81 - I Don't Want To Be (w/ Carl Tart)


This is a head gum podcast. I'm double fisting beverages water anti problems. This time is is that policy has the opaque pink. I don't do Lacroix so I don't know the flavors so lega now now. I'm a I'm a just regular water. Okay Yeah. I just recently became a Waterloo girl. Let's Waterloo <hes> it's a different brand of sparkling water changed allegiance. There's so domini brands of sparkling water. There's poppy ugly their spin drift. There's vendors nasty that's always shut it down for our spin-doctors punch-up spendthrift <hes> it's to prince's but they're sodas to <hes> to sodas yeah. I don't think anybody for that. We will get were saying should she was our Jamb Jamb town racists saying this Song punch-up punch-up jammed down podcast too damn long. Oh the punched up jam perfect thank you we've finally dead finally did and now I will never do another different one hello and welcome to punch up the jam. My name is Michelle. My name is not meal and what are we do here on this podcast. Okay I'm going to tell you we're going to make a perfect song. Okay even more perfect <hes> so so you think this song is perfect perfect. I didn't say that it sounds like you. Did you know these are my notes. I just got into the notes early. Okay well. Let's introduce our well actually before we introduce our guest quick shoutout brought to our listeners Daniel from Illinois Punch Mass Punch Master Flex who made us a sub read it and while ago but we haven't shut him out until now now and also this is GonNa come out later than that so it's comes out in three years so we're going to be old and gray. I'll probably be been dead a good two and a half in years. Elizabeth Warren is a great president. She's a great president again. It is a shame that she had to kill me but it was it was worth becoming president. Let's interest ask you know from his podcast. A flagrant ones must writer on Brooklyn nine nine also from U._C.. Give it up for Oh. Dear abby coming from the happy life was like me you know we used to come out to that. In High School basketball the ball that was in two thousand five when that song came out yeah we ran out to that and it got the crowd says so high. It's such a great that's all it will forever. Be Perfect walkouts you ever break through the paper when you run out. That was football yeah. We did that in football. I did that cheerleading. You should get that in any event where you have to walk out to people like even if it's like your hosting like the Emmys or something you should get to run through paper that says the Emmys I agree that will be tight more running through the paper twenty the chili's rip it a little bit so we could get three hundred so we all get caught up in seeing the little giants they have to rip it and then they rip if it down they run out before winning basketball that you just like do like a tunnel and we'd all run through the little cheerleader a cheerleader tunnel with paper at the end. That's the yeah I think the obstacle course real appeal of playing sports is getting to run out to a cool song. Oh Yeah that's the fun part fucked the game. I don't care about the game. That's my sophomore year so I wrote the been so it was like wjr graduate. Oh Seven Prom theme 007 Casino Royale Casino Games. We did the fake casino we everybody got tokens and chips like gambling to where'd you grow up. I grew up here. Okay like you guys are GonNa just reveal that you grew up at the same place here lift yeah. Where'd you go orcas island Washington? Oh Shit I was born in Mississippi and I grew up on the west side where in the West Side Culver City poems area. Oh my God. You're so cool. You're already the coolest who else guys we've ever had. You grew up in culver city. Thank you comb mustache. Okay question while we're talking about cool you are why did you want to do. I don't WanNa be by Gavin to grop well. I sent a Jimmy a few songs okay and I knew that he was gonNA turn down the other one. The other ones were the first one I sent. You was pretty Ricky's. He's on the hotline. Oh yeah because I'm like this may not be the right audience for this. One don't have done some idea hey ma y'all did when I was the lyric in pretty ricky songs are ridiculous and I just wanted to talk to you about him but this one was also my jam this same got around the same like a year before this I will wake wake up every morning before school and Watch that <hes> MTV countdown yeah this was always on there and Qian's somewhere it is it yeah and and I remember liking this dude so much he came out on this album. It was like three singles ours album that were like all these dams chariot this one was he fuck. I'm thinking of someone he wasn't married married to Gwen Stefani was that someone else told them something. The guy from Bush I think is who I'm thinking of yeah. That's not him. Gavin Avenue Gras is singer that I haven't really heard much from the last few honestly it was just like this song and then you're reminded me about Sherry it but I don't. I don't think yeah I know his work very well the thing I think most people know this song from is one tree hill. This was the theme song for one Tree Hill which is hall Larry's have. Have you watched that from oh I didn't I know I haven't watched the theme song and I was just kind of like why this it doesn't. I'm fit the VIBE at all. I feel like maybe the vibe became like to me. It's like it does fit the vibe but it's just so intrinsically tied to that show that I'm like well. It's the same vibe but I'm mostly just kind of like like felt like the official Song of the C._W.. For a while just because I when I hear the song I think every Promo on the C._W.. But Yeah Ah this so you know I have you guys done California here. We go now. Let's grab this and do that now. Okay California. That's jammed and that fit bit that show Oh absolutely I think the best theme song on that time was filming on your skin. ooh Oh wow come unwritten. I didn't watch I didn't watch the ending. Oh come on spill. PA Spencer Spencer was the hills right yeah yeah the hills was wow special finale all time. It was such a big part of the Zeitgeist. I'm like well. I know a lot about it but I've never seen a full episode anyway. I never paid attention to the words of the song outside of the chorus effect prior to this punch-up. I couldn't tell you what the versus like. I think there's a reason for that because they're not you know anything. It's a dump zone. It's so interesting to me. I almost never pay attention to work right. Even though I know I know this back and forth but I I was just like I I just like the corporations it's a good song to listen to. It makes me feel good but then when you actually listen to the lyrics this is stupid fucking condescending very condescending. He says that song was heavily influenced by the identity crisis right now that exists among youth which he's a youth of this time anyway away. It's almost like you can go into any town in the country and the kids don't necessarily have an identity of their own whatever's on television who they are again. This was a TV theme. It's just yeah all right man. It's also been like that forever right. It ain't never been I mean it's more homogeneous now because we all have twitter and Instagram Yeah as Oh you know you go to places now and everybody's wearing skinny jeans as opposed to just the west coast and east coast right but still like what a coup observation strangely put himself above. It's very this his first album. Okay carry it in my head. I'm like if this is the second album. You can't even if it's like just if it's not the first song is put out if he's on a major label making this kind of stuff. It's like you can't be like the kids nowadays. They're all just like sheep. It's like you. I didn't who's he what's Cincinnati bengals angles. I this reminds me. Did you guys see watch that the nineties the decade that made us thing now or the last decade or whatever and it's gone anyway. According to Love was on there being like Oh Kurt Cobaine used to always get in the media and talk about how much he hated being a rockstar how much he didn't WanNa do it. He loved that Shit. I was just like Oh so you you just don't snitch on your himself and you killed him and I. I'm like ours do that consumers and feels like a big part of just being like we're not we're not shape. We're all like I mean entire genres like pop punk garage about how we're different than everyone else okay but you're getting the same money yeah yeah at some point like you WanNa be above it all until you're benefiting from it. Actually the systems okay. The thing is true like uniqueness is like a lonely lonely life. Wow that's poignant. I mean no. I'm serious that the little deeper that everyone's like I don't want to be like everyone else but it's like you Kinda do or you're you're just alone and that's how you have to own up to it at a certain important or you're just living in a cave. I guess and you know become Bjork. That's what happened yeah but even Bjork's guy you know her little <hes> duck husband and little kids continue. That's it. She's got bjork. You Got York Bjork and I think those are the kids Yup and her husband Tom he think he gives way Thomas now all right yes all right. He D- weirded himself anyway okay with that said. I have a couple more notes but I think they'd be more appropriate. Once we get into the song. Shall we sure okay. We'll just start at the beginning. Uh well what a well. It feels like a such a slight interim just like nothing's happened yet. There's like this energy though it's like respect me. Don't you get the Second Guitar Star. It's like you're not ready for this. I hope he looked at his drummer and was like hit. It got got got here. It's just all Improv. We'll just feel it out. I got the words. I don't know what we'll do. You feel there's like this weird like I think they think they look sexy but they look menacing guitar player just hit him those two notes. No no no no no no no no no no no. I tried to look up the court so the song thinking I might do like a classical arrangement or something just isn't no court for the entire versa accents. It's single notes right yeah and what's really interesting is that I feel like it kind of worked in his favor and that when the chorus happens you're like finally yeah something I can fuck in a single to. Maybe that's what makes it good well but also isn't been half the song bath I feel like if half of the song is building building it up for the other half and it's like maybe it serves. Its purpose in a way that's like okay. It's good. It's a gamble because you're like I'm banking on people waiting a minute for the song actually go anywhere anywhere man. He really believed in the song I also that pianist he gets. He gets jazz piano in a lot of his songs he he likes to play like a little like slide piano going. What's the song is not follow through? Is it or is it cherry not well both of those have strong piano and do you have a favorite for Gavin to grow song. I think it's Cherry Okay Yeah. Oh Gary Karaoke sounds Kariuki. Song is a good Carioca Song anyone sing with you. Does anyone know that song anymore. You know what when I get up because of my stature when I get up and saying Gavin to grow people love it yeah and it's always I dunno thanks maybe come up and do still dray now. My preserve white guys always do the thing you're not yet. uh-huh Yeah Yep exactly correct you're exactly correct but like when I get up and do that or do Bonnie Raitt or whatever it is you did you do less. Give them something to talk about. <hes> can you imagine do fucking. I can't make you love me too slow. It will bring it. Will I do that when the crowd is not not popping man okay. Should we listen to what he has to say. Yeah I was just GonNa say like I can like. I don't have an idea of what the music video actually. It looks like. I feel like I can visualize it just like them playing in a warehouse something. It's like just grungy warehouse. I so wish it was that it actually is is a house party already and it's it's two sequences and obviously once he couldn't it's the band performance and governor girl made the brave choice of wearing a quarter Roy Brown jacket with the button up very thick collared like paisley-patterned Western style shirt with the color of the shirt on the outside of the jacket and then get this beanie. Oh Yeah fucking beanie eighty and did you see his footwear footwear. He's wearing Thong Sandals. No He's not yes he is this is insane. Brown sandals with his boot cut jeans right so the banks are flame torn up such like two thousand seven guy won go to Oh also aware like short brimmed hats but we'll turn to bring 'em kind of to the side and I can't stand that Shit right now. ooh On or backwards ackward half. I don't know who he's trying to have Jason Mraz but then like a half rascal flatts to Morocco flats. That's exactly what it is. I don't like that and then the other part of the video. The story part of the video is the one cool nonconformist girl who or courses just very normally really hot and looks exactly like a hot girl is the only one unfrozen at the party investigating all of the fucking posers and actually one point taking girls island Atlanta out of her frozen hand and writing on her head impostor trying to cash frozen football player but then like. I don't know if she did or did it but I'm like this feels very fifth element of video. Please do not so much. I feel like there were like three music video concepts up until like two thousand ten. It's just like you're at a party. You're in a warehouse or I don. I don't know the third one is there aren't everything is just set around the same set of tropes. Yeah happens at the end of the video game he she finds Gavin Yup correct okay exactly correct. We wrote a damn it a specialist a specialist in what I have the note. Are you ready to hear just before I tell you what specialists you're like okay. What does she do the therapist there's some sort like the county appointed psychologists psychiatrists that works for like a local hospital that works with troubled troubled youth yeah definitely something something in the medical profession? My first thought was like maybe like a gastroenterologist she gives Bo talks. That's no joke. That's what I was thinking. It was like some sort of like plastic surgeon of some sort just both talks injectables <hes> which is in three she had every time. Where did he grow up? I I didn't look that up. That's okay. It feels like I'm just GonNa take a stab <hes> north Florida. I'm thinking Delaware. Let's take a break and then I will come back with the answer okay. We'll be right back and we're back way. What were your guesses about where he's from? I said Delaware in North Florida and San Diego from South Falls Berg New York yeah Apologies yeah I did say `do fat check me but in this case I do re- politics for the slander on governor garage late mother also what do you think is the most like Gavin de Gras type Middle Name for him to have Jefferson Kevin McGraw. I'M GONNA say Gavin de Gaulle's middle name is <hes> he's born in UH early eighty S. I'M GONNA say Kevin's tyler chain. I think he's seventy seven. Oh late was born in seventy seven February fourth year. He was born yeah. It's more than your star wars. Oh brother so I don't need to be anything other than a prison. Guards son Weird Way to start a contest wrath atop. No Yeah you do yeah you can be other things because those guys aren't on usually good yeah. No that's generally speaking even just like setting up prison guard before specialist. I'm like do the other way so you have a cushion of like this is. This is my good parent this isn't I don't know not so proud of this. I don't know maybe just say my mother son. My father son Yeah. We need their jobs. I just don't know what their jobs have to do it. He wanted to be so specific to him and also it's just like now. You're classifying your parents by their jobs yeah right so do they need to be something other than a specialist they just say. I don't need to be in other than Gavin. Girl's mom then Gavin's mommy. This is like the opposite of that. I'm a bad he's just like. I'm a son son son Amazon okay cool strong move right out the gate also the way he's singing it. It's like it's not really with the music. It's kind of just the companion piece. He comes comes out pretty quickly with mediocrity. Have you noticed like yeah. I don't need to be anything other than this right. So what are you doing man advocating for Ed. Why even be a musician at all question? Why don't you just live your parents house? Chill man what if it was just like he had that first line and then the rest of the song was completely blank and it's just like I don't need to be anything other other than a prison guard son. I don't know how you could follow this up. Oh he falls it up by finally rhyming with the words Sun instead of just using it twice lamb guitar coming in like finally hitting them like okay. This is what you've been waiting. Wait maitland sweet relief from what the Fuck Hell were in now. It's a firework going off when you just been like all right. I see them lighting the fireworks when the fuse go fucking the bottlerocket going POPs. I bet you like this song inspired some kid to be like yeah tomorrow. I'm going going to school and I'm GonNa walk by the table. He was a black day when they're still like I was a bit be n._F._l.. Batch would you say let's say you're the bitch. You're the best I'm a bitch. I'm a bitch. It's like the fucking William punch-up we deserve. I'm a bitch. I'm a bit exactly that one well okay. I don't have to be anyone so it's not anything anymore now to anyone which I think maybe you should have been what it was the whole time right. I don't I don't need to be anything is being anonymous objects. Whatever ever have to be anyone other than the birth of two souls in one? What's that mean I guess the the Maga Mation of what his parents made aide versus yeah essentially just I guess it's in being like yeah I'd have to it's just him doubling down on the previous two lines by combining so I'm an egg sperm yeah yes? That's pretty cool. He was just talking about his parents mashing exactly he. I guess they described this session for like PAS license. I got off from the prison. They came home. MOMS at Mason beef stroganoff. She wasn't working today was off day at the Clinton. I was about to Clapton. Jake's it was nineteen seventy six and the souls became one. I don't know if you've heard the spice girls but they have a whole song about this became one that night and we were doing it to the spice. Girls make mistakes. It was seventy six. It's just any song that can somehow shoehorn. My parents fucked. Oh Yeah it's on the basis of the song. It feels like he wrote the whole song around like just. How can I get this off my chest my parents fuck okay? I don't need to be and if in other than my Yeah Prison Dad's car that's the fun ship. I should have done everything else is the same and then part of where I'm going is knowing where where I'm coming from. My Dad's Dad's best deference from that meat. He's you know this one is true but you should know what your game yeah but weird way to frame it went up be like from fucking whatever New York from South Osberg New York Yeah tell me about the the house you grew up in. Tell me about like the neighborhood like the school you went to like. Maybe it sucks but you're proud of it anyway. It's yours yeah it. It feels so much lease just circling the drain and being like I'm here my parents and <hes> I'm mentioning this because you know it's important to my future and all right time time to sing the words I wanted to sing this feels like if they decided to really just fuck off with the star wars franchise you doing right now and they were like what if a Homey I what's the girls naming it ray right what if ray finally where parents are prison gardens. Specialists is her song. Oh Yeah it's just so focused on like parents yeah. It's a great mystery of the song is like well. We're my parents well. I'm GonNa tell you just stick around and wait. This is the song race things stars of musical is their star was the musical go. There's about to be don't steal my idea. Okay the <hes> and some the a when I tell you I used to harmonize to that are are making me like this so I didn't like it. I'm out of here inside of my head off. He's done anything else. They'll take the other one rips. I feel like the reason that I caught onto the so much was because I'd here in adhere the harmonies ooh. That's who I'm supposed yeah the drummer they didn't get the memo was supposed to be kind of mediocre. Just GonNa go off all right probably a Yeoman. Let's calm down. They do get get don't do. I can't Doodo K._K._k.. Starts Looking back. Don't don't I'm fucking doing and then everyone everyone was like Oh. We can play now too. I guess also just the fucking finally given US courts yeah. The whole song was just two notes until this point really edged us out he he fills it out though after it I mean I think the song is annoying but I have to say it. Kinda worked on me. I came. I was very excited did I. It's so intrinsically tied to just one tree hill to me which is a show. That's like I watched episodes here and there but never was like a big fan of it or like eight or anything so I'm just kind of like I remember the theme song and that's my closest memory of and I'm like pretty good. I don't know I never watched one tree hill. Where was that in relation to Dawson's Creek is Dawson's creek like Taylor's like when we were much younger nineties right? I think we were small. Okay yeah like eighth grade. Yeah I remember feeling like I was too old for it. Yeah which is not true definitely the right age for it but I didn't watch it all the same. It's from two thousand three right yeah September two thousand three okay yeah. That's why the song popped up that was when he started ninth grade. Yeah that's right. I remember that I had a brand new pair of air force once I I really I think I had a new red echo shirt yeah. Oh definitely had a new backpack. I'm feeling pretty cool. In my Volka M- sneakers occurs go skating after school but you won't see me do but I will be skating. Do you remember as my not really able to you guys but remember really thinking you did something fashion wise because you put on like a pair of genes with like a new T. shirt and that was the whole outflow yeah accessory. My mom went to Mervyn's. I bought all of the like Phat farm also shirts in cool with the first two thousand three. The first day of school I had on Fubu worldwide shirt. Y With the new air force's hair was cut. You were cool I was I mean you know you had to be in my school. It was no option you reinvent yourself after middle school yeah. It's your time to step out but I think you really did something when you don't even have layers to your outfit. There's no accessories you. You're fucking otherwise exactly the same. It's just a new T. shirt. I feel like that was me a lot because I I didn't try anything so every time I was like we're too damn way back feeling pretty fucking good. I thought I did something because I wore gray sweatpants with a gray sweatshirt into those walls. I'm just as bland of my personality <hes> <hes> so he says I don't WanNa be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately. All I have to do is think of me and peace of mind. What does that first sentence me? Don't Ooh okay. I think he's saying that who he is. Lately is like his most authentic self so he's like. I'm going to stop trying to be this version that society wants me to be. I'm just GonNa it'd be me and if I ever started doubt myself. I just remember me and then I feel fine. I don't feel like I need to impress anybody anymore. It's like he's saying I don't I don't I wanna be anything aside from what I have been already try. I'm trying really hard to be this one thing but I don't want to be anything else again. Thing I take issue with anyone. Maybe it's like thing in terms of like jok or prep like nerd or skater. Those are identities though I know identity is a thing this thing he got reprimanded handed work. It wasn't even like a strong reprimand ation. You know how like rappers like we like. This goes out to my eleventh eleventh grade English teacher who told me I was never be no no. She just wanted you to read aloud in class. Hey if you could just like maybe stop swearing throughout class one day. I'm going to write a rap about out this then. This sounds like that whereas like somebody like say hey so I just want to say there was a lot of errors in the O. Reilly report if you could just fix that next time he was like I'm GonNa be me okay. You put me in a box. I'm keeping it real. These errors are part of the report. Isn't that the worst when someone like exercises self love love and confidence when absolutely should not be this is this is this is constructive criticism. You should be here to work on time all were saying don't try to change aged. Jay's me I'll be here at eleven thirty. The mall all I have to do is think of me and I have peace of mind though there's definitely a fine line between like confidence and self selfless if I'm ever stressed. I just got to think of myself and I'm like Oh you're getting too. Don't worry about this. You got this baby you look in the mirror and you're like Oh. That's right you slowly. We start jerking off exactly his affirmations on the marriage just like me me me me me. I'm tired of looking around rooms. I've never never know this what he's saying. I'm tired of looking around ruse wondering what I gotTa do a WHO. I'm supposed as so funny when you learn lyrics rigs. I'd like to say I'm looking around who what I gotta do. That's better wrong but snow right. I'm tired of looking looking around roofs. I guess it's supposed to be like parties scenario. It's like I'm trying to being in a room seen a bunch of people which one do I fit into but the truth is like AAC. Don't you feel that there is compromise to be made when you're in a party scene and there's a bunch of rooms at different people like I refuse to cater to what you want to talk about. I will only be me don't go to the party yeah those people at a party title looking around the room and being like no everyone's <music> sitting down and having a nice talk. No I'M GONNA play video game or that person who's like guys. Let's all go outside and everyone's like now. We're good come on. Let's go get food tail here. We hear what a person leaves. The person who leaves as soon as I have a friend who does is I won't mention because it would be really very upset but tames rhymes with Derek jeeter no he. He likes to leave places. He likes to hit me up and go man was probably the F._B._I.. Arm At this place and he was like man. I'm kind of tired and I'm like well. Why did you hear me fucking time? You don't want to kick it like or like we'll go to a part. Ah Like fifteen minutes in my dude. I'm about to get out of here man. I'm just come yeah. I had a friend that would always be like. Are you doing anything tonight and I'd be like yeah. I mean probably GonNa go to this things. She'd be like cool it's like are you still gonNA thing I dunno might stay in. I'm like just don't text me attack me Demi. There was also will be totally fine with him. Just being like yea. I'm not into going to that or not. I don't WanNa be like hey you know what I'm realizing kind of burnout on parties. You WanNa just grab dinner this week and I will say no. I'm going to this party. Take no actually I don't fuck it like you very much. If this was five o'clock I will grab dinner with you but it's now eleven thirty. I'm trying to go to this house party and another thing eat dinner earlier amendment worried about Eh too late in your body and then he says I don't want to be anything other than me and I'm disappointed because we're GONNA go back to that versa. Yeah give me a taste taste of what was coming in. I gotta go back. It feels like he has a bunch of people on stage ready to sing and fill out the song and he's just like he's got one hand like the guitar and like another around like a giant volcano from big and he's just like a one man I don't. I don't need to be like that's all it is and then he's like all right. I'm a little tight. Let's bring the full band back running running back on stage and then back off course why it has to get back there and sway were them now. This is where the lyrics Eric's truly get wild. He's like I exhausted the narrative of trying to let you know who I am so now I'm going to let you know who everyone else's. Crab Rabbit bye bye a and Gavin is your boss here again. I just feel like just you have to shower before you come to work understand Dan that I'm not say put on deodorant or any that you could use your natural deodorant trying to turn me into a drone. I just it's the people in the office are complaining leaning about this morning. I'm surrounded by imposters with the air circulation's not great year. Maybe they should learn to smell worse to cover up my smile. How come I gotTa Change said of all of these is drones just because they're having identity crises and they haven't learned to love their sense that somehow on me like I'm in a dilbert cartoon? That's what you're turning me into into fucking Dilbert. These are the words if someone who's like never read a book before like any faulkner he got half catching. The Ryan was like yeah. I feel good about this. Yeah the very least like this is exactly the text of catcher the right sir. I'm surprised I'm surrounded by phone is liars okay. I'm surrounded run by liars everywhere I turn I'm surrounded by imposters everywhere. I turn turn a lot yeah. You'd love to pivot. I'm surrounded by identity crisis. Not Cry. Identity crises price sees a singular identity crisis everywhere. I turn am I the only one to notice. I can't be the only one who's learned again. Pick up just one hemingway just a single hemingway. I I mean I'd pick a different author but also yes any book. No I'm saying if he wants to feel like a man. That's the first man has thought of things you know what I mean. It's true Gavin Yeah he is. He's like all these other white. Men Not being brainwashed. Just this thing that I just feel it comes up. I mean I don't know if these episodes but spoiler for it hasn't new radicals what's out okay so and then also Jason Mraz. It's like we have at least three examples now with Gavin as well. He's like white dudes who kind of think they really thinking something fresh. This is pretty old man. I feel like for awhile though like non-conformism was a big big thing for white and there were like hold up. I'm surrounded by all these other white men and I don't WanNa be like that and then the one black person their audiences like yeah okay. She's yeah funny how it's like in the lack of oppression. They're like you know what we are being oppressed because everyone else isn't like us right there. Oppression like the corporations the find my iphone from are trying to control me and everyone else is like I'm getting killed like I'll tell you this though I would much rather have a bunch of these news than the outright feel kind of like the gateway logic is the same because after that kid walk past the black table this up bits and he was like I'm GonNa show you calling everyone else. Liars changing the narrative instead of doing any self reflecting a lot of bad people start that way thank you Richard. Spencer knows black table kids me. It's all of the white movement women crew went to high school richest. Now you were the one that called Richardson through every day. Forget it rich bitch so are they having an identity crisis or they liars and impossible because those two separate thing right across crisis feels like they are trying so hard to be this thing like they don't know who it sounds like they also were in the same place as Gavin. He's like fuck. You guys would also struggling with your identity right. They very much sound all cut from the same cloth. I'm not sure where the line comes from. AM I. The only one to notice a can't be the only only one who's learned and I was like wait. You're part of this if they're all having crisis crises than you are. Also you all notice you all are learning the same thing the fact that he predicates his entire identity on whose parents are pretty good indicator isn't a super strong identity right now not really how many pizza bagels you think giving us to. I like going <hes> twelve the whole Bach Ho body right after school into the toaster oven and he's sitting with his guitar in his room Gavin Pizza bagels are burning. He's like like this and he doesn't just hated that. She dared to tell them that's like when you die. The video game in someone's like Oh dude and are like Minot actually wanted to die support of this actually this way new game it's GonNa talk about. I don't like the game anymore. This is just so wild. Call People Liars and impostors in your own fucking song. He couldn't just be like you know what I like strawberry cream cheese onion bagel not afraid to say it. He's like I think it's good I like concept of posers and whatnot I feel like was such a big thing in like music and Pumpkin all just because it's like oh they're not real happy. They're fake recap was like Nah. I think a lot of those people are happy to be in a group and have friends and do things that their friends all can agree with. Sometimes it's not that complicated. It's not at all complicating yeah. It probably was really tight to be a Jones brother absolutely kill to be even for a day Joe's brother day no yeah I would kill Jonas brother to brother like Santa Claus scenario no more like a Hannibal lecter scenario to eat them wear them. Oh okay yeah think of me what the man sorry. That was the same as the previous. The only we are living I can add is that saying I think of me and I have peace of mind really likes sounds like he thinks of himself as God yeah quite a lot. It's like I pray myself and everything's peaceful inside. I guess it is cost also kind of like meditation but it's like it's saying it in the weirdest way meditational about hyping present not necessarily like self worship the yes no if he's if he's saying that thinking of himself makes himself feel like mind or it's like I think of myself and I'm like dude. I rule yeah. That's not what you're supposed to be doing but peace of mind line being a full-on sociopath and just like like an himself yeah ooh yeah and then that was the only thing otherwise yeah like he's sort of goes on some runs like Ma and like yeah at the end there is he good singer. I I can't tell you bout to see me. He's about to go on some run okay. Let's get to that I said. Can I have everyone's attention. Please if you're not like this and that you're going to have to leave giving you were barely we invited to this point like we told you your bank play here. We had a playlist already set up and you still brought these mother fuckers in these instruments in flip flops with boot-cut twenty minutes after introducing himself to the person who's house it is he gets. I'm GONNA tables like all right. Everyone Posers Listen House rules and the guy who owns and I was like what what the fuck is going. WHO's gesturing to this and that because I could hear him gesturing he'd be like he's trying to play like I'm representing the like other people now and he's like here's my impression of you guys? Can I have your attention. You have to be like me or you got a Li Fook and drones. She's one of those guys who'd he picked. One word to like sheep. Yeah just keeps on saying labs who owns the house is like Gavin. Did you put pizza bagels in my yes. Hey man smoke alarm went off so I like I like the room to be smoking when I'm eating them smoke alarm to the government trying to control our foods temperatures they started saying like this and that you're gonNA sadly. It feels like his talking voice sounds so much like a singing voice and I'm just kind of like maybe it's not that he's a good singer. He just has a natural choice. That sounds good sung. I was like he's not like a talented. It's not that he's a talented singer. I'm that his voice his voice yeah. He's got a very melodic talking boys yes and sometimes when he doesn't talk it turns into a song you know he's discovered his. He found his voice like we all try to do. In comedy he found his singing voice and he made money from it yeah except that was in the days of record label so you probably didn't make that much. It doesn't also feel a little bit like you really thought he was like pulling a Michael Stipe here he was like I'm saying some things that are emotionally ron true. Oh he definitely thinks he's <hes> like going to get on stage to a bunch like a crowd of people that are going to have their eyes open for the first time so my question is what's the follow through on that realization through there is nothing like on the realization that you're like a lot of people you he's like hey he preaches to you and he's like hey. If you gotta listen man you gotTa just be you. Don't follow the culture just be you and then you're like cool so I don't like pizza anymore. You're like okay. We'll think about it the things that you're pretending to like and then just be like okay. Maybe I don't like that or okay. Well now have to reframe all just you think of all the things I like to do. I like better is it. Do I like that because society has made me like that yeah but even then isn't that like extremely nuanced to like have to try to be like okay. I recently bought a these as high wasted jeans that I'm not totally sure about the style but like I think they're Kinda cool. I'm not totally sure yet and then trying to unpack like to think they're cool because I keep seeing them on instagram like it's it's a far more insidious than just like. I only them to be cool. I feel like at a certain point okay so I have found a comfort zone in the snapback hat. I tried to get into the dad hat makes the bottom of my face. Look much more Mr The curb bill. Yes Dad hat the debt yeah it's like when he's gone <hes> and and I'm like okay I must not have that guy. That's what it is yeah so the young the young my little brothers twenty and he has a call we gotta get you. Some new asked me why wasn't that. Let's say I have settled into my generation like this is cool. The snapback is is is had a day where when the dad had really got popping it kinda faded away. It's agenda G._N._C.'s not into the flat bill. No no no this is news to me yeah yeah. My little brother is definitely he. He tried to roast me. Now you gotTa do you and I told him. I don't want to be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately. I've been trying to be lately as a person who still wear snapback ten in years later. All you gotTa do senior snap back and you have peace of mind exactly that's how I feel about. Fashion Trends two unlike I see teens doing it and I'm like I'm. I'm thirty years old. I can't do this. Oh Yeah Yeah I think at a certain point you're just like you do settle into. I mean you do sort of settle into a Gavin saying you don't want to chase trends anymore. You're like I this works for me. Just works for me and I don't feel like anyone rusting me hurt so I don't care yeah and even if even if it's a neutron doubt that you try it on and you're like Oh this works get with this. That's fine yeah certain thanks like rips in my genes. Yeah just started doing that like okay I. I didn't think I was going to be into this and yet I like it and this is sort of a newer I mean it's been around forever. Be like you know like the newer style of jeans and I'm just like okay. You can get with that. I can the risk of looking like a Dork. I think we're far more comfortable with the older we get. Ah Yes yes yes. This is very actually been quite deep. I didn't expect this governor. This is what he wanted. He's like I'm going to say you guys up to really think about what saying whether or not it is smart is going to grow right wow loss of her son the doctor you WanNa like Grab Dinner Sometime Kevin Everyone are liars. It's everyone are liars. Everyone be liars. Everyone is in identity crisis all people as liar so you know what can we what what did you Samie no no no no just turned and I realize I'm surrounded by allies and then they turned again and I was like imposters they turned again and I was like I just looked this way suddenly having a crazy it's like one of the liars walked away now. It's an identity crisis just curious what situation I'm in where everyone surrounding these constantly changing Ching but I'm just sitting in a circle it feels like he put on those glasses from that movie they live and he sees all some write a song and let you know Oh my gosh is we just joined the Church of Gavin Carl. It's your brother. It's realizing I can't really keep up with Gen Z. Anymore. The father the son and the holy chariot in what ways ah yes hurt again he we saw it sounds like he sets it up where it's like okay. Maybe I'm doing a God thing and that's a key. Let me just say no. I came. I was made out of clay. I was formed. I'm I'm a perfect being K. I have no religious experience. I know nothing. I haven't read a single page of the Bible. She's like a Bible thing. I think like to come down from the mountain top. Yeah that's where our Jesus had his sermon on the mount that were Goto the mountains from thanks so I just thought it was really specific insult. It's also a wildlife album. Okay I came from the crust of creation sure and then oh if I can say this my whole situation made from latest oh now I'm telling everybody I mean you guys. Don't find that hysterical that he's quite whole situation clay my whole situation. Is it like it was made from clay and now it's it's hard he's sending he's hitting his ways. I kinda hate that I'm like a little. It's kind of kind of good. This is like when I first heard that fucking puzzles over song great such great heights and then he's like a we're both made from the clay is exactly what king on thinking king it's a sign that the mirror image is because they're perfectly line. I have to speculate that God himself would make us us into corresponding shapes like puzzle pieces from the clay. I remember being in high school and hearing that like fuck and my God now that's like so many like analogies and I'm like all right. We'll pick one yard made us in the blink puzzle pieces from clay. I think it's perfect but also in my head I'm still fourteen real listen. That's all I didn't expect the God twist that was the thing that came from the mountain is like oh I'm Jesus and he's the crust of creation like I was made made on the top of the mountain. It's like just like Titan so you have no exactly it's like I came from Zeus fucking head. I don't want you guys to have any doubt about what I'm saying. I am the Lord he's got. I is given to garage Jesus. I think he's saying that Jesus went up to the mountain and he came down with Captain Gavin G. A. V. I. N.. G. J. E. S. S. Lo de Gras and crisis the same amount of letters to don't count them. Wow Yeah H Kreis H was shame yeah a hain nine damn wow so when he says when I think of peace of mind he really is touching the Lacrosse on his necklace and he's like wait a minute. Let's secret how old is governed agron. Now I said Said seventy-seven I meant negative seventy seven so he's thirty three thirty three. Oh No Kevin Buck Gavitt. Jesus has been one of us this whole time and he's Gavin's resurrected where he was when he was forty two Jesus forty two he resurrected it did yeah that's Gavin grow just came out with another album didn't he. Ooh Am I lying I could be he's been looking up. He's been trying to give us all of these like sands. Just like I am Jesus I tell you but I'm Jesus a flip flops it was there the whole time the sandals yeah handles and when he walked and Sinus Fares and carried you my child child Yes when you saw this though sandals in the in the sand oh my God the drummer went so hard Chris that drummers name Judas Iscariot to call his took not harmony punches pilots to the CAC her that's him whipping Jesus. Christian people are mad now. There's okay that is that's ever since pure. Listen isn't blink twice. If you're not Jesus wow and now I'm telling everybody so he really is going on to preach yeah so he's trying to say I am. Jesus and I'M GONNA go preach instead of Bush on fire and the music video. Oh my God that's what he's telling us who was parents are at the top. He's running us no prison guard. It's like a Joseph Yeah Harry's especially not having sex having a kid pries talking about sheep do because they're in the prison of conformity. Is there airline coming up where he talks about three people visiting as a kid. Oh my God yeah liars impostors in the fucking identity crisis also pizza bagels you know he likes them hot and two due to tough the bread Jesus like my here's my body the Gross Body Pizza Bagel we have really cracked into something yeah doc liars impostors and identity crisis are the three wise men. Yes Damn Zona Bego. You can eat this in remembrance of me. I it was in Egypt. Plan my bagels go. I'm just thinking about Church that serves pizza bagels now instead of bread imagine the fucking Capri presense instead of wine. Oh my God those are the communion wafers imagine youth group that offered that they would convert a lot of kids absolutely okay honestly Christianity. You're listening. Take it notes Other than what I bet being made piece of break up the notes dogs Tocado Ma Ma like it did he run out of spit in the MA. I I do like when they pull a whole band out especially when the drummer's GonNa do that Phil. He's been doing oh yeah and he knows I like it. Everyone else's on like just kind of like this is a very chilsong dreamers like no. I'm going fucking hard. Yeah Jesus is like can you relax and he's like I cannot this. This is for you sir. This is my way. I'm telling you something's about to happen to you. This is the last supper we get them all right and then he's just going to keep singing. Let me get the rest of the hit Donna piece of UH. I'm supposed to be of them. Eh absolutely absolutely like everyone's got their hands and the church service the search did not they may not know drummers. We're going hard. You Fade me three times. I thought he was going to go up to a higher note that he did not. Do you really season me because I thought he's going to go what I'm trying to me like right. Didn't you keep thinking he didn't get to that. He kept it in his range is the man he did that. He didn't he didn't go top no way and then just changed <music>. Oh Damn I don't want to be when he's like harmonizing with his yea. Hey It's good i. I just want that energy there. The hall you want. I guess eight minutes long eight minutes Jesus exactly keep uh-huh wow I so. What could you possibly this okay? We him well. This is before show you what I did to it. I you just need to show you now that you've listened to it. How much sounds like another song? Maybe it doesn't this is a song came out the year before and I looked at the producer the producer song also produces album. I think also falls into the exact same trap of what the fuck verse and then course that slaps so a little bit maybe songs referencing or at least fucking into cross referencing zing Maroon five's harder to breathe. Yeah Dude play it. We'll show you a single but I don't think I know this radio. I'll need to be a. and then the van prison guards son even works the same lake out will need to be an event in the then a specialist son. The U._S. got more notes. I don't have to be anyone other than Bertha. Two Souls in one pot aware I'm going breath is no coming from to be and it is bad. What I'll I'll be laid in my mind if they say I feel like Gavin's works better in that way it's more of a it starts out more sparse bars and then goes to more of an explosion? Something like it feels like you just added one more person in the chorus harder to breathe who's also on M._t._V. Yeah. That's what I'm saying. I think this love was on that one. Oh Yeah Album Jan Johnson Chris Catan Book Data Jane What what also there's a real. There's a real Jane Chris Catan Data Jane Jenkinson Jane dipped on him because she also dipped on Adam Levine's yeah that's. That's the name right now. I'm living yeah and yeah you don't go in the Catan. She went Levin took insane. You gotta read the book went from the Super Bowl role to mango no offensive Chris. Catano is a lovely man. Maybe that's not what I did though I just needed to get that out of my system oh great. They just don't seem to me I did no one's GonNa like and that's okay. You really set yourself up for for failure listen. It's what episode three hundred how many fucking times on you write a song before you lose your marbles a little bit right or so basically the thesis is I don't WanNa be anything thing and then also the underlying religious connotations of the song. I'm going to tell you just play it. It's something Spock A it's a guided meditation you don't have to be. I don't want should be <music>. I they had a great idea for a Coca Cola ad I would say I would like once I realized it was really close. My eyes legitimately try to meditate uh-huh. It's such I think cutting down. I don't WanNa be anything such like depressing meditations like to. I believe it's like trains and dental. It's like I'm just I'm nothing therefore everything I dated. This is kind of fuck. You'd everyone very funny. Fuck you homeboy. That's funny. That's funny man I was. I was just I was like yes. This is the entrance he doing doing like Janet Jackson intro like a moth to a flame like no. Thanks so the punch up is like for your version. It should be that and then just kicks the to me. It just sounds so fucking looking meditative when you're like. I don't need to be anyone yeah. I don't WanNa be any and what I've been trying to be lately. I don't see I don't even need that. Second half was funny funny. I love when the news came in delude. Yeah you need a loon in any meditation pot at the end a little boon yeah they love it you ever fucking find yourself recording chance of Gavin de Gras for our yeah. That's when you know you've made with the correct choices in life day my logic logic action honestly it's available for download my patriot and you can try meditating if <hes> if you're able to meditate to let us know how it goes if you're not able to meditate let us know what's changed in your life. Why why you can't get there? Nothing changes out there listening to that yeah. Should we get to jail. We got you can't do. This is our esteemed guests. Would you like to tell us your jammies. Yes sure my punishable jam. I wrote down some. Tom And I have to find them so we went through a lot. I am going to vamp because it's been a month long time time for me. Yeah no no I also have you go i. I'm going to pick something that was inspired by Carl's twitter bio because it's redneck woman Gretchen Wilson at the product I have talked about how much I love that song how much I listen to that song as a kid all the time I and it's still rules and I WANNA do at Karaoke some time but like senior byles like now's the time we're GonNa shut out how much I love redneck woman by Gretchen Wilson. I know all the words I love that song as a kid just slaps okay I have to ask I can't keep straight are bonus episodes in this podcast a chance. You've already made it on punchbowl chair. I have not okay okay. You do love that song. I do found it. Okay call you ready. Okay listen back that as so by juvenile my favorite song of all time take-back yeah he says in all my favorite lyric in that song is you gotta stupid ass. You make me laugh. Ah because it's like basically you know people say people when something's funding you stupid asses because it makes him lab but that's not emma the the number one. I'm okay. What can I tell you the number one summertime by fresh print ooh good one thing of the past adjust we just a face and let the out last D._N._A.? Run A bomb. Put your car on through the late back at the summer time. It was inspired by you in a way because you do you do such funny enemy of the freshman and I just like when you listen to that song is like it's so transcendent of time and it just it. He perfectly crafted the perfect summer day of I'd like to win it ends you like Damn what is like it made me feel like when the song ends you go it's like do you guys remember when you we talked talked about highschool a lot in this. Do you remember when you graduated high school and you knew maybe people have parties that last day or that whole last week after prom when everybody's nobody's getting a cap and gowns from the cafeteria turning into your <hes> sports uniform so you can make sure you walk stage all that type of stuff and it's just like you really going to class. Everybody's just kind on a kicking it on the quad energy and you in the energy is so crazy because A.. You're all probably eighteen point. which makes you like real adults yeah and you you know like this is going to be the last time we are all together? You're super present. Yeah Yeah and you know when people cry at graduation when you're like wow this is really the last something after graduation. I know we went there was like three people to have house parties and our parents all like let us get the car all night like we went literally did not come home until like five six more which was like the first time ever and even like that next week. My mom was like no. I was a special situation because they knew just like this is the ending of summertime from top to bottom here. It is a groove slightly trans for and it's just like Oh. This is just the perfect day. It's it's like damn man but you kind of relive it a little bit when I hear that song. I'm taking right back to that place just fun summer when summer actually meant something you know I had a job that lasts that last the last few weeks of like childhood whereas like okay either either people are going to college in a couple of months or people are starting jobs now. I want whatever they want to do so like these every weekend was like bonfire. Dockweiler your best friends yeah. You'd never really hung out that much yeah yeah yeah people who just got to know in the last week of school yeah even coo over twelve years yeah but summertime on like that to me is like in untouchable. It's a good one and also now it's summer so perfect timing yeah okay. I wanted for my untouchable jam. <hes> I don't want him to think that I'm above like a stupid pop song because I am not to prove pop song because I dogged on this stupid pop song for at the last three eighty four hours how long it's been so I'm choosing pop song that I fucking love and I will not apologize for it as that is crushed by David Archer Coletta in a letter from American idol. It's silly so think of his really popped off and even that really pop pop up every time like yes team but printed David David like I could literally said about this. It's so terrible. It's it's good you had to listen to it Mersa. I need you to put in where the chorus drops. That's the spot that has to be the song versus. Give me a thumbs up. I think to say she gets it but also because she's also also yeah she likes it. She does not does not Karl. Thank you so much for coming on. Thank you so much for having me guys. This has been in a real blast having you do. I'm glad to revisit this song and like I feel like I feel the same way I did before but I'm also just like it was a positive feeling good yeah. Next time we gotTA DO Pretty Ricky's on the hotline punch-up. They'll sixty dome lyrics. I think the reason that I shied away from that. One is like it didn't immediately in my head what it is but I was thinking I was like people probably don't notice but it was it was their biggest hit was the one that made it to the pop chart so sure the grind on me and your body both they were me for vine yeah from Vine Yeah. It was out like eighteen years before five from vine. I feel like I've heard of on the hotline. I couldn't hear it in my head. This was like no I definitely know what and this one was much better. I will say Okay Eh. Where can people follow you find you listen to you can find me on why am I blanking? You can catch me on twitter and instagram at hat. Damn it Carl D. A. M. I. T. C. A. R. L. and you can hear me on the flagrant ones on patriots host with your buddies the boys Schon clements in Hayes Davenport from Hollywood hand love on this podcast yeah and <hes> that's basketball podcast but you don't need to love basketball to love the Joe because it's really just me and the boys being shitting. You guys are all so funny. I thank you and <hes> also other than that. Come to U._C._B.. Sometime I'm there a lot just loiter. You'll see him you lord. You'll see me and if you got if you got a job you gotta show you want me to write on. I'll do it fuck yeah. Thank you Karl thank you I appreciate it man and you can follow the show at punch the Jam everywhere you can go to facebook dot com slash punch the jam you can emails the pump pajamas you mean dot com go to our website under the jam dot com check out if we have tour tour dates. I don't know <hes> check out our patriots. Patriarch dot com slash punch the jam and you know go outside and eat some goddamn vegetables. You hippie kids all right buddy dave okay. That was Z

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