172: What WE Thought of the Movie, "The Irishman," Brad Marchand gives it to NHL Concussion Spotters


Hello everyone welcome to the program emanating from the nation's capital. It's Steve Worn project and the project comes down to this. What if we do a podcast episode? Every day will let you know how it that goes. The subject is sports. Whatever certainly within Ottawa spin? I'm Steve Warne. Along with Jungle Gym Jerome. Who's actually emanating from the Ed Mo area and we're former? TSN radio partners. And I asked this question of James. How was your weekend? Well it was. It was an emanation steph. DEF- by the way we're assisted on the play. All excuse my friend. Thank you by the way we're assisted on the play by Jim. Ford good rb computing and all Insurance Ontario. Sorry about that I left that out. That's all right I watched Sousa came out and I watched it all at once. Was Irish Irish man. Irish Irish Man Irishman Irishmen. The Irish man. Yeah it was great. I thought what did you think. Yup I watched it on the weekend. I I you know I would have preferred if it was almost like the in that mode of binging and I would have preferred verdict to be in four episodes of about forty five minutes a piece rather than the straight three and a half. I was getting halfway through. I was like oh it's getting late. All right Oh hang in. Yeah no but it's still excellent although the three and a half now as I get what they probably did right said you know they probably looked at making that a a series right and but what these veteran actors are you got Pacino Deniro and patchy they're probably not signing up for multi year series right. Can I just jump in on the casting. By the way how about Harvey Tell and how underutilized he was crazy yes. He's so good and he was not even used so good so good. Yeah I fell. I love that guy years ago. He did a movie where he was a crooked cop. Right I think it was called bad lieutenant or something like that. Yeah he was a bad lieutenant. Yeah he was bad dude man anyway. It's it's kind of like it's Scorsese of course directed that thing and when I watched the movie. That's his specialty right this this type of gangster movie of course mafioso type movie And he is just he's just freaking light years ahead of everybody else. I think he's kind of kind of the Michael Jordan man. Add of doing movies. You know I thought it was great. It was a fantastic movie. Start to finish was really cool. The angle that they did it was a retired mob. Guy Guy Reflecting on his whole story you know. Wasn't that a clever way. They did it to like they. Just sorta crawling through the old age home and I'm not giving anything away. Just SORTA techniques sneaks that I'm talking about just the way you know you think it's going to be narrated and stuff kind of a dubbed in thing and then all of a sudden he go it goes from you you know the way the way they went right up to Deniro and instead of it sort of all being a narration. That he's thinking about all of a sudden he just takes over and actually starts talking. I thought that it was a really clever the way they did it at the start of the only. Yeah but that was just one of many like that there. You Go. That's unique. That was a cool way to do that right right and he was kind of. I don't want to give away too much. You know it was it was kind of an innocent mobster. You know he was a nice eight it was just. It was a great angle. It's not a it's not a bunch of blood and guts or anything like that. It's it's a cool story. Yeah Oh cool story what did you think of the youth defying effect. Because obviously they're showing the three main characters Jimmy Hoffa played by Pacino. His right hand man played by Deniro and then Joe Patchy who seems to be this all powerful godly figure in the mafia I showed them in various stages of life and I thought it was well done but I didn't hear a was a little off like the blue I affect I thought that That was distracting a little bit. Almost like they didn't quite get it on De Niro. Oh I can't remember. They had them as I can't remember I don't know what what you're talking about blue. I what I what what I miss. Well when they when they introduced how patchy and Deniro meat when they deniro's truck breaks down remember rush gives them a handle with it. Well they really youth defied both of them by CGI is. I think it's almost that deep fakes thing that we've talked about And Deniro just looked. I don't know I wasn't quite there for me. Maybe because they made size two blue but I found that part a little distracting being. But obviously I'm alone in that because you didn't even notice it I didn't know what is a good one and the whole thing making it three hours three and a half hours of people. Jesus Jesus ages three and a half hours. But but I've watched six seven hours of a series right at once so I think you're going to see more of that. I think you're gonNA see more of these longer longer movies because people are binging Freakin year after year of of series. Right yeah and I and the stories in based on a true one obviously in the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa at the core of everything Not to mention in some obvious theories stories about the assassination of JFK. And so I think Scorsese's taking some liberties in there but that seems to be kind of a common thing which would be the other movie. The I love this year. which would be once upon a time in Hollywood where you're obviously in Quentin Tarantino? Take some pretty strong liberties about the Manson and family story. Sure sure yep great. Great example of that. Yeah yeah so I mean I don't know I don't know enough about the Jimmy Hoffa story maybe you do due to know how closely that one was kind of reenacted for us. Well I don't but I mean the ending to that movie is like you say probably taking liberties and and Tarantino is kind of one of his deals is I think what he makes a movie. He uses a main story and says what if it ended this way though right right and he did that with Like inglorious bastards right. There's like what like what if what if there was this group of guys that that did this. And the chick on the movie theater and stuff. It was cool. You know what I want to start like a podcast right now. I want the two of us. You just sit down and watch inglorious bastards right now like it's talking best so good so good yeah. Nothing Tarantino doesn't in his movies that I didn't know somebody flip up. This to me on social media is that he's always incorporating classic movies of the past in his movies and in once upon a time in Hollywood he has a real serious nod to Steve McQueen in the great escape where it's basically they take a scene from that movie and basically dub for lack of a better word. Oh Leonardo DiCaprio into Steve McQueen's role like he makes all the same movements and besides DiCaprio DiCaprio. Everything is exactly the same as it was in the great escape and apparently does that all the time and I didn't know that oh I didn't know that either I might have to go back and walks. Doc Sat which I could anyway watch any of those movies over again. Okay good night. Everybody SISKEL and Ebert covered. Ah since we're on movies anyway. Let's start with the RB computing web. Pull because Christmas as hit my house in a big way. The tree is up. It is fully decorated. All the decorations are up and my son who As most people would know listen to the show he's a young man who's autistic back and he will not permit Christmas before December. I if I start singing to him like any Christmas song come out of the woodwork. And just be screaming. Glad Aetna just can't have it so he's all in on Christmas as of today the Guardian. Yeah I guess so. He's settling in for a Little Will Ferrell and Elf off tonight so the Christmas TV and movie season is here and so threw it out as a as a Web poll question today just for fun that it is December first as we're recording this particular episode and the season this year. So let's settle this nonsense once and for all this year is die hard a Christmas movie or is it not. Yeah that's been going on for many a moon. Now what's diehard with Bruce Willis. Yes Christmas Yup. It takes place at Christmas. Oh I didn't know that. Oh Yeah I'm not Kulti enough. I guess I don't even remember die. I heard I just remember him being a he's not a cop and the thing that's blasphemous. You don't remember die hard. What are the ultimate guy movies there is you? Don't even remember it. I don't never I'll have to watch it again all right. I'll go to the listener on this since they've filled up my time line at TSN Steve on twitter Let's see Silva says my wife says yes Christmas movie. I did not care for the movie. So it's a wash here Lt. He writes anyone who thinks it isn't a Christmas. Movie is a heathen and shouldn't be allowed to celebrate Christmas people who don't think it it is probably like pineapple on their pizza. Glenn Walton writes good sponsor of this program one hundred percent a Christmas movie. Well now the one of the sponsors is established that he thinks it's a Christmas movie. Maybe I should go along with that because quite frankly I'm very much in the No camp but I'll get to that in just one second this is. This is absolutely hands down the worst poll question you've ever had no don't be Krantz down just because you never. You're only recently recently on social media but this has been an ongoing debate among movie fans for many moons. What a stupid debate? Who Cares? How is is it a stupid debate? What what I don't know okay? It's a Christmas okay. It's not I don't get it again. Mark Levin Outright. Yes it is just like baby. It's cold outside is a Christmas song. Die Hard to by the way is also a Christmas movie. Okay hey baby it's cold outside as a whole nother story. I'll tell you what what a great sponsor these guys are. They'll even the even sponsor dumbest dumbest web poll questions ever. Okay baby it's cold outside. Why why do we have to take to that level? We could just sort of you know. Give Dean Martin the benefit of the doubt with Doris Day. Say Deans just drunk. And he's being persistent. Yeah it's not like He. He ripped the phone out of the wall and tighter up to a chair with the phone cord. I don't remember that in the lyrics. Do you yeah. That wasn't there baby. It's cold outside. Let me tell you up with the phone cord and puts you in a chair baby. It's cold outside now. We have something to complain about her. Anyway today's web poll is brought to you by RB computing for Outstanding Computer Services and Ottawa. We recommend our computing plus some amazing gift ideas Steve. It's Christmas like the Microsoft surface surface pro seven the twelve inch touchscreen two and one laptop. That's ultra light and fast and more connections. Begin Your holiday shopping today at rb computing 235-minute in place sweet six in bells corners. Okay good stuff here's your S. WBZ heads up for Monday day December. Second your sports schedule. It'll be the seahawks hosting the Vikings in the Monday night should be a dandy Seattle nine into Minnesota eight and three your auto forecast for December second mainly sunny and a high of minus two and that's Today's heads up for all Insurance Ontario. If you love listening to the smooth jazz ask hold music for hours than all insurance. Ontario probably isn't the broker for you with all Insurance Ontario. You get one dedicated contact. Who's never more than a quick text or phone? Call Away visit all ends dot ca or text them at six one three eight six zero six zero zero eight. The winter driving is here in a big away but this season relaxed behind the wheel of your new Ford. SUV from Jim K.. Ford take advantage of their winter performance package including tires rims and sensors censors with a purchase or lease of most new twenty nine thousand nine four. Suv Models feel extra confident. This winter with Jim Kaye. Ford you vill drive in Orleans and if you're buying or selling your home we recommend Glenn Walton Real Estate Team when you list your home with Glenn. He sets aside a budget toward things. Your home may need to get it ready to hit the market things like staging decluttering painting cleaning professional photography. All at no cost to you. It goes a long way to getting the price you want for your home contact len today at Glenn Walton Dot Com one of the best players in the NHL is Brad Marchand and that's hard for me to say because people to say that. He's a terrific player. He's an MVP candidate this year But he does tend to do and say things that make you go here and one of the latest ones was interesting because the NHL in concussions. That's a controversial area as well. In the League's been trying to clamp down on headshots both with the on ice officiating. And all the suspensions they have and when it comes to trading in treating players who might have concussions. I'm trying to be better there as well with a concussion spotters and the quiet rooms and all that and the NHL feels a lot of ways. But they're trying to do those things I talk about the NHL L. still fails with Gary Bettman denying the C.. T. e. link the NHL fails a little bit with the fighting thing. I mean you watch players squaring off in a fight. They're like twenty feet away from each other. They got dukes up. They spinning around. Come on the linesmen have plenty of time to get in there but they don't because the NHL to some degree once is fighting anyway the players probably deserve a little flack and Brad. Marchand is exhibit because he got pulled from the game on Friday body in Boston by a spotter because he took an elbow from Jacob Trueba in that ruined ranger game and so marsh got got pulled at the start of the third period even even though he taken the blow late in the second and Marshon went off. So that's embarrassing. The at twenty minutes to sit there and view the tape and call that in but they may come out in a two one game when we're just starting to get some momentum the guys up there busy eating pizza and cheeseburgers. I guess and can't watch the game. Maybe next time he'll to pull his head out of his body and watch the game. I skated into the guy's elbow but I was fine. And my theory on that is you have to. I think as a player if you want to be part of keeping players safe. You can't going off like that marsh and has since apologized for it. Good for him for that but no you can't go off like that when the League is trying to do the right thing shirt first of all. I don't blame the spotter. I saw that and it looked like he got knuckled for sure because for four or five seconds he didn't know where he was a and there's no doubt in my mind because the play was right there it wasn't away from the play. Okay and and then the other player would have been trying to get the pucker or interfere with the guy or something like I don't know if you saw he started gets his knuckle and then he stands up and start to look around and look down and I immediately thought he he was woozy. Right now what do you mean when you say Michael exactly well elbowed got elbowed the you got you got you got elbowed in the head and it stunned for sure for sure. That's totally what it looks like to me so I don't blame the spotter. It's going to happen. Steve with concussion protocol. They'RE GONNA they're they're going to err on the side side of caution and lots of times. It's GonNa come away that he's fine. There's nothing wrong you can't you can't begin to say you've got to figure out exactly if I have a concussion or not right right we all I mean we can only do so much. You know it's to me it's the marshalls expecting is say. There's a check. Stop for impaired driving right and and people are being pulled over you know and and maybe a guy drifted a little bit because he was lost sight of the line. A little bit or something like that. It's not impaired. And they pulled him over and then some guy goes they gotta stop with these frequent check. Stops man I got pulled over the other day and I was sober. You know. That's the equivalent of Martians. Argument to me that's fair. I didn't have a concussion. It's like Powell this things in place. Now it's going to happen. It's going to happen that we were mistaken. We were mistaken. But that's just going to be part of the deal for a while but I would rather it be that way and so what every parent. What their kid coming up to play hockey you know? It was almost three years ago to the day were connor mcdavid. Had the same incident happened to him in Edmonton Edmonton got tangled up with a player smacked his chin hard on the ice. He got up dusted himself off state for most of the ensuing powerplay and then afterward. The call comes in from Toronto. The elite the game mcdavid protested. The referee only shrugged. As if to say I have absolutely zero. Say on on the matter and mcdavid was kind of critical of it as well in the same way I was shocked. I hit my mouth on the ice pretty normal thing. Obviously the spotter thought he knew how I was feeling and pulled me off. It's a crappy time in the game too. And they went on to talk about the situation in the game and it could have changed the game name and so the superstars they. They're obviously frustrated in the moment. But I'd like to maybe on the topic of keeping your mouth closed. That might be a time to do it. Yeah it like all these things were in there. Make changes right. No one you know you think of everything you cannibal putting in place and then when this happens you okay. We're going to have to deal with this right we're GONNA have to deal with Cranky player going. Hey I was fine. I was fine man and you know in the end you pull out but things have changed Stephen Sports you know they they have With with player safety so with the a good is gonNA come a Shitty side of it that that this is going to happen from time to time. And if you're Brad Marshall you should have been the first guy to say I totally understand that and I'm glad they're doing it right because this guy you know people are going to listen to. This guy is a superstar. Sure right and he. He should've paused you. You know we should go to their. Pr Guy Steve before they make comments. So what's weird about the spotted thing is that you had you know. Looked like this mcdavid game for example from three years ago in that same aim game you had to very large guys. They're four hundred twenty five pounds between them in Zack. Kassian Curtis Gabriel they square off and both of them landed a bunch of Haymakers to the sides of each other's heads so it just seems and again I come from a world where I grew up loving fighting but the more we learn about. CONCUSSIONS and C.. T. The less fan. I am of the whole thing and I mean. How is the spotter ignoring that? That fight exactly yeah what exactly is the. NHL Doing are they in or are they out. WELL HERE'S A. Here's a solution Steve. A Marshall makes a pretty good point. Okay it's kind of a humble brag on his part where he's saying you know. Don't pull me out of the game where we're right in this thing you know I'm the I'm the best guy out here. Sort of deal right right like I said. It's a bit of a humble break going. You know these guys are nowhere without me. You know you can't do that. Did have that it did it. It did have that vibe with you. So what what maybe should happen they could. They could look at it. They got the guy makes a good point though. Okay we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA close game. It's a playoff playoff game. Or something Steve and all of a sudden they go okay. Looks like you got hit. We saw his eyes roll back. Pull them off right. And you're wait a second here. Wait a minute so what they could do. Steve is is go to the team. Where the guy has been been concussed potentially and say we're GONNA stop the game and we're GonNa let him go through the protocol and stop the game? Yeah Listen Brad. Marcia YOU'RE IN A playoff game steve. It's it's IT'S A it's a it's the deciding game. Three best to seven and games and now marsh the show that happens to marshawn right and the game tied and there's two minutes left okay. He's off you're going to wait. Wait wait a second year that maybe they could look at something saying discretionary call here we. We're GONNA pause. It might be a five minute. The pause it doesn't happen that much that you're saying well this guy you know Jim. What if it's ten times a game you know? I'm not sure how you'd implement that. But I see exactly where Goma thought I wonder how long it takes to actually do a proper concussion protocol. Yeah I don't know do they have all every player's baseline tests because really with those and he concussion. Test is pretty much worthless because if player really wants to get back in the game you can fake his way through it. Do you feel any dizziness. No okay Tell me about this. You'll shine a bright light in your eyes and stuff well without doing an initial test on on a healthy brain then really. The player can fake his way through. And just well right back out there but but it's better than no test agreed greed right. It's better than I think. I think what they'll have to look at his executive just spoke about that. Well what are you GonNa do in in a really clutch gain you clutch moment in hockey and if this happens and what about puck over glass in a clutch game how that. How much longer will that continue to to occur anyway? What's penalty Steve? I hate it hate or you don't think it should be penalty. No no I treated. We like icing Leogane pal delay game so as icing. Give them a penalty. They won't do it now. Icing should be a penalty. Icing should be in a world where I can take my elbow. Just break your nose with it. Take my elbow lapatin big solid concrete thing break your nose. Two minutes for elbowing really. That's the same level of sin is accidentally flipping a puck over over a glass. Good to know good to know it is it is when we come back in the show. We're going to talk a little bit about what I think might be a super bowl preview. A lot of the people think it is the San Fran Baltimore game from Sunday from making that chef kiss Wa beauty so get into that in just a second and I remind you that we have some great sponsors like all Insurance Ontario. If you're tired of feeling like you and your insurance company on different teams Lexi the sends ends in the leafs like that level of different you can switch to all Insurance Ontario get personalized one to one service. A great team a dedicated broker. The you can text or call all at anytime real people solid advice. Great rates visit all ends dot. Ca Tech six one three eight six zero six zero zero eight all insurance Ontario. Your modern booty broker. Jim Ford has an outstanding game. Plan to help keep you safe on the roads this winter right now their entire line of SUV's come with a winter performance package at no. Oh extra charge that includes tires rims and sensors with the purchaser lease of most new two thousand seventeen Ford. SUV models. Feel extra confident. This winter with Jim K.. Ford you Ville drive in Orleans on. If you had a chance to see the San Fran Baltimore Game I know you bet on it. I know you gambled and lost list on it but it ends up being Baltimore winning at home. Twenty two seventeen over San Fran in what surely is as good. A bed is any to be a super bowl preview. You I won three. I went to two three this morning or early afternoon. Gives whatever you call them out there on at eleven here and then the next games are on a two you two or two thirty so I put a few shackles on each game. Steve Like little fifty bucks each game. Okay Okay and I went to a three so you got paid the juice so I win like forty five bucks okay now delegated use. I like hanging the sauce juice. Susan so then I go on so normally I would stop Steve. There's my three games for the day. There's seven thousand five games you can't you're chasing your tail. I know what I'm GONNA do. I got a little money so I'm going to double my bet and bet these two games so I'm going to take the rams were so bad last week so bad. They lost the forty five in. Okay forty-five Gold Steve. They let in. And so. And they're playing Arizona in Arizona and I think Arizona three so that game. Now Steve's thirty four nothing for the ramps so that's how much I knew about that and of course it took the chiefs because I don't think they're that good although I've always said I love Mahone and they have to give up eleven points and they're up twenty four. Nothing Steve. So what did you stuck to my guns Stevenson. You made a little money any today. Stuck Betty the rest of the day. Well there were other things to talk about other than your losses because that was a terrific football game once you get past ask the gambling side of things and you not covering and we raved in our last one of our last episodes of but Lamar Jackson and I mean what else can you say about this guy. If it was any kind of lingering doubts about what this guy is and can be. He must have removed all all that game. Because you know if you concerns about well what if he comes up against a truly great defense San Fran is that and he comes away with the victory. Well what about with this. How is he in the bad weather people in Baltimore? We're thinking they had hypothermia by the end of that ballgame like hard rain. It's minus three. It's like horrible out. Lamar Jackson was outstanding again. So yeah I don't know what else this guy needs to do to prove that the world that he is an absolutely quarterback. If you're not on board you probably never will be. But Lamar Jackson looks very much like an NFL MVP right. Now he again went over. A one hundred rushing yards rushing yards and absolutely key third down in the final minutes that helped set up a forty nine yard field goal at the Buzzer at the at the gun as they say a twenty to seventeen win so now Baltimore's ten and two as are the forty niners just their second loss of the year and and Baltimore's now one eight in a row with the kid under center kids unreal. That's the game I lost. I Bet Baltimore. But they didn't cover. They had to give up six or six and the half some but he reminds me. I'm loving him like I did a year or two ago. When mahomes came on for Casey you know this guy is like single? Handedly mulling football team. Yeah now he's awesome. It's been a great show. We've got our the moment of random hoopla closed this thing out here in mere moments. Enjoy Evening James. Where's my trivia? The Trivia is on hiatus. Okay you forgot. No it's on hiatus. Oh is it. It's legit on hiatus What do you mean it's on high is just make up a trivia question as we a trivia question? Okay I'll make up a trivia question for you. What sport do you want Curling curling a boy. That's a dandy. When I first went on to do my first show in radio trying trying to be funny and Al Davis would? He saw me to come in and sit in the show. Let's see if we can provide a little Leverett level Leviticus and I said I was totally nervous. Data was the guy who brought me in the sales guy at the time and he introduced me to these two guys and you know the subject of radio when you're new to a showing you come in. Everyone's everyone does not like you think the show was fine before this guy you know you've probably been through that right uh-huh go on you guys always nervous that someone's GonNa take their job and as a joke. The Guy said we saw. Okay Anyway. What what do you WanNa talk about sort of like that? You don't like it was a pain in the ass and this is what. What are your favorite sports? You know what I I looked at him. I said Rodeo curling cricket for sure my top three horror. I'm going to have to talk about that. Now Yeah exactly anyway. I love doing that to that guy. WHO's that guy I wanted to do? No I look I would never say his name on there all right. No the bag is oh. That's his first or last spring deuce big all right enjoy the evening. Good night everybody. Good night everybody. Goodnight everybody if I had one wish that I could wish this holiday season it would be that all the children of the world world to join hands seem together in a spirit of harmony and peace. If I had to wishes I could make this holiday season season I would be for all children of the world join hands and sing in a spirit of harmony and peace and the second would be for thirty million dollars a month to be given to me free Swiss Bank. If I had three wishes that I could make this holiday season I of course would be for all the children to get together and sing. The second would be thirty million dollars every month to me. And the third would be all encompassing power over every living being the entire universe and if I had four four wishes that I could make this holiday season I would be the crap about the kids seconds. Thirty million that there'd be all the power the fourth would be to set aside one month each year seven extended thirty one day orgasm brought about by Roseanne. Arquett that model. Paulina horse. My lovely wife can come to and I. She's behind me one hundred percent on this. I wait a minute maybe that sex thanks for the. I wish I wish all the boom tomorrow and then when you no no the kids the kids singing would be great that that would be nice. Wait a minute I kidding. I mean they're not going to be able to get all those kids together. I mean the logistics of the thing. It's impossible it's worth so we reorganized here. I the sex thing we go in that second the money no go at the power second then the money and then the kids. Let's forget about revenge against my enemies. Okay any revenge gets all my enemies. They should die like pigs and help. That would be the of course my fifth wish would be for all the children of the world join hands seeing a spirit harmony everybody.

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