Kelley Baker: the brow queen behind all The Kardashians signature eyebrows, shares behind the scenes of being up close and personal with todays the biggest stars.


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Or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Laugh in just this. This is a big thrill for me to have the world renown famous kelly baker on my show. If you've seen any famous person in l. a. And even morris in nashville tennessee. But everyone from every single kardashian choosing dea to arianna grande day to bb rexha to the list goes on and on everyone who is completely fabulous in gorgeous. Uses you for their browse. What's a lane you've created for yourself to be first off to be the the go to girl for the kardashians. I mean you have to be the best in the world if they have chosen you. How did you get in to being the brow. master his. you're you're you actually gave me chills. It's weird but don't know i don't really think about it that much but Yeah it's actually pretty cool to be honest not gonna. Why going to all these people's houses and you know it's it is really cool. I've been doing celebrity since day. One just being in the you know. I would say the right right place at the right time but also now. I don't want to say luck at all working hard and and being determined You know. I never really Watched a whole lot of reality reality. Tv of course i knew who The crowd actions were But you know other than that North and you know. But i still said i said one damn to kadarshian goals celebrities. So you're a man. One hundred percent. Yep in eight sad because a lot of people i actually don't even know i don't even know who some of them are before i go to do them Even in the younger generation of tiktok had no clue who addison. Rae was i i. I know this is going to be horrible. Because you're from nashville. But i didn't even know who marianne morris was. Yeah the queen. She's the queen it and now he's ethic awesome and after really listen to country music. So why would i know you know. And i don't. Tv is different. like back. in the day i would watch. Mtv much music video so then. Of course i would know who she is but you don't do that anymore. You know what i mean. I've heard her name. But i don't know who she is what she sang. And then you know of course. I looked her up. And then you know. I'm not starstruck. 'cause i don't know her you know and then now i listened her all the time and mike. She's so good you know. And there was a guy that a new country music so popular. I grew up listening to like old school country. My dad had a ranch horses but it was different. You know the now. It's so like mainstream and this guy was. I told him. I'm going to scroll morris he's like you bitch like i don't even know who she is but what you know not mad at it. I'm happy so so how did you get in the car dash chance because that to me is like that is the holy grail of beauty. Like if you want to have the best makeup the best hair the best brow the best lips best closed the best bodies the best latte the best lavish amazing like beautiful Just top of the top lifestyle. That is dicara card dashes. So how did you get in with them in. Please tell me as much as you can about what. It's like walking into their houses. Because i would love to know so through her. Make up artist Patrick talk Who's amazing and i had been doing projects browse for. He was i. You cut out a little bit. Who did you meet i. I saw a Courtney was my first kardashian. And it's probably been at least four years to be honest which even crazier But patrick talk. Who's a huge makeup artist I met him when he moves spell. Lay you know our because social media and instagram. You see people's work. I invited him in and he was like. Hey can you come to courtney you know and a lot of times that i get referrals from makeup artist. Because they know edits changed a little bit because now browns become so popular a lot of parts. Kinda fill the men now right. So that kinda sucks but they still can't shape them like i can shape that that's my talent. You know what. I mean so Patrick asked me to come do her browse too. So you know they were easier for him to fill in And that was it. So i did courtney i and then i started doing khloe and then i did kim once and i was like. Oh my god. I'm gonna go is crazy. But the first time i actually had met kim was to do khloe And of course they make you send sign. Nda's an all of these things are cool with being on the show. When i was like sure. Whatever and I met kim because i was going to go to chloe chloe's browse at kim's house. So i met kim because i was gonna do khloe and i did. Kim It was to say it was two years ago for halloween. And i usually don't post someone if i have only done them like once a wanna be like i'm weird like that. I want to know that. I'm their person. You know what. I mean so It was when she was selena It was year. It was tears michigan. Selena i wanna say Was there. I know courting was michael jackson. She was maybe madonna. I don't remember who she was with her. But they always cool costumes together. And then i hadn't seen in over a year. And i was like damn only got our do once and then the back and then i do came all the time I remember last year for christmas. Ursus assistant asking me what shoe size i was and i was like eight and a half there so nice they get you gifts like she gave me easy. I about died Courtney is giving me christmas gifts. Khloe is giving me christmas gifts. I don't really. I think you know kylie was the last one of the group And she actually lives the closest to me which is awesome. I can get their time and her house is just stunning. Like to die. Like you can't even But one of my favorites. I mean i all i love all of them but i love scott scott. Scott scott the shit. He's the best. he's just back in goal. he's getting and one day had come over. I don't know what it is. But i just feel like i have some kind of like the cool natural connection with him. You know and like you feel like you have everybody. I don't know but his view of his backyard is just amazing. And i was like. Oh my god scott. I think 'cause. I talked to him like a normal person. You know like oh my god that this view right now on your pool and the and the sun is it's so pretty he's like i haven't shown it to you before i go. No is a come here. Let me show you around. Mike talking love you like. He's a school you know. He's this fun so it's nice to be in that environment. Where like you know a really. I was scared obviously toward them as in in most people. I'm always nervous But they're nice. They're nice goal. You know they work hard. They bust their asses and they aren't where they are for a reason. And it's actually inspiring to me. And i feel privileged to be able to tell people these things and if anyone ever says anything negative. I'm the first one that will stick up for much funny. I'm mike now. You can't say that about kim. You can't say that about chloe. 'cause you don't know you guys are just making sure up you know. I don't know their whole is. Obviously but i know what i see in our good people and they do give back in their kind. So you know. Let them do whatever they won't you know law ethics. I totally agree. I mean they wake up and go to work every day and they're producing something that five. Am you said what at five am. Yeah it's like people are like oh they don't do anything they're just. Kardashians are paid to themselves or whatever but honestly they're waking up there creating content. They're selling products that they love and believe in their sharing their lives. They're sharing tips. They're sharing adventures are giving us entertainment. And it's a lot of energy to document all that and put all that out into staying in such great shape. Oh my god. I mean to say so beautiful in such great shape when you have all these kids. That is so hard. I can't even do one. You know as cool. Yeah no totally. Obviously they have helped but they still do it. Yanni union one and they're complementary like i mean i think want not. I don't know if it was the last time. In the time. Before i saw kim i left knows like i just love her but she's just so nice and she. She made me feel good about myself. You know not on purpose so wasn't trying to like say anything. On purpose nick mayfield fielded mike. I just like her. You know and i remember action. One of the first times i did go. was onset I'm obviously not going to say who was around. But it was a different group of people on set and i felt super uncomfortable and it was one of the first times that i was in that situation with with different makeup artists and hairstylists set people. I felt like shit and they may feel really Against it was anyone's fault per se but I left crying and was like. I don't know if i want to do this. You know and i remember calling my best friend. One of my best friend and she was like kelly. You said he wanted to do celebrities so you need to think about that and you know it wasn't that you know it was other people that were around them. You know what i mean. And and it's it's never been like that ever since. And i also to had to toughen up and realized like i don't care what that person or that person thinks of me because close booking me you know what i mean and i may be the new girl in your click but i'm here to this. I was invited to the table. I was invited to this to this setting Coming kelly you're playing in the biggest leagues you can play in. I mean that's super intimidating. Obviously you have who talent and the skill set to be in those rooms with those clients but that doesn't mean that it's not so intimidating because not only are they just a person that you wanna do a great job on their person that the whole world sees their person that the whole world judging every single thing they do including your eyebrows you know and so it's like you. Luckily we only hear positive things. Thank got. That's what i'm saying but i mean what rector for everyone involved because it. I'm not saying everyone of your clients don't matter but that matters on such a huge level because it's so global you know it truly is global and it is it. I mean you don't get much higher than the kardashians on the totem pole of celebrity. Truly and i've done you know. And i still get new people every day. And it's just it's just cool and i'm in experiences. I'm around so many different things that people aren't exposed to you. Know unlike even you know kardashians like you know people can say what they want but the studying crtv. Tv is real. And it's super sad. And there's mohan's for i feel for us the civic sister and have been there around khloe or whoever and i'm a mom and your woven and you're like in again i don't watch the show but you hear you see things or i've actually been around. Things have happened than you're like dishes crazy. You know and like it's not it's not for tv it's real life that's being captured on film in the moment you don't want that's what i think has happened with the kardashians because so many reality shows when they are getting going you know everything's kind of staged and everything sort of figured out. What are you gonna fill. What do i think now. The credit card ashes. It feels like they've been going for so they just let it roll structured. What they film but they just let the horror role and they are willing to share every grop them. I mean that is a lot to share on at all of that out there in just have everyone know everything. I mean a lot. It also also gives me respect for them to as a family and how tight if they are at. It's really cool to see. 'cause i mean they really are sisters. They really are family unanimous. Not this fake group like they agree thing together. And i'm like. I wish i had that you know. Not just the kardashian part of it but just like a brother sister and my mom close by to where we could do all these things together. It's really cool. That they are blessed to have that even lifestyle you know and they found the frigging kids. My dog is a million of them that they figured out a way. They're so hands on empire too busy. Yeah in their building at other as a family which is amazing. Who doesn't end. They've all risen like usually. I feel like with stainless families. Whatever it's always like there's always some problem or someone with all the females in the kardashian crew who've all they've already into the top in there in even rob like he created a sock company and all of that and like you know they've all in a scott in his own way like he's found his way and then currently ordering right. Before i got on with you i was ordering online some talentless stuff for christmas. Like dot something you know. All figuring out outweighed buying their own success within their group success which is really phenomenal. Honestly i want to know what learned from being in the inner clique with all of these celebrities like i mentioned from the kardashians to day at two cardi b. to amid obviously like you're going into these homes with these people they're letting you into their intimate moments. You're seeing their live unfiltered. You're part of making them into the celebrity that we see on tv. You're part of that transformation. So you see them in the raw real form. What have you learned about these top of the top celebrities in these intimate moments in in their homes. What have you learned about them as people and just like what we think about larry's versus what it really is. I mean i. I know this firsthand. Everyone who's house that i've gone to or wherever it is that i'm doing them. They're always literally in the mix of working. I mean it's twenty four seven you know and if we think we got a lack on its multiplied by a hundred you know so that again to inspiring because you know like i mean even cardi for like the met gala or whatever or wherever i've gone to do her and i don't even do ernie more. I actually passed her by choice to someone else. Because her makeup artist wanted her to get her brows laminated. And i was like. I don't do that so i was like okay. Who gonna send you know. And happily sent another person down to her and he gets doing her now. And i'm okay with that. You know what i mean like. It's he and now. He's getting articles and cool things written about him. And you know what's so be it. I don't need to do cardi forever. I did for the mac gala. And i was the first one to do cardio browse. I'm happy with that. The mikailah alone. Oh my god like fucking the coolest thing ever you know like the met gala or how do you prepare cardi b. for the met gala. What it it was. It was one of the coolest experiences I booked booked me. They'd kana kana. Gave me an idea of the concept not really like but they freaked me out because they were telling me that like the her. Everything's gonna be covered. So i don't know it was the one i was wearing the red so she had a gesture face outright so i didn't see pictures but there were like talking about her. Is mike all of these things. I'm thinking am. I going to have to like special effects draw on browse. Like what are we doing like freaking. How a mike gotha songs like yourself out you know. You're you're scared you know this. Is everyone in. The world is going to see. This is it's huge and actually flew to new york to be there to do to do it. I'm in her room with her manicurist and her hair people and her friends and her stylist and you know the whole shebang and you know with cardi and it was just such a crazy experience to like you know. I can't help myself. But if i have an opinion and i think it's beneficial. Some autumn gonna probably speak on it which you know. Maybe sometimes you shouldn't but there are certain things that like it. I can see that are like putting her head piece on or different things. Mike abyss piece needs to be fixed. Like i can't help but be like in this show because this part not attached to here. And i'm just joe schmo. No one knows me. You know what i mean but it's something like there's always like something a little piece you don't realize like oh shit how it gonna fix that. We didn't realize that didn't back right or one. Time with even kris jenner. Like i was doing courtney's brown and chris came in and i think they were doing actually there. It's it's funny to think about this. Because i laugh at myself the things that i say. 'cause so chris watson were onset is either onset for a shoot or at their house or something and she comes with one of her outfits on to. What do you think court. What do you think about this outfit. And it was for their cover of their kardashian near like you know promo that's gonna be on tv and was like good you know and i don't remember what was a silk suit or something and i was like it. Looks great like i wanted to share. My opinion should looks great. You know. And i'm like it. Looks great that like that blazer or whatever it was was like it looks really good on you and she kind of looks at me like cool. Thanks mike okay. And she walked out and she came in with her second outfit on said. What do you think about this one and she looked at me for like and what you think and i was like you look amazing and i was like she liked that. You know what i mean so you just kind of never know like a you know like i again. I feel like that was beneficial. I'm trying to say you look great. Not that one it you know. I'm not gonna talk about your personal life and given opinion on any of that stuff. But like i want you to look good to yet you know yes. You're here so look good process. And even when they were doing cardi you know so they pull thing went over her head. And i had already waxed to browse filled in her brows. There all perfect and now they're putting effing head peace over her head and then i'm going to take it back off because the so at once it's hard to see if it fits and i'm like oh my god so i was literally there with them for probably eight hours which i've never done right. I'm in the whole process of it. And i go once it's on i'm gonna need do her rows because you've just mushed them three times an hour make it's getting done and the things rubbed like it's so tight to her face like i'm staying. You know i'm staying till the girl leaves out the door and is on her way to the red carpet. You know. that's what an ear for. That's what i'm paid for. So you know it was super cool was really really really really really cool to watch all of it so what it has been fun intimate moments like that like okay so we see cardi b. all the pictures at the met. We see all the articles in the news flashes and all that. Uc the eight hour process to get her ready for that. You see the personalities coming out in stress situations where you have to figure things out on the fly. Were things have to be perfect but now you have all these moving pieces that you put together in thanks shift and you have to readjusting. Such a creative process was so much steak you know so much at stake because it matters so much. So what is it. Like to be in that to be in. Like in the middle of the arena. And just in it like do you. What is your india. What are you go to a to be honest. I'm used to it like it's normal for me as it's normal for them like only the salon. I'm putting out a fire every single day. The computer lines are down. Internet's down the. Something's not working the so and so's sick like it is a constant figure out situation. What are we going to do with this. And there's always something to do with it. You just have to say what you're doing. So i i'm used to it. I'm used to the crazy hours. Obviously there's even more. I'm exhausted. When i do a tour and i do a show and i teach a class so i feel for them. If anything you know might east people they must be. I don't know i remember one time. Khloe like how do you like travel to another country and then come back and start over like faulk. Need like i'm tired. You know in e. I think you just Become you acclimate to your lifestyle. And like if you're a new person who has not been at atmosphere you one hundred percent be freaked out and osha like scared you know. There's a lot that goes on. My best friend's mom is a publicist. And this is one of the funniest stories we talked about it the other day she represents men won for best friends. Is dan ackroyd She represented jeremy renner Walking phoenix josh. part net. Like all cool men right and when we went to ge- junior high school with her and she's still best friend so in her mom's always been a fabulous Publicists right so one of my first jobs was working at her offense. And i don. I quit in one day. One day i lasted one. Damn i am outta here too. Well i just. I answered the phone. Just a reductionist. An after called in. I had no idea who it was. I didn't know how to pronounce his name. He said it three times. And i still didn't know who it was and he's like get on the phone and i'm like i'm out of here like you've gotta definitely be ready to be in that environment for sure you know yes yes. Yeah 'cause it's like you said On the set your on you when you when you got your feelings hurt in you wanted to like dean of your made for you do have to like just have skin that thick skin and realize that you have the talent that you're meant to be there in no the process because it's a lot of i feel you on that i've definitely done a lot of like not on any kind of level like the card actions but been with a lot of country music. Celebrities worked a lot of countries. Clarity's done a lot of reality. Tv in the national world. And it's like it's such a fast paced life in it so many moving pieces and you really can't take a lot of personal because people are just on have so do you know. But it's hard not to take a. It's totally hard not to take steph personnel to like. I remember one time being on set with arm won't say who and bam topping about a hairstyle that they didn't like and i was like that's my hairstyle today. You what i mean and obviously it wasn't them talking about me but i was like how rude air off ahead right now. That is what the planes low like i. It's like saying they color red when the person next to you heads toe read like am i. Can't i was obviously bothered like ill. But now i disliked at it but like they're not talking about me but still you still think it's insulting. You know what i mean but it is what it is it is again. It's don about them talking about hair. It's about me doing my job and going so so water tips that you would tell a young entrepreneur who has big dreams like you. Did you said you wanted to do celebrities. You want to kardashian. You had these goals and you build it from the ground up. What would you tell someone who has the same dreams as you but has no idea how to get going like. What are the key steps to making your dream into reality in your opinion It really is. I mean i think with anything that you can think of if a musician if it's a basketball player if it's makeup being a celebrity what do you do you practice. You triple the ball you get a ball you practice some play with the ball. All you play with your friends. Everything is teaching you to grow right. Celebrity take pictures try acting childish. Name goto acting classes. Like every piece of all of those things are taking you to the next step and he don't know who you're gonna meet on the way but there's someone you're gonna meet on the way and something you're gonna learn at acting class or one year dribbling Coach or whatever. It's going to take you to the next place but you've got to trust the process and no i'm working toward something and i don't know where going but i'm going with it and it's going to be there you know because i never played a eyebrows like four. Did you play anything. What make make up so you plan on a makeup in. You became expert. yup yup. How did she become ira et like how did that happen. From those naked. I went to beauty school for makeup twice. I did everything make up A wall i met a guy named mon robert who was in my beauty school. My second silent new school. Because i went back to get my license Thinking that i can to make up in beverly hills in some fancy salon but at the time he had to have a license to do make up right in a salon and he was there and he was only doing browse. This is now almost twenty years ago. And i was like who is. This guy shit's crazy Eyebrows or so has stopped. You know like what is this. And i wasn't focused on him out. I was focused on getting school. And he saw me hustling. Good everything that i could to get out of school faster. Remember no matter. What you're doing people are watching. You walk in your wonder waffen your dog one year parking your car be big polite to people will. How are you acting. You know what i mean. So i mean even in my own salon. I know i'm being watched. And sometimes i pretended my head that people don't know who i am in the sense of all the people there that come in. I can't assume they all know that it's my shop because there's different stylists right. Sometimes i just wanted to sneak in like go in the kitchen real quick but i also have to know that. Hey they might be looking at you and don't make eye contact. They're going to think your bitch clean so it it's all part of it and so demand is saw how it worked in stockhow hustled and was like a now. We had a practice leg waxing. Or whatever i was the first one to do it to get extra points and end they were like who are you gonna take really open a salon and he was already basically you know they call them the brow game. He he felt leader done madonna. He was it. Yeah and he was like i wanna take kelly and i was like so i was like okay a super quiet but i also put myself out there. I feel like even today. A lot of young people. are very entitled and don't understand what hard work is and what it takes to get places and they expect things. I parked his car but offered to park his car to mean by. Lemme grab that for you. Let me help you. Let me help decorate your salon. That part needs to be fixed better. We can make this look. Good let me help with this. June mean so he would come to me because he knew was the one that was there to help you know and you got to be the one that stands out. That's going to be like. Hey kelly career and then what he would ask to do is browse shit. I was scared. And i'd like algebra to the bathroom or a have to. I would like disappear. Because i wanted to do everything else but when it came down to actually doing the browse i was freaked. The f out browse want to. But i couldn't tell you to me. So did you finally did you do them one day. And then you started like perfecting it. Well no you taught me from the gecko. He was about to open his first long so he had you know he didn't have a staff and i was his first girl so i went at that point. He's like i want you to come work for me. Come train with me. And i went and sat next to him. His brow share all day every day. And i watched him an. I'd make an. I go with him to lunch and i'd set up the station and i like to like all those little things. Help it matter and are going to help you get further up the food chain not to sit there and watch and let them do all the work do something else say hopefully opio. You know what i mean. It's like jerry. Maguire helped me help you. You know so. I feel like that such valuable advice that you said because as a young person starting out and you see someone like you and you're like oh my god. I want to be like kelly. How do i do that but really it's a series of tiny small steps that are moving you forward along the way. You're following your intuition. You're following open doors or falling opportunities and then when you get those opportunities. You're freaking coming in hard core and you're figuring out everything you can do to maximize that opportunity which involves working hard and showing up early and staying late and like figuring out. What's needed and being that person. I mean that's really the ticket and then people realize you have talent. They realize that you're enjoyable to work with. They realize that you're disciplined and dedicated an all. Those things play a huge role into momentum. One hundred percent. And it's like you just don't end up where you end up by a fluke but yet you could have never planned this because there's so many little magical things that have to happen like you to beauty school for the second time you know. It's like why did you go back for the second time. That second time is what led you to working with damone. You know and it's like you just can't plan. I think with anything though. But i mean i think that we all have a journey and a path that we don't know where the take us and you can have a plan and we can have goals and write those things down and have an idea of what we wanna do. But obviously there's things that happened along the way that change people die you get divorced you mind cancer or whatever and and they're horrible things so it might take you to a different place and that's okay and that new place might have been the place you're supposed to be all along so you just don't know you know what i mean like i believe in manifesting i believe in working hard i believe in going for it My mom and i would not necessarily go back and forth but my mom my mom's day my mom would always be like no don't do it and i'm like yeah i'm doing it right and it might take five years to convince her but i will convince her and once i administer she's on at one hundred and fifty percent were like she keeps talking about it. I'm like okay. Shut up already. You know but like i would say like i feel like things are you know happened for a reason right which is hard because then why do people get sick people die. Why do people get knocked since you can't airway worldwide you also totally but also to like if it's not just things happen for a reason you also have to make things happen and you can't think it's gonna show up in in your lap and magically appear there you have to work for those things and and again looking online and researching you know beauty school so i decided to go to beauty school. I didn't want to go to school. And i decided to go there. I met the out. You know what i mean. And the first time i went i went just to get out of the house. Just my friends suggested it like you should go to beauty school. I was like beauty school. I i don't know how. I'd never thought of that idea but clearly that's where i'm supposed to go. You know so you know even in a game my son you know he's fourteen. He has a couple of years left of high school in his acids friend. Who took a total. You know good grades in caller. And i said. Do you know where you want to go out for after school like do you have a plan. And he's like not not sure and my son was like. I have no idea where. I'm going to go when i graduate. I said sweetheart. You don't have to go anywhere. He's like what i thought. I have to like go leaves. I know you do not actually delivered twenty-five we live your for however long you want that's up to you and you don't have to have a plan like idea you can start thinking of the things that you liked. The most people have no idea what they're going to do. And that's okay. You know what i mean. You're gonna figure it out. But for some reason he thought his head and eighteen to leave. And i'm like it's kind of more of an old school mentality. Right i left at seventeen was to get the f out of the house. Like i'm out of here. You know what i mean. Give me out. Because i had no freedom. My parents restrict. Like i get to do shit growing up again. I could play in my neighborhood. But like i didn't go to a party at a football game. None of it was my the coup. I was ready. I was ready to fly. Yeah for sure and always was that. I think it's funny because my best friend always says like you're not motivated by money. And i think to certain extent. That's true like i'm not going to do something just for the money but if i am in that situation i'm going to figure out how by let's say we have a. We had a new an event right now local. were there. let's do privates plus you training. Let's do a class. Let's do this. Let's do this and let's bring our products. I'm gonna hustle and about bed. While i'm there good point you make right there heo it's caroline hobby and i wanna tell you about a stylish safety shoe company. That's changing the game for women on a craft. 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They're available in sizes for you and the kiddos with county adjustable ear loops and since we're wearing them for all of our holiday errands right. We need a lot head into your local old navy or shop on dot com see old navy dot com for details. So oh that's a great point so you you you get. You have an opportunity to come your way and then look at it from every different angle and you're like how can i maximize every different every different aspect of this opportunity so you have quite a large instrument falling as well. How have you built that instagram falling. And how have you used instagram to your advantage for your business. I mean i feel like in spike. There's definitely something going on in the sense of like our the biggest celebrities saying my name. I haven't been gone up a thousand during to mean whatever but it's still high and it still a good place but instagram is such an important tool because it's worldwide right so i can connect with someone right now. I currently have a girl in the bahamas who keeps message in me and she said any pictures of browse said any pictures videos. So you know. Hey i want to go to the bahamas. Maybe we'll go into a class there. That's how it starts. You know what i mean. Some already like not necessarily her but like we've gone to australia. We've gone to denmark. We've gone to the middle east The middle east one was the coolest only in the sense of like. It's almost a fairytale. Like i used to always say like one day. I just wanna be flown somewhere to do browse right and now it's happening right but that one was literally just go do their browse like yup and then we turned in and then we found out that they own a salon in the middle east and we were like king go where selling products. You need a carrier line. Let's do this. You know what i mean so like. There's just so many ways to expand and grow whatever your business is you know it. You just have to think about it like the really truly. I mean the middle east one was just like i cried in the taxi on her way home. Mike and i take my best friend. My restaurant who works with me full-time to all of these things and in the taxi a on the way home of mike do even know like what we experienced. Like we were put up in the ritz hotel. I've never been to the rich like i'm from. La they're everywhere. I've been doin' to walk in. But they put us there in our own private suite with our own manmade beach a pool and lettuce. Eat for free in the entire hotel. Like this shit's crazy had we. We took this. You know and whatever your dream is. I mean i used to think too like i wish i could be makeup artists in the sense of traveling with the kardashians installed the cool places that they go. But i can't do that because i have a song to me. That's not. it's not doable. From my lifestyle and my current situation you know what. I mean but i can still go for a week for class. You know what i mean. So that's cool. But again. I was like one day one day one day. What might have been thirteen years later. But it still happens you know. When did you realize that you. When did you that you were living your one day dreams like when did you wake up. And you're like what. I was hoping for all along actually living. I can't tell you that. I don't know i really don't know i mean we. You know there's been so many cool thanks. I think that one was decling milan. When we travel those. Those are really cool. Like not only is my best friend who runs business with me. I'm mike weren't denmark. We disrupt sweden were on the beach where there's naked men jumping in the water movie wherein australia holding koala bears. We're flying first class. We're in the first class lounge. Where like this crazy shit. Like this shit's crazy. You know like or the met gala like or being flown for the weekend. My not song for the weekend to new york. Do someone's browse. I didn't browse in the house that the movie big that were tom. Hanks like grows up in. Not the the the the the flat where he's like the canned as an adult with the piano when all cool shit brow whom i feel like this basics familiar now at us from moving bigger mike sue. This is crazy. You know like i can turn browse into a business where you know. Everyone has eyebrows. I can be doing your husband to you. Know i. I do man also in our name and another. I think you just have to put yourself out there and really the most important is talking to people and connecting with people. One of my favorite stories also to is. Game of thrones never watched. The show didn't know anything about it to reach. I don't think he'd had. Hbo and i had a client who came in. And i always ask everyone questions i if you came in. I'd say what what do you do or do you live right now. where do you live. Yeah and part of what i ask. And i don't care who it is. It could be the guy at the grocery store whatever. I'm always talking to somebody you know. And the lady said she worked for hp. She says she booked a makeup artist for red carpet events. And i was like okay changing exactly so i have no fear in putting myself out there and i said well you make up so if you ever need anybody let me know and that was it. And she called me booked me and i got to do three. Seasons of game of thrones red carpet events for kit harrington and all of them having no idea who any of them were her whatsoever. Yeah that's so cool. Though seven great show man. What a life kelly. I watched the doctor. And then where you kinda watched it. I believe it's probably better. You didn't know how big of a deal was. you know. I think the funny part was so the guy who plays sam right. Who's john's like right hand. He was like there was like. You'd get different right. And i was with sam and i think it was a second second like year in with them and and my promoting red carpet with them when filming the show right so only for like two weeks or something. That's it. just make him look good on the carpet and i so stupid. I hate to ask you a question. He goes i go. What does winter's coming main and he was like. Do you watch my. And i go. No i said. I don't have able it was like oh my god i cannot even believe you know he was dying. He was literally dying. And i was like i didn't know that winter was coming was a psych. This kept hearing it. You know. I mean it's like it's like yeah so kelly you have done all of these amazing people you've gone all over the world you've experienced the world experienced the the elite lifestyles of the world. Every in all different walks of life what is the what is it common denominator about humanity on that level that relates to all. I feel like so many people who don't coexist with like celebrities or who aren't celebrities. Think that celebrities are in this whole other stratosphere and they're totally different and yes. They have like huge lives on a very large spectrum. But what have you realize is a common thread with all of these people who are living these amazing lifestyles that relates to regular humans will let their human. They have feeling and they're different than us other than more people know who they are. You know what i mean and it is a lot of pressure and it's a lot of work. Ns a lot of stress and they have so much on their plates to keep their reputation and to look good not physically but like are you a good person. Did he fuck up some. How did you know what i mean like. There's so much pressure like our remember. One time getting a bad yelp review and being sad. And i was like i couldn't even imagine being a celebrity and getting bad things written about me. I'm mortified one. Bad yelp review. You mean like they're they're people you know and a lot of times you work so hard for something. Then you have so many people coming at you from someone different directions and you know. I think it's important obviously. There's so many different people out there in everyone's personality is different. But you know. I think i've been blessed a sense of everyone. I've i feel like i've worked with has been face and god But my motto is also that as well so hopefully. That's what i'm attracting but even if someone wasn't i won't go back. I won't work with them again or won't book them you know. We had an experience where we had Someone again unnamed person Book us. And i wasn't available so i sent someone who works for me and they had my stylish sitting for like two hours in a hotel lobby and then she was a total bitch to her when she went into her. And i was like we're not doing against not okay. Not we're message me multiple times after saying. Hey can you comin' also no sorry. We're not available. Like i don't care how rich you are. You don't get to be an asshole. You know but i think at the end of the day is like all of these people have worked really hard like i went to go to arianna the last time i saw her. I mean you know everyone is working throng working. They're working for something you know. And they're always saying if it's a musician they're sending i walk in and they're saying the other day i was a bb and she's singing her song on the radio. Cool you know. I walk in and arianna singing. Mike look any music video like everyone is working but you have to remember that they are people and you have to respect them for you know what they do but also just to give them their space said no that is because there a celebrity doesn't mean they think they're better that baena or nor do they owe you anything either you know You know 'cause people. I heard stories. I just watched last night. And i don't watch any sports whatsoever. So now i'm quarantine. What watching. I watched the michael jordan The last dance docu series of like eight episodes. And i've heard in the past know if it was kobe or jordan or wherever celebrity that. They're mean right. Mike the said. Sometimes you don't watch someone up you're asking for an autograph like maybe he's having a bad day. You can't say as an asshole for that one time right. I don't know what is going on in everyone's life and that's the same thing with me. Like i had a bad yelp review was like she's not as nice and person as she is She appeared on her instagram bullshit. But maybe a gas. Jesus leave me alone like yeah you can't. You can't everyone everyone standard because we're humans. Yeah totally so. I think that's you know i think that's also one thing. I try to tell my girls in the salon. 'cause it's salonen There could be drama and gossip. And all these things in this second is one of the most important just because so-and-so's in shit acts mood and you can tell took me into her back letter. Be grumpy in her own little circle. Maybe say hey how are you. Would you like a coffee. Maybe extended arm rather than fuel it by being an asshole back. Her and wisdom right there. That is the maturity right there. It's you have to know what that person is upset about. But so many grown adults don't act like that like it's like reacting thing like you know your season on there in a bitchy mood so you just want to be bitchy back to them but that doesn't do any good. That just makes that that by bigger. Who wants a bigger bitchy. Vibe is the worst i mean. Unfortunately that's something. I've experienced the most owning a salon and having the rotating door of girls in out quitting coming and firing. And aiding and fucking big crazy like that. I mean you know. I can't i think also too i just from that. I just can't take it personal on which of course i still do to some extent but it's hard to separate you know the people that you work with from your life and not take a personal be a boss and be a leader and teach them and be strong but tell them to be the be charge and you know a lot of responsibility you know and it's to make sure that they're great but to make sure that they listen and to make sure they don't mess up and if they mess up into the katie how to do put another way. It's like they have to shift into this mind. Perspective of not getting in on the on the fuzz. And you can't join an on the riffraff. You have to stay above it which is hard sometimes but like i'm sure i'm sure after all these years of being business like you realize it's just not worth it to go down to that low vibration like you really waste a lot of your energy in the long run so it's so much better to stay at the high vibration that you're talking about but it's just hard to do that sometime so good for you for being aware of it but it's also really hard though too when you have that negative person or that bad energy around you and you're trying to do those things and they just suck you in. It's sex. You cord cutting. That ties is super hard. I mean there came a point where i've got a handful of rough scenarios in the salon you know and we ended up. Firing two girls hated each other. We fired one. The one quit the one that quit. We should've fired also. Didn't and they were toxic. And you know. I tried to continually make it better and fix it and it never worked at at some point you have to realize it's just not working notch okay and i. I didn't even realize long after they were both gone. That i left my own salon because i couldn't take it anymore and once they were gone. I was like it was them. I didn't even know it. You know so like it's hard to realize you're in it in that space at that time like you have toxic things going on and trying to make everything work and have clients coming in. How many replace them and like. Sometimes you just gotta do it. You just gotta do it. You just gotta go instincts but you know swan lights long. Life is it's his own thing now. We have a great team. And they're all good. And i feel like we have a nice clean slate. If you leave one parksix person around. They're gonna spread at cancer to the other one so we have a whole new group for the most part mike. My one that's been around. She's always been good but you know it's hard it's hard to be a mentor You know A a boss of friend positive tough you know all of the things yet also still. I'm still. I still have house calls. I have my son. I have a product line a website. I have my social media I get texts all day. Twenty four seven. I have all of the girls at the salon. Who might have a problem or personal issue by. It doesn't ever end and you have to learn how to juggle it and and sometimes more recently than ever. I'm like i'm done for the weekend. You guys get the weekend off. Guess what so do i good for you. Yeah yeah because you have to. You have to that a mental you have to have time to like mentally recharge and have self care like people talk about self care all the time but like it is so crucial you really do have to make time to let your brain break and yourself have a break. I had a migraine enough. It was last week. It was almost all of last week. And i was like. Oh my god kobe. Oh my god you know like and my friend who was a doctor. I was texting him. My mike hi had migraine like my eyeballs Turn off. I'm i feel like i have like mike get tested. He's can eat breathe. That my breathing's fine just and he was like you need to take the time to go for the weekend. Get a massage. I feel like i'm pretty good at that. In general you mean but still should that happens and you can't physically control the things that come out of your body you'll get migraines you might get assist. Might get a twitch. There's things that you'll get sick because there's so much going on and you have to realize like okay assignment. Turn off body screaming at me right now. Yeah i've had plenty of those. Yep but so wrap up. I know you probably have so many things to do. And i'm so grateful for your time but one thing i do want to talk about before we end is because i'm a new mom and you are a mom and you've been a single mom during this whole time bill. I don't know if it's a whole time building your business. How do you find that balance because being old time. Okay so you're gonna single mom the time you've had this huge successful business. How do you find that balance. Because i a right now. My daughter's one and like it is overwhelming for me to bigger out the work mom balance sometimes. Sometimes i feel like i'm all the time it's just hot mess express but like i'm doing it all i'm getting it done but it sometimes i'm like oh my god. I'm it's insanity. So how do you juggle all of that while raising sun on your own i mean honestly at the states that you're at right now you'll probably be feeling like hot mess express 'cause you're at the young part and it's hard. It's hard to be a mom you know and it's hard to be a mom that doesn't doesn't have a job. Even though mom is job will time as already a mom. That is doing what you're doing so Yourself some credit. Nice to yourself The best jam but also you could try to like you can try to have schedule. Dropped try to be specific things so now. I'm pretty much door dash every meal right so when we have dinner calm the only time i see my son right now because right now he's fourteen. He doesn't care to hang with mom. So when derek comes i put my phone down because it's still being in ringing. I could look online and beyond on instagram. By only get that twenty minutes of some personal time with sam so just make sure that you're making the personal time with her whether it's time or breakfast or you know your lunch break or you're taking her does whatever it doesn't have anything specific you know but but it probably is easier if duke pick a moti if let's say your husband does the morning or you the morning and he does the night and you have a specific time. Where from two to four. I'm gonna get two solid hours in of work focused by myself not worrying about it. You know that's together. And when's he said sleep when she's asleep. Maybe i'll do it our but after not our i'm gonna put my phone down. It is now. I'm going to be with my husband's Then yeah that's really good advice kelli actually like thinking about it a little bit of a structured way so that you're not just kind of like throwing it's not like confetti in the air at all times i think as a woman we try to do it all the time everything so maybe an men i feel like if you give them direction right i've learned right and i'm learning you know so you know without making them even realize they're giving them direction you know where benefits both of them like babe how about we start like maybe this week you wake up when your daughter wakes up or i wake up when she wakes up i'll be with heard still eleven or till breakfast time and then maybe you want to work out for an hour and then while we're doing breakfast i'm gonna work at. I don't know what you know what i'm saying. Yes this trying to figure out a method that works for you that works for him that you get to get your work done on your baby in there and it's not always gonna go that way. Sometimes you know you are still going to be on your own and you have something you need to figure out right now and that's okay but just just trying to make some kind of little routine just just even. If it's bath time daddy gets backside that it gets bad time. Mom's gonna walk on the treadmill or vice versa. S or dinner altogether for dinner. Great advice more dividing and conquering instead of just doing it all at once all the time like bigger and honestly that's good because then you get more like the time with. Your daughter is more intentional next. You know because god kelly. Where's your book a book. Where's it ever Time because it sucks. 'cause like i said earlier when we before we started filming like is no interest in me whatsoever so when we're at dinner start asking questions and i can feel him being like we saw asked me so are also trying to sit there but i also wanna learn about him and make sure he's okay and is anything wrong. Are there any girls going. Problems reported problems or bullying or came. Like i don't know you know like is the that doesn't save a lot. An ida suffering pray and hope that it's the agen but even last night so he walked not for some reason. I was on the whole kobe in end and jordan been yesterday and he walked in. He saw us exist for the kobe. Memorial and i was like. Yeah 'cause i'd never watched it. That was like i'm gonna watch it and He then came in. Dog is usually with me but when he goes to bed he takes the dog with them any came and he came back to give me a hug and i was like. Oh you came back for me like thank you. you know. So like what. She was usually mic. Please you know he won't hang out me. It won't come in here. You know so like is important to tried to you know. I'll even joke with him. I if anyone says anything to you. I'm gonna fuck them up which i'm actually not going to pay that. So he feels protected. Do earning a hassle. Like new worlds. And i want him to know that he can say anything and if he needs something you can tell me. If you need help. I got you. It's okay to ask for help. I've always asked for help. He is opposite us not to ask for help a kid which which is hard for me. Because i'm trying to help you know But you just you know you just you figure out your kid and he figured out a little girl named sonny. Yeah you you figure out sonny's personality and you figure out what works for sunny. Yeah you adjust to her for the most part. Obviously there are certain things you have to do but traumas hated going to dinner. Hated like they're like doesn't like loud things so we didn't and people just make some do it. He'll get used to and you know it. Every time we did it was torched Find like i'm done listening to you. People you are not here and he hates these crying. So do what's best for you and your husband and your little child and they're not in your house you know you want in your better be night than you let something lehner. Better be night. Is that going to make grow up to be a horrible person absolutely not. I love that kelly. I so love that mentality. And i think that that is such a way to live and it gives you so much more freedom and in dislike confidence. Live the way you wanna live and take the time to figure out what works for. You will work for your family very you can have your career and find the balance that works for you. Not what everyone else says. It's true because it's your life. Yeah you want to eat pancakes pancakes and like shut up. You know everyone's always gonna india. You like you're dying and have diabetes leave me alone. You know s kelly okay. I robbed me where you've got to go. I know but how did you finally get to dislike. No give a fuck mentality because that is the way to live when you finally can get there but you give talk about what matters in your life about your family your career your your life your little bubble of life like you care but like how did you. How did you finally stop pushing everyone else out. You know i mean trust me. People still get in and and and are in my head space. That shouldn't be there. But i think i mean i'm also forty two. I've lived a lot of experience lot. I've gone through a lot of crazy scenarios in my life and all them all of those things have molded need to be the way i am and be the way it know everything that i do from that. But it's all core values at the end of the day which is being a nice person helping others working hard being responsible. You know what i mean and if you know that you are doing those things than other people that aren't and our in your wake and kiss your ass. You know what. I mean like as a kid. My dad was tough and worked. Really hard you know and growing up we all want the approval of our parents and mike you know he was sick and passed away but before that even i had to accept him for who he was and you know what it is what he is and he's gonna die and do i need to sit down conversation and go over the shit that was fucked up in life. No i love you you love me. I want you to die peacefully. And i think it's really hard for people to accept people for who they are and learn that that is not me. I may have lived. That lights unbidden that experience and done things differently. But now i have the choice to do them differently for myself. And for my kid your gary all the bird and a feeling like if someone didn't live up to expectations that you want them to live up to or if they didn't do things the way that you feel like there should have been done because they only have a certain awareness at that point in their life or whatever their life was only limited them to be able to provide a lifestyle a certain way. Like maybe they just didn't have the ability to even go beyond what they could give what they gave. You was the best they could. So why like you said why. Sit around analyze it in. Break it apart in terry to pay at the end of the day. It's a natural thing for us to do. We pick apart every single piece of it right yet. And i end the war in the if i did it like this and that's what we do but like you just have to know like it's just gonna work workout whether that person's around or you just got to do what works for you and your kid and your job and whatever i recently i want you to go watch Hillbilly elegy. i've seen it yet. But down hillbilly elegy. Hillbilly allergy is a new movie on netflix. It was just on the top ten leg. Okay new shows and is a true story. And it's about. It's about a kid who grew up in a eft up hillbilly town and his mom was a drug addict and alcoholic in his grandparent for crazy. And you know it shows his whole life in. He ended up going to do. I don't know if those harvard. Or what end making this movie about his life in a successful at it shows him going back into time to what he grew up in an. That's perfect example. Of what i want personally like. Our parents have done the best that they can from what they know from it's generational it's it's this generation. We have so many more opportunities to give things to our kids to change things from the past race. You know Everyone like my son has had. His dad is from mexico and my friend made a comment about you know. When he applies the college he should fill out the mexican box The right and he goes why and and i was like it's just the world is so different. You know what i mean like. It's it's amazing in cool that he does not know obviously need some learn right and he has plenty of time to learn because he's still young when this was a couple years ago but he sees everyone as the state. How cool is that whereas yeah whereas were we grew up. Our were taught a certain thing which was brought down to us which we spread down or we try to change right. But i feel at the end of the day. Our parents did the best they could. You know if there are raised in the house with certain beliefs. That's what their parents and their grandparents taught them. So you don't have agree with it and you hope that you can maybe change that but if you can't you have to accept it no i'm gonna change that for my future and my kids and whoever else was next you know kelly are wise. That is some serious wisden on this but it feels so basic and like everyone should know this and live by this because it makes your wife so much more enjoyable if you can go through the life your life and except that exactly what you said about our parents and what they were raised with and how they you know just realize that. Okay here. I am in my life with my circumstances so going to do and then not sit around and have to analyze and worry about what everyone else did because here you are so you. Do you know it's true. You know that's awesome kelly. You're amazing things. I really appreciate you taking the time to this interview. I rap of all my interviews with one question which is leave your light. What do you want everyone to know about me or everything. It's just anything. What about you and everything. But it's all going to be okay. You gotta stay strong. Stay tough in the sense of like you know you're going to get through it but we all go through deaths and we all go through our times and breakout. Then you know losing businesses but we're gonna be okay with heart with a heart so everyone follow kelly baker. Your instagram handle is at lake. Arouse highly baker rouses kelly with an e. k. l. e. y. baker rows yup and. Get your hit because your brow. Kit is amazing. I think it's i always like it. Such a gift win the top of the top create products. So the fact that you've created a route is really awesome because everything that everyone needs so get the kelly baker route brockett and have perfect kardashian browser actually sailed to. They're on sale till january. Well wait a crush half your amazing. And i love this. Innovating me at the app or email me. After and i'll send you a kit weeding uber representing perfect browse to nashville. When i'm one hundred percent coming in hanging out okay when you come all his my places to go when you come on. I'll help you organize an event like get like some. Actually you know like the cities or what's close to each other i. I'm pretty sure there's this. Lawn in nashville. That carries my botox. And there's a woman. Her name is carrie. Underwood's make up that other stylus turnover is melissa slot as melissa. I can say language. Slider she owns parlor three. Yeah i think. I think so. And on lady while morris said yeah. Melissa does her hair. She's carries hair and makeup her whole career. And that's my still my salon that i go to so we do it at. That's salon yup perfect done be. We're meant to be. Yeah we're mentally. Okay amazing kelly. Oh lives have an awesome day later. Thi- hey ya carolina hobby and i wanna tell you about a stylish safety shoe company. That's changing the game for women on a craft a female engineers to find work boots. That would allow her to dress professionally for meetings and be safe manufacturing environments so she founded zena worker and developed the world's first stylish steel toed. Shoe zena work where designs products that help women are best anywhere. Discover your new work style. Zena work where dot com. That's e in a work where dot com at american public university. We believe quality education must be more affordable. That's why as a leader in online higher education. We focus on minimizing costs and maximizing return on learner investment and we believe higher education must be more accessible so on line programs. Start every month american public university within reach without limits. Learn more at american public. You dot com.

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