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Sam Herman (Cup'ik) Part 1


Are they all man? Made Peterson Schmitz. He crept me just before go overboard and he holler and boy. Our partner got shop. Welcome my friends to the storyteller. Will you'll find first nations people from across native North America who are following. Jesus Christ without reservation today story takes us back in time to Nunavik Island Alaska who Sam Herman shares about. What life was like? They're growing up. He also tells about an accident on the water that drew his attention to God. My name is Sam Herman near I come from regionally from Newburgh island. The Place Corey Newburgh Island A certified mile white long and fifty five white. It's not really small like island. I born joop BEC- real eskimo born in the spring. I born aggress. No no spring bet shot house and my blank dish. All do crashes put together and those are my mattress. Most of the time I sleeping now steam best where they make require steam steam house and after boy. It's really nice and warm and sleep in their boys. Nice even these winter. Most of the time in steam springtime doesn't have no stove oil just burner and now opened a tap when to and right in the middle of it. There's rocks strucks and there's hangar and put those fish And put them in a fire. Just turn around round and round finally coined done. Just put up an eat it up. We says she loyal if you have a Sheila and then after that close Her anymore smoke in the house. Close up the top. He will not go away at have. No doors is pretty warm nyland's Small religious very far bud on Macquarie a show quoted who people in there? We don't grunge show much but great great great once in a while with go to Nash. Harbor that would be some around thirty to forty miles. No no no airplay notional machine buy duct team. My Dad took me to national but one time when I was really small mar little boy I couldn't even reach tarbuck that toward Schlitt. Hang up and try to get Very hard in when stormy stormy storm carstairs. No trees down. There can be nothing. I hardly don't go around so much from Dislande Noah's Most of the time stay home and lot of times. I feel like go out when I was little bigger. I share like to go hunt. Shem Fox White Fox Red Fox and tire mickens. I Shared Act former family. Something that for who in. I like outdoors. Were I was little not Trish on that island. You can see long ways if you go up on. Tabar Little Mountain. You can almost see around island and it seems like it's only only place when I was little kit that island usually she mountains now Nelson Island mountains across across the ocean but he do s nice down there cusjveqr my home higher rates down there. My family raised me down there. Nine hundred ninety and now Christian people start coming Roy. Do we were surprising and It was nice nice to have something that speak shinning lists and the teachers came in before. Nineteen thirty six and my dad were core built a school building. He don't get no money. He paid by food like a jam. Fruit Flour Shuker. He never get new. Casts are anything. They work really hard. But after that nineteen thirty The bring preacher that build a church our really care much about it in that usually go church every Sunday like your hair but hornish school and church. They start coming from surrounded island at island youtuber. Go Round Island. They're small. Religious Smarter family stays moving to McCoy And today that McCoy shot by yourself Down there now in the island round island for just only four camp right now one of these days man. My friend when by boat go-round island and start coming back to cut the goal non and I had the Twelfth Grade Chugging Wide Open Mike Scheidt lewer traveling three of us in one boat and we had Only ten horse in a boat were twenty two foot long wooden boat and really heavy. We were going very slow coming down from the south of Lila and my parents were staying at the camp so we were coming and kind of way. We the person who shot. Can't she'd none front redone tap stuff and it didn't have a new car and when they slide down just a little bit ban where Niche Can Cause Nuke around turnaround which one word shooting were choice. Turner back and I look at the other one. He didn't have no an and then finally cornered right right alongside the boat our start going to and are that old man named Peter Schmitz. He grabs me just before go overboard. He grabs me and he holler boy. Our partner caught soft. We're GONNA be blamed what we're GONNA do. And he's he's she's a Christian. That Peterson meet and he started praying in that white he. He started praying after he put me in in the middle of the boat prayed really hard which is wishy all these tearce asking Lord. Lord what do we don't know what's GonNa do defined out good wandered on the site. I know we're GONNA claimed he crate and then say hey man and nieces you'll be okay. You'd be okay we ask God Almighty God to Heal. You knew e ten horse. It's not fast enough for gone. Twenty two foot long ocean bolt travel and get into my parents. She'll camp and my Dad Chart Kayak Paddle Kayak we. I think he should much in horse. And didn't that time there's hardly any plane scores down to the island where we stay down no Novak Island and then when after NC L. before they turned over to Alaska Airlines and she'll the plane came in Cossack be called they had emergency over here need plane right away and that plane cut prob on back length China water and next day the plane came and took me to the best hospital and at time. There's only one doctor investel and four nurses Somali hospital. I've been stood there in hospital. Were knee air and my doctor. Ish resum doctor. He really good and they didn't have no not not many all do stuff like like today. He when knees show might show my sight. It really hurts but I try not to Holler and that time I start thinking maybe God. Courtesy give me warrant warning because of his shotgun accident. Sam Thought that maybe God was trying to give him a warning. Sometimes it takes difficult circumstances for God to get our attention. That's what happened to Sam. He'll share more about what came of that next time. But what about you? Is God trying to get your attention if so let me encourage you to respond to him? He wants you to know that he loves you and wants to save you from your sins. We read in the Bible for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. Why don't you turn to him now? Want to know more. Please write to us at the storyteller. Pillbox one thousand and one the MSCI MINNESOTA five six six one nine. That's the storyteller. Po Box one thousand and one BEMIDJI MINNESOTA five six six one nine. Our phone number is eight. Seven seven seven six six four six four eight. That's eight seven seven seven six six four six four eight. Our web address is without reservation DOT COM. Thanks for listening and Remember. The greatest story took place at the. Cross for the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is final life through Jesus Christ our Lord. There's more to Sam stories so be sure to join US AGAIN. Next time as we listen to the storyteller.

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