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By the fda this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease this space time series twenty three episode one hundred nineteen for broadcast on the ninth of november twenty twenty coming up on space time nasa back in touch with its fortitude spacecraft the mystery of the centers and the meaning of a blue moon all that and more coming up on space time. Welcome to space. Time with stewart gary nasa has reestablished command control of the voyager two spacecraft. The agency's seventy mehta camera deep space network radio dish. The only antenna capable of contacting the forty three year old spacecraft successfully set a series of commands to the probe the dish officially known as deep space station forty three has been undergoing a major upgrade and refurbishment since mid march with the dish out of action mission managers could receive data from voyager two through the three thirty four meter wide radio antennas at the camera complex but couldn't send commands to the far-flung probe which is now lift our solar system and he's flying through interstellar space among the upgrades to the ds's forty-three dish with tinny radio transmitters one of them which is used to talk to void you to hasn't been replaced in more than forty seven years engineers have also upgraded heating and cooling equipment for the electronics. The power supply equipment and other technology needed to run the new transmitters. The successful cold avoid the to is just one indication that the dish will be back online showed in february next year located knee camera. The antennas part of a network of three radio antenna ground stations. The other two being goldstone in california and madrid in spain the network up primarily used to communicate with spacecraft operating beyond earth orbit the position of the three facilities around the planet ensures that almost any spacecraft line of sight with earth can communicate with at least one facilities at anytime voice to is a rare exception launched in nineteen seventy seven just days before its twin void you won the spacecraft was designed to achieve nothing lists than the grand tour of the outer solar system visiting the gas giants jupiter and saturn and the ice giants. You're innocent neptune. In order to make it close fly. By of neptune's moon triton in one thousand nine hundred nine the probe flew over the planet's north pole the gravitational impact of that dejected deflected it southwards relative to the plan of the planets. And it's been heading in that direction. Out of the solar system and interstellar space ever since now more than eighteen point eight billion kilometers from earth the voyager two spacecraft e so fast south it no longer has line of sight with radio antennas in northern hemisphere. So this is forty. Three's the only dish in the southern hemisphere with a transmitter powerful enough and that broadcasts at the right frequencies to send commands to the distant spacecraft voyages fast moving twin void. You one took a different path past satin and can communicate through the antennas at the to dsm facilities in the northern hemisphere. The antennas need uplift commands to both voyagers in radio frequency range code s band and the antennas downlink data from the spacecraft in a range known as the x band. The probes are constantly sending back science data from interstellar space that is the region of the galaxy immediately outside the sun's helius fear. The protective bubble of product was a magnetic field created by the sun that surrounds the pilots and the copperbelt a collection of small icy bodies beyond the orbit of neptune. This forty-three began operating back. In one thousand nine hundred seventy two five years before the launch of the voyage attune voyager one spacecraft back then. It was only sixty four meters wide the same size as the packs radio telescope dish. It was expanded to seventy meters in nineteen eighty seven and received a variety of upgrades and modifications since then the is overseeing the counter. Work say this is being one of the most significant makers the dishes received and the longest. It's been off line in thirty years. Philip baldwin operations manage if nasa space communications and navigation program says the assist forty-three antenna is a highly specialized system. He says there are only two other similar. Antennas in the world so having the antenna down for a full year's not an ideal situation for voyager or any other major s emissions currently in operation. The camera deep space. Communications network complex is managed by the ceasefire siro on behalf of nasa complex spokesperson. Glenn nagel says. The refurbishment of dc's forty-three will benefit other missions including nasr's mars perseverance rosa which will land on the red planet on february eighth next year. And the upcoming optimists missions which will return humans to the surface of the moon. Twenty twenty four and eventually onto mars part of the ongoing upgrade. Or how big seventy made a dish one of those with that that we could send commanding through the voice of food place craft that again tenant they spray the only intern around the world have bullet doing and why is it. The anyone that can reach voyage to avoid you just space craft and kind of neptune back in nineteen ninety nine. Victory took southwood below the ecliptic plane. And so come now by. Yeah the in out there in california literally. The earth is in the waste so they're able to see that by take the thirty four dishes simply aren't big enough not capable to transmit with high power transition type ability like still can receive if we combined two of them their data from georgia to we've still they never for the last eight months that we've been off line since manning's so now it's forty three half the facts online speaking send those bottled commands again. And what was the refurbishment done to the big dish joining upgrade equipment that has been operating on ten and a further four years. But some of the transmitters were in that device group. And i desperately need all been up right so we built two new high palestine's minutes to the dinner. One of those needed for the void vice crop other it will be used for future missions of mazar humans to the moon and so on and also played electrical pride house cooling systems Refurbishment of the pedestals basically a top to bottom inside out an afraid of the ditch. And what. People don't often realize especially australian listening. Because i hear a lot about the cease iras pox radio telescope the sixty four minute dish. They this was actually bigger. The given bill affecting station is the largest in southern hemisphere. Seventy majors in about the twenty two story building and just the dish moving structure. Why some full thousand. Tom physically moods with position. Any quietness guy communicate. Spice pops hundreds of millions billions of kilometers. Why is the refurbishment process of big job has been the entire project is eleven months for the upright. Does the end. Santa the eight months which might be named tactic by things like sizes and other bush flies. Taxes of twenty twenty Has entailed a hundred and fifty people different contractors around engineers technicians expert. Coming out from the pulsing labs in pasadena california. Polls do this work on this. Really great workforce of the nation. How big dishes hambro now. Literally this sort of thing have been working dying not seven days a week. They get the antennas where it is now and so also make sure complete. Do back online. I already to joke with some of the missions. Bribing mas in february next year to get those next few months already because perseverance just past the halfway mockup beliefs. Yes that's correct so we continue to track on own journey. Demand north side of the nodded arab emirates missions. Pope this is also going to miles around the same time period planning on the surface. Tell us about tidbinbilla old. The digs network camera station as as nasa coolest. The camera date by communication complex. Of course is part of nafta states by three stations around the planet that probably about the will the provide twenty four seven communications. They're all dozens of robotic missions that are solar system folks when we talk about where we're talking about things hundred thousand kilometers and beyond so there are networks handle the much closer stops and there's been satellites and she a stationary stuff like really candle. Everything else but you is now backyards so like the i have these antennas around the planet divide twenty seven communications sending command vice. Got nowhere to go what to do. And then send by chrome. We can in processed perfect through the different pulse land in california after the industry to ten thousand society around the world so we have seventy minutes or so cool down to the uprise right now. We have three thirty four minutes amador and never the next year. We hope to build at least one more and soon vehicles to the wellness number of spanish trough. Planning to go out there literally need more is on fight. Balata communicate listens. And it's much as the dishes you have. You've got a favorite history there too haven't you. Yeah operating since nineteen sixty five below. We started out very striking back in nineteen sixty four says nassar's manifold spice products which made the first fly by of miles and taking pictures of that world. In fact i was six received and outstation back in july on sixty five to this coming back with pretty good setup very socks that this practice field light ambitions of course. Yeah there were when he's completely dependent was covered In the global dust. Storms this dynamic. Well but we not so much better now because of all of the different missions that have gone there to the decades and the fracking missions. And now all of is on the surface and other opening spice process. We really consider them. Is the traffic jam at the solar system right now. We like missions currently Active there three ball on the way right now and Supposed to be handled all of the The apollo missions the mission to the moon in handle miss thousands and thousands of missions demise to the giant stuff whole system to ask royds and calmer and of course the start yup the fiery with i m. I still have full of tokens by of nassar's biased. I'm distant robotic ambassadors out news. You've also got some remnants from another nasa station that honeysuckle creek. Yes originally there were seven by striking titans in australia. There were two in wetland fire on south style when explains land and free since here in cameron. They saw session bila station for rural valley. Panthers stationed honeysuckle creek which was especially setup to support the apollo missions and had a wing so that so that we could also provide backup support and supports communication with astronauts and swim spice crops but back in the nineteen seventies and eighties consolidation of the tracking stations. Meant as far as down around the country just affects them but we didn't get rid of the dish from hunting craig. It was dates the received and broadcast the world's very first action. I'm from getting on the surface of the moon Great terms the legacy was eventually honeysuckle. Once dish was dismantled moose villa reconstructed and continued. Great work for me cunningness price. Every died until farner back in two thousand ten. And of course you've got a visitor. Centers will visit today about seventy thousand people a year. Come along to see what we do is tracking station. The bright use of the complex in what we do lots of displays mayes missions and omissions the planets and he doesn't both because a lot of cases spicy story for poli. I'm a prized. Possession is an actual pace of monroe flexible on the poll of missing breakpoint. I building is paul's part of the lunar surface of a backup so understanding more about the thoroughly. Multan is spring down me. And i were out there and i love the pace. Picked up the servicemen by puzzle aldrin. And givens what does a thank you gift important. What prior has done spice exploration portion either. The lot block fifty. I take it. No one's ever allowed to touch it. So this particular moon rock is kept in a medically sealed tight there basically protect it from moisture atmosphere and their concert. So so that doesn't degrade it's tempting us special security type of get really up close to it. You literally disseminated y from it but we want to make sure that we can keep that pristine so that each generation can enjoy and Visit look like it's about the size of a duck game the about one hundred and forty seven brand i. It's the dock. Brian appearances has looked a little small holes in little vesicles western from bubbles of gas that was tucked inside the raw during mountain site. And then stuff that. What was the fight. Tiny hers been all over the rock in it is in fact. Panic rock lots of crystallization. Who pardon when building music are primarily the look in content. We're kind of reminds us that it sort of black and orange in fact but the the bright little signing aladdin pave silvery crystals on the that really is a beautiful pace of linderoth vets. Glenn nagel from this camera deep space communications complex and this is space time. I'm stewart gary still the come. Astronomers discover a rare active center in the dock expanse of the outer solar system. And we look at the meaning of the term blue moon. All that and more stood accom on space time your prostate waking you up more often than your alarm clock. The fact is the older. You get the more likely you'll have prostate problems which can affect your everyday. Life that's where prostate complete by real health comes in prostate complete the result of twenty years of experience as a leader in men's health the powerful formula in prostate complete supports natural prostate function and reduced urinary urges for a better quality of life available at walmart visit prostateoneperday dot com for special offers. These statements have not been evaluated. By the fda this product is not intended to diagnose treat cure or prevent any disease. Astronomers have discovered a rare center in the dock expanse of the outer solar system. The discovery reported in the astrophysical journal letters may hope uncover one of the secrets explaining how they can be active so far from the sun where water is frozen solid as the hottest is cintos a tiny frozen bodies wandering through the vast empty spaces between the outer planets jupiter saturn uranus and neptune. They believed to originate. Even further out in the copa built a ring of frozen roads icy debris in comets circling the sun out beyond the orbit of neptune centers occasionally show signs of activity developing comment like features such as a comber entails. Comments develop these features when water is and other volatile. They contain begin to hate up and supplement from frozen solid into gases as they get closer to the sun but cintos obina region of space. Where it's far too cold for water to release sublimate. Only eighteen active sent have been discovered since nineteen twenty seven and much about them remains. Poli understood discovering activity on santo is also challenging because they faint telescope time intensive and because they very rare the authors developed a database search algorithm to locate archival images of centers then undertake follow up observational campaigns will study archive images of essential cataloged. Two thousand fourteen. Og three ninety two which was first discovered in two thousand fourteen. The author isn't that as the coma emanating from the nucleus of the center stretching out some four hundred thousand kilometres one of the study's authors colin chandler from northern arizona university says the technique used observational measurements for things like collar and dust mask combined with modeling efforts to estimate the characteristics of the objects volatile sublimated and dynamics chandler and colleagues in combined this date with new observations acquired using the dark energy camera at the inter-american observatory in chile. The obeyed telescope at the campus observatory. Also in chile and the large monolithic. Imager at the lowell observatory's discovery channel telescope in arizona. The authors analyzed the santo supplementation processes and dynamics lifetime leading them to conclude that the activity was likely being caused by the gassing of carbon dioxide and or mugniyah as a result of the team's discovery center has now been reclassified as a comet and wolf from that one be known as c. Two thousand fourteen three ninety-two pan. Starrs this space. Time still come. We look at the meaning of a blue moon and later in the science report the twenty now on track to become one of the warmest years on record all that and more still to come on space time well because the covid nineteen. I guess like me that she's halloween was probably a bit of a dumper but what did make it. Interesting was the fact that it occurred on a blue moon. Now anyone who bothered to look twilight the send it on all hallows. Eve would have noted that the moon didn't really turn blue but remained. Its usual whitey. Sheila wish kala. What do they call it. A blue moon well. The term refers to whenever there a two full moons in the same calendar month and october head to full moon. senate the first day on october first. okay. I guess most of you already knew that. But what do they call it. A blue moon rather than something else. It seems the modern day usage of the term blue moon to refer to the second full moon of a month wasn't always the case this colorful terms actually collateral. Guth that worked. Its way into the pages of sky and telescope magazine back in march nineteen forty six and then spread to the rest of the world from there. The magazines observing at its diana had a cane and the historical term. Blue moon was more often not an astronomical term in order songs. It was used as a symbol of sadness of loneliness. While once in a blue moon was used colloquially to mean a rare event which after all is what two full moons in the one month really is only exceedingly really is the moon actually turned blue in the sky that usually happens in association with rayleigh scattering buys volcanic eruptions release product goes into the atmosphere of just the right size to preferentially scattered light editors and contributors to sky and telescope magazine traced the traditional astronautical definition to the main farmers almanac of the late nineteen thirties the almanac it would seem consistently used the term to refer to the third full moon in the season containing four full moons rather than the usual three but in nineteen forty six amateur astronomer and frequent contributor disguised telescope go magazine james you pruitt incorrectly interpreted the almanacs description and the second full moon in the one calendar month usage was born sky and magazine finally admitted to its blue moon blooper in its may nineteen ninety nine issue the earliest recorded english usage of the term blue moon is found an anti clerical pamphlet attacking the roman clergy and cardinal thomas woosley in particular but a pair of greenwich fries william roy and jerome ballo back in fifteen twenty eight under the title read me be not rothe say no thing about truth the relevant passage actually reads churchmen and wiley fox's if they say the moon blue we must believe that it's true the intention of peace to be that one's forced to believe anything the priest says even if it's clearly an absently false still by any definition blue moons are still rare they happen on average about once every two point seven years you'll need to wait until august twenty twenty three for the next blue moon historically moons were named after the month they appeared in and traditional english month names equated with the names of the julian calendar soon after christened but over the centuries different cultures of each vote their own names the describe h new moon and these are usually associated with a specific event occurring at that time of year for example the harvest moon and the hunters moon additional names used for full moons in the late summer and the autumn the northern hemisphere usually september and october respectively the harvest moon is the full moon nearest to the northern autumnal equinox in september with the hunters moon being the full moon that follows that in october now depending on where you lived in the world november has its beaver moon ticky moon and frosty moon. The long nights moon was the last full moon of the year in the one. Nearest the winter solstice in december the first full moon of january was referred to as the ice moon the winton or sometimes the wolf moon again depending on your location february so the snow moon the stole moon or even the hunga moon. I guess that depends on how much food was lifted. Winter storage much was traditionally the spring crow seed moons. April would see the pinker egg while depending on where you live. May brewer with the milk. Strawberry mothers moon. June had its made or rose moons as you'd expect. July was the time of the summer. Moon and august was mocked by the corn sturgeon. All men and yes lunar eclipses which always occur on a full moon and often caused the mood to have already shoe to it. I sometimes referred to as blood moons. This space time alone. Anton that a brief look at some of the other stories making news in science this week the science report. We'll be new. Electrical organization says twenty remains on track to be one of the warmest years on record. Despite the formation of alanine where the pattern the organization says la nina typically has a cooling effect on global temperatures but this is being more than offset by the amount of hate trapped in the atmosphere by greenhouse gases la nina refers to a large-scale cooling of ocean surface temperatures in the central and eastern equatorial pacific coupled with changes in tropical atmospheric circulation involving winds pressure and rainfall usually has the opposite effect of an el nino on weather and climate. El nino are warm. Face caused by the so called el nino southern oscillation or enzo the world meteorological organisation's new update says there's a ninety percent likelihood of tropical pacific sea-surface temperatures remaining at la nina levels through to the end of this year and fifty five percent likelihood of that continuing for at least the first quarter of two thousand and twenty one. This is lena is expected to be moderate to strong. The last time. Those are strongly. Nina event was back in two thousand ten and twenty seven that was followed by mutter. Defending twenty eleven. Two thousand twelve new modeling suggests that more than half a million. us lives could be lost to covid. Nineteen by the end of february. Twenty twenty one but that number could be significantly reduced if ninety five percent of americans always wore a face mask in public. The findings were reported in the journal. Nature medicine demonstrate. How almost a hundred and thirty thousand people could be saved if local state and federal governments in the. Us had offered universal face. Masking scientists analyze the spread of the crow virus from the first test case to the september this year. They muddled different scenarios as he non-pharmaceutical innoventions like wearing a face mask. My impacting coming months. They found that even if eighty five percent of the population consistently face masks. They estimate that around ninety. Five thousand lives could still be saved by the end of february so far more than one point three million people being killed and almost fifty million infected by the covid nineteen coronavirus since it first began spreading out of china to the rest of the world a year ago. Okay be honest. How many of you pull out your phones while at the same time watching tv well. A new study reported in the journal. Nature found that molly screening. Maybe bad fuel memory. Scientists have found a link between multi screening and being forgetful. The study's authors say a group of young adults were more likely to show an increase in attention lapses in school badly in memory tests when they reported frequently using multiple devices at the same time such as their laptops phone television. Now the authors can't prove that scrolling through winston while cruising tumbler and streaming netflix will directly affect your memory. But there is such does offer a caution to all those who like me tend to split out digital focus. Scientists have discovered that platypus for glows green under ultraviolet light. The findings reported in the journal. Mammalia represent the first observation of bio fluorescence in an egg laying mammal monitoring suggesting that this extraordinary trait may not be as rare as previously thought. Only two other mammals the apostle and the flying squirrel are known to have further bioluminescence and ultraviolet light invisible light platypus for peace brown but under ultraviolet light scientists of the food museum in chicago discovered that forest. Green or even cnn. Lack the mouse possum and the placental flying squirrel platypuses or is it plateau pie a mostly active during the night and at dawn and dusk every now and then the war of the strain skeptics. Come across some stories which is so bizarre and so out there. They really do deserve a wider audience. It seems a well known. Local psychic claims. Aliens told her that the premiere of the estranged victoria. Daniel andrews has been arrested locked up in guantanamo bay and replaced by a clone australia. A premier is the house majority leader in the house of representatives in the state legislature parliament. That makes him or heard. The political leader of the government of that state under the australian parliamentary system and daniel andrews has achieved a lot of notoriety of late for keeping his state in strict covid nineteen lockdown longer than just about anywhere else in the free world and this psychic claims. She knows what's really been going on. Tim mendham from australia. Skeptics explains shock. Horror revelation is dan andrews clone and that the real dangerous is kind of cheating in guantanamo bay. What's behind that vicious from a lady who It's picking up information from islands all right. I'm communicating things to her about all different things. And i told her that ten andrew snow goes away now is not the real london. Let me see on tv every day. Talking about the problem in victoria. If not the real lamour nice. He is sitting out in guantanamo bay. She's a strange person. This went on. This is a form of sydney nurse that nine year old at first name carryanne. We went mentioned surname. And this is the person that used to be responsible for the health of people. That's exactly the message from extraterrestrials who she calls her team. They had evidence of everything. That's when that dame andrews was arrested and Inputting gitmo shake whole. Feels i think. Toronto vortices Why he was arrested and putting getting now and all the trouble to replace replacing with a client when when they put decline in they. They didn't fix up. The problem is is still the same decline. A looks like it. He w with the store sovan faneuil cruel ban But yes. I climbed everything. It's a strange thing and you really feel for this particular person. He has to silly story it so silly that You really anyone properly would take it seriously. She did have a online station with she was talking to her customers and follows and Charging them twenty dollars a head sand. she was going to reveal a lot of information about aliens tame. I think he did. But you did point out that he is standing landers declined but apparently the kate middleton feature coin debate or something was actually a shape shifter messrs and rice. It's okay. I it's not. The silliest story of the week by any means tell us about the elephant head on mass. How many things are the same mouse. I mean sort of particular face on my other that was really cool and the pyramid ernie region. There's this pyramid. There's this ruined city. There was this face looking like thinks looking back at earth when you're a fourteen year old kid and you see this sort of stops you think. Wow this is amazing. And then you realize there's this thing called paradise and light and shadow from different angles of sunlight and you ought to the full zapata that stage but in the meantime tradition continues skipping Basically dali away you see shapes especially faces and things in things that on points at the man in the moon which is the classic one that people can see faces the same clouds. i've seen clouds. And if you look at a panel point on on your wall you'll see your face depending on which country you're in a mafia. Yeah whatever domain. This particular one was actually. It's an elephant head and trunk and it does look like an elephant doesn't look to me. It also looks like what happens when you trade on a tube of toothpaste. It's so sad probably looks like One lot rocking trump. Doc rock and just the doc rockies bigger than the white rock so you can see a shape around the front so people say this all the time and i do it then again. There was a case recently of a huge insane on antarctica Twenty foot high humanoid paktika for people will say yeah. That's a wookey and that's the ice planet hof right. That's tim mendham from australian skeptics. Did you know that with drizzly. You can get drinks delivered to your door and under sixty minutes with drizzly. The number one alcohol delivery app. You can shop a huge selection of beer wine and liquor including favorites like don julio and bullet bourbon plus you can shop across multiple stores in your area to find what you want at the best prices. Download the app or visit. Drizzly dot com. That's d r. I z l. y. And use code. Save to save five dollars on your first order today. And that's the show for now. Space-time is available every monday wednesday and friday through apple podcasts. I tunes stitcher. google podcasts. 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