Ep 231 | Trump: 'I Was NEVER Involved in a Model!' | The Chad Prather Show


It is time to eat party time. Mom that's all I've been doing around the house as all I've been doing around. The House is eating. Look at me. We used eating and doing it. Got The quarantine fifteen. I haven't been doing it. You said you had. I have not been doing it. We're Song said you did funk says it. I wish that's why I wrote the song quarantine life because I was thinking about doing it. Welcome to another episode of the chat. Show here in the mothership where we're not doing it. Serio twenty two is where we are the puppet master Mark Gandhi's you the Queen of the Ethiopians Silent Dear. Looking Regal looks on you guys. Look fantastic over there. You look fantastic. It doesn't look like you've the corona has infected you at all you got you got your color you got your call and you get you healthy gut youth. That's what you always WanNa keep when you get you just always. The youth is wasted on the young a combination between Bernie Sanders and another woman's Nancy Pelosi Bernie Sanders combination. Nancy Pelosi Impressions. All the time I couldn't I was GONNA do on the other night. You know we. We have the picture and then you see the mouth moving. I was trying. I could not do it to say my life couldn't do it. It kept coming out looking. Jana China. Steve How're you doing? Fan Taghi symptoms no symptoms. But I did find out something this week. What Being Quarantine Esta? My Wife. Cleans the bathroom in our house? Every week I thought we were just really clean people But apparently she cleans the bathroom every weekend. When I'm going on the road look there Tony. Tony takes care. I just assume we really clean people. Yeah and they are doing it. Yeah y'all do it every night every afternoon to well now that you're in the shade sheltering in place daytime sex great. Yeah kids are in the next room. Same Room I don't know Jordan Party. There's no secrets here. That's crazy we've go. I looked like a penis. I shaved my head look at their looked like a penis. It's fun Hot News. Manolete about you guys you guys doing it. Yeah yeah that's good man. I'm glad somebody's getting it in. I'm just saying Jay here thirty. Oh twenty two TV. Did you know you could get blaze? Tv on Channel Two fifty of Pluto. Tv It's free television. Pretty Awesome. Pretty amazing you do that if you haven't gotten the brand new song quarantine life by myself and CJ larose of the deplorable choir gug in gated were downloads are offered watch it on. Youtube facebook. Funny video funny funny video or you can go back and watch last night's episode again because we aired it and I We're GONNA have some fun here today. We got some things to talk to you about. Yeah we'll give you a couple of updates on a all the crazy stuff that's going on in the world all things that are covert related and stuff like that. But I wanted to have a little fun day. We're GONNA HAVE LOVE FUN party. Steve deciding that shirt that you're wearing when you had that mugshot taken. Were you scared? There you nervous. You were pretty nervous. You're like Oh boy heroes and that was the change of your life actually. No I was pretty calm. Those kind of took it in stride like everything and there's the picture of a future Murphy joined the military and our military earning. Look where I'm at now. Look where look at you. I'm a Pluto. Tv three million homes. That's exactly our good friend On another network that we can't name Texted me the other day and said there was like you know we. I like twenty two million hours of watch time. That is that good and I was like well. I wish I had a dollar for every hour. You got washed. I mean would that be a lot? Yeah I think so too millions a lot. I don't care so I I don't know what our numbers are GonNa Pluto. But I'm glad we're there glad we're there and anyway at this stage in the game the menu on watch Chad Dot Com. 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I mean the court jester and chill out was that I mean like rollout Vaudeville. Now nine hundred eighteen. I don't even know that. They pro bill at that point. In time you'd be out planting a garden or hunting fishing just trying to do. We're spoiled rotten. I mean here. We multimillion dollar studio. I guess I don't know it. Just sounds fun to say multi-million dollar I promise you it's multi million dollar sure that's not Kovalyov productive. I'm just is sound productive. It does sound productive. Your dry cough was a few weeks. I don't have the novel Corona Virus But I do have my. Hey dude shoes no socks or anything like that sponsor Anita I. I wish they work. I love him to wash this super light. I loved them walking around on a Yoga Mat. All the time okay. I have worn socks in weeks. Gross is kind of gross. But you know what I haven't. I haven't showered in like six day. This is why you're not getting laid. We've only been quarantine for three. Yeah I love it. Oh I didn't say I wasn't getting late getting late at home. There's a whole different deal as a whole and yeah you want to know how that tiger tested positive for in New York. I guess way the Bronx Zoo. That's right that's right. Dr Trump says it's going to be a rough two weeks man. I'm praying I e praying. I'm praying I'm praying. I'm praying for people. Pray for you guys a for my peoples and I just pray for everybody this out there because I don't want anybody sick and what happened to mushroom out here up in here. This is my Glenn Beck scarf today. not really. But I'm GONNA go raid. Glenn Beck's wardrobe. Can we get? I think I think security would say yes to you candace. Yeah if you go get the key to Glens dressing room. I WANNA raid Glenn. Beck's wardrobe. I mean he's not here. He's not using those close. We'll put them back. I don't understand what the big deal is. I Love Glenn. I go test that he makes me laugh so much. You know he's like I would give my life for my grandchildren waitressing. Glennon three weeks. He's quarantined in the basement down there doing show here we are. We're expendable we. You know we're like guinea pigs like well screw it. Let's see if they die. They're gonNA come in here one day and we're just GONNA be sprawled out studio twenty two is we're GonNa Die Nasty. It's a dynasty. You're going to die nasty. We're all going to fall on top of each other. Like what were they getting some? No we covering now dr FAO. She said that's a bad idea. I don't know trump is going to get rough man if people are pissed. Because we're just having a good Tom. Here's the corona virus. I'm still gonNA have a good time. I'm gonNA feel like crap but I'm going to have a good time. I've been sick before. Yeah I haven't really sick deathly sick. I've been on death's door knocking. I'm an smelling the sulphur. Fumes of the firing hails. Just one but the fire hells Haiti's Hin the deep dark pit. Dante's inferno I've Smelt Delta publicity. Folks chill relax take a deep breath not too deep in my brief. Somebody's germ yeah. You know trump said. Don't go grocery store or Dr. CI. Did who one of them? I love those press conferences. Every day. Don't you you watch. I have been watching them. You Watch them. I love 'em until I can't watch them anymore. Steve Steve Desert watching him. He's having sex no he's having to sex he's having too much. News is bad for you. I actually I wanted to percent agree right now. I think I've had to turn it off just mentally for myself to. That's one thing about trump. He's not afraid to get in front of the media to three times a day every day China. Yeah from China Fake News Fake News Twenty Twenty. Besides the fact that his lasting five twenty twenty is the year the year of the me. I have never laughed so much memes and of course if you don't know what I mean is joined the century okay. Obviously IT'S A. It's a story told in picture that you put the deal. You post the picture. And then you Ma'am and our Donald Trump. He speaks in memes. Did you see the deal? The other day where he says talking about the curve and he's doing a little curve and he says you know it's I. I don't have anything to do with models for not these models. He slipped that in. It was hilarious models with you know this and I've never been on top of models team. Maybe people were pissed off. He's a comedian is a community. Like Oh my God. People are dying and he's making a joke. Oh throw my shoe at you like how you really though that very hard. Well I don't WanNa break the multi-million dollar studio but I mean you know that's where we are. People can joke Laugh to that. Make you uncomfortable. The song waiting for it to permeate my female singer. You haven't worn socks in like eighteen years. They have to stink obey. I bet your shoes. No that's the fun thing about these dudes. They don't make you foot. Hey Dude don't you want to be a sponsor of the Chat Becher? We don't even Chinese company just making sure Jane Jane Jane Emma Motto. Look at me. I'm a model. Hated model is one of those days. What are you reading your phone I was? I had something interesting but but I don't have to share it. A. Something interest. Yeah you probably something way more interesting. Something very interesting. That's my favorite birth. When you just open up and it comes out like a lion. It was so juicy market. I can't sent me an article that was disturbing the other day. There is an APP. You can download on your iphone. Your phone becomes a listening device. They call it a hearing aid. You could take your air pods. Put them in your ear. And if you're having trouble listening you could phone out there and it will amplify in your ear. It's an update for the IPHONE. It's not even you don't even have downloading APPs right. It's just the next update you're going to have live listening available like where your flashlight is and where your camera is on your notification screen. Now let me tell you the implications of that. Here's why that's scary. Laissez just on a random Guinness was talking about this a little while ago with me. Let's say you're you're the boss right and you're in a conference room and everybody and you're like I gotta step out for a few minutes usually found on the table. You go out but airplanes endless and everything's being said in room so it's taking the ability to eavesdrop to a whole new level. Steve Sitting over there in his mind. Going under Vegas. Let's do a woman. I can hear that anytime on this That was right under though amount. Kick that away but yeah that's that's kind of a scary scary dangerous little thing. This is a secret anymore. I was GONNA say everything's out there including if like Tick Tock. They have access to every picture on your phone. Your snapchat has access to every picture on your phone. It's already been downloaded data bank. So they're enjoying it. I'm sure they are. They're using that. That's how they get these fake profiles with people's information pictures and stuff. They've already pulled right here. Hot and his Natalie is a picture senator. She's a picture senator. She won't let you touch her phone porches. What that doesn't mean everybody needs to be senator message gone. Hey hotness gives us a pig Oh when people send me pictures no you they want you to send pictures but they do send Jason Me Picture. Some weird stuff. Yeah my bro. That thing don't look good it. Don't look good friend doesn't there's no lighting to make that right and I wanna see your pruning Pinas. I don't care how much water you soaked it in any raisin twice and all mine in black and white to kind of kind of Nouveau Yeah. Yeah kind of Ansel Adams affect to your Weiner where this is where we are slaughtered mud but now I put it on panoramic. Have you guys gotten to the point where you just kind of gotten silly at home? You're like what it is. You're just reverting to be an child yesterday. Jade was like. Let's go for a walk and I'm like no she's like why not unlike us on she's been making me get out every now and then take a big long walk and I look out my window and all the neighbors walking through the neighborhood every day and I'm like Oh my Gosh Live. Us Gotten out there pretty disgusting really. I hate myself right now. You don't I when you were walking earlier. Pass me six feet away. I thought you look smelt. Now you've put some pounds on. Okay Yeah Quarantine Fifty. I'm on the Corinthian. Six right now you know how all you know how I know K. You know how I know like my life is in shambles. Two things two things are revealing the to tell you the my life is in shambles. One my closet is a mess like if if my closet is a mess. That's a reflection of the rest of my life. Came Causes not so bad right now. Have you seen the closet in the studio over here? Straighten that up the other day and I came in and I was pissed off because stuff was back on the floor and the other thing is the floorboard of my truck. It is horrific right now. Jimmy Hoffa might be in the back seat. I don't know but you can always tell down in the passenger seat floorboard if you get in. And there's a bunch of like McDonald's bags because everybody knows McDonald's junkie. I Love McDonald's It Ain't good right now. It Ain't good and I've gotten to where now I'm getting to breakfast biscuits okay. And they got the plexiglas screen and their gloves on and everything and then As morell the little Spanish lady the the front who gives you so she ain't got nothing else you like. Hey you'll go she to biscuit like she's holding the thing when no rapper. None no the guys cut your grass came over and cut my care about social distancing up there and Man Those boys as they rough man they get there and work my back my they come to my back of my house. This how board we are folks and Y'all are getting listening my it's like a jungle back there. It's like a jungle so I gotta get boys over there Thursday but I yeah I mean it's like everybody is using this as an excuse just to eat so I keep saying hope you got a good personality because you ain't have a beach body summer that's the way it is. Have you gained weight? I haven't yeah that's good work out. I've been working out a lot lately. I don't do. I'll look like I've gained weight. But if you're really changed that much through this whole thing you're supposed to say no not under soon yes. My life has changed so that changed dramatically when I leave here. I'm going home to home school again. And now we try that home schooling for a minute and then The students started calling in a bomb threat. Trying to get expelled from that teacher of money to me. Ma'am Quick News Story. You know crozier. Who was the navy captain? They fired him last week because he sounded the alarm about Corona virus outbreak onboard aircraft carrier. And I fired him because he was using He was using communication means that he should have been using an apparently emailed it to everybody and and he got out and got in the paper and all that kind of A. It's kind of a catch twenty two there because in one regard you respect the guy for carrying about his people enough that he was willing to do it but when you use unsecured channels you're basically telling everyone of your enemies out there that hey we're helpless yeah right here you know. And that's not good and so that's why they fired him Some people look at him as a hero. Some of some people as some two important out of that email the his next to check the man. That's where it should have started. Yeah anyway so how do you feel about it? I don't know there's there's things but anyway. He's tested positive for the corona virus Now and he says they need to quarantine the entire crew. It's disinfected hang on. Hey if there isn't enough reason to don't twitter and switched to parlor. Here's another one right now. Twitter is removing content. They deem a denial of global or local health authority recommendations. I've seen it happen myself. Descriptions of ineffective treatment or prevention methods. Even if made ingest denial of establish scientific facts from global and local health authorities statement such as ignore news about cove nineteen is just an attempt to destroy capitalism by crashing the stock market and a whole lot. More crazy so while some of these rules might seem reasonable shutting down opinions. You don't like is not only un-american. It is UNAMERICAN folks in it might prevent legitimate questions from being asked we'll parlor is the news and free speech APP that won't silence your opinion or violate your privacy simply download the APP. Create Your Account Post share them. Speak FREELY GO TO PARLOR DOT COM or visit the APP store today. Make sure to invite your liberal friends to. I'm on parlor. You can follow me at watch. Chad that's P. A. R. E. E. R. DOT COM or find. The APP store. Fun Little Out. That'S PARLOR DOT COM DOT COM right. Now Oh boy howdy. I'm looking at all this stuff. It's crazy it's just crazy. All this stuff. I get on social media. Everybody's an expert. Everybody knows everything. It's crazy you got a cough. You let it out. I'm good don't you start? I just saw on facebook or boozy. Sean GOT HIS DOCTOR IN. Google medicine. What BUCCI SEAN? Just got his doctorate in in Google medicine. So he's now like a doctor of Google medicine. He's a he's practically web. Md Yeah I don't know man I'm so I'm so sick of all of it. You know in a thing just wears me out is the stuff they don't report like when things start to get better or people start to get over it. They don't talk about that you know they don't talk about the good things everything and God forbid you watch CNN You know what I do. I. I'm always listening. We're always listening to Xm radio with the Patriot. We Love Andrew Wilkau. David Webb Buddies I mean they will cow who's also on blaze TV. We'll cows the smartest dude out there. As far as I'm concerned I love Wilco. I mean he just he's I don't ever turn Wilco off if I can listen to him But I'll flip over to the progress channel right. Which again the home of the resistance. That right there as a catchline as a catchphrase in a byline ought to tell you something like that. You just live to be obnoxious. The home of the resistance. Progress one twenty-six Sirius. Xm and. I'll listen to these fools. Everything is mother effort this and F. F. that guy and all that you don't hear that on conservative radio every now and then you'll hear David Webb something bullshit right but you don't hear that. S- that kind of stuff and but you listen to progress. It's like you listen to this stuff over and over again but if you were to listen to them it is the end of the world manly the world. There's people that feed off of that they need to hear that the world you know my theory and that is people never been through anything so many people in this generation never been through anything and so they've had to crisis they need negatively. They need something to bitch about. You know it used to be the little old ladies got together in gossiped right now. It's social media's taken it to a whole new level now we've gotta be. We gotta tell everybody what they need to be doing and how they need to be thinking. And that's what's funny. Is People apply that to me a lot of times like I'm I've never told you what to do. Never told you who to vote for. I've never told you what to believe in or I just put my opinion out. There and people are part of the problem. Why for having an opinion I put it. I put it out there publicly. But I listen to the stuff and if you're watching CNN. Oh my Lord have mercy. They're talking now And this is from verified twitter account. Kansas brought it to my attention of digging. Basically mass graves in central park is temporary burial plots for people that are die saying they're going to bury you know ten coffins in a row and then I guess they're going to zoom. The bodies later on there are a lot of people who have died in in New York. But there's been the when I go back to what's not being reported. There's twice as many cases in New Orleans than there is in New York. We don't hear about that here about New Orleans because the media is focused on Andrew Cuomo and there's a reason that the media is focused on Andrew Cuomo now Andrew. Cuomo did an interview last week with his brother. Chris who supposedly has the corona buyers. Chris Cuomo came out and said that he his fever got so bad that he was hallucinating and saw his dead father. You Watch Chris Cuomo heavy. He ain't missed any airtime. All right hand looks just as good as he can. Look as he has looked Frito it so he says he saw his dead father and all this stuff but he was A. He interviewed his brother. Who's governor of New York and he said? Are you thinking about running for President? No he goes. No you're not thinking about it or no you're not GONNA do it. No not thinking about it now. He just kept saying no. No no so you don't think at some point in time in the future you'll think about it. No so you're not going to run for president so people say see their Andrew. Cuomo's not going to do it. But so here's what's going to happen. Biden. Joe Biden is off the reservation. You can't run Joe Biden in this thing. You guys are going to get eaten for lunch. You like Joe. Rogan said the other day he said I'd probably vote for trump for Joe Biden. He didn't say he was going to vote for trump. So Don't Jump On that bandwagon. Because Joe Joe Rogan already said that he would vote for Bernie Sanders but this is the kind of stupidity everybody knows. Joe Biden can't do it. So what what is Andrew Cuomo? Potentially my theory is at some point in time they come along and they say the Party needs you. Well I wasn't gonNA run but my country needs me. I said No. I had no thoughts of it. But they're basically forcing my hand. They need me so you have all this attention media wise it is being put on. Komo everyday. He's getting as much press time as trump is so. Let's face it. This is gonNA come down to this. I mean you can't happen Blah Blah Blah. What we didn't think this crap could happen but it's happening right. Yep I've seen several the Chris Komo and Andrew Cuomo where they're back and forth you know skyping or however they do the interviews like that with each other. It doesn't seem to me. It doesn't seem it doesn't flow. Well it's not it's not real. It's a staged conversation. Is there is an element of that? It's kind of crazy but you know if you look at the look at stuff like again New Orleans death rate New Orleans is double that of New York City but they're gonNA focus on New York City next week. I think we're going to do. Maybe a one part special on the CUOMO family. And what did you call it? Kansas the CUOMO clan Cuomo clan. I think that's good There's a lot of stuff there What I WANNA do everybody. My Corona virus. Now's a good time for us to come expose some of the things that we were talking about that peanut head right there shaved and get used to it. You can't no. It's not the prettiest it was not bad. It's just you were like Oh my God grew up back. Shut up please back I dare you. She just start putting wigs on you. I already do enjoy whatever. Listen I listen. I have no shame whatsoever. I'm telling you I mean I don't care I don't care either like me or you don't I am how I am either like you. Don't I don't care. I'm forty seven years old that way. Yeah that's all get along so well because we owe care we're unique individuals and we know it. Good God. We know party fails in a unique individual. That's right my Lord have mercy and I agree with you about half the time and about a quarter of the time. Don't talk about how and that's not good but you know we're a point right now where they're even saying. The White House is saying. Don't even go grocery shopping Which reminds jade and told her to get out there. Go get some stuff. You don't need to go. Just go pick it up. We go by my mother and my mother-in-law has COPD. We drive by her house and just dump it out the window right there at the curb just here you go bitch so we do. My mom has that too. We've seen my mother-in-law from a distance and we just put our groceries and trump bags. Gosh I I'm just fascinated. Kansas by these people were trump's fault you know he disbanded the pandemic team in China. Two thousand eighteen all right well. A man wasn't psychic. He was trying to make budget cuts. He actually didn't even disband it. Well new another department ask the CDC that's the CBC that was part of it one pandemic team. He did disband that in two thousand eighteen. The words on the ground for China. He disbanded that. But what do you got? I mean let this is. This is let me just put it in a nutshell. You have this lab in the Wuhan Province of China China. And they're doing tests on these bats. Rodents with wings and somehow these. What are they called? What are the animals the penguins? The what hangland's Penguin yes. I don't even know if I'm saying the right thing Allen I never get it. They make their way to the Chinese nearby Chinese wet market where people start consuming them now. These are these are biologically tested on animals that go to the wet markets and the wet markets by the way are open again. They're back open. And so I think this deal really. Kinda got going back in November December because there were spikes in symptoms of influenza but people were testing negative for influenza and you got people going back and forth back and forth. China is not a friend. They aren't enemy. We've said that Jane they are an enemy. They are a geopolitical enemy. The government of China's name. They hid numbers. They did not tell us soon enough and they should be punished. I think they oughta start sending these government officials in China. Their kids are over here going to college and going to school. Just start sending them back sending them back then back. Every time somebody dies sin another pack of them back as what I say screw China screw China. They're our enemies I mean they are. They are geopolitical enemies. If I'd have said that in the Cold War screw screw Brezhnev. Everybody's been like hell. Yeah screw Moscow right. They would've but now everybody's all sensitive. Oh but the Chinese. The Chinese people some great Chinese people. But I'm Tom Chinese government. They're an enemy. Screw it's got to be something. GotTa be gotta be some payback. GotTa be some retribution. Because they screwed us me. They could've told us they didn't do it. In China China now. I have to do my gynecologist appointment. Virtually the phone. You got there you go. Is that how you love me? Well you got your feet in the stirrups you know and now I have to do it virtually because of that I can't read okay. Sure that I can't Schmear GonNa love that knocked away. Hey if you own a car or a house you know. 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They'll never so your info so you don't get the spam or the robocalls. Take two minutes right now to see how much you can save on your car. And Homeowner's insurance just go to Gabby DOT COM slash. Watch CHAD AS G. A BI DOT com slash. Watch Chad go there. Gabby DOT com slash. Watch Chad instagram's fun man. I love all the names that have been coming out but our buddy A say it. You got my buddy real brokeback. I don't ever put the real names. But on his surreal brokeback Patriot. I love him. He's a good friend and I eat following. Yes he's Gay Great Conservative though. And he's so funny because he'll always say like look. I'm I'm gay but that doesn't mean I'm part of the LGBTQ MOVEMENT. He said one is a political agenda. Another one is sexual orientation he said. I have a sexual orientation but he came up with this thing Chooser Quarantine House in the Scott. Who would be in the different houses so house number one has Laura Bloomer? Flex Jack Pa- Soviak Terrance Williams and Donald Trump Junior Number two has a Milo Yannopoulos the typical liberal Max Arnovitz Laura Ingram and Matt Best Poor Matt Best. Stuck in that House House three. Has Sean Hannity Dan Bongino Charlie Kirk Dinesh d'souza Judge Janine? That's a very opinionated house. House four has Steven Crowder. Tommy Laron DC drain. Dennis Prager Ben Shapiro. That's a smart house. House five has Tucker Carlson Chad. Pray through Blair White Candice and Jessie Waters. That's a lot of talking in that house. And how six has Dana Lash Dave Rubin Jordan Peterson dominant. Silk Will Wit. So they asked which quarantine house would you go with There's a few gay Gay folks that say they would pick my house. I'm happy about that right. Yeah congratulations. There's a few few. Everybody has their favorites but whatever most people are going with house number four and I think that's what I would go with to I think I would be in there with crowder. Tommy DC drain. Oh prager and Shapiro. I think that's the house. I wouldn't pick my own house although I love him. Yeah that's how board we'd gun that board. We'd gotten ingloriously. Follow every person that I just listed including real brokeback patriots. Go get this new song. Quarantine life get. He's still your president. These are fun things you can do watch some eighties movies. That's what I've been doing. Ozark finally got into Ozark me too. It took me like five or six episodes of the first season to start to make it. Okay now need to bench this Because I I just wasn't grabbing me. It just it just wasn't grabbing me until then it was an there and moved into it still. I'm still in the first season. So I'm Jason Bateman Fan. He grabbed love. Jason Bateman Jason. But you see the outsider based on the Stephen King Book. He's in that few episodes anyway. Interesting little deal anything you watching Candice Mark Anything. You guys are benching on anything and he stuff you recommend. I mean I'm trying to. I'm struggling to find something. That's going to top tiger king right now to be honest with you top. What oh tiger king changed her life candice's they could change mine to an absolute shit show on. Meth is what it is. I love it. People are like Dana. Perino this morning. She tweeted out. She said. Tiger King is boring. I retweeted Dane and I said. Has Anyone Ever Seen Dana? And Carol Bask in the same room Yeah that's right and then I saw another funding mean. Were they morphed back and forth. They were morphing. Carol's face in a Hillary Clinton and it was like it was hilarious man. Because it's like basically the same old human weird stuff but I have gotten some just the memes that are out there are so frigging funny. I mean I have saved my my photo album in this phone. And this is a relatively. New Phone is now past five thousand photos in the library and you know what I guarantee you. Two thousand of them remains. I guarantee you just in the last couple of weeks because I get them immediately. Save them between that and the black dude with Sean hanging off the bed. Oh He's everywhere. I'm in that group text thing with all these Texas musicians and stuff and it's like seeing who can out crass one another like there's this there's this thing I I won't get into that. There's video on born hub and it's weird. I wouldn't know about any of this. I'm telling you that that ain't my thing but there's video and I saw a mean they made out of it and apparently it's all these Japanese people and they're all in one room. It's just one on one sex but they're like a thousand people in this one room. It's somebody made a memo China reloading after video. There's a lot of short stroking short. Yeah even Cooper Chat Google. Well I saw one guy who was kind of you know getting further away from it but anyway good Lord and then I saw this. I got this one this morning. Alison everybody knows Alison Sent me this one in the Founders who are signing the constitution and writing constitution. It says just to be clear. None of this matters if there's a virus so have you seen this canned is right here. It's is Joe Exotics. Head on Thurmond's body it's Kill Carol from Kill Bill Deal. That's a great one care. Kill Carol and then subtitled that bitch. Here's one. These guys are having a party in the You can't see the lights on these guys all in Hazmat suits and they're having drinks in their hand and ones look. There's three of them was looking at the Sweet Party bill and the Guy Behind him goes I'm bill his KFC and this is. This is a picture jeff low. You know if you've watched the deal this douchebag says when you look to see who keeps playing shinedown at your local buffalo wild like affliction clothing was a human being. It would be jeff low right there. Yeah I've got one here. We you know we talk about the black dude with WHO died in two thousand nine by the way. Did my research There's that famous scene of Roy Scheider. Who's putting the chum out for the off the boat in jaws you know and then you know that's the scene where giles comes out and he starts to go and then all of a sudden this one up knows the black flash it away. See how good I am Kansas. You'RE GONNA need a bigger boat seriously. Oh Gosh I'll lay their midnight. Just giggling Jake and hear me. She's like bedroom. I had a guy who sent me a message day before yesterday and he said Chad. Would you please stop intermittently screaming on the PODCAST cousin? I'm listening to it. I it gets turned up a blast my ears and I was like no no jae-nam yeah a grandmother course. She was a grandmother hundred. Four like how these headlines Grandmother One hundred floors become. The world's oldest person survived her own buyers She also spent Spanish flu. We talked about that yesterday but I love how they say grandmother grandmother. You know cushy a grandmother shed you should be seeing. Somebody told me they said if this was the first thing I ever saw from you chat. You wouldn't be who you are talking about the music video for quarantine life the song. Oh I don't know who you are so if it were up to you I wouldn't be who I am either. I don't know I guess it's funny. Funny Funny Oh Steve. I mean it's funny. It's a good for you. Listen to it it gets in your head Steve. It's no I it's a good sound. His funny I know you're saying it's funny. I'm playing good. Sow I know you're saying it's a good solid understanding you know sound from the Turkey farm now Turkey Pharma's video a Turkey farm rolling roll. We absolutely absolutely today has been off. The rails holds barred addition stir-crazy. We're going stir crazy. How man but we look good doing it. Look good doing yeah. I'll tell you what I'm so excited that I get to come in here and see you on a daily I am are you yes no. She looks forward to it every day. Ideally inside little bit hundreds of Orthodox Jews gathered for Brooklyn Funeral Rabbi Past Wipe Romar the Jews keep getting together man accused dachshunds on Orthodox together And they I'm telling you man it ain't GonNa be good it ain't GonNa be good. You got you do have to social distance this thing so you got to. Don't don't be on everybody. Go Get your stuff. Go get your necessary supplies. And one of them is a very good song talk quarantine and it is also funny. It's a funny one because it's a good song go get it the the He still your president is out there. We're GONNA have a full blown album here. Perform all excited about it subscribe you. Can you gotta chance right now? The biggest discount ever blaze. Tv DOT COM slash. Chad use Promo Code. John Thirty dollars off for the entire year. That's the entire blaze network for sixty nine bucks. All the personalities are on there. All the shows that are on there. Go get it. It'll be on the APP. You can do it on your smart television your apple. Tv roku whatever it is get get get get get get blaze TV. That's a great deal for temporary time cause we love you. We love you. Go TO WATCH CHAD DOT COM. Get all the good stuff. Follow Hot News Natalie Party. Fausto subscribed party foul nation on you to he loves it. And we'll talk to you next time.

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