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Hello America welcome to college. Football live today's show promises hated debate and a great conversation with Miami Hurricanes head coach and former E._s._p._N.. Production Assistant Many D._S.. I'm your host Marty Smith guys what's what's going on with the teleprompter and Mardi give me a break man. It's been over twenty years since I use this thing. Okay all the technologies change so I'm doing the best I can okay. Thank goodness he found coaching many will join us in just a bit but I I get the great opportunity to have one of the best best debates in college football around the water cooler with these guys Tim Hasselbeck Emmanuel Acho Jonathan Vilma. We are talking best players from each school are e._s._p._N.. Analytics team released their position. Can you rankings which dug deep into the numbers to find out which schools produce the best players at each position in the B._C._S. and College Football playoff eras that goes back to one thousand nine hundred eight. The calculations are the result of a combination of a four different criteria first team all conference awards consensus all American selections N._F._l.. Draft position and N._F._l.. Production naturally we're going to start with quarterback. Here's the top five schools on our list number. Five Florida state produced heisman winners in Chris Winky and Jameis Winston as well as first round draft picks E._J.. Manuel and Christian ponder number four Texas turns out talent like major applewhite Chris Simms Vince Vince young and Colt McCoy their new gas SAM. He's not too bad either number three Oregon with guys like Joey Harrington Marcus Mariota and their current signal caller just in Harvard number two speaks for itself Oklahoma Baker Mayfield Cuyler Murray and Sam Bradford All heisman trophy winners all number one overall picks in the N._F._l.. Draft and that leaves number one southern California Carson Palmer Matt Liner Mark Sanchez Guys Sam Darnold. That's what the analytic say boys now. It's our turn. What do you say listen? What's quarterback you for you? The reality is you're listening. A couple of those guys is S._C.. When you just think about the volume of the guys I mean let's Matt Cassel Demon play and he ended up having a better pro careers like Matt liner then you think going down the list of guys you know recently? They've been draft whether it's John John David Booty Matt Barkley Cody Kessler just basically like if you become the starting quarterback at U._S._C. You're getting drafted. I mean that's what it feels like. They're it's hard to argue that but let me ask you this so we talk about quality or are we talking about quantity because I feel like there's a fine argument when talking about these S._e.. quarterbacks many of which I'm friends with great people by but are we talking quality. I love you guys but in order get drafted. I think what you have shown as quality at the college and I think we can we can certainly debate about whether Matt liner panned out in the pros or what the expectations there were <hes> so I think when you look at that listen you could make that argument for a bunch of. Guys but in order to get there you gotta be nice and college. Yeah I mean listen the US handsome quarterbacks right but like there are a bunch of guys after Ken Dorsey ended up in the pro so I think when you just look at it from the path to their if you're gonNA put that many guys in the pros you're Kinda so then your perspective is quarterback. You is if you go if you if you were the university that's going to get you want your fan and you say <music>. I'm part of my school part of quarterback. You you start to rip off guys that are pro bowlers all pro hall of Famer because it 'cause 'cause. You're right they with the case but if you're going to do that where you're going yes that's guys that are producing I can't I can't cut it at nine. Hundred Ninety eight has to go all the way. If you're a fan you're wanted to include. I think this while over water cooler gotTA shift over here to the position that really started this debate in the first place defensive back look at this list L._S._U.. Claims it's D.`you Sodas Florida Virginia Tech to the guess what none of those schools top our list O H I O. Does you guys by Ohio state as Vilma. I'm buying Ohio State. Is The you go by the criteria that we are assessing D._V._U.. Ohio state is it to your point Tim. It's volume how many guys this thing about Ohio state of how many guys they've had either go league or become all conference or become all Americans is exactly the list goes on and on a hooker Jenkins lattimore just keep going and going John and just go back a little bit further and then you're talking like Sean Spring exactly quarterback we played in the league with like I think we've got a L._S._U. With D._b.. You why we live in a day and age where everybody's what have you done for me lately. What about what have you done for me period? Let's talk about Patrick. Peterson gone to the pro bowl since he stepped into the League. Let's talk about time for the Malcolm Jake when he's healthy he's in the pro bowl and he's probably not the best safety. Maybe the best dude in the League then you've got a young on boo- to Davis White Jalen meals and then they got one in the Chamber and grant in College Right now in college right now to see what he's GonNa say. That's it every every guy you mentioned attention to the name to Ohio state guys right now. Come out again going back to what the criteria is. If you're an athletic DB for how state you're going to be an all conference players. You're most likely going to be an all American because they're always competing for national titles so that's what the criteria was and then they go out and they produce now are they shut down lockdown corners all the time no but they're legitimate players that we spoke about and you're too young to know Shawn Springs Good Sean Spring. One one program that we didn't mention in the debate is the Alabama Crimson tide but eight total positions are represented in the overall data with our E._S._p._N.. Analytics Alabama ranks on six of those eight lists so what is it about Alabama that attracts and develops which is a very key word so much talent. I mean listen. They obviously the program has been good to guys want to go and be a part of something good. I mean let's John. On and I were talking before the show about guys like kind of when I was in college guys wanted to go to the U. and be a part of what you was doing. I mean that's in. They weren't afraid to go compete with guys. I just feel like that seems to be the culture that has been there and then in terms of developing guys I mean just look look at the offensive coaches that they've had at Alabama obviously the history of defensive coaches that have been there and so I think that when people scout players that have played it Alabama they feel like look if you were able to get on the field here with this coaching and what those guys demand of you then. I'm going to be able to coach you in my room yeah so I think that really ends up being the kid needs. Football is a great college coaches about two things recruiting and developing you got to recruit you. GotTa have the talent on and then you have to have as you pointed out the coaches to develop these players and Alabama has done a tremendous job of that somehow we were just talking about it somehow they have maintained the culture of I'm going to go in and I'm okay sitting for four year or two and now compete and then I'll go and be productive and then I'll be drafted etc etc especially in this day and age the younger guys don't like to compete if I'm a five star quarterback I want to be a starter right then for whatever reasons what's most impressive Davies which you just alluded to the fact that recruits are content sitting for three years you know when they'll start for one. They'll be a first round pick or an all conference player in they'll go on and have a successful N._F._l.. Career I think talent begets talent and that's what Alabama's done I love this quote quote from Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden last year before rookie minicamp. He said when players come from Alabama usually they're ready to roll from a mental standpoint. They know how to work. They have a good understanding of what football is all about and great great passion for the game in other words whether it's Jonathan Allen Doron Pain Sean Hamilton plug and play. They're ready to go right now. Well it's plug and play because like like everybody said the talent is so high that in some instances practice it Alabama so you would have to think is even tougher than some games. I think that's why I'm saying you're able to go and compete and get on the field there and they're playing you each and every week there people in the N._F._l.. Are GonNa go wait a second. I know that there are a bunch of guys that look like they can play in the N._F._l.. That are on that roster but that guy is rising above all of that whether it's at receiver certainly the case at running back. I just look at the defending the ball for sure <hes> Nick Sabin I mean the man runs is a professional organization. It is remarkable the way that he takes these young men who've been told from the jump. You're the greatest player that's ever been. Since they were twelve years old he strips them down to nothing makes them a team member and then bills them up into all conference and potential first round draft picks. It's remarkable coming up Miami head coach. Manny Diaz left Coral Gables for temple and then he didn't we'll discuss the as unique path with the man himself next challenge football live is brought to you by state farm tongue to an agent today at eight hundred state farm. Let's consider the secret life of the most nesting doll living most of her life in the dark inside the other nesting dolls. He has plenty of time to think if we could sadly he has no brain however when most nesting doll here's the Geiko no not only saves people money but also has been providing great service for over seventy five years. She thinks it's obvious you should switch because yes switching to geico is a no brainer pity the innermost nesting doll and her lot in life. It's exciting to watch over table. These are the storylines for the Miami Hurricanes as we enter two thousand nineteen Miami coming off a season in which they it went seven and six and since starting ten zero in two thousand seventeen they're just four nine against the power five. They should get some help a quarterback as Ohio state transfer Tate Martell vying for the Q._B.. Job In coral gables and his immediately eligible to play and there's a new man in charge as former defensive coordinator and Miami Native Manny Diaz takes over from Mark Rick and speaking of the man himself Manny Diaz welcome to college football live. We appreciate you hanging with us today. Man You have run through the Car Awash E._S._p._N.. Let's start with Miami to temple to Miami. How did all of that unfold and what was the emotion involved in that for you? All of the emotions were involved. It was an amazing day. It was December thirty. There was a Sunday we played in New York on Thursday returned to Miami on a Friday and that Sunday. I had an offense coordinator flying into Miami interview so I'm going to hotel room in coral gables probably about two or three miles from campus and my iphone is going crazy and I'm not paying attention. I'm in the middle of job interview and finally I look and it's my wife and I got a bunch of text message from her saying call me right now. Stop what you're doing and she knew what I was up to so. It had to be something really important. I thought my instant thought my family and so excuse myself I walk around the corner and and Super Deadpan she just says Mark Rick Retired and that that was a meteor. No one saw that coming at that moment I mean the room start spinning because you start thing number one for mark gives marks a friend of mine and I know what went into that decision to you. Start thinking about temple because you hear stories about that guy and you don't WanNa be that guy and all of a sudden you realize you're in the middle of that drama. Whether you like it or not and then would you we have a shot at Miami and what's insane that was probably twelve thirty in the afternoon and by five or six thirty. The deal was done for me head coach Miami so it was a. I don't know if there's a same story anywhere in the history of college football but it was is a six hours I will never forget what a gamut of emotion had them all coach or the headman now but back in twenty eleven two thousand twelve you were my defensive coordinator at Texas. What's the biggest difference between being a coordinator and now being the headman while they're all yours right the entire team so there's two things internally your response for everybody on the team and you have to make sure that your culture so as opposed sitting in a position room or on one side of the ball now you WanNa make sure that your culture affects everybody in the program? So everything that comes in contact your players. You're now held in account for whether that's what's going on in the training room the strength room the equipment room nutrition the whole you got the whole deal and then obviously externally there's a lot more demands on your time and if you will let it there the things that will take you away from which to me is our primary purpose which is maximizing the potential of the young man we get to coach. It helps to have a great staff so I was. I was fortunate some guys that I've known for a long time and be able to put some guys together that can help. I'll be accomplished the task nice so coach. We have a lump where former players always talking about. We want to bring you back. Bring it back and you grew up in that era when Miami was back. What are you doing right now at the players? Tip Bring back that old Miami Swag Yeah well you you. You know the answer to this question. The swag came from preparation swag is confidence right. What makes me confident being prepared you know from women when you play so he doesn't even even I got word that come from 'cause it's easy to have fake swag right and that comes at Miami that's been earned at green tree practice field and the ability to compete and I think the thing that is disappointed? Most of the alumni and myself included is we didn't always compete you watch year ago for whatever reason we didn't have that competitive spirit that Miami teams have so when we came as a staff in two thousand sixteen defensively our goals were simple. Not We care about yards points. Whatever we said we WANNA play like the Miami Hurricanes and if you know what that means what that means and now we have a simple goal for twenty nineteen? We have to play in compete to to the standard of the Miami hurricanes because I don't know how good we are and I really don't care. That's not my primary focus. I know that we can decide whether we compete every Saturday and that's really what I wanNA. See this year couple of seasons ago debut the turnover chain right and I spent the entire I think it was two thousand seven was I spent the whole season trying to get that thing in my hands and he was like sending me tweets. You can't have my turnover turnover. I'm GonNa tell you what I had several your games that year in the fever pitch that was the turnover turnover chain as the player went to put it over his head was an explosion of emotion for the Canes Fan Base it was how was that devised in. Is it still around. Where are we with the kids still around there will be a version three point? Oh okay this year but that we could not have predicted that we just want more turnover. It was a phenomenon the phenomenon surprised even us and I think another thing happened. It didn't just whip us into a frenzy and it was a party with our fans but the other team they watched it and that other team all week made a big point. Don't let that chain come out. Don't let that chain come out and then when that chain would come out they would see on the jumbotron their players with Sarah guys wearing it because there was a weird especially in seventeen you saw it and we were still top. Twenty numbers forced a year ago. There will be a kickathon effect and it's the first turnover came the next turnover would come and for whatever reason that was missing on that we didn't we weren't great in sixteen forcing turnovers and since the chain we've been pretty good at the last couple of years so acho has a story he'd like like to share about your preparation coaching okay. I'm looking forward to this back to twenty eleven J._v.. My Guy Manny Diaz shows up 'cause my senior year and it's his first year as a coordinator in my linebacker coach. We have our linebacker dinner. It coach's house in about thirty minutes in he runs out of Hamburger Bun your coach. I do remember running out of hamburger buns. Okay go on so now. We're sitting here hungry J._v._M.. Sixty two to forty still fit at the time Hungary and got no hamburger buns the show four coach I just I either need an apology or explanation. I didn't realize that this wounded you so I want you to know that I'm here for you at all times okay all things you're live so <hes> I hope you will one day. Find it in your heart you helped him out because you've got many amount but also here's what I do. Remember we know about the head coach but speaking to a testament of your character in two thousand thirteen came to Nigeria with me and my family on a medical mission trip we go on annually and we were just in the rural villages and I saw not Manny Diaz the coach but Manny Diaz a person humanitarian and I just Kinda WanNa speak to light coach. Do you remember that and how did why. Did you even choose to take. Take your two weeks of vacation and do something like go back and give back. Do I remember how could I forget it. What I remember even just watching? This video is just the is the pictures of the children's faces because those those stay with you forever and you'll you'll find yourself just in thought wondering what are those children doing right now because you know when you leave the people that only right like they're still there and we had a chance to touch them for a week or a little bit longer than that and but that counter keeps on ticking so it just you find myself in thought at times and you'll go back you'll look at the pictures and there's a couple of faces of the children know we're out there playing soccer with them having fun and giving them landers and soccer balls and the whole deal it was a that was an experience. I'll never forget what do you remember about the a final highlight you cut as an E._S._p._N.. Production assistant that was a that was a memorable Sunday was my last day at work. I walked into the screening room and the highlight supervisor kind is a gift a going away present gave me tiger woods final round dirty that is I look here wearing the red nineteen ninety-seven that looks like eighteen right there and does it what does it the wind for the ages and so that there is fifty percent action support in Sport Farewell Swansong E._S._p._N.. So I got the high soup was that day and so you walk in there was always a list of what game you had and it could have been that or could have been. You know you know who don't do it so it was fun to be able to have that as you're kind of you're going away present E._s._p._N.. I love a man. Thank you for joining us. We really appreciate your time coach. Good luck this season. Thank you gotTa tomorrow on College Football. We are live from PAC twelve media days. You'll hear from Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert U._S._C. Head coach Clay Hilton and the always entertaining Mike Leach as they addressed the media assemblage in Los Angeles Sheila in celebration of the N._F._L.'s one hundred season Peyton manning takes you on a unique and humorous journey of football's history and cultural impact through conversations with former players coaches and other key figures thirty the episodes of Payton's places available only on E._S._P._N.. Plus the S._e._C. Network is coming August twenty second visit get A._C._C. IN DOT com. Check availability ability. If you don't see your provider listed demand they carry A._C._C. Network. Meanwhile this happened on yesterday show. The Manny Diaz actually instilled this. I'm that last Friday practice before for you travel to the hotel he'd get all the defense together and you got a free style. You gotta come with at least the hot eight bars. The bars don't count for nothing in his way to count for nothing. You'd better spit at least four eight and it was a real quick and you tune in tomorrow his time it's time yes wasn't a day. I'm a man of my word. They asked me for two bars but I'm a bit Hoti. They say better late than never ver- but I'm sorry I'm late a New Year new me so I'm done with the hate but like Nick Sabin. I'm just trying to be great. The truth hurts like Jalen so I'm a tone it down because it's all love like tennis before the ball hits the ground from J._V. Mardi and E. That's it for our time so go ahead. We signing off from college back out Joe. He's done boarding.

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