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Of course, he's an NFL analyst extraordinaire for ESPN the one and only Bill Polian is on the line with yours, truly what's going on Bill? Good afternoon. How are you sir? How's everything? Fine. Steven, great. To hear your voice. Good toy, always good to talk to you. Let's get right to it. You former team Indianapolis Colts lost the game on Thursday night football to Tom Brady in India and New England, Patriots last night. Thirty eight to twenty four. You know, Andrew lucked cannot be Tom Brady. He's lost every time against Tom Brady that he has faced them, but there was some unacceptable drops according to coach Frank. Right. What were your thoughts about the Indianapolis Colts first things first? Well. They probably should have won the game on how well they played. They're playing with the practice squad rec- or us because of injury. And the fact that the the roster was depleted anyway. When Chris Ballard became general manager two years ago, the cupboard was bear the group that succeeded said, taking a championship team and run it into the ground, and there was nothing left. So this is this is a rebuilt. Frank won't say it and chriswell and say, but I will. It's rebuilt having said that they were magnificently coached, Andrew is back and better than ever probably should have won the game, had they caught the ball and not had the inexcusable turnovers, give the pats credit for taking advantage of that as they always do. If you give them gifts, they cash them in and they don't go to WalMart. They go to Neiman Marcus. So that's what occurred. Now, the good news for the for the. Colts is that on defense, they got some players Leonard, who's the rookie of the week the month. Excuse me. The NFL was not there because of injury. Divall sheer played well, Marcus hunters playing better than I've ever seen in plain his career to Nico Autry, went out early with a with an injury, but he's a pretty good front. Guy. Me cooker is is going to be an excellent safety and and gathers who went out with a concussion. Relatively early in the game is a good specialist on defense. So they got something to build on the Bill with on defense on offense, coverage pretty bare. They need a running back. They need to wide receivers. They need an offensive tackle if they can get those guys and and I'm not saying Marvin Harrison, you're not gonna find him every day. That's right. If you can get to Reggie Wayne's and an edgier James. Now, all of this. There are a formidable team. Bill telephone as read. I've seen I'm talking about Ryan grantchester, Raj, Zach, PASCAL, and rookie running back in the ones that not hime Hines and titan Eric Hebron. Every one of them dropped a pass. Last five, five different people dropping passes. I don't think I've ever seen it on an NFL team, not five different guys drop it passes the Bill Polian. The reason you saw it is because they're not around long on fell teams. Once. Your ticket? No question right here with Steven on ESPN radio and ESPN news. What are your thoughts about the New England Patriots? Now that Julian Edelman is back, I just did that makes them different team. Not to mention the fact that this kid Sony Michelle has been running a football affectively averaging better than five years carry. You give Bill Belichick somebody to run the football for him and reliable pass catcher like Joe man, I think in the New England, Patriots, it. Everybody expects you to be your thoughts about that. Well, pensively I agree changes everything because he now takes the double coverage off gronk and and he can do things after the catch, which really adds to the production and allows Brady to throw does check downs when people play deep. The Sony Michelle is a is a good addition. If if Leonard had been there last night, he would not have had those big breakout runs on the outside zone. That said, he's a good player and he's gonna have. He's gonna have a lot of success. So offensively I think they're probably about as good as they were last year assuming that adamant and gronk can stay healthy on the defensive side of the ball, totally different story. The coverage of practice squad receivers on the colts was unacceptable guys running open left and right titans open left, and right and Andrew, of course, back and better than ever delivering laser strike sued them so that that's by built ballot check standards. Absolutely unacceptable. But the the good news is that Bill will coach them up and they'll be better, but the lack of time. Silence in that in that in the back end is pretty clear before before I'm from the subject of the New England, Indianapolis, you keep talking about Andrew luck back better than ever just a couple of weeks ago we saw Jacoby. Kobe set, throw a hail Mary. Okay. And you have people questioned whether or not Andrew Lux on issues and shoulder issues had been completely resolved. And I do the ball home or sixty times last night for crying out loud so that clearly and last week he threw the ball damn near as much as well. So that doesn't appear to be an issue, but I wanted to know what you were making of it and based on what you're seeing, is there any reason to question the health of Andrew luck moving forward? None whatsoever. I was in the locker room after the opening game against Cincinnati, talked with them listening to his conversation with Chris Ballard. He was upset that they didn't win it was they had a chance to win at the end, but for fumble. But he was ecstatic about how he came out of the game and how he felt he's built on that ever since. There was a broadcast the game in Philadelphia where the hell Mary took place. It had to be like almost a seventy yard pass. The ball was slippery and wet. Clearly you're not going to risk him in that kind of situation. He threw the ball fine that day and he's thrown owner sixty passes the last two weeks and this week on a short week which by the way we've talked about this a lot that's criminal, but it's here to stay bottom line. There's nothing wrong with it. They'll it right here was Steven a. ESPN radio ESPN is by the way, brought up Andrew. Look through fifty. Three passes the first game against this natty sixty two last week against Houston. Fifty nine passes last night. So if these guys showed the issues, I don't know how you can do that too. Let's let's leave it at that. I got a transition because I got to talk about the New York Giants Bill Polian. I really, really am interested in knowing what you see. So many people are pointing the finger at ally manning, they're saying, he's lost it. It's over. He just doesn't have it anymore. On the other hand, you're looking at that offensive line. It's no protection whatsoever. I think it's a strong combination of both. I think the offense of lines absence of the absent, the ability to protect them the way that they should has him looking around for, you know, for posing on Russia's as opposed to looking down, feel to connect with receivers. And I think it's, it's obviously hampered both him any offensive line. Your thoughts about Eli manning what you're seeing this far? I broadcast the game last week for ESPN radio and giant stadium, and therefore. Looked at all of the pills of the games. They've played up to that point. Then saw the game live number one, offensive line, very, very difficult protection problems against by the way last week, quite a good rush front from New Orleans. People don't know that they've improved greatly there. The protection is a problem. Then Eline knows that he's getting rid of the ball. I got this from stats and information yesterday because I I was interested in knowing it just for you know, informational purposes. He's getting the ball out in two point, five seconds. That's the second fastest in the league. Why? 'cause he has no confidence that they can protect them when you gotta get out that quickly, you can't throw it the. So the idea of throw it deep to old Dell depends entirely on protection. They don't have it. Did he miss two throws last week? Yes, he did. He missed too. Wide open, throws to one one was to obey. Jake can't recall who the other one was to, but. Report of x. going to do that. They're not going to be, and he didn't have his tight end less week which would have helped greatly because that allows them to get the ball out and have a reliable receiver. Ally is about what we li- always has been. And the problem is that fans don't recognize, let's use Mahomes who's the other end of the spectrum just coming into league as an example. Pans, don't realize that not every quarterback can extend plays eve, I cannot. And when you're in the pocket, you must have protection. If you don't have protection, you can't throw the ball down the field. How do you change that? You get it out quickly which he's doing. The coaches have been that. And then the other way to do that is go too heavy sets and run the ball with the best running back this side of the guy in Dallas in saquon Barkley. That's how you do it. This is not on ally. It's on the lack of. Protection and this nonsense of they didn't show any hard and they don't have any desire. Oh, Dell's frustrated. I understand that play wide receiver. Odell let Shurmur worry about the team site. We're talking about the guy manning this has a career completed sixty percent of this past this year. He's completing seventy four percent of his passes and there's only throwing one interception four game. So I get where you're coming from on on that level is speaking of Odell Beckham, Julia, and what he had to say. I imagine you have a problem with it based on what you just said. Here was my issue at Odell though. He didn't point anything in terms of specific names. He didn't personalise. He talked about the team and how they're not winning football games. Is that a frustration? That's understandable, or is this still unacceptable almost as unacceptable as him naming names? No, it's understandable. I get it. Okay. And and if I were, if I were Dave Gettleman and I'm sure they do a better job than I, but he's probably talked to him about it say, hey. You know, it's not about heart. It's not about desire. It's not about us. It's about execution and we're not getting the execution. We need up front. That's the bottom line. You don't think we wanna get you the ball. We've freak you. We're not crazy, and we understand you frustrated. Don't worry about it. We'll do everything. We can't get it to you. The idea that that that they're not trying hard or they don't have enough enough energy or or want to cetera that that's that's not true, but I understand bells for he has a right to be frustrated now, then inspect him, like you said is Patrick Mahomes the Kansas City Chiefs are rolling. They're going up against the top rate of defense and the Jacksonville Jaguars this week in Jalen Ramsey against tyreek hill. We've heard them bantering back and forth. I'd like to know what you make of this matchup more importantly, I really, really want to know what do you think of what you see from Patrick Mahomes? Does he deserve all the hype that he has been receiving. Well, I normally don't get into hype 'cause you know, I know that. But in this case he's the real deal. There's no question about that. He's got the arm strength of Dan Marino, the quickness of release of Marino and far he's got the extension ability of Aaron Rodgers. He's got escape ability and strength to get outta tackles. You talk about not falling on a quarterback. You've got a tackle this guy run right away from you. He ran out of about five tackles the other night and he's got the fields vision presence, and sort of a improvisational skills of far. So that's that's pretty high cotton. And I'm, I'm a believer he now, and here's something for fans really to think about now, but please remember it when we get the draft time next year and we're creating the next messiah who's coming out in the dry. What did Mahomes due for a year. He's sat and learned from the all time quarterback whisper Andy Reid. And now look what you've got. There is no substitute for learning professional football without the pressure of having to go out there and play and win an answer to the media every week and do all the things that we've that we've that we've, he bundy's rookie quarterback's. There is no substitute for staying in the laboratory and learning under professor read, and now he's coming on and created this, this unstoppable monster from incredible, incredible talent. Well, how does Chicago biz field? They moved up in the draft to grab a quarterback. They chose to Bisky out of North Carolina with the number two overall pick Patrick Mahomes is the second quarterback nab pick tenth overall by Andy Reid in Kansas City. Chiefs, how should you be feeling the Chicago Bears and you pass up on this guy? I'm asking about the difference between Mahomes and Trubisky to be clear. I was I was talking to the guy the other day and said, hey, I looked at all Mahomes stolen film and and and I missed it too. I missed it. I saw a wild and crazy throws. I saw incredible arm strength. I saw great released, but I didn't see it finished product. And, and in this gentleman said to me, there are a lot of people like us if the differences, Andy Reid, first of all, Andy saw what he had to work with. He told me that last year about before a third of the season was over and then he worked with them and develop them this, this is what great coaching can do. And so you take a guy with incredible talent and your coach him up and and you make them into a a a real weapon. Now he's going to have some some ups and downs. He had some ups and downs in that fall came Denver price. Shoulda wanted actually case keenum it's it's too wide receiver in Mary. Mary in stride, but bottom line, if Trubisky had the opportunity to sit for year, he would have been a heck of a lot better. He's got Nagy to work with him. I think he'll improve willy willy beat the same guys. Patrick Mahomes I don't think God made to those in one year, but we'll see, but he's gonna get better Bill right here with Steven. A. on ESPN radio ESPN news real quick Bill before I let you get on outta here, put in the work. I've put in a few words what the hell is going on in Pittsburgh. I mean, the offense doesn't appear to be on the same page. Got a quarterback mitigates much to secondary is a problem yet. Again, they're about to go against Atlanta, at least Atlanta has the excuse of a plethora of injuries decimating them on the defensive side of the ball. But with the Pittsburgh Steelers, I, you know, to me, this is on the line. They don't win this game against it. Lanta this week in this season is over what the hell has been going on with Pittsburgh real quick. No lady bell on offense, although they're still doing pretty well. They're scoring enough to win. The defense keeps getting worse by the minute. It's it was bad. Last year was bad in Foxborough the previous year, it was abysmal against Jacksonville last year now granted, no Shays ear and he's not been replaced, and that's, that's you lose a cog like that. It's very difficult to replace him. But the the answer is defense. The polling. Always appreciate you buddy. Thank you so much. What you enjoy this week in the football week? Five of the National Football League season, which gained by the way, are you looking forward to most more than any other game this weekend? Yes, Denver at the jets, I'm looking forward to that. Okay. I'm going to be glued to the television screen tonight. Watching the Boston Red Sox play the Bronx bombers who you picking. Yankees. Okay. I was I was checking Bill Polian. I was worried I was very nervous. You know how much I value your opinion. If you pick the Red Sox, I was going to be sick. I was going to be sick. I got my, I got my key add on man. I'm rooting I just wanted to make sure. Thanks a lot buddy. Appreciate it. Thank you to all right. The great Bill Polian hall of fame. Oh, Bill Polian. NFL analyst. Shorter. If ESPN right here on ESPN radio and ESPN news editor eight say ESPN is always the number to call editing seven to nine, three, seven, seven, six. You are listening to Steven. A. back with your calls and more on the major league baseball player. If you heard Bill Polian talking about my Yankees on week, five of the NFL season and on Conor McGregor could be no mega medoff UFC, lightweight championship on the line, lots to talk about it. You know, I'm here to do just that, so don't touch that dial. You're listening to obviously on ESPN radio. If you're a smoker, switching isn't easy. You've tried vapes Andy, six. They just didn't deliver the satisfaction you expected, but jewel is different. It's not an e cigarette. It's vapor product that actually satisfies plus jewelers. The us and there's no cigarette ash and no lingering odor as a smoker. You expect a certain nicotine experience, right jewel delivers give jewelry. Try check o. j. u. l. dot com. Slash sports switch and be satisfied. Yes, you can't do both warning this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. You're listening to the Stephen, a Smith show podcast. Stephen, I spent show ESPN radio coming at you and ESPN news as well. Stephen, a Smith show on ESPN. Radio is presented by progressive insurance, small business protection, just got easier with more than thirty coverage options available, progressive. Has you covered more progressive commercial dot com to the phones? We go in and eight, say ESPN. It's edited seven to nine, three, seven, seven, six whole bunch of stuff to get into. Let me go to Valentino your love. Stephen on ESPN radio and ESPN news was going on Valentino. I liked the name brother. It's smooth. I liked the name what's going on. Rico swath a joint type thing. That's the kind of thing that makes you think about right there? The smooth gigolo. That's the name of a guy called Valentino. I'm telling you right now. Well, go ahead buddy. You'll might a racing the day when I take was on point is is must-see TV, man. I just had to kind of tell you he did a good job today. Marry the do. Thank you. Must you all over again that Murthy TV Valentino. I must tell you, I must tell you, I joined it, but I do not want Molly carems job. Let her keep that job. Now, if you wanna give me a sports center, you wanna give me the Stephen, a Smith show like like an Ellen Degeneres or Stephen. Kobe somebody I'm down with that, but me hosted. I take you probably won't see that again. First of all. I mean, I liked it, but I didn't love it because I know I'm not as great as Molly is. And Secondly, I got, I got a big visions for myself. You quite honest with you. You really in the last and all your Elliot's would on I, I enjoy it. I must. I must say you doing. I really don't. I really don't dabble in it. It just ain't gonna be an everyday thing. I promise you that, but go ahead. Okay. It was cool. I just gotta tell you that in another thing to you in front of the most really person I heard on TV, but I must say, I think you and mix kinda give an era just just a pass a little. Okay. Go ahead. I think I think it's because I think, yeah, I make the students form sometime when he's not doing too good. You know, I I know you don't give him hard time. You're not saying 'cause makes it. He missing to make you think he Jesus, but you do say that he's not the best of our. I mean, he's not the best football player about time. You just saying, tell you you quarterback position, but let me ask you this question. This man is sixty five percent of his passes in this career. This is say, man at three hundred twenty touchdowns and just seventy nine interceptions in his career. Okay. What life career quarterback rating of one zero three. I think Euboea just regular quarterback rating of one or three. Let me ask you a question. When when does he do much wrong? When does he do windows Amer Rogers do much wrong. Well, I'm gonna one do kinda wrong when he put he. He kinda though as his coach, I don't have a problem with you. I mean, how many comedy is Mike McCarthy? Green Bay Packers brass going to waste away one of the greatest players. And without question the greatest talent at the quarterback position we've ever seen in our lifetime, how many years are they going? Just wasted away. Good question. Right? It is if the right it is. His, but my guy last thing, my guy I wished you do give praised too. I must say you the only one give praise to this person is true breeds. He's got give you. Look look drew Brees props. Drew Brees is phenomenal, phenomenal, but go ahead. He should give you some his money because I'm not gonna lie. I really think you'll Boyce on saying he a van man kind of generate on how good he feels. But I really think that by you giving him bad mad, I think people get kinda like stuck with that and think he's better than he really is not agreeing. I disagree with you. I disagree. I heard enough of you. You the call me back another day Valentino, but I gotta get to some other callers. But Aaron Rodgers is the greatest talent at the quarterback position I have ever seen in my life. I don't think there's any question about by the way they Smith show. ESPN radio, make sure you tune them by the way. Plus you can watch us live simulcast on ESPN news when your back is against the wall, and her birthday will anniversary is just days away trust at one eight hundred flowers dot com. Has you covered toward the twenty four multicolored roses for twenty nine hundred nine. Go to one eight hundred flowers dot com. Slash ESPN please. Let's get back to the call Vinnie. I went from Valentino to Vinnie your lava. Stephen on. ESPN radio and ESPN news what's up buddy. So Stephen, I wanted to talk to you about the McGregor. Could be like, okay, go ahead. So to me, the everybody keeps talking about this fight like rather mcgregor's gonna knock them out early or could be going to take him down and Connor stop that. But me one part of this point. No one's really talking about is the jujitsu of McGregor. I think it's very underrated I think could be, we'll take them down. It's not a matter of if a matter of when and it's just can is mcgregor's jujitsu good enough to get back to his feet and frustrate it'd be 'cause we saw at the end of the Aliquippa fight that he, you know, he was able to get back up in the later rounds and really gas out. All right, that's all right. The I've heard enough from you. Let me tell you why disagree with you. Okay. I don't think it's going to be a wall attrition. I don't think this fight goes past two rounds. I think either. Khabib gets Conor McGregor down to the mat and moles them inside a two rounds or Kana knocks him out inside a two rounds. I don't think it's going to be a war of attrition. This ain't going five. Well, how do you think he would finish then? It'd be be thinking, I think he's gonna catch him coming in. I think I think if if if if because it's a big, if because Khanna's not even favored and by the way there been some questions about Connolly's wait his, his face, looking a bit of a worn and drawn in how he's not doing what it takes to be in tip top condition. That's what they're saying about Connor. And that he's too small for could be because she wants to read it about one eighty to one ninety. I'm saying to you, Connor can't underestimate or dismiss that power catches goofy. Trying to come in because could be recognized. He's not going to beat Conor in a strike in may. Match or could be successfully takes them down and malls them to death and finishes him off. That to me if he was being mean but have to finish him with the submission. He's got Comores Manjit I say how I said to you. He get down to the mat submission or whatever you wanna call it all I'm telling you is it ain't going five. It ain't going five. I don't think it's going pass to. That's my personal opinion, and it's going to be submission. Knock out, whatever is going end into somebody's gonna, go down. That's all take it. Easy. Vinnie preciado the call. Let's go to Marquel now from the seventy Sixers. This is the Marquel. You'll obviously on ESPN radio. What's up. Going on, even. I'm good man. Talk to me. All right, man. Let's meet the talk team because it's about time I get on you about this air time, but I didn't. They man. I. Hold on. Hold on. KYW get on me about what I didn't understand. You talk to fast by listeners. Get on me about what? Okay. This Tom Brady and a Aaron Rodgers debate on greatest talent greatest quarterback. Got it. Okay, going. There's nothing that Aaron Rodgers those besides getting better than Tom Brady everything else that Tom Brady does is better than McGregor. Man. I'm sorry, number graded. Heard you talk about. Okay. Okay. And that's the. No one that chemicals, six. He's never had the weapons consistently that Aaron Rodgers has had at his disposal. Okay. Let me ask you a question. Hold on. I got it. I got let me ask you a couple of questions, right. Listen to me more care. Yes, I running out of the pocket scrambling to his left or his right Alao. Aaron Rodgers connected down the left sideline. It gets Dallas in the playoffs. Tom Brady does a better ball in that. On the run. I mean, no, no, that's what I'm saying. That's the only thing Brady can't do because of his lack of mobility. But that is the only thing. Talking about Brady, does everything else better quoted standing in the pocket, throwing a spiral from the pocket. You trying to tell me Amer Rogers is inferior to Tom Brady most certainly, especially outside the numbers. Look at the talent at the wide receiver position, Tom Brady has liked throughout his career, and he is still able to do a more than Aaron Rodgers cheated. Let me tell you why you cheating. Let me tell you why you cheat mock Cal, you know, damn well, Tom Brady, you don't have to throw outside the numbers that much the fact that the matters gronkowski and at and before that amendola is well with targets in between the numbers, you know that why you lying. Okay, that's true. Why you lying. But you know. No receiver Leica Josh Gordon, Leica Randy moss. He is more. Did you just bring up any malls? Humane six, six, ready Moore's all world. All purpose. Receiver, Randy moss, Randy moss that's one of the top two receivers in the history of football who religiously could go up and get it against anybody. Is that what you brought up. I mean, he only had them for years. I didn't bring them on. Bring them up. You did. I didn't bring up anymore. Shoot. Did you brought him up? So what I'm saying to you is winners Aaron Rodgers. Had Randall Cobb Jordy Nelson. They compared to Randy moss. That's what you're gonna say next now, Napa, one season I'm saying for a career is the man fan of his. Bring up the percentages. Stop it. Tom Brady is phenomenal, but he's assistant quarterback. He ate the quarterback. Arron Rogers is our predate the call. Thank you so much for it, but you need to stop that Marquel. You ain't winning this debate. Have a nice day. Let's go to John. You lava, Steven, John, what's going on? I'm good. Talk to me man. Valentina that just called he hit on it just like you said this morning I take. I love you. I take man, but I really reason I code because. Will talking about these Cowboys. Man. He never has a bad thing to say about the Cowboys. Does a typical cowboy fan disgusting and nauseating listen to you, don't how cowboy fans. Listen. Am I lying in my exaggerate John? When I say to you, the Cowboys go three and thirteen and the second season ends as seven o'clock by seven fifteen. It'd be like, you know, we're gonna make the Super Bowl next year, right? This is what they do say every time you so rightly said every time you know you fan, but you give it to us real. You never, you know, you'll say, all, you know, get back to him the last two. The last six times either went to a to Ryan made to play all. Okay, three last three or four times they went to a two. We made NFC conference championships. We're to what he says. We're good. We're going to be good, so good, Dave. You do the same job. Just remember everybody lays laser jet. Remember this very little things in life. Worse than the Cowboys fan. This actually, I don't know if there's anything worse than the cowboy fan nuclear bomb could drop. And somehow someway. Like mice and cockroaches a cowboy fan will come out of the rubble this ho day off its who they are somehow. So not only would they come out on a rubble drenched in smoke and soot and Lord knows what else they still say to you. You know, we're gonna Super Bowl next year, right? This is what they do. This is what a cowboy fans do. There's nothing worse. I'm not talking about all campus, you know, to conduct Albouy fan. I'm talking about there's nothing worse than that. Kinda cowboy fan. I'm not gonna say all of them because it's a really fun, loving, good Cabot the, you know, I had a black woman who was old enough to be my great grandmother, and I'm fifty. This woman walked up to be. I'm here thinking, oh, nice, humble sweet lady coming up to me just to say Hello and a b. is kind and Sweden jovial as she could possibly be. She came up to be true story. John came up to me and slapped me on my chest and said, stop talking about my Cowboys. This is who. This is who they are. They're everywhere. They're everywhere in a not good for this nation hated eight. Say ESPN eight, seven to nine, three, seven, seven, six more of your calls to close out the show in a minute. You're listening to Steven eight when he used to being radio. ESPN news Geico presents eyewitness interviews with inanimate objects. This is Belinda Collins live on the scene of a recent lightning storm here to describe the event a TV tray. I was watching football and holding a plate of Meatloaf, win Cup, bam. A bolt of lightning slams into the apartment blowing out the TV and surround sound anything you could have done to help my. I'm a foldable table, not an electrician. You were TV tree can't help you in a lightning storm, but the co insurance agency can help you get covered for personal property damage. Go to Geico dot com to see how affordable renter's insurance can be. Guess what you're in the middle of the Stephen with show podcast. Damn it made it back to the phones. We go right here to Stephen, a Smith show ESPN radio. Let's go to Robert. You'll love Stephen a joke to me, Robert. How are you. Stephen, listen, there are times listening, I disagree with your opinion, and there are ties when I agree about fifty fifty, but I have grown to expect you to always give me a full opinion and I can't let you do it. Tell me who's gonna win the fight. They'll tell me to rouse someone's gonna win. You better than that. Well, you know what? Well, you know what? Tom, it. You know what the problem is in all seriousness, Robert. Yes. Or I don't know the UFC that well, I've never seen Khabib. Thank you. Me your opinion. I think that could be. I think that Conor McGregor is going to catch him coming in, trying to wrestle them. He's going to catch him coming in and he's gonna drop them. But that's wishful thinking. Everybody associated with the UFC that I know is worried about Conor McGregor because they don't think Conor McGregor is at his best. They think that he's been drinking and living the life says he got all five, four. Ronald think he'd prepared properly. Right, right. So. So here's the deal. I have no knowledge as to whether he's prepared or not. I say that you are prepared Conor McGregor catches no mega meadow of coming in. I say, you unprepared Conor McGregor gets wrestled to the ground and get taken out inside a two rounds. Are you know what? Stephen eight? Daddy always told me. You didn't know the answer. It's okay to tell some, you didn't know it. I appreciate the, I promise you this, Robert, you ain't gonna find anybody in media more honest than me. I'm never gonna lot of you about what I feel you could pro off promise you that I'm gonna be real with you on that one. I appreciate the call or buddy. Thank you so much. There's go to Dante. You lava? Stephen eight. What's up. Yeah, yeah. Kinda McGregor. I really, I'd be kind of great museum estimate. So the topic of Saddam stop being ridiculous. Stop that don't disrespect them like that. The man is a world champion. He must be doing something right. Come on now don't e- man. I'm the world champion. He didn't even kinda McGregor not in the world. Can't hold on. Did you say you're the world euro world champion. Floyd. What else? Boxing, we're talking. You see. Goodbye. Manhattan. Nice day. Having nice day. Let's go to Nick. You'll obvious even what's up, Nick. Stephen, thanks taking McCall again, buddy. I appreciate you. Go ahead. Yeah, you're going to give you an, oh plan. Boma shot, yellow best. Talk show hosts on TV today, and I love both of you. Thank you. I appreciate it. Love your back. Man. Go ahead, buddy. Steven. A. with two of situation, Alabama would only playing half games most I do you think are gonna hurt as is been hopes that she might try to think Alabama is so dominant and he so officiant want when he's in a game, I don't think that's going to be the case you hearing about Haskins and Murray and others. But I have to tell you the way Alabama is rolling in the way to a has looked combined with the fact that he just came onto the scene after halftime at the national championship game and put on the show that he put on in those particular situations and under those circumstances, I don't think it's going to be held against them. A matter of fact, I think people are gonna think about, look at the year if he continues to play the. Way that he's been playing and feel they owe him to Heisman because you know what he, he didn't do anything until he came in at halftime of the national championship game. I think it's gonna work to his benefit. I thank you right saving and one more thing and I'll let you go. He. Glenn, but. Remember I told you couple of weeks ago to five bands sucks. Yes. And they still do. They are injured though. They are injured though. You got, you got Ricardo Allen, you got Dion Jones. I mean, I mean, you know you, you're talking about the secondary, be a decimated. Come on now, give him a break. I'm trying to. I'm trying to. The next man up. That's true. That's true. Fair enough. We're gonna find out 'cause they're going up against the Steelers those they're just outscored because it's not still stop anybody. I appreciate the call, man. Thank you so much. By the way Stephen Smith show ESPN radio got something to tell you get triple action protection for optimal engine performance was shell v, power, nitro plus premium gasoline back to the phones we go. Let's go to John. You live Steve. They talked to me John real quick. There's a pleasure to speak to you. Haven't tried to call you for three weeks. We'll let you not band wind jumper, bandwagon jumper. I've been trying to call for three weeks every since the bear's loss to the Packers. And if you look at that game, but there's lost by one point to the greatest player in the history of football on their home field in the first game of the season and understand that you can look at the potential for the bands. I'm putting everybody on alert. The bears are coming because Mitch Mitchell Trubisky is a second year player. He's barely got a season football under Bill compared to Aaron Rodgers who did an apprenticeship under the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the league and look where Mitchell Trubisky liquid bears overall and had it not been for the bears thinking ahead to gain one at halftime and not really playing defense like should've been like were in the first half the bears will before no right now. And I just don't think anybody's giving them enough attention or recognition because they're on the rise, the package on the decline. Most of the other so-called powerhouses up NFC on a decline, but there's ever. Facet of the game is good right now and getting better and with the. In the south stop, stop, stop, stop enough for your points. Let me say this to you. The bears are no joke. I'll I'll say for you does defense is real monsters of the midway Israel Khalil Mack, the MAC, daddy is very real and to bid sqi look pretty impressive. Now what I will tell you is this John and I don't mean to hurt your feelings disabled today to be doing up through Bisky because as good as risky looked last week, it was against Tampa, horror defense and the bears pad moved up to get him passing on Patrick Mahomes. And how does that look right now? Luke where Luke where erotic was granted though he was drafted so far below expectations that aren't fifty look at the person. There's no more homes that was picked before. Amer. Rogers that's playing like Mahomes is playing. And I gotta go. 'cause I got, I got to get on outta here, but that's just the truth. Don't get me wrong though. You are right about the Chicago Bears. They are coming. There might win the NFC north because I'm not at that impressed with Green Bay, but I can't wait to this week, gave it a week to me is Jacksonville versus Kansas City. Plus I'm interested in seeing Atlanta versus Pittsburgh as well. I'll keep my eyes on all of that, but I'm heading to Vegas for the McGregor. No mega medoff fight. I'll talk to y'all Monday until then peace and love. Everybody have a wonderful weekend grass, just a sample of what you hear on the Stephen swift show weekdays at one PM eastern on ESPN radio and ESPN app.

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