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Rosie Ruiz Pt. 2


November nineteen eighty-three to inconspicuous women sat waiting in the lobby of the Miami Airport Marriott. Despite their innocuous appearance the two women weren't there to enjoy a vacation in south beach. They were there to complete a drug deal. The two women had fifty two thousand dollars worth of cocaine stuffed into their handbags and access to far more along with a third accomplice Rosie Ruis. They formed a small-scale all women cocaine operation and they were about to complete one of the biggest sales of their brief drug dealing career. The buyer arrived at the hotel greeted the two women and invited them up to his room. So they could speak more discreetly. Once in private the women showed the buyer. The drugs in negotiations began. The buyer was happy with what they had but wanted more a lot more. He wanted to buy two kilograms of cocaine which had a street value of nearly half a million dollars. The women eagerly agreed they could easily get two kilograms worth they seal the deal with a handshake once. An agreement was in place. The buyer offered them as sympathetic smile before informing the women that they were under arrest. He was an undercover cop. Entire drug deal was a set-up seventy miles away ruis sat by the phone impatient. It had been too long since her friends made contact. Something must have gone wrong. Just as Ruis was beginning to panic. She received a call from one of her accomplices. They'd been arrested and the cops were coming for a we's two. She had moved back to Florida to get her life back together but it was all suddenly at risk of falling apart yet again. Released didn't know whether to turn herself into the police. Wait it out or flee. Only one thing was for sure. Ruis was a long way away from the Boston. Marathon victory podium. Welcome to sports criminals. Apar- cast original every week. We dive into the dark side of sports history and look at athletes who not only broke the law but broke the rules and covenants of their sport will also uncover how their actions impacted the history of the sport they played. I'm Tim Johnson. And I'm Roy. You can find episodes of sports criminals and all other podcast originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream. Sports criminals for free on spotify. Just open the APP and type sports criminals in the search bar podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do it we love. Let us know how. We're doing retail on facebook and instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. This is our second episode on Rosie Ruiz. Who came out of nowhere to win the Nineteen Eighty Boston Marathon? Only for it to be revealed that she won the race by cheating last week. We explored Ruiz's beginnings and how few white lies allowed her to win the Boston Marathon. This week will cover the fallout of the cheating scandal and how? Ruiz struggled to get her life together afterward on Monday. April Twenty First Nineteen Eighty Twenty six-year-old administrative assistant. Rosier wees won the Boston Marathon. One of the oldest and most prestigious running competitions in the world. Not only did she plays I. She said a new American marathon record for women in the process in only her second ever marathon run ruis beat out established runners impasse champions to win the race. Other runners and reporters were shocked as they watched res take her place on the winner stage and receive a gold medal. But the truth was that Rosie. Ruiz hadn't run the race at all. She cheated a shortcut and lied on her way to victory. Her story hadn't been quite convincing enough. It wasn't long before everyone around. Her became skeptical of her accomplishment. The male winner Bill Rodgers could tell instantly that Rosie Ruiz hadn't run the race and told the race director suspicions reporter and former marathon runner Katherine Switzer felt the same way especially after interviewing her. We's and discovering that the supposed winner had nearly no knowledge of running technique in response to the accusation. The Boston Athletic Association began investigation into Ruiz. Piling on the New York marathon launched their own inquiry into releases. Twenty Third Place. Finish five months earlier on. Wednesday April twenty third two days after the marathon. The suspicion erupted into a full blown scandal to Harvard. Students revealed that they saw ruis jump into the race in its last mile. The day after newspapers published the Harvard Students Eyewitness Account Public opinion quickly turned on Ruis. Reputation was in free fall later that same day. Another eyewitness came forward. Susan Moro manhattan-based clothing designer who had ridden the subway with rosier ways to the finish line of the New York Marathon. More conclusively identified Ruis as the woman she'd seen on the subway even her closest ally local running club. President Steve Merrick remarked to reporters that he wasn't sure if Ruis had fully run either. The New York or Boston Marathons damagingly. Merrick also added that if it was proven. That breeze didn't run the New York race than there was no way she ran the one in Boston Rosie. Ruiz was running out of allies yet. Despite his own public doubts still agreed to help release because no one else would. The two of them held another press conference on April. Twenty fourth to address the new allegations ruis angrily faced down a crowd of skeptical reporters and once again denied the cheated. She declared that she would ultimately be proven. Innocent and at the skepticism was only based around the fact that she was an unknown if no one remembered her racing alongside them it was simply because they didn't recognize her going further. Ruiz took the opportunity to blast the treatment that she and other women runners faced in terms of race organization and press coverage. She also argued that whether proven guilty or not. The controversy around her marathon win might have the effect of increasing coverage of female runners. In general as the reporter's questions in volume tears ran down. Ruiz's face Steve Merrick placed his hand on her shoulder as she grip the podium shakily and lamented the fact that she was only able to enjoy her own marathon victory for a moment before the controversy began ruis is emotional breakdown was met with further skepticism from reporters and derision from other runners who had little sympathy for cheater even as she passionately defended herself things. Were getting worse for Ruis. Although the investigation was still not yet complete the New York marathon race organizer Fred. Lebeau told reporters that he was convinced that Rosie Ruiz had not run either marathon. A decision on her disqualification was imminent. The Boston Athletic Association announced that a decision on Ruiz's victory would be handed down by the end of the week. All signs pointed to the victory being voided. Jacqueline Gero famed Canadian runner and second-place Finisher in the Boston. Marathon flew back down from Canada to Massachusetts on Thursday. She expected to be retroactively crowned. The marathon winner on Friday and was scheduled celebrate Tori interview on local TV that night race director will colonie had a decision to make. Investigation was entirely in his hands while he felt as though he had enough evidence to convincingly. Say That we're we didn't run the race. It wasn't quite as conclusive as he would've liked drawing from his past career as a military lawyer. Clooney didn't feel comfortable with a case. That wasn't a slam dunk so he decided to hold off on presenting the evidence to the Board of Governors of the Boston Athletic Association until he had a report from the official race photographers who were pouring over. Tens of thousands of race photographs. If by some bizarre circumstance released actually had run the race. The report from the photographers might finally offer some evidence of that. If she hadn't their report would be the final nail in the coffin against her late on Thursday night New York Marathon race director. Fred Lebeau called cloney and offered to take him off the hook by first disqualifying release from the New York. Grace being disqualified from New York would retroactively maker. We's ineligible to run in Boston. Thus taking away the victory without cloning needing to prove that she had cheated cloney refused the New York directors offer. He wanted to have conclusive proof and make a strong decision for the good of the race and the sport early Friday morning. Clooney announced that no decision would come until Monday. A frustrated and angry Jacqueline Garo once again flew back to Canada to replace her in the studio the local. Tv Channel invited Rosie. Louise once again released Garros rightful place in the spotlight. A hopeful Rosie. Ruiz travel back to Boston on Friday morning. With Steve Merrick. Still at her side Clooney's announcement had given her a sense of optimism. She hadn't felt since winning the race itself. It was possible that she'd be exonerated and her victory could stand in front of the Bright Studio Lights and TV CAMERAS. Ruiz's once again pleaded her case she casually offered to take a lie detector test though she also hedged her beds by saying polygraph wouldn't prove anything concrete one of the TV hosts asked Ruiz's directly if she truly thought she actually ran the race or if she had any doubts Ruiz's confidently answered that she had no doubts. She didn't announced that she would prove her own running ability by participating in a ten K. In New York City three months later in July organized by Steve Merrick on Friday night news came in from New York City. The director of the New York Marathon announced that thorough examination of the video evidence concluded that Ruis had not run the marathon. Victory was therefore officially voided while the voided finish in New York technically disqualified Ruiz from the Boston Marathon. The Boston Athletic Association made no official announcement. Either way on Friday night. This was an unprecedented situation. And there were no strict disqualification rules between the New York and Boston marathons. Steve merrick returned to New York leaving release alone in Boston. She stayed alone in her hotel room through the weekend. Anxiously awaiting a ruling from the Boston Athletic Association on Sunday. Will Colonie received his report from the official race photographers. They had examined over ten thousand photographs taken at a checkpoint a mile before the finish line and discovered no evidence that Ruis ever passed it. It was the nail in the coffin. He needed on Monday morning. Ruis received a phone call from. Clooney wanted to meet her a second time. This time he came bearing news. It was time for Rosie Ruis to face the music when we come back the investigations of Rosier. We's come to a close. Hi It's Carter. I am happy to announce that the launch of our new podcast series supernatural with Ashley. Flowers has been a great success. It's a show where all very proud of here at park guest and we thank you for listening. If you haven't had a chance to tune in yet I definitely recommend you head over to the supernatural with Ashley. Fires Feed and start following today every Wednesday? Actually flowers takes on a different crime or mystery where the most fitting theory isn't always the most conventional where the deaths of two Brazilian men a result of making contact with spirits on Mars. Get closer to the truth than ever before. Regarding the mystifying lead masks case did four friends have a highly unusual encounter during a camping trip in Maine sort through the out of this world circumstances surrounding the allegations incident. And who and what were responsible for the unexplained death of Australia's Somerton man dig deeper into the peculiar details and poetry involved in the case. Each week Ashley takes on the strange and surreal to explain some of the world's most bizarre true crime occurrences already one of my favorite shows. And I hope you check it out. Follow supernatural with Ashley. Flowers free on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Now back to the story It had only been one week since twenty six year. Old Rosie Ruis had shocked the world by winning the Boston Marathon but those seven days had felt like a lifetime to rees who faced immediate scrutiny from reporters fans and other runners who believed correctly that Ruis had cheated on the evening of April Twenty Eighth Nineteen Eighty. Ruis met with Boston Marathon. Race director will clooney at her hotel. Clooney told Ruis that he was ready to bring evidence to the Board of Governors for vote on her victory. He didn't mince words they would likely vote to disqualify her in named Jaclyn Guerrero. The winner Ruis reportedly sobbed Colonie. Felt sorry for her and tried to be comforting as he delivered the bad news. Despite all the facts against her ruis still wouldn't admit she cheated. He gave her one last chance to provide any evidence that would support her story. She gave me the information of one other male runner whom she said could vouch for her. Cloning knew who the male runner was. He was the overall tenth place finisher finishing the race. One hundred thirty places earlier than Ruiz. He wouldn't have been physically near her at any point during the marathon as kindly as he could only told her. We's that this final defends wouldn't help her. She was or realized there was no way she could stop the inevitable. On Wednesday April thirtieth will clooney held a press conference in downtown Boston. He announced the Board of Governors had voted unanimously to strip Rosie Ruiz for Boston marathon when he stated that the evidence showed beyond a reasonable doubt that released did not run the entire race. Seated to Kony's right was a jet-lagged Jacqueline Garo. Who had yet again made the trip to Boston this time. She was finally given what she earned nine days before the title of Boston. Marathon champion Clooney placed the Laurel Wreath on Garros. Head as members of the press clapped. Gero smiled hand. Gave A half-hearted fist pump to celebrate her late victory back in New York Rosie. Ruiz delivered a downtrodden statement to reporters once again weekly claiming that she'd been wrongly disqualified and that one day she would prove it with the investigation overhand scandal winding down will cloney traveled to New York to meet with Ruis a third and final time at her apartment. She continued arguing that she'd run the race but clooney stopped her. She already been disqualified. There was no more need for release to defend herself. He was there to simply offer an olive branch. He invited her to run the Boston marathon again. In nineteen eighty-one maybe a year. She could prove that she really was the elite runners. She claimed to be clowney. Did ask for one thing. He wanted ruas metal back to awarded to the rightful winner. A devastated Ruis refused. She repeated that she'd run the race and earn that medal. Cloning was shocked. Despite all that had been revealed. Ruiz truly believed it was rightfully hers. Not wanting to force more conflict cloney. Let her keep it. Ruins return to work later that week hoping that the controversy was over and she could move on with their life instead. Her boss called her into his office. He betrayed it's supported. Ruis paid for her trip to Boston and even defended her to the press now. She proven herself a liar. Those reasons ruis was fired in less than two weeks misfortune rosie. Ruiz had lost everything her marathon win her job and her reputation wherever she went in. New York City. She was reminded of her own failures. Almost instantly joke t shirts for the Rosie. Ruiz Fan club decorated with subway. Tokens became popular in New York and Boston. Her name became synonymous with cheating to pull a rosier. We's entered the cultural lexicon. Ruis tried to ignore it as best. She could an polar life back together. She got a job as a bookkeeper at Richard Stevens. Inc Manhattan based Real Estate Firm and stayed out of the Public. I in the winter of nineteen eighty eight months after her disqualification Steve Merrick visited release to catch up and check in on her. Their conversation drifted to the events of the Boston. Marathon merrick remarked flat out that for we's clearly didn't run the marathon much to his surprise. She didn't defend herself instead. She simply replied that. She didn't need to tell the truth because he already knew according to Merrick or we told that she never intended to win the marathon. She'd only wanted to finish with good enough time to impress her boss. And Co workers back in New York. She'd simply failed to notice that the first woman hadn't crossed the finish line yet jumped into the race too early a year later. The nineteen eighty one Boston. Marathon was held without incident and Rosie Ruis was nowhere to be seen. She didn't take will clooney up on his offer to run again. In fact Ruis never again competed in an organized race. Her career as a long distance runner was behind her career as a liar however was far from over as released. Got Her life back on track. She still felt the inexorable poll towards ethically problematic behavior some reporters viewed reasons behavior as sociopathic. She didn't follow the rules because she didn't really see them through. Some combination of intelligence charisma and ambition. Res Always felt like she could get away with anything. Her new job offered her new opportunities to take advantage of Rosero wheezes responsibilities as a bookkeeper for a real estate firm included personally dealing with the company's finances cashing checks and depositing funds tens of thousands of dollars pass through her hands. Every week wasn't long before she started skimming off the top. At first she took small amounts from the cash. She was given to deposit the bank. Eventually she stopped bothering to go to the bank. Keeping everything for herself crimes escalated. It wasn't enough to steal cash from the company she started forging checks to supplement. Her own salary or bosses at the firm didn't seem to notice that any money was missing. Sir. We is continued stealing more and more. It was as if she didn't see it as a crime like the Boston Marathon. It appeared that she saw it as taking a little shortcut to get what she deserved and like the marathon. She could have gotten away with it if she hadn't gone a little too far with her added income or we lived luxuriously. She went in an expensive apartment in Greenwich Village in Manhattan. Two cabs to work instead of the subway and went skiing every weekend. She took as many sick days as possible. Some weeks barely showing up to the office. Her coworkers were astonished by her lifestyle. They couldn't figure out how she managed it on her meagre salary eventually. Her bosses wondered the same thing. They took a closer look at the worksheet. Done over the past couple of months and were shocked to discover the truth. They realized that Ruis had stolen more than fifteen thousand dollars in cash and forged over forty five thousand dollars worth of checks on April Fifth Nineteen eighty-two they alerted the police who opened a criminal investigation into Ruis two weeks later on April Nineteenth two plainclothes detectives knocked on Rosie releases apartment door when she answered the door detectives and informed her that she was being arrested for. Grand Larceny and forgery. Breeze put on a pair of large sunglasses as she was taken to the police precinct to be booked and charged as the detectives walked her to the precinct doors. Reporters pushed microphones towards her and shouted questions. Ruiz's kept her head down and said nothing. Her assets were seized. Her bank accounts frozen without any money to bail herself out. Ruiz sat in jail for a week while she awaited a resolution to her case. The evidence supplied by bosses at the real estate firm was undeniable. Ruis had no choice but to accept a plea deal. She pleaded guilty to the charges and received a sentence of time served plus five years probation after receiving her sentence. Ruiz's came to the realization that she couldn't start over yet again in New York City. She had burned too many bridges and couldn't take the media attention that's still surrounded her so she made two major life decisions in Nineteen eighty-three i. She would never talk about the Boston marathon ever again second. She decided to return home to Miami Florida and live with her family. She moved down. South got her real estate agents license and always looking for a quick way to make an extra buck began selling cocaine. Ruis got to know two other women who were also looking to earn some extra income together. The women formed a small scale cocaine dealing operation or we acted as middlemen in broker. Taking the cocaine from the supplier while for partners sold it to street level dealers in November of nineteen eighty three to of releases partners went to meet a buyer in the Marriott Hotel near the Miami International Airport. The plan was to sell about fifty. Two thousand dollars worth of cocaine partners met the buyer at the airport and began negotiating. The buyer wanted more than just fifty two thousand dollars worth sir. Wheezes partners said they could get as much as he wanted the offered to Salem. Two kilograms of high-grade cocaine which had a street value of nearly half a million dollars. The buyer agreed. It was going to be a massive pay day for a week and her partners except it wasn't a drug deal at all. It was a drug bust. The buyer was an undercover cop. Andrews partners were immediately arrested and police also put out an arrest warrant for Rosie Ruis. When she heard that her partners were in custody and the police were now looking for her release had another important decision to make surrender and face criminal prosecution or run she could potentially escape back to Cuba where her estranged father still lived. After a week of deliberation Ruiz's decided that she was done running. She turned herself in and was charged with cocaine trafficking. A federal judge deemed ruis a flight risk and ordered her held without bond while they're case progressed. After spending twenty three days in jail rees was sentenced to three years probation less than a month later in January nineteen eighty-four thirty year old Rosie. Ruiz was back in a courtroom. This time to get married. Her husband Egorova Voss was a Colombian immigrant. Who arrived in Miami less than a year before with her cocaine dealing career over. Ruis went out looking for another job. Ironically she was hired by the better business bureau as an accreditation specialist this time she promised herself not to take shortcuts whenever her coworkers asked about the marathon always denied that she was the same. Rosie Ruiz who cheated her way to victory. She wanted to put the mistakes of her. Past is far behind her as possible. There was one exception to this self-imposed secrecy in February of Nineteen eighty-four release discovered Jacqueline. Guerrero was coming to Miami to run a ten K at the Orange Bowl and we couldn't help herself Rosie. Ruiz in Jacqueline Gero had been side by side and all the media coverage of the marathon controversy but had never spoken face to face ruis to finally meet the woman she cheated. When we come back Ruis meets Jacqueline Guiraud now. Back to the story by early. Nineteen eighty-four thirty year old. Rosie ries was on a path to redemption. She was out of jail at a new job and just got married. She was ready to put the past behind her. She wanted one last piece of closure she wanted to meet the woman. She cheated out the Boston Marathon. Win In nineteen eighty. Ruiz went to the Orange Bowl in Miami. On the day of a ten K race and found Jacqueline Gero stretching by the starting line ruis approached with a friendly smile and introduced herself. Kenro did not return or lease friendliness. Instead she bluntly asked Ruis y she cheated in Boston. It had been over three years but the wound was still fresh. Caro- wanted answers had no interest in telling the truth. She repeated which he'd always said she didn't cheat she ran the whole race. She'd won legitimately and she planned to run it again. Kenro was surprised and insulted by wheezes continued dishonesty and lack of remorse so she abruptly ended. The conversation shook her head and walked away. Like Jacqueline Garo. The sport of long distance running couldn't so easily move past the story of Rosie Ruiz. The we scandal was in the words of one runner. The end of the Sports Age of innocence the beloved public aspect of marathons the fact that a world famous athlete leg. Jacqueline Gero ran on the same course at the same time as an amateur like Rosie. Ruiz was now considered a flaw in the system. In the years after Rosie Releases Win The New York and Boston Marathons added significant new security measures more checkpoints. More cameras and more scrutiny. On each and every runner some marathons split runners into two separate races. One with elite competitive runners and won with amateurs eventually races also began inserting tracking chips in the runners shoes to make sure that no one could ever again. Paul a Rosie Ruiz. There were also however positive consequences of reasons actions as she predicted the nonstop news coverage of the controversy made many people pay attention to women's running. For the first time Ruiz's tainted victory may have been a loss of innocence for the sport but it also put it on the cultural map in a way that little else could female participation in the Boston marathon nearly doubled in the two years after wheezes win in nineteen eighty four or the summer games in Los Angeles. The Olympics added a women's marathon event for the first time in history. Jacqueline Garrone competed for Canada but didn't finish due to an injury in the midst of all this change that she helped create rosie. Ruiz stayed quiet in Florida. Happy to remain out of the spotlight or leases life. However remained turbulent Ruiz's relationship with her husband Vivas was rocky. The two of them fought constantly ruis later blamed their marital problems solely on political differences. She was liberal and conservative. Though there were likely other issues at play. Their marriage disintegrated the course of the next two years. In August of one thousand nine hundred five they separated and Ruis moved to West Palm Beach to live with her mother. Reza's tendency to get into trouble followed her to her new home getting her into conflicts with multiple landlords three of whom sued to evict her for breaking her lease. She bounced through a series of jobs working as a public notary and later. Starting your own cleaning service with two other women. Business only lasted a couple of years but release of course managed to take full advantage of every park. She could she even managed to live rent free at a palm beach cottage and exchange or cleaning services in one thousand nine hundred thirty five year. Old Rosie Ruis got a job at the laboratory corporation of America as a client representative. She met a woman named Margarita. Alvarez by the early nineteen nineties the two of them became romantically involved in one thousand nine hundred ninety three forty year. Old Ruis moved into Alvarez House into question Florida by the mid Nineties Rosie. Ruiz found some stability in her life. In lab core and INTO CUESTA. She finally managed to stay in one place after a lifetime of constant turbulence. She raised three sons with Margarita and beyond a handful of traffic violations remained. Mostly out of trouble. Ruis kept her Boston Marathon medal in storage because looking at it made her melancholic still every year. In mid April. She watched the race throughout the two decades following the nineteen eighty Boston marathon. Countless journalists attempted to finer weeds but none were successful in getting an interview. She kept her married name even after her. Divorce FROM ECHO VIVAS. Making it easier for her to stay hidden in one thousand nine hundred eight. A reporter from the Palm Beach Post finally managed to track her down by talking to co workers at Labcorp when Ruis heard about the reporter. She finally broke her silence including telling her co workers that she was indeed the famous. Rosie Ruiz even with her secret out. Ruis remained careful about how she interacted with reporter. She refused to meet them. In person only confirmed her identity by dropping off a reason photo at a public location or the reporter to pick up later when the reporter finally made contact over. The phone release was ready to tell her side of the story. After eighteen years as it turned out her story hadn't changed. She still claimed that she had run the whole race and deserve the medal as blame the entire controversy on politics. She said the race organizers and fans wanted the favorites like Jacqueline Guerrero to win and disqualified her because they were embarrassed that an amateur beat them also claimed that her later legal issues were the result of misunderstandings and bad luck. According to Ruis her cocaine dealing arrest was the result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time in a type statement there were we sent to the reporter after the interview or we promised that she would run again and this time she vowed there would be no mistake about her abilities after the interview in Nineteen Ninety Eight Rosie. Ruiz successfully slipped back into anonymity. She refused to talk to anyone else about her past. She never did run again. Rosie died on July eight. Two Thousand Nineteen after ten year battle with cancer or death was only reported on after journalists recognized. Her photo in a digital obituary published quietly on the Internet. The obituary made no reference to her maiden name nor to her brief running career in the decades since the nineteen eighty Boston marathon. Jacqueline Guiraud developed empathy for the struggles that we went through and ultimately forgave her after his death Garo posted a facebook tribute calling her a great woman. Who made some mistakes? She thinks that the entire saga of Rosie ries makes a good lesson. Cheating will never give you satisfaction and it's also simply not fun. Thanks again for listening to sports criminals. We'll be back next week with a new episode. You can find all episodes of sports criminals and all other park has two originals for free on spotify. Not only does spotify already. Have all your favorite music. But now it's about advise making it easy for you to enjoy all of your favorite par- cast originals like sports criminals for free from your phone desktop or smart speaker to stream. Sports criminals on spotify. Just open the APP tap browse and type sports criminals in the search bar. And don't forget to follow us on facebook and Instagram. At par cast in twitter at podcast network. We'll see an time. Sports Criminals was created by Max Cutler. And as a podcast studios original it's executive produced by Max Cutler sound designed by Stephen Davies with production assistance by Ron Shapiro Carly Madden and Aaron Larson. This episode of Sports Criminals was written by Ryan Lee with writing assistance by Abigail Cannon and stars. Tim Johnson and Carter Roy listeners. Don't forget to check out the new park. Cast original series supernatural with Ashley Flowers every Wednesday take a deep dive into the strange and surreal to find the truth behind some the world's most bizarre crimes. Trust me these episodes are weird and wonderful search for supernatural with Ashley Flowers in the spotify APP and listen free today.

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