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Are you hiring with indeed you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions then zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started indeed dot com slash tonight that's indeed dot com slash tonight tonight the emergency evacuations the wildfires now exploding in size seizing an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash tonight that's indeed dot com slash tonight was not targeting. US troops we have the latest here at home the school district taking action tonight after one of its middle school teachers is recorded going on a racist rant those staying behind using anything even garden hoses to fight the fire authorities saying one man died as a result of this fire suffering cardiac arrest properties this woman suitcase packed on her knees praying firefighters can save her home out eight hundred acres per hour dozens of homes have already been burned to the ground many fleeing through those tunnels of fire the escape routes filled with blinding smoke and flames after a fender bender in the school parking lot the abduction from a playground tonight the FBI hunt underway for the man right now after a remarkable moment the US special forces in Syria tonight Turkey now saying the strike was in response to terrorists firing mortars near those US special forces saying Turkey three year old girl found alone church and Longtime Fox News Fixture Ship Smith reveals he's leaving the network what he said today on his last day in Los Angeles Communities Caught in eight whirlwind of fire settled rich fire exploding overnight more than a thousand firefighters and we're on the scene live tonight dramatic Dan Capitol Hill facing pressure from the State Department not to testify the former ambassador to Ukraine shows up at what she generating this massive firestorm take a look at the inferno down there we watched hundreds of acres burn but one hundred thousand people order in sunrise the fire scorching more than seven square miles helicopters and air tankers in full out assault that's eleven thousand earn deadly tonight the Saddle Ridge fire in the San Bernardino Valley bursting across more than seventy five hundred acres fire officials calling it a major emergency flames destroying it it's out of the US tonight is Rudy Giuliani part of this investigation to what we've learned Justin tonight president trump says he's reached to deal with China the first phase they're standing guard this basketball court the last line of defense before this house fighters using sauce to hack into gated says about President trump that he wanted her out it comes twenty four hours after two associates of Rudy Giuliani who helped investigate Joe Biden in Ukraine were arrested with one way ticket hundred gallons of retardant and when the fire line hits that it just stops residence now comforting one another some losing everything Easter he's what the Chinese are saying tonight the horrific attack in a shopping mall the man with a knife rampage near a starbucks the UK late today the explosion hey this is ABC news tonight with David Muir good evening it's great to have you with here very busy Friday night and we begin tonight with the emergency aww apartments and an all out battle against apocalyptic flames fueled those cowling Santa Anna winds the wind is so pow for all here it is news and strong winds gusting up to sixty miles per hour of course fueling the fires ABC's chief National Correspondent Matt Gut minutes on the scene he leads us off tonight inside the house popping off that fire apparently caused by burning trash from this garbage truck trash was dumped off to the side of the road evacuations underway right now a hundred thousand people on the move the wildfires exploding at least eight burning now across California to near Los Angeles they have the vegetation at least one person there did not survive so let's get back up and he's live tonight and we know the winds have been driving the fires met all day long gusting more than sixty miles per hour at some points and they're still red flag warnings and places we go into the night the wind is really been the story here David those red flags warnings expected to persist through the night and tomorrow night and with gusts of thirty miles an hour you can still feel it those fires are going to be kept alive now it was news from across that valujet saw that ignited this house incinerating it in just minutes all that's left is this chimney and the owners told me they only had time to get out with their passports San Bernardino the sandalwood fire incinerating dozens of structures in hours off those pops ammunition tonight we're following that blizzard warning in the middle of the country this is interstate twenty nine in Fargo North Dakota and we're tracking a Nor'easter right off the East Coast Meteorologist Rob Marciano tracking it all for us hey rob anyway behind closed doors Ivanovich told lawmakers she was forced from her job under pressure from president trump according to our opening statement obtained trump telling lawmakers she'd been told there was no wrongdoing on her part but that the president wanted her out and tonight twenty four hours after two associates of Rudy Giuliani were arrested it's and their lives David thinking about all those families tonight backup in thank you mentioned those red flag warnings are being extended in California through tomorrow night now all back you eight many driving through tunnels of fire but sitting in this hour fire crews scrambling to save homes and spread thin the New York Times she was abruptly told in late April to come back to Washington on the next plane Ivanovich says the Deputy Secretary of State explained that the president night for firefighters night critical fire danger extreme fire danger from inside adventure all the way down to San Diego improving somewhat tomorrow but there's GonNa be pockets of really bad stuff blizzard warnings still up false claims by people with clearly questionable motives and she placed blame squarely on the president's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani who claims Ivanovich was blocked king investigators from looking into trump's political opponents including Joe Biden that stems around the ambassador and the embassy being used for political purposes the former ambassador and had lost confidence in me and that there had been a concerted campaign against me even though she was assured I had done nothing wrong trump has made no see nations called the idea that she was disloyal to president trump fictitious she described herself as incredulous that she was removed from her post based on unfounded turn down to the dramatic day on Capitol Hill facing pressure from the State Department not to testify to former ambassador of Ukraine did in fact show up and what she said about President option policy in Ukraine today. ABC News has learned federal prosecutors are investigating the business relationship between Giuliani and those two men is Giuliani part of this investigation what we've now learned here's ABC's Mary Bruce Up until the very moment defiant Maria Banovic walked up to the cabin David Kohl front of that blizzard is slicing through Louisiana right now we're getting a thunderstorm this in in part creating those Santa Ana winds which are going to create another teach me inquiry trump called Ianovich bad news later saying she was going to go through some things today Yovanovic who has served in six administer at the trump hotel crane soon Ivanovich says those businessmen may well have believed that their personal financial ambitions were stymied by our anti it's of the Upper Midwest that low spinning into Canada the cold front slicing through we're looking at freeze warnings tomorrow morning wind chills are GonNa be in the twenty s from Chicago back through Oklahoma City and there's that Nor'easter as against the president especially now that they're able to question witnesses like Yvonna Vich today warned that they are corrupt interests fighting against the US quote selling baseless tariffs president trump plan to impose next week are now on hold and the markets sure liked it dow closing up more than three hundred points it's not a done deal it's not even in writing yet the president called it phase one the Chinese vice premier called it progress towards a positive direction but the new it'd smart he was never considered a good senator he was only a good vice president because he understood it should start an investigation into the by because what happened in China is just about as bad as what happened with they could have to find more land when the president announced this meeting last week he suggested he may ask the Chinese to investigate Joe Biden just as he had asked Ukraine China with respect to the by the president railed against Biden last night in deeply personal terms calling his son hunter a loser and you father was never rid of his disdain for the former ambassador very very bad things about it for a long period of done not good in the July phone call with the Ukrainian president that sparked this in are also points a finger at Giuliani's to business associates who were arrested this week trying to leave the country this video from twenty eighteen showing them laughing with Giuliani in for a rally in Louisiana twenty hours after launching one of his most vicious attacks yet on Joe Biden what he said overnight here's ABC's chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl spiracy theories to anyone who will listen she said quote sadly someone was listening and that our nation was worse off because of it David Bruce live on the hill all day today for us tonight just a short time ago House Democrats holding a call at the end of a very busy week about how to move forward what are you learning tonight David Democratic leaders feel they are building a strong told lawyers for the whistle blower have informed the congressional committees that their client wants to answer questions in writing and not in person they have cited response to terrorists firing mortars near those US special forces saying Turkey was not targeting US troops ABC senior foreign correspondent Ian Panel in Syria for us again or let's get to Mary Bruce She's live up on the hill tonight and married a former ambassador today while testifying describing the State Department now as quote attacked and hollowed from within and we not thank you there is late word from the White House tonight president trump now saying he has reached phase one of a trade deal with China tonight what the Chinese are now saying the president announcing this deal before Lee Sern for the Whistle Blower Safety David Giancarl on a very busy week thank you John Late today the explosion near US special forces in Syria Turkey says the strike was a kiss Barack Obama's s Giancarl with us live at the White House tonight John President trump reporters short time ago attacking the impeachment Subtropical Storm Melissa we'll continue to slam this out the South East Coast doing here we got to get going back to Rob Marciano get back inside rob thank you onto explicit grid coordinate detail of the locations of US forces and Turkish shells also landing new one of the prisons holding isis militants raising although it wasn't clear if she was coming at all the State Department told her not to appear but facing a subpoena the former ambassador to Ukraine showed up uninjured but it comes just hours after the Pentagon promise took he knows where

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