With These 40 Solemn, Somber, Souvenir, Signature Pens I Thee Sham!-Red Pill Diaries


And to be serious about it. You should have seen this on any of the networks. But I've got two. TV's c-span unwanted c-span dog on it. So when they were when Pelosi was done with their with their autograph pens when she was finished with the autograph now the pins all have her and promoter on them then there formed. Did you have a story where it said. Two by two they went to the. Is it just somebody so right. So they so they were like marching to. Noah's was arc. Carolyn Maloney and fat Jerry Nadler and the rest of the criminal class shifty Adam Schiff winning a double file line behind some woman who was. I'd never seen her before. Who was carrying airing this? Leather engraved folder of you will and inside the leather. In grade folder worthy articles roles of Sham pitchman and as they made their march from a house representing over to the Senate people stopped what they were doing. The color guard past children got down onto their knees. Young activists future leaders the CPA girls dressed in red dresses with little baskets in their hands. Pave the way. Hey by littering the path to the Senate chamber with Rose Petals it in behind the tail into the the vanguard came uh speaker courageously strode microphone and said and it's important seeded. Did the president to know and Putin to know American voter voters in America should decide who our president President Vladimir Putin Putin and Russia Russia today to present the managers. I will bring the case which we have great confidence in terms of impeaching the president and his removal but this further evidence it insists of that and wouldn't be in this situation had we not way that insists that they're being that they're witnesses and we see documentation and now you see some of that change happening on the Senate side. I hope it does for the country and to honor constitution so today on the floor passer as naming marriage. All right folks. This is high theater it seriously is and to let Putin so. I've I've kind of confused here. Who's being impeach trump or Putin mm-hmm and it's important to the president to know and Putin to know the American voter voters in America should decide who our President Putin in Russia. You know what I'm GonNa turn that into our daily pit. GonNa use that of the daily daily rejoin. It's that funny but it same time gentlemen. This is supposedly the greatest deliberative body on the face of the earth. She is the speaker. These sole elected did representative of that. House that allegedly August cost now. Something is happening out there. Something is happening out there as the PERP walk was. I've just seen a tweet twitter. Come Lacrosse the twitter from Senator Rand. Paul tweet he comes across the transom. Here from Senator Paul Rand Paul Threatens Fellow Republicans would explosive witness. Vote had a chance to read it because apparently he just tweeted this out and it's live on C. Span I'm watching it on the C.. Span now now on their morning show Maggie. Can you see if there is. There's anything on on Senator Paul's twitter feed about this but what I caught of. It was if anyone tries if any Republican thinks we're going to have a new witness new witnesses. New Evidence introduced here over in the Senate. Then I'm GonNa fly on immediate motion or something to that effect to dismiss so during the solemn ceremony to impeach the president of the United States when the souvenir pens were handed out. After the fact you gotta see this Carolyn Maloney and fat Jerry Nadler Adler and Mark Jean wauters. All the usual suspects all each got a pin as nervous man signed. I assigned in with this. Then you get the in Angola Santa. Hey Hey for alcoholics anonymous. With this Japan you'll get the help you on. I got to sign another in for narconon trying to kick your volume Yucatan. Look in this e and she did this and see why P. E. Space P. L. O. S.. I saw aw there's one pin for there's one pin is at the tweet. There's there's one pan for each letter and then the each person that was part part of the show impeachment. Trial was awarded a pen and then they were showing the pictures to people like him. Pictures of Carolyn Maloney and and the other one's standing next to Nancy Pelosi holding their pens up so they could be photographed for posterity. I wake here when it we shined. That's why the title love today's pile up. Prep is with this pen. I the Sham. It says my colleagues can't have it both ways calling for some while blocking others witnesses if we're GONNA give a platform to win. This is the Democrats Democrats demand. I look forward to forcing votes to call Hunter Biden and many more. Now this is all based upon. John is live parnasse character. Whoever this is who supposedly now has the smoking gun on the cocktail Napkin. And if you think I'm making that up I'm not.

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