The Abduction of Katie Beers


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Yeah I agree degree close to I the first degree supposed to have any movies not we'll like we don't talk to strangers but like is your neighbor your stranger out of being i-it's like back then it just didn't seem as scary you know now. They have how to catch a Predator and realizing how many pedophile out there but it's almost like you're naive for the fact that is really could be anybody and somebody that you know is in your neighborhood that we have no idea hey guys welcomed. The first degree the true crime podcast that you might end up on my name is Jack Panic. I'm sitting across from Alexis linkletter and next to Billy Jensen Billy's right next to me on the couch again at all feels right. It feels right the recording at your apartment. Last week was really nice. I mean my apartment is just the new rule is on weekends. When we record we go to Jacqueline's and I really appreciate you guys? Appeasing me. I work you guys super late hours and they come to me as anti step really in writing outlines to they come to me. Thank you and I so appreciate it. Listen I drive an hour and a half across the city. Damn Pot yes if you look if you look at the difference between going from Santa Monica Medicare or wherever you live over to Hollywood you might think if you're living in middle Middle America wow it's ten miles. Oh it's fine yeah. It literally is three days really yeah Nicole. Don't people don't leave their neighborhoods. They don't except for Komo applied relationships and because of that I mean I'd rather date jared who lives six hours away than date somebody that lives in the valley dating me like professionally. We'll come here my professional girlfriend friend no we're. We're sick. We're like a family now. We are weird. We missed a lot you do miss jared what's charities on tour though so not like a love square we're like the love Parallelogram Yeah Romp Lever combat parallel to me too little slanty a little team. We're definitely not square. No how people knew people only new bill July seventeenth. What Day is it today? It's take your poet it to work day. What is that and I will say this? You know how a lot of people get voted <hes> class clown most likely to succeed. I was class poet Yeah Report Yeah but you've never read my my my poetry is is dark in email now from back then it was very what are the words dark and email was dark dark name texting over there posing a picture billion my instagram story. Oh that's sweet <hes> guess Islas most likely only to what at high school most likely to be seen at a concert really. I guess that make sense now did you. The one of the things that I learned is your dad was telling us when we were off. Mike last time is is that he took you when you convince them that you WanNa go on warped tour and follow warped tour around when you were eighteen and then he took you to Cleveland. I think it was was it Cleveland. CHICAGO WAS CLEVELAND IN KANSAS CITY Cleveland. Yeah I had just graduated high school. I literally went to my high school graduation and then I started work for the next day and he flew with me there to make sure that it wasn't like crazy which it was I and the people next me literally rent it out of school bus and it was like a bunch of traveling circus people basically and he just let me go what a guy bill was probably shaken boot now but but that's that's the thing about it with Daddy's. Is this like you have a kid with conviction. She's like I want to do this. I don't want to do any any this other stuff. I WanNa do this and you laid out your case and then you believe in your kid the end and if it all seems right and now now look you well. I also is a very good kid. My parents trusted me so I'm not going to weigh in on my own childhood right. Now we are talking about high school. I was nominated for best is is ooh. How'd you lose beautiful very very political farmer? The only reason why I think are even one the only reason why that category even existed data is because I was on yearbook and we made up the categories and I also I titled Or Yearbook Every Year and I put myself in the yearbook like fifty I literally was on your book to for this reason insane because you're creating history so now go look back in the yearbook. They're going to be wow general vanik. Don't most popular what I individual like. I put myself I put myself like when you yourself in the in the back. I'd I put myself on pages where like my hand. WHO's in a football page and I'd be like walking in the background of I would like talk myself now? There are people on my high school yearbook that were sneaking into group photo to pretend they were in clubs was pretty sure yeah. I did it too. I was very rambunctious. I was just like Smiley like that. I love it just in the ways that matter no no seriously so I mean people that's the thing if you become a killer or if you get killed yourself they're going to go to your yearbook and into look at that stuff all right well. That's enough of that so let's turn down the lights in turn up your anxiety because this could be Katie Beers is childhood. It was not a happy one having fallen into the clutches of a cast of selfish characters who stole her childhood however Katie wouldn't discover a hard life could really be until the eve of her tenth birthday when fate doubter another losing set of cards her disappearance an information about the people around her that was revealed during the investigation sent sickening sense of shock through the suburban treeline streets sheets of Suffolk County the date was December twenty eighth nineteen ninety-two the setting space plex and Smithtown New York Space Plex Family Entertainment Center take a special place for special events or individual family fun from the minute you enter our building your transformed into a magical world of fun that excitement. Everyone's that child at space place are experienced that but management team begin work worked long before you arrive to ensure that success they know that many of the thousands of people who have been entertained at the state of the art facility return again and again. There's so much to do no one ever gets tired of coming to space plans. Space Plex is perfect for schools camps leagues birthday parties but Raises Bar Mitzvahs and every organization looking for the ultimate infobahn at excitement it clean safe friendly environment as you could gather from that killer commercial space plex was an indoor amusement park in arcade in smithtown space blacks. There were actually bumper cars inside there were rides. There were flashing lights everywhere. It was meant to sort of try to transport you into this wonderful world of gaming with video games and rides right at Belli's alley at four thirty P._M.. On December Twenty Eighth Nineteen ninety-two space plex employees were approached by a worried man named John Esposito. He was frantic because he had lost track of the child he would have been entrusted with a little girl named Katie. The employees jumped on board and helped John Search for Katie but she was still missing after an hour. They called her loudly over the intercom. There is no sign of her and the dark indoor amusement park. After hours of searching. Mr Esposito was in tears when he reported kiedis disappearance it was Katie's tenth birthday and he had explained how he had taken her to a toys R. US to buy a video game for president a slurpee at seven eleven and then to space plex the afternoon so massive search went under way behind space plex the indoor amusement park and Smithtown New York their one hundred recruits from this police academy joined by fifteen additional officers searching route twenty five near space packs so the police who aren't participating in the physical search for Katie they start digging into Katie's life and her family and and the supervision she was on on the day that she went missing and the big question is who is this John Esposito and how do the end up with Katie that day esposito was a 43-year-old bachelor from bayshore and a friend of Maryland Beers who was Katie's mother and the Beers family met Esposito about ten years prior when a daughter of one of their friends married Mr Esposito brother Patrick then when Katie's brother John John was about eight or nine back then he would actually spend time with Esposito and he would take him away for the day or for weekend outings and Maryland actually believed that Esposito was a good kind of father figure her for her son to the horror of Katie's family only hours after hearing the news that Katy disappeared from space plaques a new message appeared on the answering machine. The call came in some time after five pen on the very same day Katie had vanished in the voice was believed to be that Katy and they actually weren't sure at the time if the message was actually left by Katie or if someone recorded voice and then played laid-back into a phone receiver therefore leaving the message on her behalf in some other way and the message essentially said that she'd been abducted by a man with a knife in the message ended with Oh my God here he comes us and she sounded to be screaming and sobbing in this message so that you know you can't imagine what the family is thinking upon hearing this but yeah the police luckily were quickly able to locate the actual phone booth that was used and they determined that it had been someone who had played a tape recorder into the phone I was I was going to say the reason that they figured out that it was like taped message or a big reason was there was zero noise behind her voice so couldn't have been at a payphone when there's cars driving by people around or would have been like we more noisy so seemed way to focus to have been from where it was actually from from got. It got it interesting so the police officer who may this determination ultimately said you know she was in our opinion coursed to make that recording so as the police started to dig in a media firestorm ensued food a description of the little girl was blasted across Long Island News Media Catherine Katie Beer was born on December thirtieth nineteen eighty two out of south side hospital and Bayshore Long Island she was blonde forty pounds and was to celebrate her tenth birthday two days after her disappearance and the day after Katie disappeared from Space Plex John showed a Christmas card during the news segment it was a card that she had sent to him and in a childlike handwriting below a printed verse on the card where the words thanks for being like a big brother to me so the investigation revealed that Katie had a an unconventional homelife her mother Maryland was a single mother and a cab driver who struggled to make ends meet and had a hard time caring for Katie and for her older son John who was six years older and Maryland wasn't exactly sure who Katie's father was months after Katie was born Maryland picked up a woman inner cab named Linda in in killer and she and her husband's Sal soon became part of beers sort of extended family and by age four it was reported that Katy would wander through the neighborhood barefoot so it starts getting really unconventional because you have this sort of you know these kind of friends who were caretakers of her and by first grade she could actually be seen hanging out in the streets with no supervision on school days so by age page eight Katie had actually moved in with her godmother and her husband Sal fulltime and she had her own room with a lot of stuffed animals and a one hundred one Dalmatians comforter but it was interesting she would do things for the adults like their laundry and people would see her around town and they were concerned about her. I mean it seemed that she was kind of living off of free food and coffee at the cute t laundromat which is where she was doing laundry Andrea of her caretakers and she would make the runs to the stationery store for potato chips candy and she was buying cigarettes for Linda and Sal who are essentially her godparents again at eight years old well right and I know also that <hes> I read read the kids at school. You know caller like cockroach kid. I mean she looked unkempt. People were worried about our shoes walking around on the sidewalk barefoot her nails. I heard were like black last. She was just not being cared for for a little girl. You don't know how to you don't know you don't know hygiene at eight literally child right so like I said the neighbors were becoming concerned and considered calling child protective services. I actually did call in reported not only that she was absent all the time but also that they just noticing glaring glaring signs of neglect but nothing was ever done and so even though Oh Katie was under Linda and sales care they entrusted Katie with John Esposito too because he was a family friend of Maryland's and they had known each other a long time you know such was the case on the day Katie Vanish from space plex and it looks like kind of the thing where it's like. We're not caring for that much. Yeah you WanNa take her in tickers. Something Fun sure I mean why would we stop you. Meanwhile police were slowly piecing together a timeline for the day that katy witnessing they found out that Katie had been last seen by someone other than John at the seven eleven and Beige for four hours before she was reported missing by him. This is exciting that they're able to corroborate when Katie was recorded on video camera and the store accompanied by John but before the Stop at seven eleven he said he'd taken her to a toys R. US and bought her a troll doll so the detectives have questioned Mr Esposito for more than eighteen hours after he reported Katie missing because although they initially gave him the benefit of the doubt out after chaotic fury of the search for Katie. They started to learn some alarming things about his past. If you're constantly on the go like I am you know that it's very very hard to try to keep a healthy lifestyle and that's why I love one of our new sponsors sun basket with some basket. There's something for every healthy journey and every busy lifestyle it's super easy to use them to achieve your kind of healthy and with delicious meal plans plans like Paleo carb conscious gluten free Mediterranean diabetes friendly and Vegan. 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I knew a family and that house because his brother owned <hes> carpet store in town on hand actually purchased my birth for my parents purchase my first carpet for my I own bedroom <hes> from their carpets door. I remember <hes> so the Front House I remember member. <hes> had these two columns down the sprint there was brisk on if you're facing on the left side there is brick and then a couple of step from the doorway of these two big white columns and then he had <hes> the lion statues in the front of the House and I always thought like they must be for Murphy family you know it was almost legal and away and and not knowing them and not ever really seen an out about working on the or anything anything like that that they see like they were these wealthy an actual people but I always remember the lion statues in front of the house <hes> and thinking that the house is pretty cool. I also was nine years old as <hes> <hes> we were pretty similar in age in nineteen seventy seven John Esposito had been arrested for abducting a twelve year old boy at the Massapequa Mall he had smashed a little boy while falsely Louis claiming to be part of a big brother slash big sister kind of a program he eventually pleaded guilty to reduce charge of unlawful imprisonment involving the sexual abuse of the little boy who had forcibly taken from the mall. The case file was ultimately sealed to protect the identity of the twelve year old victim and after the police found out this information he immediately became a suspect and Katie's disappearance. Yeah obviously my gosh so scared while it's so creepy ed she's kind of predators well and also I had read that John Esposito had I think it was after this had all happened. He tried to actually join a big brother program just to be around little kids and was obviously denied. Right you know he was accused of trying to snatch from the mall which I'm sure it was the mall that wound up working out when I was sixteen years old <hes> but even back then you know there's not the media to find information about people and the Internet didn't exist so I don't. I don't even know if we knew that he was accused of trying to snatch a boy <hes> so like I think we you know we locked down down to the bus stop every day his house you know we're never really worried are concerned or to think about being careful around there because it was you know maybe it could have happened for us. This is a neighbor of art you know he lived literally three houses down through me. Don't talk to strangers but like is your neighbor your stranger in out as being naive like the back then it just didn't seem as scary now that they have how how to catch a Predator and realizing how many set of files are out there but it's like you're naive to the fact that is really could be anybody. Somebody that you know is in your neighborhood at least ten year so given information about John That has learned about this incident. Involving the bureau boy the police understandably had there is on him in the beginning of the investigation and believe before the new story broke about missing child <hes> we have to walk down the whole block and pass that Zito's house to get to my bathroom. I lived on <hes> one corner of Rock'n avenue and our bus was on the next corner and so we had to walk to cool my sister and you know our next door neighbor and across the sheet neighbor and we noticed a car were sitting outside literally across the street from my house and there were too many sitting in the car for several days and and so we start parents and he said something feared like these guys that he cards in the last couple of days and he actually got nervous so my mom started being down the street so but these were undercover officers watching the home of John Esposito so in addition to the red flags in his past security cameras also disclosed that John had actually entered space plex by himself off Katie had not been seen in the security footage entering with him and I have to say as a result of this negative publicity space plex really suffered my God and the irony there is that it was a very safe place as for kids I mean they had security guards every door in bed surveillance video and it's just like you know sucked because Katie was never even there and this does this whole thing was like she was abducted from space plaques lax and it's like she was their space books anymore really dangerous place to go exactly but it wasn't long before police would soon learn that there was more than one Predator that was in Katie's orbit in this case. You know they're thinking obviously it's John would not be as open shut as they initially hoped it would be so in begs more questions if John was responsible where was Katie you know like doc what could have happened between the stop for a slurpee at seven eleven and their arrival at space plex which was not very long between the two so the after mentioned complications in terms of a suspect we're revealed when family and friends told police about a long running custody dispute between Katie's mother Maryland in Sal and Linda so remember Linda is Katie's Godmother and sal is has hurt Linda's husband so the custody fight included accusations by Maryland that sal had actually sexually abused Katie and Sao was thirty nine and he'd actually been charged with this. The previous October charged with sexually abusing Katie after mother Maryland Beers filed a complaint with the Suffolk County Police Department Sex Crimes Unit based on these accusations but that case file what was hampered due to return calls from Katie's family members wants the police did start to pursue action so the accusation was made like I said by Katie's mom but was denied denied denied denied by sal who claimed that the reason was making these accusations was because of this bitter fight over custody of Katie and basically after these allegations were made by Maryland Katie actually moved back in with her mother Maryland her grandmother and her brother John but this is not like an idyllic homecoming because you know on January third nineteen ninety-three police documents revealed that John was actually arrested for attacking his mother Maryland and punching hunching are several times after an argument in when the police did arrive his mother was holding him down so chaotic household yes chaotic to say the least yes so the investigation at this the point is completely entangled inside Katie's ties to these two troubling families and the two men close to Katie the husband ever godmother and the family friend who is the last person to have seen her they they have both been accused of sexually abusing child although it should be mentioned that John Esposito's role as the obvious number one suspect faded somewhat when they learned that sal and gallery had been accused of sexually abusing Katie in October so she's she is in the the worst situation possible disgusting. 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Jack was talking to me earlier when we were doing research about how could happen that so many people could notice that something was wrong and not do anything in what I mean we reference actually this in a really sick way. We were talking about the final episode of Seinfeld's where Elaine Lane Kramer George and Jerry C._A.. Guy Being harassed on the road and they kind of mock him and they don't do anything because they assume somebody else well yeah. It's a little worse than that and that episode but I think we can all understand this idea that like if you hear someone screaming aiming outside in a lot of people are like Oh my God. Did you hear about you think someone else is going to the kitty. Kitty genevieve's case where where they said it was thirty eight people who heard it wasn't exactly thirty eight but you know who would pick up the phone and who would run down there when the hurt somebody in this apartment complex screaming for help you know the Seinfeld episode was trying to show how many people there though I of course yeah and then really but you know it's considered the bad finale but if you think of it this way I loved it too if you think of it as they die in the plane crash because it was a plane crash a plane going down if they die and then that's actually them trying to the they're you're getting into heaven. They're trying to get into heaven and this is this is their purgatory and they have all these people come forward and say how horrible they are. You think of it that way actually like the episode it's kind of like then that kind of makes it lost. I didn't interpreted it like that in either. They went to jail L. A. Year anyways. It's like the bystanders syndrome where it's like you if there is so many other people around you're just GonNa assume that somebody else is GonNa take responsibility for something. Especially the abuses that obvious obviously it was noticing that Katie was being neglected or abused and there are so many obvious signs so surely somebody else would say something like family member someone you saw the because I was home from college at the time because it was December ninety two and and you would see her you know her her face on the cover of Newsday was going to cover the newspapers and you see it and she just she had that sort of half smile of somebody that I mean you never wanna say that either WanNa projector say oh the person is scared or something like that but you could just tell there is something just not right and then you would see the people that were surrounded by her and you'd hear these interviews with this John esposito character and this sal guy and it just everything just felt wrong about one and then just the and and and troubling about the case and my dad I remember I mean this was this was it was everywhere and I just remember my dad just like watching this over and over again and you know as it was unfolding as the police police were were constantly doing tons of searches and all these different areas his chunks and the media and everything started camping outside on our flock and we were watching the news I remember being in living room <hes> they say something and my parents were watching the news and we saw a house three doors down upon so we recognize it and learns of the story and House thing I knew he was black thirsty in her days. After that are street was hacked wish onlookers I guess and just I mean Carta car traffic <hes> he has still get walked to the bus. Stop <hes> 'cause they're much traffic and filming people. It was almost scary. <hes> actually remember holding up signs one weekend that said <hes> keepdriving because this is chest but after that they did wind up blocking off our streets traffic so from the choose from my house I'm not corner so the next one of our that was they had <hes> sloughed off the seat and you could only the end and if you lived on that lock and you had <hes> so back in nineteen ninety three and when we were to have any I e so actually remember when j <hes> my sister had something after school and had take L._A.. Fun and she could not get back down our street though instead they had around jumping since the Negras yard and my parents being really that's <hes> it was just kind of crazy in that sense so the media coverage and bizarre revelations about Katie's life during a barrage of tips from the public to Suffolk County police were inundated with calls from people across the country who said that they had seen little Katie around town. The search brought to lay a bulging case file file from the county's Bureau of Child Protective Services About Katie and raised all these new questions not only about Katie's life amid sickness squalor and alleged sex sexual abuse but also about her treatment by school in County officials who are responsible for protecting affecting our welfare. Why was nothing done when the school reported what they perceived to be abusive C._P._S. and did these negligent actions ultimately cost the life of this child so as far as the investigation suspects were concerned at this point point interest shifted back to John and it's meter when I think to was like that that craziness girl a little while and then after they I remember after they like blocked off the street to like at that point? It's not like nothing happening because now we didn't have the chaos of the media and the car coming through and at that it was just like a waiting game like you know we didn't know obviously what the peace doing they were searching and that kind of stuff but almost you know is frozen in time during that period interest did shift back to John once more when a disturbing and chilling admission was made by Katie's then sixteen year old brother John John confessed to his family but he had been sexually abused by John Esposito and there's little John Obviously in big John here child John and adult adult pedophile John so in fact the police eventually confirmed that they had investigated a complaint made by Maryland Beers a year prior that alleged that John Esposito had molested her son over a seven year period in which he spent weekends at their home so Katie's brother John's said that Mr Esposito sexually molested him but he declined to get further details and he said that I didn't really remember anything until loss December and he said that his memories memories of sexual abuse came back to him and he is being interviewed by police in connection with Katie's appearance and <hes> I did read that he seemed to be very like pulled into directions because while he was saying that he was sexually abused he was also saying that John Esposito was a friend and he didn't want anything like bad to happen to him so he was kind of being pulled in these two like very common law rising directions what happens when your your dad is a criminal or something. It's like yeah <hes> you get so torn and he was such a big brother father figures so it's like you don't want to look at somebody probably in that bad of a light even if they're doing terrible though and they they've groomed you and you feel guilty in that's what a lot of pedophile zoo. It's like I could get in trouble. You want that like if you ever tell. We can't see each other anymore can travel my life will get ruined yeah. It's such manipulation bullshit so after Katie's brother came forward with the abuse allegations against Esposito Zito they had enough to search esposito's home and law enforcement go in to the house at Fourteen Sixteen Saxon Avenue and they spend two hours there on December thirty first. Obviously it's New Year's Eve sexually the day after Katie's tenth birthday and she's been missing now for four days they dig through piles of leaves and they say that they searched every drawer in every room. They tear the helm apart. There's no sign of the little little girl anywhere and things are looking more and more grim but the search did turn up a couple of things so the F._B._i.. Who is actually conducting the search they took samples of two stains in the home and they also discovered an instruction manual and it was an instruction manual for a new tape recorder which may be irrelevant but they were called the message left by Katie after see she vanished and they start thinking could the tape recorder? Have I've been related to that. They didn't know but it was something that was sticking in their head and obviously none of this you know the stain and the tape recorder nothing out there is a smoking gun and none of these things obviously sleeper Katie so they're still drawing a blank and they're still conducting multiple searches everywhere looking for this little girl throughout the duration of the investigation indicators disappearance John had steadfastly maintained his innocence and the hope that Katy would be found alive of course is dwindling with every passing day. I mean generally the rule. Is You get forty eight hours in with every day that passes the likelihood of you being found on forget unharmed alive dwindles drastically but the end of the mystery surrounding the ominous fate of Katie Beers be in two weeks after Katie disappeared when John esposito walked into his lawyer's office in announced. I've something to tell you I know where Katie is his lawyer Sydney Sivan said he immediately called the authorities and John Esposito went back to the House in the detectives were waiting when officer said we called her name at first and she didn't answer so there was some concern as to whether or not she was still alive with then out of nowhere she appeared a little forty pound doll. She looked a little frightened by all of us but she was so happy to be out turns out the John. esposito Kazuko had abducted Katie in held captive in an underground bunker. She may have even heard them searching for her. The first time they went to the house breaks my heart is the only thing I remember from her. Her rescue is that my grandfather who lived next door to us <hes> 'cause she was taken out <hes> an breed in the middle of the day so my parents at work and year school <hes> but my grandfather was home and he said he remembered her leaving in the Cakar and he was actually happy and raving people are in smiling and stuff so we kind of were like she's okay and almost miracle like just she was found <hes> she was not physically injured or anything like that are here so she's running through crazy traumatic experience but <hes> that she was happy to be out and she was D- I'm sure very thankful so they will most like a happy story at the end of her being found Alexa isn't the only one with breaking news make sure to hang around at the end of his podcast for the latest breaking headlines on the A._p.. News Minute Hello. I'm Brad Jenkins post the fired up podcast. We're fired up your joining us and that the whole point of the podcast we're going to have guests on to talk about the thing that they love the most. We picked the perfect I test Senator Cory Booker here. We Are Getting Jersey shore jokes every five minutes because look people who Staten Island. I didn't even live in Jersey. They gave us a bad name. fired up with Brad Jenkins new episodes weekly subscribe now on Apple podcasts and at podcast warm dot Com Katie was taken to the third police precinct and hop hog or she was questioned by detectives and examined by police physician and <hes> there was no initial word on what she told police and of course that information be very delicate. This is a newly turned ten year old girl so once Katie was in safety the police examine the home and the bunker that Katie had been held in for seventeen days the answer to the hiding place appeared to have been made deliberately difficult to get to there were shelves and a Stereo area system and a bar that all had to be removed by taking out the bolts then there was a carpet that had to be rolled back and finally there's a two hundred pounds slab of concrete covering a trap door the had to be moved decide. This then exposed a ladder leading. Leading to a tunnel that ended up at a locked door to Katie's little room that she was being held in this room six by seven feet and it was soundproof and no matter how loud Katie might have yelled for help. Nobody could have heard her in his house and inside the room. There is closed circuit television installed in the bunker she could here and see what was going on outside in John's house and he had installed a monitor in the room with a camera and the part of the main house. Here's if somebody he he was the mayor to that family you know he took her to face plex and then <hes> smithtown on Long Island and you think he's taking her there for her birthday on the great birthday present and then all of a sudden shoes doesn't come home. I mean and he had the insane insane bunker like I don't you know cops were in the home and they were in that room where you would get to the bunker and they still had no idea so this was Tori premeditated unplanned. He builds it. <hes> couldn't find her an they found her alive. This is one of the craziest cases because the realization that Katie had been there during the first search with a closed-circuit television watching the people searching for her and not only that she's watching. She's ten years old. She scared as hell. She's watching these news reports on the T._v.. Set She knows that people looking for she knows that they're searching for her in the woods and all these places then she actually sees them in the house. I'm sure she's screaming but the bunker that this guy made was so hidden the police said I remember them sent. They would never have found it never if if he didn't give it up and you know there was also even though it was incredibly soundproof a bunch of heavy rain and snow had fallen end so the little sell that she didn't she was in was like all damp and frozen that was just a miserable place and I remember so. We don't want to give this up earlier but while my dad was watching TV every day he would see this guy and he would say this guy knows us and he I remember my dad's saying that this guy knows <hes> my parents actually told me when they first <hes> moved into the area <hes> they moved into our house in nineteen seventy eight and they had you narrow introduce themselves perform neighbors and they had gone for this Zito House and <hes> they said that you know his mama dancers a door and they were polite but almost not standoffish but they could just the by the they weren't interested in you know being friendly neighbors that will have barbecues and together <hes> and as they learned as they got a little bit <hes> workweeks with the neighborhood was that <hes> Um John was lately slower. <hes> you know probably like this learning disabilities or a little bit lower and it seems that two pairs was very protective of him and <hes> so we didn't he in out much much <hes> especially compared twin brother <hes> and then the brother that Rhonda both the carpet store there were more familiar with them and not really familiar with John <hes> and then when the parents died. Ah Is I think for knee kind of you know John was kind of not kept as much as they were or looked over by the parents and so he was a little bit more free to do what feeling I suppose you can stay my sisters. <hes> current boyfriend went to high school with John and it didn't hang out with him or anything. He wasn't super familiar with him. I think he said you're in a little bit as runner. It was a bit on the side so John Esposito is arrested arraigned. He's ordered held on five hundred thousand dollars cash bond so when John Esposito was arraigned arraigned it included in eleven count indictment handed out by grand jury and upon these charges being handed down the judge basically doubled the five hundred thousand dollars bail that he was initially given give in in update to one point one million under thousand for each count. I'm just GONNA review a couple of these counts because I'm not going to bore you guys with all eleven. They're all equally heinous and disgusting. The I count <hes> alleged abducted and restrained the victim for a period of more than twelve hours of intent to violate or abuse or sexually second was kidnapping with intent to commit sexual abuse third kidnapping with intent to terrorize fourth four thirty six his intention was a subject Katie to sexual contact by forcible compulsion touching her vaginal area and buttocks so it goes on and on this is about a ten year old girl. We don't need to read them all but just so you get the picture in while he was standing for the judge he had his head Hung Lau in cops and he stood silently throughout the entire time and he was returned to the county jail and he was not able to make bail in that is where he stayed and he was also ordered to hell he held separate from the other prisoners and kept under twenty four hour suicide watch so his lawyer entered a plea of not guilty on all counts and it's worth mentioning that after Katie's Haiti's rescue police investigators dogs started searching the grounds of Katie's subterranean prison John esposito's house for signs of other missing children and basically the police said you know we're trying to find out if there were previous occupants because I mean you don't need to be a police officer to realize is that in seventy seven he was caught trying to snatch a twelve year old boy and if he hadn't been caught Lord knows I would have done <hes> then he was opportunistically molesting Katie's older brother for seven years and now he's got Katie in Dungeon. I mean it would baffle me if you hadn't done it before right John Esposito in his house he also had is pretty much like a children's Disneyland. I guess there was a basketball court. There was a pool he had a front porch was just like a great place for kids to play and you know there are always children around and his house and the next door neighbor named Theresa Stone said that she often saw Mr Esposito who was never married with always around children and all these children's swam with him in the pool played basketball him in the yard and she just said <hes> that all the information was just very hard to believe. I do believe that a couple of the children from the House across the street from him <hes> did hang out because he had he lives in behind the main house and like a garage Josh convert an apartment <hes> with lots of video games and kind of kid pay teams <hes> so I do know that <hes> there were some boys from the neighborhood that hung out there but <hes> my sister's an IRA never <hes> <music> forever hung out there so how exactly was John Esposito able to pull this thing off now remember. He's a general contractor so he had the skills to transform transformed the garage into this bungalow in stealth mode yeah so he was a contractor and then <hes> the house had a a tall all like privacy fence from the driveway so you couldn't see much in the backyard but my dad did say when they interviewed neighbors after she was found and they kind of crushed in like you hear this bunker being the bill for and my dad does like overheard hammering and we heard you know construction but you know maybe they were working on offense or maybe he was building. I mean nobody was going to assume he was building a compared to capture a child in like that's not something you would report to because somebody building something in their backyard they were never any fines if anything suspicious going on in the back of their house even when he was those are hit back and you know the whole family really to themselves and his brother is twin brother and his wife read this front house before and I think he didn't even know what he was doing there and he would add a room here at a room there then add a second story and then finally about a year earlier he would add this the yellow carport in the back of it so this whole house was kind of like ramshackle unshackle but it was it was well built in a sense but there were windows and doors and several levels and several entrances and I'm sure it wasn't up to code now but an but this guy had the access is up to ninety three space blacks was not up to code and by the way I dance based black and already told you I texted you both been there before and I was like do you know that filed for bankruptcy in ninety six and be probably because nobody went after the Katie beer shown they're also in the mob and did organized crime stock fraud. They filed for chapter eleven and then space plex turned into a roller hockey arena and that was my home arena when I played professional roller hockey. There's no such thing as professional there is I got paid five hundred dollars a week pie professional special athlete I got the first penalty illeg history and Major League roller hockey history and I spent pretty much the rest of the season on the bench. I still got paid. It sounds like why all right. Let's get back to Esposito in this story so just because they have John. ESPOSITO and custody doesn't mean obviously that their investigation is over. They have a lot to try to piece together and figure out so so the investigators were continuing to peel back these layers that these layers of secrecy and by doing so they're confronted with elements of a story that some likened to fictional accounts in John Fouls owls novel the collector and in the Thomas Harris Bestseller and movie the silence of the lambs in fact an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigations National Center for the analysis of violent crimes in Quantico Join Police investigators in Bayshore in an effort to study parallels to standard pedophile cases and you know a fictional f._B._i.. Behavioral Science Specialist Tracks a serial killer Emma silence of the lambs and in the collector a recluse and a butterfly fancy a and prisons of women in who love he covets and like I said this about the Rifkin episode these pop culture references are like filters to make these things more palatable and it's like yeah. It's the horrors. Katie experienced experienced in her childhood. You know there should be no. There's no filter on it. I mean it's it's deplorable. You know <hes> but that's what people were saying in the media back then so if you're listening to this podcast you obviously are a fan of true crime so you obviously listen to and probably watch a lot of things about murder and other various scary things but when it comes to the comfort of your own home you WanNa feel safe and secure and that's why we we love one of our sponsors A._D._T.. So A._D._T.. You can get all the latest innovation in Smart Home Security combined with twenty four seven monitoring from one of the smartest most trusted names in home security. They have a team of professionals designing and installing a secure smart home just for you eighteen thousand employees safeguarding you with connection to first responders and they're the nation's number one smart home security provider. They have a secure smart home with everything from video doorbells indoor and outdoor cameras smart locks and lights. It's controlled from the A._D._T.. APP or to sound of your own voice they have professionally monitored carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and a system custom designed just to fit your own home. They have safety on the go in the car or when your kids are at school with A._D._T.. APP The S._O._S. button. That certainly sounds like a lot of real protection to me and it's all available with A._D._D.. So more stuff comes to light when Paul Freedman of big brothers and sisters of Suffolk County came forward award with some really infuriating information so he shared a story about Esposito and he said an eighty eight esposito apply to become a big brother he went to the orientation mutation session but he was told that he's going to have to undergo a police background check and then. He said that it would was going to turn up a conviction so Esposito said all right while you're gonNA do a background. Check on me but just to let you know it's going to turn up this conviction a one thousand nine hundred seventy eight abduction case and we are the abduction happened in seventy seven the he pled to Lesser Charleston Seventy and he said that <hes> that it was actually carried out by his twin brother and his twin brother was using his name's. WHO's like it's not me? It's the twin brother and remember one of the big things and crime. It's never twins so <hes> Friedman said we became suspicious rightfully so and then rejected him then in nineteen ninety bayshore resident call the big brothers organization and said that they had taken a flyer posted a supermarket by Mr Esposito and here's what the flyers said so Esposito actually went to a supermarket and posted. I'm a long island big brother. If you you have a son who you think needs a man's influence I may be able to volunteer my time. Everybody needs a man in his life and he said he had been abroad big brother for more than ten years and had quote character references and Friedman reported reported this to the police Esposito actually advertised again in the penny saver bold bald the penny saver such a public your lie. It's one thing that flyer you could be like no awesome me up like to put it in a newspaper. Remember though he's doing this in the late eighties early ninety s what's what's not around though yeah the Internet's not around yeah he would be all over the Internet. Now you know this is a guy that would be we end up on to catch a predator. He's worse so then in December he would have killed Katie. I really believe that eventually eventually yeah because that's usually what happens you thank you do either right yeah you spice seven room yeah or you died from neglect or potentially what he was waiting for was for able maybe escape with her but <hes> yeah I mean what they did was. They just sat out there. It was a waiting game it was they they they just leaned on him so hard that he eventually broke and they knew they knew what they were doing. They had no idea that she was going to be in the house. They thought I I think they thought she was dead. This data wants to know where she was and we're her body was right so it's American we found out that she was alive. This was a big it would like like you said it was considered a miracle funny at people talked about it as it was growing up because we keep saying that like it was Susan Smith. I went to Smithtown high school so I'm from here but I was seven in ninety two. I was eight ninety three. This was so I was her age. You know this is not something I was privy to until it was older. This was uh-huh. Did they use this as a warning. Did your parents like no see that's my dad would always do that like the John Pious case with the yeah with the kid who who <hes> what they thought was that he was going to knock on some kids heads for stealing a bike and they killed them by shoving rocks down his throat and my dad by member him telling me you know don't tell on on kids. Don't don't don't put yourself in that situation because of that so every story the the the I mean 'cause that was at a high school. That was an elementary school out my in my school district Dogwood elementary is behind it as where it happened and it was like our neighboring elementary school and it's like it's a story everybody knows and it's like one of those town urban legends you know but it is so much worse than that yeah yeah. That's the truth of that story I mean is yeah and then so we had that story and then we also had the rookie casio stuff from northport which is also on the north of Long Island which was the satanic quote unquote. Satanic murders turns out it was L._S._D.. Think bad but <hes> you know long island was a messed up place. This long island is Long Island was what Florida is today is still messed up and that's for another time okay that was a very cute long island nostalgic tangent but like let's get back act this big brother thing and because there was even more like everybody was sort of on him as far as big brother facade so there are actually been a time that Merlin Beers had contacted Mr Friedman with the brothers and sisters with concerns about out John Esposito the in December of ninety-one Maryland Beers contacted Friedman saying that Esposito had been involved with her son for about seven years and asking if he was actually a registered big brother and Friedman said I told her no he's not a big brother and he said he then referred the case over to the sex crimes unit of Suffo- county police but he was told that there's not much that they could do so. Let's get back to the hero and the story Katie Beers after her rescue gifts were flowing in from across the country including money raggedy end-all stuffed bears school supplies close and bugs member actually is well. He did <hes> rush right our whole class. wrote letters can ears. Actually I have no idea if she's ever sounds like ours future. <hes> had everybody write letters to her telling her that you know you're sorry for what happened to her for in and you know that we're getting well and we were thinking her in that kind of stuff and people were Kinda wondering what she was going to do because she was essentially famous for having survived her whole ordeal and and people were offering her up to two hundred fifty thousand dollars for a story producer started coming out of the woodwork promising to make movies and that's whether she was involved or not and I can't even imagine being in our position after being so traumatized and the having people trying to either throw money at you or make money off of you know in the lawyer who represented Amy Fisher in the Joey Mary Jo Buttafuoco case his name's Air Nyberg Yeah he was approaching. Katie like all all look after her for free like I'll liaison these deals. It's like this is a ten year old child who has just been like you know. She's not trying to get the entertainment industry. No she needs to heal man just needs to heal and this is this is actually a perfect opportunity. Jack and I were talking about this before these psychics in this case Jack. Why don't you get into that a little bit so there were I think there are four different local psychics that offered up their services for? For Free One of them ended up working with Linda who was Katie's got mother and then they ended up finding this note. That basically said that Linda was like he's favorite person in the world so that I sure like very really good off the timing yeah <hes> and then so Maryland ended up hiring her own second so it was like these psychics that were like against each other trying to find INFO and Maryland psychic basically said while all this was going down and there was no no real info out other than like John Zito was a suspect he was like you know. Katie is for sure with John being held underground behind a red door. That's what he said and then he and that she's alive and that she's alive and that the phone call was made from a phone booth that was like right behind space blocks so then when all this information came out he was pretty much like ninety percent right about all the information minus there was no red door and then there was no or the location of the work she called a little bit different yeah but so when this happened then once she was rescued. The psychic guy was like writing these hotels he did like people magazine shoot in front of John Esposito's house house because he was almost almost fully right. We'd like most fully right it is just went out on a limb people. She'd okay so to be clear. She'd been missing for almost two weeks so when that that's the case your expectations are really low as far as the news. You're going to get about whether the child has survived so it's like a long shot to sickly the I mean I don't believe in psychics at all. I think they really do prey on on people that are in. I need a psychics always it's usually missing persons story so come out of the woodwork with person stories. I've worked on missing persons cases when people have come like Oh. I'm going to work with the psyche. I'm pleased L.. It's not gonNA work you know. Suffolk County had never really dealt with this before where they had to take a minor into custody and they were sort of <hes> tasked with like protecting her from the media firestorm in from predators in a whole new respect which <unk> are after her for money. You're you know her life story or her life rights and it's just something they weren't ever having to deal with so the family court judge in this case actually assigned property guardian to her <hes> in they they were going to be tasked with anything having to do with her. Money and Katie was initially placed in a foster care home and for three weeks after she's placed in the home she was loud visitation by her mother Maryland to kind of like see how it would go yeah <hes> like let's see if this woman helps her or hurts her because this is actually good time to talk about this because Marilyn was fighting for Katie back in like she she gave Katie up and was letting her live with this couple but you know she did report. I think you're molesting my daughter about Sal Linda's husband she did report. I think John is being molested by this guy to by John Esposito she goes to the big brothers and sisters. Hey I think this guy is missing. My son like she wasn't least listen. I think she's neglect fall. I think she's probably not well and I don't have any information to say whether she was or not but I do think she loved them. I think she's troubled. Yeah and I think that it's very easy to say this mother. Just just put them out there as chum for the sharks but where is she going to go and she needed help. She's a single mother. She said she at least was like you know reported when she had suspicions about Sal reported call Toco big brothers view is this one hundred percent negligence wasn't like I don't give damn she was like you know but this is. This is the thing about like impoverished women. They have so few resources to even like protective families in that like how do you stop your kids from getting into drugs dogs and getting into crime if you don't if you're working six jobs yeah to keep a roof over the head but then you're not there to supervise. It's a real difficult situation and this is this is where they were constantly talking about her in all the followups ups about this case Katie Beers the phrase that was consistently used is she fell through the cracks. She fell through the cracks of the system because the system because when when you're in that situation situation when you have a mother that is not doing well and then you have the sharks that are coming in like these family friends quote unquote that are that are taking into these kids that is when the system that is when the government that is when you know the the caretakers is supposed to come in and help and she just fell through the cracks. I never thought about the fact that we're you choose to live directly affects pretty much all the other aspects in your life I know when I moved into my new apartment. It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I was like a new person and I found my apartment through apartments dot com so apartments dot com has the most listings which means you have the most apartments townhomes condos or houses to choose from to unlock your full potential to be the best version of yourself. 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She walked around the streets barefoot but she went to school consistently and she was regimented and that they had her do little healthy chores around the house to feel like part of the family and make her feel will like she had purpose and things that kids need and you don't even realize how important these things are when you're growing up and more importantly than anything though they really shielded her from the horribly intense media interest in Katie the and remember she's ten like you see what like tons of fame can do a sixteen year older like this can be really damaging completely did not indulge any of that which is probably the best thing that could have done for her and she grew up and she got older and she went to high school and she played volleyball East Hampton high participated in drama in went to college in Pennsylvania and there she earned a degree and Meta man who would become her husband and you you know it's you know with a little <hes> stability I mean she probably never would have had that and if she'd stayed in world situation she actually said that. This event saved her life. So Katie survived grew up and twenty years later she wrote a book she said in an interview that she spent time reflecting on her life and decided to call the memoir buried memories. She doesn't have the contact with her biological mother brother but maintains a close relationship with her foster parents siblings in East Hampton she wrote that she'd been molested and raped by sal her godmother's husband from the time that she was a toddler she also wrote the Esposito Zito had raped her on the dungeon and she explained that she repressed memory of the sexual assault for many years as a defense mechanism so she was also talking about how <hes> like. She's trying all these different tactics with John when she was trying to escape and one of the things was she said that she would run super far away and should never tell the police about him and she would say that she just ran away to escape the abuse and he kept telling her how he wanted to keep her and he wanted to have kids with her and he wanted to have this life with her but she basically said to try to get out of it in an impersonal way that by the time I'm able to have kids. You won't be able to have kids anymore so he wouldn't be mad at her yeah but so for a ten year old old survival mode man but adults world though she she knew how to survive she was walking around as a as a first grader she knew how to survive. She'd been praying on before you bright when you're there are more like sex offenders and child abusers out there that we realize and they're just waiting for on chaperoned child barefoot to be walking down the street like I'm sure she's averted many a situation given what we've been told about her her bright and I'm not trying to make assumptions just like you know a lot of a lot of abusers are opportunistic as is what we saw with Esposito in the Massapequa Mall when he snatch a twelve year olds you know like they are opportunistic and she was along a lot right. Kitty also wrote that during her time the dungeon she rarely slept Jack and we're talking about this because she was afraid not only that he would abuse her from when she was asleep but she was afraid that he would take a picture of her where she looked like she was dead and then send it to the police and then they would stop looking for her right like that's what you read too right Jack Yeah well. I think that he told her that he wanted to take a picture of her looking like she was asleep and she was like absolutely not so anytime that he would give her food dot wasn't in its prepackaged package. She refused Ito and just put it aside because she knew that it could be drugged or she did. She can tranquilized or whatever or poisoned right and so this I have to say as I was researching. I literally I was up really late. I was really tired but I started crying so she also wrote put about celebrating her tenth birthday as a prisoner and she was actually heard on audiotape after the police sees the scene and found a tape recorder in the Dungeon and and she had actually been singing happy birthday to herself into the tape recorder horrible and this is when she was turning ten years old and like the loneliness inferior. It's like the comfort you can give yourself must have just been like <hes> it really that really mess with me but today. She says she has no recollection of that but that was what was on the recorder so because I mean that's just you're in a place of such sadness of course you don't remember that because your brain is protecting. Can you right so while she was captive. This Monster Fed her junk food soda and to this day she's repulsed by chocolate after dinner mints because they were staple in captivity liberty and Esposito's home and she did have access to a small T._v.. As we've said multiple times and there was closed circuit cameras but she says she can no longer listen to Whitney Houston's version of I will always love you exit played incessantly on M._t._v. and V._H._1. On a loop while she was in the dungeon in that broke my heart too because that is a song I love like that is like one of the most like Impact Hull Yon like reverberating songs like if you're in love never in that I'm sure she's got a visceral horrible reaction to it as she should. That's that's a trigger. That's what it is. Oh so as far as the fate of Katie's abusers esposito pleaded guilty to kidnapping charges in exchange for fifteen years to a life sentence and sal didn't get off scot-free free either he ended up serving twelve years in prison for molesting Katie and he gets out in two thousand six but then he moves from his home at a Bachar Motel without notifying finding authorities and because a Megan's law the police track down in North Carolina and he's arrested again and then he dies in jail after he violates parole. What's interesting about that is I was reading more but he was just like I'm scared to be in suffolk like he got much media attention so sorry molest children yeah but that's what that's what happens like their targets and it's like but that's that's what she get? Sorry sorry don't do it and you add more than that Dick Bag Shitty Shitty it g who uses that Shit really new word Burger. Don't call me at show Biz baby working. We're trying to make that our new tagline but we don't. We never really know what so we ask Christina. I mean it's been many years since this incident occurred at down the street doors away from her home and we asked her if this has changed anything for her moving forward and how it's kind of affected her to this day I mean I don't know if there's any the other words I is a monster for somebody that could plan to use it to a child you know even if he has some mental and learning disabilities and needs to vent this vision like there. There's really no excuse easiest for what did he took you know <hes> she was in under the underground for seventeen days with no bathroom. They just unbelievable conditions and you know whether he I thought he was saving her from her life or not like that's not the way you to it as I've gotten older when I think about the situation I don't know if it consciously ever changed the way I officers or approach people universe it definitely while my nephew comes over <hes> we're constantly you know we check in a lot more aware when we were younger we got to we wrote our bikes after school and we played and we just came before guard right our parents nuclear in the neighborhood and we came back now I think we check on my nephew every fifteen or twenty minutes and make sure that we were they are who they're playing with and and that kind of thing so I think it has affected <hes> you know people a bit more than it would have. If we had an experience there so September of two thousand thirteen John US Zito's found dead unresponsive at prison in New York and at at the time of his death he appeared to be that suspicious and he was found hours after he appeared in front of the Prison Parole Board at the Sing Sing prison and he was denied all right so what it is Katie Beers doing now and we now she thrives in high school and as soon as she had I think some stability and structure in her life she was doing probably pretty fabulously but we can do know that she earned a degree in business she has job in insurance a husband who loves her two children and she lives in rural Pennsylvania and today it's been twenty six years since her abduction and subsequent rescue and I think she's a hero absolutely God yeah she's been through the ringer and she has really prevailed sorted. We learned today. I mean I think Katie Beers is the ultimate survivor absolutely they were leaning on this guy so hard. This guy had other victims. I'm sure how to the victim yeah yeah career other kids in the neighborhood. I mean other than those two like you. Just No. I mean it's hard to come forward now. I mean nineties like the chances are even slimmer eighties seventies when he started like people people look the other way. I feel like a lot more back in the day to where it was like all these different things that he was doing to try to get himself around kids to like. We're healer hearing about failed the test. All of our wholesome abducted in plain sight is a is a great example of that where it's like things. Were just a lot you just you hadn't heard via the like media circuses or the Internet that there's pedophile like people were still living in this time of innocence won't also it wasn't as weird as a single single middle-aged man to be hanging around kids that he wasn't related to like. I feel like that kind of stuff doesn't fly as much these days. It's weird now. We had that there was there is a couple of of coaches in <hes> junior high that would take four kids from junior high on on like cross country trip and it always was weird yeah which is what the Hell's going on here yeah and my dad was but that was like yeah. There's no frigging way her ever going on that. No on that no thank you to Christina our first degree guests and if you guys are one degree away from murderer other stranger-than-fiction in crime at please write US hello at the first degree podcast dot com or on Instagram at the first degree add Alexis linkletter at Bill Johnson at gigantic. Please join our first degree facebook group just search at the first degree on facebook. It's closed group. We're talking all all things true crime. It's been popping off and last but not lease go get yourself some first degree merch. We have lots of goodies yeah hired about one hundred dollars worth of merchants what we build you. If if you're lying we can look it up. Did you really cute sweet like thanks for supporting yourself. You know you're just GonNa get the money I know well. I was just looking at her instagram to Lindsey in Nina's <music> just posted the cutest picture of an her in the talk Maha. She looked so cute. She's got her doll Lindsey any N._A._S.. She so sweet you were so adorable we love you re post I am. I'm GonNa Riposte this right now. I'm yeah anybody that is getting their merchant takes picks. Send it to us and we will reposed and <hes> until next week. Keep your friends close and not bad closes A._p.. News is sponsored by A._D._T.. Real protection is professionally installed smart home security backed by twenty four seven monitoring our team will help you customize a system them for your home including video doorbells indoor and outdoor cameras smart locks and lights that could be controlled from the A._D._t.. 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