BTSC Radio Wire: Bryan Anthony Davis joins CBS Talk Radio to talk Steelers vs. Eagles


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Also, before we get started, you had some exercise earlier today chasing her around a dodge from that you take care of. I mean, we are a dachshund family. We've got we had to named after steeler of course, the now our other ones are named after the Harry Potter Franchise but We also have a doggy daycare for one that we watched another one and the puppy, and she's really fast. It was Kinda like that gene from rocky to and Mickey is introducing the chicken the rockies workout, and he has to feels like the Kentucky Fried Idiot and he's running around he's trying to catch this this chicken that's how I felt chasing a dog and. I realized how out of shape I am and how fast. This Dogwood little legs actually. Again this fits in. So well, with yesterday, we had been at Chicago, Charlie's and home of the quarter Pan beef dog across and Sunshine Lane, Route Sixteen Waynesboro. So Daschle's hotdogs this worked well. Absolutely We are GonNa Talk Pittsburgh steeler football and you have a game. From this team on the other side of the Commonwealth. With, the Philadelphia Eagles one o'clock on Sunday before you give us your specific analysis roach, your overview of this game. I tell you want any time that the steelers play the Philadelphia Eagles it is going to be a challenge I. don't care how depleted that team is if you look at it in the history of this, this rivalry did it's twenty. The steelers have only one twenty, eight times. Now on the other side of the coin, you have have affiliate Philadelphia. Eagles who have won forty eight time. And there are three ties may extend. So they're twenty games above five hundred. Now, a lot can be said about that. You know you know pre pre war pre merger they played all the time the feelers were sent back. So you gotTa be thinking. The steelers have probably done so much better against this team since the merger in the last fifty years with no, the steelers have the worst record more than anybody against the Philadelphia Eagles in the entire league. So they are for an eight since nineteen sixty-nine, the year that shuttle came in and I call that the modern era of the Pittsburgh steelers. So this is always a tough time. I'm just glad this game has done in Philadelphia Gordy because the steelers have not won in Philadelphia since nineteen, sixty five. And led a share that during the war, these two teams did literally become one team and that is very nice. Of Nineteen, forty three year on this I didn't get a chance to finish steph. Client analyst you did well. I apologize but you know what? I can go one step further. So the next year. The steelers merged with the Chicago cardinals and they were hit card in nineteen forty four and there's something to be said about that that the the steelers, all art rooney almost moved the steelers who really weren't the steelers pack that well, they actually they wear the field is me but almost move with the steelers in nineteen forty, three to Baltimore. Very interesting. So that's something to go ahead and look up because that's something that I just came across recently but as far as the steelers and Eagles go. It's the Pennsylvania State Championship. It's not a true rivalry because they play every four years. But when you sheriff State Gordy, it's a pretty big deal. So these teams definitely want to beat each other we almost had. Tre. Keystone state. Super Bowls in the last twenty years or so in two thousand four, it almost happened the steelers lost in the AFC championship game in two, thousand eight it almost happened when the Eagle Gloss in the AFC championship game. So if They've been flirting with a meeting in the Super Bowl and I don't think. I would enjoy anything more especially because that would be a neutral fill field and not in Philadelphia building that's going to happen this year but steelers eagles. It's always something that I'm mark on my calendar. You throw the records. It's like a division game for the steelers anything can happen the seemed to play up. Each team plays up when they're playing the other. It is nice for you to give the statistics a family ties Philadelphia. As beaten Pittsburgh, we're GONNA call them the battles. You've won the war as you're the super. Bowls. Well, that's true. But you know how that that's scripted easily easily be flipped. The last of these two teams win a super bowl has been the Philadelphia Eagles. Let's talk a little bit more indepth now you being behind the steel, curtain? Of what the steelers need to do to win and how can the Eagles possibly win? Okay the late Dallas, drake, the wide receivers coach the passed away last year. He had a phrase put it in the t shirt. It was called shut up the noise and there's been so much noise surrounding the impromptu by week surrounding Kobe. Feelers should there be a forfeit because of the Tennessee titans they don't need to think about any any of that when Mike Tomlin comes out and says, thirteen games in a row, we don't care that means a lot 'cause they don't care. All they're focused on is playing football. If they shut out the noise that is the number. One thing when you're playing the Philadelphia Eagles, you've got to think of a few. Things yes. They're battered and beaten. Their offensive line has had a lot of troubles they've lost Jason Peters. Lane Johnson has been hobbled game Jordan Malaysia as you're left tackle, there are some hold on that offensive line. The healers seven is very good but look across the board I think you could safely say that the strength of the Eagle would be their front seven, the steelers and Ben Rothlisberger are still having nightmares Of one Mr Fletcher Cox and another Mr Brandon Graham from four years ago. They might have some more age on them but they are still wreck involved and they could really record game look kind of guys that for so many problems and that's thirty four to three win just four years ago against the steelers Ben has never done really well against the eagles especially in Philadelphia Luckily once again, this is in Heinz field, but they can wreck your game and if they can get to the quarterback and the offense of Lenin the steeler Kim not keep these guys at bay, it could be a script flipper it could be something that could really mess up the steelers day gory. Let's talk a little bit more about the quarterbacks Rothenberger Wentz? Look Carson Wentz there hasn't been a lot of criticism about him since the injury that took him out of that super, Bowl. Season some people in Philly thing but he isn't the same but I look at the fact that he still has a great body of work. He's still can kill you at any time. There's a lot of pride to this guy if you flush out of pocket, he becomes more dangerous especially when he throws the ball to his running backs or his tight end tight end Zach Ertz has some years autumn. steelers do not handle the tight end especially bigger guidance end Zach. particularly. Well, this is a matchup to really look at Carson Wentz. I. Don't think he's done yet and I think if you ask him, he's like, Hey, bring the disrespect I don't care. I. Am going to show you what I can do if you pick this guy lightly he's going to be dangerous gordy. So I'm worried about Carson went on the other side of the ball you have been rothlisburger who really is having a great start to the. season seven touchdown and one interception. That's a big deal because you saw him in two thousand, eighteen have over five thousand yard but sixteen interceptions way too many. A lot of them were forced into Antonio Brown. He has the benefit of having a very young receiving core that are hungry that are very unselfish that when one of the guys go out that the others the step up so I think that's something great and you don't have to worry about. Any of them saying you have to force the Balmy I, need my stats. You don't have that Ralph's Burger is definitely the field general and he is a renewed man and here's something that I just found out last night watching the watching the Chicago bears take on the Tampa Bay buccaneers and it was this after the game they were talking to Terry Bradshaw who was previewing the fact that he has an interview coming up with Ben Rothlisberger on Sunday on the pre-game. Now, what is so important about that is those guys have networks seen AIEDA. Period. Bradshaw was talking about how excited he was to This interview and how he told Ben that he can't wait to get back, get back to Pittsburgh and meet up with them. So there is a renewed respect for those two who have been rivals since Ben has come into the League and now you have the fact that that's just further evidence. Gordy. That ben is a changed man he's focused on what is important as light. These also focused on Lee's leading the team to another championship, and even though the rivalry with bradshaw might be a little bit at at bay now and that's fantastic. Don't think for a second that Ben doesn't WanNa get Super Bowl number three and number four to match Terry Bradshaw. Pressures on who wins in a score. You know what I I really think that Philadelphia can be a dangerous team here I. Still Don't think that they have enough I still think Pittsburgh is a very focused team right now they gonNA prove that their focus coming out of this impromptu by I'm going to say the feelers going to win it. It's not going to be a cakewalk though if you've ever been to a cakewalk. You know that everything's free this is not going to be free. They're not going to just win my showing up. The steelers have to earn his game. I'm GonNa say Twenty Six sixteen in favor of the Pittsburgh steeler the Philadelphia Eagles leaving this game with a lot of pride. Ryan Davis. Thank you so much for joining me and enjoy your weekend with your Dawson's. I I definitely will thank you so much and There might be another one coming into the mix. This weekend I'll keep you posted on that my friend rough. Hbo Max Brings. All of HBO to Your Fingertips Plus An epic list of New Max originals whether you're Indiana mation classic movies or injured. Worthy series HBO. Max's suggested collections are curated by real humans not robots. So you find the right thing to watch every time. With, thousands of options for you in the family to choose from the streaming platform of your dreams. HBO, Max or HBO. So much more starts streaming now at HBO Max Dot Com.

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