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Almost Famous In Depth: Mike Johnson


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It's been so long since we learned that intro video for this and I can't tell you how much I love. This is honestly one of my favorite times times of any season where we do in depth episodes also loved the way that your tone is like so much more like stopped and when we are I'm yeah I like in-depth because one of a little nasal right now I'm a little nasal way got called in and my buddy has kids and we shared like the the same cup and I know I got sick from Hey guys today the background using my pitcher actually yes photo was terrible. If you hear the man's voice it's sensual. I'd say it's a great guy. His name is Mike Johnson. We've promised that we'd have in-depth episode sewed. You've asked for and worry we now have it Mike Johnson if you don't know who he is well you're not a fan of the show oh but he's a thirty one year old air force veteran from San Antonio who now works as a financial portfolio manager contestant from season fifteen of the Bachelorette with Hannah Brown around describes himself as a city boy who likes get down and dirty allegedly alleged that wasn't your first. Qna I guess while allegedly is speaking to Demi Levada before we speak to Mike Johnson. We gotTA pause here to say we're live from the planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. ooh What does Mike Johnson. Welcome to the PODCAST August. Thank you I want to there is a little bit of an elephant in the room and I think it is best to get it started right because here's the thing I want to preface right now by saying my co host thinks you are amazing she she let me this is this is my zone she. He is a huge. She's a huge fan of you. She loves you but there had been in just like nor dislike. This world happens there was trolls trolls that came out and said Hey Ashley doesn't like Mike and it kind of blew up into this thing. It offended you. Mike for some of the things Ashley has said in the past and I think before we get started aren't we can really trust each other here in this circle. We have to talk about it right. So if I fall backwards and don't look you got me I got you actually de Yeah from your perspective. What was said what was the context of what was said and what happened to make this whole thing is something I think that well first off? If I think when we do these like podcast all the recaps I do. I do have to criticize you know if I see something. Sometimes I have to like not criticize but it I can't just be butterflies and rainbows with every single thing that happens on the show or whether it's in real life what job Oh to be rainbows and butterflies that's true. He's the one that always takes the easy route and like he's like sure they said this but this and I'm like well sometimes be a little little bit harder. I was harder on Kaelin too and like I did the same thing in the podcast. I was like look I didn't have the burst the best first impression of her and then and I met her in real life well. I met her real life couple times but it was when we actually broke the silence that I was like This is a completely different person than I thought she was. I think with Mike I saw you on the show and you're like the warmest friendliest person and in the thirty seconds and it was like thirty seconds that I met you at the wedding. I felt like somebody introduced me to you is like the Bachelor beat reporter and I was like there were like this is actually a whole bunch of recap. She doesn't that and then I said yeah and everybody is loving you like literally. Nobody can think about things to say debut and the first thing he said to me. I don't care about any of that and I felt like I was kinda discredited. I felt like I was personally. I took a little bit of offense to that because it was almost like you're putting down what I do. I'm going off of what you're saying because I remember that I'm not saying that you're wrong but just going off. What what you're saying yeah? That's something I don't care if if someone were to say to me hey everyone thinks you're amazing. that's me saying I don't care that. Let's have a conversation so I think he took that completely out of context yeah okay and that's probably very true very true. What is it that you felt like you had an issue with me about now one? I think we are making a bigger than I think we are too. I do think it has to be talked about because he brought up every once in a while Ofek. I'M GONNA talk about watching the Bachelorette. I'm coming at you. Damn Shaima come to you and so from what people had told me my. DM's from what I thank you I think the same I think something crazy happened. I think that people like literally took me being like I didn't get the greatest first impression Russian and then people really flip hard core. I was like I met him for thirty seconds thirty seconds yeah exactly my point so from what you had said from this article I just read while sitting over there my Sharma facts right. You say you know I'll be. It was only like thirty seconds that we spoke but you didn't the best impression. He won't be the Bachelor Co stuff. We wouldn't be the bachelor some article just respite quote fair cool and my issue issue is at dam sure calling me. I just talked to me because I'm pretty damn good. Oh I know I'm GONNA learn this this weekend because we're going to have a lot more time and then I probably should never never even spoken on a first impression your mind I mean my first impression of being was damn. He's tall. He's going to do this guy so awkward. I WanNa talk to this guy. He's got big arms. Hey can you move out of the way for both I mean I never watched the show prior. Go for one that my happiest time while being on Bachelor Paradise was at the wedding yeah for Chris and Crystal and because I felt free and just was just loving life right within a cluster F it was and the more I thought about it the more I was like I was super overwhelmed. I feel like everybody was overwhelmed because we had no. Why do we are going into and it was not the appropriate time to make a judgment? I gotta ask you something though Yes. I want to hear your opinion on this. Here's a scenario was plano right. We've we've we've talked walk through this. We understand miscommunication. We understand that you know. Tabloids and rumors are GONNA get started. It's going to get blown up right. Here's where maybe I want you to help me understand understand. This is a deep topic of smiles coming out now to paint a picture for you. Ashley says something like Hey. Mike might not be the next bachelor. I didn't get a good first impression. Nothing about you. Personally really I mean yeah. You can ask her. Actually why do you think that and then all of a sudden here's what happens in this were hurt. She's called a racist. What do we what do you do with that like we go from? Hey maybe this person just isn't going to be the next bachelor to all of a sudden. She's a racist. That's a big jump an incredibly offensive too. I think both sides so I heard I heard I mean. I thought that was absolutely insane. How people would go from that to you? Oh I want to hear what he though because it. This isn't a one off thing I mean it's going to happen and later on the podcast. I WANNA talk about not being chosen next bachelor and how you feel about that and what what the show's going to do and and what is your response but this is it. We've talked to Rachel Lindsay about this before you are. You're blazing a trail and bachelor nation one that should be blaze ace but why then is this the conclusion to every criticism big or small so you have a couple of points one. I did see that people hit me on my dealings about that. I never knew of you in the past. Not saying nothing negative about you. Just have you know no baseball baseball right and I heard about that in response also because I don't know of Youtube Vida towards me yeah so people can say things but how much you the way you treated me at that point time. You intrigue me a racist at all. I'm saying on your if if you are. I don't think that you are of course you are so people have say that. I don't know your past right the way I feel about. What you said been quite honestly? It shouldn't even be in the question the reason I feel like it isn't questions because there is it extremely underrepresented underrepresented people of color within his nation. That's just facts right and so therefore when I'm in a room with like twenty beautiful people I'm the only black that guy in the room that may come up more times than if it were if we were twenty black guys and then you had the only why that comes up more so because that's it's an easy thing to talk about. Oh bins the only why right uh-huh maybe that maybe the case may not be the case but then also in batch nation. I don't know the demographics of how everything works out but there I mean I would like to see that one day yeah in regards to I'm just GonNa talk on ours being the bachelor because of my race I one hundred percent will say that yes peter is half Cuban. He's white right. I'm GonNa sit and and I think his family is beautiful but there's that mean going around. I mean there's a picture going around with all Bachelors Right. I'll twenty four bachelor's yeah. They could've made me more white right yeah. Hey let's be honest really white right fluorescent looking at this President Obama Llama prisoner woman if there was a diverse cast that represented America as far as the bachelor. I don't think racism would ever be in question but since all twenty four batteries have been predominantly white then I feel like it is fair thing to bring up. Let's dig one step deeper then because I know actually wants to follow up here a little bit mark no no. I'm glad you did not like there's no apology because I want to step one step deeper then here's the question Mike so Rachel Lindsay. I was one of the Best Bachelorettes we've ever had just as is in terms of season of drama all that stuff she has about half the followers of most Bachelorette so calling it out well so my question to you Mike is if we look at the list and we look at the pictures and we say yeah that needs as the change then. How does it change when nobody nobody comes out for support? There's a problem there way beyond the show so my point is yes. Ask The show could do something to fix that right could name you the bachelor but even beyond the show the viewers the viewers don't respond which makes me go. There's there's a bigger issue here than what any of US WANNA point out. There's three things you hit on one like I said back demographics. I think that people gravitate gravitate toward they are used to right so I've asked tons of times. I was an air force being received and I said to my wife friends. Can you imagine the only way guy in an airport. Can you imagine a bit. Can you imagine that actually that's happening to me tons of time talking about thousands of people in an airport and I'm the the only black guy right if I was if I saw another black person gravitate towards that person I is that racist or is that just relate ability ability right and and so therefore I'm not gonNA call our fans at all if the majority of batch nation fans are Caucasian so therefore for the ones that may not be open into it. They're going to gravitate to what's natural for them and so I always think about the airport scenario because most people in here probably not felt that I'll call you all right. It's a crazy thing. There's twenty people in the room by the way that's a serious talking about your black yeah right so so yeah so like for the most part like we're looking at a room. There's people watching these people sit around that scenario sitting in here planet Hollywood and it's like if I were to go to if the Bachelor Ambassador Inbound Paradise was not on ABC on bt obvious right now right you may not be. I think you're I was telling a second. I think I was saying behind your back and I'm glad it's a negative. I think that it's just simply what we gravitate towards naturally. I don't think there's nothing wrong with that. I am so in love with the people that are open to different things right and this goes so far beyond the bachelor but at the same time we damn should've had about a black bachelor and I'm not saying I never should've been me. I think I'm a phenomenal said yesterday and my Momma tell me and I know to be true and I don't. I think that ABC is wrong for not choosing me truly don't feel that way. I think they chose the right person for what they want it right and I will say this to my home. Is I never say this publicly. I said that I felt that. If I were to be the bachelor the ratings would go down a little bit but in the next year they will go up even more because they would have captured new audience with me and he didn't have their own audience as well yeah and so I don't I'm not gonNA. I'M GONNA disagree with you but I don't think it's on the fans do that. I think as media rerun America yeah. I think that the stands were more supportive Mike Than Peter I really do. I think this came down to college versus the popular vote I it is a perfect similarly for the if we if we did a nationwide popular vote which I'm still four times confused no it wouldn't. I don't think it would have been tyler in your mind for sexiest man alive sure yeah okay but I think that if it were just between you and Peter her for Bachelor I think he would have won the popular vote but you know the the has they have a story line that they want to focus on and I'm not mad matted. Oh yeah but I do want to go back to just the racist thing for just a second let's talk about. I think it's insane. How people people can like take me criticizing someone in which we criticize Ben? It's part of the podcast it would be really really boring. If we were just positive all the time we criticize so many contestants but I- criticize Mike and all the sudden it's different than when I criticized Kaelin or it's different than what I criticize Peter Being Vanilla but then it's then it's racist when it's towards Mike support what I was trying to make was like how can you possibly jump to that conclusion until you guys know that I'm friends Teixeira and Rachel and the sane man yeah so so again. I think that goes back to that's the easiest thing to do right. If we're all white in this room we will go to something else. 'cause I'm the one black guy in his room. That's something easy to to talk awkward and like. I said I don't pass. I'm hoping here not a racist. I'm not saying that you all right but that some easy speak on it's easy something easy to go to what you said. Earlier was the follower account yeah and Rachel for Your. I haven't seen Rachel Person Brian actually she's. She's a cutie like schrader Yeah Rachel. She's really cutie and I I am sally. Sadly I noticed that I'm the highest I the most followers from Bachelor nation as far as the blackmail significantly lower than people that have had as much screen time pretty crazy. Yeah I think yeah I'm sorry mom find one point that I would love to have you guys discuss and and this is to it's essentially defend Ashley. Even Tyler spoke about that yesterday. When I was in New York with him? He touted as sexy by far right on your he was. We're talking about something. He was like racism you know he's he has two point one million. The average black contestant probably has what one hundred yeah if that if that takes you farther than a lot of cash over half a million but one thing I wanted to talk about is that just to astronaut. I think the third must've happened very close order so one thing is when Ashley criticized you or gave her opinion opinion of you. I actually think it would have been more of a disservice if you did not give your opinion because Mike is Black like if you censor your thoughts it's like everyone on the show should be loved or criticized for their whatever their behavior is on the show. If you're acting unlike ascalon you're an ass clown which he never has been. You're not asking. Did you call our Luke Luke work. Yeah we call that all day long aw so therefore I'm this no I understand Liu so therefore give it to her now people. I don't know her pets guys. Well given your got because you WanNa have a show. Hey I know you guys. You know what I mean. It's it's just insane that you'd blame the color of somebody's skin that here's the thing Mike thanksgiving. Thanks thanks for talking about. We have a lot to talk about with you. lesson also if there were more black representation as far as the stick out this want us to go out and I wanNA talk to you about that coming up after this break because we're blazoned neutrals ambassador nation year by year by year now and I think somebody like you is going to be like be a game changer. Jj if it's on the show or outside of it for a lot of people but before we do that. Let's take one break. We'll come back with Mike Johnson in-depth jared. My place is almost done. We can't wait to show you guys on instagram how it is turned out and how we've made my I place my old place. 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We've seen sex openly talked about We've seen Jimmy come out in a in a same sex relationship and we've seen you more than ever really push to the bachelor and have a legitimate reason to be the bachelor. He's he's his is going. I mean this you talked about as I don't think I ever no no. I'm saying like you should like you're right. They're like you're pushing the bachelor you you're in the conversation the whole time. Yes Sir Mike you said something. That is incredibly brilliant to me something. I've never even thought of this. If you were the bachelor this next season ratings as may have dropped for that season you think they might have but the next season it would have been even greater because of who they would've gained one hundred percent Mike. How do we get an audience or how do we get people in general to rally around new ideas and evolve in the way that Bashar nation needs to evolve or just wants to evolve but there's things restricting it? I think that the people that are in the hands that need to be representative of the people that you're trying to ascertain is just like the Oscars they the people that were writing movies. were all like old white guys and they're going to gravitate towards what's nationals who them right if you have a diverse in group of people that choose who the next lead should be. I think you'll get more of a diverse outcome. I think he said something. I wanted to go back. It's just it's a powerful powerful idea that you would blaze that trail that the show would have to sacrifice a season of ratings for it's just my hypothesis right. I don't think you're wrong like this crazy part will we've seen in the Bachelorette what's happened since Rachel Ray have never been better correct. What's happened in the bachelor? Sincere readings have never been better. Here's the deal you told me you just said something before the break you said if I went to Atlanta nobody would know me. I was in Atlanta last week. Here's the crazy part in what I love about the show. If I'M GONNA Atlanta which I was last week people do know not everybody hood well that might be different but as at the Marriott downtown they did. I don't think that happens ten years ago that one hundred percent I will say see that no one in my family knew what the show was prior to me being on the show I have friends of every race they they knew what the show is. We have to have representation. It's just that's I mean. Rachel was a huge push in that I think I'll be I would have been a great push in that as well but in order to be representative of America we have huge push when I had conversations with the hands Ibn regardless of being the bachelor I spoke on Eminem right I was I was the you know he wasn't the first White Robert where he was like to be swept right and guess what that ever hip hop. He made it even bigger. Yeah you know what is Serena Williams who for tennis even bigger right. What a Tiger Woods Golf? These are things I spoke about when I I was in an meeting it may how never thought this way. No no you blow my mind. I've never thought in the way that you're explaining things and it's and it's not your fault. I mean it's just we gravitate to what we know right. I remember watching this one pocket which I can call them out because he he does such a wonderful job he said in order for us to intermingle. We have to make sure why people are not scared of us and so that's why it was so big of me just to me me. I'm wearing my do rag. I'm GONNA say home. He said a friend I mean he's my colloquialism. Be Me when when you actually as Mahoney's back home right. I want you to know me for me instead of me trying to act how I perceive you to act right now. I feel like when that happens. We feel like we we can bond better. I think that's a big thing as well. I feel like today we are going to get to know you better. That's the whole point of the indepth podcast. I I WANNA. Start like back from where you're from. I know you talked a lot about what you call it on the Bachelorette. It was your mom your grandma your sister would you call them. Queens Queens Yeah so yeah that's cute cute. Tell us a little bit about your childhood. Did you grow up in San Antonio Antonio. No I just I've been living there right. After I left the military I moved to San Antonio. I didn't WanNa Move Dallas. I'm from Grand Prairie South Grand Prix specifically I didn't want to move back there only because I know I wanna be I feel that personally and this is like you know this message if you graduate high school and you stay in your same neighborhood amount to the success that you can't if you were to move out small personal view and I don't want to move back to grand prairie after I left the military and saw chose San Antonio came and findings of the visor disembark tell us about your time in the military cybersecurity which is just a nerd job. I prevent hacker from hacking into our network I was stationed over in Portugal and I was stationed over in England where I met my ex prior to being on TV odd delay that broke my heart. You know all that stuff and we're moving this. Show you gotTa have would you man it. Bro Bad people say I didn't cry like wells. Sit Down and cry and so therefore that's so ignorant and therefore I wasn't the bachelor because I didn't show emotion like that from where I'm from. We don't it's not I have shown emotion but it's not it's not it's GonNa take more than two months for me to show that emotion see you're slow grower. When it comes to fall in love I I told him that definitely and I think that it's perfectly fine that not everyone is a exact same? When it comes to how they feel emotionally so? Do you think the process would have been okay for you. Having to one hundred two months one hundred bachelor one hundred percent okay I think Joe Joe and Jordan he just repropose right yeah. That's how things work. I mean you find your person. If you're able to find your person then you can leave the show together Coltman Cassie are Mary so you think you would have proposed. I know I'm getting getting back into that. You don't know that. Do you think that you would propose if you're the bachelor. If I were to be the best one hundred percent fax yeah yeah I mean I'm thirty two two years old. Almost let's say I'll legit. I love love. I really I really want my thunder but I really want. You know the sexiest thing to call the same to me. He's like an Friday Saturday tonight. When I got my like I love sleeping naked? I love being negative. My House Dean Front here Dean. He doesn't believe in underwear neither do I so I just rather be naked all day but that's another story another podcast but the coolest sexiest thing to me is like an Friday every Saturday night you know being with your mate and like McGraw head on my chess player chess airs. I love stuff like that like legit. I want that Mike You your man who obviously feels like I feel right now. If you you are what we won in-depth indepth podcast the man to sit down and talk about some real stuff dig deep with us and share your heart and your emotions so what has been the biggest the biggest disappointment in the last five months of this process for you because really you've seen your season air in paradise air all within the last five to six months. How how has it changed you in a good way and then also how's it? How's it kind of? I think always changes. Let me let me put this in the context. I think always changes this in a in the good way if we're willing to let it but I also think it really hurts at times and there's also some massive disappointments and it's not always the most healthy but it's still changes because we learn more about ourselves. What does this last six months for US human well to ninety nine employees more yeah? I'm definitely on my phone. More often. deleted my eyes for a long time definitely got that back. I think I'll say the one cool thing the positive thing which is wells. Your fiance actually said it's not that it was really awesome. She said going on on his show is like a relationship bootcamp something advantage and I think it's true. I am in have been a very slow to to open up because when I opened up I'm like I'm really attached. I mean I've had one. I brought one woman home in a decade. It's not because I can't because it just 'cause. I'm I'm. I'm really I care right and my heart's. I'll tell you this other incredibly serious and so I think the positive thing is that I'm able to open up quicker a whole lot quicker like on the first day of my baby. Yeah you know by and I'm listening to you as well of course sorry stantione that you you can sir. She goes better than you. I know I know I know you got a man of a but I think that's the biggest thing is that what will wells your fiance. They said going on this process. Definitely is a a boot camp for relationships so much quicker to open up and leave honorable I'm not wanting to cry. Just doesn't have me my ex. the only loved the only woman I've ever said I love you too. I didn't cry when we broke up. I cry two and a half years later when she said I'm sorry. Can we talk about her for a little bit. You were together for how long it almost two years and then you guys you lost a baby together together which she talked about looks great now. Let's talk about what happened. I don't want to give you a our listeners. It's actually what I want to put it out. There have been a nationally IHEARTMEDIA DOT com. If you hear my store you relate with my story you want you want follow up. Whatever when when we do these in depth it's actually kind of crazy at trump booth on his break up with Kaelin and it was it was hard like it was like brutal Hughes emotional through the whole thing but and I think you'll appreciate this the follow up from that wasn't credible like the listeners going? I relate I can feel I'm not alone and that's what these are really meant to do like they're not meant for anything else Mike before we start talking here. I want you to give you for a break and let's take a break ourselves. We'll come back with my Johnson talking. Ah some some real stuff you've all heard me talk about it before you know that I've slept on it and with it for a years I'm talking about sleepnumber. Fall is now upon us. His seems like in cold weather. I like to sleep on something just a little softer. That's why my sleep number right. Now is just sitting around. You know the seventy seventy seventy five in the summer. I like to rock and eighty eighty five. 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We're talking today about Bat Woman Sundays on the CW from the executive producers of smash hits like era the Flash supergirl and legends tomorrow comes your Neck Superhero Obsession and bat woman actually skill of one to ten how excited is jared and yourself for nine point five so good the only leaving more powerful than a woman who's found her to calling as a woman who's true calling is bringing evil to its knees. Get ready to meet your new superhero crush rush Kate Kane. She's a survivor eight fighter and all around bad ass who plays by her own rules a misfit with a dark past kate has figured out what and WHO's worth fighting for and now that Gotham city brings a new hero. She's finally found where she belongs. Both the here's and the villains in the show will leave you guessing nobody is what they seem. The incompatible ruby rose shines in the role. She was born to play Sunday. Nights are about to the get crazy bat suit crazy. It's time to channel your inner skyscraper Hopping Motorcycle Riding Evil Stopping tattered up redhead because bat woman is coming in for fifteen years. She's been searching for the place she fits and now she's finally found it. Her time is now don't miss the incredible series premiere of Batman Sunday at eight seven central on the CW or stream next day on the free. CW APP we're back with Mike Johnson Mike before I account rudely interrupted you but needed to just for the sake of the PODCAST. You'RE GONNA raise share some stuff. I think our listeners will relate with and want to hear I want to do it. You're you're on your way. The question to ask was hey you had to you. During that there was a child that was lost Austin. You've talked about on the BACHELORETTE and you're GonNa talk about now why thank you economic over I just came from a deployment and I was stationed at Raf over in England and it was the day after the fourth of July two thousand thirteen and I I I went out that night to the club and I felt that this lady and at like thirty minutes talking talking to her she said hey you speak to my daughter but come to find out I had already gotten her daughter's phone number and so yeah fellas get them off the first yep up against for you and the young lady and I we scheduled a date and I no call no show on a date not good for you know and it's funny because I remember writing I wrote a letter to God per se and I said I want the hard road up. I wrote a poem. That's what it was and it was the no one but God why because I was twenty five and I had been acting as if I was a rock star you know from a young child's about twenty years now as I'm just done with that I want the sweet things. He's in life white you know put your head on my chest. In let's just chill out you know you face and you'd ice cream and let's start seven tells so and so after I know caller no children a day you know we started talking or whatever and then I was supposed to go how supposedly the military and go back to America and she's very very prideful and she is extremely independent and I remember putting unlike the money in a four ticket inside of her shoe and she says she wanted to go to America with me. I didn't ask her too because that's like huge to say Hey ben leave your life income living in Texas right and so she came with me we have two separate apartments just because we've only known each other for three months and she moved to America with me and I wanted to Lake Lake Mary this woman so I felt that we need to be living together. Even though I wanNA marry her but I wanted to do what I felt was the right way and so then like there are some call tech school. LS Airman Leadership School I went to that and we moved in together and everything's beautiful blissful. I you got a damn cat cats sacrificing sumo sumo cinnamon toast you end up loving the cat. Oh he the cat sumo his name. He loves me more than her desk. I wish you can call in right now. Shield so the truth. His name is Simone Cinnamon Toast. Yes he is certain and yes I love him. Oh and we had we became pregnant and on the show are told the truth. I told Hanna that I wasn't there for the miscarriage but people kind of went off on me but I have I. I didn't get to elaborate because quite honestly that's tweet me my but I'll say so my ex and I had a miscarriage and and I ain't going to some excellent had a miscarriage I am I really try to keeping promises so Ashley keeping a promise which Yama keep you peeking Pinky promise that you keep the only pink problems. I've never kept in my entire thirty one years as of life. It's my ex's MOM when senator some Jalapeno poppers from a store I didn't pick them up and I still remember that day. That was like eight years ago almost and my best friend who lives in England he was coming to Houston. We lived in San Antonio at the time and I asked my ex fellows message right here the give it to you. I asked my ex baby. Can I go to Houston Day and she said Yes fellas when your lady say yes. She means no and I didn't know that lesson at the time and so I left I literally was gone for. Maybe maybe thirty hours he came back and I wasn't there for and that's what I mean by that way. I'm doing this show made. It seem like you weren't therefore her like emotionally. No she'll tell you I was there for emotionally like I wasn't there currently physically in that moment we lost. We lost our CIA. I I was therefore when we lost our job but like doing the grieving process which is a very serious thing and I was gone left on Saturday came back on a Sunday now aw yeah Mike I know we're going to have listeners that really it's like this is a hundred from a supporters perspective like a year perspective and then also from a woman care the child. What was the grieving process like if you if you don't mind trying to explain it so that people out there listening to go yet there there with me so my kind of shaking? I think that for one agreement process differ for everyone doesn't matter your the gender. I think it's different for everyone from my ex. I feel that everyone knows I want children. Children like my ultimate goal in life is to build my future children on treehouse more than money more than anything what I WANNA do. That's that's for Damn sure happen and she knew that and she don't WanNa have children but then we got together she said I'll be a great father and so she wanted to have kids and I think that the biggest thing was has her not. She didn't feel like she was a woman. You know because I'm like shaking. The big thing was. She didn't feel like she was good enough for me because she felt as if she's going to have children and I want to tell her and everyone else out there that your man loves you like if you have a miscarriage I love you like it's it's okay right just communicate and my ex really didn't communicate that to me at all but also I was ignorant guy guys we are at the time I wasn't experiencing relationships and so I didn't really know how to communicate with her either. I literally became a perfect gentleman like it's annoying. When you become perfect gentleman it really is knowing and that's what I did because I didn't know what else to do? I mean I'm asking my mom her mom my grandma my sister you know what to do and just in a work but what she told me two and a half years later and that's when I cry I broke up with her after like maybe eleven months after months months after yeah. Let's before you get there. I was GonNa say what are the what was like. Between the time at the miscarriage happened in the end was that was that affected acted. It effected the no one hundred percent so I think I communications obese. I don't let's let's disagree. It's okay right. Let me I remember telling my ex I said let's dilly feeling so my ex. It's not spoken since the show Eric she watched the show and it was a very hard time. When the episode aired I called her knows except at home so y'all know this fish so definitely reach out to her and it was a sad moment for us and basically what she told Emme was? She didn't know how to she. She not talk to me because she felt like she had failed almost and I just looked at it was like everything that you go through. I just wanted to be there with you. I don't care if you went through the toughest in the world. I WANNA be right there with you and I think so many people we know that in a relationship when someone loves you. I don't care what it is. I don't care I remember joking about this. My friends that I found love if you achieve I mean I'm still Levy. I don't fall in love easily so I'm still in love you now. You'll has been not cheat on me but I'm still in love you and so I think that was a a big learning lesson for us for me because I need to know how to make a good environment for you to feel that comfortable right I think for her. It needs to be as she can be open and communicate with me and know that I'm GonNa love her even more because we we went through a traumatic experience together in comparison to going through a traumatic experience separately but the exact same experience in so and that's kind of what happened we live in. We stayed in two separate rooms for awhile I sleep naked only rule in my house you kill me and when sleeve negative not to suffer and so we will we will be sleeping in bay but like we went. I'M GONNA cut a photo. You know we went holy. Howdy Jerry I sound so corny but it's true we wouldn't hold each other? We want to have sex and it wasn't because of religion. It wasn't because of upstanding from from sexy I think she just felt as if could happen again that she could become pregnant again even though she was on birth control and it was just a lot of mental things going on and I've learned so much and I love her so much for help me grow in that area and I actually took classes since I've been single legit WanNa be phenomenal has been and I've taken classes on how to communicate because communication is different than effective communication right I can say been I think you're tall. That's terrible example just communication in different ineffective communication and while I was on the Bachelorette I wasn't there for her going back to that for like thirty hours Max during that grieving period and Shakiness don't happen to me Phil that's happened. I broke up with her because communication communication was void and there'll be months where we didn't have sex and I don't cheat refuse to cheat and I desire communication desired sex quite honestly so you came back doc. Thanks for share that by the way for us here but for the people listening you've just totally opened your heart better. You cry yeah I know is this like so emotional. So the thing is that you get off the show you call her. You guys talk this through and you said you cried wants your life when she said she was sorry. What led your that Nas off? Cry Three towns right. You've quit three times in your whole life this morning. I saw out of way in this morning. Getting weapons opens with my grandma so as an adult you've cried three times. Audio outcry wants wants when Selina died Selena when Selina died in one thousand nine hundred ninety four's cry don't cry Selena. They're not cry the town with my ex. The first time was when I cry tears the joy I felt that tears of happiness happened house my homeboy England he was making us like some Sundays and it was me my aches and she was sitting on my lap and I just broke down just because I was happy I I just felt love. I had my best home. He let me my brother and and I have my the woman I wanted to marry and there was nothing that's more one in life in saw cried and in the second semi cry was two and a half years after we broke up you know how you try to rekindle tiny Addison's right so we've been broken in five years whatever almost by two and a half years years after she was once x four months rates I mean she trip so I go to visit her. I want to visit I five times the I want to go visit her. We watched a girl's trip. He's still living in the states yes. She lives in Arizona now. In my first off my gramma Amoah McQueen she pissed me off the people. My grandma had my ex's back my xm greenwich my ex face. I said she she said she talked about doing a job. Interview and I'll say oh like awesome. She's like I got a flat of Arizona and like I watered up and like like you're moving Arizona and she's like no just the job interviews in Arizona. I knew she was lying but you know when you love someone you just like you become stupid right in my grandma. She told my grandma and my grandma kept secret from me. So whoever mafi drive is just no you can trust my gramma Emma for sure and what would you what what was the context. I could push to get you know when you break somebody. Let's meet you and I are together. Being in a you know I'll be the sexy one relationship breaks later your arm yourself if we we met in Vegas and like Brooklyn Vegas. You know maybe harmful so you might leave. Sado wherever so she decided no I feel it I I agree with her and so she moved to Arizona but when I was in Arizona we watched grocery. We had a fantastic evening and we're literally on a ride. Home are never forget this as we were driving her mini Cooper which he would have any cooper's. I love Y'all because it's like it's like like mini Cooper Cole and they go fast to Nerd is adult the great this great anyway. I don't have a mini cooper but we were we were just driving perfectly quiet and then all of a sudden she said I'm sorry and I could cry now blight tears. I've never cried so profusely my entire life and we pulled pulled over on the side of the road. You don't know how long we embrace what the police came first off talking about racism right. Thank God I was in the passenger seat. Thank God she was she was crying too. You know I mean just think about that. Contact to people in the car crying like one point two in the morning or whatever could've been taken totally different but I own a passenger seat and please come up is everything okay and she's like yeah whatever so they will I cry hi like straight up crazy tears. I mean never before have felt that and I m emotional person but I'm sorry that I'm not sorry because I'm not GonNa just for anybody. My Love is deep. You felt what I don't get sick of that. So I cried cried but is that I felt closure CA. I felt that you know I'm I don't care. I was a damn good relationship and I was like when we broke up when I broke up with her. I didn't work for ten ten months like I didn't leave my house except for one day a week to get groceries. I I grew my hair out like my hair was long. I didn't leave my house. I got super skinny any I think people came to visit me that Tim month frame literally I I was a prisoner of like his never said this right when we broke up by legit one hundred percent for ten months was in my apartment and I was financially blessed and so I just pay my bills came out and I just my TV was not on our wake up going to live room. You sit on the couch and just be broke up with her on the phone yeah br I broke up with her. I think that she can we have said this but I think that she wanted me to go out with her. Okay but I'm gonNA take the blame. Would you say I broke up with her. On my own volition. for the reason I spoke of earlier which were we weren't having sex five months on time and there was absolutely zero communication and she said I was perfect perfect and I'm like I'm not privy so she was really good. I'm like well what the Hell is a problem and she couldn't answer so I kind of I gave her ultimate which is a terrible thing to do. Learn that lesson as well L. and so when we broke up I I was at Malley lower. She's the only woman in a decade as my mom decade. I'm that'd be thirty. Two hasn't no one I've known since I was twenty years old and so for whoever relation next Umemoto I take that very seriously my sister and my grandma as well and my father too and and so yeah I didn't I literally was growing up my hair and my hair was nappy. I was like grizzly faced didn't work when I went back to. When I went back to the workforce I after the interview I ran outside and through because I haven't been around people like you personnel downright but I haven't been around people so I was was that I was like isolated from life? I was basically a prisoner Ramon depression. How concerned were the Queen's during this time so I techs right I'm not I don't this is something that I'm working? This is one of my goals in life just to be a better calling. I got my mom a few days ago. I was like mom. I'm in New York the Vegas so she knows where I'm at least but my my family knows I'm not one to the military. I was living overseas for five years. I'm I'm I'M NOT WANNA call you every day unless you're personnel so my queens our Texan but I'll probably probably lied and said I'm good you know prideful stupid stupid things here. One is in mazes me every time here's here's another part of while in started because what did you hear somebody's stories. You can't help love him right. I mean it's just that's. That's a universal statement that I think everybody can take to heart what you know. Somebody's stories you can't I can't help. I love them because you know them. It's makes sense to me more than ever. I liked you because you're the good looking confident dude who was himself on the Bachelorette. I love you now because of the pain in shared suffering that we've had together on this podcast the things you said that I can relate with the things that you said that I can't relate with yet. It could teach me and I think it makes more Cincinnati. Y Bachelor nation is so drawn to you as a human black white male female. This is a human man. You've been through some stuff. That's led you to this point now and the difference you're GonNa make in this world. Is something that I'm so pumped to follow. Be Watch Mike. I want to thank you from the depths of my heart like the best I can say thanks for sharing in yourself and on behalf of the list there thank you as well because I know somebody's GonNa Listen. This'll be like that's me. I want to switch gears here. If that's okay with you talk about your current dating life and then Ashley always does this thing at the end of every podcast on questions which is a rapid fire fun questions she she loved freestyle but before we do I want to sit in this moment for a second Mike. I don't WanNa just overpass it and say thank you yeah man thank you and can I just say that from first impression to a very deep impression I mean I am now very I don't want to offend Peter but like it's upsetting that we don't get to see more of you on the show because we have just gotten to know you so well and like you're so soulful and you're such a romantic and I've just just been captivated by today. The Bachelor is not the less last but like now it's like we all get it if if this was aired and we had the fans listening to this before they decided like they'd be getting very angry emails more than they are right now again. If you're listening you and you just want a friend to hear you out emails set nationally iheartmedia Dot Com hashtag almost famous podcast or just hit up my Johnson on some social media platform say thank you because we know you're listening can't say someone good I learned about self afloat and the power of that 'cause win the relationship. I can't help you with your loving of yourself and so I learned that in previous relationships and so for the listeners if you're having anything in regards to body positively or just loving yourself or just growing your confidence or why does it always smile guy dance why I wanted to do that more often often him Uber Gotcha work for that to you gotTa Buddy. Hey thanks Mike we'll be back with Mike after the break light it up a bit talking about current data relationships and some wild rapid fire questions that I don't think will cause controversy but they will cause laughs break. You guys know I get super site. Super stoked silver excited talking about this sponsor Beta brand they they came up with a dress pant yoga pants so that you have to wear pants to work that feel like were pants now now you can basically wear yoga pants work because they created a yoga pant. That looks like dress pants. They're stylish comfortable. It's work attire and and you don't have to pick between what looks good what looks professional verses what feels comfortable anymore because now it is all in one in the dress respite yoga pants by Beta brand. They are so comfy. They're perfectly stretchy and these day wrinkle free. They're basically the dream Pant old is Pennsylvania's. I get so excited when I talk about them. 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I do think in the back of their minds somewhere either like I cannot believe that they have tease the Demi Levato thing and they've waited. We have waited this long to get the answer so an appropriate to ask like in the midst of all that serious okay so you're pretty honest with entertainment tonight recently that you did you have gone on a date with Demi. You've hung up multiple times going to date you got on one day. We're GONNA motor one day and it all started with. DM's right which is totally fine. We're so supportive of this. We've been towel closes up. Yeah we talked you know racism. We've talked we've talked sex and now we talk about my goes baby. Here you said Demi and I went on a date that woman it is quite astounding and amazing and that's all all say you're getting to know each other you say and that you think she's incredibly humble and when Demi and I are together it's laughter and we talk real like she's a down to Earth woman and I respect it so much and she's just really humble and really cool and really fun and really down to Earth. Is there anything to add to that list of compliments. I like her tattoos. We both Hattab. Ah Lots of Tattoos Dean has more than me and she kisses really well. Thanks Sir giving has she put her head on your chest and play with the little hairs. I'm not GONNA say that. We're the shot I I I saw on the catching. Keep coming out on my sleeve up. No matter what like the music great girl facts. She is one hundred percent. I'm getting to know her awesome. How did you like the way that she was so she was kind of the aggressor in a in a nice way on Instagram instagram she was all about going after Gail? How did you feel about the girl making the first move like that for one of them all about her too and she definitely was the aggressor? I find it incredibly sexy. I love that like come at me. You won't become on me if I want you to come at. You and I'm coming in here as well. I really like this coupling. I really really did he call this. I learned this shipping. We definitely shift shipping. I Dunno it should be was until I yes yes. You're learning shipping worshiping this thing all right so I'm GONNA go into a rapid fire questioning from there because I got some demi related at at on actually pull that up real quick Mike. I want to ask you a question that I told you I wouldn't get the beginning. It's weird so you are into Demi Demis in the you. You're dating. It's it's great. You're both in the public eye. You're both beloved by America. Mike what is the feeling to have everybody ask about it then like it was and we're one of those those people like I want to know about this because of the rumor is the tabloids everything going off. What does it feel like to you because it's real for you astounding question be quite honest? I personally don't like it. I I am very a a private relationships like straight up but I mean I mean this. I she's pianist like and that's why she's so humble and I think the world of because like she's been able to have to deal with this crap life. I can't even imagine from her perspective from your Fiance's perspective as well. Just it's crazy over there. I personally don't care about you know what I do behind closed doors gentlemen. I'M NOT GONNA kiss until might w a gentleman her always sexy one and I'm not I can't imagine you coming out of your mouth and solve about it. What what it scares me honestly in what scares me about it is that if deeming I were not to become boyfriend girlfriend right how people perceive that which honestly I shouldn't give about it right no disrespect you know people that follow us but that for that reason being quite transparent? She's a woman that I treat like a regular individual Amanda. She treats like a regular man and we do like each other and we are getting to know each other but what if it were not meant meant to be People GonNa speculate Oh this that and the third right and so I would rather not have that but at the same time I'm going to be smoke from it or when I walk through this path and we start our rapid fire with what is your favorite Demi Lovato Song. Where are you familiar with her music before say straight up me Mommy's we have not listened to a lot of Demi lovato songs? It's and it's not because of her was just because of the January. It's not our go to John. Okay well. You can let her now that I was the creep that went to seven a camp brock door concerts. Eh We'll tell you we'll tell you I have listened to obsolete moreover songs now and if you can go further sorry sorry sorry sorry yeah you gotta like Kevin. I mean she's got a bill. Sorry not sorry I could sing my head right. We could sky the power ballad. Maybe here's sorry sorry rings. A Bell Skyscraper Desert's. I'm the I'm the honest nothing is why we like each other because we treat each other like yeah and you're learning by each other. It's medically know all these things about. It'd be Kinda Weird. If I was like you know how cameras how he'd be knowing about everybody if life I knew everything anything about her. It'll be kinda creepy. It never worked yeah. What is your most meaningful Tattoo was whole left arm because it's going to be just one piece in so many different things? It's basically a representation of what life is to me. I guess my most meaningful one would be breathe life. That's my motto. Revive to me means. I can say joke about it firstly bro it was done but it's it's silly salutes ugly but breathe life to me means live life to the fullest. The only easy day was yesterday and just go out there and get it. I don't WanNa like hammer at Holmes but on my list I said what is your favorite Tattoo of. Demis unease beetle have to respond going answered. I like the breathe life. They hit hit my soul. I do know my favorites hers. Hers is but I won't say suite two. We dislike hearing that. What's your favorite movie on the plane ride from San Antonio here? I just watched casino again like old gangster movies. I love Yo Alpa Chino. Dude Dude like Robert De Niro. They're freaking terrific. They're coming out with a new yes. Can I wait coming out later this year right yeah apparently like digitizing their faces. Look Younger Will Smith movie as well. That's shut out the Jim Knight. You know make sure you pay them. It almost famous for that show. We're GONNA have one more shout out. If you're on the next is played ride my favorite movie because you asked making I should answer because that's just is the biggest little farm on all the flights of amazing movie. I've seen it Mike You wanna cry for the fourth time in your life. Watch it for so right. Now is power though power favorite heard of it wasn't on power is amazing. It's showtime your favorite band music artists musical artist so I asked this question the other day three of these people we kill one out of three of these who would you kill Drake Kendrick Lamar Mar or J. Cole easy for me but I can't we say like one of them has to go like out of the room. I don't WANNA kill him. One one click easy easy easy. I think that but drake's songs he can make some of that day. Cool has my bicycle forbid bigger with Jay played on my ear. You gotta be deep when you listen to you can't be like happy. Go lucky all the time with Jay Kennedy Yeah. I think that drake has more are he's more versatile even though in that list Kendrick my favorite because he does like who would who would you said it was a hard one home and that's why I asked you the bottom mhm line is those are hurts. Three artists know my favorite artist right now outside of Jimmy Sabrina Claudia. She's amazing her. She's amazing I like. I like my arm. Be like these new arm Janine mix eight she go hard my plumber eleven phone right now Alabama shakes they go hard these your spotify embarrassing moment of their life. I don't think so many times. I just thought it was embarrassing. My sister had for for me. Put My my pants failed. I was on a date. I'll say this when I was on a date in my car and START I I went to a gas station and Carter started no more but see us move those as a baby McCartney's. I'll I'll totally honest card and starbucks. Let's go for a walk. That's cute spent question because I'm not. I'm being told that we need to wrap it up. What is the first thing you notice about a woman with that drowsy to her two different questions okay? What is the first thing media they are okay? Just tell them both the first the first thing that I noticed about a woman yeah so like when we're in paradise if you got your feet out I'm GonNa look at your feet your feet that I'm so glad I asked this question because that is truly unique answer. If you got a lot lot of toast. No I am not a toe sucker. I B. I am definitely freaking a bedroom but to- second I've never done okay I. I don't know I think Oh God I just think no but what draws until woman like with naming the confidence and that station this and just as be wrong with the income. I knew this is what I love about Ashley. I knew that she would know some Demi. LEVATO songs like like even for this and that she could literally prep them into the conversation he does like. I love a confident woman. She sees the confidence song. She's coughing often. I love it. I mean the thing is really funny. My sister was convinced that jared wasn't with me for two and a half years because of my bunions wait till you take a look at my feet tomorrow. Good we love you. Thank you so much. I promise I miss you bud. Just we really appreciate. You and I want you to feel that tonight. Let's celebrate here at the planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. I Heart Music Festival to Nineteen Mike. Thanks Bobby. Let's do you make somebody smile today. What a wonderful experience? This has been paid think he played a Hollywood and thank you shake shack for dinner. It's tasty the issue Oh yeah people looking had breakfast shakes morning at the airport. Its Day shake shack today. The Planet Hollywood denied this saying. Hey make sure if you guys are interested because everybody's freaking out right now. If you WANNA shake shack visit a store shake shack dot com or the shake shack Ashley Dance when you say the checkout I kind of feel like hey guys follow our lead Mike. We do this every time time Bruno Mars House I've been I've been Ashley. Johnson followed the Ben and Ashley. I almost famous podcasts on iheartradio or subscribe. Wherever you listen to podcasts I'm Erin Minke Creator and host of on obscured season one was a deep dive into into the Salem witch trials in this season of on obscured? We'll trace the path of the spiritualists to follow the Voice of Andrew Jackson Davis over the course of the nineteenth century spiritualism Eliza became a kaleidoscope of novel beliefs courageous people and world shaking events the second season of obscured premiers October second listen to

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