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Family Court Update (COVID-19) With Judge Scott M. Gordon (Ret.)


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Save my life on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast. Hi, there. It's me. Laura Wasser, the divorce attorney, and the founder of it's over easy. The online divorced service. I've been practicing family law for over twenty years, and I've worked on thousands of divorces, shepherding people through what may be one of the most terrifying times in their lives along the way, often have to remind people to lower their expectations when dealing with matters of the heart rules simply don't apply because all's fair in love and war so welcome to the all's fair podcasts. Fasten your seat belts and let's go. Hi everyone it's me Laura, Wasser and me Johnny rains. Thanks for joining us today. Most people listening know something about my work as an attorney. and. We all knew out. There love it when she gets all lawyerly, so you're in luck today because our show is about the law family law to be exact and the effect, covid nineteen is having on the family lock community across the United States. For example that store you sent me about the divorced Er Doctor I. Think Names Eric Agreeing. In, Florida we lost custody temporarily upper daughter amid corona virus fear. She says it's discriminatory. Do you think it is i? Don't know if it's discriminatory about I. I'm very torn by that one, because we really are trying so hard as family law practitioners to weigh the risks of spreading and exposing and having a kid who may not get it be a carrier to also the huge appreciation that we're having for healthcare workers. We'll talk a little bit more about that. I, think with the judge. TEASER! solent. Yes, and as you said, we're going to dive deeper into family law into the whole family lock conversation in a moment, but for those of you with hopes to avoid family law court altogether we came across these tips that might help you while you're sheltering in place with your partner and trying not to commit a hate crime. I guess this is from Ted Dot com how to keep quarantine from ruining your marriage by Carol breese. She's an author and professor at the University of Saint Thomas. Thomas Minnesota and she did research based tips for couples including creating and maintaining rituals of connection even in quarantine. You WanNa tell us about that Johnny 'cause. I didn't read it. well I did and yes, she talks about creating the importance of rituals. She points out that many of the rituals that we might have had pre quarantine or out the window. She actually puts it. Hello, quarantine, goodbye routine, but she recommends that while you're quarantining especially if you're in close quarters that you create. Space for one another and new rituals. Another thing she recommends that was interesting. Is She? Recommends you each carve out a place for your work and when you see the other? person in that space ignore them. Pretend like you don't see them. Just eliminate the communication and to give them boundaries, and I suppose that's the. Trick to a successful relationship in quarantine. What if? When they weren't in quarantine, you call them incessantly at the office or just showed up. I suppose you can't do that. In Quarantine Laura that could end up in a spike in divorce, actually read something today for those of you who are going crazy with your partners in quarantine like? I know we know about this, but it was heartbreaking. Single parents with little kids. Okay, so you're a single mom or dad, you've got little kids. You can't do what I do every morning and go for a run. You can't even go to the bathroom in some instances when you've got these toddlers who are into everything. You can't watch just an old ROM com that you wanted to see or sit down and. And read a book. These little kids are constantly in need of care and attention, and some of these single parents man I. My hat goes off to you guys because they probably really need a break right now so again. Grass is always greener, but do think about that when you're stuck with your co parent, and he or she is driving you fucking crazy. What if you were that person? That was alone. Absolutely true! But let's face it Laura. The tips may not work for everyone, which is why perhaps everyone from entertainment tonight to Jane Pauley at CBS Sunday morning are hounding you about the possibility of a massive surge in divorces when the quarantine is Oakland could be. Let's talk a little bit though about what we're doing while it's happening. Because most of what those news agencies have been asking me about is beyond. What's going to happen when it's done? What can we be doing while it's going on? And those of us in the southern California family law community have been really lucky, because many of us years ago started using private judges and I'll tell you what that means in a minute. Whether you're in the midst of your own divorce on. It's over easy, or you're working now with yours and your soon to be XS divorce attorneys. Maybe you've moved past that and onto navigating the custody agreement you and your ex agreed to prior to the coronavirus pandemic, whatever your situation family law or matrimonial law depending on the vocabulary, most common in your jurisdiction regulates your divorce, the division of your marital assets spousal support, and if you have kids, the law set forth the guidelines by which you ex and the judge. Judge. If you go to court will determine legal and physical custody. We're in the studio today. With the esteemed and much lauded honorable judge, Scott M, Gordon he was a judge on the Los Angeles, Superior Court for Seventeen years and a legal expert for the United Nations. He serves today as a neutral with signature resolution in Los Angeles. He's a mediator and arbitrator, a judge, pro tem, discovery, referee, apparent clan, coordinator, and someone. We are very privileged, honored to have join us today. Your honor, welcome to also fair Judge Gordon. I want to tell the listeners. It's really funny when we were doing our prep call for this last week, so I'm known judge Gordon well hot to be for probably seventeen years at least and I've always called him judge Gordon I mean that's who he is judged. Gordon. Your honor Johnny gets on the phone and says so Scott let me ask you this and I was like Oh. My God, this is so awkward. Have the same Johnny of. Johnny with us. We can get beyond. Our old habits to. The So Johnny since you're so tight with Judge Gordon. Why don't you tell us a little bit about him? Well. He is a California native who went to California State University Dominguez. Hills. Got Bachelor of Science in public, administration, and interestingly enough he served as a police officer and detective for the Santa Monica, Police Department while he was attending southwestern law school, all very impressive background, and it is interesting because again I've known the judge for a long time. We do use him as a neutral for our cases, and we'll talk about what that means. But when I have class at say to. Is this one of those judges that just thinks I'm some rich guy and I've got plenty. Plenty of money and I should pay my ex plenty of money to because why not? I've got the money I'm like this guy actually worked his way through law school as a cop. He's couldn't be more down to Earth. He gets it and that's like that's definitely my pitch for you most of the time you're on her because I just do think you know you've seen it. You've been on the bench for so long. He was our presiding judge when I was kind of at the height of my litigation downtown, and he just you. Just you get it, he gets. Well thank you and that and that's something you do have to do. This work is kind of understand where everybody's coming from the everybody in there isn't the same in that the challenges that people bring into these cases affect you no matter if you make a dollar, a year or a million dollars a month. And so, what I've always found interesting is you're the deputy Deputy District Attorney for sixteen years? And then you were a judge for seventeen years including being the supervising family lodge, so you've done criminal and you've done family law, so you know the old saying divorce attorneys see really good people on their worst behavior and criminal defense attorney see really bad people on their best behavior. Do you find that to ring true hundred percent true and would I did. Most of the DA was cases involving violence against women and kids child abuse domestic violence, so it's a lot of the same issues we deal with, but absolutely criminal defendants. No, this is I. put my best face forward. Not so much Advanta Quirk and I. Bet you've seen some pretty ugly situations in both instances. I. Have as you have Yes people these are emotional emotional things what we're dealing with are some of them are stressful things. A person can go through. The on a death of a spouse or loved one changes in your job changes in finance changes, marriage change in custody or extremely stressful things and one of our jobs is to keep that kind of theft noise. Go over and get to the issues. Yes, and do you do that well, Johnny, tell everybody some of the appointments, awards and honors that the judges had, and then we'll get into the meat of this and what he thinks about what's happening right now? In Our world of family law absolutely with Pleasure Judge Gordon has some. Amazing just to hit on some of them. In twenty eleven, he was awarded the Family Lodge judicial additional officer of the year by the American, Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Two, thousand eight, he was named judicial officer of the year at southwestern law school. He also has been named prosecuting attorney of the year by the L. A. Bar Association. He won humanitarian of the year by the Commission on assaults against women in two thousand three excellence in teaching award from Stern, and he's also the recipient of the Stir Brandeis award by the L.. A. County Bar Association. Tell about some of. Of the United Nations stuff because I. One of the things I'd had no until this year is that you were appointed as a judge on the hey, convention matters and hey, convention guys is something that that we the US entered into with many many other countries to kind of say. Hey, we're going to treat these kinds of things the same way, and particularly as they pretend to child custody, and so I think Johnny, you know this this weekend I was supposed to be in New Orleans and then next week, and I was supposed to be a NAPA seeking with. Various Bar, associations and Judge Gordon was kind enough to give me some of his writings on. Hey, convention, and how we treat stuff when people get on a plane with their kid and take them to another country whether they're a signatory to the hey, convention or not. guess the silver lining in this whole covert nineteen thing is. That's not happening too much these days. It's not happening, but like everything else when it does happen, it's getting access. What you're talking about is the. Hague, conventions you've discussed is the treaty that governs which jurisdiction will take. We'll take a case when someone takes a child from one country to another. Parental kind parental abduction, the convention mandates that each country has to judges. The United States for that serve on the International Network of judges I was honored enough. The invited by the State Department to do it for us, so it's fascinating, and that means you talk judges in the United States about these cases, foreign judges and go and represent the United States. We used to do before we did. Those things represents the United States at conferences and to train judges in other countries. It's really very interesting stuff. Yeah, the cases that I've had I had one with Belarus, I'm and I've had one with Iran. It's very very interesting to see how different jurisdictions different countries handle this stuff. Tell us your monarch perception buses version, yes, and how it's changed over the past four or five years. Yup Okay, so tell us a little bit because I referred to earlier as a neutral and as a private judge I. Don't know that all of our listeners know what that means, so we've cut to function of one thing that will start with you. Talk about all the time and I think you do this extremely well, and have this focus in your practice is the best thing that can happen as the summer cases for people to come to an agreement figure things out and move on. So a lot of what we do is said service in neutral serve as a mediator. Charlie help people do that. Bring them together. Talk them work with them to come to an agreement that sense a collaborative approach, the other side that we do California's somewhat unique to this. Is Parties can stipulate. We get appointed by the court and we serve as a judge just as if I was downtown. Except not the building. My wife has descriptions for how it smells. In, a little different building. And you serve as a private jet. You conduct trials just as you would. Downtown! Hey I'm andy. If you don't know me, it's probably because I'm not famous. But I did start. A men's grooming company called Harry's. The idea for Harry's came out of a frustrating experience I had buying razor blades. Most brands were overpriced over designed an out of touch at Harry's. Our approach is simple. Here's our secret. We make sharp durable blades and sell them at honest prices for as low as two dollars each. We care about quality so much that we do some crazy things like world class German Blade Factory. 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This is somebody a CO production of the invisible institute, the inner self and Topic Studios in association with Tender Foot TV. Available now. This is somebody's Chai somebody deserves to know what happened. Deserve to know what happened my son. Listen to somebody on the iheartradio APP, apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Okay and so. We those of us who have been using private judges and neutrals are really lucky. Because during this time we have actually been able to work and move forward tomorrow. I've got a voluntary settlement conference that be doing via zoom. As. It turns out on Sunday and I'm not too happy about this because it's going to be a nice weekend with one of your colleagues I. Have a an actual hearing that takes place all day via zoom. We're doing it. You can actually put exhibits up on the screen and screen share. It's a little cumbersome, but it's working, and you get results, which is really really Nice, because if we've been using a retired judge or judge tem throughout this whole time, you don't have to wait until the courts open backup those judges. Judges have the power to be able to come in and make rulings and decisions. You guys have been great about us being able to communicate with you. Both your company signature resolution, and some of the other private judges that we work with. It's been a lifesaver in my opinion and I do believe and I've told my clients from the beginning because they say well. Isn't it more expensive judges downtown. That's free. The backlog at your normal courthouse is so severe that what often happens. Is You go down there? You've got to lawyers. Representing yourself and you sit there all day, and you're paying your lawyer his or her hourly rate. I. Explain it to clients and say if you'RE GONNA pay my hourly rate. You might as well be having a hearing or getting results, so for the added costs of the judge. That's going to be hearing this. You now are actually getting the results and not paying me to sit around and do nothing. I wish you didn't have to do so i. do think this is GonNa? Really really catch on. We'll talk a little bit about some of the tech stuff that I also think we'll catch on as a result of this. But what do you think? Think your honor. We talked a bit about the Florida story. What do you think about that woman? She's a healthcare worker. Her husband or ex husband said he didn't feel comfortable with their four year old, going back and forth, because she'd been in the hospital and scrubs all day, intimating people really really on the frontline so super honorable, and yet didn't want her coming home and having custodial time with the four year old, because he thought that was dangerous, so the court actually took her custodial time away from her. And what do you think about that? A couple of all the talk about generally the first thing that you learn. When you're judging, people talk about your cases that the press is. You got to see the actual case in there. There's several cases cases that you and I have done hit the media. My wife would come in and say look. This happened the case today because. People magazine Senate in a cycle. Not so much so. As the specifics of the case, we'd have to look into it, but this general issue is one real. I've actually had in cases during this time I think what are they have to do as a judge? These cases just kind of get the on fear and get to facts. And when you make decisions based on fear in anything in life, but especially in family law, especially as a judge, you're not making the best decision. Do you have to acknowledge fear? You can't just discount people's fear, but you've gone with the facts. I had a case that was an issue. But the was a gentleman. WHO's a doctor? His worded great job. Presenting all the precautions, he was taking both his workplace and at home, and it'll alleviated the fierce, and it's actually once. We got beyond that set up a visitation schedule. It's fine. I think binary decisions family law. Never always don't work. And I was I responded. I was a patrol car and I think that what the first responders are doing from firefighters, police, officers, paramedics, janitors, hospitals, doctors nurses is nothing short of horrific. and to tell them they can't see their kids because of that sacrifice. That's a challenge. Do we have to protect? Their families of course, but it'd be a football. People know how to do it. I might experience as these folks are taking extraordinary precautions so I look at it very individually. Let's talk about people that are taking advantage of the circumstances right now and saying Gee I. Just I really don't feel that comfortable. I don't think that you're washing your hands enough. You never really wash your hands very much. When we were together if I recall correctly and I just don't feel that you're being clean. What are we say? Those people tell us about your flight attendant rule. They exit row. Rule like you saw. I what I've been hearing is that would rather ask forgiveness than permission. Where that I came was in the nineteen century was a woman Mary Medina, who was Queen Mary into the British Empire and she tried that it costs her thirty years of exile in France, so it didn't work out twelve. To those stories says the Pipe Pied Piper of Hamlyn, but then old fairy tale with. Folks that wanted him to get rid of the wraps pipe and they didn't pay, said okay, the kids. Once things get rolling up as lucky. It's GonNa pay the Piper. Or the flight attendant will comes in is what the law says is that when a judge decides? Who's going to be the primary apparent one of? If not the most important things you look at is who's going to promote and respect the other parents visitation rights so the way I would phrase say it's just like when we used to fly, and if you would sit in the exit row, the flight attendant would ask you two questions. Are you able to open the door and you could be? A weightlifter could take the door office inches. The second question is are you willing to open the door? And if you're not willing to can't said there, it's just like. If you're not willing to follow. The court's orders can't be custodial parent. And in my time I have changed custodial workers may times for someone that just won't follow. The orders of won't promote those orders. But it is challenge right now and and I think there are people are taking advantage of people that are profoundly afraid, and maybe that fear is. Rational maybe it's really really over the top. It's real. How important is it for you as a trier of fact to be able to be in the same room with the people or at least see them? I mean I know that we sometimes do telephonic hearings, but those are mostly just with attorney so actually being able to do these zoom calls, and certainly being in the same place. Because again I could say Gosh I'm just so scared about this I mean if my fear isn't real then. Is there some punitive? Humid decision that you make and also if it Israel, but it's not rational. How do you do that and isn't it important for you to really be able to experience and get an impression of of the parties? Compound sustained stage so. The answer's Yes a couple of one. Your first sight for a really great question is. About, Presence Family Law all law, especially, family law is a phenomenally human thing was one of the things I love about it and that kind of drama in the court and the chemistry between the attorneys. The Judge Court staff the witnesses the parties in a mediation. It's very real. I start doing zoom stuff. I didn't know how work is. It is good. Advantages I mean when I do it. I I'm a tech guy. Even the gray hair may not be why but I'm attacked. I I have four screens going so I actually have more information at and doing it, but it's actually very effective, and you get a good read on people. Is it as good as you're sitting next to them? Can you form the same kind of bonds? No, but it's still pretty good, and the success rate has been very good, but I think people have to be comfortable with. They have to spend some time doing what we're doing. Just talking and getting used to and comfort doing. But the whole thing is access. It's all access to justice and. One of the things we can do especially in these times is you said you had a hearing on Sunday? We can do on Saturdays noon on Sundays. We can do him in the evenings more convenient for people so at a time when there's really lax us, which is not the judges, the system's fault. It provides access so. I think it's going to continue after we're done. Do you as well one hundred percent I think it's another tool. To a people getting comfortable with I have done several that are multi county already have one party up in San Francisco and other party down here. I've got one coming up for somebody's in New York. I absolutely think we're going to see it, and that's I think that's wonderful I. Don't know when the public side we are. Setting up a law office setting up our office to do this as one thing setting. A six hundred court trial court with this capability when I think we're GONNA, see public budgets shrinking. Is a real challenge, right? What do you think about being able to make decisions again? Mediation is one thing but actual hearings. You think people are more comfortable when they're testifying from their living room where their Home Office. Do you think they slip sometimes and show a true or herself than if they have to go downtown and find parking in their suit and wandering around, and they're in that very even if it's like, they say on TV and law and order or or in any of the movies we see about the courtroom as opposed to some of our smaller departments downtown, it is foreboding. There is a certain scariness that you have when that happens and I have noticed that most of you guys at least at signature are now putting on your robes when you're having hearings via zoom, so you guys look different to is their guard. That's let down as a result of that, and do people testify differently? Almost like saying your teacher in the market when you're a little kid. Afric. Judge, just a shirt is like WHOA. Just kind of same thing I've had people say well. How do you know that they're not having someone holding up cue cards behind them or you know? The dog is giving them answers or something or temple? Or texting, we had a depot the other day, where opposing counsel, told my client to turn off his phone, and afterwards he said why did she say that I because you? Could your phone beneath the computer and I could be texting you the answers. You absolutely can do that will tell you. Part of our job is judging credibility and you know I'm going to suggest to you that the artifice of someone looking down at their phone answering is just as parent as they had spent fifteen hours with you two days before being drilled life there on Broadway to a script, and then the first thing in cross examination. They're off script and they and. They don't know right. So I actually find it Witnesses witnesses. People are people I think they are a little more comfortable. Sitting in their houses. I found that most of the people because it's mostly parties. These are such high stakes, things on their kids and their property that they wanNA. Get it Ryan. Do I get to see the same amount one of the things that's different for me when we're doing Xuemei right now I'm seeing you just like you see me. I'm seeing you the whole time. Face off. When you're doing a trial member that witnesses to your side, right? You're not seeing face to face. And I'm watching the whole courtroom. So in some ways I'm seeing more of the witness that I am corporate right? Interesting. What do you think about people getting married via Zoom School, I did people need to move on. You know. My son and his wonderful magnificent fiance were starting to plan their wedding. When this hit we. We're looking at venues, so they're talking about what they GONNA do another year off, but I think people have to move on I think it's fabulous I. I used speaking of moving on. So this technically could be after you've retired from the bench. This could be more called your retirement. What you're seem like you're busier than ever in your next chapter. What compels you to continue doing this serving families and the law? Even though this is really you're not, you're second, because this, probably your third or fourth incarnation. But why did you decide to keep going? I've told me I had to. I'm like you I love one to work I just I love. I love what we do. This is as human thing as it is, and we'll tell you something. About this role. That is much better than. Even the court. This is peacemaking and stuff I've done with the UN at its heart. Being cop is peacemaking and I like that, and so it's it's Kinda the best of all worlds. At blessed. We have a busy and want to stay busy and. Like working. During this time off being able to do something backwards. World the world is yours. The ball show podcast the new podcast with a fresh perspective on pop culture been in the NFL. You'RE GONNA. TEAR NFL down in one city in. Let's let's talk about this. They're all. Every. Is. Seventy on the way out comic creeping on social media people okay I used to carry a little corny or whatever they think right so now. Say anything she does, oh. She do the Mili- rock right Oh. She explained city and girl summer right. Down like it's y'all y'all are alive. My medicine jail and I started like someone else I. Know It's not right, but I really can't fake when I'm feeling. What should I do even cover world new? Burn with your favorite. Solo and the kid. You check out on our brand new podcast. Bother alert show podcast available now the iheartradio APP on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast. There is a darkness dwells in the center of the world. Hiding away as it grows and thrives surrounding itself in Gloom. This darkness isn't the kind that comes from the absence of light. It's the kind where malevolent forces flourish. It's the kind that make up the nightmares that kept you awake as a child. Clutching your blanket as you cry for your parents, it's file icy fingers tightening around your throat, stifling your screams. It's the kind you cannot escape. No matter how hard you try! It works its way into your soul slowly corrupting you from the inside out until it ultimately consumes you leaving nothing. But an empty hollow shell in its wake. Listen to lighthouse on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcast. From people getting married now on zoom to healthcare workers, having to fight to maintain custody of their children covid nineteen is having a dramatic impact on every aspect of our lives and on our judicial system. It's not immune. Our family law courts may be forever changed by this pandemic. Be that as it may our goal at our online divorce website. It's over easy and here on. All's fair with Laura Wasser that's me by the way is to keep you informed, and in the know, so keep listening because today we're serving you fresh and exclusive content in our conversation with one of the most sought after private judges in southern. California the Honorable Scott Gordon. So Judge Gordon I know you're married I. Know Your Wife. What is your perspective on divorce overall? You first of all I think the relationships are dynamic. There fluid the change and I think that people their lives change I'm married Sicilian thirty seven years ago and she told me this one way out of this so. Go I married. Way Up. I'm very lucky, but people change and I think that when you hundred transition in your life embraced the transition into it as possibly as you can and I think you talk about about moving to the next perspective. Next phase of your life is what divorce should be. One of these different about family law than either from block is prospective. Criminals Retrospective did you burglarized house year ago? What happens civil? Did you breach the contract? Family lives what we do tomorrow. We've event your child. Will you paid? It's all prospective very different focus. And I. I think the healthier people move on their lives. The better that we can help them do that. That's fantastic. What do you look for a successful mediation your honor? One is to the party's settle to his expectations. You guys as lawyers. Have so much influence on people, and if a lawyer's toll someone you first of all, you don't win a mediation. You come to an agreement. You don't so people that have been told you're going to win this. Or you're going to get everything plus one hundred dollars. So I hopefully have built maybe aggressive expectations, but realistic explanation, the other thing is for people. Listen you know mediation process the way they all start as an all start the same way I want everything. The other side says they get nothing and then I have to work to find it in the middle. We can be creative in mediation. Unlike core court, I'm limited on those many times of things I can decide the loss of gotta go left or right, but one of the things. We can be created. We solutions that are completely legal, completely appropriate fifties to people. We couldn't do in court. So. Creative creative engaging. SMART lawyers advocates. They're willing to bet when you get. Some of this just won't bend. Right. That's a challenge. Totally agree. I love having people on the other side. From your perspective, give some because again. I've I've never sat on the bench. What are some of the do's and don'ts should abide by in court whether they're particularly witnesses, but certainly party witnesses. Or if they're just a council table. First of all know the judges watching so all that nonverbal advocacy the I rolling the SMIRKING. Tongue. Impacts people. To listen to the judge and you're actually at this. Listen to the judge, the judge start to hear and says what I really care about is the red card. Give me evidence, but the rich and everybody talks about the, and then you come back and say you know what I really wonder about the red card and they talk about the blue, and then at the end of the hearing. You say you know what denied because you didn't tell me. And they come back and say. Why are you mad at me? I've also been in court with you when. I can tell that somebody's winning. Let's say I'm sitting back in the Galley. So somebody's winning. You've already pretty much made your decision and he or she. The lawyer is still arguing. You're like and I'm thinking. Wow, you may argue yourself right out of this ruling. I have absolutely watch and watch people that of Yank defeat out of the of it where. is saying well. They're just being mean, and they're being cared and they won't let you. One of the things is that you have to treat people with dignity, so if I'M GONNA? Take. If I'm going to limit someone's custody, I might be acknowledging how positive they are. How much they care before I say but and limited I've had lawyers. Hey, checked doing. Really I'm trying to lower the. Absolutely people. There's always that bridge too far. You know there's a there's a reason why that some NFL? You can't called points celebrate the too much. You just lost me and Johnny by the way. When you talk about football. I understand. Sorry about that. A lot of witnesses long. Moore's a lot of lures from tone death as to what's going on. And being aware. Is is real. The other thing is the lawyers that get up and the works. They could have been saying look. The other side is right about points one two and three, but let's look at for six and seven. They do much better than saying you know when you get all the time. Because he is a gambler is an addict. He's an alcoholic. Is this is that is this? What are you asking for well? He can have the weekend and. Really. Make sure that your arguments match with. You're asking for absolutely so listeners. You've gathered that Judge Gordon. I go pretty far back. He's presided over family. Law Matters That my office has been involved in, but now it's time to turn the tables. Judge, Gordon, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. which relationship in your life has had the most profound impact? To you can have to overcome through. One son. Blessed wonderful son. To is to marry for thirty seven years to someone way up. You know her, but I go to the. Everybody wants to talk to earn, not me. I am I am blessed and she guides me and help me to talk to you. Too, I was actually one of the reasons I was raised in a very challenging environment I did not have the best. Environment at home. And it actually was a guy who was a cop who kind of became like a big brother has stayed that way throughout my entire life. He's been at every one of my graduations marriage everything. Wow, that's amazing what you want to give them a shout out. Chief Peter a wonderful, wonderful man psych, mme hate chief Pete all right? What's your favorite love, Song? To either Frank Sinatra Guy Risk in. Or out and John, Harrison. Who I like both of those two. Yes, all right. What's the one piece of advice that you'd share with? This can be either your twenty seventeen year old self or someone. I can't imagine who that would be following in your footsteps. Keep going. No matter what happens, you keep going? I mean there's Winston Churchill thing when you're march. Walking through hell, keep walking, and that's I think really true. Now there is tomorrow the matter what you just stand back up whatever happens you deal with it and stand back. and which do you even watch romantic comedies, which romance and Comedy Okay Okay I love from. What's your favorite one? which could you watch on repeat? I love okay. Nineteen fifty-eight Sophia Loren cary grant houseboat. Great movie. Audrey Hampered Caravan Sherrod K.. Oh, I did allow that one I've seen yeah. and. Now. I'm just. Bored. Judge Gordon, thank you so much for joining us today on all's fair to discuss the impact of Covid nineteen on the family law system across the US. Please tell everyone where they can find you online. We are at signature resolution dot com. Judge Gordon, it's signature resolution dot com. Thank you for you guys. Informing people because information is incredibly important, so thank you. And I really do I want to say say while he's here and listening. But I I had been using a lot of the private judges already because we do that at our firm, and it's been incredibly helpful particularly now, but even before, and when a bunch of these guys got together and formed signature resolutions. They really are just wonderful. They have been so fantastic. The offices administratively setting up the zoom things making sure people are getting the kind of relief and access that they need and I just want to. To say to our listeners, this is were often very kind of onto ends of the spectrum on the show, whether it's wealthy family law litigants that would be coming to the firm and the celebrities that sometimes we interview, and sometimes we've represented, and then we've got our. It's over easy folks that are generally a little bit more hi-tech lower income I really do believe that this idea of the private judges taking things out of the system is and I think the judges because I've talked to our current presiding. Judge Joe Drif. It's all good. It's all around good. It is a Ford -able, and it is something that if you're able to do it, I highly recommend it. It's the kind of out of the box thinking in mediation that we discussed all the time on the show, and on the it's over easy platform, but it's that plus it's with a little bit of help from folks who have been doing this a long time and are really able not only to give an unbiased opinion, but a really wise and experienced. Experienced opinion so I. Definitely suggest checking it out if there's something in your neighborhood. If you're in California signature I, know the guy sometimes even fly up to northern. California, to mediate or hear things but I think it is the wave of the future in a lot of legal forums, but certainly family lot really lends itself, so please do take that into consideration. Those of you who listen to what I say I'm a huge fan. Thank you as I I will make one order here. Yes, be well and save. Thank you on our thanks for doing this. Yeah, thank you Gordon by. That was awesome, right? He's really good and I love the fact that He. I love the fact that he was a cop. I love the fact that he came up and so he knows what it's like to be a not a good situation. He's put himself on the front lines and some really scary situations. He's he's real people. Yeah. I really enjoyed him I. Think People tend to? Have this idea of what it judges like. Judge Judy for example. WHO's like this sort of like Lupul? Be Basically but he was so relatable and nice and. Like you said just a really good guy, so we'll be back next Tuesday with more news. You can use yes, and hopefully by then Theresa Era Green in Florida have got their custody situations all. Sorted out, but until we're back next week Lieber Review and rate us at Apple podcast. We really do treasure. Your feedback guys these days when we're all still stuck at home, reading your views helps us pass the time and really really curate. This podcast is something that those of you who are listening will love. Thank you, everyone, please take care, stay healthy, happy, safe and sane. Let's speak next week. Are you looking for a new podcast. Who isn't these days well? If you want real stories about love, commitment, marriage, and hope stories that will help get you through the strangest of times. Look no further than season four of the committed podcast. It's a storytelling adventure about what really happens after I do hosted by me Jo Piazza while we're all still stuck in the house there are. Are Three whole seasons of committed for you to binge three available on the iheartradio APP. Apple podcasts, or wherever you like to listen to your podcasts. I'm Rocky Kentucky and I want to invite you to listen to a new podcast from the Dodo. An animal saved my life. The DODO is the most watched animal storyteller on social, and now it's bringing those stories to life in audio. 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