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From workhouse connect in. Aj Benza. Vein here to be walked on a leash and play really dirty kinky. Sex Tapes is the GUY. Put the COP in the peacock network? Okay Bitch Hey everybody. Aj Benzi here with fame bitch. This is your podcast for March sixteenth. Two Thousand Twenty taping this on a Sunday afternoon beautiful day supposed to rain fucking week let alone. The weekend couldn't play the last two games of our season flag. Football got not only rained out but virus down. I don't like that at my team. Going undefeated untied two games to go and fuck invited and people don't even know why there can't like this cove in nineteen thing. It's just very weird worker. You Walk around whether you're walking around and seeing videos of let's say near city or a big city near you and you see the streets just empty even la but not doesn't have a lot of people walking the streets to begin with but there are some areas that are heavily traffic etc etc. And it's just dead you feel like there's a blanket that's being thrown over America and obviously parts of the world went to macy's yesterday and that was almost spooky. I feel like I could have put on a suit and walked out. Nobody would stock so the grocery store across the street very insane. It's Ralph's they're all over. La and if you walk in you watch the shoppers. It's like you're watching the walking dead. You know they got a blank. Look on your faces as they fill their baskets with milk and yogurt water medicines. What was left of the water? I mean everything's going. The shells are almost bare. Once we start like I said across the street just about ransacked even like I don't WanNa call him Delis Delis and they're call markets in La most of America but Ellen New York Adelie. I miss it but Deli but La's got markets. I went to market down. The street. Shelves are bare and Amok. It's not going to replace the inventories quickly as a big store like a ralphs or a whole foods or something like that so these guys are sunk. Businesses are just. It's for Christ's sake and the store that it went to rouses on Ventura Boulevard in co-ord- Canyon Major intersection in La. Probably the most popular one of the top five all of the San Fernando Valley practically no water at all. I feel bad for the brands that are left. I can't remember the brand of the water I bought. 'cause there was only like four or five bottles of it left. But it's funny. This brand of water was to nineteen for one of those. Big Big jugs usually ninety nine cents dollar nineteen tops if you get sparklers or just a bottle of distilled. Water to nineteen northbound to nine hundred dollars. Are you worried you'RE GONNA die of thirst or do you just not want to part with an extra dollar what is it? It's very strange phenomenon. Agostino posted a picture on instagram. He was at whole foods or as we call it whole paycheck out here. All the meats were dawn from the shelves. I'm sure you're seeing this where you live as well but there were a few patches of wild boar everything was gone but this wild boar not a thing for the marketers of that brand so I went back to Ralph's at seven thirty for some ice cream for the family right. I Walk Across. The street sucked up ankle and all my Nina Angle. But much better. I'd say seventy five percent better almost magically. I can't twist them but you know I'm able to walk in and not screaming pain. So what does the as I'm walking in the manager stops me as the doors are just Kinda like closing? He goes closed. I go what his quotes. Why it's not even eight o'clock. He goes closing at this very moment. I see that but you know what is it because of this viral bullshit and he goes. I'M NOT GONNA TALK. If you'RE GONNA curse I go I would occur. Close how would you be upsell the curse the world's coming to an end anyhow you know what's the difference of I curse you guys are at. I'm not I said seriously. Why closing I'll I'll I won't curse why closing and all I can say is the doors close to my face was corona and I would about corona. You haven't said anything why and he steps back. I'm like fuck this and some guy laugh next. I said what is the world coming to CORONA CORONA? What do you want to go home early? This incident comes on the heels of my son's seizing and cancelled. And I don't like this it just a lot of it doesn't make sense guys. You know this is influential guy on twitter and instagram name Dylan Wheeler right any of this video yesterday or the day before He's saying this is some kind of deep state cleaning or disinfecting exercise. You know he said if you lay down the map of all the Cova nineteen cases in the country. You lay that map over the the trump administration's indictments of one hundred forty seven thousand people. It's like an identical map. You know I don't know exactly what that means. But he's trying to draw a parallel. It was it was a long video. Did Not listen to all of it but you look at some high profile people. Tom Hanks you know Justin Trudeau's wife a lot of high ranking people in Washington some some athletes. So we're you know something that look did it lot of big moves from some very big influential and somewhat say shadowy people of late. Bill Gates steps down from Microsoft Bob. Iger walks away from his fifty million dollar annual salary running Disney. What's the real move behind? Those moves. My Buddy Neil dumble. Who LOVES LOVES TO? Latch himself onto these. You WanNa go on conspiracies. It's up to you but these theories of why this should is happening. He's been telling my ass a long time about trump and what he did as soon as he got in office. You know basically signed a bill that said if you're a CEO own owner or board member of a company that is involved in sex trafficking the corporation is gonNa be taken away from you right and now you know since then and the media will never report this since he said that four hundred C. E. O.'s or board members have stepped down. And I gotTA listen. Her reached out to me the other day. And this is the kind of thing that makes everything worth it. This guy's flying helicopters and Afghanistan. Right listening to my show in his ears which the visual of that is insane. He says the flu is spreading or the viruses spreading out there as well. They're not telling you that. That got me really nervous because I always think like the worst thing is. Is this going to sit out our war machine and our soldiers the most powerful motherfuckers in the world? I hope not but Listen maybe there's something to all this should after all or maybe it truly is another highly deadly strain of flu that we weren't prepared for or or or it could be what. China's good buddy came. John a told us a while back memory told us he sending America. Christmas gift very shortly makes you think so. I put all this shit behind me with the virus. What have you and I I started watching a turner classic movies as I want to do every day every night. Some Great Shit. Some great stuff. They put on to really weird hours of the day. Friday night woke up two o'clock in the morning and I caught a little film called Spider. Baby I don't know if you've seen this is a Lon Chaney junior the guy who's known for playing the Wolfman when we were kids. This film is insane spider baby so lawn. Cheney junior plays his chauffeur named Bruno is looking after these three strange siblings at their family estate Ralphie Virginia and Elizabeth all them suffer from an inherited condition a genetic disorder that causes a reversal in their mental age. And they have this crazy childlike disposition. And they're not kids apparently when During the lessons These these kids turned into a feral state right. Very violent cannibalistic incestuous tendency oil crazy movie made in nineteen sixty seven way ahead of its crazy plotline so lon chaney junior covers for him every step away he's got legal legal guardianship of these lunatics. And he doesn't want guests staying overnight because these kids posed dangerous to outside is so he's got always keep the kids hidden from the outside world as a result very creepy movie from Jack Hill. Who made switchblade sisters? He's you know cult hero in the world and Sid Hague. You know the actors sit. Hey is in a lot of horror movies. He's one of the kids. Try and find this movie. Smoke a joint. Do what you gotta do but watch this. Don't be straight when you watch smoke. I also caught a little snippet of a rock. Hudson film He with Jane Wyman and there was a scene where they're driving in a car and they're arguing about something and Wyman says. I wish I could be more help. He want me to be a man. Don't you cut insists the hell I do? Oh my God knowing what we know now could you imagine the hard time rock? Hudson must have had delivering that line. You want me to be a man. Don't you do? Yeah Bullshit. The next morning Sunday morning this morning I catch the film Carmen with the beautiful. Dorothy Dandridge now Dandridge was the Halle Berry of her day right down to the fact that she liked herself some white guys but you know. She was famous and employ during a time. When that was a very dangerous thing so as a lot of you know. Carmen is a musical co-starring Harry Belafonte. Who I think is so fucking overrated From his acting right down to his fucking banana boat song. I know his beloved black American. Yeah I get it actually Jamaican American. I know he's a handsome light skin brother but for fucks SAKE THEY GOTTA STOP. What their reverence for this guy? He's just not that special. You ask a black dude about how he belafonte and they start with the whole Harry about one of the greats. Why why. It's been drummed into your heads. It's not it's bullshit if you watched Denzel Washington opposite this guy. He'll eat him up. He'll destroy Morgan Freeman. Samuel Jackson Laurence Fishburne. They'll kill him in a scene. Bellefonte can't hold a candle to these guys because he was a civil rights. Dude in the fifties sixties. He's been granted this forever. Inpenetrable suit of armor. You can't judge him can't judge Harry Belafonte's but you also can't name five films. You saw him in that. He was amazing and I was on the airplane with them. Going to Cuba for the Cuban Film Festival. He sat right behind me. That it was really weird. Flight was very hot and very hot and Cuba. We left New York. I think it was fed. What snowing like the motherfucker? We left charging we will reflect out of Jersey airport which I can't think of the name you know talking about. We left that Jersey and landed in Cuba so hot actually went to Mexico. I then from Mexico to really hot that when we sat there on the runway It snowed in the airplane like like precipitation because of the heat and the coal very strange phenomenon but little like bits of not real snow. You know what I'm saying. They kind of fell from the vents. It was awesome. So we're getting off the plane and they'll be honest and we talked to him a little bit here and there and the plan because it wasn't a big plane so we kind of like you know we saw each other with Harry. Nice to meet you as we're getting off the plane we gotta go to customers me my buddy. Rocco and pepper. We gotta go to customs to the left as walking off the plane. I think I've said this story before. There's Fidel Castro and about five soldiers in fatigues with machine guns on their back really intimidating kind of thing and Jose Marti. Airport is beautiful marble floors. It's one of the great buildings in Cuba. Cuban airports are Quite a sight. Because you've got people who are crying their eyes out because they're about to leave and the people in Cuba are not going to see them so they're very emotional or you've got people arriving in Cuba who haven't seen people that they're they're related to and they're crying either way very emotional place and Belafonte. There's there's Fidel right. This is what ninety eight ninety nine days Fidel and me and our guys my buddies to the left for customers and Fidel takes de la. Fontaine to the right. He don't have to go through customs. Because that's as good buddy anyhow. The point is this if you if if it don't Castro was on the La Lakers. I'll give this guy so understand the sport if he were on the La Lakers he wouldn't be Shaquille O'Neal or Kobe Bryant a Magic Jabbar. He'd be none of those. He would be Rick Fox. That's what they would be. Rick Fox the Lakers okay. He he's a Rick Fox of black star and despite the fact that he's called the King of Calypso. That's not even his voice singing on the movie Carmen. Do you know that it was dubbed over with the voice of a white opera singer? How about that? Do you WanNa talk about solid black actor from that era you stick with Sidney Poitier. I know beef right there anyhow. This movie Belafonte Stars opposite. Dorothy Dandridge beautiful. Dorothy Dandridge with the cafe AU lait skin. Great Body beautiful woman. This movie had some very dangerous plot points. Not The least of which is the ending and spoiler alert. It's been sixty fucking years so I'm going to tell you how it ends but Harry. Belafonte is crazy for her but she's kind of into this. She's kind of moved onto this boxer and at the end of the move is big prizefight and she's moving with the crowd toward this boxer. Bella thought they steps in and tells her basically he's gotTa have her and you know and he pulls into this little room. I gotTa have you in this and that and you know Dorothy. Very matter of factly tells them that look you know what they had over and even have to kill me or let me go so bill? Chelsea to death. That's the movie. That's the ending very brutal. So Dan had this amazing career. One of the first black actress is to have a successful Hollywood career. Also the first to be nominated for an academy award for best actress for Carmen Jones. The movie I said Congress Carmen Jones also performed as a singer in places like the cotton club the Apollo Theater you know she was very popular but also went through her share of racial bullshit. Not too surprising. There was a huge talent search nineteen fifty-three to find a black actress. Who could star in what was going to be the black version of Oscar Hammerstein's musical Carmen and she got the role not only because she was good. But the director auto pressure real weird motherfucker premature had a thing. For didn't matter he was married he had a thing. He at the taste. Miss Dandridge a lot of guys it but it was dangerous being open about that sort of thing during this ridiculous time in America and Dandridge she had this seductive performance. It got great reviews for the movie. It made her one of Hollywood's first African American sex symbols and soon after she became the first black woman featured on the cover of life magazine. If you can remember how big a deal it was for Halle Berry. Who won her Oscar in two thousand two to become the first black woman to win? You can only imagine how giant Dandridge must've felt back in the nineteen fifty five Academy Awards. She was up against White megastars. Grace Kelly Audrey Hepburn. Judy Garland Jane Wyman. And even though Grace Kelly won the award for her work in the country girl mainly because she screwed everybody in the industry to get it. The crowd knew that the night really belong to Dandridge. And you know I'm an overnight sensation but you guys know what happens when you get really big in this town when you're when you're when you're no longer in nobody everybody wants to make somebody and then the bullshit starts and almost as much as her movie roles. Dorothy Dandridge is known for really given a kick in the balls to the tabloid confidential magazine and Their parent company Hollywood research. Because of an item story they wrote about her. That was a lie. They wrote some bullshit about actually. Maureen O'Hara was involved in this as well But they really took starkly Dandridge task. They ran a story entitled. What Dr Dandridge did in the woods and in the story they call to the Black Marilyn Monroe and they claim that she was seen fucking the white guy. A white guy named Daniel Terry who was a bandleader. They said they she was seen fucking this guy in the woods near Lake Tahoe. Now Deo Terry must have loved it but Dandridge was pissed off so she sued continental and she testified at this trial the trial of one hundred stocks because a lot of stars were really against this tabloid because it was hurting people and she attempt to take this these this down and she succeeded. She testified that because Lake. Tahoe had been a really real policy against mixed race dating then it would have made it impossible to take a white guy to the hotel there because at the time. Tahoe was very prejudiced and Dandridge said in court negroes were not permitted that freedom. I never took a walk in the woods. Mr Terry wasn't with me because negroes are not permitted that freedom. Okay all right. Hey Look Theresa cops the former patron. You're GONNA give me a bad apple review now because I use the word Negro right or should I call you Mrs Donoghue. I know she's still listens. This fucking girl any other tabloids. One out of their way to brand Dandridge as a highly sexed up and promiscuous woman who couldn't control her impulses to white men like she seduce. Peter Lawford Tyrone Power Michael Rennie Farley. Granger junior I don't think those dudes had an issue with sleeping with very beautiful. Dorothy Dandridge but the press also had a problem with with Darcy because she had a lot of pride and at one point. She refused to play roles that she felt were demeaning in other words because of her pride. They felt that she was uppity it. I mean that's a bad word. Oh I got a bunch of uppity blacks in this movie. That was to prevailing feeling the last thing she needed in nineteen fifty seven was more damaging gossip. And here's about are already shipwreck terrific. But she did take down that tabloid Marino Howrah help as well and that tabloid was gone so from like fifty whatever fifty six so till nineteen seventy-one there was no tabloid that was really wreaking havoc with the Hollywood stars. It wasn't a seventy one. When the guy named Generoso Pope started the national enquirer? So it's interesting that this. This is long line who owned the tabloids and what each one became but there would be no enquirer if confidential had been taken down by among other people. Donte. So it's pretty interesting. That in her career is black. Actress did that but three years earlier. You know everything was going great far after Carmen. John's Dorothy Dandridge bought a huge mansion and her quote was one hundred thousand dollars a picture but right before the confidential trial thing started getting shitty when she was offered an. She refused the role of a lifetime. She was offered the role of took him in the king and I which was a really big big budget prestigious picture even though I was supporting role it was a big role and it would have made her like a Hollywood fixture. Not just the one movie star. She would have been in the game but on the very bad advice from auto premature who she was Bankin She turned the role down because that part took in was a slave so the part went to read a Marino and the film was a worldwide Smash Rida Marino blows up. And then Dorothy Dandridge is left to think about what could have been after that the big studios would never offer her a major role again. Now she was under contract with Fox and Daryl ZANUCK had every intention of making major movie star but but but the studios riders scriptwriters. They couldn't figure out how to put her in a leading role with the white guy without facing a bunch of shit from the public and the press silently. The writers came up with a really bad film. Script called island in the Sun and there was a lot of meetings on who to cast alongside her and they eventually carefully came up with this very white British actor named John. Justin and Harry Belafonte With Joan. Fontaine and film kind of limped along and theaters just enough to keep her. But to keep Fox interested in Dandridge but when two more films after that went nowhere and in Nineteen fifty-nine she took the lead in Porgy and bess. Right major film. Big Budget Production Sidney portier. Sammy Davis Junior Dandridge hated the whole theme Portuguesa Drunk and best is a drug addict and the production of this film was just beset by one major setback. After another most of them financial it was released in the red. It flopped at the box office and now things are really bad. Now on the personal side she still cheating with the very married auto premature which was an open secret around Hollywood. Everything about the relationship humiliated her she? The worst part was they couldn't even be seen together in public unless they were prominent film. she got pregnant with images child but had an abortion to avoid another scandal. And then right after that she marries a hustler and a hotel owner named Jack Denison so horrible marriage not nearly as bad as a first marriage. Nineteen forty two to Harold. Nicholas Guy the part of the TAP. Dancing the Nicholas brothers active a great Dan. Apparently he's a motherfucker. Though they met at the Cotton Club in Harlem and thirty eight and nineteen forty-three she goes into Labor with her daughter. Caroline Suzanne but whereas Harry Nicholas Nowhere to be found. Meanwhile she's due any moment. He took the families only car and went golfing. Imagine a Black Guy Golfing in one thousand nine hundred forty. Three must've been a sight. But he left Dorky Dandridge along the hospital now the kid is born severely brain dead bad brain damage and she blamed the the dangerous brain-damaged condition on the delay in delivery which she felt was Har Fault and she also blamed herself. She blamed her her lack of sexual experience for the fact that Nicholas was cheating on her all the time. The whole thing was a disaster and by the way at this point is at anyone to Halle Berry Played Donkey Dandridge in the movie she won the Golden Globe Emmy and the screen actors Guild Award for shells so produced. The movie about her playing Dandridge not only do these have very similar look and sex appeal but both of them. Both of them had just broken pickers. They can't pick men piece to every Guy Halle Berry dated or married. Hit her or argued with her to the point. The cops were called. How much of this shit is about a woman picking bad man or the woman being broken herself? I mean you look at Halle Berry ask yourself. Why did west these types spike Lee The baseball player Dave Justice one of the hitter. I mean spike Lee hitting a girl. He probably seven inches shorter than her. It's very weird very weird phenomenon. I don't anyhow. Jettison took over Dandridge is career. Any fucked it up. He booked her in a bunch of second rate nightclub is suck an ongoing thing in Hollywood. These women who have so much to give they marry these assholes. I really feel bad for a lot of actresses in those days. They were taken to the cleaners by these creepy. Judy Garland so many actresses. This happens to so the guy runs into the ground. He he drops down or ticket value because she's in these second rate nightclubs. He also used a beat. The shit ever regularly. He spent all of her money on himself. And that caused Dorothy to hit the bottle. And now she's downing anti-depressants I mean. She was so fucked up on pills and alcohol that she fell asleep at their reception. Wait it gets worse. She lost what was left over. Cash in this get rich quick scheme involving oilwell investments. Shans up all in the IRS. One hundred and fifty K. In back taxes which back then was about a million dollars. She had to sell her big house in the Hollywood hills. The big match to pay it off. Then she moves into an apartment on Fountain Avenue in West. Hollywood is building. I'll tell you why in a second. And she took her daughter out of this specialty care nursing home and basically had the place in a state run mental facility. It's gross or mile video. Actually lived in the same complex. Is Dorothy Dandridge on found Nannu and when we did the mysteries and scandals episodes on her. We're able to actually go in the apartment. Because I knew the the manager of the location we went the apartment and we looked at the bathroom. I mean I know it's been all been redone and Shit But still to be in that bathroom where she died. That tiny bathroom. He just envisioned it. You really can't imagine but now that I've been around Hollywood for twenty five years that's A not shot and a lot of girls who just said fuck it a lot of men to but she finally divorced Denison nineteen sixty two but he was long gone by then. It was just a formality and she declares bankruptcy and took almost any role she could find to pay the bills. That's a bad spot to be in one day. She broke her foot really bad. She's practicing for a nightclub at and she was doing an act in Vegas and She broke a foot real bad so bad. She was bedridden for months. And that cost a ton of bookings so how long do you think it took for her drinking too out of control? I mean at this point who could blame her and then a depression kicked into and as beautiful as she was. Donte Dandridge was terrified at performing for live crowds and then the cost of keeping up her. Glamorous appearances for Nightclub Act was draining. What little money she had left. But she had to keep working so she's trying to survive on what the IRS left threat to have terrible way to live on September eighth nineteen sixty five dot these on the phone with her sister-in-law Jerry Brandon and before I end up. She says to her whatever happens. I know you'll understand. And then several hours later her manager earl mills finds her naked and dead on the bathroom floor. She swallowed a handful of anti-depressants. Called impre mean priming have heard of it amounted to those bills was I hope. Fan of them and She fatally overdosing right there on the floor bathroom. She was only forty two years old. Just ten years removed from her stardom in Carmen Jones. And the press like to say you know it's not established whether her overdose was on purpose or an accident. Well when she died she had two dollars and fourteen cents left in her bank account. So does it really matter? I'M A J Benza. And that was your podcast from March. Sixteenth Twenty twenty. Check out the patron. Today we've got a big show on the crazy life and death of Bob Crane some interesting morsels in that. Go to Patriot. Dot Com slash. Fame is bitch gang. I'll talk to you guys tomorrow. Thank you for listening famous. A bitch is an AJ Benza. Workhouse connect production featuring the endless wisdom insightful commentary in sometimes fucked up perspective. Aj Benza executive producer. Mike Agatha no technical producer Brian Vasquez.

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