Emotion Is At The Core Of A Strong Brand #787


Today at the core of any strong brand. He's emotion. Yeah I read an interesting article on medium this week from a guy called George zero gas and put a link to that article in the comments below but basically basically what he was saying is that branding is not about products. It's about emotions and of course he's right. It's not about the products the services or even the features and the benefits. It's about how we feel when we interact with that brand and you. I need to look at the big successful brands and see how they position their brand messaging. Look at somebody like coke for instance. It's not about the benefits of drinking the product or even the taste of the product really. It's about how people feel you. Think about all the coke okay. Imaging we see people running on the beach in the park having fun. That's the emotional connection with the brand. Look at something like Nike. It's not about the technical benefits of the shoes. It's about how you feel when you win when you lose when you compete when you just do it. So it's the emotional connection with the brand and and it's funny because whenever I talk to hotels spas about this idea that brandings about emotion they say yeah. Yeah we get that we understand it but then when you look at their Ed messaging there's nothing really emotional about that. Messaging think about spas. It's always the picture of the the beautiful lady with the flour and a hair. A M- macular macular makeup. There's nothing really emotional about that. Having some imagery of a stressed out stay at home mom at the end of the busy week being pampered. There's some emotion connected to that or hotels. You've got the God plunking on the bed at the end of the day with these shoes on the bid still looking sales reports. There's no emotion emotion in that really but take that same guy that same bid plunking down and doing a face time with his young daughter because he's on the road traveling and he misses her then. There's some emotion so ask yourself in your brand messaging. What's the emotional sensation that you want people to have? What does the emotional no reaction that you're looking for and is that actually being delivered because if it's not then you just know branding already that is it for today? Thank you for your time and I will be back again Tamar.

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