S3 | Episode 100: PINTAP LIVE! Featuring A1 Events


They think enough love nine even started talking work. I never made a dollar salad dressing guide. You have more money if you hold with target. Let you win now when the call. Thank the dirty Nike fucking data on best shot the Jewish called net dot such a magazine. Even Tony Nod. God you've caught which you know no hustle. Got Your feet music go. How do I do this shit for so out to fill in known everyone me way before blocked by every day I got Aco odd God? Every night they sluices me. Jeep broke down a key to win one on burn fat starting jumped out the shot by Don. It can be trump. Now she goes. I'm real rowdy. Yeah tons tons may not a benny honner found farm. I got some product on Tree House. Whip in a home run in a two hundred Chapman. Somebody's gotTa clip out. As long as the Foreign Robert Robert cluck number comes in. It's taken me under my naked Mukhwana. It could for the thunder and my brothers. I'll take the money they houses. I'm growing. They cover that. You will run on Tom. What the nonstop flight to mental final destination co-pilot? What else would put Napak after boys de ovoid what to do baby tell us you know somebody calling me? You know who can be had on. Want to welcome yachts a pen tap loud. It's official first time. We really don't as last time. We did something like this. Get it for Broccoli City. This one's a little bit special special. Not sure because family ties up here I so we just celebrated 100-episode were Rhine Masci. Miss the mall and over over here. This past Saturday been a long grind long three years. So it's only right that we celebrate with family. Keep it like that going. So this hundred episode special edition. We call a pin tap last each family size so we got a one events in the building right now. A Man Ryan Shazier. What's set up? Messiah Messiah Ah Marlin a your was outside is so before we get started to get into the festivities stuck into this conversation mementos ready to pop spicy conversation. We'll take a shot real quick and we get a shot in a shot as good as I do. This is Avi on right now. Okay but you know to for you. We'll bring in Osceola for you. I get this in Schatz. said he got a good question today which I hope you're ready go. Yeah I get everybody. Stop before we start. Everybody got a valid excuse right now I am giving the same answer with or without this. Avian APLOMB This guy's been here before we need. We need that liquid courage here we go all right on this one family sad shadow Sassou last night. One hundred episode issues Whoo Ooh side side. It should move but we WANNA think all coming out. We appreciate off Respond to that man to kill his now for the camera so we don't start yourself right. Well actually before we get there. I WANNA start right here. Yea Speech speech each which I don't know I known this guy since I. I would like ten years old so relatively since he was a young one. Two guys affiliated right so I've known him since he was a little too we. He's all Oh to be honest nevertheless the get here today and to know we kind of all kind of went the same trajectory nightlife Ho. Oh nine we'll gotcha nightlife. Yeah you AH shit loads to arm arm rather we really awesome votes and a few land. Night screen ignite. What about you? Yeah I think I sort of had Same trajectory in a sense that it was never really intentional from the starts now allow Presley was blessed to be put into a lot of different organizations a a lot of sports young. So you just build your network over time. No one was at University of Maryland in college. I would just have folks over nonstop nonstop and then a couple of guys who are in DC. Where like medicine if you can cross borders yes and so There's probably for me like two. Thousands is in was that twenty two thousand ten or two thousand two thousand nine. We first start actually put together events in the city rather than just was house parties. The school too. I remember Greg used to come. Maximum messy at Odio now Ryan before Ryan even before among even talk I remember. At seven thing. We don't say that he was sixteen years old. We need somebody do coaching. Mitch got him. We all came in with a white shirt. It was the Nejra working I was like he was so cool to hold night one hundred in house arrest. He was impressed. Everybody was impressed. It was like a ninety eight hundred people. It was like eight hundred people visu our no one box hang man made to work for me like I got to watch who actually make life a living off with throwing parties. I'm just working the coach working various different jobs at the club. So it was kind of doped to be able to transition and start doing my own events Start profiting off of it in college. So that's kind of how I started out slurring. The business on a back end into thing I really say really really really did learn the business on the back end. I think like I know I can grind in Irene's like right. You did everything everything that people everything that people might think you've done you notice business and to go from that position to be like the top promoter in his city Yik brand ambassador no from coach. That's something you know what I'm saying like I seldom extra it is. It's all. Yeah College educated. Did you ever feel pressure or from yourself or others to pursue suit. Whatever you went to school for or to just or you already cool ongo stand in this business I say always? It's like coacher over years whereas Moore's this is southern look down. Yeah I think he's a spy as a not true. What about you you just got? NBA Shadow the momentum got his MBA. The nascent yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah I think The ME is a couple of things I it's funny that you ask that question because I was just at dinner with my mother and we were talking about how she was I guess you could say like a little more open minded Me She came in when she was seventeen which is different from a lot of African parents. But you know she's been here long enough went to Howard went to grambling so she's a little bit more open minded to different career paths and things of that sort. I mean. Obviously she's not the biggest fan of it but I'm not really come up under a roof where it was like is this oh you gotta get out the House and then the other thing about it is sort of like like he said. I think. Now there's like transitions And changes in different industries right in there different trends and I think One one of the things in my life that really separates different teams in different individuals is really understanding the business side of it right. So it's like a lot of guys who are great promoters very social people and things of that sort but and there are the guys who actually invest in themselves invest crafts and then they sort of use those things that did they take from different in different environments. Different rooms classrooms specifically Then they applied to the business not think as one thing that like a one does Of course with a couple of other teams in the city better than anyone in DC. Janta Ho Ho Mong Business. You think think I've been watching you from La. I was I. Am I watching right now. You Know Sean Right. So I think any parent is going to be a little little skeptical their first when you you know you don't parties and they're just like you were partying all the time. What's going on? Are you working if you have a job but I think after a while when when you when you just show them medicine actual business and you scale it and Gordon just throwing parties. You're actually affecting people taking care of people's lives when they get to see that it's a little bit different. You know I want you to pop you call it a little bit so just tell them what you got going so right now. I am owner of a mirror lounge the hookah lounge on when I love you. I'm a brand Basseterre for AVION TEQUILA IN MARTELL COGNAC. So that we're working on some other projects right now. Rose rose bars where I'm going to honor roll over so we were GONNA shout out to the team Messiah. You Ain't out. Yeah Yeah And we work on projects together obviously outside of that I'm looking at. ESPN two Judah. Yeah Yeah Yeah that's that's for sure Outside of Nightlife in general they're a couple other ventures that we're all in For Me Distant Relatives It is a nonprofit organization that I sit on the board of Which of allocated a lot of my energy in time to over the past two years his Outside of that also have a real estate investment group. So I think between those three things if you could say nightlife boxed in one And then the nonprofits things real estate. He's been pretty busy. I like just did you just overseas you talk about that here. Yeah so so. We have a couple projects a year right now. We are in four different countries wearing Jamaica or Ghana were in Ethiopia and where Nigeria We'll be in Ghana December again live trip but I just got back from Ethiopia where we were working with a shelter and a nursery the home for the elderly so we did like a facility optimization side of the project we basically like installed plumbing for them brought them you toilets sinks washers dryers showerheads whole nine yards. So we did that as well as we donated tons HANEM supplies school medical cleaning for the facility themselves as well as like the surrounding community. Awesome awesome I just wanted to share real quick. You grind everything my brothers. Do we all do it together as I say I support everything you they do. They support everything that I do a thousand percent. I'm proud of these dues. A proud of him saying him shit so absolutely. Not I said did that because the stigma that comes along with being in a nightlife saying I experienced it personally you know what I'm saying. They just think about is. It's all about the party but just seeing you three. And just seeing how you guys have leveraged that influenced the do other things and more positive things impactful things One really just speak on that now. Do we got it out of the way now that everybody knows everybody we now I WANNA act. I question how difficult is it to maintain a relationship as promoted. Hello Xiaoping you're a mommy. Mommy Matters Instagram. Check them out you you want to size to the answer will live aside answer I I i. I'm the guy appears in a full-fledged relationships I answer that you know what I'm saying. Oh he looked oboe. Not I'm laughing at on on making phases I mean personally honestly is going to sound like a made up shit but but I honestly think a lot of things that you face nightlife. That'll get in the way your relationship that's facing you there. It's GonNa face you outside the nightlife to you know what. I'm saying like temptation now. Is there a lot more of it. Yeah like especially when you're working with this guy you got oriented under you got a lot of opportunity. Oh but I I honestly think like the concept and the idea that that working in nightlife like you can really ruin your relationship. I think is a little like over. Hyped low exaggerating things that saw our thank. You know what I'm saying. We we all gotta grow through certain things now. I think the answer is this clearly doable. May Not think like answering Musab but I want to talk to the people who don't want to answer this question. I would know it's been a couple years for the amount you want to save them. The couple of years is impatient. Just is one on. You know some damn slack. Although there's a lot of long nights working nights sometimes it's not being home Friday Saturday nights that's like date night. So you that's I stressed that we live untraditional style as far as like ours. Do we do not holly so south. Ask the sand. Hand is easy to make states. I mean the accident being more turned off along the tank blew women who actually come out. Great we all OUGHTA homeys. This is the show friends will ask him a AH media doing a good job changes every years like the culture changes people change. It's every couple of years so it was like shit is completely different than it was two years ago it was one year was five years ago. What year ten years ago is completely different? You gotta be able to adapt easily turn off. It's very easy. It's her dog. With a authoress is will be new for him. We're not here to be turned on to make money. Let me ask you worship go. How did you guys write the temptations though? How do you fight some patients station? Masai I think I think it's just like anything else Matt. Thank you been meditating loan. I've never meditated day my life life man. I think it's practicing. I think practicing self awareness a little bit. You know what I'm saying where you at knowing what you need in your life things that saw but before we even leave like the Scott Walker and Ryan was speaking just one thing. When he was is hard I was like man? If you don't have one of the most understanding girls in the world now possum them. We're not talking about that. We're not hard no more like whether it's possible. You don't have like Super Standard Person. You know saying the point where we're like. It's just unbelievable. It's not working. I'm a partial one second because ladies in her own so how do you would you do to kind of reciprocate that understanding outstanding for that loved one. I don't know if you've got to reciprocate it right. I'm just saying like depends on what they do to grow occupational therapist but I can't really reciprocate. I'm just saying Oh you got you got it at the same time like I guess if you San Reciprocate like you just got a lot of things I mean you gotTa have patience. Because that's what it requires requires on. Their big thing is understanding. Everything is not of substance nausea. This one no not something is like the term sustainable nothing and then if you can just put it in perspective do what it really is this how do you how do you show your appreciation. China plead they say. How do you show you directly? Let me let me save you a little bit. Hypothetically how would you show your appreciation for somebody who is he's giving you that level of understanding really. I mean everyone's different the hold on hold on while I'm single man. How would you be present the president as I got a question? How can you be present? you guys are Friday and Saturday nights you did say that's a hot date night. Seven seven days a week. This guy's good. I saw that. Let's go let's go here. Go here exalts go here. Let's go here let's go what does the wildest nightlife store you could even tell or what are the wildest think. I WANNA know boosted. He was spicy questions. We want answered. I say don't say no name a you're gang IMPLICA- ain't nobody is just person. You'll fly on the wall. I just there's a lot of people that don't club. They don't know what goes on. You don't want to scare them off because we don't want to scare them off waiting. Tell the story or just some. Are you saying somebody told you. They just say he wasn't there. People in the Audience Mornings Got Mullen Rah. We're GONNA come back to their L.. Let's close to never seen these guys speechless. I swear to you this is not an excuse to not answer the question. Sometimes when we do as much as we do as long as we've been doing it shit is really a blurred. I'm driving crazy to say that I could sit here and thank thank you for this crowd. Disrespect it's crowded anyway. I could probably give out a story every weekend. That'll be light but like right now just like we sort of get numb due to it. I mean we see it all the time. This is one of those things I don't. I mean somebody could probably give you a crazy story between these two sure but I we'll be book store for Ha Let's go then. One the thing is funny about about nightlife is like we do a lot of celebrity bookings at our parties in one time we had trey songz toes. The party you know Trey Songz is like a lot of girl crush so you know all these girls come out to the party. Trey Songz Cam at the end of the night to all the girls at the end of the night. You're on a tour bus so we look around like two. Am It's like being like ten. Emma boys at the table we sit look at boy who hanging now what he saw there. But that's not a that's crazy as it gets but you know you just see stuff like that all the time you can use your magic overnight right. My man is telling me it got a while they it was like fifty women in one corner and then like that was table right. It was a one woman right like everywhere else is like scattered or just guy. That's right and now you tell me Trey Songz club Aja some imagine those same cleared it out. He cleared it out for sure your action. It would've been smoking hookah. I'll tell you that sounds like the wildest most silliest Kubis replenish it yeah all differ personalities with different people even partnerships. I'm GonNa tell you story. Someone is winning me last night. We aggressive around the corner. We have Bernice worlds also also second Griffin on Sundays Griffin. Let's go day Bernice Liu. The party hosts first class grades. We'll tell sweets Lashkar. Suv on its is such. My phone dies gnome in the party. With my Marla long lease whenever you knew carly's Lubar Zika ever causing Guber X.. The accident the smallest. I like that mall. Risk pools humble. Bernice Carl Carlisle. We walk through a car. She fuck is that they would not get it matches on. Who is he giving energy to when she you went over what is it? I can't somewhat because my phone is dead. Molly you call Bernice fucking Uber that Sir and the data be it'd be funny things all the time. Now she cool when she got in their she always cool. Always cool is ask you know she wanted to go home. So but yes you don't say Larry's but to us at least a release every night honestly light some difference we wake up gigging in groups at every day all sound crazy so we got another spicy question spicy shell. Boom question is how the female get a table. I I give the line. Or how does he get a table. The lawyer lack of the question. Obviously we only really do tables if it's like a birthday day or group of girls before midnight something like that. We usually just do. Birthdays only celebrations big celebrations engagements bachelorette aspiration parties business like that. He's doing a great job with this tale doing a great job with this. This guy this guy. How could we phrase it? This is the second part of question though Normally do come off by white. I mean we've seen it on TV. The girl walks up to the door and certain people tell you gotta wait while other people go in all right. So what does it take me for a woman for a young lady to walk up to that door again that Little Rhody lifted up and tell us go ahead take I just think she got no somebody at this point guys good man. Don't take that much honestly like I mean. Go bodies we want. We want people to come about women so party Eh. There's more than enough people in this market party where you can take care of every single person you you know personally affect your business. You'll still have alonside if you like if you're doing on a certain scale on certain level behind even before he said that what I'm saying our Nola marlins stipulations are a- At the end of the day on honest to God like if you have any sort of relationship with I'm not gonNa have any standing outside. You know what I mean also the Washington. DC is not just about James Brady. Now's ally simply. How can person looks like that is Meghan of professional Washington ore? So we'd take care well it makes sense but we all know you know what we definitely going to care and eh business to a whole competitive landscape. I if I know you could go across the street and if I know you could bring any type of you know what I mean any type of labor good energy over there. I'm not gonNA have any standing outside here. I'm make sure you happy with us. So there's there's a lot of different reasons to take care of. I know which I was looking for but nice traffic. Let's get back to the ground real quick. When did it transitioned dishes from something? You like to do something seen as a business that you enjoy. I still don't know if well I mean some days I love it is. That's that's such hardest question days are wake up and I'm just like managed great success now. We have this tables party party look great off rallies. Great as is some days when she this is a strain that those aren't you transition win understood soon it will you take this and really make it when he rooms in my just over other views Mardi businesses. That's my the transition for US person. His name is great with his like. We look forward to the whole next three weeks. Today's will we like man. Let's get on the plane and go to fucking Hamas tomorrow combat. I say that scene. That was official taking. You Never Matthew go personally. I mean I assure you I've got it was like wow. I can't believe I mean every I'd I'm never thought I'll go anywhere from parties. Thought Parties Pardons. I didn't think you knew anything more from him. Until maybe last five years. So every everywhere I I do. I'm still in all it's still like. I'm still happy. Thankful I can do. These days of parties wasn't like one location with my own year. We made it We made Houston. How's the bowl with that? The Messiah got off to Bannon Bannon that MBA classroom top programme right. You obviously got to apply to these programs. Man You gotta get the story so when Oh you know you really sit down and reflect on like van production and things of that sort and the logistics behind in how you grow a business brand and things of that sort so when you get in that Rome and when you really really get a good understanding of how smart people on this world you get one of those classrooms and it's like a great program you said now you look around you like. He came from what firm he came from. What company came from what Bank you came from? What citing and I'm like you know what I mean like I've been working my ass off fairly deserve it but at the same time I can't believe audience? So that's the I'll trips stories of that Orlands Marley and I've been a few places to to to Europe and Asia. I think Japan is probably a place where I got there. Who Don't part is where I never thought I would be in terms of like a door? I've been a couple of parties and Miami Diddy Parties House parties. And things like that right. Like wow this is really a privilege to be here from where we came from Don Parties to get at those type of doors and be able to network with those type of people. It was really cool L.. So Ninety one right now you need to go to Nana. I don't want to go to ask. Now what do you do that too. So you have a perspective right now. I want to see if we can catch it at right now out recently watching the breakfast club and it was something on-air but it was some someone basically said that Single Black Women are the largest the happiest demographic right now. Considering Y'all got let me say now but I heard that a black woman a black single one on the happiest demographic right now all right so you're respect their you agree or disagree with that because I wasn't and Eh and dominantly black woman and I would like to believe that they're single women as well so and your experience the best of your knowledge would did you say yes or no graphic of mill. Would you agree or disagree day. Aw Black winning are headed was black. Single women are happy demographic like Oh happy happy what do you mean you mean more freedom. They have more choices than that is harshly. They've been viewed in the past the saints on the way the happiest grabbing WanNa know when source that is. I want to know that. Yeah but let's legitimate source. Would you agree this. You said you know I think specifically if I were to focus on black woman I think For a long time more than any other demographic they're sort of like caged in a lot of things. It's like a lot of Like societal norms and things that are like basically trying to box them into a certain type of person type of thing and I think with him saying is sort of shifting to more liberal atmosphere. I think there's the whole you hear the music right here. Cardi B. Magnets talion. Naw them lately. They've evidence there basically talking about doing what we WANNA do. You know what I mean and I think that's actually I mean art is is basically a reflection of what's going on here. That's what I'll say. Yes so it's like you see you see chicks doing a lot of things that they weren't doing he said I WANNA do on five years. That's my you know what I'm saying. I started ten years ago. Yeah Twenty thirty. And it's a total different world at twenty at twenty but there but I just feel like you know you see a lot of things that you didn't see that would have been like super super frowned upon like a trend right now to let people poor bottling your mom you know. That's a trend right now. I just worry about life and I know I know some people have dropped the ball before. Yeah yes he looks out in the crowd so it's like you know what I'm saying like ten years ago. Yeah a lot of folks who've has been like what are you doing that crazy right now. I agree on now. You look good going this guy. So I'm happy. You kinda went there right. That McConnell like thinking about this thing since I heard it so jennings recently. I heard him say women are negus. You need an elaborate. I need you to our broken. Would have I don't know like Jennings is going through right now. aalto through. What is the carbon? He was his his own description. But we're not worried about life right now. I just focused on net statement right day just to stop it right. There women are naked is any truth to that or is he just ought away bugging he bugging. Is there some type of context pont. They would've that he would busy. Easy saying that. Like women are going hard dues ever win in life on Eh looming flew Out No I disagree. I disagree with life when one. Why do you disagree with him? Well let's go. Oh Allie Kamara man. I see guys lie of the dumbest stupid shit. I won't see. Let me doing things like that. All done things like what we want. No question man. By every day the Backed it every day. Tony where we live we other day. No no no men. Don't put on town because you just brought it in perfectly so listen right and Blackman. Don't you got Mike right hair. Anyone WanNa step to the MIC right now and tell us about women crickets crickets Cricket Cricket SIGNET CREEK WHIZ. Talk to us. I should say it again tone. Do Women I why is she. The women just lie smart. A woah Martin dive. Is there a different thing is. They're real different science to kind of you say one other needs a little more frivolously ridiculous. Louis y'all heard that cash cash you can you got the highest points. What does that off on? What is the freeze? You wish you relied. You have a go-to surprised birth. They're gonNA work by commands a thing in Europe laws giving were everywhere. I the undefeated undefeated every words. I love so we've got the might and women listen. We asked the question. Recently on the runoff podcast and It was biased because it was just in a room right so women in audience feel free to just go at real quick question. Was We ask ourselves the question. What would be mail train? You're right fashion trend. Just in general we disliked. Right is the automatic turnoff. Hey Eh I I WANNA hold on hold on hold on now I WANNA know I wanNA know I answered this question. I WANNA donor I. Yeah they've got to answer. I like to promote. Yeah Yeah just use people at the door. Was the turnoff me. She paying full price to come automatic turnoff hunter painful price in the they know they gotta check it like they had like put pop in Switzerland. which was the full price? You gotta pay. Come in order matic turnoff. You GotTa have your feet done. That's not just as long as it's done. That's all that I did the manicure pedicure. You need that you can't go out with with with what's up a AH. I know that's what we do talk about real life. I swear to you I was GonNa say I was. I'M GONNA say entitlement title if I come outside and like chickens talking NYC like she's supposed to be taken care of at some like crazy Z.. Like concierge service like are you like. I'm tapping I'm tablet security like somebody's going humble her today like she has the pay because they obviously that's news too but no the shadow roads and he sounded like he around away. And we'll party. Who who who who party you gotta text? They've all though party. Oh the question. Was the typical party type. I like beautiful women man. I mean I don't have a specific type as long as the energies. Great man. We Have Party I. Would you sell you. We address Oscar energy to enter. You just gotTa be good on you. GotTa you know we all would be a good look present yourself. Well we're GONNA have fun and that's it I okay. He let me ask this question. What brought you together? Yeah Yeah I mean I I I think I was the last to join the trio so but I think I think in a sense honestly we all sort of had the same name Sam Story might not be exactly the same but I think one thing that contributes to our successes a unit is that we've all worked with different teams in different people for nothing. I A lot of teams in nightlife sort of you know people drop out of the race. Some people do you know they have like a genie. Then they get married out of nowhere. But in general we all came from different different groups in different Entertainment groups and I think you know even when we weren't working together we all had a connection outside of business business. Obviously these two brothers but even when they weren't working together you know what I mean like you sort of have the same vision Saint Perspective on life where you WanNa go and then when they were working together together I was still with another grew. We always we always clicked. You know what I mean like like. We're all very big on working with people that we genuinely believe me and I think a lot of people aren't always like a night light. 'cause it's easy to get by. Without the niece edgy. For sure need that revives. It definitely biased. I think Law Foreigners Zan Ursel. Then we often tell so this certain things relating on they probably think I'm crazy every day when those dogs you know what I'm Elliott. I think there's a lot of things that although we have a lot of differences that we see these different differently allow Islamic things. We see the same way down. Wants to get the women. We answered that question. You know pop off right the I got you animal ready. What mail train on? Whatever male thing is automatic turnoff? ooh Karate ooh I I know aw. That's it automatic turnoff ladies long. We'll get you sign up. Uh were guys along. Now's a check. His nails us us. Ladies and now your automatic you. I'm doing today. What would keep them? Could you keep you clean. Now's matters I know you got something either. You got something about questions. Sizzling don't don't act like we all know each other. What about an because I know my dog? What about when analysis? You know what I'm saying and you and your comfort zone. You got your sweats on this again. It depends on connect is what is nasty. I say that like dude wearing skinny jeans and sagging like I should don't make sense. See he would decide. We want here with this A. G. G. in quite that's a trend. Though matic turn off hygiene you gotta say more than that but it makes us on the two right. Yea You wouldn't even know she saw you said male high explain air. You know how this goes. Ah Talk about. We're the smell coming from bit. Remarks ended spelled very costs under talk about your automatic mcardle. I'll put my sister's spot. What if I turn off talk? Talk Talk Spinning keeping the bringing a brigadier. There you go. Hey the crap that goes both ways Angulu. I go both ways. You go deep in all faces. Can you guys tell to guide. Do you tell the person you're with about hygiene not just the bad burn hygiene bad. Now's you let them No. No Oh you don't tell you. Don't tell me no advocate. Yeah so we ask another question on the podcast and it's going to be a little bogus so we all adults here. So let's go to Dan right good question with about the box Studio Korea so as men we frequently we talk about when whack when this when his dad but we we gotta be fair. I gotta somebody really emailed me and said listen. George you gotTA BE FIT YA GOTTA be fit any question guys talk about you gotTa bring it to the women right so the question we talked about it we were talking about how bad it is or how they doing doing that. But Lemme we hear more woman's perspective what what are the negatives job experience with men play in a box. Now do you pass the MIC. I Oh do you want to feel uh no okay talk your teaching men right now. There is a sort of in the background checks other women. Do you work or are no so and we'll are you saying Jerry shared item. They look the world is grateful whether it's all year the whole b-shares awhile the in the winter. A whole life I so look before we wrap up before we wrap up. Y'all like I said again tall male dominated right head so before we end we want to ask. Is there anything any topic that any woman in the audience wants to you know what. I'm saying Roach all volunteer purposes and we attach it from your perspective and then we talk about it as well. We will respond back to you. Is there any question from a woman's perspective. WanNa hand me. Can I get the mind. Where's the MIC extra in my steed keeping key to check back on us as female do the same thing? The Bee's acidic say something specific. Well this scenario. Let's based on these new age rapper. Talk about okay talking about the same thing on the radio. But it'll be quick to call her thought you you're the guy says you but they be calling taught me check. I'll go into the waters generals because you said female rappers Megan's law you. She got a boyfriend this inaugural shit. She's pregnant with a boyfriend and it's like an industry right so you can't go out with them saying they already get money money. That's not women desire eh joking right because you are a male rappers who have lives and children and they still wrap around the same thing talk. AHA undersigned loss. In Club promoter right is usually future sure is like one of the most women is. He's my favorite rapper. But he's one of the most ever right Ari girl every we grow futures what you listen to waste November honesty which down the Saas Clo. It don't matter Listen something in England last along. I'm not ruled told you what are you always have. All the always stayed in new co-winner he always say women do when they do the winning girls off. This is how she owed more. You think your order your word After my I think we need a better example amusing it just lets go. I didn't know you could skew be room roll. Roll Roll Ruin. Could run works gas witness afford the minute beginning. Say Cancel is really really really goes on in this world. The Middle Chameleon decide walkaway as a network is gone. Everything is castle. I promise you else talking to George. Sit All listening to songs that I know walk when I was younger in are listening to this and I'm like deal also also hunt. The song is only in love in swear awesome so that song meaning that saw a number one center they the network if somebody is trying to push the product and women we not made by Shit I the heavy back into some who they are until Utah. He's not suffering. What do most older women young women man how to treat you? You were all you the minute now. You got to go in their view saying your man. Yeah you'll be without him. Uh a served only she. They don't need to find this on line one time. Hey you that very carefully. In 'cause you don't want to hear the vote meets John Music and entity using the demand here also include respected church. That's that's why I feel like we're done now but we could've used something a little bit more relatable we got it just felt like music is very tough right now to use as an example apple blah. I like the example. She cheated speaking. I the top entered and I'm just giving you example. She did. She talked about those questions. Question Medicine a question Z.. Resemble you understanding on sympathetic event for his knee the enormity concert burgundy she gave you home with alone. She was convert elsewhere in Europe This as long as it's been a time when she off guard and you're going to be back with. Aw Gee you got anybody. uh-huh did he know he knew he knew. Records records about that everybody everybody in Zimbabwe bailouts league on the same route the general Jewish where she cheat on have else's ABC. Sylvia yet again. Any goal has in January Jerrell. My theory is universal. Carlson Jared Jan by. It's not your story Watson. Is You go from society to Society Xilin County it is. I mean when you say this was just reality of the culture to society. We create their game a lot of physician. I mean I know we've we've we've been taught to believe with. We think is correct. You know saying we've been legal. Society would comment are socialized at the young age. You know we're we must go further and you go further. Let me go further. Let me go then. They go further. As my opinion is the men are visited. Women can accept the man's lack better than a make instead of the women's lacks where we're different. We're we're made different right should hurts right so I think it hurts all around cloth it hurts. It hurts across the board right. Curiously hurt across the board right but the ability to accept forward. I think thank they women men deal with different. The real women can accept. Have a they know something may be neatly or whatever but they have a better ability elite to deal with women have a better support system. I can't go to that. Yo she cheated on dog. No he can't do. I gotta eat that sit alone on your own. Ought to be like I can't tell mom Naomi world so when you find out committing admit or not that much different than men as far as they once needs gas. You finding that we've been so differently you've been so we entitled women were understanding generated to talking right. That's dawn democracy six eighty. I the avion hit Ed. Marlin this lesson soaking up all the game right now. Though so we bought a wrap up as we wrap up on behalf of their pocket. I definitely want to shout out you off of being his greatest Jolla I've been watching from afar and I've seen literally who who I'm saying things that I could only imagine in my head it was possible saying whether it's what you don't with influencers served movement random bass ship Cetera. which he doing with a nonprofit like honestly I'm GonNa tell you right now I was thinking about it? I'M GONNA say right right now. Put any podcast while we according last so that you feel obligated to do but whatever you got going on is aw this Thanksgiving holiday. Whatever the case may be nothing? Let us know putting their pockets. WanNa connect with distant relatives and do a community service project. Honestly honestly I mean freedom for what every Friday or something like that Franklin Square every last set every last month so got knowing that on a regular basis this overseas and doing things definitely wanted to be a part of that so whenever the you know the next thing come up definitely noted you can tackle us and we'll be we'll be present on to be part of that but on overall to see the way moving in the city the Sea Day with all the success zest you gotta still very humble relatable knife duties honest and I know what it's like I see. Do they get a little bit of shining. China can't tell him named go or whatever but Jadu like real talk. I could hit any a- not hitting me right. That life was just yesterday that we still. You know what I'm saying so I appreciate Ya overall. I think y'all via this humility. We appreciate embracing this this past weekend. I know stressing Ryan. Now look at Ryan right bags. Ain't from nothing. Ryan is stressed out because the even like Gee I'm GonNa get back to you. I promise you I'll give back to you like I've been hitting them relentlessly. You know what I'm saying about this podcast. The weather about party or whatever. The case may be. He's responsive he's been trying his best to facilitate this when a shutout Tokyo Pearl. Yeah I never been in children. You're definitely come to Tokyo out to lounge on what's the persona that you. It was the restaurant. Bento Bento box been saying Tokyo Tokyo in general defecate checkout Tokyo Pearl. We here right now. Yeah could see. The ambiance is totally though. You know what I'm saying. WanNa thank Ya but don't WanNa shout busy busy busy individual and you know. We couldn't get John Studio so we can knock com dated and we appreciate. Jackson is candidate. We appreciate the conversation. We appreciate the Jaffna honesty and we appreciate your success because it's showing a large number of people that it's not just what you see everything that you guys have made it into saying the inspiring a whole nother generation. Do they want to promoted thing would have been playing things Cetera et CETERA. Ever Brand Ambassador Thing Mal shadow to you know what I'm saying like Mia Ozone you've ever so we've seen you come way. Same appreciation appreciation in proud proud. Feeling that your brother got we got if we research on your thing shadow. Ambience Keila Shutout L. Martell Cognac. Saying side like you know like I just think that you could you just you a solid dude. All the way you hold on for sale shadow Ma'am Boom. If Yano booby oh you go check out his music right now. Who said he got a question for boobs question to give them online? Mike we need make sure we get all that. I'm not about Obama out long long as at promoted. Where do you see the longevity in what you do what do you see yourself ten years from now ownership one hour period? I want only club by other clubs. Here you go away this specific every next glove office. May I would say I sell out design I know Ya. Aw willowbrook Adams I just happened to be Malcolm Mutual Man we go way back. I mean we I. I mean obviously super proudly on which I've been doing a we appreciate the invite to this platform because you a lot of times like I'll be honest. I didn't know what to expect question wise but you sorta gave us a platform to talk about some things that are very very misunderstood in nightlife right and just to see like some like we're regular people you know having a lot of the times I don't get it twisted like I know I can speak for all three Liam us. We've lost a ton of friends. Those homeys that used to ride for you stupid shit for when you were younger like now they you know what I'm saying. They're not Rochman which you can say. Thank you act in different but really like you just work in the club you gotta come home to handle all types of made up stories like I'm just giving you examples. I know people from the outside outside looking at nightlife. And they're like whatever they might think you're jaded they might think like you got a big head. Might think man we go. We go through so you you gotta think about going to sleep too but once we good we we and I just WANNA please help. I've had us. We don't get found province and later this show okay. Can I say one last thing. I don't know what we really over yet or not but obviously we don't want to again. A one is much bigger than the three of us. We have a tonight We got a huge team for Marlin girls from resent Corey. Hera Bryce. Yeah we should we not get to how you know what I'm saying. We have a very very very very big team Very understanding team. You know what I'm saying. They allow us to grow as leaders and as team managers. The exact short so I mean it's literally impossible to be where we are. You know what I'm saying as big as this seven over here one of the first original a one team members ah Derby so never with that being said you really want to thank you all for coming out one thank gaffer listening. Thank you all for watching. We appreciate Ya. Yeah youtubers listen thumbs up at that like that like when the thank you for listening to put a podcast. DOC asked the hundred episodes that we've done you for you drink. Take you a shot doc. Lavan we appreciate Jaffa watching once again. If you WANNA send us any questions any comments it is yeah when talk tomorrow accents. The email I put in their pockets at Gmail dot com putting their pockets G. dot com. WanNa Watch you. I want to listen every every single episode contact when when you think you can actually go to our website right now putting their podcast dot com. Tom We we exit followers on instagram and twitter right now at Pinta pocket just underscore podcast. You can listen to every episode on one of these platforms of your choice whether the apple podcast Google podcast spotify stitcher and or youtube shots. y'All once again. We are very very thankful and appreciative to make it to one hundred episodes on the grind Israel and we are celebrating and bringing it in with us they have been literally grind in for ten plus years so with that being said we wanna really really think after listening. We sincerely appreciate Shah. Yeah observe I think about that now that we all it. She got a little zoo. I could've been at why I mining my name is now with Tommy to change block gang. Shoot well hold on. This is tiny. I mean money take money money money out more now what mushroom watchword top stacking when it salt. How in two dollars now compound of all the time I didn't kept Kim only guaranteed you suggest now? Third Time Connecticut quickness take it back home. Pick six so patriotic mandate daughter in this WanNa see me federal cedar facing hard to overstate state of a big city. When I left the country was enormous? I I really couldn't afford glasses. Came up like the rain down in Florida. The pounds glowing. Ura Rosillo calm. I told my now with Johnnie chain gang advil this is I mean money money money. It again gained talk. Shot off topic. Thank you they don't.

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