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welcome to the undisputed podcast i'm your host jenny taft podcast is the full show from today's episode of undisputed from start to finish they've got a busy slate so skip shannon let's to remind everybody and welcome to the undisputed live off angeles i'm jim sharpe good morning guys you know what's so funny butter do is get your fired up about the net you don't know how you know how about twenty four hours you know know you know okay helped me out okay yeah i don't have to speak twentythree really you'll always be you don't do that he demanding change teams all of us to let it go bygones be bygones not me we don't have time to get to with free agency today but let's start with the biggest movie of the day yesterday after months of rumors kevin kyrie irving in brooklyn wells reports katie will sign a four year one hundred fifty four million dollar deal floss high rate will sign for four years and a hundred and forty one million those contracts last in the max that way the napkin also signed andre jordan had interest in the next however james dolan reportedly i'm not prepared sinus max deal because of that achilles injury katie is expected to miss all of next season shannon surprised argue both katie n kyri decided to go to brooklyn about surprised at all skip this for the most part most people thought katie was going to leave and then somewhere shortly before the all star game or during the all star game we starting here in the rumblings that k d and carry were going to be a package deal now we couldn't they couldn't settle on the team a lot of people thought it was brooklyn some thought it was the knicks a come defined that katie kinda wanna go to the knicks kyri one we go to brooklyn they ended up going together to the brooklyn nets but i'm not surprised at all skip and i've said this before i thought the nets had the better of the two roster after a they have everything better other than the building because when you're talking about the knicks you talk about madison square garden ali frazier fault there and billy joel sold it out and j v show oh you get all this rolling stone rolling okay rolling stone sold it out but when it comes down to basketball at the end of the day doesn't matter where you play in a matter of the brand of basketball envy organization set up the nets have everything's better better run better coke i don't know that i think david phys there's a better coach i think so go ahead i will say this i just felt the nets had the better of the peace escape i've said this before the thirtieth was the day that you know people start like you start here's the creep out and then the first the day would you guys consign but these deals have been in the works for months these agencies have been talking to these teams get nobody's doing a five hundred eighty million dollar deal and our these guys have already had him when guys are that contract contract for twentyfive thirty million they know they got something lined up their agents have a shore them we got team eight this will give you multiple year deal at basically that fame money harrison barnes opting out of twenty five million skip yeah when you got for years eighty eight coming down the line al horford there's a reason why big al opted out of it because he knew his agent had informed him we got something better so if i'm not surprised in in in in in any stretch because what we started hearing if that caving in kyri are very close they might be as close in any other two players in the league though they'd never played together but what we're starting to see skip if you wanna get i gotta play with you go there but wimpy because where that miami heat thing foster the bron delayed bars i thought it'd be overweight olympic right vince foster at the rio olympics so i am not surprised whatsoever i don't know how true it is but everybody it says that the knicks will not give k d because nobody saw red medical basically you buy skip i got a carpet sale i let you see you buy today as he is it might have been having engine it might not my backseat it might do you want it in charge of you and absorb amount of money saved james dolan didn't feel comfortable skip i could understand that because normally on andrew of this magnitude if it normally takes like two years sure after the injury so he's not gonna possibly play till he's thirty two it might not be until you're thirty three that we see the katie that we last saw but i'm not surprised by this business been in the works for at least three to four months later when it came to fruition i think the big big shot if not that'd be paired is that they paired together in brooklyn as opposed to the mhm which is why i remain shocked over this i still can't wrap my head around it and after i slept on up for the night the harder i think about it the worse it get and i don't understand it i indian it was about kyrie infringe ship is you say yeah but kevin still too young to opt for just friendship kevin durant just made a huge mistake to me in i don't understand it because in the end if you told me a month ago they kevin durant and kyrie irving would wind up signing with the nets i would've said yeah and pigs you're gonna fly because if i told you that a month ago before we heard any of this and you would a leftist it's impossible what just happened in i'm gonna remind everybody that far younger viewers out there the legacy move for kevin durant was obviously to go to the knicks if you're not gonna stay with golden state which was on the table and you were pushing for that you thought that would be they often do right but but if barring that if you're going to choose somewhere else to go it has to be the knicks because i i know the kids out there right now think of the knicks is this this sorry punchline of a franchise this embarrassing laughing stock this disaster oven on lovable loser that that's what the knicks are in in recent memory yes really for for about twenty years it's been that way but highland kevin lifetimes getting other american big news today i got it but just for the recor they're the biggest sleeping giant in all of sports there's nothing close to those knicks you could argue the cubs used to be the next but this is the knicks they play in the most hallowed arena in all of sports in it ain't even close right it is the mecca hideous madison square garden it is entertainment personified because of all the superstars in all forms of entertainment who played the palace that is madison square garden everybody wants to go there every opponent wants to have his best game at madison square garden i will give they have the worst owner in sports but that has been slightly cancelled by a very good coach david phys yeah life is in if you look at scott perry's track record they're fairly new gm he's been there two years and he has he he has a reza may behind he he'll build the pistons championship team and that run the they have yes okay so i respect him and i respect what they could be in i don't respect the fact that kevin said no to this and i get it and he has been reported that they wouldn't offered the max kevin durant's because of injury history i'm gonna get to that in just a minute 'cause you did make a strong point he does have injury history and he is he's a pretty big risk right now okay i get that part but it was also it also can clear later in the evening that kevin durant's tyree took less to go to the net so that they could get their other friend there other if we could go banana boat for those three guys they haven't and actually written a banana boat to my knowledge but they all belong on a banana boat those three do andre jordan who played briefly with stevie nicks last year but i had the get him under the cap at ten million which is probably more than he's worth right now the but he's their friend right so to get him under they all took a look at those two took a little less right okay so would that mitigate the circumstance a little bit the knicks they're saying well we can't kevin goaded the max well if i'm kevin durant's i don't care how much they pay me because as you pointed out many times he has so many lucrative investments in silicon valley that remain in operation judge just because he's in absentee owner now doesn't mean anything he's fine you can run them from a distance right in he is made so much money in his career this was legacy this is your chance to go there and revive a sleeping giant hasn't won a championship since nineteen seventy three this is your chance to win another championship with the knicks x that would allow blitzer rate all the criticism you got four leaving russell westbrook in oklahoma city joined forces with the guys that had just come from three one down to beat you steph clay dream on right yeah this is a chance if you want a couple championships with the knicks you'd need kyri along also but if you both chosen the knicks you could've started making the case in the end they you were the second best player in the history of basketball to michael jordan that's how big an opportunity you just left on the table for what for i think it's just friendship no seriously that's what it's i think it's what he never could connect with in golden state he was there thinking maybe i'll become friends with staff and they couldn't become friends right but we will talk about the way we're gonna talk about later but they never quite a bit in he went there thinking maybe dream on don't become my best friend and they had a terrible falling out which led to some terrible comments made by dream on so he felt like he never really he kind of had to go his own way last year in golden state right right yeah he was a man on an island and sometimes you could see it in the way they played her didn't play right okay so he's saying at this stage of my career i opt for kyri three nd andre well here's the shock to me i think kyri is the alpha here because we kept hearing from karnal a couple of weeks then it was nets nets nets retiree and i kept thinking hungrier you're gonna go this alone because i couldn't imagine cabin also joining the nets i thought it was gonna be kyri or bust for the nets okay so help me out here i think it was kyri who said kevin we gotta go nets because of what you're you're kind of going to the clippers right you're going to a team that was forty two and forty said they have better pieces and they do have a little better pieces but they're not exactly a championship waiting to happen right now right though i think the thing you bet it would it would take longer the knicks to get those pieces the next this is you know they put all their eggs they will get by on they really thought they were gonna get value in that didn't happen and so now they created all this cap space they traded freezing 'cause they got rid of the tim tim hardaway junior contract to open up all this cap space basically to they want to order three guys they wanna carry k d n y income to find out if they don't get the number one overall draft pick they don't get kyrie they don't get why they don't get katie they struck out with all the case if i guess i guess case in order so it will it will be flat out and disaster and so now you've given guys bobby portis julius random i get all that but for me what this tells me about kevin durant's event now i would rather win a title with my friends in because after he won the first remembers give me saying is that it this is this what is where where's where's where's the hunter hunter margin member marching band where where where the orchestra where it's where everything that comes along with this you see what happened in golden state skip he wanna title teammates now he wants to win a title with friends okay what happened in skipping golden state you look at this katie mccabe excuse me dream on clay and steph they grew up together it would have been the quivalent if k d one in okay see us with him search i i agree with that in it never quite the bonding never quite took place because stepping him with a different skill when he got that will happily married with two kids katie's coming in single yeah but we've never never gonna work so i assume he and kyrie are so close that that he listened the kyri who said let's go nets and i'm assuming he listened to d andre remember which with the knicks last year for he played nineteen out of thirty one games so he got a taste of the culture under davis's day right i'm gonna guess d andre jordan toll k d no no on david phys dale and maybe being tire well i think he likes beer i just felt like he like your division could remember remember skip the laugh i think he was a d n p the last seven games but he was not not surprisingly right go ahead it seems like they were going in a different direction they want to go young how do you audrey understood that okay so this feels from me a little like the choice lebron made to come to las angeles no matter if i have a co star not i wanna go that way you could argue with me all day until the cows come home or don't come home that lebron chose the lakers in part because of the hollywood in part in now to me kevin has has made a similar choice at advanced age and he's been taught this is twelve year he's been twelve years in the league he made a choice i just wanna play with my friend right tytler no title i'm not sure title is his priority right now again brooklyn is a little better situated to make a run with those two guys but but kevin obviously can't play next year but what did you do what you tell me all last week kevin durant do things that will bring fireworks will you least expect it carry marches to his own drunk his own beat they won't do things that you like because everybody's thinking they're going to make why not go to the knicks the knicks and so how loads up this madison square garden the biggest acc football there why wouldn't you two guys will to perform all that stage we go in brooklyn we're gonna make brooklyn stage like the knicks that's how they think skip you know when you get to that level you have supreme call but if in your ability and what you can do all right back to the knicks if i ran the next would i have plunged in offered kevin durant the max you better believe i have 'cause you just have to you you just you just got rid of porzingis to to do this yeah those do where do you have a legit concerns about it you better believe it because what happened to the marcus cousins he came back after year and yet all the warriors said he never looked right all of last year i couldn't run up and down the floor couldn't get back in shape an he often complain that his foot only achille side hurting right we saw flashes of brilliance in the finals right it could only be for four minutes here in five minutes here right yes is that gonna be the kevin durant we see in two years my he need a whole year back yeah to get right laser guy yes so that would mean we have to wait three years out yet until we start to see the old kevin durant's in all his glory well at that point he will be thirty three years away in maybe he'll start showing a little wear and tear so were the knicks right to say timeout wait a second because he had the jones fracture back in oklahoma city of austin basically all year took three three surgeries the get it right and it was on his right foot right you can't tell me that there were some sort of imbalance path apology going on there up and down the leg that operated to the point that he finally pulled calf tore achilles tendon right and he's had a lot of calf injury had a lot of cap injuries and he's had a sprained knee it was on the other side but he he can be injury prone so i get that you'd say okay maybe that's the problem in by the way on kyrie irving is home okay he's way injury prone number one and number two he's diva from alameda notches i love him am i am i is it possible that next year he continues the get exposed as a guy who can't leave who alienates teammates is it possible in his one year by himself would know kevin durant's the heat alienates a bunch of the nets the way he alien all of the celtics if you know how he is yeah okay he goes to the to the beat of his own robert to a fault so is it possible you start looking at the net is it possible the nets made the wrong choice sure it it is it possible you look back in three years and say boy the knicks paid the right move yeah you might look at it on paper but in the big picture emotionally they they made the wrong you just have to plunge offering the math thing about this skip the in twenty nineteen after all the bad contracts that james dolan has given out of being now that's a very good point 'cause they have a legacy and this is where even the nothing good enough when kevin durant and by the way listen i don't the biggest mellow contract was not a good idea 'cause you got really nothing right back for an indian mari contract remember that used in god you're on with it's horrible greenway how many of them would just give it i'm like what can you say omari in orange more modest outlined in metabolize houston they've had just it's the highway is littered with back full contracts berry out yet so you didn't want another one of those but in this case the two time finals mvp you just close your eyes and blew it yes the cost of doing business even the risk you have let me question but here's the thing if you look at all these other guys they've got the five years in one seventy eight one eighty before you decide that even if kevin ran does not come back at a hundred percent kevin the rat because back in eighty five ninety percent he's still better than all but maybe eight players in nb eight eighty five ninety percent you just do the gator skip that there's a huge risk given when you believe that he could possibly come back and be the kevin the rat if he can get back to that is a huge risk but it must be a risk you're willing to take given what you get rid of preventative why do trade hardaway junior declare all this cap space inherited the guy sitting there if he tells you know you could lead with that tells you know because you're not gonna give him the matt that can't happen okay so in the end you tell me okay maybe they think to themselves let's go put the nets on the champion that they did go to the finals in o t to and then backed back and oh three byron scott they had coach remember that yeah and they they lost to the spurs six that was a second year and they got swept by the lakers the shack lakers so again they have a little bit of of at least finals legacy but but they're still the clippers to me it just still doesn't feel right kevin durant will look back and say i had an opportunity to go big go new york city to go madison square garden unless he just wants to kind of like like he says i i did all that i won back to back finals mvp is when nobody thought i could so this feels a little bit like send my retirement media kevin durant's every little bit skip ever ever breaking and i see the mets he signed kyri start here now they're telling their pet or the knicks the nets were telling people they've got kevin the rat they've got kevin the rat and then when it finally breaks carry kevin around side with the myth it seems real the get to the top three prime rate of the free agent market i gotta do you feel well that's that's my point i don't know if been in the works yeah it just it happened yesterday now is because kyrie said hey let's do this let's do this and i guess kyri is the dominant of the two friends i think he dictated let's go to the nets let's do haven't said let's do this k d we go put the mess on the map now could you imagine if we wanna title with that we've got them back it'll happen we get a what we were talking about that little later on talking about that nick you know everybody get why right who wrote a facet who old cold call wow yeah yeah i don't i don't think you're i think the milk which is all the way through delaware you're doing the turtle you i wish in into not a number i don't worry about i have seen the great guys in that certainly the big winners winners in free agency they also got a commitment from garrett temple you should sign on july six hey guys jenny taft here and before the show moves along i wanna talk to you by ziprecruiter their job sites that send you tons of the wrong reza mace disor through that's not smart but you know what is smart going to ziprecruiter dot com slash undisputed to hire the right person ziprecruiter doesn't depend on candidates finding you it finds finds them for you it's powerful matching technology scans thousands of resumes identifies people with the right skills education and experience for your job and actively invites them to apply so you get qualified candidates fast that's that's why ziprecruiter is rated number one by employers in the u s this rating comes from hiring sites on trust pilot with over a thousand reviews and right now undisputed listeners can try ziprecruiter for free at this exclusive web address ziprecruiter dot com slash undisputed that's ziprecruiter dot com slash undisputed one more time ziprecruiter dot com slash undisputed ziprecruiter the smartest way to hire now back to the show free agents were flying off the market yesterday but not quite leonard he's still wearing his option the clock seems to have narrowed his list down just three potential suitor raptors in lakers all expected to meet with fly this week but the lakers just might be the front runner her friend chris broussard before supply the lakers rumblings are growing stronger this morning daily times reporting hawaii dunkel had positive tough with magic johnson yesterday about the direction of the team shani's away where do you think wise gonna end that you're gonna be helpful gaining gaining gaining momentum yet you could almost see the ball oh i don't figure the phony to oh yeah so yeah you're gonna be indifferent to he'll be sad seal then deliver you'll be on your mobile phone you know that's the letting you know you know what i find it very ironic given this reminds me of something that happened in twenty sixteen you remember would like leading up to be a let the general election is that they were asking people it all and kept saying i would never vote for donald trump he's he's bears and he that and lo and behold guess who's in the white house yeah everybody keeps saying i would i don't wanna play with lebron james even rick i have no reason to doubt him i believe he told his rhythm i'm just saying why i told him i don't wanna come go compete with it i wanna compete against yes and lo and behold because you know why they say that skip there's no benefit in saying i want to play with lebron james because everybody's gonna do what you would do that he would rip them apart do what do you think michael jordan would say he won't certain plus the guy he would never knew that he would not have everybody wanna play with the king day selfish oh really most of selfish go of all time normally go so not gotten really selfish better not legal one go just go right here i'm talking about leaving the book when you break it down skill in this would even be worse than the knicks if the clippers don't land while later skip this will be a bigger fiasco then what the knicks suffered i agree because they have top the bottom ownership much better the structure of the organization west run much better agree we could all agree that doc rivers currently right now the better coach david phys dale hot so hot if they miss out on why this would be a bigger disaster knew what the knicks suffered yesterday okay so you're getting opportunity play with the bravo bravo until you come that here i'm a big banks we take a look arguably road and i'll make shop facilitate you in aiding i will make sure this thing go go loans moving you'd never have to worry about me getting in the way you know i mean james you the word i got one foot in hollywood feed that you go see see see what you do you do this advertise true no not going down yeah man says you know what i wanna make sure everybody's comfortable i understand you got 'cause i wanna leave this thing great hair i wanna leave it in better shape to what i found it you remember how the bron got here and the lakers were older trashy in case you didn't know then he says i want the leaving in a better situation what are bad and i want to make sure atypical why has this thing moving forward for years and years ago so i went in the conceit something that's what lebron do that's why he go so you're meeting he's on the downside nothing you do know the lakers rehab this this world renown pt judy yet that's it that's why i later all that's very important to remember it with the team with the you know the athletic trainers in san antonio they him up out of their low these people are more important than we previously fall and they remember he had a very close relationship to to the guy that within a toronto at the time so they give them a lot more credit scared because you know gotta build that trust now i don't see that being a problem vote with that being said i got a straw famous you like you you know you had your tell me where the caliber of player before you got a feeling i just got this i just got this feeling gs mila so what would you make it ninety percent he's gonna sign would you more yeah i've got no i like i feel like not a right now ninety five the braun seventy if lebron goes to the free throw line they do not see how many kids don't do that now i am so dearly before that number to choose the clippers or even if he chooses to resign in toronto so you can feel at least a little the way i felt when number two left knee high and dry in san antonio in if he leaves you high and dry which he's capable of doing right here right now because i don't think he's taken one meeting yet and i think he's about back tobaks and i don't know if it's gonna be lakers clippers clippers lakers but he's going to give both franchises a shot to convince them they should be his destination for the next four five years so i am so dearly hoping that he stiffs you as you're lakers the way he did spurs so you could just get a little taste of my medicine then i've been taken over here for about a year now and then maybe you'll start calling him number two two if he steps you am i right and i think it is very possible that you are overlooking just the firepower fifty clippers are about to roll out whatever oh they're gonna roll out doc rivers okay jerry west and the deepest pockets in sports and steve bomber you build an organization that has been gearing up for at least a year to make this presentation on day yes what's about to be rolled out there and they did maybe in a little bit of a panic move they did leap last night once jimmy butler went down with he's going to the heat writing in at at certain points we thought it might be even number two in k d to the clippers then it became number two in jimmy butler to the clippers in now it comes down to all we'd better go resigned patrick beverley end they leaked on it and they gave him oh is it three years forty million pretty good money for patrick beverley considering he may five million last year okay i mean he did he did another eight million dollar able you're good well again you might say it's a little bit of desperation but at least they have now position themselves to bring back pretty much the same town they lost garrett temple to a brooklyn brooklyn so again he was a role player then but a good one yeah he could play defense and occasionally shoots threes but the point is that now you you look at the clippers they went forty eight and thirty four last year pretty good won't be that they want a couple of games in the first round against kevin durant's warrior to at oracle they on those games their team on the verge at least they could bring it back as is if they could add number to that could put them over the top in the west happening that's the pitch they're about to make an i'm going i hope number two is watching right now because i'm asking some hard questions you're gonna love it that i want him on why why why you say why would you join the circus he's the kind of kid who doesn't wanna join the circus he does he wanna play in those shadow he saw oh is in yeah you got talent as a kid what you wanna do you wanna showcase a better place the showcase been nothing but i like why would number two suddenly wanna play in the hottest spotlight in all of sports 'cause he's gonna get real hot on that staples stage if he signs with the lakers because they're going to become the center of bnb eight universe does he want that wall and worst of all he's going to join a team in which he will be clearly the third wheel i don't care how you slice it it's lebron it's aideed or they are they're saying in their clutch clients so they're gonna again all those about another all influences dares whatever they want they will get those two will get you're going to be the third we love him he's gonna be the third musketeer at best at what always happens deliverance third musketeer the goat as you call up a big old quotes around go horthy he needs a scapegoat and he's always had one he had chris bosh in miami he had kevin love in a cleveland guys who are okay this will now this guy's gonna be that guy yeah right he's the lamar instead of turning out to be the third guy will be the guy instead of having a twenty seven eight nate this drama dropping down to twenty four ten in six is the most overprotected superstar in the history of sports is you're man lebron james led by you you're resident i'll be blind witness fan club in all the blind witnesses always say if if if there's a big epic fail by their man number six now number six number six epic fail they'll say we gotta blame we gotta blame the third whale shark fall number two you blame for this title about who you are blamed for that nobody oh you ain't gonna win one and by the way you're cutting so you say you got lots of do we already got it now where we go why we're not only the title you already betting thirty case just anthony why would you want another bad our all of our all the world the fifty year yeah okay come skill can you imagine i said it would be unfair and i just think of the commissioner adam silver who happens to be the best commission going right now i think he let this happen you go happened in evitable i'll look it up this morning inevitable that which is bound to a court kerr that word it did you look it up no i know i said most people actually know that that should i don't know i did go you know they taught me that at vanderbilt i don't know you know why coming up little i have so much risk back for the firepower running the clippers right now i'm not ruling out the clippers i realize it now looks a little worse with the clippers because there's not a clear costar club no coat cut off if you're watching number two why don't you have the guts to go compete against lebron james is he said to rebuke or not i don't wanna compete with him i wanna compete against him have the guts that's the one thing i know about why low but i do know about a local issue shaming gonna do what you wanna do oh yeah they'll just see yeah let's just see if this yeah i you know i love it i know how he is built i know what he's made every other rights stuff he is not an alpha an he does not want to go to a team with two outs is already where he just be relegated to i'm along for this ride whereabouts alone you eat low we yeah you you get called up who eat furniture who get the biggest see how we do things like a laugh when the broad adian kyri i mean why we don't worry about who's the biggest piece of chicken we don't worry about who give emerge oh my play how we do it there because everybody 'cause they're thinking about a pasco when things go well everybody will get a slice of well speaking of slice of pie let's say he does joined forces with lebron and eddie who closes form look roger her co why no no no not made of closure style here's a better question is who knows enough to go watch gene what we need a girl who got three guys go oh so won't even be closer gaffney they closed their do getting out of hand okay now we might not you keep on talking rigaud seventy five and seven but if you be nice to me i tell me go sixteen fourteen now woman into how many cases dude we get on sixty eight and fourteen now we'll go that we may lower animate brought on his way of a wild miss like twenty eight legal myth so a you know we'd be sixty sixty how to be i hope he does sign with the lakers 'cause this team would then become the big heart because they'd all three be hurt here and there and everywhere they all three have recent injury history starting with lebron is what they what do what may golden state so unbeatable that two of the three could have off nights and the third guy in sixty and so if two of the three that guess what we still got we've still got this is what we're gonna have we're gonna have three of the top six players in all of basketball never in the history of the game him nobody say that that's what whereabout of fast so i found it interesting last night the anger shelburne or any espionage said that maybe this is what would be the number two group decided would be sort of a loyalty test let's let's play this out for forty eight hours and see which of these teams that were talking to would leak well what leaked right away on it might have been on saturday i'm losing track of the days was leaked magically magic the magic just immediately league he made a talk on the phone but we all know what are you like that but that just goes to show you this is why you never burn bridges be employed e or implore because you never know now who did he say he did wait a second magic burned his bridge to the ground i thought but you can't do that but guess what no he didn't say i wanna so he talked a magic bird he didn't talk to raw hagia genie he did talk about it we've been told us about the behind the scenes because i know about so he talked to the guy first who quit on the franchise rational absolutely john hewitt am i they would give me what they promised maybe he wanted the dirt did he get the dirt yeah the thing that magic johnson real live he could do more help you be more beneficial to the lakers and magic johnson better air recruiters irving johnson so once magic got the call hey he wants to talk to you first by phone go dennis magic immediately just went full leap right because magic wand and everybody you know i'm i'm still when you we gotta do is give you can keep it and let me let me tell you what it mccollum ever would ever get my number call billable i'm calling my brother my my momma bear free i'm gonna fight it she's got you're number she she might not a call him other movies in that discussion with magic johnson quiet as i'm gonna ask you about bringing his own medical staff and as well as in function of the whatever you wanna call a mile right next up today today the worry of activity on the first day of free agency as expected klay thompson agreed to that max deal but here's an unexpected golden state finalizing a trade for dangelo russell and then training for a finals mvp vichy andre dollars in memphis salmonella force katie decision to leave for brooklyn steph curry reportedly left china the flight of new york the tells the katie athletic reports that found out duran leaving wall staff was on the flames went ahead of new york anyway though that thank katie the three years they worked together shannon interesting turn of events why do you think katie ended up leaving golden state woman who build the championship been giving his ultimate peace of what he thought it would give himself because he immediately said this is it this is why i thought i thought it would be more 'em you can't put on skip you know the old saying you can't put a price on happiness even at fifty seven million dollars 'cause that's what kevin the rat left on the table and golden state by signing with brooklyn with happiness you get we talked about this a little earlier dream on clay and steph they grew up together it's kinda like you you know you have you're free of everywhere through k all the way the twelve and then there's this other guy came out more you're high school cool it all he good i mean we blame altogether play football basketball branch cool but he's not like the one that we grew up together where that's what the a caveat in okay see here russ here serge ibaka skip they grew up together i believe he won that that would have gave him more peace more enter piece what he got golden state i agree just could never get that mhm and it wasn't until it became too late that the fans started to give kevin the rat the praise the adulation and be appreciation that he saw because it wasn't until they got down three one in the rumblings starting to grow the k news coming back and then they saw what he did in that game five in the first four minutes of the game who been they realize just how special kevin the it was because they have steph steph wasn't even coming close to doing it by himself and it was that guy get we said this look they were great team before k d but in a seven game series that seven foot monster made the virtually on peter because they had no answer for it because you like things were going hey why couldn't remember that game three lead or against cleveland the second time around that finished with ten point i think klay had a level well it was kadian at forty three that when we can try to go get farther and farther out k d three katie katie with a poster he couldn't get what he wanted yes he wore the title but he warning more for in that title could build that quaint that desire to be loved to be appreciated entered do it with friends missed something fair tobias get going and i mean 'cause knowing where people go they go like did you got out and when you ain't got no friend just only frame men ernestine only fringe you've got like if you wanna go do something you like i'm gonna go do my best friend not two guys and i just started meeting and just start a war who would it work over a year ago i won't guys that that grew up where to go alone when this rack and he says i want my best friend kyri andy andre i want them to experience i want experience what i had and golden state winning the title but i want experience with them katie and steph when they intersect just get with the different stages of their life still career with man what a beautiful beautiful wife had two little girls remember skip a riley riley a current became a mean because every night at the game steph curry would bring out there and said she'd be sitting over there and let looking holding holding court katie got their katie was single go and so they're different stages of life indifferent for this article rare will marcus thompson skipped meeting that he is a terrific piece you go out with them but i issue his family friends close associates if you know when guys go out we wanna talking about saying we don't want mama will one family member there might be around premier to what we're talking about that's just the way it goes nothing wrong i i have no problem with the way still conduct his business but i'm just telling you as as men when we go out we talk about things that women do not need to be dealt we don't want them around here so that's why kevin yourself but it's okay whatever artist they don't wanna be around you when you talk at all crazy and talking about a number two and she called the guac not sure she's still love but skip what he couldn't get in golden state now you can get a in brooklyn is the ability to win a championship france what did you always tell me about kevin durant and golden state no matter how great he is no matter how many championships they wins it will always be steph steamship bottom line so when i read the marcus thompson pc games terrifically written in research what did it smack of to me it had come from somebody i don't know if it came straight straight from steph but somebody in his camp one at this out there the steph flew all the way from where were they in shame you got all the way from shanghai to new york city in didn't hear until he was in mid flight oh it's over he's committed to right yet still went on to new york because he wanted the cmt quote marcus based vice man demand friend a friend to say hey love you man appreciate all that you've done to me there's some pr operating here because he wanted the world to know especially warriors nation to know that don't blame me i tried i did the best i could get kevin come back right don't put it all on me because we never quite clicked okay yeah they should they should give me got the driver's seat and got in the passenger seat so okay did drive you did but again i think he wanted a clear i went out of my way either help three recruiting or at least think one way or the other i went to new york and i knocked on his door and i said hey congratulations gratulations right okay so it makes steph come off a little bit better but now we go back to why did this unravel i think it started about a year ago at the teams championship celebration do you remember the bob myers room hey he tried to make a joke about this i think we have if we could show it let's see it right now and they're catering in whatever contract he wants next year the media he can model another level behind closed doors because i think last year you told me you gotta have any contract he wants to so yeah he he's he's been here from the way before days he's earned they're ended the warriors cohesion rather shows three began ooh you see kevin spacey's motorola however you drink two months the night before you may be trying to make a joke that slop bell ride on its head in everybody groaned any audience they knew the warriors ground in some grants modern day himself it felt like the beginning of the end because i think it was two drew steps here from the beginning he deserved his contract earned it you earned it yeah no i won't work then we had the dream on incident and you and i've talked about it thirty nine times on this show but it was serious business man the man in in anger what you're lying about a man tell the truth drunk driving repeat right there you go this is extreme anger anger in it actually played into the issue with the warriors this year is that kevin is like give me the ball run the back or like he wants the ball on her dream was like no no i could do this i i got on faster new you are on is a lot faster and kevin the basketball and how many times did he or teams the plows by just taking it just full coordinate how many times and he beat portland down the call my goodness roamers numerous times so he's saying no were better if i do this right now kevin slapping the basketball an now the clash starts and jerry's over onto the bench at ironically staple center in dream on says we won without you and then he calls in that word wave it afterwards you know you always have been that you are that we won without you leave solely just go ahead and leave an they they're all the multiple reports say they mended defense i just never bought it and i don't think it ever gets mended when you say that out of anger you speak your heart yeah spoke his heart kevin 'cause that's what dream on deep down believes we we won't without you only give you never say something permanently hurtful when you temporarily upset yeah there you go skip is hard to overcome that is hard overcome it cost me as as napoli ever napoli skip you have this supreme comedies but they hear someone say is steph different steph has been here longer he's earned it kevin resident you do realize i just won back to back finals mvp and i she hit forty three in game three that really closed a series win you're guy had ten point one why were you overhear talking we laugh and give me seriousness k d we were having berry berry different outlook on steph curry hey k d not showing up i'm not so sure they have two more wins in the finals models katie agreed on so now we're looking at steph curtain we're not looking at steph curry could you pass magic johnson is one of the greatest point guard kenny move into the top ten that's not even open for debate that's not even open for discussion i agree had it not been for now it was a great trade off because kevin the rat got an opportunity go there and see how this thing with the inner workings lover and it would permit still courage it took a lot okay i got two times it'd be a two time mvp right in the katie show nobre now two point number three something went on with kevin's injury in i don't know who to believe her what to believe something weird about it yes in all i know for sure is that he went all the way to new york city did get his achilles phillies reattach by the surgeon who is the nets team surgeon in it is no coincidence there's a connection there in fact the same surgeon did kevin jones fracture when when he needed the get it fixed the third time in the ronald time you he did it you got it right so that was at another issue here which left golden state in alert in i thought it was complete panic on their part to give deangelis russell dumb max they could given what is it what is it max skip skip here's a guy that had the third the third highest usage rate were trapped behind hardening russ that makes sense doesn't need the guy that will dribble the ball more into possession then then klay thompson will in a single night true i'm trying i'm like maybe it's because clay is gonna be outlets for the late february early march yup and they need to pick a guy that could score the basketball but when you really break it down and you look at okay clay still dream on you're angelo this this unless you're tell me you could trade him at the date the drug that maybe maybe maybe maybe that they piece may what they're gonna do but i tell you something very interesting it reporter chris haines reported that they had come the andre igwe dollar dollar earlier in the week if we louis k d were probably gonna move you here's the truth telling the breakfast club a skill you can't give away the sequel to the original recipe man expect dakota avenue back and that's true he did he knew he pulled mike murphy everybody you know draft in what they cooking it wasn't important in the you can't do that but guess what i heard you know who is former oh rob linka now map and what we knew no day going you so why would they want a thirty five thirty three if you're on a log on now all right i'm not just saying do you know i i don't know who is for major would do you know where former agent in oh robbie gold robby mm robbie mm you want to be well no way either dollar figure it out eight stuff gentleman no on friday he was women's national team got a link to one win over france to advance to the semifinals of the women's world cup next but showdown with england catch all the action tomorrow at two eastern on fox and the fox sports app all right ready to take note they eastern conference going through a complete facelift yesterday the celtics lost kyrie irving but they regroup suicide kimball walker the pacers added malcolm brogdon feeling lost jimmy butler to the heat but they brought back tobias harris and will add al horford mommy mbh champion raptors are in a holding pattern just waiting on quiet how much they keep track of shannon right now if you had to pick who's the best team in the sixers is not close a good look at the al horford or tobias harris the player player the jimmy butler is no but there's something to be said for locker room and i believe that's what out or if it will give them a bigger presence in the locker room in more calming presence not is confrontational in in in in in maybe jimmy think that's the the way to go about it but you can't confront everybody everybody is not gonna be on the same wavelength have the same type of demeanor or want the same thing i want to go about the same things you do i think al horford every third or fourth option is is a great position for him skip the mistake the boston made is that when they find him they didn't have kyri and they didn't have gordon hayward so he's the lynch pin he's the number one guy that's not what he is he's not a guy you build around the oh yeah we go and play without but you put joel embiid in the mix you put ben simmons in the mix you add tobias harris now you got a nice quality player better joel embiid miss times you could slide into the bat he can play he and play the five he could play the ball he could stretching shoot three young men now there'll be held on defense that's a big big big big big frontline team everybody goes six nine above the by the shorter six matt illegals six ten ben simmons seven to joel embiid sixteen and a half six to eleven al horford and then i love the swap with josh richest guy that can play di did shoot the three can write off guy so i like them skip about boston got got better carrying the better player kimball walker but cat rehab these issues that didn't sit well in that locker room mhm i'm not so sure there'll be many people in boston locker room and i don't know how the fans feel about inskip but i don't think there's many people involved in organization that's upsetting they got reasonable number there milwaukee has to be good they brought back chris middleton they did lose brogden but they were able to reach side of brook lopez i just saw the they they might have found his brother robin lopez so i think they'll still be good who toronto's in a heap of trouble but right now as we sit here the sixers and it's not even close waiting so now it's a done deal number two is not going back to toronto storms they're they're in a holding pattern okay you know skip that they look either either put me down the don't take off if i got i hey we're like well you know the traffic is backed up over no hartsfield jackson in so we're gonna be at home mom put me down go i take the time that we got did this fall last week you were saying he should go back to toronto that would that would vote for our best both yeah you've said a lot of things change from the far right okay so what if he does let's do the cynical what if he does go back to toronto then who's the best team bayless still yes wow so you're meeting he made the lucky shot in the history of the bad i am i right they gotta do is do okay because i agree with your premise because if joel embiid doesn't have to viruses into sore knees they're going to win that series against toronto it went to the last shot it and again that was with the jimmy butler they decided didn't really fit so so they're winning you might say inspite of i love jimmy butler but let me tell you in value in overall impact on and off the floor he is not al horford i will take out horford over jimmy butler any day or any night night at as the more valuable member of my basketball team all al horford is done in his career is make the playoffs every year in its because he was always the rock the driving force see the he's he's the one they all look to leader in big shiny new can't be the best player no okay i got that he doesn't look like the best player he doesn't act like the best player he makes a lot of big shot and he makes a lot of big defensive stops young you need it most he will block a shot we say where did that come from right right so to me that if you roll out that five of embiid and ben simmons an al horford in tobias is back in josh which to me is a budding young star it's three indeed he gives you but it's starpower those five that's the best five and east do they have much that they do not they still have mike scott and that's about it allows right now they lost jj so they need to add some shooters and the list getting meager by the minute the more you regional smaller any worse and worse does but south korea's out there danny green man he way no way no no no no i i got i got a feeling a bit of a delay you do it could be depending on maybe with the clippers none of them have been going back to try and look i know what you're trying to you're trying to be given to exist i might work so the point is they need some shooters to replace jay jay do by the way is now a pelican in the pelicans all of a sudden they look like for let's say hey give me remember i would say the lakers jj redick will look good in a lakers uniform in everybody that will come up here and tell me oh he even prince did not believe that oh he loved fairly okay really no he let me tell you what love border fairly money money or let's go win with a bunch of kids were wearing what when where why win a bat with you wait right ahah well jfk i will i will i will let you buy 'cause we wanna thank why today by product six o'clock and i'm gonna be will let you buy half the case with other other that you gotta pay the full price to be okay now center wait go so now let's look at the rest of these so do i told you i love jimmy butler i love his guts i love his toughness don't love his leadership he's just a challenger fire starter in so he wanted his own state she's a d wade you know almost disciple again wait so he says let me go try to replace d wade is the solo star in miami okay so last year they went thirty nine and forty three will he pushed him into a eight thirty seven seed i believe he will could they take the number one seed thirty eight seed just six or seven games yeah i think they know i just because the jimmy butler that's how much respect i but they're gonna lose in the first round even though it might be a battle they're going to lose because that's the ceiling he's gonna hit in miami amy so they have factor no not to me kimball walker what is he done in his career in charlotte helped me out he made the playoffs twice is a six seed in a seven seed and did not win of who they're going to run into those guys okay so it wasn't a fair fight but still is kimball better than kyrie cheer point is in close he's clove road he's really good but but okay so what were they last year they went and boston win forty nine in thirty three they're gonna be appreciably better with with kim but no charges were you mean what i say forty nine forty three thirty three thirty nine thirty three yes great so are they going to be about the same i i'll give them that except they lost al horford but again arrows you're just on happiness so they're gonna be happier basketball team still nice young coach the coach i think that's gonna be the biggest thanksgiving sometimes you know what kerry was bringing in that locker room big guys weren't happy yup you saw a jaylen brown take a step back roads year took a step back jason tatum is not the same guy in the playoffs the previous year so i think by bringing kimber ill end where he might not be kyri mars bigshots let's give you got handles he could hit big shots to now can you just a little man he he's he's a little man but i just think the peace and harmony there's gonna be in the locker room when they have it on the court because i don't think see kyri hit that big shot he was a champion he saw himself his way up here and the guys were here that won't work well now they're all in the same level which means they're gonna be the fifth need you know did they win a series maybe they could maybe i mean we have david but we know who might be the best team in the whiskey which brings us tuesday milwaukee bucks i don't know they lost brogden but they retain their real estate in a little bit yeah so they could still be very good i mean they had the best record in basketball a lot of bill you know chris middleton vibe was seventy eight and they'll but let me ask you a question skilled at some point they'll have the blow this up because honestly the line next year the get five to fifty three to fifty four that's four hundred and twenty plus million four hundred thirty million guys who you really going the luxury tax for that 'cause not winning a title new or like nobody goes on next year's beer or but it is now so i could see a goofy oh yada yada won't believe in enchanting air point they did use their room exception four point eight million decide robin lopez other but you you're breaking news there that's a lower paying all that he will do anything on the court you go to a bit of people's mesko rob lowe where do people get ended a kevin durant and kyrie irving are both in brooklyn they reportedly signed last in the matt asking also signed d andre jordan duran it was entrusted in the neck but james dolan reportedly wasn't fair to sign him to a max deal because of concerns about that achilles injury any is of course expected to all of them were joined once again by one envy analyst restart good morning good morning how are you surprised that katie and kyrie both decided to go i mean we've been here for weeks that kyrie was honed in on in that in that he was trying to convince k d so i can't say i'm surprised at all but what i will say this i do think as we were hearing all year about k d in the knicks i do think he was zeroed in on the knicks but i think a few things happen to change his mind what i don't think happened change his mind is that the knicks were willing to give him the max like i don't believe that period first of all from talking to the knicks after k got katie got hurt so talking to the knicks today in yet yesterday told him yesterday i think they were gonna offer him the max end i think this is spin from either like i'm told they didn't talk internally or wiz k d's raps about offer him anything less than the mess big i think this is spin from either james dolan getting it out there so it doesn't look like the knicks got rejected for brooklyn or from k d's camp so it doesn't upset people in new york that oh you rejected the knicks going right for the net so you do think he rejected the knicks ultimately yeah i mean he didn't shoot it look he's not even getting the maximum brooklyn nope he's taking less the get go to brooklyn so they could be andre jordan d andre jordan was trying to get k d n kyri the go to the knicks andy andre was like i'm gonna go wherever you guys though when he was he his preference was new york okay so i think what what happened was when katie got hurt that changed everything because the knicks all along it was two guys they won they were willing to go all in order for the max collide leonard or kevin durant's they would take someone else kyri kimber maybe jimmy butler west is one of them if that's what it took with kyri it was like we want k d n will take kyri with k d but was katie gets hurt now he's out for year now you face the prospect of having kyri leading your team and your locker room for eight years and they were concerned heard about that so that turn things the second thing was i don't know if it was related to that but kyrie this siding or brooklyn like i don't know how much he was ever in the knicks but when it became apparent he was all in all in brooklyn that shift things to cause katie especially with the injury didn't wanna go there by himself right like if kyrie is not going there in kyri did grow up he grew up where i liver new jersey he grew up in that span his father had season tickets when kyrie little so this may be like a dream on river kyri i know spencer dinwiddie recruiting like shrimp december so yes and relationships there and i think i'm gonna say this to cause a lot of people were killing these guys i think this show some self awareness all year we've been talking about how k d in kyri do not like dealing with aggressive in abrasive media right whether you will call insensitive or whatever it is they don't like i think they thought about that and i think they said look in new in brooklyn we can get the benefit of living in new york playing in new york which out you're gonna have scrutiny because his brooklyn in his name bay but without as intense a media scrutiny as we would get with the knicks and so i think that lebron there's new york city outlets the manhattan now you're gonna cover the brooklyn nets there is but it's still they're still a defense i covered the nets where the new york times when they had john calipari so we covered the art but it is still as you know it's a different but you know the today's world you get scrutinize wherever you're at but i think there will be a little different last question before you go bottom bottom line why did kevin durant's choose the nets in you're humble estimation why i think there was nobody else he really was and go to new york wis that was gonna go there with announcing kyri there's necessarily gonna go there wishing geico bottom line he chose net halls of congress but yeah i mean i think there's like everything i said i think is kind of mixed in there i think it'd be doesn't get hurt maybe he's willing to go there alone may be willing to say if kyri won't go kimba that's you know what i mean so i think i'm gonna say the injury change and that's the fact that everything was more concerning to me skip not concerning this i opening that kevin the rat didn't get the max from the nets any already the fifty seven million on the table with golden state so he's leaving somewhere around sixty five maybe sixty five million dollars to say you know what no they they will be the favorites again kevin the rain comes back into that next year but two years there will be the favorite now wanna go play in my friend and i would rather won the title with my friends and be happy as opposed winning championships with teammates because i believe that kevin durant youtube because he came along later we're already in high school you wouldn't go to k through you know come up big in junior high and all that together he got there they were already south steph clay and dream on with already sophomore be other guys come in do you come in my sophomore yeah we go we don't get along using all my own room but it's not the same and i think these guys march they do things their way in because in we we've been hearing right before right before the draft that the drive before they all star star game that k d and carry your package deal and then we saw them talking to the all star game in that's when it really really ramped up get like okay and you know they they were basically you know they wouldn't have the handle what am i would just talking in when people someone asked or for ask about like this just to france talking why do you guys automatically assume so this starting brewing around a little bit before they all star game and it went full circle and so i'm not surprised i just felt that the mets had the better situation they topped the bottle noticed you organizational structure the head coach i believe it's better with the knicks phys dale i believe he's a better goats i the piece is owned the team with the nets are better than what they have it in new york and so for me k d in kyri nothing surprises me about them because katie went to golden state nobody saw that coming in the wake of a towering at did once he got to a situation that he demanded that he being demanded that if you don't trade trade me cleveland i'm tempted they have surgery in sit out the entire season so situation but he fought so hard the get into heroic that so i i'm not surprised at all but k k d it just tells you everything you need to know about k d in a situation in golden state by doing what he did take you even less money than what he could have gotten golden state who do how much do you think the narrative getting away from that narrative of the most the most important thing which i think you do if he if he wins it with brooklyn then i think he totally gets away from that narrative although i think the narrative with dispel to a great degree with what happened in michigan where i cannot comfortable with this i'm shocked by it much more then you two are i'm disappointed in kevin i think he made a huge mistake i don't think he'll ever think that and i'm not gonna condemn for it but this feels like the kind of decision and you make when you wanna send my retirement and i'm not saying the winning still isn't a priority but you had a chance to go do something very special with the knicks they still play in the most hallowed arena in all sports in they still play in new york city in there the biggest sleeping giant in all of sports and it's not even close they haven't won a championship since nineteen seventy three and i think in his heart of hearts he knew do that i gotta do that if you're talking about legacy gotta do that in but friendship one out yes because he didn't have that close friend with the warriors dope in this is his closest friend in the closest friend is saying hey i'm i'm i'm going to the nets i love the nets i grew up loving this i'm going here i'm going here and he kept be known until finally katie said okay i give up right i'll follow you to the net end it comes across across to me like of this partnership alpha is kyri the he want out that that kevin could have said okay i'll go it alone i'll go with kimball or jimmy or whoever it was but no it's friendship in it it's sweet on on a certain level 'cause i think they're really genuinely tight but it's it's child light to me in that it almost comes across like i wanna go spend the night at kyrie's house where indian i wanna go there and mama said it's okay she said it's okay if i wanna go spend the night at kyrie's house but i'm gonna go spend it over there in brooklyn you know and i'm tired of fighting it comes across like kevin saying i'm tired of fighting i fought with russell need lover us off the court but they fought on the court like crazy and he could make peace with that and then he had a fight with dream on and he had the fight steffes legacy in real estate and after a while he just said i'm tired of it i don't wanna have go fight for the knicks and again they have a horrible culture and they have the worst owner in sports i get that that's why that would have been the crowning achievement to his career if you could win in spite of james dolan but david phys dale is really good at what he does know you're not gonna be really fun to play for their front office is good like i mean you mentioned aero scott period and gm steve mills present like i think they've revamped their i do to be okay good job by the way sean marks is just a flat out stood and if you sit with two minutes you'll be one over and i'm sure kevin was one over so i got that i i'm i'm a nurse standing that but it's still it's still the clippers of new york is still in brooklyn in it it's not playing the palace it's not like i want the bright lights of new york city the city that never sleeps does does the katie understand the camry is more like roast the people might have different needs at different to though i i think the fist where in the mid like it it will be likely a rough kyri i think is a smarter foyer i think he's not i i kyrie's gonna be the one be like ross would never just be the second guy the one eight but he kyrie's been that jila brand and it and he may be more of an alpha many hated it you could be right and they might guy playing with an ego and be that's okay but came he's not gonna bring the ball up as much as lebron damaging all day for the sake of argument kyri give their drops twenty six and five given to the playoff opponent you better get into the playoffs in katie comeback legal good one bill he's not nearly as good as kevin durant and they won a championship ship any call lebron and apologize he's more mature he's learned he got out of the reason i this is nothing like russ in his get kyrie game is much different the rough we'll watch defeat the fifth the ball he doesn't rebound the ball if not wendy just 'cause you get a high number says russia usage rate is so high school is gonna get the recovery is not his eyes as a writer right hey trust me on this k d in kyri at the top of the list of moody there topic is going to be tough they go i'm not gonna be great i'll say this about the whole new york knicks thing in you're not from new york i'm not from new york i do think it's overblown like when i got to new york to work as a reporter i was shocked how knicks reporters and people in new york thought the knicks were this special national franchise i do like they think they're the lakers or the cowboys are the yankees they're not so i agree with you in new york and because new york still dominates the media there would have been something more the winning with the knicks but for the most part nationally i don't think people were looking at it as like the knicks are like the lakers the lakers are so great in the clippers are underneath them brooklyn i think around the country people won't look at it is all about how new york city would explode if the new world out i've been there we saw lin sanity explode you know just briefly when you're right but i it it's maybe it'll be nice trust me i try this week evil old i know who they're not gonna be tougher there was about as they age how do we talk about the clippers around we've got another grand we are bringing us which sea coast it's quiet leonard going to wear the lakers one goal of this stop no no no the looming question now where will collide leonard ends up chris broussard would know hanging what we know what shannon's answer is chris miller year prediction my answer is the loss angeles lakers not a hundred percent done it is wishful thinking i believe a little space in the rafters and very little for the clippers a little yesterday co why group can't whatever your they call magic johnson several times when magic was church imagine gets out of the church and gift the messages and they talk they told him what they were looking for you know to trainers you know training staff couple of people are people on the staff will get the same treatment within the organization and if lebron james and you know just at all that the things they want to they rigged the news stories of late did did they actually follows that magic quit on the lakers and then trash the gm i don't ever happens if this happens because they're gonna be to people you they should think the lakers in l a valet magic johnson and lebron james in my way of little rock on a clutch but magic johnson and lebron james that's who's orchestrating this whole thing real talk and the thought that if it was true that jamie thought about jeannie thought about trading ron is crazy because they're the ones getting this done believe that little no respect lebron has around the league in their magic is magic you're right i mean he obviously doesn't they should pay consultants fearsome 'cause bringing back this is look is long is genie does not mess it up in the meeting 'cause you go meet with him as long she doesn't mess it up and i don't think she will keep you morale then they will i will get quiet i'm sorry we don't do those things we do that every day i believe he'll end up with the lakers dare his first choice now the clippers i'm told there's a concern or wise part of who's the second guy like is there enough now to me co why is the main man like the the the the criticism people level that kevin durant when he was a golden state and you can't say that about why go wise proven in the big three era that he could leader team with no other superstars or star to the chatter about four stars under the stars wife again i wanna see here's the here's the may may so he could do whatever he wants now let me look at what remembered this all about the clippers co why could easily say weeks ago well not weeks ago but as soon as the finals are over i wanna go there and talk to the clippers i wanna go there get get me kimball give me a second guy weather's kimball weather's jimmy butler al horford who then the clippers would have made it happen so that tells you the preference has been the lakers he grew up a laker fan you did toronto i again i'm a liberal leave him a little change little wiggle room but i think there's a lifestyle he wants to be in southern california andy he toronto lou williams we saw lou williams said last week and this is a toronto fast canadians might not like it is tough for american players so land there and i love visiting toronto do i what i i would not wanna leave their personal it's the what you watch or what you can get on television the grocery store and lou williams says you gotta get a canadian banking account do you go through customs every time you fly out to a game like in the united states so it's just different an idol i don't think this ronald fans if collide lease go hold it against thing i think when he goes back there next year if he's in a laker uniform they got the give him a standing ovation a video tribute the whole nine yards he might even one day if nobody else doesn't he will be the guy you gotta give us fashion to so i think it's lakers yeah and that's what everything is pointing to this is all i gotta say never saying i have you wanna know they wanna see you gotta say 'cause i already know we have about a lot about the new so he said it was a ninety seven percent chance that number two would sign with the lakers by six pm today are you at that stage you ninety eight ninety nine where you i'm raleigh not down ninety or ninety i mean i think i wanna leave a little where everything is pointing i think he's gonna meet with lebron in eight near talk talk to meet with a a by the guy the table that why would somebody wanna play with the thought of my twitter user interface i am hoping most i've ever hope i'm not gonna say i'm praying 'cause i don't pray for these kind of things but i'm hoping beyond hope that he does the both of you what he did to me in san antonio then he leaves you both high and dry both of you got your whole guy you're coming out of the chairs now because you're man lebron's gonna have double help he's gonna have to guys say they've been propping up next week are you gonna be again under withholding i'm hoping that both of you my tomorrow are calling him number two the way i do because he's on you're you know what lists no no no you're lists look i've thought a year he was going to the clippers yeah so i'm okay in he said as latest last friday i think oh he's gotta go back to toronto my right window would you ask me when we when they found out they cleared that max lot nothing given the why but if we can't get why you're backed off let's just spread the wealth we spread it out and so and so but after speaking to a few people yeah became painfully obviously why litter will be very very viable hawks okay so now it's become it sounds like this death match between lakers clippers right because nobody's gonna get left actually actually that's right well i don't know about that i'm gonna just one more time the clippers it sounds like are going to get their meeting am i right about that you think they're gonna declined even meet with most likely they'll get meaning don't hit their me well if they get their leading you're percent is gonna start plunging because these are some of the most persuasive people i know in the national basketball association 'cause i do know jerry west and i know doc rivers therefore they got firepower going on because one of the logo one is one of the best but he's a top five coach and the league in steve bomber obviously didn't get where he is without power for plus personality and he's got the deepest pockets in they have been aligning this whole franchise for a year to make this pitch then i think they're gonna make today but i don't know that i guess what they may have been laid out of their pocket ladder everything for years but let me tell you something michael basket he's not gonna be moved by pitches and you know why because there have been so many people around if they try to give him the change the he looked cut you breathe grooming do away with the corn rose is that nobody ever said that i'm telling you nobody san antonio said that he will listen to san antonio we'll have a team that made you know you are you're right now right now we hollywood and we so we got the guy wanted a play in the shadows of dunkin parker and you know being one of the play in the shadows in toronto in sort of arose out of the shadows 'cause nobody's paying attention until he bounced it four times on the rams the game seven the lucky shot and they history the player me there's never been a lot here today is even paying attention to and until that moment is like oh my god i do i would you mind if if if that i don't agree with that narrative but if that were true lebron is lebron still be the the face of the team so he can just go there with that guy who enjoy playing in the shadows in san antonio why would that guy winner join the circus because this is the biggest surface in all of sports it's gonna be the brightest hottest spotlight in all of them not even gonna he's gonna be the third wheel and everytime lebron has a third wheel chris bosh kevin love what happens the third wheel they'll go as he calls him with big quotes around the scapegoat when the goat ethic fails 'cause he does i i'm very i'm being told the brown is so said he's gonna pull that back i'll believe believe that when i see i will say this is a good recruited i think lebron should if they get co why he shouldn't look at this point the magic non era of his career okay he's just start play like magic inflator point i know i don't think they're gonna do it but you should play the point point it set up colliding with i will give you some pushback stop trying to do to this narrative that you tried to push that he wanted to be he was drafted by the spurs he didn't have a choice because tim duncan with the mvp p finals mvp solos tony parker in modern gianola led the team to the to the olympic gold medal so he had no choice but to come in and the father no molly was i'm not sure do gun in the first round if it wasn't for are see buford trading up the game i'm gonna teach we know now okay we know now but nobody be faithful they got a championship oh they limit requests but he should be before feldman louise did about a new who brad pitt will know sometimes it takes you a row everybody knows who you are okay so what you're point my point is he got a little star role with the spurs yellowstone hey lift they completely rebuilt his shot he had no shot he was strictly a defensive player at san diego state and they took him in revamped in with the best shot doctor in all of our friends we handle and we paid you repaid us by quitting his way he loved it herodotus by giving you a chance but yeah and then you have the hampton ship out duncan parker and you know avoid that area if he shouldn't have been should have you know what i know i could go back and show you wouldn't even the leading scorer in the finals now you're out of debt the lady he he held already one yeah oh yeah they laughed at me when i brought that up so now now he's injury prone and you're gonna have three guys on the leg injury but that that's no problem anymore shouldn't worry we were gonna be we got it we got a late start looking at the college ranks you probably laugh and next year because if koby lottery time oh you know we got judy see how much we bet on lottery time per san antonio won the battle man seriously how much would i would i tell you what you won't you won't go oh i bet you have way right i really like orange and i'm just gonna hold your feet to the fire you just said the spurs will not make the playoffs now let me think about okay there we go somebody has to come out of that top seven or that top eight what do you mean the lakers like one of the themes and made the playoffs long is coming out oh look at it right lakers are getting it you look at it by the way i'm jeremy scott way way better we'll be offering you might be hitting the brakes hard when you run into those give you know we go with the title right now nobody will get a tattoo tomorrow afternoon we're gonna talk about that a little later this morning we gotta move on tomorrow on bob's team usa faith is red hot england and ethics semifinal clash at the women's world cup coverage begins tomorrow to eastern on fox board that vast dna over a month ago sat here on this and predicted and kevin durant and kyrie irving would be brooklynbound yesterday that protection became reality duran also had an interest in the knicks but james dolan reportedly was not prepared the spine katie to a max deal the cause of that achilles injury we're joined now by bleacher report her senior writer euchre written why do you think they chose brooklyn ultimately because the knicks were not choosing kyri kyri chose the nuts and k d and kyrie has been talking for years years since they've played on the national team together about playing together and so ultimately it came down to at the as things involved they knicks were willing to pay max contracts to co i leonard and kevin durant's a co why was willing to meet with them but he wasn't gonna meet until the third and they looked at it and said well there's no assurance that were going to get co why and if we don't get why they were not gonna be able to pry k d away from kyrie that's a bad bet that's where that's it's wishful thinking so let's pivot let's say were gonna go in another direction and ultimately that was there are you saying the knicks would not have taken kyri they would not they would not have taken kyri for a year they did not like the idea of him leading their team for a year waiting for katie ultimately they were willing to see boston to happen on their watch okay so you're saying there is no choice left but for k dean kyri kyri was already pro nets nets not solutely lutely basically those two looking to play together and the knicks looking at the idea of kyrie being their leader for year waiting for katie instill some question in terms of what's k d going to be when he gets here but ultimately worth seven knicks were able to tell kevin you you have to pick another costar yeah well that was it i mean that's why you've got sti be a the news late about co why in k d possibly joining up because the idea was hey katie we got why would you would you sweat and i was told it yes katie would switch if they got co why problem was is that after exploring that they found that why wasn't gonna meet with them until late in the process okay and they didn't have insurance said they were gonna get why so they're like if that's what's gonna take and we can't guarantee they were gonna get him we could be stuck here holding the bag and not being not having done it is still still holding the bag i mean juniors rambling bobby portis in taj gibson best not exactly murderers row i mean they basically what they resorted back to the nineteen nineties that's charles openly advocate tall real now they got skill set they're not as good as right yeah go ahead here's the thing though they're they're they're also cognizant of the fact that they're seventeen win team they have a lot of growth and yes if they could get this this was basically their approach we will pay max money for players that we consider max money players and there were only two guys definitively in this in this class they saw is that which is why in k d and i agree with him right they could've they could've salvage things and gone after tobias harris or jimmy butler or kemba walker and sign them to max deals and as of today people would have said oh well the knicks didn't get there guys but they did the next best thing problem is they would have been paying max money for guys who were not max players maybe they would have won today but they wouldn't have one down the line so the fact that they held fire i don't have an issue with that and as mentioned they they think about a katy i've been told by the knicks a by nick source that a that is not true but they were did they wanna look at the medicals yes where they were unwilling to give him a max contract i've heard that's not true the other part of it is restored also said we you know we haven't seen the medical even let's say it was the case where they were willing to do that i don't know if that's necessarily a bad idea oh 'cause you want medical exactly and you may look at it and say this isn't the greatest the bats so we need to we need to wait and see before this really pays out for the nets so what you're telling me is that kevin durant indian prioritized friendship above all else because his friendship with kyri it one the day yes that's what happened because you can't tell me because he was the biggest domino with the most leverage if he had won it to expedite a meeting with knicks in number two he could've expedited that he could force that last last week he could have pressured he he could have said look we let's join forces on the next would would number two of listen to him i think he would at i i could be wrong yeah and and as i was told with co why why would have said you wanna come play me cool you don't wanna come play with me cool cool why what is good with playing with k d but it would have been with the clippers and katie was the one who is well i'd like to play together but i want it to be in new york and that was the sticky okay so most people agree that kevin had a heart said early on on a knicks you know being knicks right because and i just beaten to death on the set one more time the legacy move the obvious legacy move is to go save the knicks because most people don't get it but we've been around for a while and we've been around the knicks many many nights in we get the feeling of what it means in new york even though they haven't won since nineteen nineteen seventy three it's the biggest sleeping giant in all of sports and there's nothing close to the to the knicks in kevin legacy could pivoted on i just went in won a championship for the new york knicks now he needs a co star and i thought it was kyri but maybe i get it kyri did not do himself in boston ugly yeah no change it change the law and so did katie's injury not only just for everybody on the outside but for k d because everybody's saying well katie you you'll be okay on their website you'll you'll be close to the same in katie is asking for what if i'm not if he had not gotten injured they idea of going into new york and saving the day in turning around i believe that would have been viable and we'd be looking at a complete great shows to me from a distance kevin got tired of fighting he fought russell even though they loved each other off the floor but he fought him on the court for all those years in oklahoma city and then he said okay this isn't gonna work i'm gonna join forces with that team that that just came back from three one down to beat out i'm gonna go joined forces and maybe it'll work out because we share the ball we play beautiful basketball end they did in work but he didn't really click off the court with anybody he didn't become close friends with steph or obviously dream on and that bridge got new this year in nothing clicked in clay kind of win his own way and they they got along fine but they weren't close friends he one very close to be andre as well is kyri in all of a sudden this feels like a little bit of a sim my retirement move not that he doesn't want to win with the nets and but all of a sudden he said you know what i'm just tired of fighting tired of fighting dream on in in russell now i'm gonna go with kyri nd andre we have fun man is gonna i'm gonna show up every night in the locker room in it's gonna be a blast because were were we get along great right he loves he loves stuff and not playing with steph is still that that was the thing that was holding him back from do i still go back the golden state and ultimately everything that happened with injury and the idea of the from the beginning of last summer he was thinking i wanna go explore the next thing i i can't underscore score enough how the idea of going to new york and resurrecting the knicks was the plan going back to last summer great ending injury changed everything changed it in his mind changed for the knicks i mean it just had a rally he had some doubt about his ability to bounce back and be kevin i'm kevin durant who who he's going to be on the other side of this he's hoping for the best but by no means is he feeling confident but he's going to be the same player who feel calm would feel comforted by somebody that you care about right yeah i mean you're the guy ran out of sight out of mind shy you don't have to worry about it anymore shannon is gonna be i have a feeling it's gonna be insufferable yes i do to what i said why don't you know who would become the best player on the planet and we saw him if we saw him reemerge game five of them be falls and make his first three three and then it happened finals mvp bp yeah who has more finals mvp kevin random why who has more defensive player of the year kevin ran cohen who's without a player when god help me help me in nineteen kevin the rat and which one of these guys go the lakers huge hey he's got he's already and stuff happening open in city here be lebron letting bounce back no but nobody wanna play the regular season for the ages but you don't remember kevin durant's anything you know the the the the hullabaloo if nobody wants to play with toxicity now dog guy but they wanna give the kids with all that allow that's why that's why you've got posted that comeback season for the ages right he knew what was coming coming up he knew the number to call in what is your friend chris haines says why leonard is expected to ramp up the process in free agency in the next few days why is expected to meet with the raptors clippers and lakers now fritz ford at the rumblings of why the lakers are growing stronger if that's the case the clippers and how they missed out on all of the top free agent receiver still hanging with us this morning rick how much trouble they think the clippers are in if kwai decides to go elsewhere tremendous tremendous because the trajectory of their team and the way they were built and what their expectation was that they were going to be adding collide leonard to the mix that was their target from the beginning of the year end whereas the knicks pivoted and said you know what it's a bad bet let us look in another direction directions see what we can do is a plan b the clippers have been all in you know they are sticking by it so this is an all or none proposition right now when it comes to co why and so and i said on this show a at one point about why saying to me i don't wanna play with lebron i wanna compete against now some people interpret that as i won't play with ron or i don't wouldn't like the play with lebron it was simply he looked at him as appear i wanna play a i wanna compete against it with each one beat each other in the finals to things have changed 'cause he said that to me at the beginning of the year two things have changed on edition of anthony davis and to winning a championship where he was alone superstar and he's basically said of what i've been told is one okay lebron might have a year to but i could stay with the lakers an i could continue on with anthony davis and now it's my show in the second part is this is tough winning on my own by myself if i can go with somebody else and and get another ring willing to do that ring wait you you overlook see lebron could only have another year or two laps you're okay with that old another year to level of being the goal that we know a but he ain't going away anytime soon okay now where does don't you where he's gonna be a six man in three years right okay there you go look if the clippers will phone co why this would be worse than the knicks because they're thought of as being a better organization from topped by they are the next without of boy building but if you look at steve bomber you look at jerry west and you look at doug a doc rivers in that roster you like man they got they took two games on golden state last year we know superstar broth superstar in the mix with that organization they put all migrates they boy don't put all your eggs in one basket regarding the trip on your way to the market oh that's what the clippers beat me put all of their eggs the one basket and lo and behold they stumble the lakers who came into the basket all hey but they were those were proficient in the us now we make it oh man let me go work for her you right now tell you i'm gonna be you know you go how you are with the cowboys cowboys you better get all you do is my cowboys are coming girl told her how by the way did you speak why and be quiet if ain't going so good last night the broad eighty valley wanna play the ticket and you know what's gonna happen and they're all gonna get hurt they're all gonna get hired all three i think that's what's the reason they i don't i don't yeah you gotta history on my side all i know is i got already case becoming oh here we go with titles like thirty kt okay so you you what the curveball catalyst last night the biggest biggest shock in the night for me that made all this conversation possible made you come up out of your chair with jimmy butler landed in miami i didn't see that coming because it came out of nowhere signing frayed to miami for josh rich something like why because that cleared the decks for you to below to be because all of a sudden jimmy butler was the co star and i'm thinking okay okay so katie went to the net so all that talk about katie number two and clippers you know like okay okay but but it's gotta be now oh oh it's gotta be number two and jimmy butler with the clippers right now it's just obvious oh that makes sense a no it doesn't he wanted it his own team in miami yeah wants to be dwayne wade the second you know he and that's his idol and his mentor i'm gonna take over for dui there's also some of it is and this is this is always the danger when you make it clear this is the guy were going after oh we can't get this guy in you pivot to the next guy there's ego involved you're like oh you're gonna get him it was yeah now you're gonna come after me i can't i i have to imagine that was some of jimmy butler miami was on his original original list you guys were the clippers sure but miami was with the influence of dwayne wade had come down here in pr guy and so that over hey a we weren't able to get k d we weren't able to get some of these other guys and you come so we can get co why i think jimmy read right after that so laugh at me if you want but i'm gonna say this one more time if number two is if if he actually shares this space width doc rivers and jerry west and see bomber maybe this afternoon in somewhere in this these regions right here in southern california where they would meet but if the clippers get to make the presentation they had been preparing to make for one year maybe longer do do you know how much is gone into this moment for them hardly checking stocks fight away from vanderbilt university another band if you end up the finest writer a profile semi mb asian rollerball cleveland in and they hired him as the director of research and identity and it was because of the it's it's all presentation for this guy but they don't have a dual presentation furrow costar it's just pretty much the end they may be a little desperate they said let's go patrick beverley just make sure we got him for next year right three years forty million but you know what they can't prevent because of purple and gold they can hit resent lebron james guy or anthony davis or the lakers this is the one element here year that i find interesting is one anthony davis is said i'm gonna explore free agency mechanism an i would not be surprised if quite leonard signs short term one in one because it allows him than the sign age super max it's even bigger which is what you propose he do with wrong to right so it gives him be it gives the potential that yes everything looks like it's rolling the lakers way in this next season could be sure if he's like a man's of our the highway so ricky but it's not but if it's not they do have pieces that could say that this wasn't what i expected to be okay and so i don't know how long there's the potential if this season does not so right that this resurgence in shortlist hi i'm lauren you might go low hate it might go little wrong i have nothing to slow him down a little bit we find somebody what a game monday morning by the way made guided or the playoffs nothing we could do the first time in their history and we'll do so i'm not even the warriors or the shack kobe lakers could do fixated on sweepstakes in the playoffs and get my condolences it's not over yet so let's get this straight so number two in his team requested the first phone interview which the guy who quit on the lakers and then trash the current gm of the lakers in his name obviously is urban magic johnson so he went and talked him about what about the dirt about how bad they got one office operate eight hours out make it happen on magic johnson apple because i told you he was he he could serve the lakers better as magic johnson than ever could have urban johnson because guess what he don't give five but tamra you could pick up the phone and call anybody anybody who framed we homeboy or he's back and all his glory yeah as he's magic in as soon as he got the phone call key just leaked it like crazy i think our first show should be there we gotta have a thirty minute show starting minnesota nice season opener really yeah with old uncle why do they really haven't given come by say hello oh well so wanna play at a time because he other to be hurt the worst they'll just take turns i'll play ten games and then i get twenty twenty two so we've got a wreck bible mbh recco will be seventy six and not really do it a regular sixteen or the playoffs right i'm not a math but it's not gonna say it again i got me thinking twenty two regular sixty in twenty sixteen in the playoffs while total seventy six seventy six been pointing to that will be our rep okay seventy six i'm writing that i knew this is gonna be bad i know it's gonna be in we have thirty cases that on that we got you like would you like to put why more can we got we got thirty cases battled mbh title that we've okay i got under on this record's none of them know i don't care would recognize when we go with that i don't care whether titled and then i got to be yup okay not willing to say i morning i need been gay not about go whoa on f s one is your destination for the day that sports shows we all over the latest free agency gets it all day on at one time the pelicans have eighty or julius randle nectarines in both will actually be better they're signing jj redick to a two year deal adding their favor joined the team has done really well holiday spending ingram was that follow those shirt on hero back home it'd be you're gonna be you know whether it'll be very interesting they'll be part of the must see tv you're not making the playoffs now they are williamson is not taking a team at one thirty three games and then adding on another thing she just named like eight other guys secret all real lolo hurting brandon ingram or a real hot now jj rettig yep so look i think they're gonna be fun to watch and we have a great time reporting from who would be king has dumped the ball from the rafters yeah the the raptors but guess what skip bayless no playoffs for your team sergeant oh my team were wouldn't it be funny if the pelicans next year had a better record than the lakers even with number two i know i got a feeling i just gotta be like oh i like this lost her stomach you got this roster really shaped up 'cause you got a real gm in that chair right oh yeah i love love love big wedding room where he does and how do you realize the jj read it could have gone i dunno six eighteen and he said no that's gonna be the money on the table you open it but i think a lot of people here with the lakers would come around but we wait and also we got gay oh maybe he didn't want any part of layaway way you undergo words fun we got hot which new we got wildly always another two days wow when you breed that that my grand i will pick that thing for me you know you had derrick favors is he's gotta stop stop it pretty well he's the guy skip bayless he's got engaged euro league championship series is that nikola deleon designed for who borst who who would be in rebuilding bottle sky whereabout assigned him we got eighty and who still did you know eighty third all time npr number two in lebron james in the guy you i i gotta tell you thank you for bringing him up this this team next year will be better than any of these teams good trust me it will be it's just deeper in better team next year will be better than any other kind of these teams but he played for before okay he got me about that skip the thought oh you when you throw lonzo and be an josh heart into that mix because drew holiday is and always will go which one of those garbrandt guinea a where do i go gardo quiet now ennio eighty oh this this team could defend drew holiday conduct in lonzo so that that might be is as good a defensive back there is the least it'll be great but been defending banglore dale will be there that bronco we got to can you imagine what brought why go oh my goodness miss they'll have their hands full with his eye on 'cause he does not care is not afraid later shoe yup and they will shoot anybody over three feet we let the wrecking ball wrecking ball they're gonna say we can't deal with this eighty don't order everybody really small team i mean you got you got tremendous athlete gathering get up and down but they're small team is jill ohka for small guy i don't me out really yeah although it is he having all of y'all y'all pantyhose on jimmy oh well he's there he's a backup big man you know i'm looking i'm looking at a team like i think i'm gonna be the number one overall seed nancy no you know what i figured you know what if we do well we okay we're listening speaking of heightened shot blocking that jackson hayes kid i know he's just a baby but he will come along and he will block shots you make it hard to get to the bathroom which is going to you know you don't need a career to for to shop at night and then we got called clough how you get around he's already maybe on his right is that a done deal that you don't wanna be you don't want it to be done what is it about mccartan pry pelicans will make the playoffs next year and they will be the most fun team to watch in in east get your destiny i'm not talking about the the gorilla glue by talking about that that you know that he'll still be full i'm sorry i mean i i really feel bad i really feel bad for the spurs in toronto it up is meant to beat the lakers should have the best players in the lakers should be mb chips and that's what's going to happen jj redick said i wanna play in new orleans that's all you need to know who was instrumental in recruiting him drew holiday off hotlanta that the team a house that doesn't leader jay jay's a big fan you have their their radical what i thought you know what i read it was wondering when you want these you got starpower all down the roster you know what he's saying but honorary citizen in new orleans will appreciate you're winter them in your support and it's time for our final topic of the day campbell walker is leaving charlotte will sign up four year deal with the celtics this is another example why michael jordan is considered to be the goat as a player but his breakfast executive maybe not so great mj became involved with the team in six the charlotte franchise has not won a playoff series where is michael jordan franchise owner knows all too well i am his biggest fan as a player he is also turned into deep worst owner operator in all of sports and i don't think it's even glove out because degen's point he's now been hands on running this franchise for thirteen years they've made the playoffs three times and have not won a single playoff series and he just started over again he let him go jeremy lamb go he said okay well place kimball with terry rozier which is i don't know they seem really end you're starting over again i don't see any light at the end of the tunnel i i don't see where they're heading end i feel sorry for the people in charlotte give as much as i want to disagree with you i can't and you knew you were not going to be able to sign kimball to the max contracts why not trade him at the trade deadline and get something for for him that's what great gm's do they think ahead i can't resigned this guy you knew you were gonna be able to resign jeremy lamb trading get something for holding onto a book what if you make the playoffs and you go out in the first round you need assets it's michael jordan in unless they can get that ping pong ball would they get a lie on where they get anthony davis i don't know how this this team become anything other than what they already are which mired in mediocrity more worst without even meter rates

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