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A Murder on New Years Eve


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For the first time will not ever not. It's not common. It's not commented as radio so the mood is shit. It's nice and Moody. We're having drinks. We're ready to go and billy. What Day is it? Today is national have a Bagel Day. By the way the days he is to choose from were scarce very small. But it's a very long island's a very human thing who knows nothing like a New York based off take attack you know she. She's been in your one hundred. I don't know I still doesn't know there's nothing like a New York Bagel from New York. This is different. You don't know either Alexis. Apparently not if that's billy's thing it's also national APP Day. What's your favorite APP my favorite? What's your favorite APP to use Amazon? The real Okay well By the way stick around after upsets episode Stein. 'CAUSE we're going to kill some time and you guys need to be involved in special gases special guest But that's enough of that. Let's turn down the lights lights and turn up your in because this could be you. And there's no denying that small towns have an essence about them. Everyone knows everyone everyone is connected somehow. There's something both comforting in hunting about that. In today's case proves that when a horrific murder happens in a small sleepy town you might just find yourself connected not to just one person involved but every person involved the California city of Fillmore is tight knit farm town that sits at the base of the Los Padres National Forest. So it's a tiny city and Ventura County and it's it's along the banks of the Santa Clara River in on New Year's Eve of two thousand three EMINEM's lose yourself as the top song charts which is a grant song and love. Actually it was in a theater which is a great movie and it's New Year's eve of two thousand three when our story takes place we're and it's when a boy who was walking home decided to take a shortcut near South Mountain road between fillmore and Santa Paula to get to his house. Musk throughout he walked punked drainage culvert and as he moved he spotted something out of the corner of his eye. If fixes is on what he was looking at there there was something sticking out of a drainage pipe that stuck straight out of the ground and it took him a moment to process. What exactly was in front of him? It was the body of a young woman. She was half naked. A large branch was leaning against your body as if to support her in the position she was ending. Keep her in that spot. The the police were called to the scene at ten. Am they approached the remains. It could see the dark haired. Young Woman looked to be around twenty years old. She had numerous injuries that could be seen with the naked eye. They locked down. The scene started processing it for evidence and it didn't take very long to identify her. She was nineteen year old. Valerie's of Allah Wilson Wilson by ten. Am New Year's Day or worried loved ones had already been up for hours. Worried about where she was Valerie's his parents were separated and lived in different. Parts of town and Valley actually didn't even live in the fillmore area anymore. She moved from Fillmore to attend college at San Jose State University and was home for the holidays on winter break. Valerie's parents learned that the reason that she didn't come home which is every parent's worst nightmare. There were horrified. Devastated increase stricken in a way that only a parent who lost a child could be but despite the incredible grief that Valerie's family was feeling the police had to sit down with them and learn everything they could about Valerie including her relationships and her movements the previous day so they learned the chief graduated from the local high school the previous year and as a high school student. She got straight as she was a cheerleader and she was a member of student government and she was described as always smiling always happy extremely confident. And perpetually kind and when she went to college he was starting to be a teacher she was active in the Alpha. Kappa Delta Phi sororities. Are I agree today is named Melissa. And oddly enough I mean we've set up this small town feel for this episode she. She's got a connection to every single person in this story including Valerie fiber you know so. I've actually remember her and I think it was like her dad. Coming to ratchet ratchet I was living on My Dad was ranch manager and we actually lived outside of town And they our dads must have known each other and she came over that day until I met her then and she was just really sweet bubbly girl roll and like just you know. She's younger than us their stuff so like we talked for like a bit and I met her and she's it's this this week. That's honestly the best way to do fiber. I grew up in fillmore which is just north of Los Angeles is a really really small town. Like I moved when I was by two so more from Los Angeles and even then I knew it was like a difference. There's something different about this place Everyone knows everyone. Everyone is related. I've had guys who accidentally crushes on. They're covering today didn't even though they were dozens. This weird I was the only person who was not related to somebody else in fillmore. But that's that's the kind of holidays. Everyone knows everyone. You know. Everyone's all up in everybody's business whether you want them to be you're gone and and yet it's just it's just strange so the police learned that Valerie was staying with her mom the previous night and she left the house at around eight thirty to go to a New Year's Eve party in the fillmore area on Main Street and when she left the house she was dressed in blue jeans and navy blue t shirt and blue and white. Ah Plaid over shirt like a like a flannel And before she left she kissed her mom. Goodbye left the party then at twelve forty. Who's New Year's actually called her mom to wish her happy new year and during the call she told her mom she planted drive to friends? Home in one of their cars because she was a sober designated driver driver and after that she planned to go to the home of her ex boyfriend a guy named Isaac who she dated in high school so this information that police got a lot to consider and the first obviously in. This case was Valerie's ex-boyfriend Isaac who off the bat was an obvious suspect. Is it can Valerie met in high school all but he was about three years older than her. And it's unclear why their relationship didn't work the first time around but it ended amicably enough because they were in touch and intending to spend time together. While Valerie was home visiting I knew Isaac from what I was like really odd He was a neighbor a friend of mine and so when she would have sleepovers. I quit the one guy who allowed to come and hang out with us. I remember playing Louisi- board with Isaac next and he was like I don't like that it's not okay. And then he likes it off. He is just. He's just a sweet. You guys like he was. He's very cool. There's nothing can and just really sweet like definitely like like a cool guy but not do she. In any way he was just really nice. And I was really high-end besides looking to Isaac the police also WanNa speak to everyone who is at that New Year's Eve party and they tracked down a number of Valerie's friends and get the rundown down on the previous night. They were told that the party was fun. That Valerie was there she was having a good time with a bunch of old high school friends and acquaintances. Valerie didn't have much to drink. Drink and member. She decided that she was going to be the designated driver. especially so because she had wanted to go to Isaac's house after the Party the party started to die down around two. Am It's at that point that she offered to drive to people home. A girlfriend named Jenny an acquaintance of hers named Sam. The plan was that Valerie would drive the home in Jenny's car. They'd all retrieved their cars the following morning so another thing that the police learned Wa- questioning Valerie's friends was that our friend Augusta Spinola could actually take an video at the New Year's Eve Party and he showed it to the police and what they see in. The video is a clip where they can see Valerie. Clearly it's a big group of Valerie and all her friends gathered maceachin counting down the seconds right until midnight. Once the ball drops. Everyone cheers and screams in his excited. Wants wants it's actually the new year and it really is chilling to think about how this happened is hours before Valerie's life was monstrously taken from her but anyways nothing seems a mess in this video. Everyone's having a good time. They could see sam they could see Johnny. They can see Valerie they can see all of them just having a good time so so clearly. 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I mean it's like then you don't know what they're going to say the thank some weird admission where they assume you won't find the body or something like that they give away something too much Jackley. Yeah so now the. Please WanNA speak with Valerie's female friend. Whose name is Jenny who she drove home with Jenny story was that the Party was fine? The drivers normal Valerie was completely sober. Are An intended to go to Isaac's as soon as she dropped off her and Samuel but she was dropped off first so she couldn't really speak to what happened after that so the next person obviously on their list to speak with was the other person in the car that was seventeen year old Sam the high school senior. Who lived at home with his parents? Now Sam Puebla was was attending fillmore high school which is where Valerie went but he was two years behind her in school. It was a high school football player in all of his friends referred to him as Sammy he had also been elected acted as the school's prom king that year so this guy was seemingly well liked by his peers so they go to question Sam. We're GONNA call him Sam and it was sheriff. Deputy Tracy Tokens who arrives at the home of Sam's parents to speak with seventeen year old and they arrived about four thirty pm on nears day so hours after Discovery Valery's salaries body but remember. They're not going to tell Sam that she's been found just that she's missing So when this officer knocked on the door and was led inside ride. He could see that. Sam was tending to a bloody nose interesting and Osama tempted to stop his nose bleed with tissues. Who's deputy tokens explained? Why he was there? That value had gone missing the previous night and never made it home. The officer then explained that he believed that Sam. Am may have been the last person to see Valerie before she went missing so Sam told them first. Dollar dropped off Jenny and then and she dropped him off at home next and he said the before he got out of the car. He wished Valerie happy new year. The reached across had a little hug and said goodbye. The interview lasted fifteen minutes. And the police didn't know what to make of Sam at this preliminary pointed the investigation because remember. They're still Isaac her ex boyfriend to consider the evening of New Year's Day friends. Valerie started to learn the truth about what happened. She was not missing. She had been brutally murdered and people obviously were horrified horrified and the way they reacted to the news as testament to how much she was loved within hours. There were forty of our friends at her mother's home. WHO got out there to console her? The community was shattered high school teachers. WHO found out crushed? The high school immediately offered counseling to the students. Many of whom knew Valerie Valerie well even though she had already graduated the previous year and to Valerie's siblings attended this school as well so her siblings with everybody was freaking freaking out and it's no surprise based on what we know so far that everyone when they've heard cursory information about what's happened suspected Isaac she. We're supposed to go over to his house. After the party they had dated. It seems like an obvious thing. Interestingly Melissa our first degree new Valerie but was childhood friends with Isaac News travels fast and that kind of town and I heard about it and I just remember being at work and and having excuse myself to the bathroom because like the reality and like the heaviness of what had happened really. Hit me like you just out of nowhere. I was just sitting doing my job and then all of a sudden it was just like creeping in that. This girl who I knew when I talk to you and friendly list was just now gone for no reason just gone and it happened. Um in my town in a place where everyone you know is not nice but like you know you take care of each other You'll always have each other's back now kind of thing and and it happened there and I just and then you know like rumors spread around everywhere somewhere and like I. I think I remember mentioning to somebody what had happened and there must have been the ex boyfriend and I'm like no no you can't be him and and and that was the other thing I could wrap my mind around like they cannot be him. It can't be this person. I grew up with. I can't picture a- At all I think because you know everybody even before the true crime boost happened and everybody has always been like the husband. It's the ex boyfriend. It's the closest person to them that I don't think it's changed since the dawn of time and so it was on January second the next day when police discovered a car that Valerie had borrowed too dry for friends home it was in one thousand nine hundred. Three black Toyota Camry was found in the parking lot of La Plaza market on highway. One twenty six and fell more not a glance. This location didn't have much significance until they realize that. This parking lot was only four blocks from Isaac's house. The please pull to surveillance tapes from the Texaco gas station that was across the street from plaza. But unfortunately the footage from these tapes yielded nothing useful but still I mean the location and it was becoming clear that not only was the community grieving they were fearful. They were fearful over this murder and the possibilities of other victims possibly occurring in their community. Everyone was terrified because of the fact that filmer was such a small town. Someone killed Valerie and that same someone might right target. Somebody else to this was like I had never heard of anything like this happening. In my town I was Lord when it happened. But that kind of stuff just doesn't happen and feel more like a town that you can leave your car running the keys in the ignition and you go run to the grocery store and pick up like you need a comeback car spark. Nobody's GONNA mess. Take that because everybody already knows everybody and so for that to happen in my hometown just Like I couldn't get my head around it scary and I remember my mom like not really wanted me go out too much at night and like just being really careful because it's scary but this happened you don't know who it is and and like I said I was twenty three so I was going out all the time and she was. It stressed her out like first of all. She's it's been all about true crime since the beginning of time and really brought me into it so I made her go even higher. 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And there's an original music woven into every story sign up today for. CBS All access by by visiting CBS dot com slash degree. Get your first week of CBS. All access for free and stream the new season of tell me a story that CBS dot com slash degree to get your first week of CBS. All access for free. CBS Dot com slash degree. An autopsy concluded that Valerie had been strangled and beaten severely. She had severe head trauma and one of the blue is to her head at actually ruptured her eardrum and the toxicology report indicated that she had absolutely no drugs or alcohol in her system and after the conclusion of Valerie's autopsy see her family could start the painful daunting task of planning their nineteen year old daughter's funeral and it would be held six days after she was killed in little did Valerie's family. No ask plans were being made. Progress was also being made on their daughter's case case but the police were keeping information close to their chests as they followed up on promising leads because as we all know filling loved ones in and all of that could really disrupt investigation but but they were making big leaps and bounds. As far as progresses concerned right and Valerie's funeral was held at the Saint Francis of Assisi Chart which is essentially. The heart are of the small town. Everyone attended her family. Friends sorority sisters from school Isaac Samuel and Johnny Character Next Church is located on on the street way or not the highway. The one twenty six highway which is like the main throat there somewhere and trae fast from the grocery store and gas station and inch where you could hold the most out of people and Yeah channelised misery wedding ever seen our own at that Catholic Church they Francis Francis of Assisi on thinks it's not the day it's just a one story And they definitely like added on since since that. But it's got the parking lot next to the street. And then it's like kind of like a yellowish color church and And it's about a statue. Gotcha Saint Francis right out. In three hundred people attended the funeral and Valerie's friends from college even drove down in a caravan from San Jose to attend the service. Every corner of the Church was lined with mourners crying for the nineteen year old who everyone loved and his Valerie's loved ones. Were morning the police. This were actually closing in on the church and they wanted to take control of the church and establish a perimeter. And why were they doing this. And here's the investigative moves at the police were keeping under wraps that had led them to try and cordoned off a church area. So since Sam's initial interview the police had work to do in ruling out other leads which they did and then they decided to interview Sam again and the reason for for this was that they learned that Sam had actually been implicated in a crime less than a month prior to Valerie's murder and it's not just any crime he was implicated in. It's it's the type of crime that has an earmark of a budding serial killer so the month prior cereal has been arrested in connection with a quote hot prowl burglary in which he stole. Women's Women's panties hit a cachet of panties stolen from women living in the neighborhood where he lived with his family. And this is concerning for a number of reasons the first being that this this is the exact behavior that the golden state killer engaged in before he escalated in his violence at a lot of other killers. So all this stuff with Sam and the panties. It's bad on its own. But let's not forget that he was also the last person to see her alive. They now believe that this was their guy. And here's what happened once the police knew about Sam's panty thievery. They pressed him. And they probed him about it and since he'd already confessed to them that previous month about the panties. He wasn't guarded about the fact that he had stolen the panties and he told them that he actually disposed of them in the churches dumpster in the parking lot. Now when Lee detective heard about this. He's one of those incredible detective hunches. Which is why he's been promoted to detective and he liked liked? Obviously Sam for Valerie's murder and he read into this admission about where he'd dumped this evidence of his penny thievery and as soon as Sam cop to that detective knew He. I needed to get to that. Church dumpster believed that maybe there could be other evidence in maybe even evidence. Implicating him in Valerie's murder they had known tone likely about this admission way prior to Valerie's funeral but they didn't want to upset the family because they they knew already that once they found out that evidence is found there would be devastated. How is that three hundred people are going to be there insane? Probably just sitting around the blocks just waiting waiting for them to be done In they knew it's like listen. If there is evidence they're they're gonNA know the place where they they had. The celebration of her life was also the place where she was killed. So let's JUST GIVE THEM S. I've I've never heard of this before. Challenge kids yeah. It's crazy so all these police officers in this small town handle the situation with with grace because it is a sense of urgency thing. You hear this and you're like what if they take the trash. Yeah so you don't want and need. The evidence comes in and takes like but they waited so that Valerie's loved ones could have to finish morning her not that they ever with fish. But you know what I mean. Yeah so adding on a complete hunch. Three hours after the funeral the police descended upon the church property and it was on on this property that the police found numerous autumn's implicated Samuel in Valerie's murderer. The church then became a crime scene. The Same Church for Valerie's funeral had just been held and the property was candidates for hours metal detectors and dozens of officers. who swarmed the adjoining field that bordered the lot and the search yielded Valerie's underwear? You're a used Tampon. One White Vans tennis shoe and a black half loop earing. DNA testing reveal that the panties. Tampon earing all belong long Valerie so as far as geography of the scene it turned out. That Samuel libellous poem was near the Church but his neighborhood was just across the way from a flood. Channel Nine was in this flood channel between his home and the Church that the police found batteries cellphone church. The church part is the part at that like really stays with me To this day I so whether you're Tafiq or not a lot of events actually happen that church because it's so smaller places to go It's the same thing I went to a say no to drugs rally for school Place that I've been to so many times for easing at wordings and just going to church with a friend or whatever some personnel cursing Catholic. But it's just where we all go and to know that somebody to do something so incorrigible so sweet on that ground it just felt so dirtied each and sacrilegious and just I. I just don't know what would go through a person's mind at that time like I would feel like God is like literally staring at you right there but I still drive past it now when I go visit try and I just get a little sad mm-hmm that happened in a place that's supposed to be peaceful and about worship and you know for they believe in it but it just for me. It's a place that company got hurt and taken away the same day as the search of the Church Sam's home was also searched with the warrant and it was at this point that detectives discovered something inside the home and it was one of Sam's uh-huh jackets that they had recognize. It was the same jacket that they seen him wearing in the video. That Valerie's French owed them. That was taken the night of the New Year's Eve Party and as soon as this detective active made the connection. They took the jacket into custody immediately. They needed to have tested for DNA evidence and once he's in the room and is confronted with the the evidence. Sam goes into a tailspin. He changes his story three times. I he said he and Valerie had just hugged that night remember. That was his initial all story. Then he said he tried to kiss her and she declined which embarrassed him. But then that was it then finally. He said that they had consensual sex in a car. So despite all of this they don't have enough to arrest Sam. Even though a stories changed even though he was last one to see her they needed concrete evidence. Dance Valor was killed on New Year's Day but it would take months to get the results of this. DNA testing that was being done on this jacket that bid detective you took from him while the house was being searched and in the meantime though because this was whose husband three. It's not like they're having instant gratification. DNA testing it was definitely being used and utilized frequently but not instantly so in the meantime detectives kept their eyes on Sam and and remember Sam was still fell more high school student. He was a senior WHO's attending school this entire time and it wasn't until may nine. I got a call and the police found out that Valerie's blood was found on Sam's jacket. Finally they could arrest Samuel Playbook for the murder Valerie and they also charged him with attempted rape. Everyone was shocked on the heels of Sam's arrest. Sam was meant to graduate from high high school a week after he was arrested for Valerie's murder and to make matters worse Valerie's two sisters Kristin and Jessica attended school with Sam this entire time time so imagine the horror of that of realizing that and they had a very small graduating class so it's not like every student at the school didn't know one another. They did so for months. The Sky was passing these girls in the halls pretending that he was not the person who killed their sister but he was so crazy. It's crazy so a number of SAM's friends were interviewed after the arrest and this is what they said about him it. Sam always carry drawing books under his arm to sketch the names of friends and caricatures member. He was a high school football player. Who was voted Prom King and he was voted most likely to become talk show host and he dreamed of going to art school and another thing they said about this too in something I read was that Ju- remember when people select tag backpacks so apparently everyone at the school has Sam He was really good at that graffiti. Sort of like. I don't know what the writing is called the. Yeah but he would do this really elaborate writing. Everyone's backpack look. Everyone had a backpack creepy. So they basically said that same was always smiling breaking to spontaneous rap songs of the other students and he was really known as a genuinely nice guy as far as their perception was concerned. WHO's a joker? He he always knew what to say when the others were down. And I think we know now but all these characteristics really mean. Samuel Samuel is a narcissist In a psychopath and a budding serial killer I think you know being a true crime fan means that you know you're constantly being bombarded by a lot of heavy information so when you lay your head to go to bed at night. Don't you want to feel safe in the comfort of your own home I do. And that's why today's podcast is sponsored by. Adt So at Adt can get all the latest innovation in Smart Home Security Combined Bind with twenty four seven monitoring from the most trusted name in home security. 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That is the loner quote unquote kind of like antisocial. Sort of personality. It's true and Melissa aside and I was reading a bunch of articles that said the same thing is that when people when he was implicated in this when he was named people were like I have back a million percent. I would die before I believe. Oh you something like none and I don't. I'm not surprised by that to get to get prom. Collected Prom King. Though that is the most liked on test yes it literally is and the idea that so you add that on top we're putting away the panty theft thing. Now which obviously is a huge red flags when it comes to serial real killers the the attending the funeral and crying with all the people around him all of her family friends. Inner all is just makes my heart But Talmon killers do that and then and then not only that attending school going to school every day with the sisters sisters and acting like an obviously there have been conversations. Route would've been conversations during that time about it. You know people are still talking about. People still freaked. It does to postal prom king yet because he was seventeen and he by the time you know what I mean like. He's a senior by now. He was months. It's prior to the well usually in the spring. But yeah because this happened a year so that probably happened months after after his when he was elected prom. King which is his Co. crazy crazy sociopath razzle dazzle had to put on the pro. Yeah he probably got everybody so was he already. He's a suspect right. Yes so they've already tested hits. You like implicated a little bit. At least no one knew nobody nobody no no. It's like Isaac was a suspect. Isaac was a suspect this entire time. And it's something we can't forget Because it is the plight of being being connected to somebody who's murdered romantic way where you look like the obvious suspect obvious number. One Melissa talked a little bit about just everyone everyone she was living in a neighboring town. Everyone thought it was Isaac. And Isaac had to go to the funeral Isaac Allies Ron Isaac. Not Sam it he. It was innocent. That is a fucking nightmare nightmare in it. So I mean this Qisas. Obviously the worst nightmare but that's also an kind of touched nightmare and his his own way. It's like he's a WHO fucking knows what kind of evidence they could find independent on him of course because you know there's evidence if they were seeing each other when she was home you know there's probably evidence evidence sexual anything And they looked really good to be Isaac. It really did A-. And he is one of the sort of unspoken victims in this case in a lot of ways because when someone's not arrested for months imagine he didn't want to the grocery store because of course you don't want also you're sitting there being like the police are probably trying to build a case against me like you're just sitting there without anxiety just wondering what the hell is going on behind the scenes as an innocent person you have no control over what's going on. And meanwhile this other guy the real killer is doing the razzle dazzle and also tunnel. Well probably command as a probable psychopath does not fucking care knowing Zaidi just living. His life probably attention. This guy does not care does not care. He's passing the sisters in the hall up. I don't remember like other than hearing like who they thought it was when he was arrested. I think I think that is when I found out. WHO's one when they made the arrest? Because I remember thinking like Oh they have been working on this this whole time because it was like as far as what the cops for doing I remember it being pretty quiet like not knowing anything and then they made the arrest and it's this kid and it's this kid that was at her a funeral from what I remember that also Ford like how do you go to her funeral because I can't Then then you heard that he's arrested and it's this seventeen year old kid. I was incredibly relieved. I was like that person who likes the gloated. Because there's nothing to gloat about but it was like I told you so I told you I knew it I called. It wasn't him and I felt felt kind of my face. Restored my senses to tell whether you know like my vibe is still like good where I can sense whether someone's okay or not. You know like my face just thought resort like yes I can. I can sense when people are kid. I feel much better about myself. Which is best did you say? But that's how and like I said it it restricts because it wasn't Isaac between you feel happy And then made me really sad that he had to go through all of that to be suspected to to to have people look at you you know in a town where you know everybody like it could have been comfortable to go to the grocery store. It's easy to assume like if I didn't know the story my first thought would have been if Isaac because that's just how the story usually usually go Why would it be the kid that draw pass? Or you know a girl is not gonna you leave her half-naked like that or at least not likely right till most likely your mind just goes to it. Must Be Isaac and that's you know I heard like little things here. And they're like Oh you know it's probably the ex boyfriend it's probably him. And even when I heard that I was just like you can't just I I think I entertain for like a decade and then I was like no no that doesn't feel right. We like none of it feels right and then I started to question myself like am I. Am I the type things that just because I know somebody that they're not going to do this thing and so it turned out that they had even more evidence that the police were holding back the implicated Sam. The police have been able to recover a distinct shoeprint right near where Valery's body had been found and it turned out to be a match not only to assize but to the specific pair of shoes that Sam had Sam was indicted and pleaded not guilty due to the charges against him and when the trial commenced. The prosecution had a clear theory in terms of how Santa Murdered Valerie so they believe that as Valerie was driving Sam had tried to sexually assault her when she refused Sam choked her and she became unconscious briefly when she came to she was actually able to escape vehicle and she ran for her life and Sam Chaser and caught her in the parking lot of the church. It was there that he hit her in the head with such force that it ruptured her eardrum. Valerie fell to the ground and as Sam ripped off her clothes and tried to rape her. She was struggling to protect ourself. Sam kept hitting her then. He sat on her chest strangled her with his hands. And the defense planete something especially despicable them mm-hmm in terms of the defense. They were planning or Sam so they were hoping to be able to enter Valerie. Sexual Pass sexual history into into evidence as an exhibit for the trial which in my opinion is just unconscionable bowl troops time luckily in this case the judge barred that from happening and I read a bunch of articles that said well. Are they going to bar his history strea- of stealing panties then ones relevant once not. Yeah so the feary once that was out the the defense couldn't par- on a sexual past of nineteen year old. They decided that their theory was this. Sam How consensual sexist Valerie and then someone else killed her. He went home just as he said. Initially the trial ultimately lasted for one month before Sam was convicted of first degree murder attempted rape in a special circumstance of felony murder. During the course of this attempted sexual assault on Valerie and I thought it was interesting interesting They talked about this a bit. And some of the coverage that the rape was not a success and we no this to be something that occurs in other sexual assaults We'll see her killer is a great one. I mean he he could barely The consummate it's shock at children and this is not a successful rate in the talk about this a lot and they talked about this a lot in terms of what what could they charge him with because it was not executed fully. But it's still sexual assault. Yeah yeah he does not have to. Just this is just. This guy is this guy would have killed dozens of people the fact that he could go on afterwards. And just Willy Nilly hang out with a sisters I. This guy is a sick deranged scary faulk. He's terrifying. Yeah like I said Teen Dude like I said he is the worst kind of person mhm because that is the kind of person that can get away with whatever he is doing completely unannounced within like society and dot. That's scary walk. Beware that razzle-dazzle Dude razzle-dazzle is never good. No it's never it's never good. It should be red flag too. Many people college student visiting her family. She got out now still bill proud of that. I'm proud every time I hear anybody from my hometown is out. Doing amazing. Things is a matter how close I am to them or not close. I hear they got out there doing awesome. I love it like yes. Get OUTTA fillmore cashews. Do you're a hey just to have her take away like that. Just really really hurt I don't know how you can take someone's life dump them like nothing and then go and then pretend to be sad about it I'm going to be so young and so like I see other thing. That's pure heating. A kid do seventeen. What happening financiers brain that that was like okay for him like just sociopath is the best way but just straight up monster socio back ah our first degree tonight was connected to everybody in the story? She knew Valerie she was good friends with Isaac and her brother are was best friends with Samuel. It's chilling and it really does go to show that when something like this happens in a tight knit community it impacts everybody in a way that is indescribable. And I think it's important to consider that this church is still sort of the focal point point of fillmore. Everything happens there and this horrific thing happened to valery there. In the fact that scene will chose the spot. As a place to take Valerie's life is a testament to what a monstrous human being his art while special. Thank you Melissa. Are Our first degree connection today. Thank you for sharing your story and if anybody has a story they would like to tell you can email us at hello the first degree. 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Patrick Show every week on an apple. PODCASTS and podcasts one all right hi welcome to killing time killing time not the killing killing time. Yeah Yeah Yeah that's show Biz. His baby certainly is on our special episode of the killing of killing on this special episode of killing time. We have a very special guest. You might know him as Jerry. His name is Jeri. Yeah that that's my real name. His name is jared Monaco. Jared Monaco you might know him as my boyfriend. She might also know him because he plays in a band called the main nine okay. That's also some designs podcast. He's jack-of-all-trades I try. You're pretty good at it longtime fan. Yeah well I have been on towards yard for the well on and off but but these two individuals came to jared shows sector back back to back but separately put separately and we wanted to talk about it because Alexis was. I was sad because she missed the fun. Yes because so. We'll talk about my experience. I we brought Jacqueline's parents and my parents and my sister and her boyfriend my friend way by the way. I'm so happy the fact that now like I've like was this word. Merged the parents know. I've intertwined myself so much with jared that now my best friends families sister's boyfriend is getting on the guesses for the show. Oh No my son bought a main shirt and she was wearing the next day Alexa play the main and she was wearing the mainline Oregon and playing it and it was really cute. I appreciate giving her one sheet support appreciate it support. We had the best time and I was. My Dad is kind of like low energy so I had to provoke him into having fun. Yeah so I was just doing the throwing the goat symbol with my hand and just putting it in his face over and over. You're having a good time. Because I through the golden his face over and over until he like thought I was funny and then and then he was having a blast get pissed off because he thought he was going to have a bad time and then he did have a good time and then he was pissed race here yes then he was scared to tell me what a good time he was having because he made such a big deal about not wanting to go thinking. You'd have a bad Tomo. You're the only reason he went is because I was like. It's my birthday party but not gonNa see you and he's like alright. I'll go. I met you guys on store before we went on your family and your dad sounds like I don't know if you're gonNA like this. No because we had somewhere to set. It was the best pal such as love the show. I mean it's like my second or third one and I. It's so oh good. Thank you good tour. I'm a little bit sad over a really great charity. It's over it's good to be home home daily sleeping in a bed so nice. There's nothing worse than sleeping in a bunk. I have to say bunk in on a bus tour thus at thirty two years old. I mean it's a lot different when you're twenty one blacking out every day except for some you know there's something about going on tour that you blackout overnight. Yeah Yeah you can't your bed moves every night at eight is. There's only so many times you can break into tiny dancer by Elton John on the tour bus before it's just like this is don on. Is that what happened when you were there. Well Yeah as we drove around Phoenix and the tour so on on on the night that I went. Can't we went backstage. Had a wonderful time. Well so the difference between the show that we went in San Diego with Lux's parents and the show. The billy he came to as billy came to the Phoenix show. which is jared hometown? Show from played at this place. Called the Van Buren which is dope venue. It has the coolest backstage stage. They have a whole gigantic room with beer and cold brew on top and a K did it right and it really. Brits probably one of the best backstage stages I've ever seen library a library and LP's and yeah so so. Billy came to that. He came at us by himself. I was I was like Oh billy but then I then when we went out into the crowd billy was a celebrity. And we'll all that's to be expected your your lady gang show main billy walked in late and everything like Oh Jesus Christ you have to be extra me noam later. Otherwise he's unruly. It was another one of those. I remember one girl came up to billy and I'm standing next billion. I'm like if you're in a main show and it's like you know who believes Mike. Can I might assume that you know who I am as I'm jared Gulf and it also builds like this is partner. Yeah like Samya murdering. Oh Bob and is it's just like talking about she's talking about murder. Scott and Blah Blah Blah Blah and. I'm just like you have no idea. I don't believe that before the show. I think I was there for that. Yeah Yeah that was Super Fun to watch you die inside a little bit to be honest. I don't care I just thought it was pretty funny. I got I got to hang out with all of the girlfriends girlfriends and wives out of the main which was interesting and you know you you get along with women both of you don't you. I mean that's a great by the way that's a very good quality to be to have as a man is to be able to get along with one because there are a lot of men have an ego and like. They don't want to pretend that they can't get in with girl time and both of your individual very good at that meeting Jerry have aside text just him yeah interesting. I think that'd be about and aside text team between two people just a text Muslim. Take time myself integrate child just sitex billion Tokyo. This is normal as they told us about not aside tax. You just need to validate what you're saying. Well I'm not super secretive. No I don't have a lot of skeletons. Tins I do total. I I feel like I'm trying to create a beard for myself. I I have no skeletons. I'm out in the open. Yeah Oh see yeah just. It's all on your sleeve out. He knows everything and Buck. Yeah Open Book Blues. Blues deep deep rooted secret at all not like the hall family. Certainly not which we're excited about. Ah Can we. Can we talk about it. You do it Egypt right well. We will be having listened to root of evil which by the way if you have not listening to it right now actually podcast I listened to it for the second time. Priscilla God yes your jaw will drop continually and your car. It's crazy or on your treadmill or wherever you listen to your podcast. A lot of people. Listen to podcasts at work we had that the gentleman who is a cop talk about it was. He said that his are episode kept getting interrupted because he kept having to go on. Call happens when you're supposed to talk about about Stephanie. I forgot I will be law. Yeah so the so the ladies from root of evil will be on our podcast cast talking about Black Dahlia Giorgio. Del and one of the craziest definitely the craziest story. True Crime Story in Los Angeles historian Rian power say in in modern. Yep It's the most insane tested connected DOPP twisted in any illusions in that story that are made like famous artists. Celebrity chef unreal. No and I when I started listening to the podcast I have no audio that connection to like surrealism or anything. I'm a huge surrealist fan. We went to the Dali Museum recently in Spain and that was a crazy Z.. Tying the connection to the surrealism as why. I think it's like the best story of our of our lives like I don't think anything is going to be. It's so horrific like in time has passed and it's obviously not okay and it doesn't make it any less horrific but we're also removed that we can see sort sort of just like the weird thematic things in that story and I've never seen anything like it. No so that is coming up on the first degree. Yeah Yeah we're very excited. We don't have A. It'll be in the next few weeks three weeks. Yeah it'll be in the next few weeks I concur. I carry commentator Eh. He hasn't listened to it yet. Have you busy you know. There's not much time to do anything on their time on the road around. Excuse though to be honest been on the road but the funny thing excuse to me because I they have also been. I know that was to Lexin. Billy go with no no more excuses Mr. Have we come enough time to kill. I think we've killed nine minutes and forty seconds. It's time I always can feel at ten minute mark creeping up and I know the only they have All right well baby. That's star wars baby. ooh I saw that Mimi. You use that someone. uh-huh tagged me in. Oh but comment on it. Yeah I said all right all right all right under On starwars no. I just commented that for no reason that show baby we don't know we're talking about. That is show Biz Baby. Maybe like that Star Wars Baby. That's star Star Wars. Yoda Baby Bjorn Baby.

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