you. You know. Stand up special last couple of those. People, still tolerated as. Joke stage be get on the goddamn movie screening kick your and it's funny because I right when you think men A chillier. Because he does a German gun. You think well, that's why do German stereotype can be more offensive than the other stereotypes that he did not let me tell you. It's not maybe it's not as offensive German, but we're not German yeah. The we'll tell you all of those stereotypes that he does it is the creepiest one that he did to back taxes. Exchange student at the University of highest through. I just need to ask questions. Questions not going to bite her. But I just figured. That just weirds me the fuck out. He's just a tad there close to turtle. Yeah, he's. Like in the Martin Short. Noise. But he does I notice he gets a phrase or something about the impression. It's the funniest part of the impression and he just repeats Not Going to buy Birdman. Yeah exactly. It's like that one little thing and then he. That's actually. Sound like a creepy as much. Her work is somebody does it and it's something that rings with you to goes like, oh. Yes, it is at. Motive. That moment you touched on a truth that people like Oh. Yeah you got it. Yeah. But yeah, you don't just beat then horn constant. No no use that to pivot and go other places or move on to something else you know I'm GonNa tell you something man Let me see. Okay. So There was one don't kiss the worst stereotype these I I looked at that and I said. Surely, this man, this is so offensive a stereotypical that this is this is surely a costume. And when I saw it. Lose the BOM. No Chair. No I said to myself. I was like all right. This has got to be his latest disguise. Yeah. I, said that this is. Terry. I said. I looked I should that has got to be a it's offensive. He's at the big as cream of wheat man but that's a costume. Usually pull out the mask and everything and we'll see that he's turns out. No, it's not. No, it's just is is. is just a random black dude. With. A white do badly dumping his voice. I don't even know what this. Came from. dopey. That's Jesus that's. Why do come in and do Upper Rima Snowman fuck this move career. Fuck, you couldn't even you going to do this God damn stereotypical Shit right here. You can't even give you can get give this man the dignity of making him a disguise. Letting him do his own voice, do his own voice. Goldberg and then not even necessarily a joke. Just just look we got we got we got old black fiddler voice. Tear PAC. Man Enough for goes uncle remus it's real grimace. I'll say their children I don't know where this Cherry Pie came from. I don't even know what this I keep from. dopey. But that he had him say because he's he's his lips are moving. Whenever, it came down and they're in. Post production it was decided that. All right. This isn't coming through or we need something to clarify that Dana carvey is high maybe do walked away saying you know this some bullshit. About, doing, we gotta get somebody to do the that's where he walked out he leo. fucked his paycheck. Disguises show with good wife. Had like. A. White Grip. Should anybody anybody? Do Black Voice here. Also, rock antea or they hurt somebody. Onset one time doing when black people around and all that to Larry Larry do it. Laughing, ass I'll go back. On print now tell you. It always gets worse. No gets out alive. Complaint I don't even know what's more offensive. I don't know what would have been more offensive. Is more offensive that they actually dubbed this with a bad. White voice doing a blackboard, our data costume data Karbi, actually a costume. Would have been more visit probably both happy. Usually there's out of that could have been that could have been a butler. To Have Dana Carvey and the costume. Could a why? Why are you gotta had hoped to remove voice that you could have had a black dude you're saying, wow, Cherry Pie. That's crazy. Figured you know didn't have to do. Why? Why alwa-? Yeah. Yeah Yeah which is I don't remember having Cherry Pie. Peculiar. Regular. Just, talking like me well Jerry Pate. Jerry Pie. That's crazy. Yeah. But everything and his movies exaggerated. So why would he what he says the Slough? Off. Thomas. Since there. Tom. Spoke like a regular. You go like wait what's going on here where? You broke the rhythm. I don't know what I was talking about pro. Social? Sure. Sorry. This is ridiculous. Cylinders. Just defensive favorite save that. For Jennifer esposito nobody else gets to do that known great I'll tell you though man. I if I if I give it credit for something I'll give it credit because I tell you what they could have done. I tell you what what, what, what, what would what was working in the movie that they have expanded on but did not I think the costumes you know for kids movie and this has been a better kids with the customers actually pretty clever. Like one here, he's a patch of grass where the head is the cow padded night. thinking. Okay. That's just that's just more childish Shit but I'll tell you what it stepped on a cow. Pie. told. You wasn't here. Let's go back. You know the reason why they got me because I was so sure that was like IRA. He's going to be one of the cows over there but you know like, okay, you got me grass man right here. Now saying is great but it was actually more clever than a lot of stuff in the movie. which is all that lever to help tonic L. Toge- music. Lesson stuff slide. It's a fantasy film. Neda Magic and is I'm not complaining about that stuff I'm complaining about you know when you try if you can't write something within the rules that you set up, then he does when you suck up. Sorry. Somebody's nose bit back. About. Grass. Are. GonNa go with he's. got, gray acid crazy. Well, you could do one or the other you can't do both. Yeah. You're right. This is still more realistic mission impossible to. Realism fast and furious and I did like some costumes in I thought. Okay. That's kind of that's kind of funny. It could have been funny at this again, a better bet film. Like the Cherry costume that he hit. Peak Blues. Dog Is. Like what is this going? down. The dog throw liquor bottle away. And even that guy stupid man even even when he started was something like okay this is this is one more clever gags in the movie even ahead to get stupid. Jerry. Allergy. Shots. Who? Along just took for that to go down. That's indicative of the whole fill. I'll tell you many must've thought that this was going to be huge rate here. Adam Sandler producing. Turn Dana. Carvey. A kiss film to they must've thought that this is going to be it's GonNa blow up because this has. Not One theme song not two but three because they had to give you cut to cover the ground three different versions. So and all of them are the mass disguise using master disguise surprise you know shit like that got one where Start out with the the hip hop version for the costume montage. The planet. That's an original. That's the master disguise originally. Disguised disguise. Get that soundtrack today. They got the pop version of it. Do Chase Clemson. May never recognized. You may never recognize. Also have. Also have the the dance version with A. That has a James Bond. Flavor. To it. Complete. With Ninjas. Off and the bigger plans we sampled. Doing No. What a move full of stereotypes. You know you can introduce no Asia's unless you do one thing. As came out of nowhere by the way is the best signal is. Negative. Response Richie can pay Asian menges just kind of hang around. See they're just up in in the rafters get cram. Chance, he might need them for something. Yeah. Launch. Between Remiss in neath and he's Ninjas in boy. Get all basis. I wonder what? Dana Carvey. Went back to the woods I don't know. I think I'd have to say shift is aspect. They chased him back with the woods sad. Out in the woods Miller's crossing. Odd. Go Get out of here. But I see you. Are you say. You come back out there. Don't you don't you leave who is normal? Being a Gong we. Let me tell you. I ain't complained about the midge pop out of nowhere this. Stupid. By this point I'm numb but you you didn't. You didn't have to have that Gong in there. He didn't have to do that. You didn't have to do to as shit. Yeah It's It's funny because. God, Damn thing for fix your mouth to say. Talking about. You know. There's a moment where I tell you the only time I probably not get I'd get to that in a little bit but you know. Trying to find A. Picture of her. Let me see. Because there's you know I look at this is somebody who's actually all rightness. Jennifer Esposito man you know she's she's she's she's very cuteness. She's trying her best. Yes. Got Some says she. She's not. She's. She's the only one who's not over exaggerated. So you look at her and you just kind of like you know what? Maybe, she's not good but. I can tell I mean you know grace under fire she. Yes. She's character acts like she's got sense but she's also able to react to everyone. Yeah. Like sometimes you see somebody in these roles and they don't know what to do variety like should I try be crazy like they wish act like none this is going on make sense to me she's interacting with them and she's the only thing that kinda grabs it. That's true. That's true because every time he does ungracious. Okay listen. Let me explain what's going on because he's going to do is like she it's more realistic because if you can get worse. This a movie where by all means, if she wanted to she be, she would be in her rights to look at these characters in talk down to them. Just tell everybody but she doesn't do that she actually. She goes along with and she's very charming and you know she saw she was good in this. which are wish it had been a better film yeah, and you're not going to get with. Staff. Stachel. Stachel, because that's part of the Adam, Sandler exactly exactly. You know the the person that. You know when you when you WANNA, get with the the love interest, but she's already got somebody that person has to be the slow or not as good looking or a complete fucking sociopath. What kind of crap are you putting in his head? Day. In niceness niceness for US dead. You are trying to horn in on my action. Is, like Damn what the hell are you doing in the first place? Terrible Cutting Bang. This. Do this kind of guy. He's going to kill you and the family. Yeah. Get outta here. Roy Down there and then. Man. You live in Paseo second year marriage. Did you change your hair? I You Ain't tell me you going to do that. We see. That yeah that jerk. Going to prison. xactly. What would you even start dating hill? WILL QUESTIONS LIKE Him I got a question you yeah exactly. Exactly Yeah I don't WanNa do what you because you because you were doing that. Yeah, and we've all been there. Your. Way That's. Good. Income Kill me. I'll tell you. I'm not? GonNa say was actually. I laugh because I don't think this and I'm not counting it laugh. Laugh. I'll come on man you gotta give give it to it because it's not really meant for what they're doing what they're doing. Laugh at the joke I'm kind of laughing at how this character. Is. Behaving like behave. He's the audience right now Brent spiner breast binding who he could have been very funny how there's been a funny movie but there's a point where he he he's pretty much react like the audience is reacting visit. What just take us somewhere leave me alone. This one girl scout it isn't content to be Malcolm in your mid. Run along guy who runoff Rush. Go Back Oh. What's your name? That's the next movie. Is this Carol channing Mary I because he's a, he's all over the place but that. I know I know. Yeah. You start thinking that it's based on somebody know. Shady babysitting Miss Dumb. Fire. That whole exchange. They're saying all that be your Malcolm in the middle and it just lingers. Lingering the. Laugh joke ain't GonNa get no fun as we. Age like wine, right so you might as well step of. Honestly I mean besides Jennifer Esposito I. Thought Brent spiner was really was like all right a like whenever it's on him because he showed up to work. Yeah just from an actress standpoint, he showed up to work is just that. On fire gambling. He's he's. Played, the violin. Rather. The Guy who makes them back him in the middle job is terrible. You know knock who played Malcolm in the middle. He has condition which is terrible We can't remember things and this is the one time I said. You know you're lucky man. Is What. Does this. was. A good thing, Frankie. Frankie Mundi had are heard I'm not true. This is but he like killed people be will talk to him that were on Malcolm in the middle with him and he'll tell him like I. I'm sorry I just don't remember being there. Be, the drugs I was like that. I. Don't want to be real but the good excuse. This right here, right right yeah. I don't of anything from that time of my life I. Don't know if that's actually. I heard if his true gimmes, just you just a dose for. Some other parts of my life I'd like to use it to. Yeah we'll start with this though. Number one right here. Other things that are thrown in I mean I can go on and on, but I'll leave you with this i. mean like like I said again, you'd think these jokes you look at me like saying mini they can't give you know. All right. We get into words but the game getting more useless. Yes. They can just a route running gag gagging hear about you know it just it just comes and goes real quick to there's a they apparently stash wasn't asked me. And they tell you that what of about three or four lane jokes is Simple about reminds me of my Momma. Big does not should go down the street doesn't even notice it. Lease to at least predictable shit you know looking at, ask them just going at time before they see they don't WanNa see. Could be a good life for you. Yeah that's what y'all get but sit in the military creepiest. And trying to be subtle at all. The early two thousand. If you're. GonNa if you're GONNA have a low brow Shitty fucking joke. The funnier if it was if it looked like a shapely woman and it turned out I mean just the big it's like well. That's what he's into. I know. What my even. The kids movie. Of course those. Man. WHO's a comedian fluffy with? You. Looking at. Also is you looking I'm getting? Become. Show. Yes. Exactly. Across St L. A. All right I? Dog Whistle. Not to say this as no more for me to say, I can say if you want to I, just never wanted I never want to go through this again. There's a lot of Shit I come in I'm like man that was funny. Yeah, it was crazy. Worth. It was worth it. We get to talk about it and I don't know what go through the experience again I did it eighteen years ago in I think I think it was worse. Washington's time around. Glazer. Oh I would just say this that while I know, you've always hated this movie but I remember seeing the trailer for it and I was like the kids will probably be fun. Just Kinda goofy not all that. Funny. I when I get Old School Disney movie. I would have been hurt watching this. If not for the fact that when it first came on, it showed that happy Madison logo and that. That changed my perspective because we went I went. Oh Oh no no, no, no no this is not all my hope that's gone. That's that's that's gone. Right. Now so that that adjusted my expectation. It's still way lower than that. Shit see that. Yeah. I have a new a new perspective on how low happy Madison movie can go because they did this once they could do it again and it's not as offensive at some of their movies. Yeah. So that's that's something of a plus. But One of the bigger problems I mean, it's hard to watch some Dana carvey somebody as an entertainer I. Admire do the thing that he was so great at and be so terrible at it. It just it just it just it just hurts to watch somebody who was good. Just completely lose their skill that way. But what really gets me is how? Old The movie is I mean it's not just unfunny but in between the not even trying to be funny there's a whole lot of just not Jack Shit happening. With them just sitting around talk like man y'all SORTA. Had something of a plot here I mean. Not that I'm a wrapped up in the plot, but as you move through the plot. Funny. Things will happen. Things will come to you and they just don't seem to be interested in that. Maybe the best thing is like. Some of the production stuff like that set. That's where you like production. W-, I'd have to say that, but it's it's way unbalanced because some production is really nice and other sure is just a bottom of the basement. Shitty. But for the most part, this came across to me like a really terrible cartoon like somebody who's WHO's a writer at at an animation studio pitching ideas that got everyone of them shot down. In probably even you know put on a process improvement plan at the end of the day or told me we're getting fired and is just took it and made a movie with it because there's so many of those kind of cartoon gags they're trying to do in real life, but they don't have any of the care, any of the timing and. It's just it's way too much. Well, if I just mug and do a voice, people will love it. Kids will love it and I don't see. Not adults at all but even like in this. Too. Many references that kids won't get and I'm tired of people saying this is a kid movie and they throw a fucking scarface reference in there that bothers me. Yeah and you know watching the clips, I'm watching I'm reliving a lot of this reminding me when I was watching To your point watching somebody who's your skill is what I watched the love Guru. Mike Myers. He's just every kid ever seen just yeah that yeah it does self deprecating. Oh. It's so. Muggy. Does. Well it's a really all you got now that's all gone and I'm you know I'm not trying to cast I'm not trying to be disparaging, but this is like you sit do to our zero your shit that you don't even do well anymore and it's like heartbreak. Yeah. Yeah, and that's all I gotTA. Say. Is kind of worth it for you playing and watching both Theo when he? Running, farseeing as just looking at both of Y'all just die I'm sorry and that was worth it for me. Too. I'm glad somebody got something out of. A rifle. I do it. Again No. No more. Some people asking for the pest Oh that moves annoying. Yeah. I mean, I, guess that's the point of it, right? Yeah. No, it's called the past. Two will. Also? Like I'm fighting for it I guess by saying. I've seen it once like years ago I never saw it. Yeah. Actually maybe old as you can see Martin, you never escape I know comes around. comes. John Lewis almost been around for a long time. Yeah. All right folks we're going go into a quick commercial break in. We will be right back after this. Oh somebody's they make the fartsy in the new sub alert. No. Sweat comes. Guessing better than him. Yeah, exactly. Just as childish as they are. To Let me see here. So here's a pretty popular production fact regarding the mass of disguise during the shooting Oh you said, does Martin now the The nine eleven. Yeah. what you call the tax happened. Oh You know what? I hate them data carpet I got. Script. Catches and everything. Here's another fun fact from Kanaya Williams so fun fact. Dana. Carvey and Jon Lovitz where the original bad boys. I did not know that Yep. That's right. Martin Lawrence and will smith bad boys when I heard that I kept thinking to myself imagine having care carvey and low its version of bad boys instead of Lawrence's Smith Jesus fucking Christ saying right now. I know that Shit would've been doodoo brown trash. Is Brown. The extra trade jess, it just would have been a slapstick goofball bullshit comedy. Just without the great comedy was Michael. Bay attached at that time. No. Doubt highly, you know just like us I change stuff around a lot. I remember Chris Rock Roxanne that he was trying to get a movie done where he wanted he wanted to make an all black ocean's eleven where they pull a heist and he presented it. took it to an executive. Then, anything back and next thing you know you, he see. You See Eddie Murphy pulled the highest when you bunch of White, guys. Be Off all black COMEDIANS, right? Yeah. Yeah, it was. Yeah. I, mean you know stallone was supposed to be a beverly hills cop he was. That's right now that I do know. They feel more got some more. This is cool. US Right and. What was the movie Jonah man where Kevin Pollock said when he signed on to be Wilson 'CAUSE I. Yeah. Yeah. Read that. We did that. Oh. Let me see here. Bayton switch. Jesus Trojan horse by. He signed man. Will Smith way he was we were showing it to. Not same thing exactly. He said, fuck? No. Dogs on us. He's a restaurant. Yeah. Turnaround. Oh. This is funny. This is. Chris Army. Herman, the adventures of Chris Herman in life. Is, AFL, move, Yeah. I think I think life is looking a little bit too friendly right there. Wants to be his friend. Well, that's how. Ya Hey, buddy. To. COOKHAM float. The river. Sounds like a grid. Just, reached behind that door over there and. Fill more very good. Very good. See, what else we? Molly Molly. Has a question for the show. Hey Corey Martin. A. Touch. When you? When you guys talk about how weird and disturbing? some of the master disguise scenes were especially with the being kids movie I realized that really a lot of kids films had some truly disturbing terrifying bits. Yeah. By look at walk. Yeah lots of them do. SECRET THEM But they're also good. So right that. Yeah, they were good and disturbing you take away. Good. Got Disturbing. I'm wondering what movies aimed at kids. You've seen that you would say like this. Some of the ones I would qualify would be and bill you name. Once she says, once upon a forest secrets secret him never ending story fern gully and the first land before time I'm sure there are a lot more that I can't remember right now. Anyway take care and things while I was bringing the last episode. Jurassic, park the show animated show. Eight those. Here's a good one You know there's a remake of one movie that scared the shit out of kids in that is the witch of the Wichita, which is hope. They sit in. Yeah. Lot. Scared lot of kids and apparently that craze move. We saw last Sunday Sunday before less than though. Disney channel movie. Oh. Yeah scared kids betsy I don't know how they told me how? Because we were saying I don't know what what people talking about in not got a lot of comments in they're saying yeah. To shout out to youtube non. y'All just over shit get sham. You know as a kid return us. What was this return? Is You know it was Kinda Weird. What was that Disney? Channel movie. The one with the the computer. Is the one with the Black Kid who is A friend. Oh what the channel tell me what was the call chat? Don't look under the bed. Thank you. Oh, go them He. He's imaginary friend that came to the. Came to life her because she loved like do so much. This is. Pretty much. We could pull from it. With Larry Larry Houdini. The most Utah out was shoot myself and head if Larry Houdini in the PIPPAS. Dashiell. Skies. Made a movie together. I would not make it. Somewhere somebody's feverishly typing. For ten minutes got the Oscar. Game, a girl has a anime recommendation. Be Stars I know everybody's been telling us to watch that. Maybe I. Will One day. I don't know. tomorrow though. Happy Madison continues to make us very sad and angry tomorrow for the Movie Review Extravaganza? We have another. Adam. Sandler movie dewey wasn't he huby Halloween Oh yeah him. Kevin James Right Yep. I don't tell me the to Adam Sandler stuff. UH, rainy, day in New York. The third? Now man you got this. Is What people will be talking about. Yeah. So we and you know you know how this game goes well I. Rushed because they don't usually work together, right? Yeah. I'm talking about these other things but meant fucking rainy day in the anal by. Nobody talking about that. We can't. We can't do Lupin the third yet. Okay. It's under embargo. People even heard of what was it possessor ain't nobody even heard that. So I'll watch him and I will wash them but Yeah, man he'd be Halloween with air by Tom. You know as much as they put these other movies, I? Am most of them should be. Air By going to talking about Stanley. So when is it coming up tomorrow? I'll watch sollidarity at home you know you. Ask You about it next week. I. Can see. Key points. Every fucking movie that he'd do together. Damning. Nailed it. Is a beard that's how I got to do. To them trying to out jackass each other Jesus yeah. Apparently not tired of. A. I guess doing a comic. Doing a comic of the Hanna Barbera. Just justice. League. The Hanna Barbera Justice League. The super friends. I don't know. Whole jaws the now they got a Dino Mutt The Hercules lawyers I think. They've been. They've done something like that. For, the last few years. That thing and shoots things yeah. Yeah. Yeah Cartoons, Hercules Hercules is I. I like Yeah. Everybody likes circulates. Are People going to do the whole team up series with all of those hand about superheroes. Okay. I. Maybe that's an old one year enjoy. Let me see here. Let me see people. Let me see. Let me see. All right folks. A this happened today. So didn't really have any time to prepare something biggest special and not on. We would have done that anyway, but we definitely have to. Have some words. Some respectful words about Eddie van Halen and even hailing past day of cancer. That was today, right? Past. Day of cancer. Here's courses. The debate behavior we were so used to seeing for years Eddie, Van Halen with the long hair and that black and red and white striped guitar. And I don't need to tell you out there for a lot of people you know there's as A. Imagine the album thing. True honor I handle something like this when you were. Given the title of one of the greatest rock guitars in the world and probably know tell what other kind of guitarist he was too. I'm sure he was very talented and other things. But while he was he was classically trained and he. I, and you know he he started getting more into keyboard as well as guitar but I personally, I think the greatest guitar since Jimi Hendrix Yep that's helps just about to say when you consider to be one greatest guitarist in the world. and. Right up there with Jimi. Hendrix Illinois People Listeners Guitar Solos and I mean like Jimi Hendrix kind of. I'll tell you what out without Jimi Hendrix you wouldn't have. Eight event halen. But without a Eddie, van Halen, all these Cool Guitar Solos that you hear these Rock Guitar Solos. That you hear a lot of that came from eight Van Halen man you know I'm not look I'm not a guitar fishing and not open, but I hear a lot of the tar. Up Yeah. Backup that? Those thing is anyone. That goes on for about. Ten. Minutes. That's the that's that's insane. Man I. I would listen to a band sometimes and a lot of them would have those Guitar Solos in there. Somebody that Jesse. Invent shredding. When you see right there and I I look everybody can be like on on on about that music or anything like the Air I'll tell you what? At least when I was growing up a lot of people and it was very segregated in music, you know because the music industry made it that way in console. WHY MTV A lot of black people off. Of MTV for the first few years because they felt like well, this is kind of a rock channel. We don't think anybody's GonNa make any money of of the people of color especially black people don't play black music but. One of the things kind of. Broke. That barrier. Was Michael Jackson. But Michael. Jackson. A lot of people were surprised when he heard like one of the things that helped. was adding that rock sound? You know you know Martin it. was that big the Tar Solo? That everybody heard him beat it. At the time everybody thought Michael Brothers the Jackson Five. I. Might Have Been Michael They didn't know that any Eddie van Halen had done that. Has a lot of people who can listen to rock music learned about Van Halen. Listening. To beat. The be surprised how people breaking ground back in the day man. Yeah. You're right. We talked about David boy when he died at a whole show on David well, we talked about how David boy called MTV. Yeah. fucking I don't play black music I mean they were talking about David well yeah we didn't know we all know about. All these other people at the stole from. Now, David boy was his own thing man. But Man A. Lot of people? Coming up you'd like if you were into rock music, you listen to Van. halen there was a lot of songs that people who say listen to rock music they listen Van Halen. Everybody out then new jump. I, mean, that was that was that was almost like a that was almost van Halen's pop song. That was that was a big pop record. Yeah. Yeah. It was everybody 'cause I remember having a slumber party when I was a kid and whatnot and even though you in the hip hop and everything everybody was waiting on the debt video for. and. That's my jam. For they will pop but. Halen. Daily Rob. Always sort of feel. Awesome. But. Man You, know in it. David Lee Roth was the front guy but. You know anybody Halen was one behind that band I'm just talking about my experience. I can't tell you everything about. His life but I can tell you my experience with eighty van Halen and watching Van Halen the ban you know. Sure. Like even if you didn't like van Halen meeting like jump everybody everybody loved that Video Man Hafa teacher Oh yeah one. fucking teach their. Her in a little bit but. Everybody Loeb. Waldo. Remember Waldo. Waldo. That nerdy kid that would that A. Day School he was getting his ass beat. People Making Fun of his first day at school he's like. ME. Down Waldo. Smoke blowed. Oh. Now this is A lot of people that are in the. Video I'll probably looking at that finance teach you even recognize Guitar Solo here because this is one of the there's another great guitar. Solo. At the beginning. Yeah. So many but yeah well. It's almost overshadowed by his brother on the drums. Yeah they they are a great Benny's put out an album not long ago. They were on a list of albums that were terrible except for one song I mean, you know it's those those early years with David, Lee Roth, those those are the best. That stuff they did. waddles. And Sweat and yeah, just terror. Of people used to wash video because of. The early days of videos everybody watched every video everybody'll I remember that days? And Nissim, as they had a hot for teacher, man had a hot s teaching there and it is in the middle of the video fuck it and they just had to take everything off. Ryen. Take. The Hill we came. To. Say Fuck. Them kids. Kid like Shit I wish teach war. Just have and do now. I started hey, might be responsible for have that for half of that. Yeah Man. Yeah. All. Get arrested for. SHOWING THAT VIDEO She might get arrested just before even before the teach even shows up, you might get arrested just below sexualizing these kids in here. Yeah. CUTE IS A. non-israeli. Yeah. what was your favorite Van Halen saw? Oo Maybe the atomic punk, it's on their first album, their their whole, their first album van Halen that they did mostly Nicaragua. Gene Simmons produced it but that is that is one of my top. Put started from the beginning and listen to it all the way albums. Yeah used to. Think because I live. So crazy in this is this is a this is not a everybody knows this is a also pretty mainstream for van Halen used to love run with the devil male. Oh. Yeah that's my karaoke. Just, because for one eighty, a daily rod spins hat to saw screaming. Oh. Yes somebody. Somebody's looking at the. Video everybody going to. To Jack. Credit. Doing. All these kids are. GonNa Pause it on that. I used to. I used to like the days with. Sammy Hagar man you know a lot of people make the days I used to like some Sammy Hagar on but you right this those daily robbed as they just never. Is never you know. It was one of those perfect meshes that. They were so great together. And yet never as good apart is they work together. Yeah. jumped. Dave Day just showboat man. Yeah sure with also. Thought he was. No no, but. was, sexy yeah he. Eight I. Know You've got. You know I'm sure. There are a ton of group is out there. That would argue with. that. Yeah, and they're all sixty years old. He's had held in like it. I. Mean You know over time it just came to be that. Any didn't like it. He he always had a thing against David Lee and end up kicking out of ban and getting Sammy Hagar. On, Sammy Hagar you just never really had a thing against lead singers. Bobby ground situation. In a like a new addition like we're just at like just gone too far too much shit. I mean maybe I don't know the Bobby Brown situation just like over. Take lines is doing stuff. There wasn't supposed to be scripted neo not not. I just was he was going to fall was just too far ban halons but I'm asking I that I don't know. Okay. Yeah I used to. Like I some. They had that Alamo you eight, one two. Ahead. Sammy Hagar being the from. It was that the first one he was frontman, I wouldn't. I I, don't think so I think they had an. Dang it's hard to say but. Because I think it would happen like a lot of bands you know yeah. A lot of bands that would just like complete Rochman like rolling stones in the end up being a little more popularly known That's what happened with Van Halen you mean, that's on right now. Yeah. Let me see and that's what. That's what the Sammy Hagar singing at the time. Free. Remember says the Pepsi saw? I've seen some corporate videos where they were using that and I was like. Yama focused at the writings. Was Something I. Remember Get. He's. Got Another do and they just said, yeah, man look this is no. Is No Sammy Hagar definitely know Eddie van Halen there was on the latest album that they hand I'm so ninety event but. Daily. Definitely Know David Lee, Roth but I mean, yeah, you know. They re they really were like a unit. Safely will not be able to. Be. Like that again but Know. Van Halen Eddie Van Halen and his brothers but his brother and bit. But Anyway, handling was definitely the dry phone absolutely is his band. It was his band. Funny. Thing man is a lot of bands out there where. They are the musician and they're the leader of the ban, but they're not the front man they give. There was a bank called J gals man. Everybody thought the leasing Jay. Non Do just kept like I'm fucking girl. lebrons go. Aj Linda. Wolfe is what you want and lead singer. He was a very flamboyant danced around. He did all this stuff he got them attention, but for Jay, is like no, but I'm. Like you said, what? Boy David Lee Roth I mean you got swim a Eddie do you know? Leave it to me. Name can be on it. You probably getting paid more anybody else do it's fun. Yeah. He's kicked about the ban so he's making more money. Yeah. J. Mostly Signal. Everybody did everybody did you know? But. This is A. Western for. Somebody. Wrong Song. CENTERFOLD. Blood runs cold montgomery just been so. Cynical changes. But Eddie van. Halen you know if you've ever heard of interviews because he never spoke, you never knew what the guys personality would just played guitar lobbying to Novi even had voice. Speaks with the tar he was A. I've seen a missile interviews may find a guy may finally got older. You know but he was a really funny guy and We had a serious alcohol problem for a while Yeah I saw him on two and a half men yesterday. He totally she. She was talkative. Should not be around he came and he started playing guitar. God Dale, and it was just amazing and then of course, he walks off in the biggest teeth but. Yeah I knew he had an alcohol problem. Yeah. Yeah. I mean when everybody knew married to Valerie Bertinelli. Sweetheart yes. She's still doing good but she was always talking about I'm like, yeah he's just got some things. Edward. has some things he's got to deal with gotTA stop drinking. Yeah. But we show was was she from? One day at a time. That Nah. Eight is enough. That was Christie macnichol, right. Let me see here. There they are when they were younger man. Right there. Yeah she was considered to be America's sweetheart like she was the the show called one day at a time and she was the good the good dot. Yes it. You know he did his interview not long ago he's talking about his son Wolfgang. And you can. You can see I kind of mellowed out after years man it was just A. He's A. He's a he was a real humorous guy enjoyable to talk to forget. You hardly ever saw them much. You ever see him in a cup of interviews. He was he was actually kind of. Funny. Advice did your father give you that? You wanted to make sure wolf he knew. Things you always used to say to us. You can learn from everybody. What to do and what not to do Mostly. Watch for what not, to do. And if you make a mistake, tried to do it twice and smile. Way People think you meant that? Dutch terminology we won't door pizza just. Keep battling. and Smile. You when the last interview that he did I. Think. Maybe not found recently but. You know. It's a shame man. To sixty five. Sixty sixty, five when I heard that I said, yeah. With something else that we see was sick or something. Listening to some people. Talking about them in the chat, they had some hip problems going onto. Orthopedic problems happening. You never know if he's almost. Always had a presence up there. Yeah man this is terrible here but hey, left us a lot of good music. So. It's sad but at the same time like I said man, you know. You'RE GONNA leave leave it a lot of accomplishes Mahogany. He could've have died twenty years ago I know. How get to work? And I'll tell you what this would be a good sendoff from what about toasties over here. Tosi. Sent US Some Fan Art. and. For Change, it is not fan art about us. This is actually fan art. For Eddie van Halen. So people even the toasted communities giving a lot of respect to this is from Corbin Armstrong, great piece man I love the line work on that eighty Van Halen? Nine, nine, hundred, fifty, five to twenty twenty. Great Work Man I felt feel too. Yeah exactly. Exactly. Awesome. Workman. Love it. Cool. Yeah. No, he's amazing man. You could frame that looks exactly I am onto him we'll take that And selling. Until many behavior drew. Thank you didn't sign it and put my name. Folks are right. It's getting late and we'd like to get out of here. Talked about a lot of things I want to thank everybody for your support this evening. We see here. Luke kid wants no we're GONNA. Be Talking about. Glen Keane legendary animated linking. He has a Netflix movie called over the Moon Oh. Yes they did. and. Yeah people didn't know when we're going to talk about when he needs to be watched yet I don't know when we can actually review over the moon. Because as a embargo net too. So I have to go and check and see what we can do we do. We got restrictions up here, I'm looking at our. A I'm looking at. The Patriots that we got here still getting stuff from people. So folks before we leave on a thank you for. Your support on on. A Austin put that up discord if you can the link for that but. That you go folks. Get yourself some bonus content extra streams. merch discounts on things animation. When we come around, we have very close to reach our goal we have. Almost said at a thousand would be halfway there to reach a goal of doing animation. So help us out people we appreciate that. Thank you very much Subscribe to the channel on twitch, get yourself a free subscription if you have Amazon. Prime Account. and. Oh Friday speaking of patron and people who subscribed dot com. We're having our monthly review party ought to be doing that with stuff. So join us for that, and also I'll have a stream for you believe on Friday be about thirty forty minutes. It'll be me showing some sketches that we've done with people. Giving you a sneak, peek it the animation when it does happen. or at least showing some of the caricatures that we don't have people, it will be you know, why don't you check and see Thank you and let me see. Go Talk to the. Chat Real. Quick Chet how y'all doing. was going on. Let me see here Terrific Show Gentlemen Film Freak says, thank you sir appreciate that. Super Fro- says great show. Stay turdly. Early Club. What's the movie tomorrow? Thrilled to tell, Martin, Huby Halloween Huby Halloween Halloween door. Yeah. You'll know the. You will know. You. Just press the differently. Laughing, but you always come away hating these movies. Well let's see some things about it and you get even more mad. Hey, I don't care. On Media Watch I'm watching the. Name. Call. Be. Actually, some shit that's not only. Background. I'm just. What is Flawed Music says, this is my first time joining the. Chip I love it y'all to real raw in Hilarious I. Love It. I would love to join you in the studio one day after the pandemic. All right. Well, we'll see what can happen man. Let's see what Gavin a lot of people trying to get up in the studio. We'll see now it's like zombies. Assault, on precinct. What's the name? Thirty. Oh, seeing trump on that perk. Both you mean trump. From Yeah. somebody else do. We didn't see was Johnny Nash Johnny Nash Sorry on Saw Shit Yeah I have to I. Don't know Johnny Nash Maybe Sickly Now the rain. Song. Dude. He's got overshadowed. Then you I'm sorry man well, maybe died Liuhua ago we'll talk about later fair faucet. Yes. That's right. But that was the same day. I think Johnny Nash Co. Days Ago. Oh, I remember seeing the name. No was. Could be wrong. Staying. Got A job in Austin working remote now can't wait to come out there to visit my team and see you guys. Hey, wait to come steak or his house when I can't find my apartment. Ask somebody else so that worked out for this works every time. At some of the time it works ever handle don't mislead. Orlando man these people be on the streets you can't. Apartment I'm sure you can't if you keep looking. On. Our Godspeed. How can you home enough by your? House? It that'd be do you WANNA keep looking not GonNa get an easier tomorrow. Whereas now. Some Fisher. Had A hot meal. And a warm bed someone else. Own Bit. Blaming Corey buffer this. Core about they say core by Fuck my wife. Game. Game you against. Your Wife Exactly Why the puppet L.. C. Probably got bigger shoulders and you do. Fun. To grab, two. I had you ain't give it to me? I, had to go get a puppet. Say about you. As A. Battery. Operated Fair. He's not the first. Oh ooh. ooh. ooh. Or well he? Core by murder my dogs allowed to my house. Is a Ho-. and. He's been the issue. Do you murder my dog you. No longer. Welcome. A. Bigger. No. Longer. Welcome in my home killing my back with. Dad. Crossed the line doesn't. That is the that is the straw maybe sometime in a couple of months and you come down. Rh. Thanksgiving away but still my credit card boy he'd been doing some work when I'm around sorry about that. Yeah I'll tell you what you think your sleep. you go out at night. Sleep last night. Secret Window. You're by yourself you're talking to you. Yeah Man. Well. I'll tell you what y'all have plenty of time to take that up with him. And the time comes, but now we gotta go awry. Guys. It's fun. Wasn't named Johnny. Nash did data days so, sorry. Yes. Sorry. Sorry. I only heard. Only heard about van Halen native gets. Faucet on Yep. Yes and I'm sorry when it happens man. All right. We'll try to make it up later. So for the rest of the week. Tomorrow GonNa have huby Halloween and probably a couple of other movies that are smaller films. Probably more than likely better films. On Sunday. Let you know right now the hunting of Africa where it is. Hunting hunting, some hill house, or some again hills in the hand in hand the House and everything yeah man? Going to be a a series coming in lot of people looking forward to that. So the second season A. Blind manner, the hunting, a blind matter. It's another student I. Think it's. Kinda related to hill. House. A lot of people looking forward to that. So we'll be talking about that. It is a series on the house. On. A Hill House series and I got bored real quickly. I. You know what? I hate to say it but I got bored to and people told me like if you keep going, it'll get better but I never did. I got tired of. Every. The. Up. Goes to never in a hurry. No they are not man I I got it around and then do everything at the last minute and Cobb block Yup. But I'm sure it was good. I just didn't get far enough I. watched a couple episodes. Get, our, Mo-, more core game doctor Corey, by game doubt the collapse. They gotta from that other news wisely. The bottom. Over this month. Awry guys, out? Of. Here. Spun. We got to go. Thank you Billy Yup. Yup. We're watch watching. Tell me what happens. What takes place. Couple of. A mark. Thank you. You Bet and Chet thank you all out there. Okay. Cool MANCE DJAMIL DOT COM. That's. Z.. A. G. DOT, com email questions, comments, compliments, insults, input, and our advice it up on the social media's instagram twitter and face to the book. In Kabul, the information use. To Go. To visit taken all the emails, lovely messages Martin. I'll take what I can on twitter and instagram and even read it at Martin. Underscore no fro or look Martin Thomas on facebook and hey, if you're already on facebook and join our group, the double toasted fan page back. Back One people. Out there. Come. See One day when big running out. There we saw. We heard a lot of people trying to get the new studio. Backseat but he just bust. Corona go Boston himself. folks when the time is right. We'll let you back up here somewhere at least hang with the Austin but. Until then tell us your plans. For, Austin Texas, whether you are visiting just passing through try to have you already buy that is it tonight the morning and afternoon good evening whenever you're listening to are watching this? Goodbye and stay. Rule the dame, the plant based way with the new vegan mixed ferry from smoothie king powered by whole non GMO fruits milk and vegan protein. It's dairy free plant based SMOOTHIE. You can feel great about job with thirteen grams of protein and half your daily fiber. It's an easy way to get the essential nutrients. Your Body Craves, skip the line in order online for pickup or delivery smoothie king rule the day. have. You been wanting to lose weight and get healthy. Now's the perfect time to start nutrisystem. 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