Bonus Episode: The Magic 8 Ball


Hey There Ian here we've missed you. We are hard at work on season. Three and we're very excited for you to hear it. That'll be coming out in the spring for so now. What you're listening to is a little bonus episode for radio to- Pius fundraiser? More about that at the end of the show. But if you like you could pause this listen make a donation right now based solely on the strength of this rambling intro You do that by going to radio TOPA DOT FM. We'll get on with the show now. Can you introduce yourself for us. Yes okay what's your name. Concentrate and ask again. I'll introduce you your magic eight ball. It is certainly And I think what I'm getting here as you can only say the things a magic eight ball says it is decidedly so so you have a name but no one can ever know it because you can't ever say Yes I'm curious. It's maybe a weird question but what should I be thinking of you. Ads Tom Would you call yourself. A Toy. Higher applies no. So you don't you don't like being called the toy without a doubt Shall we just call you spiritual adviser yes definitely Let me ask you some questions that I know you can answer What's your favorite corporate email? Software Outlook. Good angry great. Would you describe yourself as a procrastinator. Ask again later. What's your advice for dealing with a broken abacus? Don't count on it. What's your advice for dealing with a broken heart reply? Hazy try again chur try again get back out there. Good Advice Paul. What's your favorite prog rock band? Yes great band and because I have to ask are are you the owner of a lonely heart. Yes yeah I guess it would be hard to tell somebody how you feel if you can only say exactly twenty things it is certain. Let me ask you this. What still worst type of orange juice made made from concentrate and ask again? What's the worst of orange juice made from? Concentrate and ask again. This would just keep going on forever if I let it. Wouldn't it so I see it. Yes what's it like when people ask you more serious questions like when someone asks you about death what do you say to them. New May may rely on it. Like you're saying death is inevitable as I see it. Yes yeah like. Sometimes we think we'll live forever but look not so good talking about this. I think the time when I most understand what it's like to be you. Who is when someone dies? Yes because I you know I have so much that I want to communicate to the the people they left behind but I always end up saying the same three things you know. Burn my condolences. I'm thinking of you. I'm sorry for your loss and it's never really what I'm thinking and it's never really really sufficient. Is that what it's like for you all the time it is decidedly. So I realize you know we can edit this sound and we have all these things you've said yes so I could just take everything and break break apart your phrases and pull out the words and we could rearrange it to say whatever you WanNa say to your someone signs point to. Yes well okay. So what if what if I took this and move do this here. Yes and then. Should we keep this. My reply is known. Okay so I'm GonNa take this and cut off this yes and then we can move this over here and then we just do that. Is that what you want to say. As as I see it yes okay mall. I'll just play it. You may rely on my a certain reply without a doubt it is certain it is you signs point to you by sources point to you. I point to you as I see it as I say it it. Is You I without you you without. I not better not better not better I with you you with I very better very better very better. This is is everything is alive. Thanks to Jennifer Mills Donna Lopiano tra- Suzanne mcfaul and Emily Spivak the magic eight ball whose name we shall never know was played by bill. Kurtis music in this episode from Blue Dot sessions. Everything is alive is a proud out. Member of Radio Topi from Pierre X. Jewish Shapiro executive producer and about that Radio Tokia is fundraising right. Now the one and only time of year we ask you to support the shows you love financially but more than that. I think of it as a chance. It's to tell the world what you want. Do you want to someday soon put on your headphones. And here's something that is unlike anything you've ever heard before. Radio Topa is looking for that feeling. They have been looking for that feeling since the beginning and they've been finding finding it and with your help they will continue to look for it and to find it in the future. It is certain you can rely on it is decidedly so go to radio TOPI A- dot. FM Right now to be a part of it radio TOPI DOT FM. Your help means a lot to all of us thank you aw.

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