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In that time mocking load michael berry show is on the air. I'm only you spend about a minute and a half or two minutes on the football game. Because i'm so aggravated with the nfl. And what they've become. I would just say this. I do find it very amusing. Usa today see. There's two weeks in between the championship game and the super bowl and so that's where reporters who are board start digging into things to try to add texture to the stories and usa. Today some woman over there wrote an editorial late in the week. That said that. Tom brady hasn't been sufficiently punished for his support of donald trump. And it got the requisite attention half of it from people going. You're an idiot and half of it from people going. that's right. that's true he. He didn't because he supported the orange van. Bad and what it really what it really exposed was another one of these hysterical women who is so triggered by donald trump that long after trump is dead and gone decades from now. We'll still be miserable and suffering an awful set of hot flashes over their miserable lives just miserable human beings usually. They're not in a relationship because they can't be in a relationship they can't they. Can't you know to if you're in a relationship. You know that in order to do that you have to sacrifice right you have to give up part of yourself for the whole just like being a parent you have to sacrifice even more and these individuals are typically so broken. They don't love themselves. They don't like them so they hate themselves so they can't find someone else to love their never in happy married you ever noticed never knows this look at. How many people that served in the obama administration will now serve under biden who were single. And those who have a spouse the spouse is always somebody that's in the same industry they are which means. They only met the person because they were working on a campaign together and they were screwing each other. But i i digress. These are the most miserable mostly women and the men are the most effete you can imagine writing these think pieces. They are so bitterly anger angry. There was a woman she writes for the new york times me. See if i can find this real real quick. She wrote yesterday. How upset she was that that she she felt. She said she felt scared. Because because people were celebrating in tampa bay after after the win. Here's the new york times headline. She writes for new york times in tampa super bowl celebrations. Bring superspreader concerns. At least one police officer appeared to get knocked to the ground as a large group of fans shoved each other in the city of video. Oh my goodness it's so dangerous. You mean like antifa and blm strolling through washington dc over the weekend. One member telling cameraman that they're going to burn the city down but the new york times that wrote the headline in tampa super bowl celebrations. Bring superspreader concerns the same new york times after joe biden won a rollicking new york city. Celebration for biden's win. Well into the night. People cheered danced. Broke out champagne and honked horns in the city which is president trump's hometown but had turned on him. Oh somehow we weren't worried about super spreaders back then weren't we were we so these miserable people will still the joy of everything. They're not football fans but they won't have opinions on football. They're not people who serve in the military but they want to corrupt the military. They're not christians but they want to destroy the christian church and they will be only too eager to tell you that as a christian you shouldn't support donald trump. We're going to have to figure out how we're gonna live with these people in our country but one of the only ways we're going to make it is that we stop taking them seriously and we stopped letting them influence the direction of this nation. And that's going to mean some people. Listen when when you're raising your child and it's time to go whether they're on the floor of mcdonald's or grandma's living room and you say let's go we gotta go home and they pitch a fit if you at that moment go okay. I'll sit here until you're ready and three hours later. You're still sitting there and finally you get up to go and they squawk again and you can't live like that. It's not good for them. It's not good for you and it's no way to live. These petulant children are going to have to be taught a lesson. They can't run things when they scream. Research xenophobia you. Name it we're going to have to shut them down. We're going to have to cut them out of our lives. We're going to have to do to us what they've done we're going to have to do to them. What they've done to us marginalize them. You can't work at this business if you're going to have these opinions and screech about it because you will disrupt the operations you have long. Said the reason the left always wins is because they care more about winning. They will stop at nothing to win. A an extreme liberal can walk into a business. It has ten employees cohesive work environment. Most of them probably conservatives and the liberal will walk in and within a week. We'll say what's our policy on this. What's our policy on someone doing this. What's a month into it. The company's having meetings and having to draw new policies up and change everything and and flip over backwards to make this person happy. Why how about saying you know what you don't fit here. Things were going well. These are not happy people. These are not content people. These are not joyous people they find no happiness in anything if you let them take a knee next. They wanted determine the skin color of the coach. If you let them do that next they want to determine the skin color of the owner if you let them do that next. They don't want the sport played at all because everybody will get sick. It never ends. It's a sickness. It's a mental instability. And i'm sorry to say if you've ever been around anyone with extreme issues of mental health. You know that either they get help or you're going to have a problem because it only gets worse. It only gets worse. And that's what we're living through a national nightmare of this a national nightmare and we're we're going to have four years of it and then some and folks that think we're going to fix it with the next election did it get any better. Under trump trump wasn't the problem. These people are is on will done. So this is the michael berry show Else you probably remember the story we tell it often we fascinating about the fbi investigating louis louis or obscene lyrics. Well on this day of nineteen seventy sorry on this day in nineteen sixty four. The publisher of the song offered a thousand dollars to anyone who can definitively distinguish the dirty words. All right if if you tell me there are dirty words in the song which dirty word and win in the saw. Well we don't know what he's saying. Okay he kinda slurs when he sings jams it all together as hunter s. thompson will say it's all jangled up but that doesn't make them dirty words. Yeah yeah with. We're we're worried that it's going to. It's going to corrupt the youth which one which word which concept at what point. Well of course it was never paid out because they could never they could never determine that. There was obscenity in there. The song was actually written in nineteen fifty-five you probably know it as being a song by the kingsman but it was actually written in nineteen fifty five by richard berry based on a tune popularized by bandleader to say and as an influence of latin influence example of latin influence on popular music based on the song l. loco cha-cha which goes like this recording louis to this version the interesting on this day in nineteen fifty-six that frankie lymon in teenagers why do fools fall in love entered the aren beecher headline this morning breaking the biden administration is planning to launch a one billion dollar covid nineteen vaccine awareness campaign according to politico. Let's unpack that for a moment. Shall we first of all. They don't have enough vaccines for the people who are lining up to take them now. So why do we need to encourage more people to rush and get the vaccine when people right now are frustrated. They can't get the vaccine. There's two types of people people who want the vaccine. So they're upset. They can't get the vaccine fast enough and people who don't want the vaccine. I suppose the idea is to convince the people who don't want the vaccine that no no. You really need the vaccine. But what if there are people who've made calculations that they don't need the vaccine for reasons like they're young statistically speaking if you're a young person your likelihood of dying if you do contract it and if it does go full blown your likelihood of dying is so low unless you have a co morbidity and people with co morbidity is know that they have co morbidity so why are we trying so hard to convince people who don't want the vaccine that they need to take the vaccine. That seems odd especially when we're devoting so much time to who gets vaccine and win in the city of houston. I'm embarrassed to say our black mayor and sheila jackson-lee who to be black are very concerned that too many white people are getting the vaccine before black people and they're very very upset about this very upset. This is according to fox twenty six local station here in houston. We need to be a landmark intentional and directional houston mirrors investor turner. Passionate saturday equity has to be built into all of our strategies several local and state leaders raising their voices with claims of racial inequities with coronavirus. Vaccines were demanding. That you roll out the vaccine as a soupy rolled out to communities of color question is not only racial equity racial equality but it is racial justice the city of houston reporting forty three percent of vaccine recipients so for have been white compared to twenty one percent hispanic eighteen percent black in fifteen percent asian. We need spayed but we need equity otherwise people are color going to be on the back end and those numbers are can continue to go up the largest mega side vaccines in the state. Texas motor speedway in denton county. This last week giving out roughly thirty thousand shots ten thousand dollars per day been given to denton county ten four one site so in three days they get up to thirty thousand city of houston in six weeks. Gotta toll one thousand. A spokesperson from texas department of state. Health services says prior to this most recent week denton county was one of the counties that have been allocated the least doses for their percentage of the state's population adding denton county has received roughly ninety one thousand doses and total compared to almost six hundred seventy thousand doses in harris county. We know what communities the virus is spreading in therefore it's those communities that we are obligated to spend most of our effort and tie. There's a very interesting moment in that story. When sylvester turner the mayor of houston makes the statement that we need speed but we need equity otherwise black people are going to be the back on the back end of this and continued to spread the virus. So wait a second. If we know they're only x. Number of vaccines being sent out. And your point is i want to go into black people. Instead of white people because otherwise black people will be getting the virus. Your necessarily saying. I'd rather white people get the virus than black people. He's not demanding that a greater number of overall vaccine stocks be sent out just that black people get them before white people now when people start making arguments like this. This is racist. There is no word for this other than this is racist. The basis of having diversity in leadership is supposed to be that everyone feels like they're represented but some people see that diversity in leadership as when you get in there you favor our group. You would never hear white politician in this country. Say winning the white people mace vaccines. The white. people shouldn't have to get the virus. I wanna get this for the white people and then sheila jackson-lee in the background hooting and hollering. So why do we tolerate this. This is extraordinarily divisive. Why people here this comment and they're told don't don't don't complain. Just just sit quietly. How long does this continue until white people quietly at their own table. Say you know. Every time. when he's black guy gets in office that keeps saying. Take away from the white people in favor of the black people with the white politicians. Don't say that is reverse racism somehow. A solution to pass racism. Lucky you the michael berry show continues. China is in the news. A lot and many people myself included feel that we should be more concerned and perhaps people are as to the influence their exerting in this country and their desire for much more it is. It is nothing short of frightening. What the intentions of the chinese communist party clearly are and inroads. They've already made ben. Winegarden has been a guest of ours before he's a federal is senior contributor senior fellow at the london center for policy research and a fellow at the claremont institute. His latest article in the federalist about china says in its opening china wants the west to know it loves openness inclusiveness and cooperation. There dictator said at the world economic forum. Recently that's the same. Man who is perpetrating. The genocide and working to crush freedom from hong kong taiwan and far beyond ben. What should scare us most about china. Think the thing that should scare us most about china. The opposite side of the coin is that we should be scared of ourselves. Our own reaction to them and what i mean by that is china has laid out very clearly that it wishes to be the dominant world power means supplanting the us. Achieving dominance in every single strategically significant realm in business in in genomics as that article speaks to in military affairs in diplomacy and beyond and america's response to that is twofold. One we don't we not only don't care about being the dominant world power but we're mired in woke ism national self loathing trying to destroy our history apologizing for all the values and principles on which our country is founded and at the same time we have our own china envy where our elites our ruling class wants to have the same power over the public as the ruling. Chinese communist party in is in bed with the chinese communist party so in effect the thing that scares the most is the percentage of people at the commanding heights of american society who are on board with the chinese agenda of becoming the dominant world power and actually aiding abetting in enabling that rise. So i had a guest last week. Who pointed out the chinese controlled ninety seven percent of antibiotics in this country. And you think to yourself. How did we get to that point. You know if if i started buying up in a company at five percent there would be a trigger about twenty five percent. The world would know if you were buying stock in a basic company. You couldn't do that overnight. How when you're talking about a stock of something so critical to the nation's health literally. How unearth have they made such inroads in this manner it. It's a great point and you can see analogs to antibiotics in. Virtually every strategically significant area that impacts our life and limb the information telecommunications infrastructure and the entire information infrastructure that our economy is increasingly based on and not to mention of course hollowing out our industrial base while china has dominated in that realm and make many of the critical components that exists not only in civilian technologies but in our most important military hardware as well. So how did this happen. Simply put i would describe it in a twofold way. China focused like a laser on dominating in all of the areas that it knew were required to be the dominant world power and that would give it leverage and power and influence over everyone else using this free and open trade architecture and financial architecture largely built by maintained by and defended by the united states. So they were. They were adept in terms of exploiting our weakness in effect of openness and freedom and then on the other hand exploiting the greed and naievety on our side if you wanna look at it from the most idealistic sort of perspective. The the view of policymakers was free. Trade is a great thing because it drives down the prices of goods and it lets resources be freed up to go and be put to their highest and best use. America can can focus on moving up the value chain and becoming the high tech leader the information economy dominant player. And we'll let china take pick up all the rest the slack where we dominated but it turns out that the hard parts of the dumb parts of the infrastructure in terms of the components. That actually go into everything that we use in terms of the pipelines over which information runs in terms of our medicine itself and all manner of technology also around the health space is actually quite vital. And you see that. Most in a crisis like the corona virus crisis where the chinese communist party threatened to drown us in the sea of corona virus. Where the words they used through one of its communist mouthpiece publications in terms of not allowing those antibiotics come here of course they also hoarded personal protective equipment and then handed out to the rest of the world shoddy personal protective equipment. Wallet awarded the working functional equipment. So there's chinese. Being laser focused strategically the chinese communist party being strategically wage laser focus on dominating in these areas. Then there's our side perfectly ripe to be exploited if we're solely focusing on the short term economic impact of opening up this vibrant trade with china. And then there's the aspects of how china actually dominate over these decades which in large part involves using the full force of the chinese communist party to dominate in his room. So the perfect example of this being weiwei for example and china has provided billions of dollars in financing for way it is allowed while way to essentially run at losses undercut competition sell products at bargain basement prices in order to drive out the competition and buy it up because china's communist party backed entities. The end of day. Don't really operate in terms of the laws of economics. They really operate in terms of the laws of war. And that means that for the ccp dominating in these realms that means that they can run businesses losses essentially in perpetuity until they pick up all the market share. It's like if if every industry to every single chinese back company in a strategically significant sector is essentially. Amazon accepted amazon backed by the chinese communist party. Well and this is the question. I want to begin the next segment with. I'll read our read. The line increasingly what was always implicit about the nature of chinese quote unquote business. That there's no dividing line between where private business begins in. The state ends is becoming explicit as their leader consolidates his power. Overtly takes ever greater control over the chinese economy. And what. I wanna come back and talk about is. It's not just that we're dealing with a state rather than individual companies within interstate. It's that that state is also financing a military. That should concern us. We'll continue this conversation coming up. This is Watch the name you say. My good buddy ben. Winegarden is our guest. He's a federalist senior contributor senior fellow at the london center for policy research and a fellow at the claremont institute. We're talking about an article. He wrote for the federalist about china and as we went to break. Been my last point reading from your piece. I'd like to add another ascendance from here. And i'll let you take it from there. It is long past time america. Stop thinking about its commercial relations with china in terms of doing business with the normal power and separating such business from strategic concerns. You sort of alluded to what others have been talking about. Which is we're basically doing. Business with a state not individual companies within state and that state is is indistinguishable from a very aggressive military. Right absolutely right. And what. I'm trying to get at there is. You'll know that. America and what remains of the free world is serious about its dealings with communist china when it stops talking about business and commerce with chinese companies as being about normal status quo business and commerce with companies as if it was in britain or australia or anywhere else across the world. We're dealing with the power which seeks to be the dominant world power which exerts myriad. I'm in total control in effect and in practice over any entity that operates in the strategically significant space. And yes there are. These purportedly legal distinctions between state owned entities companies that receive state financial backing companies. That just happened to do some work. With the people's liberation army and come in in china and then purportedly private companies like they claim weiwei's a private company. That's owned by its employees. Even though you can go back in the records and you can look at the ties of course in all of these organizations to the chinese communist party with the executives and all the major company is being members of the chinese communist party and that really means something that's not insignificant that means direct control on top of the state itself imbedding its own councils and actually increasingly controlling operational decision making within most of these companies but even stepping back from that you were not operating in communist china and able to become a dominant player in any space in the economy without the implicit if not explicit blessing of the party because the party is dominant and the party cannot allow anything to challenge. Its rule as for this point. You make about the military link. Here china pursues a strategy of military civil fusion which is essentially we always. We hear a lot about the jargon about dual use technologies. How you have a civilian application to its technology and potentially a military application. The entire china's economy is essentially dual use because every single innovative that they make or that they steal and intellectual property ultimately may be used by the chinese communist. Party's army the people liberte people's liberation army and let's be it's worth repeating that the p. La is the chinese. Communist party is military. It is not china's military so what does the military specifically to defend the party and its prerogatives and so what you see is and what. I try to argue here. Is that when you're doing business with any chinese entity. You're really doing business at the end of the day with the chinese communist party and they are making this evermore explicit they have security laws so called laws. They really have the rule by law. They're not the rule of law but they're national security laws and regulations essentially. Say that if the chinese communist party's national security apparatus says we need to collect information from you or access or technology or speak to certain individuals within your company. You have to be a completely open book. If i if i told you in to my knowledge it didn't happen but it does many days that there was a revelation this morning of a spy at a research laboratory at one of our major universities. You wouldn't have to think twice. You'd say i'm sure it was a chinese spy and it always is. We had that situation here in houston where we had spying coming out of the the consular the consular offices and they were spying on what was going on at the at the houston medical center. We're seeing spies repeatedly working for the ccp infiltrating the research departments of our country which is where a lot of our nation's research is done with at the behest of and and By the benefactor of of the federal government it's very disturbing. I mean it is clearly a strategic effort to spy on our research at our universities repeatedly such that. It's a pattern. it's it's what they're doing. It's absolutely right. They are focused. On getting whatever advantages they can in high tech in everywhere across the information sphere and then beyond and that involves infiltrating and corrupting and leveraging our research institutions are academic institutions. And by the way this is even down to k through twelve. School is there confucius institutes. That have been bandied about when it comes to colleges but it's even impacting curricula from k. Through twelve mike pompeo. A former secretary of state has said that even down to the school board level. The chinese communist party seeks to cultivate relationships. And sometimes it doesn't at all appear nefarious and usually even better from the cpu side if they're one or two steps removed so it's obvious for example and you have definite cases of this that the doj has brought of chinese nationals with ties to the people's liberation army or intelligence services who come here to study under whatever. Pretense they come here to study and are actually working in strategically significant realms in high tech research and biotechnology in genomics and the like but then you have even worse. The corruption one step removed of funding researchers in america. Who are american citizens have been here. Their whole lives who take millions of dollars potentially like the head one of the most prominent researchers at harvard university who arrested over this With this so you have the the actual chinese national who will infiltrate us then. You have the corruption of the chinese dollars which is used to impact americans and then you have the more subtle measures of influence writing letters arguing that you should advocate for certain positions. If you're a state legislator and you're talking about communist china so it runs the whole gamut from the top of the us federal government all the way down to the local municipal county state level is as well and it's in every single area and that requires a comprehensive whole of government whole of society response to their whole of government holds society effort to ultimately dominate us. And so that's why one of the reasons. I keep hammering this issue home. Is you have to have an understanding of the warfare environment that we're in. Which is that one side is fully engaged. Our side began to be engaged on the trump administration. And i would argue the most essential thing that it did in the national security and foreign policy space was to try to inform the american people about the nature of the cpap and all of its nefarious efforts across a myriad areas. But that said this could all be unwound very quickly under a biden presidency. And as i've argued leading up to his presidency and then the early days there's no indication that we are not going back to something like the status quo of continued in engagement. I put that in air quotes here engagement with the chinese communist party which means a continued invitation for them to eat our lunch. You're exactly right and on another occasion. We'll spend some time talking about the efforts. the chinese made the cpa to undermine president trump some of them very successful been winegarden. Thanks for being our guest comeback again. It's that time mocking load. Michael very show is on the air off yes tap. She's come to talk to song. She came in. She came in and she. Since we humor when i'm feeling low so since the election anyone who claimed that there were irregularities fraud. You name it was kicked off twitter. People lost their jobs. Lou dobbs was just fired from fox business and yet in new york. The crazy story in new york. The last congressional race from the november election has finally been decided. Nearly fourteen weeks after election date in. no there wasn't a runoff. A winner has finally been declared in the last unresolved congressional race republican challenger. Claudia tinny has been declared the winner in new york's twenty second congressional district unseating incumbent. Anthony brindisi by one hundred nine votes which gives republicans two hundred thirteen house seats just five short of a majority state supreme court justice. Scott del conte ruled on friday. That quote every single valid vote that was cast in. New york's twenty second. Congressional district has been accounted for and counted. Tenny leads brindisi by one hundred nine votes. Doug kellner co chairman of the state board of education confirmed that tinny will be declared the winner now. what's interesting is that in his decision. Judge del conte blasted county election officials for quote systemic violations of state and federal election law. So the judge says there were violations of state and federal election law. Brindisi the democrat says that there was fraud in the election and that's why he lost doesn't that undermine democracy to claim fraud in the election so on friday and really into the weekend there was a an article that appeared in time magazine. That has surprised a lot of people and the people relates. Here's the headline the secret. History of the shadow campaign that saved the twenty twenty election. So i've got a guest coming up in the next segment so we'll get through this entire article. It's a lengthy one. But i wanna sign post it today in go back to it through the course of the week. If you would like to read it for yourself. Marie that title again. I would encourage you to take. It's gonna take you thirty minutes to get through it but what it's going to do is validate everything you thought about this election and coming from a media source time magazine on the left. They basically just decided listen. We were going to tell you that we didn't cheat. But what the hell. Yeah we did. And there's nothing you can do about it. Well they don't say cheat per se. They say four to fire the election. Couple of lines from in here. Let's see hold on a second odd thing happened. Amid trump's attempts to reverse the result corporate. America turned on him. Hundreds of major business leaders many of whom had back. Trump's candidacy and support policies called on him to concede to the president. Something felt amiss. Trump said on december second. It was all very very strange within days after the election we witnessed an orchestrated effort to anoint. The winner even while many key states were still being counted. In a way trump was right there was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes. One that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from ceos. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans. The pact was formalized in a terse little noticed joint statement of the us chamber of commerce and the afl cio published. On election day both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain. Inspired by the summers massive. Sometimes destructive racial justice protests in which the forces of liberty came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose trump's assault on democracy the handshake between business labor was just one component of a vast cross partisan campaign to protect the election. An extraordinary shadow effort dedicated not to winning the vote but to ensuring would be free and fair credible and uncorrupted. Well when somebody tells you that they broke into the bank and took a few million dollars because they really felt like the poor children and homeless people needed better food and housing. You could say well. That's quite the robin hood effort or you could say That's burglary and theft. So i i suppose you could define this as protecting the election or i suppose you could define it as stealing the election. Their words not mine. The actions that actually occurred. So as i said can't get into all of this right now. I would encourage you to go read it for yourself. It's a good read. It comes from the left but it breaks it down piece by piece. One of them is a section called the architect sometime in the fall of two thousand nineteen might producer became convinced. The election was headed for disaster and he determined to protect it. This was not his usual purview. For nearly a quarter century put dozer senior adviser to the president of the afl cio. The nation's largest union federation has marshall the latest tactics and data to help its favored candidates win elections unassuming and professorial. He isn't the sort of hair jailed. Political strategist who shows up on cable news and then it goes through the various things that he did including the fact that they had to stop trump because trump had a blue collar supporter base. That dozer feels rightfully belongs to the union bosses. So his point is trump shouldn't win those votes. Anyway i'll come back to this Because we're up against a break. I've got a guest i. I'm gonna come back to this. Because i think it's important but i encourage you in the meantime to go. Read it for yourself. It's in time magazine. Time dotcom the secret history of the shadow campaign that saved the twenty twenty election snowflakes. You prepare for a complete meltdown. With more of the michael berry. Show wise ways look on the saw of own ways neukolln. The law saw it of long. If live seems johnny rotten fish something and that's one you're feeling. Isn't that dumps. be silly. Chumps just your lips and whistle. that's the old winds. Look on the side of non all wise the raw four larvae squad on a world. You must always spiced with your same give. The audience cooing joy as they said python now for something entirely different for those of us in texas and i understand most of you are out of texas but those of us in texas texas a and m university has a long and storied history. It stands for agricultural and mechanical. The agricultural side is the mechanical of course is a lot of engineering in the like. Geophysical do a lot of oil exploration here but the agricultural is what has distinguished texas a and m. for a close going on two hundred years and the university has an amazing reputation for all things agricultural and every so often we like to have one of their folks on to share what they're up to. Dr jason clear is associate professor and texas agra life extension beef cattle specialist at texas am in college station. But the first thing. I wanted to talk to you about is that you're the coordinator of the texas. A and m. beef cattle short-course which attracts more than fourteen hundred partic- participants to camp to campus. Each august talk a little bit about that course and who comes to it. Because i'm fascinated by this and i wanna come one year absolutely michael and pleasure to be younger day and appreciate the opportunity. Yeah texan 'em beef cattle short-course In two thousand nineteen We had Over twenty three hundred actually in attendance and that Came to campus and of course it's mostly texas ranchers that come but we also Over twenty different States and a dozen different countries represented a as well and it could be anybody that is has one town all the way up to ten thousand pounds and so it's a live variety of of folks that traveled to campus to to learn about these counter production and And how how to produce and how to ranch and ultimately had to manage their land and and they're not sources so what are some of the basics that you cover and do you start this. Assuming people have a working knowledge are where do you. I mean i. I would assume there's a very level of knowledge for you to teach a course like this. You gotta assume they know some things right well and and Most have a little bit of a knowledge. But you'd be surprised that every year we see a lot of new people that maybe purchased land. And you know if you've got land in texas or cross. Us you want to run some cattle on it and So they may have been an engineer or or who knows what they may have been in a previous career and so they may know very little about the industry and then we have some ranchers that have been to business for seventy five years that That need you know that are higher level so with that beef galileo show course is really kind of a cafeteria style. So we've got over twenty different concurrent sessions during that two and a half days and And so we've got sessions for the basic rancher the newbie all the way to you know very advanced You know type. Genetics and selection nutrition for those that are experienced. And so it's a little bit for everybody. The most interesting development in genetics beef cattle genetics. Over the last twenty years what would be the one thing that's made the biggest change impact. Well i think as we the the most thing. The last twenty years is You know violence and marker assisted Selection and beef cattle so going back two hundred years ago. It was like to tattle based off of what they look like. You know you know what what precision we perceived as the good animal and As gone through we started collecting data on you know. Animals that gain the fast is or produce the highest quality meat and then we started doing statistical analysis but in the last twenty Twenty five years. We really started looking at dna technology. Marker sits selection and that's really helped our ranchers to more fine tuned their selection capabilities again. We still look at the live animal and select You know an animal that looks good because we gotta look at it every day But but we're also looking at fine tuning our selection to to help us more quantify what we're looking at too so i know you are involved with the texas agra life extension as a beef cattle specialists. And that's actually i mean. That's the university going out into the community and actually helping farmers be better for an cattle-raisers be better cattle-raisers and i think that's something texas. A&m does extraordinarily well which is make itself relevant to industry and individuals as opposed to be in the ivory tower gas. But what are the biggest questions people ask you when they call cattle-raisers. Yeah so we get a lot of different questions from ranchers but Yeah probably the number. One question i get is all as You know nutrition-related what else eat my house. How do i know Is my town Let's see like with diet And you know ultimately klarna fire Whether or not you're done a good job. As either their gain weight war from a towel which is the reproductive whether or not she gets bread and has the next year. So you know again. Most of our questions are certainly going to be dealing with nutrition because really the biggest driver of cow cattle were performed when we go to the butcher and we buy stakes whether it's prime choice. Select standard commercial cutter kanner the the various categories. What is making the biggest difference as to those quality grades. Well i think You know we've seen just just one prizes some some some If you go back ten years ago. The percentage crime Quality grades in the united states. Which is our kind of our pre metal Quality states that one with the most modeling. So the percentage prime was around three percent of our cattle. And now we're looking at ten eleven percent of it and then also. The percentage choice that next category has just grown dramatically as well and You know the biggest driver of that is Genetics are ranchers really selecting genetics. That has a greater degree of marveling or that intramuscular fat which determines the quality great whether or not our prime toy selector standard is question purely a flavor a question because i like a lot of marveling but many people don't well i think it comes down to the the preference The consumer but yes they Increase in marble which is intramuscular fat. is where a lot of your flavors going to get but it also is An insurance factor too. And when i mean insurance factor is that that fat You know during the cooking process is going to render down. And that's where your flight where he's gonna be but it also kind of ensures juicy nece so last night could i don't agree all outside over oakwood You know some t-bone steaks for my family and We select product. Because it was you know it was the cheaper of the found in the supermarket and But i was make sure that we that i cook it Am rare you know. I sure didn't want overcook that. Because i didn't have that extra marley in there. Great that a great flavor and everything else so you will learn. Where's the beef coming. Up next. In our conversation with professor jason clear of texas a and m university really gonna do keep calm and listen on. Don't you turn it off. turn around here. this is the michael berry. Show rodney darn ever bad. We're talking beef with the beef expert. Professor jason clear of texas a and m university so it's prime then choice then select yes sir and when would you make the purchase of a prime. Obviously that's gonna make a cost differentials it how you prepare in it like whoa for your decision making process winner. You going to go prime well again for me michael. I'm kind of a cheapskate. At times but You know if. I'm really on a special occasion. You know maybe gonna entertained. You know some some guests. I'm gonna probably reach out there. And make sure i got that choice of prime Because it's always going to. Have you know more flavor profile. And it's again it's You know as. I tell my students that You know you. You've got a less of a chance that you mess up a good prime steak. If i took you to the butcher shop and i showed you three different cuts estate. Could you pick out prime choice. Select just looking at them. Oh absolutely yeah you can look at the the marveling profiles air even on our website The taxation animal science website. We've got some grits. There that show you pictures of that. But then also the texas beef council Website as well Beef-loving texans have some resources as well that show you pictures of what a prime rib is supposed to look like or choice and the amount of of marveling it's in them whereas cattle-raising today versus where it was ten twenty thirty forty Are are we eating more red meat less red meat about the same. I think if you go back Ten in in the past singers Red meat consumption is pretty stabilized Actually in the last year With the you shut down and consumer spending more time at home We saw kind of a small up tick in the amount of Red meat consumed But i think it's it's very stable and our consumption and As ranch i think the biggest thing that we have to do in the ranching world and the production world is We know beef is more expensive to produce and it's more expensive consumers. We just gotta make sure that that we're producing the cadillacs of meat and producing high quality products so that consumers are willing to pay for that extra for just that good eating satisfaction. What's been the biggest change in cattle-raising to me the consumer in the last twenty years i think from counteracting perspective Just like any lean when he do in our day to day lives It's continued to be technology and they drift. And so you know we continue to be able to find tune or our processes in the way we produce beef to do it more efficiently So to to push to make sure that you know we we improve our tilleke Of our cows feeding down better. Just kinda the optimum diet We you know the we feed our cattle to finish them out We found to the nutrients there to make sure that you know we're we're producing is is an efficient manner but then will produce that superior quality steak as well so i think we just like anything else whether it's walmart whoever may be in the business world we continue to be more and more data driven to temporary assistance of production. What is what are the economics of the family farm today. i mean. Is it still a viable business for a single family. Not big egg not not multimillionaires but for single family to raise cattle and make a living at it. Yeah you know that's a question. I'm ways the next generation To use that for those families that have stopped rush cattle operations You know they. They can pass that onto to the next generation but they've already got the ran's unit required to raise gals It takes a lot of land to raise cattle Just grazing animals and and so that becomes a real challenge for somebody. That's you know just decided you know. I wanna i wanna be a rancher and get into the cattle business and own. My own cattle You know it takes at the character level You're probably to support a family. You'd have to own around three to four hundred cows to be able to support a family. Unit will to do that depending on the area that you're in but let's just say the eastern portion of texas you know three hundred cows. You're probably looking at Own around fifteen hundred land And so you know you can you. Can you do the math on the cost of land. it it runs up pretty dramatically there so it is a challenge for more people getting into The cattle business. Now there are no young rangers Day in and day out that have gotten real creative and they're able to lease land and do some things and they they are successful with it but it is You know a challenge. The one thing that i will take my mike. Is that if you look at Beef cattle production You know the vast majority probably ninety five percent. Plus of ranches are still family owned You know they've had to get bigger Just because of you know economies of scale just like any business but you know they still have Back that family atmosphere which is which is the neat thing you know and i think that's the one thing that we can hang our hat on in the piece beef cattle production and ranching. Isn't we're still family offering it. Yeah i mean that's my romanticized notion. I think iowans kind of feel the same. There's just something about the family farm. Are we seeing a stable number of family. Farms that raised cattle has that has that eroded has it increased or is it about the about consistent over the last twenty to fifty years. I'd say it's probably fairly consistent over the last twenty years the one thing you've seen Across the us and especially here in the state of texas is that we we see land fragmentation and You know and that's the splitting up of large tracts land it'd people coming in and fifty two hundred s groups and So you know you've gone from you know we're gonna family farm that unit size big one down to tan smaller ones there Operation so you know. But i think it's fairly stable with that. Professor jason clear is associate professor at texas am university in college station. More with him. Coming up the michael berry show vary To told you a up there's nothing inside baby you can. The snow is really a truly is a big one very big. Funny fluffy it's very fluffy fund zonda places give you a lot less peeve on a lot of button the at wendy's have a hamburger we modestly calling and wendy's single has more beef and the big mac at wendy's you get more be less button. Hey do one settling better your wendy's kind of people. Where's the be. We're talking beef all things. The with professor jason clear texas a and m university. How many students are coming into texas. Am university in say. I wanna learn about agriculture own. Learn about and i want to go into. The industry is as popular as it ever was absolutely i. You know. I think we still have a lark still being texas. Is you know over. Fifty percent of the value in texas is be beef cattle production and so beef cattle production in the state is You know a big influence in iraq culture but it's also a big influence of our heritage Of the state and you mentioned the word romance of along the spoils and ranching side so we do see a lot of students that come and they're interested in it Now their career path may not only and they may not owner aunt. You're rich manager. But they they make go into some of the support businesses that go along with it so they may manage at which you know co-op that's bed cells feed or fertilizer ranchers or you know those types of things so We do see a lot of students that come in that are interested in be just mainly because texas is is is largest be state. Yeah i looked at the rankings. Before we talked and i didn't realize i of i didn't know missouri was big in that and sangley. I didn't know how big oklahoma was but we. We have fifteen percent of the beef cows in this country and that is more than oklahoma number. Two and missouri number three combined. That's pretty significant and nebraska not till fourth. I would've expected nebraska to be higher. Are we so much more because of morla and because we started with such a lead is that tax laws and politics why is texas still leading that yeah i think if you look at cowes Texas lease mainly. because of. and we're you know. Compare that the total size of the state and land acreage compared to oklahoma missouri and air nebraska We're just such a much bigger state because of that and At the cow calf level which is the the reproductive unit Bats you know. It takes anywhere from Two or three acres per towns to your way out. It may take years to support a cal and so landmass is is really a big driving force about And and again we've got a long heritage of as well to compare beef to Goats chickens the the other livestock in terms of profitability and desirability. If a state was saying we really want to. We really want to step this up. What's the one that's the most profitable you know You know i'd say Know it's kind of a hard number to look that there You know again. Did you look at it as a a as a are looking at profitability per acre of land. Or do you live it per unit It's kind of a hard number to pinpoint. If you're thinking per acre of land It's probably league poultry production. Because you know you could put a few houses on shakers land that that raised thousands of birds per year So that's a little. It's a hard number two to to get your hands around. I guess you could say. How'd you end up doing what you do. Well i'm young. Grew up in a you know. Kind of a small cow calf. I should dad in town and and cows and You know on the side and Just just love that that aspect of it and then also teach and You know my fellow liz. I'd be a researcher and then he just A teacher in teach teach at the university level and not pretending to came along for me to They become an extension educator. Be part of the sexy life extension and you know visit with ranchers and teach ranchers on a day to day basis. So i i get the opportunity to to do a little research. Most of my time is is educating working with ranchers and helping them out but then also Get the teacher in the fall as well About a hundred and forty Undergraduate students to so that Became a passion of mine. The beef industry You know some of it is the the romance about it here in this great state of texas But i just truly believe that. The beef is very valuable protein source from a nutritional aspect. But it's also delicious to and the best thing about it is great people in the state of texas that They support their lives based off a ranching and raising gentleman and doing a good job at and so you know i just have that passion horton. I've always loved it. It fascinates me how diverse and sophisticated. Our economy is and how many things people do that. They've basically been doing the way they've been doing it for a very long time. I mean we all are most of us anyway. Eat beef almost every single day and we kinda take for granted all the work that had to be done to get it to our table as cost effective as it is as a protein and a delicious food. How many how much science sophistication goes into to getting in there. Professor jason clear texas a and m university. Thanks for being our guest. You come back anytime you very much. Michael and again last thing. We invite everybody august second. The fourth is the texas cattle. Were coming up this year and you can find that beef cattle short course dot com house. Bill thank you and good night.

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