Comedian Ali Hassan


Okay brand new headphones pretty shit quality. Police think it's a good good. They were like fourteen. Yeah Okay Nice. They made it happen. It happened and it was quite a while in the making apologized for that. That's all on me nowhere. He's not now now. Now Tell me a joke here comedian. You must have a joke at ready. A for audio. No I wanted to do people. Do you get that alert or have you ever got that a lot for sure so that we're fam family gatherings Sunday gatherings is more like Gatherings like here's a joke for you. That's different right like that's more like you think you're funny. I'm funny let me tell you something. That's more or less family whereas other people are trying to be a little bit of demeaning and they're trying to be like strangers or more like in a demeaning way like I'll be the judge of if you're funnier not give me a joke. Oh my God Joe. Oh my good school reunions or something like that. Yeah good well. We'll see oh shoot. I think might be cancelled. We have one in. It was may fifteen sixteen weekend. I don't think it's going to happen. But you're like you went to school out east Montreal Montreal Okay Okay. I was thinking like the the maritimes or something Born in New Brunswick until the age of two I was in New Brunswick. Don't thing about it how did you how did your family end up in New Brunswick in the first place. My Dad went from Pakistan to Leeds in England and warm leads to I guess scholarships teaching positions that kind of stuff. He only got into places in in north. America was in New Jersey. I believe Paterson New Jersey and one was Fredericton New Brunswick while he he was an English teacher and you wanted to wanted to teach English and and and get his PhD. And all that and I guess one family member was like Canada is friendlier or something like this Canada's The you know I always think about that. Like how different. Yeah Yeah exactly. Who would I been for sure? I wouldn't have been a comedian who I would have been surrounded by what might might vibes value with a bit. Even my dad my dad would have been a different person right so I wouldn't. How should yeah? So you've been at What we do in this week at CBC? You were doing the As it happened I was filling in on as it happens. I just got a tweet from somebody five minutes ago saying is there any show Ali? Hassan does not fill in on and There's no telling if that's a compliment oriented super annoyed with me. But they're sick of your voice. Yeah exactly exactly do you. Do you have to because as it happens is not obvious comedy. Show I dare. Does your voice changed. You have to approach it in a different way like all these different shows that you do. Yeah Yeah I would not have thought that that's a thing but laugh out loud is very different from Q. Is Very different from as it happens is very different from here and now here now is the drive home show in Toronto. I don't you know depending on where your listeners Trying Yeah Yeah. It's the most popular drive home show In in all of Toronto which is saying something you know. There's a lot of different radio stations. If people could June into big one several hundred thousand people listened and that one. I'm probably most myself. I'm literally the zero performance. Happening there But I'm like an octopus and could continuously to this person this person sheet from this personnel. We just got this cancel though this. It's it's high energy. There's a lot going on. It takes work to make it sound like it's just an average an average radio show calm and all that you know but the ducks are moving quickly. Under the water dexsa legs are were workout quickly. Under the laugh out loud has to be a bit of a performance has to be. It can't be. It can't be earnest you know. It's a comedy show Campanella guys. Thanks for tuning in. We're GONNA play some comedy you know. I'm not I'm not I can't be like jazz. Fan My gotTa be known to welcome to the shade has to be a little high. Energy has to be a little bit. Different is well. There's parts that are as it happens. The trickiest thing the trickiest as it happens is the hard left turns because at one point you're talking about what was the thing we did yesterday. some guy who lost his hard hat five years ago. He lost his And today's about Zam a guy who Who who got this thing called a toe in collect machine for goose poop and started cussing if the poop Zamboni yes and the company Zamboni called him and said Hey. You might not using our name associated with feces. So that's one story. And then the next story is about deaths from the corona virus in Italy so your energy is like constantly changing and listeners. Of coming all the time. Yeah yeah listeners. Come to expect it but for me it's like all my God. I went into this too happy. I should have been brought the energy down. You so yeah. It's very very interesting. How you got to wear. It's not like sometimes it's subtle. It's not always huge by is the same voice so besides doing as it happens. Your life has changed this past week or so it Both from Because you're a comedian. So there's gigs that you're always doing But then all stove is Scott cancelled. Yeah yeah everything is Dead By. Everything's Data I. There's no there's no pity party because I know people. In far worse conditions are so yeah yet with the exception of CBC working and that is not guaranteed by any means. You know. There's no idea when I'll be called in to fill in and make that guy on twitter annoyed again. I don't know when that's going to happen. But definitely all the comedy shows and comedy tours comedy for this stuff in July and August. That's been canceled because although sales at happened. Yeah 'cause they'll sales would have to happen now and people are not really buying stuff when they don't know what's going on you know three or four months from now and then there's another tour that I was going to be on September and October and it looks like that's GonNa hold as well because the clients had a sixty day window within two within which to cancel. Yeah and And that window is about twenty days from expiring and so within the next twenty days. They're probably going to be look. We just don't know what's going to be happening in the fall so we'll You know just on the one hand people might be like. We're GONNA need a laugh in the fall but if are also have some some people some people who know saying this is not even close to being over. We're not even at the worst of it. So yeah in a bit of a pickle you know. Yeah what are you GonNa? You're just not in charge of any of it. You know so and you and and and I'm guessing that based on your work with laugh out loud that you probably know tons of Comedians. That like you said you know. There's other people in worship. Oh yeah there's because I I know people who have two jobs one his standup comedy and the other is as a server in a restaurant or or cook in a restaurant. Both those are. They don't have position where they were able to accumulate enough to save they were. They were paycheck to paycheck. And it's not because of their own financial illiteracy or whatever it's just because of the opportunities they had in life and they were trying to make the most and what they had and they hadn't quite gotten around to like putting money aside just yet and So those guys like I'm more concerned for for for some of those friends that I have to be honest and it's not like you can plant for something like this right. Nobody plans for everybody. Stay at home. Don't talk to anybody for months. Exactly crazy you and me talking right now is just You don't even know what you're giving me. You don't even know what you're doing for me right now. It's great 'cause what I've been doing is I've been making a cooking videos. I was a chef for many years. So I'm cooking anyway. So let's short film. It now takes a different level of preparation and all this stuff and let me just film it so then at least you know the biggest complaint people always had about cooking. I just don't have the time I just don't have the time we got lots of time. Most people have time. Yeah There's that Combined with the fact that the grocery stores are the only places that are really open right now combined with the fact that Now more than ever we should be nourishing ourselves in positive ways you know build our immunity and stuff like that. Goddamn Zombie apocalypse out there. You know so All those things together and you know one of them skills. I have one of the few skills I have is cooking lenny. Start putting that is That is also an effort on my part to stay connected with community the community at large whatever community that might be might might little community. But it's not the same when it's coming in like. Hey Ali what do you do with how you make salary not taste shit? You know. That's that's not the same thing as you would meet talking. Otherwise got four kids wife. And that's that's wonderful but also A break where I could talk to somebody in the outside world this. Oh this is quite valuable to me. Oh well thank you. I mean you talking to me is is exciting to me. I wanted to ask you talked about cooking and from what I read about you. You got into comedy because of cooking. That's right so how right I I. I wanted to have a cooking show when I say I wanted to have a cooking show. That doesn't even quite cover it man. I had a singular focus in life and it was to be on the food network. Not even just any network. It was the Food Network Holy Grail. That's what I was going to do. That's all I wanted nothing else. Who's going to nothing else mattered? And so I started. Stand up comedy because I was like. Maybe I'll start you know getting up in front of audiences. I'll treat the audience. They're a studio audience. I'll build my might my confidence in front of a group of people make jokes about food. You know it was all about food. Everything served that. Yeah and and that's what I wanted and then and then as soon as I started doing comedy I got I got bit by that bug so to speak and I And that was that was all she wrote. I mean the flirting with production companies continued for a decade way where I was on the doorstep of getting a show so many times but it just it never panned out and Maybe that's for the best comedy has given me a ton although I probably have a J if I was on the food network right now I'd probably have a job but people are turning to the food network in large numbers right. Yeah so I mean both comedy. The both of those things that you've done in do are two things that that I can do. And so on the cooking side dish I made the other. I mean I don't even know how to pronounce what the Heck animate some Allu- or Newsday a Rogan Josh Carey in it which I thought was quite unnecessary looking for that. That's a bit much but I have no clue the weird thing was is. I was just looking for curry paste but then I saw like the only reason I remember. Rogan Josh is because of Joe Rogan. I look at Joe Joe Rogan curry paste at so. I founded so quickly at the grocery store the other day but cooking from me so I never went out of town for school and so my wife insists because of that. That's why I don't know how to cook. Because they never had to fend for myself. You know I went to school at York. University was an hour and a half commute and I would. Just come home and you know. Mum's cooking would be there. Whatever it was and And so there's been times in my life where I've tried to cook And I don't have so time is a thing and I can understand that but there's also like the patients of an understanding like what you need. Do like my wife saw what I made because now we need to more. We need to add more more of Joe Rogan curry paste. This is this. This was in her words. She goes to this for white people. We need to add more more for the Indian for the Indian tongue right. She's India's. Your background is Indian as well. Yeah both of us. Yeah Okay Yeah that goes neither of US cook not. You're just both getting into it. No I don't Cook. She does she does she. Does she was coming from a place of knowledge and taking a crap on your Saga Lou. Attempts that's right that's right so like this week. It's like everybody's GonNa Cook. I'm like what am I going to cook? I'll make like eggs an exit toast or something like that and then comedy I've been to like every time I go to New York and outside of this year. Well I did go to New York this year by Gorlic every year for work and I always end up going at least three three nights. I'll go to the comedy cellar. Yeah and of just started going to comedy shows in Toronto And I just love going to comedy shows in a behind this thing in the back of my mind that maybe I'll do like an open mic just once in my life. Just go up there do it. And it's over you know it's a bucket list for me but there's that fear of of just being what I would consider like you're you're naked on stage Looking for people's approval of what you're GONNA say sure. That's the that's the beauty and the horror of standup up comedy. There's no You know this is not like Improv or sketch. There's no yeah SOM- all there's no people to lean on this issue in the might and that's you either find super exciting and challenging and Yeah like something you WanNa do or you see that and you'll why would you? That's insane. Yeah you must have had like a strong desire for this cooking. Show to put yourself in. That position was a I did. There's no doubt about that but also I had for the the few years prior to To that day that I got on stage I would have been like April. Two thousand six prior to that. I was hosting weddings. Couple of weddings. A year friends would ask me. My cousin asked me to host. The wedding and Indian. Pakistani weddings are talking about four hundred five hundred people and I'm hosting these weddings and I'm finding myself getting less and less nervous and I'm treating them like my own sort of comedy show. I'm feeling like the Maestro up there and I think I can do this. I was I was less fearful because of that but then that night at the comedy the night I started the first day I was actually a I was pretty pretty nervous. It's a very common story but I did like A. I did a six minutes set in like three and a half minutes. I just went fast and every time people laugh that was like what is that noise. What's happening right now? It's just so much more intimate in a small comedy club. The comedy works was similar to the seller. Small low ceilings brick walls. It's like it's different. You know it's like people are there to see comedy this. Is You know I can fail in front of Supportive. Family and friends were there for a wedding. Fraud gathered that show. I remember after I got off stage. My knees almost just like buckle as I stepped offstage. My knees just went. Oh what did you just do what it was? It was a hell of a thrill. Did you WANNA go back right away like tomorrow night or next week? I Well this is very common with me and I always going to something hard or or not at all. Either I right now. I'm struggling with. I'm struggling with movie I WANNA I want to edit these videos as I'm filming at home these kinds of cooking videos and I when you said What what did you say you said? You didn't say you don't have the interest but you said something about cooking you don't have the I don't have the patience the patient Haitian so. That's where I'm at I. I also don't have the inclination but I also don't have the patience. I'm like I'll get somebody else to do it but now it's such a personal thing and like I should really learn this but I have the sheets for for making a video in stringing different things together my kids watch these youtubers and it's like a lot of moving parts man. There's a lot of like audio beds and clips and lot of different you know sliding in graphics and sliding in all kinds of different clips and other you know picture in picture sort of regional inserts and. I'm like this is a lot is what I would love for. Mind to look like but it's not going to for a long time. He and It's my own fault for not not ever doing it myself. You know when you say. Let somebody else do it. Just always been a believer in that but then but then sometimes you get overcome with this source of great guilt. And that's also what's happening in the house like being being just sort of like a handyman around the house. Yeah I'm all like I will pay somebody to do this work and then somebody goes. You know if you do it yourself. You can save three hundred bucks. I'm like I don't care about the three hundred I care about not having to be on my hands and knees doing grout in my In my shower or whatever the thing is you know. Yeah Yeah no. I did the same thing sky. The most useless handyman. You've ever seen because of the years of thinking that so you must do use that APP Jiffy. I don't know I'm gonNA write this down. I don't know no I don't use anything I want. I'm okay I'll I'll I'll send you or send you also there's this. There's this APP called Jiffy to Canadian APP and Literally the same thing I did. We had this grout in the bathroom. Ya I made that up. I mean but we do have to do that and I went on this APP an and I. This is what I needed done. And so you know you put in what you need done in your house you put in when you want it done and then the APP. Find Somebody for you okay. and that person and then you pay a flat fee for like an hour. That person comes in. They do the job and they're out you don't have to like tip them nothing. They don't bother you they don't you know they're not like a car mechanic saying aw there's fifteen other things that's wrong with your bathroom right okay. That's Hillary's and out and I'm I am the same way their stuff that I I don't know how to do this and I'll get someone else to do it. And even editing like these podcasts. Do Yeah so I started a new podcast at the beginning of this year called. Welcome to the music. And I've got a CO host for that and I am so lucky that my co host. He does the editing and he'll add in the music and play around with the sound levels and everything Because that's again I don't have that brain capacity Or even the interest to look after that stuff. I rather you know. Sit Down Whether it's skype or you know in a in a booth or in a restaurant or whatever it is and just chat with somebody and recorded and say okay here. I'M GONNA give this to the world and if somebody wants to clean it up by all means clean it up but let's get it out there you know Another thing I have in common with you. Itching shingles man great thing to have in common with each other. No but you had shingles on your face I had shingles on my forehead yet on your four and I consider myself lucky. Where did you did you on your back? Mine was yeah like the back front. Sorta thing while I'll tell you why you consider myself lucky because I have a certain level of vanity where I was like what is this. I gotta go get this fixing and I was told that I came in early enough that it wasn't too bad yet but it's definitely Shingles it still hurt like hell. I I watched my dad with with the shingles on his back and his his side's at every time he coughed. Yeah Or somebody made him laugh. He was on the phone. He's like don't you make me laugh? You son of a bitch like really really painful sit. He couldn't sleep properly coughing. Or whatever it was I didn't have that And I also went quickly if you had it on your back. I had it and I thought I'd gone to. This was at the beginning of the of whatever year it was maybe three years ago And had gone and I said okay. So it's the end of the early me go to the dentist a bunch of times. Let me go to you know. Get get bunch of massages you know because you want to take advantage of all your health benefits We initials in twenty twenty. No this was back maybe twenty seventeen two thousand eighteen so not so long ago and again I had heard of shingles but it was like an old person's disease like this. This doesn't happen till the kids like us right. And so exactly that was the whole thing. The auditors were shingles me and then the other one was that it's called herpes zoster. Herpes me more loyal than than this Larry. They really need a rebrand on that name. Very very unfortunate. That has nothing to do with the other stuff that was I used to. I got about five minutes on stage. Thanks to shingles when the doctor reassured me in herpes zoster housing herpes. He goes it. It's nothing to do with her BS. I go then. Why call it thin writing anything? We're other all the other names taken. What are you doing? This is ridiculous. That is crazy like did you. I guess you took medication. And everything for it. Yeah I did yeah I was all. That was an early self-isolation case actually if I think I was I was lucky enough to be in Montreal. At time I was just sort of my wife when Toronto was can you not come back? I kinda newlyweds here. We should be spending time she goes. We don't really need that kids. Don't need that right now because highly infectious in the first few days or week or whatever. It is right okay. Yeah so I was. I was Corentin. I was quarantined in my parents basement in Montreal away from my wife and kids in Toronto. Wow so when I got it I I think I was like a few days into it and I. I thought I've got some sort of a rash Maybe when the person was massaging me or something maybe the oil they used or whatever And then it was. My boss told me so you have Sounds like you have shingles. I said what I Gordon Doctors. The Doctor Says Yep you've got shingles. Do you need any pain medication. I'm going well it it it just more than it hurts so no And so I was supposed to go to a scout camp because I'm a scout leader. I didn't go there and then I think two days later I'm in like extreme pain And was like you said you can't get up outta bed. You just want to lie down and and I couldn't get a doctor's prescription for like tylenol. Six or whatever it was that he was going to prescribe so now. This is back in the day before now. Part is legal And you know I'm I'm not like some other guys right can figure out where to get this stuff. I call my brother lives in. Whitby and I'm at scarred by says come get me. We need to go somewhere and get some gumy's here and so he's laughing on the phone. Could make one of the most straight edge guys that he knows yes and so we we end up going finding a place on the Danforth getting some Gumy's and I was converted right then and there is that right all my goodness. I'm since then telling you the funniest thing is that you're a scout leader looking for dummies. It just it's really doesn't and also you're a scout leader and you don't do the grout in your own basement scouts on its on. Its head for me. Owed Dude I. I know like just like three knots. Maybe nuts that's it. That's you know I'm not. Yeah I'm not like these other guys that know like every single and what it's used for you know I'll I'll go gator on a pedestal. Do maybe this is a mistake. I should I hear. I hear scout leader. I think this is the guy who's going to lead us through Zombie Apocalypse. He's going able to skin animals alive. Cook them he's going to be able to fell trees and create fires. And there's none of that I can. I can make a fire. I can canoe. I can throw up a tent I can hike for for weeks on end but you asked me to. I can cook. I can cook at Camp. Camp cooking is very different than home cooking. But you asked me to make a not. You asked me to build a house order. Yeah no believable. You asked me J. U. Believable was. That's what I would. You've turned with a bunch of Comedians. Yeah I WANNA ask you about Russell Peters Because he's from like from where I'm sitting in for where. He's like huge massive Godfather man but he's not like he's unknown. It seems like in the in the world of comedy or is he. I don't think you could call him unknown anymore. Maybe a couple of years ago. He was on March Mary. This podcast. You Know W. T. APP is a huge podcast. I remember Marc Maron. Kind of in a you know because when you know Russell it's all you know you just you just know Russell you assume everybody else knows. Rosso now the same year a buddy of mine from Chicago. He brought his his white girlfriend. Up FROM CHICAGO TO TORONTO. Yes she was a hairdresser and she loves comedy and she didn't know Russell Peters was and I got sick love comedy. She had no idea she was all. I should look him up and she knew like ten comedians she. She did know college she did like I was like. Oh that's so weird that she wouldn't if that's an aberration but then Russell was on a Merrin. Marc Maron Goes Dude. Who who are you? Who are you a noble? You are below. Where did you come from? How do you like what you saw? I never hear about you. I don't know you and yet I understand that you you sold out the O two arena. Then you sold out Madison Square Garden twice like I don't understand. How have I not seen you and I do not know you? Yeah so then I was like oh as crazy and then I realized that psych. It's kind of this massive cult following like it doesn't feel fair to call it a cult following when he's selling out arenas and he's there but in effect that's what it is and I mean. Tell me a little bit about Russell that maybe other people don't know how Russell is you know. I'll tell you something I'll tell you A. He's actually he'll him mess with. He loves to mess with people. He loves Thomas Oh he he comes off like a bit of a brick like When we were in Jordan Amman. He does this thing. I'm sure this is somebody who does all the time. Where a you come off stage as a young comedian. You're hoping that somebody tells you that was great up there You know that that you did a good job so then You know your backstage and he'll he'll either. You're walking around backstage. She'll be like. Hey Kid I'm not the same age almost as you come here. Yeah Yeah you'll be like You did great up there. That was a great set Russell. I haven't gone yet. I'm nasty. I'm sure you'll do well. You know what I mean. Like he doesn't say or he'll I don't know he'll he'll he's always mess with you backstage. Something just goofing around like that being a dick but he's He you know there is a guy that I met a few years ago on the Danforth. I think he had a restaurant of the Danforth. His wife and his child died in some terrible car accident and Russell knew him and Russell was dude. Forget about everything. Come on tour with me for six months. Just come unto you. Just forget about everything no expenses. I'll take care of you bubble. You know and from what I understood. Russell didn't know him that. Well but Russell is that type of guy to to really help out people you know when I tell people that people go what people should be talking about that matter when things Russell's at Dick so it was like a guy who likes the best would be based the bus people's balls. He met my wife many many years ago and he looked at her and she had like a Bob. Haircut he goes. Your head looks like a doorbell. Ding Dong he's always with my wife does not like recipe tres. Like I kind of burst. Oppression is at what does that. What does that but I think he's a very good guy. I think he's a generous dude and I think he's He's the OJEA men and I go with respect to people who like laid the laid the groundwork and laid the foundation. Yeah yeah another another guy whose name comes up And that's where I saw you In Toronto this is Dave Marash. A lot of people call him like. He's like the originals. The originals as well had on your show year I had a year ago this week like last March break. When we were allowed to congregate get together and hang out when did you. When did you guys I mean and hook up and start doing stuff together. Yeah he's one of my closest friends. He's become my brother and and it just came out of like he came to Montreal to the comedy. Works my my Home Club. There and he was just site Just a good dude. He was just you know he he. I don't think he'd even seen me do comedy. And as I came in. If you need a host for this show I'd love to do it. I think what happened was. He came for a Thursday Friday Saturday and then he was doing a show on the Sunday with a guy. Jeff Shwe another friend of ours was a comedian and they were Valentine's love show and I was like if you guys need post for Sunday just let me know and Dave was like Yemen. All right go like he just. He didn't really have a nobody. You know he was just like I don't care what. He was like really focused on improving his own comedy so he wasn't like. I got to see what disguise like I as a host. I don't really know him. You just give me a chance like that. And it was a bit and I was hosting the the we in terrorist show that he had started back then. Ten twelve years ago and then we started doing some touring around Ontario around Quebec. We were touring. The show called we in terrorist. It became really fun and being on the road with this guy. Meeting his family was was just a a highlight and he stayed with me. And he's you know he's uncle Dave to my kids and wow watching his his struggles and his His assent has been Has Been One of my life's greatest joys. Actually yeah I remember. See Him on. MR D. Yeah when when he when he first started out. I can't remember the second third last season or whatever it was and it was like this kid is funny. This is really really good And then somebody shared. I think I don't know an album. Whatever he did at Some Toronto location and it was the funniest thing I've ever seen. And so you have been a fan. I Love I love the. He's got a bit part but that shows on on Hulu Ramey Well actually severe. They just they just wrapped on season. Two on his part is bigger. He takes more of the really do ya Ya. How but her Salah a lead joined the cast this year too so he was working with him. It's it's absolutely amazing to see what this guy's been able to do. You know his his just his reach keeps getting bigger and bigger. I don't know if you remember the show blossom ever remember that Sharia Joey Loss Miam- B. I knew we were last year January. We were doing. We interests in Calgary and were staying in an Airbnb in Calgary and I'm in the bedroom. He's out in the Living Room and I just hear Holy Shit and I'm like what's up. He goes. Do check this out and it was. It was Miam- Bialik from loss of loss. Message him she's also been on What's that show the most popular show the nerds? Oh Ya oh my goodness I talk Big Bang theory big. Thanks Mary Jeff's so she's also been on Big Bang theory so she continues to be a working actor. She sent him a direct message. Saying your comedy. Because he had a Netflix. Half hour she said. Your comedy is some of the most amazing crazy things I don't know if you know me I'm also performed but I thought your your comedy special was just fantastic in the message you to tell you that. Like wool dude. You'll made day after Ronson message. Big Thing I've been there for a number of his big moments in it. It really brings me a lot of joy. Yeah he's he's got like his style like that net flicks bit that he does like. How like okay. So you're how do you rehearse? How do you create that? Because it seems so spontaneous rather that is that is years in the making that is yams in the Megan. The one fellow comedian told me this a bunch of years ago six years ago. Eight years this Guy Day. Dave to sonus Albanian Canadian Montreal. He says to me he goes. I loved Abraham Dave rehashes guy who if the if all the comics are doing badly in the room is terrible. You send in Dave and all of a sudden he lights the place up just great but also if everybody is doing well and the room is hot you send Dave in there and he just kills the room and nobody knows what happened. And here's the story goes. He's always like meant. But that Guy Dave because Dave knows he was Kinda like that he has such a deep energy from everybody right and he wanted to have his own unique voice in his own energy. That's a big part of the comedic process. You WanNa have aren't very you up there but It took time it took time and took him really working on himself and discovering his voice and seeing how he can use it in different situations and see how he can be that guy who always always kills and he's got a pretty good rate like he's he's generally doing very very well on stage and not a lot to say that that they're always killing. I went to see him at a barbershop. Okay Heck's I don't carry wearing Toronto. It was what was literally a barbershop during the day. And I believe it turned into a bar. I think it's the in the junction. If it's the same one that I know about I think it's on Dundas West but I might be wrong. That's one of them that wanted to do that. Show yes so it was Was Is it. Seema is a very. That's right yeah. He was there Another guy whose name can't remember. Could it have been Patrick Hickey? Yes yes and then yeah and then I think it was this dude. I just remember but he had a white do the mustache. He makes his look jess. Jerry Jared Jared Jared Campbell. Yes yes jared. Yeah and did he tell you about this show? I know all these people you're talking about because these are close by these the the it was the funniest thing so I don't know maybe twenty thirty people in this place mall obviously small place and obviously looks. You know there's people that live upstairs and so there was one Thai so so Dave's Dave and somebody opens the door as excuse me you're making a lot of noise. Can you turn it into energy is it was the funniest thing? Dave just riff on that we'll heckle. Yeah Yeah Yeah. His ripping is the best. And when Patrick was on right before Dave Yeah Pat. Patrick is making a joke about just making a joke about like a like a a retarded person you use the word retard. Yeah I know some people that yeah but but when I'm in a comedy show you know to me I understand that all everything's off you know everything is is it okay. If she can make it funny I mean that's just me I can understand right. Not himself doesn't do that anymore. For too many complaints over the years we all interesting fucking. Yeah Yeah and so. There was literally a girl in the front row. That was so mad and so angry and she walked out but it went on for like ten minutes and then when Dave came on. Does he goes. He goes men. Men these These dorito chips are retarded. Like he's like I'm not even talking about a human being in this whole thing right now. Dave came on eight K. Motte and Dave because there was an interruption in the show sorta thing yeah he just went on and on and it was the funniest thing just just to see that energy and him just it was similar to At your last show the we terrorist. I think it was just riffing off of I think trump he was riffing off of anyway so and it was just like seems right off the cuff when he was angry. With Don Cherry. Y'All Harry's that's right that's right. Yeah and it's just so funny when he when he has that energy. Yeah that's the best. Yeah when did you find out that you didn't have to come up with a new joke? Every time you went on stage that you continue to work on the same material iphone that odor very very early on that yet. That's Yeah that's usually should know that early on. I did not but I think it was. Maybe my third or fourth time going on stage in some some Guy Guy Carl. I still remember who he is. Comedian was like. Hey you're going on tonight and I said I am man but I'm sorry it's it's GonNa be the same material and this veteran comedian. Scott Falconbridge is still very much performs and tours he walks by me doesn't even look at me just walked by because never apologized for your material and then kept walking as no no. No I was just saying I am. He was gone there was he didn't care to hear anything from me. He just wanted to tell me. Yeah brought apologized for your material and I told somebody that story. And they're like him and the whole name of the game is repetition. You're not gonNA get good. You know like the idea is to know your jokes and your bids inside out and know them in a way where you can start the joke. Somebody can heckle. You can handle them. Take care of that. Go right back into the joke finish. The job can still kill the joke. Know what I mean. There's like there's no it's just seamless. It's absolutely seamless and you can dip in and out of your jokes and you gotTa know your material that way. You know you're yourself you've got to know it. So well saying that only comes from repetition and. When do you know that? Okay let's move. Let's create another show another line another another bit. Well it's not about knowing for me. I can't speak for all comics in their process. But it's like sometimes you're just you're like a fountain. You're just a well wellspring of hot. I got to work down there. Solta WANNA work on and then months go by men. I haven't written a new joke. I got nothing like you went to whatever. It is absolute comedy in the Ottawa in January. Now it's August and you're going back to do forty five minutes again at absolute comedy and auto on your like Jesus. I haven't. I'm not even giving these guys like four minutes of fresh material. It's just a reset and some people are okay with that. Some people like that's my set the set in you that that that's the whole job. I don't like that. I like to like continuously be working but there are times where you just life gets in the way and it's like no more. There's no new material you're not particularly inspired or you're not challenging yourself or whatever it is it just it happens it happens to everybody where comic. Sir just sick of their own voice and like out gotta gotTa rights material and some people sit and write. I don't do that as much I to be. Perfectly honest might my best jokes. My favorite jokes have come to me when I've been doing vacuuming lawn mowing in the shower. These ideas when you free your mind everything. While you're doing something brainless I find. That's often when something comes to whether it's an idea for a bid or an idea per story or something you can write about or so. It's it's really amazing how that happens and is good. It makes me back you more than I. Normally only Orson very clean house. I can get a joke. Is How many chances do you give a joke like? So if you go into okay I think you have a joke. You go on stage. You tell it doesn't go as well as you think. Do Scrap right away or did you continue to work on it. How many chances do you give it? It's that that the answer to that is kind of like a moving a moving target type of thing you know you. Sometimes you do a joke and you're like I'M GONNA go. He's got WANNA take a risk here. Take a riskier. I'm not sure about the joke. And you go and you do it. And the crowd does not like it. You ask route. I never cared for that joke anyway. And they never sees the light of day ever again. Okay I I have a joke that I can tell you exactly that my mother once we were in Pakistan and I was trying to make the joke so it wasn't in Pakistan necessarily but we are once and I am whoever the architect was who built this house. Forgive had had the bathroom right behind Reverend Wright inside the dining room like you go to the bathroom and the owner of the bathroom. And you're in the dining room and I'm in Pakistan and my stomach is not feeling good at all you know. I've eaten all the wrong things and I'm like an bad shape and I'm just like sweating trying to hold it in my mother's like just cold. The bathroom goal in nine. Look I don't eat would idiot built this house. I'M GONNA walk in on dinner. They're gonNa hear me from dinner. Then I'm GONNA walk in. The door is going to open. It's going to be terrible smell and my mother goes wah what smell you know you. Just take the soul of you. Wash your hands with soap and the soap smell will be. We'll go in the bathroom and I was like. Are you even my mom? Do you know what I hear you. So what was I gonNa Take Care of this? It's basically a glorified shit joke. I have a bunch of eggs on it but to be honest. I don't WanNa do glorified shit jobs. I don't WanNa do it but I found it a funny story and I was like I'm not trying to bring that to to the full. I did it it didn't work and I'm like you know what you're right. Not like that joke. I don't either and that's all it's never going to tell you that it's that one time was done. And you know even even after I tell that jared Campbell the same guys you were mentioning Jarrett's who came up to me and he goes You know you could do that. He even gave me attack. Here's something you could do. You could say this and even then again never have do a joke again ugly times. A joke doesn't work but you stick to it so stubbornly so stubbornly you're like not. I'm going to make this work and it's a combination of finding out. Maybe you got to shrink it. Maybe you've got to give context. Maybe you gotta be funnier quicker. Maybe make it more relatable. There's so many things that could be the reason for why you're joke is not working especially since my jokes are a little longer. It's not just a one liner. One liner does work. You're like okay. That's not. That's not a good joke but for me to minute. Joke about the cottage. I'm going make this. I'm GonNa make this thing saying somehow have got to turn it into something and so you stick to it stubbornly. Sometimes sometimes you do the joke commandment changed nothing but maybe on stage. Something will come to me. Maybe somebody will interrupt me and say something that will give me the idea who knows and then you do the joke. Nobody directs nothing. Changes do the same way again. It doesn't work a dammit. I gotTA FIGURE OUT. I got to figure this out. This is a bit this has got to be a bit so sometimes it's unsafe sometimes. It's months you stick with something and it's now nowhere. Yeah Yeah. It depends on comedians individual level of arms stubborn. Sure and percents one of the things I've always wondered about. Is You know obviously in Canada. We get tons of American TV shows all the late night shows. Everybody is making fun of trump. Or you know whether it's as looks or how he speaks is They're they're they're spinning and riffing on his policies and whatnot. We've never had Our comedy is very different in Canada. It seems there's there's there's no one comedian that I can remember that has been hard on like politicians mercer. Rick Mercer is a satirist is definitely the guy if you if you wanted be not because I I toured with him and he ripped all of them you know. He ripped everybody. We toured in October November. When Justin Trudeau's black face was still fresh andrew? Zannier about it being a you know in the insurance industry really you know painted that one on thick turned out. He was like a summer intern or something like that. But rumor so is making fun of Al Andrew. Scheer would sometimes be like let me put on my old insurance cap for a minute and think about that dude was a summer. You were injured. You've got coffee for people. Relax putting on your whole half but he made he he you know rick is probably more. He Leans Liberal. You know as a as a man from Newfoundland. I you could probably do the math on it but char- you don't know it like that's not what he says. He makes fun of everybody across the Board and so. I think we do have our at least that one guy and I hear you know. Steve Patterson will do it in a couple of other guys. I really enjoy that role but yeah I mean. I think we may not have as much fun to Megan and Canadian politics. We've bought into the fact that it's boring so people up more exciting stuff that I can talk about. You know by the ones who do well do a really great job. Rix The first one who comes to mind I The name the guy he just said. Who Does the debaters listening tonight? I had a chance to To see him host to be a host At this Awards banquets I went to. While within the past month He is hilarious. He is so funny unbelievably funny. He's a guy who when I early on he used to live in Montreal for a short period of time two years and I saw him on on stage and I while I shouldn't be a comedian like I really. That's what good comedy is. I'M NOT GONNA get there like there's no reason for me to To pursue this. I I really had like a reckoning. After seeing him he was so his material was amazing. He was so unbelievable. You know what it was. It was Saint Patrick's Day. It was a nightmare. It was the worst environment for Comedians. Because people are drunk their heckling so kappa wooden that his material live like he'd be funny for a bit they land and they need like beg people to let him finish this joke right not going to get that one patient that he going on people would refund make fun of them and just loved it. And I'm like I'm watching this thinking I'm never gonna be able to do this and thankfully over time you realize it. Oh it just it takes a lot of practice. It takes a lot of good and bad situations that you have to study up to pick apart and be like okay. This is the this is the direction we can go in. And you just have to build your your tool kit you know and I had had toolkit one year two years in watching Steve Paterson. I was like I gotta quit. But he's really the best so good as you still do stand up. Do you know he does we. We did a show together. We toured together with the Saskatoon J allow. His name is Is Limited for. He's not GONNA do He was touring with Ivan Decker. He was touring with a couple of other comedians. I don't remember who else but he he's done that recently. As of two years ago now with the debaters he's also doesn't help. The debaters live. Scott all the corporate gigs. He does but he had a tour called. This is not debatable. He did have that was two years ago. Yeah yeah he is he is he is funny Up and coming COMEDIANS. That that you really I would say jared Campbell who we've mentioned a couple of times here. Jarrett is He's kind of crossover the UP AND COMING. He's he's he's got a set from just for laughs from last year on on TV. But I think I don't know if Jarrett's even been doing it like six or seven years but he's great. There's a kid named Jacob Baltin in Toronto who comes to mind Another Jacob Jacob Samuel from Vancouver is such a good comedy writer he's Great There's another guy out of Edmonton who was the Yoyo champion. That was his claim to fame before comedy. And he's so so good. I'M GONNA look him up Yoyo. Chant comedy edney tonight. I have to tell you this guy's name very very dry very The way he delivers his like nothing else I've ever seen before. Yeah but I have to get his name at some point. I don't know how to no. It's not coming up his name now. I look at Yoyo and champion. How many Yoyo champions are there? This is regrettable in Edmonton yeah out of Edmonton originally. I think he lives in Vancouver now. But we'll see again we'll we'll we'll look him up. what's Ugandan comedian Oh Arthur Simeon. That's not covered by any. He's not up for coming but he's hilarious. He's fantastic. He's wanting to S. He's really another guy who Dave and Arthur and I would tour together Sometimes we did a little tour called legends. In the making now I was the host. I was not the legend making it that day but we toured together. We had so much fun. We had just a ridiculous amount of fun and I don't know man. I watched him grow into something very very special. Also he's really really good One of my life. I don't know if it's on anymore but designated survivor when it first came out I remember So during the day I work in the advertising space and I remember getting The first the first episode and in watching that I like this. You know Kiefer Sutherland. As President Okay can get behind that And I watched it all and it wasn't until I to prep for this then. I realize you're on that show dude. You had watched it and just not no. I had not known I had not known that. That was you How tell me about that experience working with working with Kiefer Sutherland? In in that whole crew it was you don't because of the environments it's like it's very surreal. You're like Oh man I watched you like I. Don't get star struck That's really how I get. Yeah Yeah but I did get like. Is this really happening to me right now? I really am keeper southern. I've been watching since I was a kid. But because of the environment which is very very like Hyperproductive so this guy keeper Sutherland. Is You know the executive producer and He you know I think he helps. Direct a little babies. I you know. the lead. Obviously he's in most of the scenes and his thing is also. He doesn't want anybody to have their scripts on on set. Sometimes people are like fumbling till the last second to remember their lines. Everybody should come prepare. So it's very get a. I've never had that with any other set. Where my agent sends we mail saying? Production is asking that you come fully prepared knowing your lines some people. That's not part of their process. They're like man that sucks. But that's what Kiefer Sutherland Ass Ford. He's got more lines than anybody plus executive producing the show. And he's a workaholic and ease of musician tours with his band on his off time. So if keeper can do it we can do it so I came very very prepared and it was really like let's go. Let's go and he's very hard on himself when he doesn't get the line so it was so serious and so intense so quickly that I had no time to feel how surreal it was but it was an amazing experience. Was Really Yeah. That was that was really nice. You're doing some more acting. Is that something? You're you're doing more of where you want to do more I am. I've got about. I guess the first time I did any acting twenty eleven. I was in three things I was in three films and I was like well. Looks like I'm an actor. Now this is my life and then Little nothing changed and I was like man. This is so KEDO wakeup call. You know yeah. I was in Movie called breakaway. A movie goon had a lot of people were like. You're seeing was terrific and goon is just one scene but it was opposite. Sean Sean Sean. William Scott on Michael. Scott Sean William Scott Jaye Barish Shell stiffler. Stiffler is right. Sean I'm Jay Baer Sean. Yeah an Eugene Levian Day integrate and then people were like This is gray. You know pumping my tires. Basically as in a movie called French immersion with an all star Canadian cast in Quebec cast and people were like you did a great job and housing is is who I am. Nothing changed not one extra. I didn't do another movie for a bunch of years. Actually it was more like TV and other things came up. Yeah so it just it. It was a good early reminder to me that You know nothing is guaranteed to you. Nothing nothing's likes changing. It's not like it's on the days that older comics talk about like if you got on Johnny Carson. Your Life with the next day you'd get a deal you'll get a sitcom you get something this is now with the world we live it. You know. It's not nothing equals anything. Nothing's guaranteed any. Yeah that's right. Yeah it was good. It was good for me to bre- allies that right away and realize it comedy will always be my anchor. I was like I will make sure that I am always doing comedy. Because comedy always provides me with something and that that should be my anchor. And that's where people you know. Speech should know that. That's that's my priority. And that's the way I've operated and it's worked out and that comedian from Edmund. Who I was talking to you about Charles. Haycock Charles RECCO. Yeah Nice terrific. Do you remember if it was on one of four point five or if it was on ten or ten fifty on Sunday nights there would be a like an hour to hour comedy Late at night I think it was four point five but I would listen to this show every Sunday night to discover I. I guess because it was hilarious and I would listen to people like like. You can't listen people anymore. Because I don't know if it's right or wrong but you know you'd hear Bill Cosby. You hear Woody Allen Woody Allen as a stand up. Comic blue was hilarious. I don't know if you've ever had a chance to listen to his his old. Stand up stuff feminine. Yeah Yeah I was a New York couple of years ago. I think when Louis C. K. Was making his comeback and you know he shows up at the at the cellar unannounced so. I was there on the his second. Iv did that okay And he was funny and so my question to you. I'm more I'm asking for your advice now. Can we separate? What are your thoughts on separating the arts from the artist? It's it's the it's such a enormous discussion it's A. It's a huge huge subject. I don't know man I don't know I'm I'm not really able to do it to be honest people who do look there's the bill cosby's of the world like why would you want to like it's come on how many women does a man have to rape in their sleep for you to be united still like well if you can separate that like there might be something wrong with you as well. You know I'm talking about. I loved guns N. Roses when I was growing gloved gun. Oh yes and then. Axl Rose turned out to be such a prick and not to me directly. Just a short is such a loser and then I was like I'm done with. This band is over this advance. I don't like this guy so I'm I'm quick to pull the shoot. I know not. Everyone needs to do that. In the case of Louis C. K. I felt like he was such a brilliant writer. And all this a brilliant comic incredible work ethic but he was so unapologetic. I really felt like is like you. These these these flex got what they wanted or whatever you know his his attitude was like he wasn't really. I don't know he came back. More slugging arrogant I thought and I was like There was an opportunity for you to generally be a little bit humble about this and I never really saw that. Yeah but I'm not the guy I'm not the guy who's like how dare Yuk Yuks Book Louis. If People Wanna go see him and that's that doesn't that doesn't I'm not in a place where I could be like. You should not go and see this person. That's for sure. Yeah but it but it's tricky because you know female friends who are like well. This guy is basically a a sexual harasser. Now if this happened to your girlfriend or if this happened to your To your to your sister all of a sudden would you be so keen to be like come on let Louis perform you know you more personally needle Chapman? Maybe maybe I'm not looking at this correctly. So it's it's idle. Have all the answers man? But it's very very tricky territory and I've always had. I was able to shoot quickly because there are people out there. There's good people and good. Camacho building support those guys absolutely absolutely. I'm always I'm always. I'm always worried about you. Know the heroes that you might have seen. That will one day ego shit now. I like that guy anymore. You know I I Love Bill. Burr I just loved Ober about seems and I think it's probably visiting Montreal so I didn't live in Montreal anymore so might have been twenty thirteen. Twenty fourteen he hadn't peak peak yet but he was so great. Things are going really well for him and I walk into the comedy works my home club and the Bruins are playing the halves on TV. I know he's from Boston. I know he loves the BRUINS. I know a lot about this man. I'm Harris Fan. He's watching TV. He's drinking beer. And I'm like I. I can see a half of his profile and his beards looking at the TV. And I took. I took about ten seconds to deliberate. Should I go up to bill? Burr has I know I walked right by him and it takes a lot of like you know how people are when they see someone they love. I just have to tell you this I just had to meet you. Did you after you had acted disturb this person's life that was sold them a favor but I could fall in? I could see myself falling into that trap. Yeah that with Matson Dean. Once and later I was like why did I start talking to Matson Dean and make him feel weird. I don't even like the leafs. I don't even like Matson Dean. What's this is like fame changes you as a human being on the spot. Sometimes so I just basically. I walked by Bill. Burr and I had no regrets. I don't WanNa meet my hero in this case. Because what if he's a prick? Then what if all a good thing that? I walked by so yeah sometimes you don't WanNa meet your heroes. You know it turns out to be like a little bit unappealing and then then then I'm not guy the guy who pulls the shoot not make Marianna hero nine euro and what if you meet somebody on a bad day. Yeah exactly exactly and you hope that all that all that to say there are also these cases where the disease on Saris of the world right about that. I just got a raw deal. That's just a kind of. He's kind of Goof. He's kind of a goofball with no game but he got he got he got invalided to something bigger into this Louis C. K. and Harvey Weinstein thing. Then you know Darby Weinstein is a monster Louis C. Monster as he's on sorry you know he was he just he just asked for a blowjob in a weird way. You know what it felt like I. There's those cases also that you're like I can't really get behind that one. He's kind of goofball and he was you know I heard his latest special. He did feel genuinely. It seemed like he was genuinely shamed and humiliated. Yeah appreciate of people coming out because it could all be taken away from you at any moment. That's interesting. Les Man This has been This has been great. Meant I appreciate all the time right. I really do. I feel like you're a guy who I feel. I feel I am talking to a comedy fan. Who could talk about it forever over sure thanks? Yeah yeah listen if if people want to keep up with what you're doing whether it's your new cooking endeavors or whatnot. Where's the best place for them to go Standup ALI DOT COM is the website. I'm about to go in and put the word can sold on a bunch of gigs. It's all right. People can see like the life of an artist and how these things go but a standup. I lead dot. Com is the website and then everything else is by Leon on instagram on twitter on facebook at underbelly. Now now you brought up another question. I have You know so whether it's you I know you've you've got the the glamorous CBC GIG and But again there's other artists leather comedians. that you know there were serving a restaurant like you said they're Dicamba in both of those things have been taken away from them. What can what little can we do as consumers and fans due to help out? What would you recommend? A lot of comics are a Posting hosting or posting online comedy. So they are basically look as a comedian. If you've got that hustle if you've got that need to do comedy you go you seven. Ten days without comedy doesn't feel right. It doesn't feel right in your stomach. You're like men might think by saying that I love. I'm not doing it why I haven't gotten on so long and that first time back that second time back you're like my rhythms off. I'm not my jokes. Aren't exactly where they need to be. I don't feel the same comfort on stage. So we're all taking the sort of forced hiatus and I think a lot of people are doing comedy from home right now and they don't have the laughter they won't have the sound of laughter. They won't have that. But if you WANNA watch some comedians try out some stuff. Give them some support. Pell them that you thought this joke work. This joke didn't all of that kind of stuff. I think it will go a long way and you know it's interesting that right now. In this time global pandemic people are turning to the artists right. They're turning the. Tv turned into comedy like on television. They're turning to their actors and they miss the performances and they miss all that when when this is all over and God willing. It'll be sooner rather than later. Please come out with some artists in every way. You can't right now another thing you did. You can buy the albums that Comedians Comedians have put out not expensive five bucks ten bucks if you have the means. I mean if you're if you're in the dumps yourself right now do you know. Don't don't put yourself out but you know bookmark that say that when you get some money. I will support this comic. Because they've worked so hard and they've made so many people laugh or entertained so many people. I think that's one way to do it. I think I mentioned more than one way there but I think that's a good way to sort of see things right now. Ali Matt. Thank you again for your time. Thank you so much off took.

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