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092 Wednesday Box Alarm Throw It Away


Welcome to the Brotherhood Academy Radio podcast Wednesday box alarm. This is the show where we bring you. Short commentary on Tactics Leadership Brotherhood and sisterhood and everything in between were linked together as one continuing to serve was the Brotherhood of Academy radio. Podcasts yours. Welcome back to the Brotherhood Academy radio. Podcast I am Nick Hilton and I am here today with your Wednesday box. Alarm sets a little bit late this week and I apologize for that and if you notice that I sound a little bit different. That's because I'm not in the studio right now actually recording this on my phone in my garage It's been a busy week as you have seen on instagram on facebook we Had been set up at the New England fools event in Wells Maine That went through last weekend. We recorded a bunch of interviews And you heard last Sunday's recording with Brooke aims and then tomorrow being Sunday we are going to have all the other interviews kind of merge into one show. Okay so they were short recordings because there's a lot going on. It was a busy weekend. There's a lot of presenters a lot of good content and we didn't want to miss much of it so we didn't interview a few people we're going to merge into one long episode For tomorrow but I then went out to Appleton Wisconsin for work to the Pierce factory to do a little shadowing a little bit of learning and introducing myself to some people out there so I didn't get a chance to get the Wednesday box alarm up for Wednesday. So that's what this is for you today. Right in the studio is actually taken apart right now because in order to record those episodes last weekend we literally took the studio apart. All of Mike's the mixer the Mike holders the computer the headphones all that we took with us to the to the event. So everything's still box up. I'm going to get it set up again. So so that's why. I'm recording it on the phone. That's why might sound a little bit different. So what I'm doing right now though is I'm out in the garage and cleaning up and I'm throwing things away because Mike Raj has become a collection point for so many items that we thought we needed or we used in the past and we ended up just kind of thrown in a heap in the garage and ended up collecting sawdust dog hair because the dogs are in and out. I mean there is just so much crap bagging. A lot of it up throwing it away okay. I'm finding some things that we can use and bring into the house. Clean it up. Put it back to where it needs to go but a lot of the stuff really do not need and it made me think how many things in our firehouse do. We really not need. You know we all have that one corner of the fire station whether it's in a closet or if it's in the back of the bay or even maybe a shadow back is full of old fire equipment that we will never use right. Maybe it's time we start thinking about getting rid of some of this stuff. He'd throw it away even sell it. There's a lot of valuable things that aren't necessarily useful for the fire service today but their items that we could sell to collectors and make a little bit of money for Fire Department. Something to think about right. So why? Don't we take some time sometime this spring spring cleaning? Take a look to see you guys. Have and your fire stations. That are totally useless. Right things that do not make any sense to have around the fire station anymore. Sell that stuff. Make a little cash. Put the money towards something that you can use. Start decluttering our fire houses. Let's look at our firetrucks as well. Let's look in the cabinets declutter. That stuff right. It's funny because you look at some things that are carried on our trucks right and half. The people probably don't even know what it is. I can think of a few items here and there that we have that that we never use like. Why do we have that on the truck and the answer is always what well because we've always had it on a truck? We've always done it that way yet. The pieces of equipment that are just sitting there taking up room never ever get used all right. So let's get together. Let's get all the members together the leadership and figure out. What exactly do we need to keep in what? What do we not need to keep? What can we just toss out right? Make some room purge spring cleaning. Okay so this is my thought for today. Be a Wednesday box. Alarm really came to light when I started cleaning out some of the things in this garage that are completely useless. Completely useless to me to my wife and to my kids getting thrown out so tomorrow being Sunday. Have a really good episode again. Going to be a bunch of small interviews lumped into one from the New England fools northeastern fire summit conference last week. So please check that out. Thank you guys for listening. And I'm sorry that I'm not on them studio today. The Studio Mike and I kinda might be sound a little bit. Different hopefully won't do too many of these episodes like this but that's fine. Hey if it sounds good maybe we will knows so everybody be safe out there. Thanks for listening. Time is valuable. You're taking the time out of your day to listen to this podcast. I really appreciate that. And we'll talk to you next time. That concludes this week's Wednesday box alarm. Be Sure to listen to our full length episodes that released every Sunday friends. Please join the movement by sharing this podcast and sharing our social media accounts and visiting US at Brotherhood Academy Radio DOT COM could academy radio. Podcast is brought to you by salty hook media.

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