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hi i'm ben done the host of what were drinking with dan done a show that mixes history culture politics famous people in booze and strange it through the cognitive mash of my size or gray matter join me each week as i take a lighthearted stroll all through the consequential role that alcohol is played through the ages and how it shaped key moments in history quite literally change the world for instance did you know the thomas jefferson started the first u s wind company in virginia with investments and some george washington in ben franklin it's true and if you're wondering who's winery sits across the street from jefferson's estate today here's a hint what's orange president and has a very good brain and the best people also tell you about new stuff the drink trends recipes and other things that are good to end up chat up celebrities along with the movers and shakers adult beverage world and since this is a show about alcohol i'd like to remind you the drinking can cause memory loss or even worse memory loss where wasn't already looking my show it's called what were drinking with dan done it's fun i promise so come on pull up a barstool and let's kick it darby danny ran in james van valkenburgh joe montana where they like right in nineteen oh my she told me that you break it down in melbourne florida out there by bell on happy day hey man you don't love them people are not down with go darnay handle that dirty filthy you're a young guy down around town mustard out dump people town to another episode of a big bowl town no population population gave us john gabriel split on the show over at shanks thriving jaji gabe russ hammerschmidt yeah name is my name to do a we've been wanting to get you on frayed a long long time because we think you're dumb but no you understand the world of dumb i i have one leg in dominate in any given swimming those water yeah i i grew up in those waters dive in every once in were saved from long island that area guard in nassau oh wow miami heat in that you should see why dumb people town is in my wheelhouse my wife my wife's family like lives in like kind of near atlantic beach area kind of go down that area you see some dumb but you just you're like old fashioned new york isn't as refined is i thought it was have confidence in thirty minutes outside of new york city forty years behind exactly the way we said that about the we're in bloomington indiana about martinsville which is where the kkk start it's like maybe twenty miles and two hundred years away from either give her take a decade give it a daniel the world's getting dumber we get amazing stories sent to us reminding us talk about what john has going on the second break but we had we gotta jump into some dumbness right away okay all right ready yes sent in by nicolas jay at the notorious b r t which doesn't seem to be his initials so i'm not i i think it'd be talking about the bart it's more of a takeoff on ruth bader ginsburg is on i'll take that they all right it is more of an anagram right for takeoff walker shock county wisconsin all now oh yeah a an area of the country i'm extremely familiar within the dell dan walker saw no no well walkers shaw it might be near milwaukee waukesha shot is a town outside of milwaukee like if you told me dan walkin shows where americans their first pickle i believe you you could give me any state fair bullshit we are just pig was found with the largest pick who could swim it's not yeah there are bigger pigs but they have around fair once in the big thing was like watch this little pig swim in its swam long at the table just so close just seeing more people like to comment by the way the way the pig fucking made us wait as like a big time see axel road we've got a big stretch stretch coming from a strip club we can't tell us when it starts women doing what it does but walk struck ami home of the fried cotton candy that's not true dad you made that a a that see that's the most that's when i started right here in waukesha county where they're deep fry in got let's take it all over the state funnel clouds funnel cakes walks county is actually where those girls did the slender man murders in a good dose of my idols gonna get them on my part mary authoritative when they do they understand how to lure somebody in a a man who told police he was a cat and threatened to knock out on officer is facing seeing multiple charges for cats that violet no they don't give a shit came out drama hey this he might be a cat but he ain't no person because he's going after those cops multiple violations it's like you assaulted a police officer you pretended to be a way of salt was that he just kinda laid in wait for a while and then ran out and start scratching mccaddon cops don't come on man robbed his back against the cops leg and you're like style cop goes to put the cups and he's like my neck with their eyes on the ground in the cat could hit under a bed for two years because someone jostle the cabinet pull out like laser laser cited that regular run around all of whom are just starting to do what what are you doing what he's taking a shit about he do it do you think he's 'cause we don't know the order of these crimes he could have been assaulted a cop and then run away into a pet store in the country goes have you seen anyone who's just in radio i'm a cat lover wave yelling last night it the most fun thing in the world under the bridge now i'm now i'm yeah now now now now now it's all it was so fun to do while we have walked out of play full voice now a yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah red hot chili tab there is something joy it'd be a cat sing a song about heroin destroying you're like oh honored percent under a bridge a ah ready for this them yeah double gi grade and gibson his parents constantly talking to him greatest yet over here so you know when he was a shitty kid somebody had the call degrading don't airline grilling doll yeah some like one like lippi teacher graded degraded graded listening to me graded sat down rated who is at a claim jumper waiting for their table right great great sit down beeper down they say not the trust people were two first names how do they feel about to people when people ask me well because of the cats hyphenate his name is greatly expand my you'd be like alan great alligator gibson was one of our nation's greatest didn't realize he was great and gibson he didn't write the home how will he wrote the palm crowley now craig allen grade and give it hasn't been charged with misdemeanor bell jumping disorderly conduct and obstructing an officer according to a criminal complaint police were call after someone reported seeing a body under a tree near the tennis court in beverly hills park in brookefield okay first of all the fact it wisconsin named someplace beverly eddie murphy picked up a transvestite sure aeriens person i got a better way isn't there a beverly hills in michigan to i'm almost certain there is a there's gonna be beverly hills and a lot more cities that are way different than beverly beverly hills trailer park and so it's like a hollywood tanning salon of first there i think is a hollywood tanning salon in hollywood and i'm like that what he's doing what we have this call it a tanning thank you this should be in grand rapids or how great would it be if it was a grand rapids tanning the funniest thing i've heartland tanner man i love the idea of this call the number one hello yeah yeah there is a body under a tree were really all support by the gold gotta as it on the tennis court no it's by he's got a little tail pinned to his hand was he only eight years old port he hung around in a circle four times before we leave make sure you do claude well i think he was up in the tree and they called the fire department again of any foul and they were like swim today dot com a you guys about the time that i was playing tennis here over on riverside by los feeless with my buddy were playing at this court that had like stands at everything my buddy bill and i are playing an all of a sudden this guy this really ratty looking dude comes up and it's like as were playing there is a flood like a plug by where we might and outlets yeah he's like he has modify charge my phone here charge my phone here in were like yeah sure he sits down and mike rolls up his pants huge swastika on his calf and just sits there i'm like he rolled his pants up for no reason rolled his pants up over his nose and we love you thank you man right hey fuck you guys enjoy danny's joy joy what it was like i i love the year phone doesn't like as much astles you are you're phone doesn't have juice yeah you know what i mean like amazon charger yeah what's that that's not you every single yeah it'd be all year loans not appearing but i mean okay so body by the tennis court about tom think could be a nazi around eleven thirty pm on april seventh right oh shit i remember correctly is piling up thursday or friday no april seventh was eight this past year yeah it was a sunday you sure april eighth was a monday and that was my widespread yeah 'cause the third is my mom's in the tuesday you know what i got her as a gift to you know what i got her calf swats counter that said how close her birthday was two years nope a body laying under a tennis court oh so you say cat the cat version of under the bridge still gonna get sued meow meow man i don't this falls under parity law it does it does police found get already laura i'm doing the collapse of the soccer player does when he's just just leaving it yeah he's john big fan say soccer club to he's asking himself for applaud he grabbed my show you what you have to do what i'm doing that neighbors laying around brookville police found gibson lying on the ground after shaking him and checking his pulse gibson slowly began to wake up the officer said he was extremely every liberal extremely lethargic and swore her before me yelling saying he was a cat by the way this is exactly the way cats are not every person who doesn't wanna get arrested in the central we're like we find that is the key to any cat let's say are last special we said like nobody ever best the best thing you could ever say about a cat is he's like a dog yeah he does tricks he knows his name you lockup like no one's ever said like you gotta meet my dog he thinks he's a cat cat rules is just like a dog well wait to see fucking dog anyone who look i'm a cat person i'm like well you've never had a dog and cats i loved but i understand that i get that the the pitch for cats are either they're just like a dog or they're no work whatsoever can if you're like if you're brand like i like this pat because i'm have to deal with it yeah i like this because it's like a pigeon on my porch indoor pigeon indoor now we know great in his white hey because his name is great in 'cause he wasn't immediately shot right officer tried to ask gibson what what's going on but he would not answer very cat last time i looked over here look at right when asked how much she had the drink the night before they lead on thirty nine tiny saucer which is why would you said just a nipple whiskey even better when asked how much he had a drink the night before grayton gibson said quote not enough oh that's a great point you have to just go like you guys guy well neither i wanna hold my gun half a point where we're bad okay i get the marvel comics get this guy that was a big selling point like man these cops in chicago cops don't get charged for anything i don't know how it works on i know triple it does have a company wide a kind of course responders always her half price new york is not allowed to do that really why do you think they don't well it's of course not no i think the cops follow all the rules in new york coming up in five you got it yeah i remember telling you about and so you watch what is relatively new in movie that we could act like they're all like the guy they on long island they'll move to long island of course like so i love in the room end a and the guy looks like jim breuer yes i look in a room in bags open i see a little bit of money i'm like that's my fucking money but the thing about that documentary is the most chilling moment for me is win a clean copy wanna spoil it for everybody listening from me i said is when a clean cop said the first day i met this guy end yeah he was like i as he walked away i'm like that guy's a perk that guy's not a cop even though he's in cop clay just had that feeling of her my editor is like so we thought we talked about you know let's not let's not like you know be over you know anybody the next day this though patrols open a rib jerry on fucking goodfellas where they come in with because it's like take them off get out of here i tried to tell i love that they love but it is but that is unbelievable unbelievable documentary watching seventies yeah these guys eighties one guy one guy who is dirty who got another guy who wasn't dirty but they make enough money in everything and they just start shaking people don't believe and not like oh we skim a little off the top line like they were working as criminals were gonna be drug they somehow i watched the entire movie there they here i i don't even understand like a documentary about corrupt cops two things i hate corruption employees at the end of it i was like i'm with those guys they won you over it's like would they are charming it's like it's clear how they got away with a longer like scam scam casino see the main guy owns it he owns it so much yet you're like i did yeah i i can't really you're not lying what about like the big heavy metal basis guy who's like you know like i come in there and i'm like six foot six so i start their own people around hey look like a high school football breaking the law in new york but you're not allowed to get a discount as a police officer yes yes he could not imagine going into a fucking bodega you could just take whatever you want how much after drake not enough not enough enough come on let's get you a few more pops rather great into other reporters that were being with gifts and he was saying random things that did not make fencing could smell alcohol on his breath corral what a weird way to say you is trump saying that he kept talking about his dad dad in his mouth out he's yelling about a reporter just drop it starts you work there i have a breathalyzer stars are driven by phone from my writing like to give you the contacts and let you make the mascot ads right i set up the dots i lay man well being checked out by first responders the complete says the grading gibson was not cooperative and yelled profanities before he was eventually medically cleared very catholic later gibson allegedly became belligerent telling me officer and simple became a feral cat eventually quote i'm gonna knock you the fuck out that is very uncapped like right yeah 'cause they'll just do it right clinching his fifth wall staring at a firefighter the firefighter firefighter the flyers minored that with an axe i that he only but it's not open this reminds me of all times like working door just being in bars in chicago where you can see the way someone standing back that one fight fight fight is just standing there with the fence because like the head talked a little bit to the bartender for like five years and i could truly look in a crowd of people in saint louis gonna fuck and who's gonna fight that's right oh yeah like i could just tell by it's gonna fight yeah looking for it you also could totally tell which a couples are in fights that they haven't told anybody else about that's my that's my favorite should ever is when you see a woman like polar hand away from like secretly from a distance you see a woman pulled her hand out what happened there early at bars to door guys hey you guys do whatever you want and run this however you want i just want you know that was gonna be a problem about why you walk over starts like i told you guys this guy bob in the nose clairvoyant or what me and say you're welcome for the country it's football staring at a police officer when am i got firefighter i think you said firefighter a firefighter yes well that's a smart move if you're gonna start a fire would someone choose the one that doesn't have a pistol honor bell right well as the guy who's just posing for a calendar he was facing the other way shooting in real as you see when asked if he would cooperate operate with police grading gibson responded quote i dunno am i gonna be arrested adds it on them by the cops even asking just find out are you gonna collaborate so far he answered no say that as you're bending bending his arm behind him in clay cut up well yeah you gotta say that stouffer like the body cam audio you know you gotta listen up you know just like kneeling and i don't wanna blame them but you gotta know the right question to like i can't go into my son son it'd be like what do you want for breakfast no after going it'd be like do you want a bagel or do you want pancakes like i gotta get make bolero it down to fight then we could have both you could have one of these other but like i can't be like what do you are you gonna are you gonna cop it's gotta be like don't get you ready for the cops are you not now you got two choices i'm now will nominate but my dad drunk people children open then when he said yeah yeah framed the discussion ever even you're you're you're drunk friend where do you wanna go all right because they wanna go to taco bell do you wanna go i wanna go to another bar do you wanna go home yeah right yeah because if you say where do you wanna go disneyland might come in yeah you know what i mean like abject and a lot of people know this but that's a binding question if you say you're buddy when you're leaving a bar where we wanna go wagging mountain bore not gonna good imagine what you said go anywhere going say anywhere anywhere no he's going back on what he's saying you said any bouncer answer i like when you're a liar leave him alone up you say i like when you have a drunk person an open ended question and get a different answer like that where do you wanna eat you never even like i've been talking about asked about where you want it you don't you don't like me and the guy walking by me absolutely doesn't like that if they woman and brian i that's great people don't like you come on let's keep going the wrong no no no i'm not leaving your solid as you many choices choices if you say narrative here then they gotta give you an answer i heard what you were looking at no taco bell or here or a the complaint says the gibson refused to tell officers his full correct name multiple times i went to my name is great but maybe they did come on come on you must be real name make shit on greatest wins gave police fake birth date yeah you got the year but he's like september fourth forty in order to in order to identify gifts in brookville police used law enforcement has not said milwaukee brookville police law enforcement record's unmatched in with the previous booking photo guys run once before yeah authorities all right or did they want a bottle of admiral nelson in his backpack my own no idea tranquilizer straight a highly mardi right it's is it or is it cereal so i admiral nelson is just below captain morgan now they are doing life they were on a ship navy higher it is like how jack daniels a shitty friend is evan williams you know i looked it up i got johnny while there is a type of shitty with jimmy walker dynamite whiskey i got pulled over time in college my roommate's were pushing me home home in hd shopping carts going on around nine in poughkeepsie and the cops like pulled me over and my friends were like oh fuck officer were just getting her friend home drunk they're like well he doesn't seem of age should be drinking like eighteen and a and they were like i know i am there like let me see right there and i gave the cops my fake ideal ending and they're like a all right what you're naming like danny valley nadi shout out to whoever this guy is only valid on thirty one years ago and i was like a this this address and i knew his birthday and everything they're like all right get danny home and my friends were like all right danny holy shit they were already come out there i know you don't get that information recall when unbelieving bottom the thing you memorize is like your horoscopes and that's the better follow it i shouldn't say what you're signing answer but that fricken aidid goes in the like fake i'd be hall of fame like we were when we were at michigan there's a game ari nestle who is trying to take fake fake idee photos and he made giant board that you stood in front of you took the picture in front of the board cut it out and put any damage laminated illinois state for i think just clicking drag the shrink some of these shows thoroughfares okay driver's license standing in front of it but then the lighting was too dark when he was being you know when they said so he did it outside on the roof of the house one of our comedy like jesus christ like you did a dog shouldn't be catching a frisbee in the background should be like i don't even we wednesday windy imagine just walking by cops just like do do do do this on their look i in fact i on or any i guys one of you is exactly right admiral nelson spiced rum captain morgan you know it's a little too spicy it's like what's the production company asylum films and make like those sound alike movie comes out they like more monger like it's like people like morgan maybe foreign people accidentally by admiral more mongers of iran other leg is up both legs delivering the bottle 'em in march gibson had been charged with three misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct resorting obstruction you know sort of bail five hundred dollars signature bond whole bunch of other stuff the bottom assigned april first still in full force when gibson was arrested we'll get out of here on this yesterday how old do you believe grading gibson is your guests gave her she'd go first or third david in the middle of lot okay so a and i guess his age for all nine live or die it's currently you wanna go first second and third i'll go to big okay a j a m i mean this guy is twenty eight years old twenty eight years old from jason sklar who's forty four forty four why do you say forty four because i feel like he might be someone suffering from mental health lack of says i wouldn't have done it i think he's fifty okay yeah i'm going even further reading gibson transfers and now tony's were gonna closed on what i say twenty seven forty four and fifty days it ain't great and feels like an old old man like grady yeah jaden gibson is twenty years old oh holy shit so parents like can be to blame like recent review oh yeah yeah i mean there's a possibility that he's a college junior gift bag 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gonna have to move that date at the end of july probably to maybe january will let you know keep that going super scores that come check that out and you've got some stuff happening on june sixteenth yes i realized that that's just the weekend but it's june fifteenth whatever that yesterday yeah if you 'em in chicago i'll be doing live a high and mighty power hour where at 'em that's a great question if you get chicken hems dot com slash live i might be there that night maybe welcome sir great podcast i mean you gotta you gotta get this guy over there many different things we could it's all about it because were hotheads on all the ways they explained the people they know because it is the chad show but sometimes it breaks format and we do a like i have people on the talk about stuff that that not necessarily a experts in but that they're passionate about exact lofton something that overlaps with me as being a sort of pretend polymath it so i'm just happy it's really the when i came up with the most self indulgent pack as ever i said come to my house and talk to me about stuff i wanna talk that i'll be making seventy dollars dollars a month ashen of it is great in the end the stuff you do with lab is raised on tv yes yes yeah and then i also have a patron podcast called the action boys have you guys get nuts if you're a amy nail down the rabbit john gave but yeah if you're thinking like i really wanna throw this guy five dollars a month or at least one thirty five dollars a month i make about how when i was on we did vegas which covered a lot yeah i think what we tried to do more of like we do gambling i shall we let's do it let's jump into a story the second story we got jim gave us here who by the way has a let's mentioned is a three podcast once patriotic action action boys really good ones on ear wolf called a that's on stitcher premium called raised by tv ran a high and mighty four hundred and it is truly in that the quality goes up with the more you pay being easily the worst pitch hey he doesn't he's not long enough that nothing you can do is bad all right well let's jump into another story all alright sent in by jason park is at jay park is p h r k i s davis i thought of you when i saw the story so i hope you enjoy it love can really hurt mhm one friday a man who spent what was meant to be his wedding night in jail after breaking the nose of a photo bombing beachgoer who refused to move out of the way for wedding photo voc you know what i the way i am all guys side right now what's your take a fucking what you're doing is sunbathing yeah i form aware infighting is fucking guy will watch shark in the face being like get out of i would take that came in kate like member when i kid went to singapore i got you that it was funny you said remember when that kid when you say keen the only thing i think of is the guy getting caned in singapore and that was like one something years ago i think of like blind people michael cain and that comes to my mind or other taming in history compares the working i think we're we're around the age where when you were a kid that that you heard that now burned in belgium through through all we are bottled out on the street but if i felt like it was like the true news version of if you get hit your face will stay like kind of like no you can really get caned by save all played in mexico city they're gonna take you could imagine how you know it start hey it's not just moving just a little bit yeah sorry we're just doing some wedding taking a photo of a mother and a half the best man of doing it yeah again and i'm telling you that dude in the background had bad like long shorts on whether has his name had a corona in some sort of graphic t that he found route a like a like a here's why i get it off you you will not take these photos honey honey just let him just got out of it off cut amount of move like when somebody who's com is like a hey man just chill out and then the the person who who's like bill bender i am show notes to the call personal yeah fuck you to not accomplished by the window com person flexes what am i favor like oh when you're like honey honey not com person's like you give me permission and over there i love also with the person is like just come down and the guy in the back standing in front of i'm like yeah just calm down i wasn't talking to you first of all just calm down everybody hey i would hit that dude's so hard with this litter body board his photo bombing one of the least it's funny things you can do like but it's something that's photo bombers think is hilarious it's well that's austin how the least funny things in the world work as they got people who do them think they still no one ever thinks it's terrible but that is what unfunny people do to try to be funny see other on thing unfunny people do try to be funny that drives me crazy is lie yeah i've been there you have no i can't believe you filter that while i walked about that man went all i wanna andy killer those people i wanna be like all right this is what premises were set up you have none of my friends are objectively the funniest people in america and you don't don't even bother with the shadow now i'm sorry that's just lying yeah yeah i say that all the time yeah i thought you didn't know you did it if you're meeting a group of guys i got a bachelor party or a wedding or something they're and they're always like to the comedy people like oh tv k you're gonna love my friend brian he's hysterical i oh that guy's and ask i cannot wait to me no i don't exactly know who your end up liking wells the guy that doesn't really talk that much yeah you're like he's super big and he asked you what you what you wanna smoke a cigar in his wife's brother here i know if you hate the only find that out till the next day you better find out to the wedding right and you're like what do you like i talk shit about like do you wanna move this guy's been out on the balcony of the sky what you do is he's standing up and bouncing in the photo jeffrey he alvord hey lv oh i hate everything about magazine first draft board punch the same arrested on march third after assaulting oh that's the oh the guy down the dumb person the person that protectionist of this story is not the deep is not i don't hate right at i hate this i spent time in jail he was arrested on march third of the the photo bomber who wants more on brand name with jeffrey albert was arrested on march third after assaulting trevor money money is your friend scalia so honey you know he asked to junior high basketball coach if you could get team on you know he money's like all i do is photo whatever invites me the being of all all i do is a albert was arrested after assaulting trevor money before before maybe germany is the guy let's assume oh no you're trouble ronnie before his ocean front park nuptials were set to begin local ten report it that's right the twenty seven year old girl thoroughly flew into somewhat of a friends you know he likes to make that decision a little too early packet held off on punching the fbi could have held off on very grim flew into someone of a frenzy when the twenty four year old team money mooney refused offers of how much money to move out of the way so there are money okay wait wait now this is opening up new possibility of all the money that might mean that team money is just camped out hanging out at the beach like not even thinking about the wedding all i do is make money from photo bombing right why less intentional of a photo bomb he's got his chair set up and the guys like can you move which i think that's exactly what he's like dude i'm at the beach three wd tk brett right by the sun's gonna hit you buddy now i know you're very easy to move but then it's also very easy the activate people building probably been started money but no no no we might we might moving we're in any longer lou you're chair for you right now how much is it gonna take i don't know you know like knocked on my wife had already drawn groomsmen would probably throwing move here okay i'm gonna ask you guys how much money will say i think in the end well he's a higher higher offer used a move gave us what position do you wanna go and i'll go to okay j a hundred and seventy five dollars a hundred and seventy five dollars suggested a fifty bucks fifty bucks and john and i think there are probably eight groomsmen in maybe eight so what'd you say a hundred and seventy five how many people were near wilbur okay i'm gonna say maybe five groomsmen in no more he's only twenty seven back when you're twenty one roommate you gotta have the lead in randolph hammers my wedding party fireworks i got married young and so what you had nine no i have legs globally i'd like ninety six and say so what about you gave us the way at five and five oh five and five and i'm gonna say she got i'm gonna say there were sixteen people in the wedding party everyone said wall throwing twenty bucks just get this fucker out of here so honored and sixty dollars okay three twenty based on your matt ryan forty what'd you say one side of the one seventy five jay bruce i said fifty andy i say one sixty one sixty one of you is exactly oh okay now this game is we get together is right gave birth to her third in who you think is the most important layer i take a guess okay go ahead i'm right i know i'm right now seventy five i'm sticking with myself okay now i'm starting think gave us his right because that is something you would just state of someone i'll give you fifty bucks a seven year old amount of my i'll give you fifty bucks to get out of here and so i fifty bucks says you won't get what he's gonna get out of that that's what i think the amount of money offered to trevor mooney or team money money by jeffrey offered or somebody else's wedding party transfers in tony's play along with us because they offered him fifty dollars to get at it dollars by the way i it is so little money it's almost not like worth making article you're right you're right it is it's so little money it's enough money to get you to move you're chair but like fifty dollars cash i'm also not enough it's not enough to make it into the whole thing about the money just say they offered him a little bit but not enough to make you like move without thinking about somebody like fifty bucks but you no dude fifty bucks to move just a move you're chair thirty feet in the other direction that is on that we hated about steadily easy how about you there'll be like yeah i guess i could i think that's two brand new iraq this guy is such a right this guy somebody's gotta look deep team money is a you know he's not a money guy he's they got her songs all and credit this guy this guy is such an asshole discover reminds if the guy with jay and i were walking we've talked about in her stand up now with the guy we were walking down on the sidewalk and someone from behind the ceo's on you're right and jane i expect to turn around and see a guy like whizzing by on a fake sure or on like a hover board they control or like rolling a gurney with someone who has to go to a hospital or something like that or he's falcon front right evanger thank you said this guy until we turn around and he's jogging slowly weight or wait a minute you can't send the message to you're dumb legs it's dry run around us like anybody else would do on you're right he's not even like like a kenyan in like in the olympic knots he's not snow not taking it feels like he owns wherever he is well underway right i own sign those by the way those people are the people who walk around las angeles that because i am now in the last couple of months become a bit of a runner and gopher runs around my neighborhood like three days a week and it is the most dangerous thing you could do is like a drivers expect people running out on sidewalks do whatever they want i read i read in the fucking pass from a malibu down the the santa monica pier and back then i almost died like yeah i almost leaned in and took a guy off his bike because he was try them like big man me and i was like you're not worth it to like knock on my teeth out get knocked off his fucking homo neighbor says things that make me realize why him and i could i did come out okay big man whose kid veneers i man i lose my cellphone in those i do the whole process you're losing my tomlin people harvey 'cause i'm funny you start going down that road podcasting sexually my future highway two good guy that looks like me is gonna get hell of a lot more a lot so think about so he won't move yes they're offering fifty dollars to move out of the way to the wedding pictures could be taken a head of the ceremonial the palm so now people waiting right i will say great move by alfred newman here i this is something we did on her wedding day which i thought was huge is we took are photos of the ceremony that you want you don't miss our wedding cake you get that part of living cocktail hour when the whole bridal party go and see her photos while everyone else does ring we did it yeah yeah a this is all according to the palm beach post he that's alvord hunched mooney in the face and the blow broke the victims knows an eye glasses as per ocean ridge good at least records get off your chair and move dude there's also i'm gonna break you're fucking glass is forever but a lotta times for some reason these florida articles they have like aside the other story is just one in the middle of this woman seventy two wet boyfriends seventy four after rejecting his proposals for forty three years yeah what many different story that i might wanna know what made her finally they you'll finally word out finally ater posts like yes i will do i will i do find it offered differing accounts of the brawl to authority my my one big problem with this is you're the groom if there's any a day where you could have someone do some goto warming ats genuinely that's what a wedding planners favour that's where the best man is best for do the whole and he's got a punch team on the guy the guy he's no longer chronically eightyeight you're sure yeah he's my childhood friend he's a psychopath no one has been if i don't make sure i'm inhabit circle function yeah handout the programs and go kick that guys you know my my friend who's in jeans in a black button down like wearing a t shirt guy looks like the bartender so now that is having punch a ford claims the muny became quote very belligerent after refusing the money to move and felt threatened when the man stood up and then aggressive manner evidently prompting him to hit the support hit him and suppose it self defense meanwhile team mooney alleges is that these irate groomsmen held onto him hit him three times in the face further contending that quote someone grabbed my belongings in through them across the beach that's sure that's that's basically what he went out there with the groom let me know what you name it they hid millions across the whole time he's punching him he's saying you could add fifty four i pressed the fifty dollars into the bloody mess that's all you get me and i remember the natural or another you'll be like okay now you can't move now you can't leave me she know what it now you can stay that's great wedding photo the new guy in the middle east side of your time where it takes an accident shot behind like the newspaper in that's part of the package the old mohammed ali fight shots where you see when the punch in the face you see the faces like mid wild west my name team money treated at the scene but first responders police report detailed the moonies knows quote appear to be out of place sitting sitting more to the right of his thing i we need another take a quick pass this matter what side the ground on we go and they were like i wish mooney would have said more to the right lane knows mooney decline transported to a local hospital this fucker will not move for seventy five dollars if you know i i'm enjoying the view i'm mariam outwards lawyer stephen f cohen see what are we talking about man wouldn't talk about kobe last night on the phone and i sit up here tell me rob pelinka magic johnson eagle people he told he told the post be mccone that the thirty no name is steven jones not admit it up yourself john wilkes looks like john sklar like leave out the you're gonna go one way a michael bead jensen word steven cohen told the post that the thirty wedding guests small wedding small wedding have a different version of what a cure all thirty of them guys there's thirty of us we could get one that is like the worst rusher minor incident quote did not play out as mooney told police it it facing charges of aggravated battery in criminal mischief offered was released from jail following a the following day after posting a three thousand dollar bond marrying his fiancee soon after leaving jail a show and said that his client plan to still go on his honeymoon on tuesday any as he said he altered said to his wife don't get out alive to see what happened what happened to move when i tell you you know karen how is your wedding john lewis don't push him that is crazy what a great an insane story just get up and move were move out of a movie movies just dumb people doing dumb things get all four of us feel like we would be able to talk someone in the move yes yes i know for sure i wouldn't i be able to hold onto my fifty dollars an outbreak in a man walking or if it's important enough were moved the whole thing will shift do we have to get the shot right or position people so that you're blocking blocking and then oh yeah and then at the end then it just take a few pictures in front of him like literally lined the whole party up in front of you block is view you blow your mind what everybody behind him and now he's in the foreground and see how much he really wants to be sitting in a beat share with his shirt off i bet flattery as you're walking by kick so much just end up paying him they got this dude is gonna leave like the back of the boy's life magazine now you're gonna get the charles athletes get strong start fighting groomsmen origin story up it's been around forever money how i got story number two down to about daniel if it's a little teaser above the third say oh we almost blew the grandma got let's saver john davis is with us this is dumb people town stay around town small town in march we feed off the names here we've got some great patriot namesake state main thank you to everyone who is joined the patriot patriot dot com slash dp t you get amazing stuff if you joined the patriots seem on the basic level you get verse six i'll ever you get x one extra video episode episode just for you it's the three of us we reads stories dan damn gets the other side of it we still don't just on grill y'all we will scrap all my a lot of words you continue and get like free merge from us you can get free entry into our live shows which would be doing a live largo show every other we did it live at the moon tower comedy festival people cash in on that the meet and greet beforehand which is great and if you're in san francisco at sketch fest the jets year with beforehand we closed down the bar after the words which you guys it's just fun and then you keep going up the levels of the highest levels will take a look at social media they give you the be a patriots heated up your name shali brandon mccarthy and i brennan writes like dark novel or brandon mccarthy was the guy on nine oh two two one oh that jason priestley ultimately became a michael sanders perfect name for champion double double so my goal sanders mike a sad it's a good like wrestling how about how christian cheryl ellison and the code that listened to the podcast together i'm gonna say they're a husband and wife i must say that's cool for one person's cool name christmas carols they apprehended in their name yeah griffin carolina ellison maybe that maybe christmas transitioning fishing in the care of we don't know vice versa critical excellent yeah and they are city council member ready boasts about shelly i love it shows how about candy summer summer it'll khamis servers grew up and now she's supporting a lot of you someone i like i would have had a crush on when i was eight and he i like him so much about this national city council member bill ulysses loved it will be hung out with us in san francisco show fo job every time i'm in the bay area comes out to show love you bill i'll play that well i'll pay that bill about then there's been no dental needed then were were at all and we don't need these fast right where we go and we don't need last name kelly jay ross the third just like hip hop mogul kelly jay ross eighty homes hormone heroin or home crowd on hand on what if she's the pillar of the community handle i care about the kelly had david kelly is katie i'm sorry if it's a katy hand or katie holmes and we are were among were handing are were holding in on how this hanging on how that aaron hey aaron has come on cms seem it same as hawaii american store seamus what if it shaming might be shame shame shame is how about sarah ab falter but i do have to be from wisconsin out falters if you're like okay i wonder why dominant to eight minute apps and i could to hartford app falter about no of residents who doesn't know also little no brett's or third we've got a lot of knowing the bad brad smith chanel pratt djamil felino ralph brad showed up and then the party start party starting job now pride game the nickname is like what people think the guy who put tyrian on game of thrones like what isn't being like peter you know it's not peter peter brinkman peter pan did bring up bring you a comfortable darlene we bring me the brinkman file baiter brakeman file the peter brinkman bring it out if you need nella all right laurie hope towns then boom thank you laurie hotels and i have much hope for 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don't miss a single episode subscribe to small doses on himalayan stitcher apple podcasts spotify tune in or wherever you listen to podcast will have her on here and we should all do hey guys welcome back to dp t a we have a patron of first thing as well go to patriot dot com slash dumb people town you a an we have great things for rapid video episodes at all three of us do that dead dan gets to accept his fate in his jane i bring the stories for that and it's good stuff but also other levels rican get merchant you can come see us live for free and you can hang with us at a time and then the highest we actually go through you're social media and work on that in a we'll be down here a lot of great young your life in a dumb people way all right we got one more story to john gave us his with this what's gonna are you still are you still campaigning to be a model no i lost it just for you i didn't get to the next round lake 'cause they leave it like where were talking about the chubby is fucking man model i'm but i'm wearing chubby carlo the motorcycle rider why the bank and you were saying earlier when i saw the first radic a voting is like ten percent things they could just make it all john homes yeah they like it make it i mean if they went through my social media at all they'd be like this guy cannot be a guy that i can't wait till netflix and amazon in nbc all do the same thing i read it senate by zach brinkman at give peace malls and we go hilarious a texas grandmother got to be the queen v oceans for a short time when iceberg thrown she sat on to pose for a picture lifted off in the open water quality occasionally multiplier lynn when the islamists yeah yeah so that they hate grandma go sit on that is that i never say and that's that's a you're banking on a will point and you're like oh we could get grandma's house here on this i swim we could be making i need three thousand dollars to pay my i gotta bail i got i if i told you the bills i have that's just the tip of the grandma i want to just the tip of a grand jury but you can't see buddy holly by grandma within are honey i love doing it on the iceberg from where you're feeling with those dryer here's ryan plan you can get a pool when he put a dog who's afraid of water like on a raft and then push it out a little bit and they're just like will know what saying if you pick my if my dog swimming around and you pick them up he just keeps swimming into put him either back on land we gotta find some water for this kid that she was doing drifting round eunice strang and her son robert traveling in iceland recently when they stopped at diamond beach and i'm not even gonna try and say this great photo op on what looked like a throne straight out of disney's frozen shaped like an easy place to sit grandma's love one thing and that's the movie for a go getter meow meow meow meow meow meow now tell by looking at the shape of it and i thought it looked like fun strength told nbc news when i got on it it started the toddler in a way what's coming in by the way toddler is not a not a word in also a grandma should never be like that looks like fun grandma should look at everything is specially think this guy's this could break my also kill me it's a game of iceberg thrones you win or does she want it to unite the seven kingdoms i now sleep better and grand another dragging away a very large wave came in and kind of made the throng kind of rock and i could tell i was flipping off photos deal went viral after strings granddaughter catherine's shirt screen shots of the hilarious tax it's not alarium her father on twitter guys i'm gonna show you this photo she is out there oh my god she heading towards the horizon number one number two don ice that's iceland so the water is not the only you jumping like the very on brand yeah a great amazon ice yeah i know a lost her look this is this is from her dad's tax to his daughter lost her kingdom which he drifted out to sea 'em one of the tech said no joke a coastguard rescue how to save her and bring her back the short this guy show cavalier about his mama we don't even get into the history you been doing this kind of killer on vacation that you were going to collusion with ram i sit on that metal round field over there yeah about hopscotch in his mind they don't promote his mom but that this is a far you could allow you to sit on it out and sit on it is something he said to her on the first time she actually listened dome and then our planet obviously ocean the seventy seven year old from flower mound texas yeah no doubt denison laurie suburban dallas a amount of i've ever texas downs cutting shoot texas you i chaired by what you're insinuating kerry today toll nbc news she thought she was safe when she sat down yeah but but when a chain of course i met and that she had seen several people sit on it before she had wi okay sorry to say that's a grandma grandma is it five and your friends do it and you do it like literally my role and she wrote for if all your friends jumped off the tallahassee bridge would you do it too yeah grandma i would if it looked like all my friends who committed suicide i would do i don't want any more read quote i don't wave very much so it was a little easy the float off i guess so she fat shaming everybody loves son is rolling his eyes and the bad a little town everybody's a quote i've always wanted to be queen that was my chance no bystander who happened to be a boat captain trained in water rescue how much time looking at sheet that is so quickly how to bring the grandmother how how did you like world i think he got on a boat but they say bystander you must have been because of the tax cuts rescuer had the favor and bring it back to shore so they must have been nearby wash swam in maybe in holy shit what i what i prefer the shrimp w not eight if you ever see in ice thrown out there do not sit on don't sit member looking for consistency in waves the lot david blaine center ice around and look what happened they i don't like throwing but if you see anything the judge gave her the doing it'd be doing something live go see him doing a podcast go listen to it i do thank you for coming on had as i really really appreciate in oh shit we actually young

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