US Open Day 5 - Christopher Clarey on The Coco Gauff Story, Serenas Chase For 24, Nick Kyrgios Behaviour & Damian Steiners Sacking


Hi i'm john mcenroe's board. This is martina navratilova. I'm mats wilander. This is mary carillo. I'm sandra lleyton hewitt. I'm andy murray and you're listening to the tennis china's podcast whereas absolute pleasure to welcome on the tennis podcast today on a day when the results have gone fairly straightforwardly for most of the big names roger federer found his gear and beat down evans straightforwardly. Johanna konta was in great form. Serena williams was back but we're going to do something a little differently today in particularly throwing it forward award to some of the the fantastic storylines that we still have at the u._s. I've been here somebody we've had on the show before and somebody who's always a real treat to have on his chris clarry from the the new york times. Hello chris david our it's lovely to have you with us as it always is on. I've been trying to get you on all week because one after another your columns keep perking my interest interest whether whether it's talking about the umpire damian steiner who we we covered briefly last night and nas nutshell about how he's been fired to you all the american stories. Let's let's start with the positives the the exciting new stories me. You've been around long enough to see fifteen year. Olds seventeen eighteen year olds come through before but i know when we were talking yesterday you said your your concentration cocoa golf. What what do you make of what you're saying. Yes cocoa and serena to be honest but yeah. It's definitely a taken over <hes> the general sports fans interests our country if you're watching e._s._p._n. And we're about to our the national football league season over here <hes> baseball season's in full swing. There's room for cocoa yeah on these broadcasts these general sports broadcasts. That's pretty unusual. If you're not a real message major major star tennis like a like a sereno or not even a thera so it's taken a different dimension here and my editors for example. I can tell you a very very interested in your story and not just sports editors. I think she's hits a lot of buttons in our society and she has a certain freshness about her authenticity and a charisma on the court adding we can all i'll see and at the same time you have to ask yourself questions as you say having covered the sports so long and are we doing too much projecting. Are we too far into the future. It's much of our business these days about what's going to happen. What just happened so i'm trying to resist that as journalists and look at it and and kind of in the round and use that experience of having having covered the capitol and having seen players come along through the years who <hes> had difficulty with the sudden attention and absorbing it had some physical problems were that lately than probably the psychological aspect with people like laura robson cici bellis in our country having great success in their mid teens and having problems breaking down even beyond gone rescued ashir hear wonderful player obviously a little bit older her body's breaking down on her to she could still do very well here but nothing those things are all factors to take into account and try to tone down your writing tone down your coverage but boy. She has something she has the x. Factor i think she's a real born competitor and you can just sense the crowd when they watcher during the stadiums beat it wimbledon or did hear something going on. That's pretty rare in tennis where it leads to we'll see david yeah. It's it's a very good point. You might come. I mean we're we're shows that we do love to project. We love to do it in hopefully in a fun way but i am aware of that of the an and that's not to say that what we he says gonna make that much difference but as a as a whole i it's so easy to almost want to outdo each of <hes> for making a big statement about what somebody might achieve and what they might do a sound bites and and this is a child. We're talking about do you. Do you send some you uh as you say you. You've covered caveats. You've covered the others. What do you think of what you see as a as a human being in terms of how she's dealing with this situation. Well you know the question. I get is a sports writer more than any other. Question is what's blank really lake. You know we'll what's roger federally leg or with serena williams real lake or what's and back in the day. You know what's monica seller like. I'm not sure i know what my neighbors really liked. So you have to really be careful. I think in this business to try to jump to too many conclusions about that what i can see on the outside side because i see there seems to be really careful. Plan in place. I think teammate <hes> which started by federal and tony got sick which has a young agent allesandro working with <hes> cocoa. Now seems to be a intelligent approach to this a long-term approach. I talked to her parents. I hear a lot of good things <hes> i hear i'm talking about the importance of her having family base they say here about her father corey telling me that he studied all the prodigies looked at their progressions and looked at their own <hes> practice practice schedules when he could try to understand a way to avoid injuries says a lot of really smart thinking gone now if she goes out tomorrow night in arthur ash stadium at seven p._m. Mm and plays what she's quite capable of doing. Having watched her plays a great match. Somehow beats naomi osaka the world number one and defending champion then this is going to take on a whole different dimension and then it's going to require a lot of really really strong personalities and a lot of really really <hes> strong plans to resist temptation. Let it get carried away with itself. So that's i know in a way i'm just hoping that they've laid a strong platform here because this thing has a chance to really go galloping into the horizon pretty fast. How would you compare it in terms of interest levels to those players that you've seen in the past. I remember when jennifer kathy came along obviously when the williams sisters came mm-hmm along but then i even think back ten years ago when melania dan was was the player being talked about obviously she was a little older but in terms of the way the appetite it tight for coca mania as it was branded wimbledon and do do see this this level of is it compatible to anything. I think there's two things that are kind of counter current. Stay right now. I'd say one is tennis in our society in the u._s. At least it's not as big as it was. <hes> i think when <hes> in the eighties and nineties still had a higher place in the hierarchy of sports in america and when serena and venus came along that story was so compelling laying on the platform of ever navratilova and all those players so there was ready to be really taken to a high level now the other side of it is that we're in a social media age where where things get amplified very quickly and it's very easy when somebody breaks out of a sport to suddenly have the situation where the whole society can get behind it in a hurry quickly and react so those two do things are kind of working against each other but i think this is probably comparable to serena and venus in the early stages in terms of the level of interest and i was out there on the court today court five and then doubles levels and just she's already on a first name basis with the crowd cocoa cocoa cocoa cocoa. Katie mcnally's pretty good too but cocoa has this ability and i think the fact that serena and venus are still active still very much in the in the picture in terms of their tennis and coca comes along. It's a logical connection to make coco's talked about the fact she beat venus wimbledon and all those things play together so i think it has very much potential to be that kind of story but then again that word potential is used a little too often in my taste in in my in my opinion in this in sports in general and i imagine another cautionary tale that we were reminded of last night is that of tyler townsend who was a prodigious junior who who is an african american teenager that came along and now he's twenty three still outside the world's top one hundred just a wonderfully exciting game. We were talking about last last night and i was talking last night. How would wish had gone to the press conference yesterday i i've since watched it back fifteen minutes of taylor townsend talking about the journey that she's he's been on and it sounds like she's had some pretty times over the last six years aside. Yeah i mean it's a it's a tough sport because obviously what things are going yeah well all the sponsors in the agents and the <hes> waiting for the next big thing. Are there for you when they sense. That's going to be your situation because go the other direction. There's always somebody else in line somewhere else and it can get pretty quiet in a hurry. It's probably that quiet time. It's the hardest time after all the commotion but i guess in my case i think about things like yeah. We talk about capriati all the time definitely some tough moments ultimately. That was a success story. I mean she wondered grand slam. She got the number one. She worked through problems. I don't know where she's at now and i don't want to speculate but i think it should be seen really as in many cases that triumph of the human spirit in tennis turned some more like nicole vita silva for example who very similar age to <hes> cocoa when she came along and the talent was there amazing athlete great ball striker powerful serving all those things and then personal issues injuries other things came along and she never fulfill the potential that she clearly had so. Maybe that's probably a better example. Somebody gets comparable there. So tennis is offered. You both examples over the years and then their players like steffi graf raff monica seles who breakthrough in thirteen fourteen fifteen years old and and they make or chrissy ever was a huge story back in the print media day. You know here in nineteen seventy four with the u._s. open when she <hes> got to the semifinals at age sixteen and eighteen grand slam titles so can go both ways. I just think it's very important to let dan then tried to experience these things in real time and that constantly pepper them with questions. About what are you gonna do next. What's it all mean. She's fifteen yeah and on the subject serena williams and to a lesser extent venus but thinking that syrian is in this tournament. They've been doing this for twenty years and you know we've talked. Tithing over. The years is a media picking out individuals. No i've done it in the early stages about the other interest they had in life and and we often talked about it. Almost there's a negative and you know the whether they're fully focused on tennis accenture accenture and yet here they are twenty years later still performing homing still able to be massively relevant within the sport and i i would think that that is part of the thinking is well. Isn't it in terms of you know. I mean coca gulf for instance. She's going to be who she is. Not just somebody's templates your think. It's a very smart comment data. I agree with you hundred percent and i think you know serena and venus <music> <hes> as counter-current as they were at the time. I think they've set a new <hes> standard think they've shattered a lot of preconceptions that existed in tennessee before i think they will help the cocoa goths and the next generations it began a fair shake along the way and give people will give them a little bit more leeway in terms of how they approach this process. You know there's not they're not any givens lots so as you can do it. I think serena and venus have proven that and you better believe that a lot of these young americans particular that are coming up have looked at that family the williams family and taking those lessons to heart. We're going to do a bit of projection now because serena williams being chasing twenty four for a long time now three grandsons finals have come and gone and she hasn't won on them do you i saw today. She was fantastic against carolina maneuver from what i saw didn't come down on the whole match but i thought she she really likes actually hit her stride and she was ready now to to play her tennis. Whether it's good enough we'll say but do you do you sense that she's in any way in a better a place in a better position to get to that number twenty four now than she perhaps was that some of these other opportunities you know i think so <hes> i'm not gonna project to do it but i like where she's at right now. For a couple of reasons issues truly healthy and something else comes along on the tournament that could easily happen to her at the stage of her career where the knee he problem pops up again or her back goes out but what i'm seeing on the court even though she lost the first set against katie mcnally of the night a little bit tight said she's moving so well all books fitter and she's able i think to <hes> commerce down now get her composure going but also she doesn't. She knows she has the basically that she didn't have earlier in the season and maybe even last year as well <hes> and i think when she's moving well and gets in position to make those contact points while the ball just flies off iraq is still and she's serving very well to hitting think some high percentages <hes> and that's a high percentage hitting you know high <hes> high speed serves gotta be able to kind of generate it when she wants it with dr now so i see a lot of good things but honestly david. I don't think we're gonna know how she's gonna do until we get to a final again. That's been stumbling block. I think she's ok. Switzerland great says this last two years since her comeback and she gets into that final final match and it all kind of commutes hits her again and her opponents. I think recognize some vulnerability and they played better so i think that conversation almost has to be had in the middle eleven. Whatever fine overseeing or play yeah because that's the thing is is the moment it's part of part of it is the opponent to but it's we've gotta find fascinating week or so ahead. She looked so good at wimbledon. We all away. She played in against in the semi final and the way she played here at the u._s. Open heading into that final last cheer. Things looked like they were in place for her again and then it didn't it didn't work for her in the final so i'm just going to wait and see but i think she's come a long way from where she's been. I'm back in april and may with their game the french open she wasn't in shape look very shaky and now we're seeing player looks a lot more like serena williams we all <hes>. What do you think of the game at the moment on the women's side. Generally i mean to my mind. I think it's a really exciting place because you've got. I mean you've got people that are twenty years twenty plus years separated and there's competing on the court i mean venus williams is nearly three times the age of coco dolf it does it need to cocoa gulf so at the moment in order to to pick up the mantle that eventually intially serena is gonna leave because as you say the sport is i was surprised actually when i when i heard how down the pecking order tennessee is on on the in the scheme of things here in the states i i was i was reading a i think it was chris fowler from from e._s._p._n. Who's who does college. Football us is other big job and he. I remember ahead a podcast with him. He was explaining just how big college football is and how far down the i mean. He loves tennessee hennessy. He knows it's it's it's got its own ecosystem in the grand scheme of things. I didn't realize how far down the pecking order tennessee's no. I think it is it's it's definitely lost ground and <hes> you know what's sustaining it is <hes> is core audience which is aging not rapidly just like all of us david aging in your by year and i think that's the way it's going here yeah and see look around at some tournaments and you see a you know an affluent but but older population of people i think the t._v. Audiences are not that big and diminished since the golden years of the eighties and the nineties so that is a concern and someone like cocoa new personality with the kind of game game if she has a translates across <hes> you know demographics across to a new generation of of sports fans for sure it's important. Does it have to be her. No i think you have to have personalities like that. People can latch onto and say okay. I have an interest here. I'm gonna watch this person no matter who she's playing and she's playing serena williams or naomi osaka who broke through here last this year because of all that happened in the tournament last year with serena and all that all the better i think women's tennis is in a fascinating place right now but i'm inside side the game just like you are so i'm loving the fact that you're seeing all these new talents emerging. I'm loving the racing all court tennis. Come back in a big way with players like bharti and undress scoop and and we'll just yesterday with taylor townsend and match against hallam for me. It's all all good stuff but to break through to the the casual fan of sports. He transcended personalities and dan. You need what was lacking so often. In the serena williams era and that's rivalries people want to watch a personality but above all they wanna see personality somebody else they can recognize and ooh i wanna watch cocoa gov play bianca and rescue the twentieth time what a great rivalry it is and that's why the men's game has been so transcendent not a whole lot of death. Maybe in terms of people winning these titles down the down the pathway but those four guys the murray's the fetters adults jovovich playing off each other for ten years epic matches watches. Those great billion game could need some of that incredible rivalries really on the men's side. How do you see that race. At the moment you've got. I mean it is it couldn't be more beautiful could in two thousand eighteen hundred dollars sixteen for jackovitch. He's the youngest of the three say he's coming up on the rails value. You census got at least a couple of french opens that he could still win. How do you feel will end up. It's fascinating. I think the otter and novak's paper in some ways from my point of view if he stays healthy to <hes> to get up there with roger by the end and who knows the rafa can do but i think the x. factor is if somebody emerges who can suddenly go oh boom. You are winning anymore. It's us the new generation is going to do it. That's the x factor when that happens is it will happen and if that other person or other two players can come in. I don't see it being bailey seemed tomorrow but player a player like that can come in and suddenly say hey guys your time isn't isn't here anymore and that stops all all the momentum that gets fascinating because then you get that intra inter generational rivalry going on which is a wonderful thing in this <hes> this djokovic shoulder issues that he's had him and we're we're would you to see him tonight. As we speak to you we're coming between sessions and it is going to be very interesting and it was. I watched back the press collins chocolate. Which did i've read a couple of the lines at from the serbian jonas as well. It sounds pretty great pretty earliest something that he's pretty anxious about in terms of the context of this particular tournament is left shoulder issue issue that said we've seen him have issues before and wants. The worry of them has gone and he can play pain-free. He's been he's been okay but i mean i'm gonna come back at the end of the show the the order play tonight because i want to give in update about how he looked if he did indeed take to the court but it's it is a concern for the moment because everything was going so swimmingly well of course it is also now i mean novak djokovic smart gag high level of intelligence and he also knows now that he played through with his elbow <hes> two three years ago and he shouldn't have that was a mistake. He's admitted as much so. I think this time if it happens again i think he's going going to realize they're gonna need to address it quickly because he saw how it all worked out the last time i went into business a two year slump and he was not really a able to play it as best. I think he knows that's. Let's required one to compete at the highest level and to to stay fresh in his head so there is a real problem. I don't see him just letting linger and fight through it. I think he'll try to address it. We <hes> we we've been talking set over the course of the week trying to figure out a time that you and i could talk and one of the columns that you you said you were writing was about nick curious and about the things he said obviously the things he's done and i guess the way tennis approaching him how do you how do you concludes where we are now. Do you think that tennis's dealing with him in the right way. You know you look at the actions that have been taken by the a._t._p. And the some of the fines and then the suspension back back in <hes> you know seventeen after the incident in shanghai. There's been some disciplined gun coming his way he's been he's been dealt with in some fashion. What gets me is is. This is a pattern of behavior here to go into the statutes of the a._t._p. In terms of what major offenses are one of the things that you can't sanction on is a pattern of behavior and that undeniable in my view that we're seeing a pattern of bad behavior disrespectful behavior against the rules. I don't mind if he breaks the codes as much when he breaks the rules and i don't see any improvement and i think what happens cincinnati really can't happen again and that's where we start going after empires to that in that manner disrupting the matches in that manner and i think it also eliminates fans even though they're attracted by him as well so obviously you gotta follow the lettering and the wording in the rulebook but for me i see a pattern here. He retracted his statements about the being pretty corrupt. If there was just an average situation <hes> you cut them some slack there. It's not an average situation. He's been spouting about these do things for a long time. It's also part of the pattern. I know they're trying to look at it as a separate incident in terms of their discipline or two cases open against him but the one that's compelling to me is the first case opened after cincinnati cincinnati and one of the ways you can thank somebody for a major offense is for a pattern of behavior a pattern of going into the rules and as undeniably there so that's why i lobby lobby to my column that it's time to suspend again unless they have to be for a year. Maybe even six months but he needs to have a solid sanction here to send the message. That doesn't stand stanton yeah. It's interesting isn't it because we are of a certain age. <hes> i went out to that court. Yesterday and people were just. I couldn't wait to see him grand coal. You couldn't get on it. You could not get a saint and there are there are people that just think that maybe we should look at tennessee senator from way others trash talking in other sports. We have sledging in cricket personally i. I don't feel like that in phil when he what he said to fergus murphy is not on <hes> and i i i would guess that if you if you didn't serve you've challenged him in a public forum. I reckon if you just spoke to him. Quietly would probably admit that that that that's not because i don't think he's a bad human being personally <hes> but yeah i think i think you've got to be careful that you don't end up treats he. He confines of double standards. I think you've got to be careful. You don't give him double standards on the other the other foot because of his level of attraction yeah. I think that's right. I think there's a lot of resistance to <hes> going too far. Everybody can see the appeal that he has and i'm not saying you should not the life data nick by any means i actually would be in favor of allowing rackets to be broken on court as long as there's no danger to anybody in the stands or the officials never really bothered me that much but i like my kids to do it no but there there's something in tennessee could use i think loosening but in terms of abusing officials in terms of attacking the integrity of the officials and the integrity of the game totally disrupting your opponent's which happens an awful lot in his matches those are things i think i need to be improved upon and i don't see him learning the lesson through fines. I don't see them learning the lesson through negative media coverage i think it requires the one thing that really has teeth in this game and that's being suspended from the sport for a little while but i think he was pretty good after what happened in shanghai for a while but i've seen deterioration and slippage in the last few months and i just don't think it's a good look for the sport at to send a strong signal now <hes> <hes>. It's going to be interesting to see how he handles the rest of this u._s._o. Because he's got a heck of an opportunity he does no he does. As i wrote the other day i mean this is an extreme example but it's very possible that nick nick could go very deep in the u._s. Open the file maybe even in crazy situation with his level of ability win the u._s. open and then go to the labor cup in two weeks and be part where the whole effort darren be front and center and then be suspended for three months as he and my view rightfully should be. Is that a good look for sport. I don't think so so if that's not a good look for the sport what what did you do. I mean do you do you. Do you have to announce now that he's suspended or afterward so i know what they are doing it quickly because these things take time to get both sides of the story and they didn't want to distract nick in the middle of the u._s. Open but it's a bad look cincinnati is going to be far in the rear view mirror by time. This finally gets adjudicated a good chance. They won't go nick favor but it's going to seem like it's after the fact and it already does here. We are in the u._s. Open he could be front and center in these coming days with this thing hanging over his head in my view they should have expedited enacted on more quickly. I understand why they didn't do it but i think he might have been a mistake final points since <hes> damian steiner you you broke the story of the family. He had been fired from his role at the a._t._p. <hes> an experienced umpire are an empire hoot reached the top the pinnacle by refereeing umpiring the wimbledon men's singles final serpentine twelve in the fifth set between roger federer novak djokovic jackovich's way and it doesn't really get any better than that from a from an empire hang perspective and within weeks he he's lost his job <hes> it was as a result of a list of interviews he did. I believe in in argentina. Where do you stand on the look. I mean it's almost shakespearian the whole thing. It's like a literary device. I mean you get this opportunity. You've earned on twenty years of work. I thought he does a super job. In that match was tremendous. Match was in no way <hes> a distraction that he was only a professional and added value. You know a lot of the players really respected and yet by virtue of having that opportunity that laid the the seeds of his own sort of destruction in a way too strong a word but you know what i mean in terms of his own <hes> lost his job of the a._t._p. And if it hadn't happened if you hadn't been that good the opportunity to those interviews using to have that exposure never would have happened and i could see in argentina knowing how passionate that country is an how patriotic they are. It's one of ours in the chair. I'm in the chair for this massive match boys in his grade and you know in a way is probably just being polite answering all these requests but he's also a veteran and i know that the rules are clear on this and i think he knows after the carlos situation last year was serena when carlos didn't give a single interview was told he couldn't and reminded that he couldn't empire unrolls a small one so damian steiner should have known better and he should have known better not to do twenty plus interviews and talk about things like potential rule changes in the sport and how roger or novak might have been feeling now. The question comes should that rubio's jakonen as it is. The other question is should he be given a warning. I can't answer that. I don't know all the material they had all the information. It does seem pretty harsh at he should've been punished with some way for sure but ultimately my reaction. I was criticized for this. After i wrote the column was i thought it was almost more sad than anything else yeah it is i mean i don't care whether you fail. It's too harsh or too lenient it. Is i mean it's a shame because the sport loses uses a really really good umpire. He loses his livelihood or at least a big part of it and has to do something else. If it is a shame that that that happened one way or the other it is but ultimately ah impartiality is is really the most important thing for a chair umpire and going out there in public thought now this is argentina. It's spanish rush. No one's gonna see this stuff. I'm just doing my my home. Colleagues favor software world works anymore. It all gets around and you cannot affect your impression of impartiality is so important and yet. I think that's why they ended up firing him because they felt like it was irreparably. Damaged chris has a usual. It's been lovely. Thanks ever so much for joining us. Thanks for having me on. We haven't been blown away. Davis blowing pretty hard out here in halfway through a chat here sitting outside in the media garden. Suddenly this gust of wind has come. We're holding onto things on a on a table here. It's gonna make things very interesting for tonight's evening session madison keys against severe cannon then novak djokovic on the shedule joe against dennis. I'm gonna come back on at the end of all of that and let you know what's going on. Well several <music> hours later one o'clock in the morning to be precise local time i find myself on the bus going back from flushing meadows. It's about a twenty minute thirty minute drive back into manhattan where <hes> where we stay for the few short hours before a day six will start at the u._s. Open <hes> and we've had the evening session and novak djokovic did indeed play a half say was down for a while he <hes> he was used apprentice at five o'clock. <hes> lisa's what we understood. He didn't show the same again at six o'clock. No sign and then eventually he arrived just after seven o'clock the evening session standing around then jovic against dennis cutler was second on and it was a pretty gentlewoman <hes> jovic actually exchanged some words with somebody somebody in the back of the cord somebody who's watching through the fence the back and difficult to tonight exactly what was said but i i think somebody riled old djokovic up <hes> and actually after he'd beaten dennis cutler in straight-sets he he did say that that person doesn't know but he he really helped me <hes> and it was noticeable out on the court. The jackovitch was was a lot more demonstrative. A lot more animated a lot more aggressive with his body body language he he was. He looked irritated at times but boy. Did he play well. I felt like he was hitting the ball. Pretty much coach full on me was moving exceptionally well. He didn't have any obvious treatments when he was on court unlike a couple of nights ago so <hes> <hes> good signs from an evac joke of perspective what was interesting though is pretty much refused to talk about the condition. He arrived onto the court and did the prematch free matching the view in the tunnel when tom rinaldi of e._s._p._n. Who who asked him initially <hes>. We've seen all the stuff for the shoulder a couple tonight's show. How are you now and <hes> djokovic said. I don't want to talk about that now. Talk about that afterwards and <hes> to tell me followed up and he said yeah but how are you and how is the shoulder. Andy and novak just said i'm here. Let's play and he walked onto the talk and <hes> yeah like i say played pretty well no obvious signs of discomfort but he will now play stanford rinker in the last sixteen and i would say as i mentioned chris area that that's not a great draw have in the fourth round a guy who's beating him twice by bulldozing off the courts <hes> if djokovic is anything short of full fitness jockey riches a full fit fully fits in playing his best tennis even verve rinker isn't gonna basin because jackovich's pitches simply a better blair overall <hes> but there are question marks so we'll find out what we in a couple of days time we all signed had an even even more fascinating encounter on the louis armstrong court where donald medvedev v c took on the santa lopez. I i didn't see all of what went on in this mismatch <hes> but towards the end of the first set the the crowd suddenly be behind that sound a lotta pesident for some reason caridi took against dano medvedev. I'm not one hundred percent sure what went on what is what he was doing but i i do know that he was pictured showing them the finger on the side of his face <hes> the other side of the empire a he. He showed them the middle finger. I mean you know i do find it quite funny yeah. I probably shouldn't have it in one way. I mean it's you could you could say it's a poor behavior but i quite like the fact that he's prepared to just give the crowd some back because they were giving him already hard time <hes> and then the mattress brilliant lopez superb it was <hes> it was a four seven victory three of third-set tie-break incidentally <hes> the lopez had chances in medvedev eventually went to enforce sense at the end he was interviewed on the court and i've seen this sort of thing before medved every once he gets the red mist he got back. There's no i mean an i'd like set on the past and the tennis tennis this podcast my dealings with dow medvedev is the he's a charming guy off the call when he's calm and away from the the heat of battle but they they pushed him over the edge or he pushed himself the edge and when he was interviewed he said to the crowd and he was laughing it up. They were booing him from all sides science and he said you know what guys this doing your energy the you'll give me right. Now is what made me win the match. I was cramping yesterday today. I was in a terrible way and because of you right here all this booing this is what made me win the match and then <hes> and then invited the the interview to ask him another question just so that he can say you know. I think all this what you're doing right. Now is giving me enough energy to win my next five matches <hes> well. Here's a i mean and then my favorite was when the interview then gave him the tennis ball state into the crowd which is <hes> which was quite a funny contrast trusts given the <hes> the atmosphere that was going on at the time so anyway denno medvedev is through to the fourth round of <hes> the u._s. open and he could face jackovitch image in the quarter-finals chuck rich compete for rinca <hes>. I mentioned roger federer. Fantastic formally today thrashed. Don evans caught on the joe. Konta was in great form serena williams who's played her best match of the week so far well especially sharp over win was was maybe better but she really look good to serena williams and <hes> yeah we look ahead to tomorrow. We've got a full order play <hes> and the evening session. She just is box office. It's wonderful on paper. It's coca gulf against nine. Asaka followed by nick curious against andre rube love other. We're in spectacular night of entertainment. <hes> catherine will be back of me as well. We we thank you for listening to here on the tennis podcast without you enjoying the dailies. If you are please leave us a review on i tunes if you could and <hes> until as many people as you can <hes> just that we can continue growing audience which is what we're we're always trying to do <hes> and hopefully give everybody as much of an enjoyable show is we can wear executive produced by tennis balls dot com we <hes> mascot by rio with the wind the lovely dog <hes> brought you in association with tannock off and we will be back tomorrow with another tennis podcast. Look ma buses meteoroid sleep. Beckons finally say tomorrow.

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