Episode 78: The Games Have Begun


The. Tied at five as go the Bosnian love this. Aaron Boone the leader his person. Out of the. These. The first double. Portrait roy? What's up? What's happening? Welcome tradition of the short porch. I'm your host alongside me on the other side of the laptop my co-host, my compadres. Tommy smokes, Tom Kelly. What's going on? It's up our. We're back. Baseball's back. It's back. The games have begun. We are rocking and rolling. I promised myself. I wouldn't overreact. That's that's out the door where we're aware weapon this team. This team's going to be incredible. We hurting everything every pitching left handed pitchers right handed pitcher in opposite field. We're in the center in left Yohannan over the fence minute before the fence, we're doing everything we're doing everything we need to do. They I mean, they took they took tabby raise the cleaner, and they want they won't eight five day. The Yankees are back. I mean, we I feel alive for the first time in months, it's not even like they want like actually who gives a shit, but dislike seeing games and like seeing tweets about players, and and what? Just I feel back. It does it feel. It is. This is true. New year misses the true new year. I think growing up I would always think that September was the true near when you go back to school. But I mean, that's not really the case anymore since fulltime jobs. Now, the new year is marked it is when baseball against right? Yeah. Quick apology to the pockets. We're gonna be all over the place that I I mean, I'm gonna say at the end the puck while like I'm sound like jittery freaking out ahead. A whole thing this weekend. It's aircrews while weekend, but we have show much fucking shit to talk about we're trying to list we could do this for three hours. And we might I mean who knows we're gonna see how this goes. But we all talk about first one got talk about Manny Machado with finally signed Padres three hundred million dollars ten years. He's got an that. After five years. He's got a semi no-trade clause. He's getting a lot of signing bonus. He got he's agent Lozano should get the biggest reason the world this guy came. Through. I mean, they waited they waited no one thought he didn't get his money. And then you know, we're talking about baseball's ruined. Because no one's the painting one and income the Padres three hundred million dollars ten years done deal. Unbelievable as USA for everybody and myself in ourselves included, you know, saying this is going to be, you know, says this off scene is a major black guy for baseball. Our to twenty-six generational superstars not getting paid as they deserve. What's taking so long? This can lead to a strike ideology. Well, Machado got in. Awesome. The I mean, the biggest free agent he'll ever history or Kia, right? And it's out right? Because of Giancarlo. But since he was technically in whatever in early on it. But yeah, I mean huge deal. Sort of the case way are you know, for the keys. I don't blame him for not going up to ten years through you know, that kind of money is right, especially for Charro. I would give that to Harper. But if Machado got that then Harper's probably going to be looking at like three fifty to three seventy range. So, you know, for the inky is I get it. I mean, he would have been nice to have for sure. But it's such an outrage. It's a such a large deal where I'm not mad and then for Machado. I know we wanted to be Yankee. But you know, you get to go live in San Diego for three hundred million dollars years. Not too bad of a deal for hundred million dollars. Not to better deal. Either couple things shocking shocking that Manny Machado chose to play in San Diego over the south side of Chicago shocking. Truly stunning that he thought who thought he wouldn't use the sixty to win White Sox who have no future whatsoever, contrary to what their fans will tell you shocking. He. I didn't choose to live there people like oh it beautiful summer Kogyo. A what a great place love. He wouldn't live there in the offseason. What's the weather like right now in Chicago because you're a month away from baseball in? It's like five degrees outside San Diego's courts. I mean is Louie p people are like, oh, no hubs. I hate that. But. Corrobos wannabes and whatever. But the go no hopes you missed out a Machado, buddy. I I mean, we accepted we weren't getting Machado about a month and a half ago. I mean like two weeks into the new year when he wouldn't hear thing. And there was no we were like, all right? We'll Don wearing lemonade who to Lewinsky like come on. This wasn't a shock at all. I mean, it was shocking that he went to the Padres. I mean, we didn't think they were you on the map like couple weeks ago. They kind of just came in last second. But. In terms of like, my disappointing my shocked. No, I I also, you know, I'm up in arms either. Because three hundred million is a number. I didn't wanna touch, you know, if the Yankees doing it and be like, okay, let's cook. But like, I'm totally content with not giving him three hundred million. Because my whole thing was when that first report can't with BUSTER only wear Lozano had to come out and deny it who knows what was gone with their where they said his only offer on the table was the White Sox seven years one seventy five. I that was that was where I was like they don't marry that and go to twenty whatever that's that's grounds for a strike or like a riot. You know, like we have to we have to do something about that. But the rumors are now that the number float around during the meeting was to thirty to twenty to thirty. That's fine. If they were willing to do that, then they did their job because that's at least we were. We were in the game playing the game. They just didn't want to do three dollars. I'm totally with that. I I'm very at peace with that. If he ended up going to the White Sox. Ox for like eight to forty eight to fifty that. I would have been meant because it could have definitely matched that or got close enough where he would have accepted it. But ten three hundred is you know, they weren't getting they weren't getting close enough to that. We're even if you were going to go to the argument that he would have taken a little bit less to be key, which I don't even think is necessarily true. But even if that is true, I don't think they would have got close enough to to make it worth it from Saudi to has a Robertson canal type field. I mean, other people have said that. But he got just took the biggest deal was offered Dona west coast. It'll probably just fade into oblivion. I mean, I think fights was on said he's like why didn't we see this coming million miles away? Like, obviously he's going to the Padres. Where he just doesn't give a fuck about winning and all that, and he gets to count his money, their whatever I will also say, I'm not mad at many at all at all you get offered three hundred million dollars to go play in San Diego for the next ten years. You do that every single time. Like, no. I mean, you know, maybe winning isn't the number one thing on his mind. And who knows to be honest because the Padres have the number one farm system baseball. Eric hosmer. They got the hedges guy. They have decent pitching. Like that division isn't crazy like they could very easily. They look Harper's go make the playoffs while he's there. I think. Yeah. There probably have at least one like one like funnier at least. But like. You like the White Sox have no future whatsoever. I think the Padres have a better future than the whites business shitty. But the White Sox to have somewhat of a future hoping Tommy John, you have no idea what he's going to be like, they're basically their whole franchise relies upon Eloi Jimenez to live up to the height because everyone out yeoman Cada absolute tragedy. He's one of the bigger busts like ever. They have a few other pieces. But like I mean, they're nowhere near competing nowhere near the pod. That could have MLB players on their team. That's the Padres could win like eighty seven games this year. Second wildcard. Yeah. Yeah. So I mean, they won't do it. They'll never win a title never win a title in San Diego. But. Yeah. Just fuck. The White Sox. Fuck White Sox. Dave he's a little coward. Why? Why wouldn't you? It's been so long. We've talked about as to why wouldn't you just fucking chain yourself to that would have been ho-. Larry's. Radio. He his it was such an easy out to he could have just chained himself. So Sofres doesn't l White Sox. Dave is a borstal White Sox blogger said that if you think Dave porno getting arrested for Vail was bad. Well, if the or the NFL, whatever is bad way to see what happens I'm gonna chain myself to a statue outside the White Sox stadium. If Chicago doesn't sign Manny Machado while they do not Manny Machado in your fused to chain himself to the statue outside. But he never put a time chained himself there for five minutes, and is Don dummy, even if a cop came by and saw I'm be like, hey, man, can just like unchain yourself, and he was okay. I it's like it's like he just doesn't understand like what we're doing here. Like, it was just a it was eight honestly like him not doing that. Like confused the fuck out of my brain for the entire week. I'm still wondering why he didn't do it. It was just crazy. It's like, that's your you just joined barstool, and you're gonna you know that that's how your head waves. That's how you get on the map here. It's a big deal. And I I just like I compare it a little bit to my whole life dumps tour thing like, it's embarrassing and shit. But like it helped you in the helps in the long run like gained notoriety here, and you just go within you make you laugh at yourself. I don't know man, we're going to too much into it. But just it makes sense to me. It was where move but the end of the day. Fuck the White Sox and good for Manny Machado moving on Yankees baseball. You know, we're we're we like we're still hype Yankees your back, and we just didn't top of the key to the first fifteen minutes, but you know, the Machado Newsweek that has been legitimately atoll. Of discussion on the show for the last like three shows. So we had the. In terms of Yankees playing baseball. Our God his basically fan Ohs. Luke Voight hit a ball six hundred and fifty feet today. It was quite for. It was crazy. I mean, it was like Babe Ruth hit. It was the same e sells a hop. Couldn't be more back. He just got left center. I I got hard. I got erection from it. I was I was so I was on the way back from Syracuse on the train. And I I've practically like stop the train till I tell her what it happened. It was unbelievable Luke voice. Wean between him and Greg birthday because they're gonna have the most lethal force base combo baseball history. Greg birds gonna hit like gray hit three fifty. He's got the sweetest lefty swing since Don Mattingly that I've ever seen. Luke Floyd gonna hit forty five home runs their they're each only play like eighty one games. They're going to each put up monster numbers. I what are you doing? It's a to head to head some back on Greg bird. We are. We were pre game to go out on Saturday. And the hotel would say I said, I'm being relatively Sarka. I know I know what you're doing. But. We were pre game to go out on Saturday cues for the whole Duke game. We're going to bars and the. Yeah. We like really high high seats because it was like completely sold out. But. We're gonna talk at the end because there was a whole crazy fucking thing. And it self still recovered from. And so basically we're preaching to go out. And obviously the Yankees are playing one o'clock streamed. It unfortunate though, the yes network can cover him as Nessin. I kinda just muted care about listening to their broadcast but fucking obviously he comes up, and I go to periscope it his, and I was like I'm pretty drunk at this point. And I was actively rooting against them screamingly. A lot of heat on Yankees Twitter. I saw fear for one year tweets and a little bit. 'cause I I was upset that he hit a double. But like, it's. And I ended up retracting it because it is in hindsight. Like, we're not listen, I dislike Greg bird a lot. But I don't root against New York Yankees. Like, I want us to be the best. We can. So that was that was silly my part and up and totally retract. I'll totally back down. You'll see let me just finish the point. But I am rooting for the best of this team. If I root for the better things to happen and Luke voi- winning that job and not being interrupted by bird and bird going down. A AAA is the best for this team. I know that for fact, and we know the whole birth thing. We've I mean we've been hearing back and we've done that twenty five times as a carousel of ridiculousness. So I'm just saving everyone. I'm smarter than everyone else. I'm saving you all from that pain that we're going to suffer when he breaks his foot the end of April after hitting one fifty he can't see the ball because he can't hit a curveball. So I'm just saving us from that good for Greg birdie, hit a double off the wall. And then he had a single later. But whatever I don't want to root against him. But I am rooting for Luke voice. So by default, I'm rooting against redbird. I don't think that's a crazy thing to set. Well, and also if this was the regular season, you cannot root against. No, no, no, this is spring training. And like you said, it's probably we've been down this road before with Greg bird is a great spring training. And then he gets out of the gate sitting like one hundred and hurts his flood or something, and that's it. So you're not rooting against Greg. Burt yet rooting against the ANC. He's performance because obviously the wins and losses don't matter in March. Right. You're rooting against Greg bird having a good enough spring where dinky than fall forward and ends up costing the Ke's, right? Really for one. That actually Maddox comes out new. Yes me who I want to win the first base job. It's Luke voiding a landslide by default. I'm going to be rooting for route Luke void to win that job. But and that means I won't I don't want Greg bird to do as well as as Luke fly. And that's what comes out so on that retracting that soft. I just you know, I do and, you know credits for realizing that someone, you know, few people were crediting me for apologizing. So I like be a lot. But but go look Voight, he he's absolute machine. He. RBI single early in the game. And then home run I love everything about him. He had these quotes afterwards that are just fucking stuff that makes you which wanna drop whatever you're doing and run through the nearest wall. So this is boon on voi- Luke wants to be really good at this game. Like that. That's a good start think we all saw him kind of really fall. I think we all saw him really kind of fall in love with being a Yankee. And I think he went home on a mission to make sure he comes in prepared and wanting to show the world that he's the guy we saw last year. Then Luke void steps in my goal. This year's obviously to win a World Series. But to make my defense night and day. I wanna win a go glove. That's kind of my mindset more of more weight. I this is from Eric bowl. And he's a great volunteer. If you ever if you need a foul from a good source for Yankee stuff, I feel like everyone thinks last year was a fluke, but I'm not going to let anyone else control. What I think of myself, obviously, I'm going to do what I can get the job done empty the first. Basement of New York Nike's. I mean, come on. But he gets you just he says the right things he says the things that make people wanna run through walls. I think Aaron Boone really hit the nail at is that Luke Foyt there's all talk in. And there's no action. Luke Foyt was he's all talking all show. He talked last fall about how much he loved being Anke. How much it meant to him to wear the constraints and he had a hot hot month, or so, but there's a lot of guys that would have just you know, sort of been content with that. And then gone to the off season. We'll fat and happy came back. And then, you know, you're not the same player you are just sort of hot streak, but Luke void he tasted. What it was like that greatness of being Anki, and he made it his goal this off season to come back and make sure that he could continue that and keep wearing those pipes. Now, if you not work, you know, maybe the talent just isn't there? Now, it is there. He's the best. We'll see. But it's at least the the hard work that occasion. To you know, fourth to continue is definitely there. Yeah. He's he's the best player of ever see my life. I can say sacked after watching one spring training game. And last year. He's no fluke. I just love. It makes that quote from Boone. He he talks about like that. And he doesn't give fuck about bird. Like, there's no bird quote like that he voiced. Void is like head and shoulders the leader in the called house for this job nine close. I think that he has to read about in my opinion. Yeah. I know they know what's going on. Right. I mean, but there were talking club. I think in the front I think there's a part of the front office Cashman that really wants bird to win it because you know, bird has been there guy for I don't think so. And they want that lefty bat, I think that's the biggest thing is they want the left Yvette in. They give a fuck. I don't I don't think that's such a if it was they wouldn't have they would have gotten Murphy into the LeMay who they that was a big deal. They don't give think I think in their ideal world, though, it's it's bird dryers. Maybe it's just because the left Yvette and because the analytics backup not the analytics back of Voight not bird. No, I'm not saying I'm not saying who is gonna get it who's I'm just saying that if you're telling them who's gonna win the job. And who would they rather have be performing? I think they'd rather it be bird just because the left E bet. Okay. But I think the face. Eighth their faith right now is in void way. More for the. For the next the analytics in the mile per hour off the bat, they back up everything everything with him. No, I agree with that. But I'm just saying it's like if they could reverse it and have that expel. Expel K, saying it would okay. But those are unbelievable quotes not no one had a better quote though over the weekend, then Aaron Hicks. Did you see this one? Yeah. This is unbelievable. I like I just wanna go hug him and like him a high five and just go to war when going to fight with Aaron Hicks. Someone asked him how long did it take you? I think it was coli Harvey. They asked him I could be very wrong. Sorry coli if you're listening, but. He said how long did it take you to get over the ale? DS referring to the Red Sox taking us out four Hicks. I'm still not over it. I'm not over it until we win. I want to win a World Series. I'm tired of losing. We've come so close. But I'm tired of saying we came close. Let's fucking goal. Let's call. It gets that times when I was younger. I would have a pretend Yankee player in my head which was be myself, and those type of quotes I'd give those that, you know, the right ones were, you know, we don't wanna be you know, you can only what's the quote, I'm fucking come. So Florida come so far some shit like that. We're gonna come this far just to come this far. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Something like that. But yeah, I mean, you know, they they've seen it the past two years. They've been so close they've had that tastes. They watched the Red Sox win it. And they're not gonna sell for anything else. That's the way being near KiKi should be every year's World Series or bus that want to hear anything else. And I do like that seemingly me know Voy Hicks. I mean, it seems like everybody has come into the season with that mindset of what last year, Sherry one hundred games. But it sucked because we got knocked out by the Red Sox and watch them when the World Series and this year we're coming back with the goddamn vengeance. Yeah. I also like because they very easily could have said like, you know, we're not thinking about that which worried about our own. I liked that. They're tracking about it. I liked that. Last year was a disaster with quotes Cashman, you know, every whatever we said relating to that series and shit. Giancarlo. Whatever, you know, we want Boston all the backfire. That's a quote, that's like that's what we want. Those are the quote one out there. I wanna win World Series. I'm tired of losing. We've come. So close, but I'm tired of saying we came close. Like, let's I'm I have chills right now. If you don't show listening like throw water on your face. Let's figure this out because we got all be on the same page here. And we're coming for Boston. Like that. Is it almost makes me think that quote, I wish when I the video I made last week, which is the lesser pinned it to my Twitter, if you haven't seen it, but it's a little competition little ventures and game mixed with, you know, Yankee highlights instant amazingness. But I wish like that quote that he saying that could be overplayed that could be played over in that video because it says there's no audio right? I don't think so I didn't see I'm not sure I don't I wouldn't. I would either for everything. I haven't heard it though. We're seeing all the cool list, but Aaron Hicks big hopefully, having the pod soon. Say right now. So we're going on at Tampa. We can say that. But yeah, we're we're we're doing spring training dente Florida March eighth to March tenth if you're down there hit us up. We'll hang out. We'll we'll do it big. But we're doing it. We're trying to get as many we're trying to build as much contest. We can't down there short porch. So if you are down, Tampa, you know, hit us up whatever we're trying to do as many as we can got a few lined up right now. Hopefully, they don't they don't fall through. But which on a really pump shit out there. So I would love the Aaron Hixon there and just have them just say this quote forty times in a row. All right. The actual audio of it. Yes. That's a good idea actually Clough shit. We just we may have nobody else. Steal us idea. Yeah. They just keep yourself. He trust trust. Rethink just us. You guys. Moving on Clint Frazier. He's he looks great rip rip ripping hits left. And right. I mean, just that speed. I mean, we I tracked it on. My is I'm really good at this. I had four hundred miles an hour on his at four hundred. I mean, I mean not I mean it was over four today. But he did have the big hit yesterday. No taken count taking one for three on Saturday. Absolutely, scorched. A scorched the decimal these confers? We is the the lightning backs lightning that speed in line drives left and right. So that's great actually damn Clint after the job, they he said back. We're yeah. We're friends. We're all friends now he likes us. He never followed. You back though. Now, we're getting there. Never back. Yeah. No. I like how he's playing are get our status. Tyler wade. He's Pete Rose. He's he's he's actually the best player ever seen Tyler Wade. He's he is. I mean, there is I don't mean this as an insult to Tyler Wade. But there is some Greg bird to him where he has unbelievable spring trainings. Tears up AAA, but we sell to see him make that next step. Tyler read, I'm way, more pro-tolerance than amd, Greg bird. But I hope tolerate his great spring training. But I think we're at the point with him where a good spring training. That's great. But we need to see it in April. Yeah. I get that. He's best player. He's he's an eight hundred and two games today to doubles refuses to hit anything. But doubles. I respect a lot. It's a good strategy moving forward. It would be awesome. If he does this in a regular season. Awesome. Because he's he's our zobrist. I mean, we always say, but like he played fucking left field today. Tomorrow he'd be playing second base for all. We know. He's the fastest man alive. He's the most good-looking most handsome guy ever met. I haven't that most hands I've ever encountered through social media. Whatever seeing on TV he's breathtakingly gorgeous. And any hits baseball's in in March. And February anyone in the world. Tyler would Pete Rose. Yeah. He the keys I think want him to be on the team. He fast could be pinch-runner could be defensive replacement all over the field as long as he can. That's that's what's going to come down to. He is he going to be able to hit bigly pitching in the regular season. Yeah. He's so dangerous. Yeah. He is somebody that he could be me talk about under the radar potential keys to the Yankee season. He is somebody that is definitely at the top list. Definitely. He's going to be very close to making the feel. He's he's on the very he's on the bubble of the roster making the twenty twenty five man roster. Start the year. It's right. It's basically going to be him or bird. I think which well I thought it's been pretty much said that, you know, loser goes to AAA right? But some people disagree. But I yeah, I would think him bird is there anyone L Clint. So it's him burger clinic feel like one of them stays. I I was doing this the other day my head. So apparently, they are they're going to carry thirteen pitchers, which I think is a mistake. So that means that I don't know how these three spots are going to remind gets one of them. So you have you know, the four. I don't know somebody's gonna get screwed out somewhere way way. So I'm not good at math. So thirteen pitchers leaves us with twelve hitting spots right with three guys on the bench. So I put the runner in left because even Frazier garner is making the team for sure even Frazier out her honor. Honors on the team. So you have garner Hicks judge Stanton. That's four. Then you got Andrew Harr to Lewinsky Torres LeMay, Hugh Boyd flash birds. The winner of that first base job. Right. That's. Shit. Account somewhere for four that's eight. Gary is nine Austin role. Mine is ten four. That's I have eleven players listed the four outfielders garner Hicks. This is ridiculous. The four. Arnor Hicks judge STAN the five infielders put it as Voight LeMay who tore as Tula with key and do heart the two catchers Garrity enroll my that's eleven spots taken which means that they're only going to carry twelve hitters. I means only one spot open for either Frazier. Tyler Wade or potential backup first base in which I don't think they'll do because it will be. Yeah. Right. It could be freezer or weight or eating for spot, which is kind of you know, our onyx their best friends Dannon is fuck. Perry. Carry thirteen people thirteen headers twelve pitchers don't need eight guys in the bullpen. I think that's ridiculous fresh with how good the bullpen supposed to be. Yeah. And Tarpley has I mean that implies Tarpley's making team, right? Oh, yeah. Definitely helps us chances gives them another open spot while I mean, I feel he would be the guy you'll also have this weekend. David Hale, he's back from Japan this guy. I don't understand why he was cut when he was all this guy does is get people out and and shut teams out David Hill. So many what like four four inning long relief appearances where he doesn't get touched at all. He's he pitched. He threw two hundred thirty shut up. All let's see last year. He had was it last year the year before he was really good in my own. You know, what it was in the minors? Right. It wasn't in the majors. He had two five three era with the Yankees last year in ten innings three earned runs. He's a good like sixth sixth starter a good like emergency got. That's the I want him not Sesa this year as our emergency Slyke guy. I cannot believe Louise us still it's almost writting like the the really really ugly people from his team like the that. He will make us make our learning miserable and make me lose more hair everyday. But we says like still a kind of a king. He's gotta go. I don't get it. Apparently, the nice guy, but I don't know Shane round. This was a nice guy too. No, more LUSA. I I wanna cut my hair. Oh, gleyber Torres. He hit a ball. I mean talk about starting shit off like first inning Red Sox dead center bomb. I was very excited about that. Now, we just need to do something. I feel like everyone else has gotten involved Giancarlo. And judge applying for the first time Monday Paxton starting tomorrow, I believe and then Tanaka Tuesday believe how the correct so we're getting some whereas everybody playing and hey, nothing better you if you played it perfectly. You're listening to this as the games rolling around tomorrow, one o'clock for for training home. What do you care about more in spring training? Do you care like early spring training or really anytime spring training do care more about how hitters or pitchers look? Good question. Thank you. You're welcome. I don't give a fuck with Aaron judge looks like I know like I don't need Cholistan hitting like, I don't need that. There are certain people care. What Berg does carrot Voight does. But like in terms of start like, I don't care Severino. I actually well this year starting this year. I care about pitching war because I wanna see what next we're talking about. Oughta be no I wanna see what he looks like it's live hitting. I mean, he faced four Yankees in a sim game and struck everybody out, including tolerate who Strang Tyler weighed in February twice impossible is legitimately impossible. I mean, it's like facing Tony Gwynn. So the fact he got him twice. Liz like. Yep. Big time like ought to stay obviously, we care about Severino in the tipping pitches thing if you figure that out Phillip, he didn't it's very hard thing to just get rid of like involuntarily changing. How you throw a baseball like to home plate without even knowing like what you're doing wrong. I don't know how you do that. Have you changed that off season? Don't care about. Yeah. Don't care Tanaka care Paxton. But more Paxton, I don't wanna get hurt. So I kind actually packs on the mount like, I let's just throw a few baseballs have some fun and then call it. I can't more about pitching. I think for sure I'm more. I get more excited to see hitters. Just more exciting. But I care more and worry more about a pitcher has a bad spring. I'll be way more worried than if a hitter bats because hitters go through slumps is what it is you work through your swing? But a pitcher comes out and has a bad swing in their mechanics are off for their stuff is different. That would worry me way more than hither Tanaka, generally terrible. Yeah. He is really the like Tanaka. You know, he'll be you know, pretty good once the regular season rolls around spring training attainments like, let's just hope that ticking time bomb doesn't finally explode. We're still like sitting on that LOKI. People don't bring it up like his his arm is hang on the threat as just like threat. I will say about you know, what kind of makes sense because important threat, very important thread. I will say what it does make sense. He sucks so much in February March because out of everyone on our staff reliever starters. He's our biggest big time. Clutch pitcher, we have playoff game game season on the one you want him pitching. So he knows when the Tryon not try it. So it does makes he knows you fuck about this all three hormone say great. I'm gonna go golf. I don't even know if he golfs, but we'll see. That's a good question at the end of day probably pitching because I'm just so concerned about Severino is wanna see him figure it out. I'm more concerned my hand than anybody else. Moving on Aaron judge had a ball of the stadium in batting practice. Doesn't really like like a heater out of the complex not just the fence. Like, it just kept it might still be going. That was cool. That's all I need to see for judge. He could sit out. I don't speaking of funny. Quote, you see his one about what he learned last year. I don't know. If I did what he says. I was like what what is your? What was your biggest takeaway, or what did you learn twenty eighteen and he said to not get hit in the wrist great tragedy shadow to what the hell is the guy's name. Did it on the royals is with a J right jet. Yeah. Yeah. Fuck. Yeah. Joking in no J chip. Maybe Jay, you know, what he doesn't even desert you mentioned. But I do know he's he's basically Hiller. Rate. Once you said, I'm going to be like, oh, we have for months. Focuses guys name. What are you looking up to ninety? I typed Aaron judge hit on the wrist. I probably cooked on the wrong one. No, I may have clicked on article. I we're gonna move on is going to keep looking. So we don't bore the listeners here. Timbale Craig kimbrel decided that he's gonna sit out the year. If he doesn't get the six year hundred million dollar deal thoughts. Soup. What a moron. I mean. If he doesn't get Junius there. It is Jacob genus Eunice Junius fuck that guy. Jacob Tunis was at the game. Yeah. I saw him. I the best vision the world we were sitting third base side. And I could see into the dugout from like left field. Judge like go into the tunnel. Like out of I ball's. And that's where we the visual the whole into the Canelo. As big night. What some news outlet Colmey like took me dead seriously about the candlelight vigil whose whole funniest thing. I've ever been a part of why why SM y took my quotes like dead seriously. It was great. It was almost an onion article. What we talked Craig Kimball. Six years hundred million you want great, good luck with that man. If he doesn't it's like, oh, yeah. I'm not worth six years hundred million this off season. Well, if I just don't play baseball for year, then I'll then I'll show mental really worth that much money a year older, they're year older, just rusty. I mean, I I get being frustrated to a degree. I mean, you know, Machado got his money. Harper looks like he's going to get his money. Maybe from the keys. Let's still hold out a little bit of hope there seems like he's pretty much definitely going to Phillies. Right. But they're still Dallas Heikal is unsigned Marlin Consol. You see that the Morgan's Allsteel food twins two years twenty million. That's nothing. I would have loved anxious to scoop him up or something like that. So there are still some of those veteran guys out there who are unsigned and who do have a right to have a little bit of a gripe because they've sort of been held up by the slow moving Machado at Harper market. I will say. I don't sleep on the twins this year. I was talking to morning mush about this. I a future on them when the central they had also the ad. I'm looking up now. It some good decent beam coming into twenty nineteen four. I think it might have been two or three years ago. They were my hot hot sleeper picks like navy or the World Series. They did not. But they have match hepler. Lucas duda. Minute didn't make the playoffs two years ago. The beat them, right? Who else did they get par? Buxton's been on L Nelson Cruz right Nelson Cruz who low key as the most home runs in baseball. It's like five years. We'll talk about that on marching Perez. He's like shooting. They ask these pieces. They can be scrappy. I don't know. I don't see my twins and my find their future. I never future before it might take it moving on. Did you see what Stevens? Hey, Steven to this week. I mean, it's crazy. Did you see the little segment? I did I'm drawing a blank don't tell me. What is something CC Sobat thea? Yeah. I saw you blocked it. We'll play on. I can't remember let's play right now for everybody listening. Keep CC Sobat. A crunch berries not off of it on it. Keep on the berries. Sees a bath is like the male version of Oprah. They're better when thick I want to wait going keep it. Oh, I challenge. All right. Stay off. Stay on the crunch berries. I must up. That's that's a stay on the crunch berries. Stay on him CCC about the is like the male version of Oprah. They're better when they're thick. Oh, yes. Yes. All right now line from Stephen a Smith. I mean, he's he's relatively joke. At this point. I think Stephen Smith like people people kinda like deal with him like do with francesa anything he says is idiotic and ridiculous. But he's also so he's like the last entertaining personality left at has assure. Oh, he's impel belts a little more. You know? 'and up. Yeah. Right. Stephen Smith is no there's routinely clippers another one the other day. Oh, I don't know. If you tell the clip of him saying hell EON bell should go. Do the Panthers and Victor Cruz and someone else will on the set looking at him. Like he was crazy because they're like they have Christian McCaffrey receivers. You know, they need receivers Vickers is facing very funny. He catches ten balls game. He's basically one receiver in the win the NFL. And he's a Ryan back is he has no idea. But he does have a point Stephen. I it's now it's in bad taste. So let's just make it out that we're not doing this invents as so that way, you can't say that because I stopped you. But right had to get that out there. But I mean, see sucks when he's skinny he does. The worst two year stretch of his career back in twenty thirteen twenty fourteen hit a four eight seventy array combine those two years, and that was when he he cut out captain crunch which used to eat a box at a time. Which is such an outrageous thing to do a box of cereal at a time do that. I don't even really like I can't even finish a bowl of cereal on its don't know how you do a full full box. But I see. Yes, it's true. The cici's I can't speak to Oprah. I don't know about Oprah being better when she's happy how how he doesn't get any flack for that. So many other people would would he's just like grandfather into being episode everyone. If KFC said that like on Marshall radio. There will be a deadspin article written thirty seconds before he even said it had to be desperate article. And no one says anything but EBay go on sorry. But with C C, N sure, we've set it forever that he's better when he's fat these jokes. Do you know they're a little harder to say, no this heart shoes. But it's they're still true. Serena Williams, just walked on the fuck and stage at the Oscars. I hate her so much moving on. No. But he like it's in bad taste because he almost died a few months ago heart situation, but he's not wrong. I mean, did you see that picture of him golfing with Hicks? Don't think. So it is clear as e how skinny. Often have in the blog. But I definitely tweeted it. I mean, so could find it for all senate's you? But it is. I mean Hicks kind of looks fat. What's going ex, but he Kiko pounds. Maybe Hicks thick at this point. And thick the I t h so, you know, it's all ungracefully in that part. But. Yeah. I'm a little concerned about losing losing that much weight. I mean, he looks like I just found it. He looks like he lost two hundred pounds. No exaggeration. So. Hold on. I'm saying to you. Now, we're gonna get your live reaction to this. Where are you? And you should have received that on your phone. Okay. I got it. Oh, yeah. Wow. And that is. Yeah. It looks it like a drug problem, basically, say shit on cocaine and Hicks. I mean Hicks. I mean that Hicks data. Yeah. I mean, but its stomach does look a little bigger. But he's a dad dad looks bigger than. I know it's astonishing. Hey, I don't like that. I don't like that at all. But I'm like fifteen more pounds and you'll be fine. Did you see the Yankees with whole wigs thing? Yes. I mean, we're just wearing way. They're doing photo shoots with wigs or something Brett Gardner. One. Was absolutely terrifying. Frankie came over to. Yeah. I ruined his day. Or whatever literally ruined. I mean, he does not like pick on. But I was tough your boy Noah Syndergaard back in the news. You see that one tweet. I feel about that one. Then you, quote, I mean, I'm blocked from send someone send it to you like how to screen up bubble gum on. Yeah. Yeah. So that I no I was on somebody Instagram explore page in popped up. When he goes, I've come here to come here to bubble gum and kick ass. And I'm all out of problem. He posted it on his Instagram with the picture. I tweeted I was like this can't be real quote Canet. No human being can be that insufferable everyone immediately. At me, all this is from days uses from dazed confused, blah, blah, blah to movie quote while. Okay. So it's right. Then it wasn't like a real quote to it wasn't original row. Quote, the no proo kind of did prove my tweak wreck. But regardless he still insufferable unfunny deuce bag for quoting that and thinking that it's fun. I've never seen days and confused so hand up so I either so, but I I have like I'm pretty sure it's even allow Sean things when he was on the prices, right? That slogan. I've heard this logo before I've come here to do X. Yes. All out of X. Yes. I have heard that before. But. You know, it didn't click immediately. But it doesn't matter. It doesn't. I don't care. You know that it's where movie or not it's still makes him insufferable. The fact that he thought that was funny to put on with the caption like all of it just very classic Nossa. That's also like when baseball's back. It's like when we're making fun of no Syndergaard again, like we're actually back like at something else to someone tweeted at all the rain, the rain things thrown in the rain. And and he was just he. There was something else too. With. Something with like a catch. No way falls me. Let's see. Don't try to raise. No because he will hear it as I got it. So he put up a picture of him, obviously shirtless fishing on a boat. And it goes he says his cash, and they say, there's plenty of fish in the sea dot dot dot just looking for my trophy. What Frist is that another movie quota? I don't. May four. It's definitely definitely movie, quote, just look. He is crazy is the worst person on this planet the single worst. Thank god. He's on a Yankee magin that shit show shit show. All is Instagram's 'cause cer- Graham. But whatever he's something else. Thank god. Imagine if he came over to the Yankees like how we'd have to spins on that. It'd be real tough. It'd be like, oh, no Syndergaard stopped reminding me kick your ass. I hope he does. I hope no cigar comes in the office. Punches me in the face of great publicity, easy lawsuit. Hope easiest lawsuit ever could retire off if he'd probably be suspended, it'd be it'd be awesome. Incredible people. Yeah. Someone said that to to make because he actually threatened to do that to me. Yeah. Be great. The unbelievable. I welcome come to my office. Take out take us both out. With one punch. You won't Posey. Yankees hypnotize tonight at a team bonding activity they were hypnotized how do you feel about that? So we were talking about this on borstal radio a couple of weeks ago about hypnosis and stuff. I would like to try to be hypnotized, but I'd like to I'd like to consider myself to mentally strong to be hypnotized. Okay. I don't want. I don't wanna try just in case. I do actually get I will say I feel like Brett Gardner is a similar way. And he was asleep. Like if this would refuse it and be like magic magic as a real estate troop cop. It's not even being a hard. Oh and saying you don't believe in it. I'm saying like, your your mind is too strong. Where you can't let someone else infiltrate it Gardner refuses to strike out in the playoffs. But he's fifteen pitch at best. There's no, Mike. You could argue there's no more mentally strong guy on the team then Brett Gardner like the guys there. He's dealt with New York for longer than anybody's the longest tenure guy here. So the fact that he fell asleep is alarming and magic might be real. I will say years ago probably five years ago. I went to some sort of carnival state fair type deal with my cousin. And he was with his his his now wife, and she got put on sage during hypnosis thing. And she got hypnotized that he slapped her that my cousin slapped her ass in like a sec kneeling not in a good way. And they got they. Going to fight an hour long fight because of it. Real it was it was the real thing possible. If people are calling off talking about it their experiences. I mean, even America's got talent on your watch. But Howie Mandel gets hypnotized shake someone's hand, and he's a huge germaphobe. So to be honest, like I've always been somewhat sceptical of it where it's like, oh, I think these people are in on it. You know, it's an act there just ain't on it. But I don't know seems like firstly recently hypnosis is just more and more entering my. You know, my orbit my world end. I do not want to be apart. Yeah. I don't know when we're down in Tampa. Let's ask you about that that will be like a daily will asked every single interview that real or did you fake this and get thoughts because magic crazy man, but over there hypnotize winning World Series? What if what if Greg Berga hypnotized into becoming like Barry Bonds? Yeah. I wouldn't mind. I would be. That's a great strategy. Hypnotize Severino to not give up home runs walked people. I like that. I remember I once had an idea this was a few years ago when the inky is one of the one of the years that didn't make the playoffs. And I thought they knew the spark, and I said the inky should have gone to a a psychic medium someone talks to the dead. Have you ever had? Yes. And just had George Steinbrenner yell at the team just like bring back the goes to George to yell yell and everyone like he would have back in the day. What was your experience like doing that? I want to my dad my dad had gone a while my dad gone probably twenty years ago. And he said it was like really like powerful right after his dad died anti said the lady just kept saying something about lemons like your dad really wants you to know something about lemons. And he's like all right. Like, I don't know what that's about. And then like a few days later was Kentucky to some horse race. And there was a I think a horse called the lemon drop kid or something bet on it and at one and so at once I heard that as I try so anything that could you know, it's gonna get me money from the dead. I don't wanna try it. So I went my dad little bit after my grandma died, and yeah, it was I mean, it it's tough to tell. How real is. When my dad walked in the room, the medium was like your dad walked right in with you, which like keys, such it's not that hard to guess that. My dad would have it the dad, but to do that right off the bat like he could just be alive. You know what I mean? And then the thing screwed so it was on and off there's some general things I felt like all right? This just some general. And there are some things that he would hit on. So I would like to go to I go to a different one probably had a curiosity. But it is. It's fascinating. You wanna try? It. Would you maybe try one down in Tampa? Tampa medium just tell us the future of the Antes. Let's different there's psychics and mediums. Are there's like the future. And then there's the talking to the debt. Oh, okay. Okay. Okay. What so medium is the death one, right? Yes. Let's ask about Jacoby ellsbury. What's he doing? What's he doing? Is he dead? Like. Yeah. Like, what's he doing now that he's dead? I should've talked about Syracuse. We can was pretty wild figure saves the end, but let's DM's real quick. By the way, follow us on Instagram. We finally create a short porch Instagram account for us because we've been doing this for a year and just forgot to do that and instruments the most popular like social media out there right now. So I in classic fashion forgot to do that for a year. So we're back. We it's called the underscore short underscore porch. 'cause short wasn't available. But yeah, I tweeted out we have a resounding two hundred seventy six followers, so far, which is great. Let's increase that as we go. So I said we'll do DM's from there. So the first one I think screen Sean on for two good one. Actually, they came in very hot. I'm hitting all the wrong buttons right now. Okay. First question here from John Smolen? Question for the next report. How do I get my friend finally realized Greg bird is the worst? He's already sent me his spring training stats. He's been like this for years. Please help I responded my Twitter. I think that's the easiest way to his real that he is for every spring training. Stati sends you some back regular season set. Yeah. Exactly. And we're just like do the men in black flashy thing with your face every time like spring training. You just forget it. And you only watch maybe don't watch spring training. That's you do it convince him watching the regular season. And that's been training. Like, we do with everything. Besides tell Tyler Wade next one. This is a good hypothetical send more of these. Because he's a very good. This is from Nick Teerlinck. Hypothetical primarily for because I'm more of a Knicks fan, but we can spin it to you in some way. But Greg bird not on the opening day roster and the Knicks don't get Zion or Greg bird on the opening day roster and the Knicks geds I on. Tough that I think it's I am like a casual Knicks fan. I don't you're probably bigger Knicks fan. You are extent than I am. I like them to win and watch the games. And even I'm gonna say Greg bird on the roster next gets probably but fuck I like like so much on. But my thinking is if Greg bird makes Ross was probably, you know, we had a good spring training, and it just a hoodwink that means we got hoodwinked again. But it just as opening day roster. So could last two weeks, and then you know, comes right back Nick still Zion affects twenty years. Okay. Fair fair. How would you spend on the giant? So you want Russell Wilson. Do you want that trade ourselves? Rumors. You want him? I mean, I'm not even paying attention to those because I know that's happened. Eating garbage. I don't think. Yeah. Yeah. I don't think. That's I don't think I saw this weekend. Like was jaw-dropping. Wow. Debbie wild. I would do it with like two next year. Probably. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I would still want to. Yeah. That's fair. That's fair. All right. I only selected to. So let's do we'll do two more gonna pick. Right. Only right now. So this should go smoothly. Let's see. I was looking at my name's I've I've a pretty decent one. Maybe one we could have put more thought into. But we'll just do it on the fly from at metaphors Hauer, power lines and metaphors is good. He's going to powering the Harto's on the roster. The which hate if they were on the Red Sox. So he said like void Gardy. Clint Frazier like basically who on the Ke's would we hate if they were on a rival team. I think Luke Voight is a good example. I mean, we love him because he's the Anki. But you look at the other teams they hate him. Our judge not someone you probably hate, you know, he's got that jeeter sorta quality to him Clinton Frazier. I could definitely see us heyday. I mean, we love him. But because he is not lightning. Rod if he was on another team. I mean, even Anki fancied him, which is crazy. But anyone with basically the way I'm thinking of it is anybody with a personality if they're on another team, I would hate them. So it's almost a compliment to say that we would hate you on another team is sort of a compliment. Okay. Yeah. I guess. Yeah. You wouldn't hate Miguel into hard on their team? Like, right. He's doesn't do say anything gleyber Torres. Same way on got Gary Sanchez. I almost hate when he's on the I don't know how I feel if he was on another team probably fundable. Yeah. Would you hate Gardner? Do you hate Dustin Pedroia, right? So I guess it's the same thing. I guess not. He shaved his face. She looks czar. Like, I wanna hate Petrolia, but I respect his grit and hustle to degree which I feel like is similar to garner. Jury has had a better career than Gardner voice. Probably the answer because they would suck his dick in Boston. They would love him. They would eat everything. He does. That would be he'd be like there'd be. Yeah. That would definitely be the number one. I do love. How Red Sox sheds hate him? And think he's like a Gaba. Goo, and you know, he wears jersey half button. That almost makes it it makes you love me more. How much the Red Sox despise him? And how good he isn't how they just can't shut him down. Yeah. It's great to have a player. Like, I like we said the Red Sox always sort of have guys like that Anke. Have key is a great personnel. And he is everything he is what people associated juice bagging. Yep. This is the forty s underscore Patrick. If you had to choose one who would you want Jacoby ellsbury starting lineup. Greg burn the lineup for the whole season. One hundred percents healthy. Greg bird. Yeah. Probably. Well, actually, so they're healthy. Doesn't mean they're, but they're healthy. Right. He can't get rid of them. Yeah. And they can't be sent out dealing with whatever they're doing. The problem with a healthy bird is even if he's healthy doesn't mean he's seen him be healthy and not be good. But the thing is if Elvis we in the lineup every day the outfield is crowded enough already where garner Frazier than sitting every and Frazier sitting everyday, so I guess I'll take I guess I'll take Greg bird. I don't say Berg because like you said before it adds, the left eve opponents ellsbury lefty too, but but he's not real person. Yeah. He's not the power bat. That's power bird. Okay. Let's do one more. The quick story. Everyone always asked you think we're making trays the deadline. Really depends. How the rotation is gonna go is tolerated. Just giving us blue balls all again, or is he legit this time. That's from Sam Spicer. If you actually were to say, you're asking right now, I do think I'm hopeful. So I am hope he's so important to the team. Like, we said that I am just very hopeful that that he's going to be better. I mean, it's almost he knows he's you know, this is a huge year for him. He knows he's not lived up to you know, what he's capable of. I'm hoping for the best. I hope he does. Oh, yeah. He looks his swing looks good. What rocks? So I'm very I do think I think he's going to make the team. I have I have some faith. I think they want to believe in him. They they like we said that. So I like to say that he's legit and me, otherwise, let's go sorry. So now, we're gonna do real quick Syracuse. I was in Syracuse this weekend. For the game. I managed to get drugged Friday night Xanax, and I don't do drugs. Really? But I. Zanex three. What do you mean? You got Salix Sola. After after the bars, we went to a frat invite us over like, you know, drink whatever play pong like why not Friday night like nothing else to do. We're here for reason. Like, you know. You know, very I stay hotel Sheridan Sheridan like there. They gave us a suite upgrade sweet for like, no extra money. It was unbelievable. We had like two sweets was great like eight of us. But we went to this frat they were playing beer pong with jungle juice, and I just kept drinking. It all of a sudden like my brain shut off. And I just woke up the next morning. It was ten in the morning. I was in bed. So I have no recollection of what happened. And I and like I mean fraternities, you know, they put whatever the hell they want in in in jungle juice. You know, I used to date a girl in a sorority. She she would say that lot and just continually drink it, which was crazy. But yeah, I got Xanax one hundred percent. So this is quite a leap to say that you got Saddik. You don't know that it was annex jungle juice in a frat. I would say like ninety percent sure there's some something some some crazy shit in there. We're playing idiot. We shouldn't have been blamed beer pong with it. But that was scary feeling. I said no I do anyone else. Get everyone was drinking beer. You're the only one drinking Deng. That's what I was told. I don't know really stupid and then Saturday. We after the game we have lost to Duke, and you know, the campuses dead. No one's going out. Really? So we were all sitting around the game is at six on ended like eight and Welson around. We're deciding you wanna go out and make it to the bars. Do whatever I was down. And my buddy he had these energy pills that are being pharmaceutically tested. And like, I don't know if they ref the approved or any of that how does he have his let's let's just say without giving too much detail like is companies just working with them to like advertise, basically and like make commercials for them. And and I took and he just like, yeah. There is basically rebel. And I took it and my heart was racing like three thousand miles an hour. And I was I was honestly like sweating freaking out. We either gonna walk around campus to like cool down. Then we went to the bar. I woke up. The next morning. I woke up today, and it's almost like an even go to sleep. My heart was still racing. I thought it was going to die in the car ride home. It was I was freaking out my heart. I have I end like no one else took the I think my other buddy took it. And he gets like a weird reaction when he drinks like vodka like allergic reaction, his face red and shit. So that was happening along with the energy pill. He was under the world. So we end up driving home in like, I thought I was dying. I thought it was having a heart attack. It was it was a crazy feeling. I didn't know what to do. So, but I'm still alive. I'm now completely back to normal. But it took like twenty hours to get back to normal this fucking energy pill. It looks like it's an aquarium when you look at it. It's like it's like blue water. I don't know. I don't wanna fuck it. I'm that's people always say I've always heard like for from high school and stuff that when someone offers you a random pill. That's off the market is that you should take it. Definitely one hundred percent. That's the way that's the way to live life on top of that in the morning starting my day with a coffee, which I don't really drink. But I'm getting into it and a red bull and that made me think of Tommy Canley. Did you see this? Tommy Canley story of what he used to do straight years. He would have six rebels and two coffees every day for six years. I mean, he will die young age. It's a shocker diary. That is crazy. I had one rebel one coffee. I was running through a wall. I was I was most active, hyper person in the world, all the bars and tailgates freaking out. And then I did the energy later on top of it. But I if I shit. Oh, yeah. Today was actually the buckle at that. Is we had a four hour car ride? It was tough anyone involved. There was listening to the show that was in the car. I'm sorry. But I was shit your pants in the car. No, let's say the farts weren't like the best smelling the world it was as a four hour car ride. I felt like I trapped my friends in a car like in a prison. They said, no scape. But whatever where we're still alive. You other things shadow calling the bartender at Syracuse guys. The man big big short porch guy. He's actually involved with the big brain thing. We're doing, you know, the big thing like hit shit. Yeah. He's pitching to he's got. He's got a bourbon company or something like that or a whisky company. So pretty legit. His business card was wooded. Crazy nuts, dick. I've never seen that mean either. But I would be hooked. If I if someone had to be a wouldn't business card. I would hire I almost got splinter from it was like Saint it's still have it. Let me show. It's a now, I'm just also I'll I'll talk about real quick. I also went sort sorta left. I went to back. I went back to Fordham yesterday. But instead of Syracuse Duke, it was a Fordham Saint off incher forum loss by twenty points. Oh my God. With the three right? You only count by threes only count by threes, baby. Here's the thing. Can you see it? Yeah. Look at it's cool. Thick it is too crazy. This is great radio. Yeah. This it looks cool for everyone that can't say, which is everyone. It does. Look what else we got here about a really terrible hat had the return out of embarrassment because my friends basically bullied me because I it was the worst looking hat in the world that was tough tough weekend. And then the guy in front of me. So everyone's going nuts at the Duke game. And this guy was wearing a Syracuse hoodie, and he was Duke fan. He basically was rooting for the team was winning the entire game. Like, whoever had the lead. He was just rooting for them. I don't know he was mostly insufferable human being ever. And then at one point when the when Duke. Like a big three whatever he so like we're in the upper deck. So every I mean, it's like sitting in every every over the, you know, it's very confined not spacious at all. And he took a step and he missed the seat and miss me. Missed what we were standing on. He stepped in nothing, and he just fell down a row of seats at just absolutely bodied a little kid like a six year old kid just got destroyed by this guy. And he also said Cameron who's the number one player in the country. This guy's just delusional person. But he felt that a kid I probably did by chance because that's what do people do. Terrible people. So fuck Duke. And that's really I mean, no one really cares about my weekend. I just had to kinda just say that loud about the whole me being drunk thing. I'm just going to stay away from those being drugged in you. I would say, you stupidly drank oughta jungle, juice and involuntarily took a sketchy pill, and it's the same thing. Same thing. But that's show. We're back. Baseball's back that was honestly like in vigor. I just felt like I was alive that entire like hour. So because it just feels great delight talk about actual things on the field and not like hypotheticals or with the roster going to be looking like, which we will talk about. But now we have actual baseball talk about Aaron judge on call center in the lineup. That's the Blue Jays one o'clock on. Yes. On monday. So we have stuff to get us through work, which is even better. Holy shit. We're going on Tampa, Florida Marquette be there be square hope the running you. And and that's it take this fucking shits in the moon. What he got? What? Do you have any else adds to the show way you phrase that? I didn't know what I take us to the moon. What he is. Not the weird. I'm nothing else. Okay. Well show that take electric. Oh, we'll quick Jacoby ellsbury update. That's up date. Thank you for listening to this short porch. We'll be back. I might. Squad. Got a rope who come through. Katrine maybe because they show and say this. This book. Bitches like him. Like, you just don't know. My right now. Right now being backstroke. Right now. Go up right now. Got taste coming. And they do it. Scheme in this game. We steaming for.

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