The Accountability Call #76: Saying Yes and Opening Day


Hi this is John and this is Chris. We're just two guys in their forties trying to live life to the fullest. And what better way to help us along our pat but this year our goals and ideas with a buddy. The accountability call is our way of helping each other. Stay on the track and keep us moving on down the road of life we. I hope you like it and thanks for listening for it's one two three structure at the O.. Ball Game Hey how are you my friend. It's good to have you with me down here for this edition of the accountability call in San Marcos Slash into Nita's California as we sit here enjoying the sunset and watching. Just you know the waves waves crash here. An instant Nita's at Moonlight beach is a day of fun for us for sure and I can't tell you fun it's been so far. Yeah we just asked your wife before. She left us to do this. podcast in the back seat of her car overlooking the beach. It's good podcast topic for us today. And she said more fun less work and I think we accomplish that in spades today not a lot of work but a lot of fun beautiful weather opening day baseball padres giants would have been perfect for me. If the giants won regardless the pomp and circumstance. It was awesome awesome. It really was. We started the morning guys just to break down. It's kind of a guys day. We got up and we did a nice little workout down core power yoga. Got My plug in for my You know my job. I didn't teach it but we worked out hard showered. They're caught the train the coaster right here Munai beach all the way down to Petco Park had a fabulous. Does breakfast at cafe to to to some of you may remember that at some are loyal listeners. Cafe two to two and then we walked actually got some scooters and scooted it on down to Petco Park on those little scooters that you can just pretty much die on weaving through traffic. That was fun. Went to the game. Padres win two zero short game but really fun. Lots of festivity and stuff. It's just really fun now. We took the train back and we're enjoying. The sunset here tried to record on the beach. Way Too Windy so we're in the back seat of a Honda Civic and that sounds really strange. It's the last time you've been in the back seat of a car. I think very good question I'm not one who likes to be even in the passenger seat driving let alone the backseat. I I have to be in control in those situations so it's been a long time since I've been in the backseat. How `Bout I let you have control now? Grown up now. We talked We've we've had some good conversations about Not only having fun but being appreciative and being thankful foil for for a lot and obviously today we have a lot to be thankful for and and saying yes as well right I mean it. There's so many reasons for me not to come down here to San Diego had US miles to down here I had arranged for you know. Put a little extra stress on my wife to get the kids to and from school and There's there's so many reasons not to do things but sometimes in the moral words of booger from risky business. You just gotTa say what that. And I'm extremely glad that we said yes to this. Even though it's just a quick doc day and a half trip You gotta do that every once in a while. That's what life is all about just saying yes and creating experiences and being grateful for those experiences. Yeah it's a lot of work to plan stuff and make it happen. Sometimes I agree with you finding a way to say yes and and now you wouldn't trade it would you. I mean it it just came together perfectly and yes. There was some hassle and some wherewithal a few dollars and whatever else. Our here is just been such a good time. I'm so appreciative appreciative. And thankful that you did this and we were able to get tickets and go down to see the padres giants game on. I don't know something. We'll probably always remember. Remember that time. We celebrating day at Petco Park. You know really fun. So that's that's what life's about. I think it's just having some experience sharing with others and You now I didn't mention this but my son Keaton in his four high school buddies were two rows in front of us. I didn't even know that's where he bought his tickets. He said I think we're around that section. He comes walking up the steps just smile. Like what the heck. You're right here. So they took the day off school high school seniors and went down to watch the PETCO Park festivities and watch the game name and so that's kind of fun to see. I remember taking the day off on opening day when I was that age and going to Sports Bar and watching baseball talk games having burgers and fries and probably sixteen cokes On Opening Day was really a fun time so this is fun for me and I'm glad you pushed me a little little bit to make this happen and we just did it right. And then there's all kinds of things we could be doing work wise and some other stuff but we made it happen and guys. I just think you just need need to do these. Things every so often and I'm thankful for you for coming down and again just showing my appreciation for forgetting a chance to do this kind of thing thing you know in our life we're so spoiled and so lucky and blessed we forget about that sometimes. We've got the resources to do something like that if you baseball tickets and liberal life in a fun way. It's a good time to be alive even though we've got a lot of political storm going on and everything else it's really a good time to to be an American. In my opinion we've got a lot of things to be thankful for so let's not shoot ourselves in the foot kinda straighten things out here and enjoy what we have and and make it a little better for everybody. Yeah I couldn't agree more. We listen to a really fun podcast last night driving back from the airport in which the guy was talking talking about being thankful and really making a conscious effort to think everybody. That is a part of you know his day and he broke it down to one thing that he really loves and can't live without which is his cup of coffee every morning and he said you know what. There's so much that goes into creating this cup of coffee so much that I have to be thankful for for this Cup of coffee. Be Right in front of me on my kitchen table every single morning and so he ended up kind of writing a book about this and traveling around the world thanking everybody that had something to do with this Cup of coffee and it's just a fascinating exercise that we could really get lost in how many people we have to thank and how many things we have to be thankful for. You know he goes from all right. The person that made mug that the coffees in The person that paved the road that painted the lines on that road that allowed the truckers to ship that coffee. I mean it goes on and on and on and on and you know I think if we if we do that if we take some time to step back and just say how many people were instrumental antle in this happening today. We're at PETCO. Think of how many people. It took to build that ballpark and the train. That we took to get over there the person that invented the lion scooters you know we had so much fun writing those scooters just so many people to thank and so many things for which to be grateful I just think it's really really important to kind of think about those things on a daily basis. And I really believe that if we do that then we start to look for things for which to be grateful a full hand when gratitude becomes part of your life. You're just you're happier always and so that's that's one of the things that I'm definitely taken from this very short trip. There's just being thankful and being grateful for so much that we have in our lives the more people you think in your day the easier it is to get into that gratitude mindset. I guess if you will and you know there's some studies lots of studies even said that shows that if you can get into that mindset the Serotonin levels come up your whoever you say thankful to is appreciative. And their their their mood. buse and then your mood boost because you know you rewarded them when they rewarded you with something it's just it's very nice To be kind and made it a practice right. We're all works in progress and we all need need to work on a little bit more but boy I watched you in action today brother and it was great just to see how you appreciative. You're to others and the kindness. You got back in return you know. It was so genuine that that was amazing so it's really fun. We got our hats from the girl walked in. We said thank you. And she's like you're welcome. You know it's like there you go and sometimes I'll tell you have to say his. Thank you and nothing else just like when someone does something Nice for you just say thank you and you can give a little smile and then we move on our day and everyone is kind of like that was good. That was a nice human exchange. Next was the next one and we seek it out. You kinda gets I don't know he kinda get obsessed with in the next little thank you. Yeah totally and we talked also about accepting that thanks and accepting that appreciation how many times Out of concern of sounding arrogant or not you know seeming humbled and we say it wasn't a big deal. I'm going to be no. Don't worry about it was nothing you know that takes away away from the person who is thinking you because they just mentioned it's a transaction essentially the person that is giving thanks is genuinely giving their appreciation which allows the person that did the thing that brought upon the thanks to feel that appreciation. And you know we need need to be okay. It's something that I'm definitely going to try to work on like when somebody says a genuine thank you. So you're welcome. Just let it. Let it marinate there. You know instead of don't worry about it was. It wasn't a big deal. No say you're welcome and allow allow like both people in that transaction to milk everything for that entire transaction if that makes sense so that's that's definitely something to keep in my mind for sure the habit of telling people when they complimented me Or said something Nice Rob said you're too kind to oh you're too kind and instead of thanking thanking them I would downplay it like. Oh you know you're you're being too kind you know and it's still a it's retort. That's you know it's not. It is not putting them in a bad mood. I don't think but I'm not doing it right. I need to say I'll thank you. You're too kind but thank you. I could do that. It would be better. I forget the thank you and so so now like just going to drop that line and just say thank you and you know. I'm uncomfortable with the compliment that I need to get over it. Because you know we gotTa tone and be confident and just take the take the compliment. Because you're when you tell somebody something nice you don't want to downplay it. You don't want him to say giving somebody a birthday gift. The Guy I was saying insane. I'm not worthy of this. Let me just dropped it on the floor. No no no. Don't do that to say. Thank you We went to that party a couple of weeks ago with my old neighbor and he had turned fifty three or something and got him a six pack of beer and some chocolates. He was so appreciative of it. Look this rain the you guys great. This is great thank you I love it. I'M GONNA try one right now. And he took the fridge and he popped open and he put the other five in the fridge He really liked that. I don't I don't know if he did or not but he sure fooled us. I spent fourteen dollars on you there buddy but he he was genuinely appreciative. And I'm like I can learn something from him right now because I don't think I get that excitement. Somebody gives me something. Why don't we there being kind? And it's birthday you know. So what the heck enjoy it right. Yeah totally enjoy it and yeah we did. We had several moments Even today during a yoga class The talented Jackal Michael and let our class and And I had to pay twenty six bucks for Dang Yoga class which isn't cheap and I definitely was kind of like. Wow that's I wasn't upset at painted or anything but it's like that's that's pretty steep. I don't even make twenty six when I teach it but gone seriously and so At the end of the of a fantastic workout just dripping sweat great music just great energy great vibe in the class and at the end. She's a massage therapist. I guess or something along along those lines and she kind of went around the room and as we were in Shiva she you know did some some head rubbing of Several students definitely me. She's like no. You paid twenty dollars. I wanted to make sure this is a positive experience for you. And it's put a very perfect cherry on top of a perfect workouts and you know we were getting dressed after it was okay. is she still out there. 'cause I WANNA make sure that I go. Thank her and gave her a high five and and she was You know it was something that she consciously did to make the experience as great for everybody that was in there as possible and she genuinely appreciated. It'd our thanks. You give her a little bit of a hard time for not massaging everybody but she was genuinely genuinely received our thanks and we genuinely genuinely sought out to give her that. Thanks and we just we have to be okay with both sides of that a little bit more and It's it's such a beautiful thing when it when it happens when we allow it to happen and just a quick correction. I gave her a little grief because she rubbed your head way longer than she wrote mine. I paid twenty six more dollars than for that. I like Geez I thought how long are you going to rub my friend Chris. What about me ever hear chopped liver but Not Jacqueline Fantastic class fun to do that. And they just showed up and and cruise on down to watch the major league baseball and of course you still never answered and my trivia question. I gave you fifteen hundred clues on it. we'll have to get off air because I don't want to give it away here but really just you know to tie a bow on a put that Cherry on top for me. Let's go have some dinner and finish out to this fantastic day. Then you know get back to our families and say thank thank you for allowing me to take off for a little while and and and you know not be selfish but just having an adventure with a friend and do this kind of thing and I a highly recommend you guys out there just do it. Just find something and and find a way to connect find a way to say yes find a way to get together with like minded ended people or some people. You don't even know yet that you're going to learn a little bit more from and I guarantee the least at the very least w something that comes away that you're like well. That was cool. I like that part about you. Know hearing that story about this or go to that place to eat dinner. I'd go back again. There's always something you can hang your hat on and And have a good time. Yeah I really like the way that you said all that for me. It's just say yes. Make it happen and throw the excuses off to the side every once in a while. Everybody benefits when you say yes. You know it's definitely like I said a little bit stressful on my family to be away for a few days but I am. You know reenergized It's great my wife. Sees that I got to do something fun. We've been sending her pictures and videos they go. It's so great to see that you're having a good time We have a tendency to feel guilty about a lot of things and we're definitely not saying taking advantage of anybody anybody but when you say yes and you have a positive experience and everybody in your life benefits from that positive experience. So I'm right there with you. Say Yes and I'm glad glad that we said Yes to opening day at Petco Park. It's definitely a day that I remember for quite some time friend absolutely. Let's do it again this time. Up at the new Oracle Park in San Francisco. What do you think about that? I'm always down to go to giants baseball and San Francisco. Mark me down as a yes. Yeah yes indeed are able good chat. Let's go wrap this up and have a little dinner. We'll see you guys next time on the accountability call.

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