Patreon Episode: CMA Awards Recap & Subsequent Treachery


Good millennial. Good morning millennials. It's been so long since other uttered. Those famous words, I know we just to elax to care knocking ally. Yeah, I'm too relaxed. So it's definitely been a good morning here in Utah in about a week since actually exactly we'd since our last show because we were derailed and the got the shipping. None of us by delta. Oh my gosh. So much has happened. So believe that was less than a week ago like truly truly the worst day of my life. We did we flew into Nashville on Tuesday. We do the maze on Wednesday Thursday. We were supposed to fly home just in time to recap our amazing in Nashville on Friday, and you are roundup show before the holiday until mother nature had other plans for us and those plans involved, Pittsburgh. She didn't even have plans for us. That's the problem. She had no plan. Right. She had no gate agent. She had no plan and she had no plane. No. It was so treacherous that I am trying not to let that treacherous nece like paint the entire week with a head of that. Because it was such a great Euclid. Career wise, professionally like it was a big week for us for sharp. It like on my body physically. It was a week. It was real. It was a really hard week. It was a hard working week. And I don't know that I would say was a fun week. You know? No, no, no, no. Even though for the two hours. You're actually on the carpet. I had a great time. I really did. But that is nothing compared to what surrounded the event and also even in Nashville like the day of the show. It was raining. We're running around in our little Marriott slippers because we didn't want to ruin our shoes. Trying to get to the arena and we were within walking distance which was good. But like also treacherous to walk in the rain. Right. But like, even if we got a new bar Newburgh can drop us any closer than we already worse. Who's just fraught tried trae? Yeah. And, but we do it for you guys do for the toes, and you know, NBC is knows are eight has Shagged DIFC to to for the chest. And we did with champagne glasses yet. Either way. There's over three thousand pictures in the do for the toast, champagne glass, multi high note that is okay. People need to know what this is. Because it's it's taking the world by stormy Webster. And it's just like good community building. No, it's incorrect. Last haven't checked it had eighty photos, and they were no end. It was great. Yeah. So for those of you don't know I still can about the group do it for the toasted lot. It's basically a group of toaster subgroup where people get help with their Instagram flow and game, and you know, help like in follow each other people post pictures for other people to preset or remove people from and then if you ever post a picture that you got help from in the group use the hashtag. Champagne glass emoji. It's basically a watering hole for monsters on Instagram. But if you go to the hashtag, it's the flow is incredible. All the pleasure. I need to like a really it's so amazing. So not only should you be in the group in have, you know, get your your preset game on point like some of us in this room. Have just one of us, actually. But and one of us and one of us is the, of course, of course, we have feels reap the benefits from Europe becoming a preset monster Fisher entities like so preset friendly because he is white and orange, and he was like arch drugs that pick up really, well, like those fall vibes. He is. He is vibes. He's also Dr vibes Privata messenger vibes. We'll talk about the so much. He's everything. He's a he's ever man's, man. He's a renaissance man course, anyways. Try join the group presets. It's really cool. Wait. But why did we get to Nashville first-place Nashville do for the toast? We did it did it for the toes and the day leading up like we had we flew in the day before. Because like when I do shows, and I fly in the morning of it so treacherous and. Just like hard when you have to be on like emotionally. But when you're so physically tired, I made massage appointments, and we have like this great plan that just like fell to shit, right? We made appointments we had to cancel them Sasha's because we had gone spray tans and not to priority. And we would have had to rub off our spray tans, which we didn't want before our big day, then we were going to have a nice fancy dinner. But also run some errands and the Aaron's like never happened in our thirty minutes away. And we couldn't find a restaurant and Sarah z happen upstairs with his restaurant like we just ended up. And then I got a migraine. But it's just the night had to end. I went to bed at eight thirty. That was like the silver lining of the treasury. We got the lovers dip at ten so. Yeah. Just to show you the type of dinner now behind Jaggi, an Ida dinner in our hotel, our waitress was a toaster. So we love her. But the restaurant was was subpar was strange. But you know, what it is? And this is what I was thinking because this more guest regulated in Utah. And we were talking about like buying alcohol or something in the alcohol here is government. Regulated like all the stores are government owned. They don't sell on Sundays because it's a Mormon state, and it really highlights when you step on a plane, and you take off in a different land the rules here being different or something like that. I'm so familiar with like alcohol is so weird really makes me realize we're going to different state, it kind of feels like a different country. I'm not gonna lie to you have something to say to me up and Nashville was the same way like with food. It's like I just wanted like salmon. But like they have sounded Nashville, and it was gross yet is, but it was pretty gross. I'm just harping on the fact that for months, you have claimed that you never said you get on a play to we sent off in a new land. And now you're saying, well, here's the thing. I'm not I still a I'd never said it. But I do think that the validity of that statement is. Very valid. I know that like one day liberty is by the way. This is literally Elian Ryan like when allow you know because Libya is lying. I'm not willing to see are got him. Not. I think maybe it's you may not let that line. Your life literally said last night that I have the best memory. 'cause I even remembered where I was sitting when I found the and Meatball on this trip last year of if I'm that's there. But sir, I remember things are important to me and which hairs are mornings conversations with my sisters. Speaking of hairs when I come back on the toast. You're not going to recognize me because I have about half the hair and like I'm laughing about it now, but like literally not an hour ago. I had one of the most traumatizing experiences of my whole life where we're saying there's a firepit outside and everyone wanted to go outside like all right? I'll get it set up like put on the firepit, and they knew that have to turn the gas on and do the lighter. But I couldn't get the lighter. And I was like looking and looking and clicking. And it wasn't ready for it. And if flicked at the fire went on and also literally zoomed, you consumed me because it grabbed a couple pieces of my hair that were dangling in front, and then a huge cloud of fire literally came over my head down my body. I was wrong. I was screaming outside. I was by myself. It was so scary. I was patting myself down, my eyebrows. Alison, my heroes like padding. Tiny Wren inside screaming everyone thought it was joking until I literally performance hysterically crying in the Libyan. Ben came over and poured water on me. It was so traumatic. Don't worry. You're finding them. You are taking a closer look. And it keeps pulling out burnt-out chunks from the back of my hair chunks in the front. Just got a few few trends like are gone. They're still at crispy look if you've got electrocuted. My eyelashes are killing me, and they're like they they've probably got cut by they lost twenty five percent of their land to see and they're like look feel that is Mike like Ashi. Share? It was so crazy. It's certainly crazy. But you'll also definitely recognize her. Yeah. But that's true. But like I can't like it was the scariest momentum. That's what I get for trying to be adventurous. Now staying in the house today and just watching TV. I mean, there's worse things and making premium content for my toasters. You guys are going to get so much premium content this week because we owe you five years one and the rest of the four will be done this week with our friends and family who will be putting to work everyone on this trip is really putting each other to work like I'm going to work for Ben later. That'd be exac work for me. Yep. Because we're obviously doing finishes premium content. Actress crumbs if you don't already follow me like I'm hurting this is the wrong crowd. They differ over give you their seventy one person. Maybe was like, honestly this bitch is in video only loves you. Yeah. There's always like half of those when I actually saw one of the questions one of the questions to get is the main toasters group is. Are you a jacket recording? I'll explain why like for the most part. It's really funny to see what people think of us are characteristics. Like if anyone has a dog there if anyone is like very, unfiltered, that's me in the bever. Anyone doesn't like to drink and in his hand, he's Graham or a redhead issue. But some people get like kind of hurtful for the gambling Fethi some. So I'm cold hard bitch. I'm jacky. It's like relax bit. I never saw that one of the play. That's literali hardy bit show. It was just like no like, I'm more uptight. Yes shot. That's basically cold hearted. Loser. No. It's like a so funny to see what like our our character, our prime characteristics are totally. But usually it's hurtful usually it is pretty interest in tourism then. Okay. So we have a lot talk about because obviously so much has happened. I want to start with the CNA majo- because you, and I really haven't had a chance to to to go through each moment because the day after when one would recap we were really suffering and on the phone with delta. So I'm just going to rattle off some questions, and I hope that you'll ask them back behind I enter them. And then like you just respond your own. That's hope yet. Remember, obviously favored entry of the night keeping us graves because first of all we weren't. So here's the thing. It's like red carpets are tough. Because like there's just appointment like kacie west grades at four ten like it just people walk by. And if you're ready in their available you go, but it's very on live by the seedier pan, and that sucks because like we didn't want to not have guests. So in the beginning, we were just grabbing like locals who like we wouldn't normally talk to. But we just want to either. Right. You wanna fit? Alerts, but then I would see like we were talking to some kid from American idol, which was fine. But on Mars what by miss her and people like why don't you embarrass Mariners? It's nothing bad. It's just like the timing didn't work, and it's not like we're going to push Kayla Siamese mind, and that doesn't look at his home. It's hurtful. Yeah. It's hurtful all around. So we don't want to be those girls. Casey must graves walks by us when we were talking to home free someone and I was like, oh damn I guess on. And I didn't expect me Casey must graves. I was just like even on our list. She was on our list because she's such a star that like she I disowned consider her like in my round, and we were just like with finish the with home free. We're talking to each other. We're talking about how when it rains it pours and someone taps back, and I turn on like this man, and he points to his grades and she's like walking over to a wants to come talk to y'all and I was like. What I like freaked out you talking to me. I was really like social at first of all gorgeous. She's like when you see are on TV, you know, that she's skinny curable at she's so small and frail she's so small she has has just small face. There were a couple of small faces. Yeah. That I didn't expect. But also, you know who expected to have smaller face Olivia Cobo because she's so small, but she's like a woman's face. Like, it's a face. Yeah. No. She's only woman we'll talk about her and hidden, but Casey, it's like I was having a hard time. And this is something I struggle with always because for the most part of a professional fan. But sometimes that's clean was his space fan. Biggest night. I don't know. If anyone told you sometimes like an UC like that converts into becoming friends like I was Kelsey Gallini like nephew's, one of my friends sign line to walk and like, I don't know some people don't want to become friends with their fans and like I tried to like blur. The line of like being a no, I know your work, and I think you're will. But also, I'm call myself like we should get drinks. It's tough. It's tough. But being on the red carpet with access Hollywood makes it easier going up for someone in. Ron being Heike semester. As I love you. And then you have to be like then started her by yourself. I have three million dollars Instagram. It's like, yes share. So does my cat total. Like, totally totally so be on red carpet gives you legitimacy. So as Hollywood doesn't hurt either. No, it doesn't. But usually trying to preserve a little bit of like, the whatever just to be cool. But like I've been waiting to be case. Visit I thought it was never going to happen because she's so famous, but also so let mysterious and this is so not interested in the same aspect like she sent her Instagram Habshan like she does this because she loves making. And she never even received awards are accolades. She wouldn't she would still be doing it just to pay the Bill. She's not on it to to doing it to be on the red carpet doubt taxes highly still like that's hard for me because I'm used to talking to people who are just throwing someone my Instagram followers, and that's fine with fellow thirst monsters. So I mean, it was just really tougher because there was so much. I wanted to say Jackie was a good system reminding me like the reason I really love her so much as the song. And I just like it was really like such a great woman because she respected us, and we respected her she respected. How much we knew about her work and her life and the Russ Rosiak Selena? At all. No, she I think she came in like these guys he seemed funny drunks Vara card and anything she left. Very impressive. You know? It was I think that was the best. It was the best that ever went. That was a highlight. I have to highlights I have two more. I hope that they're both mine number one via capo because not only is she my favorite person on the on the face of the earth and has been for so long, and I've met her and sheep recognize me in the port and about it. But she was just like the picture of grace and elegance you and friendliness, and kindness, and she was so once she realized who we were she was so happy to see us. And pretend like you to remember people always do the new, but I feel like because like she's coming national like were just some fellow New York influencers like rela Lance northeast influencers, and I feel like she felt really comfortable with us yet. And we were being so funny with her while still being respectful, and Alex she didn't get mad, but we didn't obscene not going to be anything about Danny being in those with the while you were away on trip. Like, we were just like we've mentioned visit we mentioned the watch. And she thought it was funny. We didn't pry like, obviously, we couldn't not. Right. But we were going to be not just like some other of our interviewee co workers. Right. So I thought we handle ourselves. Well, I feel excited for the next time. I see her whereas sometimes you speak to someone like I never want to see them again. No, also, it's like when you meet someone one time. It's one thing. The second time is the more important time because it converts it, they remember, you it really confirms the future friendship. So now on the third time you hang out with her. She'll never like not remember, you know, I totally agree. But she could have remembered disseminate would it be mad at her because she meets so many people, and she's now she's meeting us such different space from the porta equity tell being thirsty revolve right to our turf on the red carpet. We are so diverse like, we're the only people truly who like us, the porta potties at Coachella and see you at revolve member we saw Hernandez damage off and they were on their way to eastern yet. But we also do the red carpet access Hollywood. We are nothing if not like extremely multifaceted untalented, right? We are diversifying our portfolio our field. Right. We're using Robin to do. So. Like, I was not really like obsessed with Libya kinda lame highly skeptical, and to be honest, and I've said this time if I'm ever talking shit about someone it's purely because I'm jealous of that. And that's of course, until a couple homework just went to be she was one of us, and she like entrenchment pageant and a change your whole life, and it's I jokingly entered into miss teen New York like a couple of years ago, and they didn't do it couldn't even get. But I made it I made the the woman on the phone interview. She loved me, but I just didn't want to be in be on the site. But I thought like I don't want to be a joke. You know? But now, I have this newfound love and respect for her just because she was so courteous, and respect mind and now obsessive there too. I'm and I'm so glad that's the best thing that could have happened those the best, and I just want to give an honorable mention two favorite interview for me because it was someone I never expect his talk to you in my life. Let alone on the red carpet. And it was just such an amazing moment for me Alicia Witt. L E wit this leading star on the hallmark channel. She's hallmarks thing star. She really she's probably in the most moody, she's like their number one redhead there. She's there go to redhead and she by early when there was a drought for talents. We weren't expecting just to stumble upon a star. Right. And she literally was a hallmark character come to life who also took it to Keila shot. It was the best of both worlds was so tall. She was so tall. She. She loved homework as much as we do. She so appreciated the opportunity that they've given her and her favorite homework movie the very merry mix up. If you haven't seen it you have you must is such a good movie. And I'm glad that she is. She was so in tune with what's necessary when it comes to her own career, Mark. And it was just really nice to talk to a hallmarks are. And then to find out that one of our crew member, right? So we had a freelance crew doing audio visual, and they were like really quote on guys obviously work in the industry. And during a break, he was like what you like hallmark. I love it. He was like spent one month is summer, filming Christmas Graceland, and I was like only I wear Knoxville. I know in Memphis where Graceland is ODA. And it was just so quickly behind the scenes scoop on homework when I thought I was only there to get some behind the scenes Fubon countries. Yeah. That's just life is what happens when you're on Sierra another plan. Well to other things I want to honorable mentions the Lucozade Nichol hawking of it all on my hand. Well, first of all like they were so respectful like he's. So he was his night like he was nominated for both new artists and Mel vocals of the average is like a huge honor. And the Cuban have to come to early till show and like him and his manager in his girlfriend made it their mission to walk to us. They waited and they were just they respect the hell out of the morning Jost. And I thought of questions before that I wanted to ask him because I'm so in love with his music and he had good answer. Because he would Lisa deluxe album tiller does that and it's usually like extra songs that weren't good enough to make the original preventing room floor. But literally the three songs you really are the best album. And I'm like, why did you do that? He'd read answers. They were written me up. Yeah. They weren't yet. Ical Hawking's air has governed is also. And she's just through greatest. And I just love them together me to like first of all he's just so relatable. Like, he was sweat. It was so hard on carbon. He was sweating. And so as I knew busily setting, and so as I was like, I feeling right. Also, he was wearing a suit on the carpet. And then by the time he got to feed at the show, he was very his fishing Charrette. So he only wears on stage. Anytime he only wears those by dishing is that what it is yet. Like, the daddies where get a fisherman. I'd like black jeans and a red cop like that is so relatable, but he'd just wear them on the carpet. Maybe because like his government all I'm kind of. And there's a dress code. I think. Yeah. One more honorable mention. Yes. He's so prestigious like in-country, he's like I would say he's top of the Muller, and I was top fifteen like top country singer shirk top men top ten. I sure. So when he was waiting like he he came when it was just like what it rains it pours hot hot hot. Like, everyone was there and expected into just by the he wants to take a shot and waited he waited. And he came and then his manager told him he couldn't take a shot because he was the first performance and the end of the drunk, and he was he was really upset. Life is elation at me is at such plans for him to raise their glasses of saving our s overseas. He's hot he is hot guys with look good together. But yet here no way can like is he single I meant to ask him that. And when I was at his showing Huntsville backstage being an animal, I was like asking everyone, but I was too drunk to remember what actually my answer was that? I got very fair very care. Okay. And now, unfortunately the question I must ask because disappointment they didn't get to talk to. Oh that I didn't get to talk to rob a bullying Merrin because it gets to talk to Kelsey either. But I see her all the time and idea I heard like an annoying amount of question for each. Yeah. Look, I know what's going on in her life, but Marian I don't talk to as much because I lost her phone number. And I haven't been able to get it back without like asking like a thirst monster. So she probably thinks like never text her. But I also don't have it Merrin so her and she didn't see us when she walked, right? And I think if she did see me she would have stopped, but I didn't get to talk. Certainly she doesn't get to know. I was doing this prestigious show, right, unfortunately. Yeah. Similarly, Mason Ramsey. Oh. Yeah. That was just that was really crushing for me. Because we also thought it was like a note. Like, no doubt we were going to talk to him because he as the man of the hour and he's a kid. So he is the energy to go through that make all the rounds. He's very digital friendly. So of course, he's gonna come over today to the digital side, and he's not really any more like at the height of his viral fame. So like he is time now to go to like the lesser like not the real access Hollywood the access Hollywood. Right. So I was a little just heartbroken. I would say would be the word, but you got to look at the pros and cons because I'm equally it says of Nason Ramsey is. I am with Lydia capo. Definitely a different loves different kind of love. But like, I even met their numbers one and two on my searches on his grandfather. So at least I got one of those ends. And it's also someone that like Alcee again, if you had to choose who you got could've spoken to let's have because I'll never speak to me maybe next year if he's Sykes still kicking. Yeah. But I will get to speak to love you. But like, I think almost glad that it was the Libya because I because I will see her again, I was going to be like as much either lasting French for the moment with Mason like fruit or career and let it was Libya. I agree and for just saying, my friends, and look the actual words, even though we didn't get to see because we were the hardest working women in the business and we've ran over disease for girls job live show. And it was just one of us is the hardest working woman w was what you sat on the couch. But you were there to you stood the whole you were there the whole time, and you say till the end of the meeting, and we were so tired. I wanted to go to after parties afterwards let we just didn't have it in especially because we had an early flight or so we thought or so we fucking thought, but the actual wards some notable moments. I'm sorry. I mean, I just wanna make sure that it's so notable moments. I'm gonna talk about Luke home student win Melville blitz of the year. But he won new artist of the year, which he was he was the newest best artist agreements he'd be that worn Elena. He had him sit competition, but he was the newest bestest artists new in and best is enough to be nominated for male vocalist of the year. He'd beat out bright young fair. They're saying a little bit of a disappointing performance and saying the rewards at one point when he saying, well, we heard him sing it at CA fast. And it was incredible. No, he's great. Felix Ejaz Chozas unbelievably hard, Lou comes just has at like X factor of like talent and personality and ease. Whereas he doesn't a try. That's it. And that like a lot of these other new artists in all genres. It's like base up trying. It's they're they're dead in the water. Do combs never trying to begin with like so he's just going to keep on excelling yet. No. It comes so easily to him because he's such a talented songwriter and singer and be like that's his brand bowl is in the woods. Just like, you know, shooting deer, right so deficient. Whatever. And then also he must raise one album of the she was only woman nominated other that were in there that I remember Keith urban oversee DX cookie ended up winning entertainer of the which is so long overdue. I agree and entertain added the nominees were not into I don't I can't think of anything the other nominees like did special this year. Right. Like, maybe it could have been Carrie Underwood knows all men, of course. No. But she should have been now. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Like saying given the nominees Keith urban wins. But given if I nominate people I don't know that it would be him because he must be spending with such a big deal. I didn't think she was going to win. Because like the people I want to win never win. And it was just like thank you see him as for like respecting the hell out of the litter. It really was the album of the year was end time magazine did the top ten albums of the year across all genres, and he gives me the list. Wow. There are other albums on there. I had never heard of like the nineteen seventy five. It was indie stuff. Number one, which I love her. But I don't agree with Cardi B because there's three songs on there. That are amazing the album the best album of the year. No desert to be on the list yet number one. I don't know. I don't even know. I had I'd have to think of my number one album of the year. Yeah. It's so hard crossing on yet. We I need to take a reputation was not on their greatest showman reimagined. We greeted show in November eighteen dick amount. It should have been on there. But I don't know. It's just have any shot few switching gears a little bit. Because for those of you who aren't as into country music as we are this isn't as in finding Meltzer. So overall, even though people are saying are our toasters are fifty percent like diehard go to stagecoach, we love country music Nashville every began and the other half are people are like your country bumpkin, but we are turning. We're changing the narrative because you're getting people into country music, changing hearts and minds. And there are some things I actually need to mention more about the toasters some of the toaster commentary on our advisory. I've had me peeing my pants. So there were two moments that people were crying over there were no first of all I think his name is Cody Johnson again through this. And I we saw them on the red carpet treatment where we wound commentary on the feed of people ticket their pictures taken. We're like, wow, he's she's wearing a bump it like it's really brings season out here. Just because it's not like the ideal. Look like I wasn't being a bitch. If it's just like fast forward one hour. We're talking to them with compliment. Like we were talking to hint person. They started talking about his wife, Mike overdriving points where I'm like, oh, your wife is willing to be called brace season break. But like, I wasn't even being that. You do look like when I'm commenting on your outfit like sorry. A bump in his brave when I'm seeing you in person, you're so beautiful. Hello. How are it? Wasn't anything negative, buddy? That there was like what our before calling great. But the more important moment to sit on was the they're gonna go at all the Caleb Hutchinson. Who came in third or something on American idol him and his girlfriend are on tour or whatever he came by underage? So we had alcohol, but you also candy for people who are either underage or don't drink or we're Mason Ramsey who didn't even throw came. I was really for him. We got facing fancy fiddler facing the fiddler. So. He got the fifth round the room hill comes by. He grabs him chocolate on his way out. He's still puts it in his soup pocket like on the anything of it until I started reading to commentary. The twisters were dying that he'd put loose candy in his pocket. I was shook because so hot there. Definitely melted. It he was there with his mom. The toes were just like his mom's going to stay. Now boasts can't lose chocolates the other day. I put a rhesus Cup in my pocket either in the rapper and because that rapper is in sealed. It's just folded it melted in my jacket pocket. And it was it was a har-. Did it did chocolate? Get in your, of course. And he was putting just loose chocolates. And you didn't think anything of a while? He was doing it. Like, I just wanted to be like Caleb bike exhibits think this one three you know, that suit is on loan or something I have such a pit anybody's pay the different stuff. That's so sad. No, it don't stop. That was so funny, and I didn't think anything of it. But the toasters commentaries making me laugh, so hard coasters commentary like was got us through the next day of travel writing all your comments. We went to bed. We didn't go to after parties which we were sad about. But we're just happy to have done our jobs. Very well. It was a successful trip. Let's get the puck home to our sons. We could spend the weekend with him. And then go to our vacation for thanksgiving. So are five eleven AM. And we're in this college were on time or just living our lives, like ready to just whatever. And we both get an education at the same time that our flight has been cancelled. So we like audibly gasped, and we're like what we run over to the desk and homegirl like did her little tricks. She put us on standby for the one o'clock, but got a seats on the four o'clock. So maybe we'll go to one o'clock. Maybe we would. But she didn't really gave us an explanation. We knew there was a storm coming, but we got an early flight, and if our flav after all this if our regional fight had taken off we would have gotten safe before the storm the end, it would have been fine minute apparently like with Bardia couldn't handle the volume of planes coming in plus the storm plus having a mayor whose incompetent it's not in tune. On and day. Just like they knew the storm was coming. But they didn't the city did not prepare for it. What we went through compared actually we probably went through the highest level of treachery. We Twenty-eight our travel day mended in Pittsburgh. But what some other people in New York by through six hours on the bus getting home. Oh god. Yes. School buses trying to get home for six hours. There was a bus of special education school that got sucked overnight. They are like on the roads because they couldn't get home. Like, it was a horrible day in New York until and by the way, I know that it's not one particular person's fault. But like this happens a lot in New York, and like even when it's handled very well. It's still treacherous wherever I'm just still sitting in the traffic for an hour to go where block, but like I've never in my life seen a snowstorm that was so handled so poorly. Like, there's always like a bus that you know, fall. Like, there's always something. But I've never heard regular people not being able to go four blocks and like get it was a bad storm in their bad storms once a year. It happens. Always blue burgers mayor like it was handled. It was handled. Here's the thing. They weren't like by the way when it starts snowing date usually have the trucks starting to clean up. Even if it's just like a light drizzle starting to get it out of the way, just to like prevent future hazards would have him was the snow came a lot earlier than it usually does. So not only were they not prepared. Even though they knew it was coming something that was happening was tree still had leaves on them. But the snow is making headed on the tree. So heavy that trees were falling down causing that was source of a lot of traffic for sure there's a lot of excuse that is in time being it was ever going to be handled perfectly. There was no salt on the ground. That would write files in the streets. You couldn't get down one block in New York tree on the ground. Or no tree. I'm this storm really happened at like two three o'clock. So by the time people had to leave work at like five or six it was bad. And I like I like the way Ben was talking about it was like, it was literal like Armageddon, we it was fucking crazy. It was so crazy anyway. So, but that was the most frustrating thing is like our flight was the only one that got canceled all the other ones like rerouted delayed. But ours was the only one. But that ever would have fucking made it, but they told us they cancelled it just to relieve some of the congestion's, what's even crazier is the one o'clock that we only caught him to get off and nine you'll be got. We got on standby. I got on because there was like three seats left and Jackie didn't and selflessly said, no, please. I told you to go mega, you know. But I would never. And if you do that to me, I would be like. Yeah. Go. But then I'd like secretly if like cursing your name while you're on the plane, but it was all a blessing because because so our producer Jason from access. Hollywood was on our eleven AM flight. He we all got delayed. He got on the stand by at one o'clock, and he took off and we both say they're waiting for the four o'clock. And he texted me at like five three hours later. He was like, oh my God. We're coming back to Nashville Mike what he's like, we're literally above LaGuardia. I see Lombardia, but the word is not letting any more inbound flights and they're sending us back to Nashville. I was like holy shit all of this as we're supposed to be getting on the five o'clock to go to LaGuardia. Right. So I'm talking to our fellow passengers, and we're like, I wonder if the gate agents know this so Bella aboard. Is close to the game. Just just want to let you know. Like the flight that just took off before us is on his way back. She was like no looks look good too six six they thought we were being annoying shit starters. When we had information as of new look at the map on play where the Herning making a u-turn note. I'm like, I'm going to talk to someone on the plane. Why would he live in it? He was they said Gordie is closed. Are we still going into? I don't know anything about that, whatever. So we get on the plane. They enter pouring are playing until we were just like, okay. We know artists close, but there's a place in New York leaving what the hell do we do? Maybe about the time get there. They'll be open again. Like, we just didn't know we were not going to pass on a fucking plane to New York. But also we had this purchase information. So we Devon anybody that we were like riling up the people around us. They're like what laguardia's close them, I guess are laguardia's close. So we were like a little Alicia, but you know, what we board it, and it's like all too good to be true. I got on the plane. I say to the flight attendant, I'm like miss are. We going to be able to land at LaGuardia. That's all I said, she said the flight before us is on its way to Nashville they couldn't land. She goes. Oh, I heard about you. And I was like oh you fucking bitch. Did you say? Partic- formation. And they knew they knew that we could in the Wadia, and they let us go just to get the plane out of Nashville because there was so much backup. So the flight is going, and I can't believe it like, I just we're like thirty minutes away. I'm like, oh my God. We're gonna make it is. It's going to be a scary landing. But whatever we I'm going to sleep in my bed with THEO. I couldn't believe it. We're above New Yorker saw the bright lights. It's time square. But fucker gets being had guests above the clouds. You can see Times Square is so bright at night. You could see it really desks and able to the map, and we never even made it that far. Yes, we did. I literally saw but the fight would have been so much longer. If we went all the way to New York, it was it was two hours and then needs to go another forty minutes. So the guy comes on. And he's like, oh, we're not going to be able to lend at LaGuardia. No shits are already told you that he's like we're gonna have to derailed forty minutes to Pittsburgh. So while I was happy that we weren't going back to Nashville because I would have been furious ODA fucking taking the play down. Like, I would rather be dead. I would sell them. I was like. This is so much better than being in Nashville. But like what the fuck are we going to do in Pittsburgh and Pittsburgh is also snowing. So I was preparing for like the scariest landing ever we're about to land where literally one hundred one hundred feet from the wheels of bow to hit the ground, and we go back, and it was the scariest thing ever the guy next to me was like not these. There was probably another jet on the tarmac. I'm like what? And then the pilots head. There was another gentleman tarmac. I'm MC, sir advantage. I didn't tell us ever so long, and I was getting worried because usually you're playing doesn't spend that much time below the clouds, and we were spending so much time low the clouds trying to land and it's so cold out. There's icicles on the wings. I'm like this plane is Roseanne totally a heavy tree. So this has happened to me one time before on like my classic scary plane experience. It was that we were about to hit the ground, and we got knocked and back up. And it was so scary. So this time I was like less afraid, and he did tell us what happened. So I was grateful for the probation from the pilot. No, he told he waited until I also I thought that maybe we couldn't land because the conditions. We couldn't brave couldn't land where this plane. Circle. And just want to say it was a very spit landing one of the best. I've ever have. It was fine. We get off the plane. They're like oh sorry. There's no gauge it was one of the morning. They're like, there's no gate agent here. Okay. I guess we'll just go. Fuck ourselves with the fucker supposed to do. So obviously like me and Jackie just turned it out. I had bedbugs like we literally Google best hotel. I was like this treachery. We're putting it on the business. Like, let's fucking go to the Fairmont. It was like annoyingly two hour drive. Couldn't get an Uber was really no-man's-land. It was very hallmark movie. We were we were plotting like if this was a hallmark movie. What would be the point like Jackie came up with a great for the movie? So obviously people have to follow them. You know, they're always snow Christmas plate. She's on her way to meet her fiance badly and his family, and they're very intense and very rich like do Christmas Shida. No, but her family used to and then she needs to know this like Suo talking bumpkin on from coming from Nashville, and they get diverted, and it's called the divine diversion because they end up falling in love. And while me Jackie are both married, and we weren't gonna fall in love. With each other. We came up with an alternate ending that would have been more sensitive like the whole diversion was divined because we were meant to fall in love with Pittsburgh. And I think we did. I mean, we never saw it in the light of day, which was probably for the best. Everyone was so kind all God love late at a Fairmont Li literally got on the phone ten seconds later. We were there. They had the room all set up like just never happened in Iraq had a quick check in my life. There was a little jazz trio playing in the lobby some Christmas music. We show I would've loved to gone down to the barn. Like there. That's rainfall. If it wasn't so late I would have gone down to the barn had MARTINI, and I've never had a MARTINI in my life. But it felt like a MARTINI kind of town. Now, if you do show, and I will know I am doing Trump Fairmont after this episode maybe this spring for the presidential yet. Now that they know we're giving like world class press to the on. And like, we just couldn't go good mealy ordered room service. And it was just like it was the late night menu. Choose but also, it's a different city. It's like food and different city is different than the house. And it was it was not like it came with white sauce. Put it's red sauce. Like he was like white cheese on rental. It was weird. It was just not like I'm used to because I was at a different land. But now, we're in Utah and don't worry. We're even good. No. I'm definitely like because it's cold here. Husking for winter ended for me because the divine diversion, effective, your Dallas affecting my trip to Dallas because we were supposed to take off from Pittsburgh, New York seven thirty on Friday. I had a trip to douse clan at one o'clock. Not only would I not be able to make it. But we didn't mind taking off until eleven o'clock that morning the that was when I wanted to snap. That was when I would have also out the sheet total it I was like unwind things like that Ben knows because when I told Ben I was like Benner flights canceled. He said don't cry. I always cry when I'm by myself, and I get delayed like I just can't handle it. And I was pissed when we got delayed, and when we got cancelled like not being alone made it so much better. Yeah. But then that morning when the snow stopped. They rescheduled flight that was supposed to take off seven thirty. We wake up at the fucking crack of dawn five class seven thirty. We don't take off till eleven and like that fuck. Piss me off because we weren't delayed because of the weather. It wasn't things out of our control. There was no flight attendant. And then we had to is. It was an airplane bullshit. Whereas we should be a priority. We have been travelling since ten AM yesterday. So people slept at the airport. They've had Fairmont. They never took care of anyone who was terrible. It was so terrible. And so at that point like I was ready to snap. My breath was so bad. I could have murdered someone if I wanted to. But I was benevolent, and I chose not to she's a she's a generous and kind leader right because all is need to breathe on one gate agent knocked out. And the thing is like when you go through things like that like the airplane can robbery is there like me, and my friends like we were Abend of brothers pointing it was us against delta. In the flight attendant, they had to call flight attendant from Pittsburgh because the other fight we were so at the other flight and couldn't work because you're only allowed to work twelve hour shifts. She was over our to call a local by the time, we have to wait for at a shower to wake up get dressed Brazil talking taking shape. Do you make up an honest as she got there in twenty thirty minutes. He's pretty good. When we saw her coming down the hallway the whole flight was here. It was. I started the clubs. I just wanted to say. And honestly like she was any compared to the flight attendant. Who was I heard about you like fuck you bitch? This woman was an angel angel. Anyways, will we made it? And now, we're on vacation. And it's just I'm so relaxed. I am still really recovering from that trip. I've never had like a diversion like that. And it wasn't divided. All there. There was nothing divided on being so positive you being still feel like I was a good travel buddy for you. Because these that you lose your mind Joe. But I did lose my mind just at the very end sitting in that funny. But in Pittsburgh, the whole city in the world, it was the coldest airport. I think all the windows were open. I felt like I was sitting outside. Do it was so close I was at every airport. We went to about a new center at the end of the site. I'm wearing force by shirts anti winter coat. That was the hardest part is that we like we had to have clothing that. I didn't have. And it's like, I literally packed my glam one armed jumpsuit and the plate the clothes. I wore on the toast that day, and that was that I had to wear those clothes that I wore on the chose that whole day of travel and then the next day on the way home, I didn't have any clothes that was the hardest part not having bucking sweatpants. And like I learned fight on the divine version really separated like I assumes that people who had opportunity to change our clothes yet. Totally people get honestly, we did have the opportunity greasy. And also we heard a rumor like. Larry being the gossip girls this like? Gramer? There was a big influence class was the CEO of an airline. There was a big was sitting next to him this talking to him who then when we deplaned spoke to a fell bigwig who was sitting next to me, but he was on a bigwig 'cause he was in comfort telling what the regional bigwig had said, which is that the original Bigler Bryant and regional bigwigs at these slight will be taken tomorrow at seven thirty. So he knew that before like the gate engine. So the airport and had a gate. It was crazy. So like people definitely waited there for hours to find out that the flight was going to be at seven thirty. Whereas we just left and hope that that Ren whisper. We heard was correct. And when we tried to get it on the big rig convent like we heard people saying the flights thirty. So I'm not just become over like, what did you say do that? They did not want to tell sir Intel nobody was just such a birth class privilege yet, you're only eight felt like when only rich people get it like Titanic at getting good investment opportunities because they talked to the poor people never stood a chance in that was us that they wouldn't even let us in on their investment opportunities. No, it was so crazy. And then interestingly enough the bigwig that I was sitting next to the next morning. Was there? Do you think they chartered a plane? I was fucking on jets martyred ach. I'm looking at how much any charter planning for them? They think they're the biggest Whigs. Hello. We're looking into charter jet smarter. We are. So we were charting just and it was just like a lot of money. But like if we had split it between, however, it was ten grand ten grand for an eight seater plane, if we have found six other people who wanted to pay like fifteen hundred dollars what he'd been the cost of a first class ticket right at I might have been worth it. Now, I'm very upset though and get on the phone with delta because they only gave me the miles for LaGuardia to Nashville flight, but then give me my miles for a connecting flight from buck in Nashville to Pittsburgh to LaGuardia. I got on the phone with them. And they said to me we don't give out compensate for delays cancellations based on whether we'll find that our next morning that was out. Whether I now, I realize I have the corporate communications customer service airline number, and we will call. It labor. I've conference call. We're we're going to talk to them bigwigs a couple of weeks are two big rigs getting some heated talking about where it big race. Honestly, like a few days later now I've finally come to terms with that happened. But like relitigate. But I think it's red hot. Because I was set on fire this massage. Good thing we have yet. Okay. This is our first episode. You get four more for your patriotic peeps. Thank you so much for listening. We'd love you when we will be back probably tomorrow. But who knows how tomorrow we love you. Bye.

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