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Is Cam Newton Dunn and Carolina. Can the Falcons Defense repeat their strong showing against the panthers and Christian. McCaffrey in what is going on with that. Panthers defense offense all of this and more as G. Thomas and I are joined by Brian Beverage. Lose of cat scratch reader on this week's the alcohol ICK podcast The guys to another episode Alchoholic podcast Fisher podcast of the Atlanta Falcons on ESPN nation. PODCAST catch network. I am W and as always joined by my co host I haven't done this in a while. Let's get through this. The June putter dog stressor super named the quick draw McGraw Facebook Messenger. The Vivian Samaritan the trash talkers supreme. The one touchstone ball. She will not be bossed genome an online Thomas Gene. How are you doing? I'm I'm doing great David. Thanks how are you. I'm tongue tied but I feel like I got through that one okay joining us. Today is a a frequent guest of the podcast and a friend. He is a writer at cat scratch reader and he hosts the EAP sounding podcasts Fisher podcast of the panthers. There's on espionage and podcast network. We were talking about the one and only Brian better sluice Brian. How're you doing man? I'm I'm good I. I'm glad that we didn't talk yesterday. Today 'cause it would've been a little more pissy about the panthers than usual so well. There's always the podcast to bring that right back out of you. So Ah we're going to dive into it before we talk about the upcoming a match. Up between the Falcons and the panthers. We're GonNa talk about what happened to both of these teams this weekend. We're going to start. Obviously with the Falcons game. Because I feel like if you're looking for a sign of the apocalypse this game could have been the early warning. Sign that this guy is gonNA turn blood red and the oceans are going to boil Gina. The saints were seven one coming into this game. Falcons one and seven. I think From a prediction standpoint at the falcons. I don't know that I think Dave was the only person that predicted the Falcons to win. It was actually James. James is usually falcons in you know it is is not a coincidence. That James is also usually in the basement. As far as Jane I am this is just. That's my honest analysis. That James was the only contrarian who picked the Falcons and boy. Oh boy where the rest of US wrong. Yeah every contrarian just so you know so the the Falcon went into Nola and I just want to clarify the saints. Had A bye week at the same time we did. So there's there's no story here about the Falcons coming off a bye week. And having an advantage the saints had the same. We're playing at home. And the Falcons went on the road and beat them beat them down plenty six to nine. They couldn't even score a touchdown they couldn't even get to double digits and the Falcons who had seven sacks wchs in any games sacked drew brees six times on Sunday Gina. I want to ask skew. What was your take? What were your takeaways from? That game is an aberration. Is it a sign of the Times whether you feel that Saints Falcons Walk Ins game told us you know. I've had some time to think about it since we broke it down on the post game podcast and I basically my analysis was just to laugh uncontrollably. I'm you know. I think that it's a variety of things I talked to Kendall Sheffield in Milwaukee from yesterday and he gave me some insight but he said that you know Kendall said that the main thing was you know just basically guys getting more comfortable in the role understanding. What their job is but a lot of that has Jimmy will whether you've got some replacement players on that side of the ball because of injuries like Sheffield Ends Monte Kings Eve filling in for with Kiana knee allow It's he's That communicates than has really improved. That bringing remorse over there. You know sometimes these players just have to hear the same things that they've been hearing over and over but they you need to hear it from a different voice and so I think that part of it. I also think that it was being fresh and rested off a bye week. Also think that New Orleans might look past him a little bit you know. New New Orleans is a very good team but they are in very arrogancy and you know. I don't really have a like a problem with that. In general I mean they're good head. I think that they've earned the right to talk shit but you know they. I think that they probably look past them. A little bit. Like Sean Payton. As with the least humble coach in the national football league and Yeah I mean this is the guy who was making choking motions at devante Freeman right. Before the Falcons Sola Wind right out of their hands hands in Atlanta a couple of years ago no so I think that it was a combination of all of those things but I think that when you look at the communication side of things and that a tremendous improvement defensively where guys just kind of seem to understand a little bit better. You know how to make magic happen on the field instead of just being complete show show the entire time. I think that those are things that we might see carryover like well. We see another stick sack performance. I hope so but I doubt it but I and we said see always incremental improvement. Yeah and I think for me the it was all about the defense. The offense I thought was still a little bit disjointed. And when I thought about it you know going back in sort of also examining the game Outside of the the jubilant bidding the saints in occurred to me that the offense probably was not completely in sync because Ryan is still suffering a little bit it from that ankle injury and his accuracy was on and off throughout the game and was probably a factor of him being able to get his foot work. One hundred percent right with that with that high ankle sprain so I have to say about of that about Ryan specifically but yeah fair enough so I think you know the offense was good enough and the defense was amazing Which I never thought I would say the season so Brian your take? I mean as as an outside observer and arguably in that position wanting the falcons to win because you guys need the you know the saints to take as many losses as possible to be able to win the division. What was your perception of that game? In how IMMI- expert opinion as a guy who watches film and watches a lot of football. Does a lot of studying the saints are just trash. There is a line that you guys are right. That the the saints looks past the Falcons a little bit and it's kind of hard not to I would think as a professional team no matter how many times they go out on camera and say we're not looking passes team. This is the next. This is next week. We're only focused from this week Blah Blah Blah. They had one win going in. And you know it's it's the saints to like as as Gina said. Sean Payton is not exactly the one to be like. Oh yeah any team could beat us on any Sunday. Yeah sure uh-huh shortly the F.. I believe you when you say that I I think that the Falcons defense finally found a way to not be terrible which was good because they have the personnel to not be so shitty and I think that knowing each other is always a factor like every divisional game is very key because every team kind of builds their team around on beating everybody else in the division because ultimately you're the way that you get to the playoffs is by dominating your division unless you're the Oakland raiders that one year so yeah I think that's a lot of it I did want to comment on that. Yeah usually a foot. Injury tends tends to cause your quarterback to not be so accurate. I'm kind of surprised that I'm not hearing about the national media calling for Mashaal or whatever other backup quarterback they have replacing Matt Ryan. It's not really the norm. I guess in the NFL normally as soon as a guy has a bad game because he can't put plans foot right suddenly are calling for his head on a platter but who knows maybe. Maybe I'm just a little jaded. I think there's something to that and I would completely agree. I don't think you're unfair in making that comparison so On that note the panthers this weekend had a tough game. It was correct me if I'm wrong but it may not very snowy very cold old. The packers are a little bit of an enigma. Because the offense is supposed to be much better and I feel like the offense is not particularly. Good it's actually their defense. That is carrying them right now as a team. I don't feel like there is good. The team is the record suggests Regardless it was actually a pretty good game. I had the opportunity to watch it on The the panthers had an opportunity at the end the Game Brian. And why don't you tell us a little bit about what happened. That game what your takeaway was from That road loss well to start the panthers run. Defense has been flashing being bad all season but a lot of the analytics people out there like well running. The ball is not a big deal. It's typically more. There's more you're more. We're likely to fail on a running play than you are passing play. But the packers ran all over the panthers and that seems to be the formula for beating them this year because as they lost to the forty niners and all they did was run. Kevin Coleman all over Carolina Panthers Carolina's defense the Bucks. There's a little bit of an was a little bit weird because they had a chance to win much like the packers game In the very ending moments in just couldn't get it across the end zone in this game really. It came down to that. The packers managed to shut down Christian. McCaffrey just enough. That Kyle needs to go out there and win the football game and people look at that last drive and they say oh he made a heroic effort he was very good under pressure but the entire game. He missed misthrows that he should have made or he made bad decisions nations. Like it wasn't a great game kyle instead of himself. So the Kyle truth out there stick to that last drives a hey. He almost won the football game. Yeah well the Panthers Panthers also had a chance to get building down by seven. They ended up being down by six. Because Ron Rivera went on with a I've I just they'd just scored. They were down by fourteen point so we went forward. The analytic say should do that. I don't think I hate the decision. But in the end they put a lot of pressure on the offense to perform form and this panthers defense is not really built right now to carry them through games against good teams like the packers and uh-huh the packers ran the ball very well against the panthers. Aaron Jones was all over them and they just once again exploited the fact that Carolina took their defense and made it a lot faster and a lot more athletic but by doing that and creating the great pass rates. They have this season. They've sacrificed the run defense. Defense and teams that are devoted to running the football and are good at it are going to run on them. And that's exactly what happened. So the very last drive was is tough to watch because there were times where Kyle Allen had like a real like wide open Greg Olsen missed him then he would make a throw to Greg Olsen. I'm on third and like eight perfect. I'm Miss Christian. McCaffrey rightful for the last game. Play the game would have been easy. Touchdown didn't throw it at the dirt in front of them and then on the very last play the panthers left guard. Greg Van Roten got got beat by the packers. Defensive Lineman contact caused a stop. Stop game was over so just one of those games where the ball were a few plays here or there could have easily changed the outcome. The panthers were definitely the underdogs dogs in that game and they did. They did come out and they played pretty well despite a lot of the really bad stuff that happens so it's the season still up in the air for picking they they can come back and they can go make the playoffs. They could also lose every game for the rest of the season. I wouldn't be surprised by either one. Yeah the the packers I I think again. There are They are an enigma team. But they are typically very strong at home and Especially when you start so you get into weather like what you guys have to see this past Sunday where it is cold. It's snowing that seems to be where you know especially teams. I'm from the South and I know it's you know sort of a overplayed cliche but there is some truth to you. Know southern teams struggling in colder weather weather but honestly it looked like the panthers had an opportunity to win and it was close loss. You lose on the road to the packers. It's not the the world. They're clearly going to be a playoff team If you look at it today but a little bit little bit surprising but not entirely Gina any any thoughts on the panthers dropping that one on the road falling to five in four not making up any ground. NFC South even though the Falcons gave him some help this Oregon. Yeah I I don't really think that that's a strong indicator one way or the other about the strength of the panthers obviously it's a different season with Cam. AM sidelines It's going to have some growing pains but they still have a ton of talent Olsen is still playing very. Well he's like Benjamin Button or something like I swear. God make any sense that he is playing at the level that he has a has age. You know McCaffrey has one of the best players in the entire national football league Legitimately put together an MVP caliber season this year. So you know I think that I. I think that losing a road game in Green Bay. When it's cold outside is really not something to be ashamed of? I think that that's a pretty common occurrence for teams all over the League and especially teams or southern teams So yeah I mean. I don't think it's a strong indication of the panthers who they really are as a team. Either way I agree and I think that's why this weekend is going to be critical for them And obviously incredibly important for the Falcons. So we're going to talk about that matchup but before we dive into you the game Sunday. We're GONNA take a quick break. We'll be right back. Are you a netflix person. Are You more into Hulu. You got that. Hbo Now thinking about that Whole Apple TV plus Disney plus peacock showtime CBS. It never ends so today. Explained Fox's oxes Daily News podcast. 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This weekend We we spoke in the first. Half about the falcons trying to help out the panthers by beating the saints and the panthers unfortunately dropping one on the road to the packers Clearly if the panthers are GonNa make up ground in the division in catch up to the saints that this is a game that is critical for their playoff hopes. They're five and four dropping. A five of five is gonNA make it a little bit harder to catch up with you. Know a a seven and two saints team but if they can you know keep winning in hope that you know they've got some matchups with the saints coming up They can possibly flip the division if you know they can play these games relatively well so important matchup. Obviously for the for the Falcons. They're playing essentially for Dan Quinn's career at this point. We did a lot of polling gina this week about On twitter and at the site about what it would take for Falcons fans fans to be okay with Dan Quinn. Staying head coach in the twenty twenty and I was a little bit surprised. I thought that most fans would be like no. We're done but it seems like the majority fans think that if he can win out or win seven of the next eight Games which I still think is tall task that they would be okay with him. Staying saying is head coach so some interesting results. In obviously beating the saints will buy you a lot of grace with with this franchise but let's let's start from that angle. I e how important you think. This game is for the Falcons of Dan Quinn Before we go the Brian to talk about the importance to the panthers. I I think that In particular I think that he bought himself some goodwill last week. no matter what not just beating the saints but going into their house you know doing something that the Falcons have have struggled to do consistently like the Mike Smith in particular. It's been better under Quinn but I mean and especially in a year where they had one win going into it and the saints head end. Verse schedule Earn an inverse record. You know seven and one compared to one seven I I think he bought himself some good well without win especially the fact that he was willing to take a step back from The defensive play calling you know in I some things in change some things up to To make the team better and so. I don't think that this game is a make or break game for him but I do think that he is still. I'm trying to build a case to remain the Falcons head coach at the end and so from that perspective. I think that every minute of every game counts. Yes I think that every mistake is magnified I think every losses magnified and I think that you know we're watching the season slip away very quickly and so from in that perspective. I think that this game is undeniably important to us future. Yep so for reference the poll that was mentioning. We ran the quick one on twitter. quitter thirty seven percent of Fan said that he's gotTa go no matter what thirty six percent said if he finished his nine and seven keep him in. Fourteen percent said eight nate. Keep him in another fourteen percent. Said as long as six ten or better you wish you keep him so interesting wresting results there in you know I think if they're gonNA finish nine and seven. They have to win. Obviously the Sunday so Brian. How important and this game for the panthers with an eye towards the playoffs It's obviously hugely important It's visual game. Even if the Falcons skains might not really have realistic shot at the playoffs. It's still a big game. The panthers need to rebound they've even without Cam. They've always been very very momentum. Based I've said that many times on this podcast and ultimately they have to come back to the way they win football football games which is Christian. McCaffrey the football play. Good defense sacked. The quarterback like this is a game for them to restore their competence. It's also a game. Where Kyle Alan can rebound a little bit Pretty much every game going forward is important because this is the toughest part of the panthers schedule. Because they have the Falcons twice which regardless eldest of their schedule. The Falcons always at least get one win over the panthers are how good they are And they have Seattle they have hundred remember who else they got. They have that up real quick great journalism. You've got Washington and Indianapolis Yeah Washington. Obviously you. I think that's a winnable game. They lost that one last year. and Indianapolis is a tough team. Very well put together. So it's they need to put together a string of wins in order to really get a push for the playoffs because even if they if they don't win the division there's a chance that even if they have say a ten win record that they don't make the playoffs because because the NFC is so stacking right now so really. I think this is the game. Where IF CAROLINA IS GONNA rebound from whatever? The Hell is going on with them right now that they need to go back to their style of football. And Kyle Alan needs to rebound and I I liked Kyle Allen but I don't think think he's GonNa be like your Nick foles type guy. He's a high level backup. I don't think he'll lead them to the Super Bowl but once you get in the playoffs it's all fair game at that point. So that's the objective right now. Yeah new season starts over all right. So let's talk about some of the specific matchups. The one I think is pretty interesting. Here is the panthers defense because I I was reading about them. And you alluded to this. In the first half of PODCASTS. They are a little a bit of a `Nigma they are one of the best pass rushing teams as a matter of fact. I'm a think they lead the league in sacks they are one of the best pass the defense is in the league and they are. I think the one of the bottom three run defenses in the League when he started which is not yeah. Yeah it's it's really weird like you don't normally see that in so they're ranking puts them as like a middle of the road defense And it it's not like they're fourteenth against the pass and sixteen th against the run. It's like they're really good against the pass and really bad against the run. which is not a normal alignment? We see for defensive units. Obviously on the Falcons side of the ball the offense up until Oh this past weekend could not run the ball to save their life and now. We've Austin Hooper probably will not be playing because of a knee injury. devante Freeman is out either. Either Smith is out for the season and it just seems like this is it is the weirdest match Gotcha. I think we're GONNA see Sunday so Brian. I'll start with you here. I what is the story with the panthers. Defense is all of that true. You think some of his exaggerated you know. Are they missing guys like Cohen Short. Thomas Davis is that a factor here is it the change in the style of defense. What do you think is contributing to the sort of a `nigma? Ah That's going on and Carolina right now. I've noticed that. So they they. They allegedly switch to a three four. But it's more of a multiple defense. They run for three three or four depending on the game situation but ultimately they have lighter bodies out there who are guys. We're going to rush the passer who are a lot more athletic but in gap disciplined that becomes a problem when you have a team that is really the vote. It's running the football Brian Burns has been really good for Carolina. Bruce Irvin has been really good for Carolina. I know you guys know who know who he is yet. Gerald McCoy turned out to be a very good signing for them. But this team is basically built to rush the passer. And that's not great when you play against a team that can run the the ball in a game situation they can run the football I think they're missing K.. Want short a lot because he would have been another big body to put in the middle where now now. It's done Terry Po who has been average of defending the run. He's too and Gerald McCoy who has never really been a big run defender as their remained. Defensive Tackles in the defensive ends are a combination of Irvine Burns of Mario Addison. FAO bottle. These are all is is who are basically meant to rush the passer. Yes so I liked the fact that they devoted more of it to the late they they. They corrected the the fact that they couldn't rush the passer last year very effectively. But they're sacrificing the run game. They're honestly if you have that like low tier flex play a fan duel or anything like that. I would put the falcons starting running back there because this could be a game. Where he he ends up going for over one hundred yards on? And it's just because the panthers defense is is weird right now because Thomas Davis were both very successful because of the fact that they didn't have lineman all over them all the time time and now leuke estimate perfect reads shack. Thomson's been great but when they have linemen off all their faces all the time. They're not defensive lineman. They're not expected into be able to. You know put off tackle on his back all the time. So Yep from the standpoint of the rushing gaming it's the panthers defense we could see them totally rebound bound and figure it out. Cause that cause Ron Rivera. Has that weird ability to do that but right now they're just coaching wise. They're not in the right place where they're maintaining gap integrity and staying true the run. They're missing tackles. They've been involving. Eric read a lot and he's a very good run defender but on Sunday he was terrible. So yeah it's it's GonNa be interesting. I don't really even know what to say. Because I could see the panthers coming out. And shutting down the Falcons and I can see the falcons going for like two two hundred yards rushing altogether in Gina. To that point I in some ways. This feels like a match up that that is hard to predict because on the one hand the Falcons have have been trying to run the ball more and they obviously have more success excess against the saints than they have had all year long but there are also missing their top. Two running backs I mean. devante Freeman is going to be l.. More than likely either Smith. We lost him for the season a couple of weeks ago And now we're down to Brian Hill. WHO had a great game against the saints on Sunday but season and he's had you know moments Throughout his career where he is looked apart you know caen in feature back option long-term no but I think especially against a team with a run defense like Carolina's he could probably get some things done. I think Brian it was interesting that you mentioned the DFS angle because shoutouts brains dock one of our readers who is on twitter and he plays in my draftkings draftkings leagues on a regular basis. And so he asked me today. If Brian Hill was a smart quake anything about it. And I mean he is going to be because he's not devante Freeman. He's not you know one top-flight backs but he I think will be able to get some points And so yeah well. While the Falcons have as much success success against the panthers on the ground as like teams with an actual first string running back. WHO's healthy enough to start? Probably not but I think the Brian Hill can have a pretty okay. Whole game wants them? I guess the thing that concerns me is again. The Panthers are one of the best to get after the quarterback and this has been a year again. We're my Matt. Ryan has been pressured pretty regularly throughout the season. That's he got injured because of excessive pressure in the game Before the bye week. So it's this is this feels like a potentially bad matchup for the Falcons offense because they wanna they wanna pass and then on top of that. You're missing an Austin. Hooper who's Relief Valve so on on with the Patriots He was sweeper role. He was a super reliable option for Ryan the entire time that he was here. Calvin readily is having a very inconsistent season You know I think that Jaden Graham has potential but luke stocker is no Austin her And so again. This is a depleted offense. I don't think that fit based on what I know about high ankle sprains. I don't think that Matt Ryan is one hundred percent. I don't think that he will be for a couple of weeks. And you know if they put him on the run and on Sunday. That's going to be. It's going to be a long day and you know the offense played. Well I thought against the saints and I have to single out caleb mcgarry because I thought he really had an exceptional game against one of the better has rushers in the league and Cam Jordan and so you know I think that they're urge selling To steal a phrase from Earth to steal a word from Thomas Roth finally gelling when we had so many personnel l.. Changes because I like. It is our chemistry so I think that they're getting there. Hopefully they can be cohesive enough to keep Matt Ryan from dying it but yeah yeah honestly I just want to say this one thing in response to Gina before we move on but if Matt Ryan is tasked with throwing the ball anywhere from thirty five to fifty the times he's GonNa get killed. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I think that's pretty clear. And they don't want to do that but I think if if the panthers can slow the rundown on first and second down. I think that'd be a key. Because if if you start forcing the Falcons in the third long in in telling US offensive line to hold on for a seven step drop against pass rush. It could be a very very long afternoon. So WanNa flip the script. WanNa talk about the the panthers offense events and this sort of what the hell are. They Falcons. Defense Gina I wanNA start the Falcons defense because you know we saw something completely different Sunday from what we've seen the rest of the season you know we saw the six sacks we saw some great coverage including from a Kendall Sheffield who are. What school did he go to your State University? Dvu even if some of our friends on twitter disagree but yes it what what is your take do. Are you concerned like I am that. Maybe it was a one game. Aberration is it a sign of a turnaround. What is your read on the defense? For the Falcons. I don't think that you can be straight up trash four all of those weeks and then all of a sudden you have one game and everybody is just supposed to be like oh great now. They're just a bunch of all pros. Everything is this egg you know. Is it reasonable to expect that they ah have improved With you know more clang time for the guys who are forced into more snaps because of injuries and you know just more time to acclimate to each other and the changes with the coaching staff. Moving his actions were reasonable to expect. I think that My hope at least that they won't look as much like hot asked as they looked for every game up until the saints game. So that's my hope but yeah I mean as far as expecting them to replicate that performance. I think that that is a long long shot up for disappointment folks. If you think that. That's going to Piss Falcons defense. We see every week. I mean I think Saints Saints Game Aside. They have to continue to earn it. They have to relearn our trust. And that's going to include having to repeat that performance This weekend and Carolina to get us to buy in that they may be better than what we thought have to hold the three field goals. And you're GONNA have to land success that's war in your trash okay. That's that's a pretty high bar but hey you guys set the standard entered yourself so on the road division game. I see no differences here So Brian Panther's offense obviously Carolina's Cam Newton. I want to get your quick take on you. He is actually going to be gone or not Christian McCaffrey. He clearly legitimately one of the best offensive weapons in the NFL. This year. at I don't think that's arguable at this point and Kyle Allen is he good enough that fans shouldn't worry about potentially losing cam and then maybe one thing that I I think is being overlooked or not talked about enough is the panthers offensive line. I it feels like they have some good pieces. But maybe there's still some holes in this this unit. What is can you give Falcons fans a quick read on the panthers offense the camp situation? Just give us the update okay. So the CAM. Newton situation is being horrifically overblown by the national media because David tepper before the season even started instead he would be willing to let Cam Newton sit for the entire season if needed They have a twelve million dollar deal or fourteen million dollar deal or something like going into next year there is no reason to trade him. They're like especially now when he's GonNa be coming off and probably not having played like what trade valued valued quarterback like that half. You'RE NOT GONNA get multiple first round picks for him so he doesn't have trade value. Have Kyle locked in on his rookie deal. He has no choice but to accept except the League minimum next year. So it just doesn't make sense to part ways with Cam. Newton that that fourteen million or so. They're going to have if they cut him or trade. Him is just going to end up going towards a quarterback probably so why would you give yourself that problem. In this off season people have been pointing. The Kyle Allen's win record and like well. He used the future because he's got this many wins and now all of a sudden that win loss record is starting to teeter back to five hundred so it's being overblown loan a lot. And if you if you actually watch kyle and play you can tell he doesn't make the throws that you would want for a quarterback. Yeah he's got he's had some nice throws but he you also Mrs stuff that Cam Newton would hit with Greg Olsen routinely So I don't think that you that Falcon stands should rejoice in that Carolina's is going to let go and Cam Newton. I think he'll be back next year and quite frankly I think he'll be back better than ever no matter what happens this season because he's going to have a whole offseason recover and the whole issue right now. Is Liz Frank Injury injury and not even a shoulder. It's a totally different injury. So those freak injuries happen everybody like it's not it's you know they absolutely. It's not like the shoulder sir. The shoulder injury suddenly contributes to him hurting his foot. It just happens it sucks and you you know it is what it is. He's going to be fine as far as the panthers offense on. Sunday against the Falcons Defense Obviously the number one guide really worry about is Christian McCaffrey. I'm sure that nobody's surprised by that. But just looking at the Saints Game Alvin Kamara touch the ball. Four Times rushing the football and eight times receiving which is twelve touches. You can expect Christian McCaffrey to get double that this game. No matter how bad the panthers offenses he he somebody where you can only contain him for so long the way he's been playing recently and he's going to get the football doesn't matter the the the one thing about the saints is that they don't devote stubbornly to a certain player all the time same from maybe Michael Thomas but even then he's been having a good season No matter how bad the panthers offense is Christian McCaffrey. We'll be getting that football. And he's GonNa get and he will break one open for a touchdown I can. If the Falcons could easily win this game Christian McCaffrey. Having one. Hundred and forty yards of scrimmage is going to happen he's GonNa he's GonNa have a lot of yards. So that's the identity. The Panthers Right now is Kyle. Alan needs to play just enough just well enough for them. Not to lose and Christian. McCaffrey needs to take place. That said you're probably GONNA watch kyle out on Sunday and be like what the Hell is national media. Hyping this guy up about because he'll he'll make throw words like a dime twenty five yards on the field and the next he'll he'll make a spin move and you're like oh we're going to see him unleashed and it'll go thirteen yards down the field where no one is around to touch it. He's just he's just not he's not going to be a franchise quarterback for anybody. I think ceiling is a high level. Backup where you can win. Football Games with them. And I think he's doing that. In Carolina I think he has outstanding poise for a guy who came out as an undrafted free agent He said himself that he expected to be starting in the NFL at some point and and which is not terribly surprised because he was the top rated high school quarterback in his year so Kyle on a not going to say he's great but he is a guy you can win with. And it's GONNA come down to Carolinas offense executing giving him good situations throw in because as we saw at at the end of the packers game when the ball when they had to give the ball Kyle Allen to throw the ball. He couldn't make it happen even like a good quarterback on the last play. The football game. You WanNa give him the ball. What did they do? They give it to Chris McCaffrey. That should tell you the whole story that I think that's a very good point. And you know to that end You were mentioning earlier. How teams build their rosters sort of win within the division? I don't think it's any a coincidence. That Atlanta has gone for faster. Linebacker guys like Dion Jones. Foyer Lucon Devante Campbell. Can all a fly and I think a big part of that is they need to be able to match up with guys like McCaffrey and Alvin Kamara. And that's you know clearly clearly sort of the competition. That's going to go on Sunday now whether or not you know how that plays out I think is going to be a huge factor in this game but with that said we've broken down both sides of the ball. It is time for our predictions Gino go the first. You've heard how it's played out. You've seen these two teams This was gonNA play on Sunday. Well I was in the locker room yesterday and Brian what I regret to inform you is that for the first time. The season the falcons were it was kind of the same vibe as two thousand sixteen like when they were just on a roll nobody gets stop. Unlike they're laughing they're having fun. Ricardo Allen is apologizing to me for being too loud and Rowdy one. I'm trying to everybody's having a great any time like they're just all obviously they're in high spirits coming off a win against the saints. But I think that that I think that that's momentum that they will carry into this week and also so this team knows that if things don't turn around substantially the Dan Quinn is going to get fired and I know that we all as are as Falcons fans have our opinions opinions about Dan cleanse fate and what it should be but I can tell you with great certainty of the players. Love Him and they do not want to be. And so I think that that's another elements of motivation for them. And so you know. I think that they're gonNA come out swinging and like Bryan said even years. On the Falcons are bad. They usually tend to steal one from the panthers. So you know it could be this one. I won't be surprised if it's not but you know I am GonNa go out on the women say yes. I think the Falcons win this week. I think it's probably a close game. I think it's probably somewhere in the realm of twenty seven twenty four and that maybe they went on Young way whose leg you know he certainly had a great game against the love to see him. Get a game winner and Carolina to sorry. Brian Brian you heard it. What is your feel for how this Games go? I have a funny feeling that the panthers are going to come out and have a game. Where Kyle Allen ends up losing the football game because the game script is out there at this point like the buccaneers? I did it once. The forty niners did it. The packers did it. They eliminated they limited Christian. McCaffrey just enough that the panthers offense couldn't keep up with the other team. So Oh it's not like this is an unknown thing but there's some game film out there to show people how to do it so I think we're Christian McCaffrey. Having a good game like let's say I don't know one hundred fifty scrimmage yards and two touchdowns but I think that that's like all we see from Carolina so I predict a twenty four to seventeen. Win by the Falcons. Well I'm also ask you guys know. Ah I think the wildcard here is going to be Great Jarrett. He had to have sex against drew brees on Sunday. He has his playing an all all pro level. Frankly he's one. The best defensive tackles in the League and he is I think he is second in the league in sacks from For Defensive Tackles that tells you what kind of your he is. Having I think the Interior for the panthers offensive line is going to have a day with Jarrett Going after him. But I I still not one hundred percent. Sold on the Falcons defense. I think they're going to play better. But I think McCaffrey free is going to have a day. And I think he's GonNa be the the difference maker here. I take your point that the falcons usually still went from the panthers even when they suck in two thousand fifteen but they usually in those seasons. They win that when at home. So I'm GonNa give the panthers the slight edge here. I'M GONNA say twenty one seventeen. The Panthers Win this one and move back into the playoff race with a six four record so Brian. Won't you tell our listeners where they can. I hate to interrupt that part just real quick. I forgot I never broke down the offensive line Situation Carolina. And what you just brought up made something I bring yes please do so. The panthers have been riding with They started out with trae Turner who or country Turner Trae. Excuse me Daryl Williams who was playing left tackle Michael for them. Who is a rat? A right tackle coming off major knee surgery. He was playing left tackle. He was awful. He gave up three sacks to Shaq Barrett Then they had greg little their second round pick he played one game had a concussion then they had their sixth round pick. Dennis daily who apparently is actually decent left tackle. He's injured this game. But Greg little is back from the concussion protocol. I think of all things to look at with the Dolphins Defensive Line. It's whoever is against Greg. Little coming off a concussion anyway. And obviously jared on Greg Van Paradis trae Turner. That will be big. I don't know how huge impact is going to have as far as sacking. The quarterback goes but I think she killed generate a lot of problems for the line of attack so anyway moving onto when I have going on so I am the the host the keep sounding podcasts for Carolina NC Sr.. I'm also the social media manager. The you'll often see me going back and forth with alcohol on twitter. Are we do that throughout the season usually have really fun time I will have a key. Matchups post coming up on Saturday as well about the panthers versus the Falcons and their key. Matchup players spoiler alert Dante Jackson V. LSU Is going to have a game so watch out for him but yeah you can check me out at Brian. BCS are on twitter. I have changed my name to make it easily. Follow but honestly just follow CASS scratch reader. Because that's where I do most of my good work and thank you for the two thousand fifteen reference. I still hate that so I just I just want you falcons fans to go home with a little homework. which is I if you watch the simpsons? There is an episode called the town. The season is season twenty-eight the episode is three four this this this this video the Episode Happened Prior to the Super Bowl of that year by the way and a description is after finding bart rooting for of Boston. Football Team homer takes family to Boston to show Bart what a terrible city it is. And I'm I am there are I am not bullshitting published before that Super Bowl amazing. I'm also glad that you share that at a moment when in my Boston born say wasn't out the checkout that ever heard I think maybe it'll. It'll make you feel a little better. Just don't look at the season and compounded by God. I'm not kidding you can google it right now. It's that's yeah I'M GONNA go off myself after this podcast now. Thank you for that Bra Gina. Before I meet my inevitable demise one that you tell our listeners where they can find you what you've got going on. You can find me right here on this podcast. You can find me on twitter at Jean Thomas where I I am often tweeting photos of dog or tweeting. An all. Caps about the falcons either. Happy or sad. It doesn't matter mayhew can I may at SP nation actually writing a weekly column Ganic about our fan. Pulse Results Falcons fans. This week's is particularly relevant to your interest because I led this Lewis Column with Just a celebration of how Falcons fan confidence went up. Twenty two points and Saints Fan Confidence Plummeted after the win delight and then of course you can find me at the ALCHOHOLIC and on Fox five Atlanta on Thursday nights reading your tweets on the air. I think I think that's pretty much all I have one on germ Eddie. CSR ON AIR. I actually I think that it was last season. Yes we'll we'll send you the video buddy As for me guys you can find me Of course here. Weekly on the post game podcast regular podcast and hopefully soon. We'll be bring about the crossfire podcast and of course on twitter at W M my articles at the Falcons dot dot com so for Gina Man. Line Thomas and Brian Bevere slew of cat scratch reader. This is David Walker. Thank you guys for tuning in and we'll talk with you next time.

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