The Best Fast Food Fries


Welcome to the PODCAST. I'm John Hammond and this is Megan Murphy everybody in Meghan to you know what July thirteenth enlighten me John. I'm not sure it's national Friday. Get it Friday. That's right. It's not just Friday the thirteenth. It's it's national. FRY is in French fry day. I love it. There is a holiday forever you right I mean is there anything more addictive or satisfying than French fries. I do like a good French. I do you have a favorite fry. Not necessarily I wouldn't call one out over the other by like them really crispy. I like them perfectly salted and every once in a while you know make fun of me or not. I like sweet potato fry. I'm not going to be funny I am. I'm a big fan of sweet potato. I get them anytime I can. It's it's one of the things that that that these e R founder and C._E._o.. Of course mocks me and we're out here price. He's like who could sweet potato for some what people do because whether on the menu totally sweet potato fry. He's probably never even tried did he probably beating handfuls of your favorite like Goto don't have I don't have a Go-to oh to like fast food. Fry it well. I don't have a Go-to but the one that just cripples me every time our five guys fries five guys prize as soon as I go and you're standing there smelling them and I get the bag in the bag is sopping up the grease. That's right away. I never make the right home without eating handful which is good because they just pour them like right in the bag so there's plenty when I get home. Nobody realizes that you know half the bag is gone but probably one of the most amazing French fry experiences <music> I've ever had natalie and I were on our way. We were in San Francisco and we went out to <hes> across the bridge into like Sonoma county went to Healdsburg and Healdsburg bar and grill and we had the Parmigiana truffle fry comes out in like a little bucket like a little metal bucket and we're like I feel like this is something we should order. It was one of the things where you immediately wanted to order a second bucket. Even though there are only two of us it was just like so savory every and delicious and indulgent and nothing that you would do regularly of course but I mean to this damning that was probably ten years ago and I'm still fries so I mean that's that's. That's probably that's a hi bar that is but fries. You know I don't care I like actually just prefer like last night. I just like carved up sweet potatoes and just Rosen and the grill and we had those with dinner or not in the groups are in the oven for like forty minutes or so the four twenty five and they caramelized and put a little salt and pepper on them to me. That's that's my idea of like fry like thick skin on like soft on the inside little crunchy on the outside. That's a good that's a good fry and just make it home in like forty minutes. Have you ever had disco go fries. Yeah I grew up in Jersey what to call diner girl exactly it's like some people call it teen if they're fancy Canadian but disco fries with gravy and cheese probably after a long night I mean that's kind of childhood for me at the diner. Defended the fact of the matter is there are so many options when it comes to fries you know there's the good old fashioned French fry like Dave's Dave standby right. There's curly. There's crinkle cut their sweet potato. There's a shoe string. There's waffle fries is there is <hes> Putin Chili fries dipping fries in mayonnaise or whatever your topping of choice might be so it doesn't it doesn't matter like fries. Are I guess that's why there's a national Friday like. Why wouldn't there be a national Friday exactly early? Americans love their fries. That's no surprise and here's a fun fact. The average American eats thirty pounds of French fries every year. I mean that that sounds grows when you say it but it is not surprising sitting no a year okay yeah so it's still it's still ends up actually believe it or not one third of vegetables consumed by Americans every year our potatoes right one third. It has taking all Schmidt eating vegetables. Officials will one third of the vegetables that we as Americans are potatoes and and it's it's not you know like it's seventy percent of the potatoes that actually are consumed in the U._S.. are frozen or processed right so it's fries or chips and according to the U._S._D._A.. Eh More than half of all potato sales go to processors of French fries chips dehydrated potatoes and other potato products so that's you know that's not the kind of potatoes you should be eating or the kind of vegetables that you should be ingesting. Those are the highly processed time but it's match. It's national Friday. So what are you GonNa do yeah. We're going to indulge once in a while. It's one of America's favorite you know Comfort Foods <hes> indulgence so if you're out on July thirteenth why not grab yourself some French fries so in honor of the fun food holiday. We're going to share with you today. The eat this not that team has their picks for the best fast food fries and stay tuned to the end of this episode because we're also going to share with you how you can make fries at home that may even be better than your go to favorites out and it's not just my lame sliced up sweet potato legit like regular French fries so in now before we get to our favorites there was actually a process of the team used to create these so you don't think they were just like picking their favorites because of how they tasted or anything they looked at nutrition they check the ingredients to make sure that they're mostly cleaning gradients for the most part not too many foreign additives or things that you can't pronounce certainly appearance inconsistency were factors and of course tastes was a big factor as well but so they rank them according to those criteria and I gotta say we're GonNa go through the top five here and it's surprising it's not so much. I guess what's on the list but it's not I think some are going to be very surprised when they the waiting and listening for their favorite and then it doesn't it doesn't hit and they're going to be like what the what's going on here but we weren't involved in this process. It does seem like taste these fries but I didn't in judge in in in this effort some I actually haven't had so anyway. Let's dive right into the top five fries so number five is the Chick-fil-a waffle potato fries so yes solid I mean people I feel like they're. They're a waffle person or they're not I mean these are everything you expect from a Frie- but they have that fun waffly shape in that good texture and these fries were our number five pick because they aren't overly seasoned and they hold up well to light dips like catch up but. It also the heavier depths like Mayo and ranch if you're into that sort of once in a while and medium size orders going to set you back three hundred sixty calories eighteen grams of fat and not too much sodium which a lot of fries have high sodium this only two hundred and eighty milligrams of sodium forty through grams of carbs so not bad. That's the number five pick. Do you have a dip of choice. What do you believe dipper fries? I'm usually catch up girl or sometimes I like vinegar on my fries vinegar. Oh Yeah that's nice. I mean every I love Ditz so sometimes I'm in honey muster motor barbecue but I'm usually destroyed. I saw so I I actually like spicy mustard. <hes> oh yeah I like spicy mustard on a lot of things so number four Wendy's fries which is surprising. I think you know when I think Wendy's I don't. I don't think a fries it doesn't come top of mind but you know here we go. I mean this was interesting because if you're on the prowl for like that classic French fry the Wendy's might be the best bet according to the team because although they could do without some of the inconsistent assistant textures it was just a really solid fry that delivered on all fronts and a medium size fries four hundred twenty calories nineteen grams of fat three and a half of those saturated the sodium cranks up a little bit compared to to Chick-fil-a it's four hundred twenty milligrams of sodium on this one so little little saltier but when it comes to fries you're exactly that's what you're craving when you when you create fries all right stick it quick break from our Fri- picks to talk about something that goes real good with salty fries and that's iced tea but just like these fries don't forget that a small decision can have a big impact and when it comes to decision that you make for your ice tea you WanNa go with honesty not because honesty has been on a mission for more than two decades now to create and promote great tasting healthy organic beverages through through their new campaign. 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That's twenty free travel packs of seventy nine dollar value with your first purchase at athletic greens dot com slash eat. This don't miss this deal now. Let's get back to some fries the number three on our list and this one. I haven't had personally it's dairy queen fries all day. I don't want to get dairy queen fries. It's not what I worked at Dairy Queen when I was sixteen and it was the yeah well they didn't have my dairy queen tiny stand in town with a drive through and some picnic tables we the hotdogs but we didn't have the fries. I feel like I missed out I know but the team reported did these to be perfectly salted and thick enough to hold up to dips and they're pretty darn good so regular size portions only two hundred ninety calories thirteen grams of fat five ninety milligrams sodium thirty nine carbs so so not that badly rationales but you you know again. I haven't had them personally. I am missing out where I grew up. We have dairy queen that was like the full sit down kind of order to get food and you could sit down. There's Burgers and fries and all those kinds of things and it was a long time ago. I don't really remember the fries. I only remember the Ice Creams of course but I've had them yeah but it just again. It's just not top of mind number two this one. I really like seeing here because if not five guys this is where I'm going it's shake shack fries and shake shack. It shook up our our expectations if you will with off get crunchy tators and they're the crinkle cut fries which which I like and look and love or hate it right some people that might throw thirty for a loop you don't like the crinkle cut fries you want your Friday b street and and and and skin on or all this guy but look don't hate on the crank Dunkin hit on the table I mean teach their own and but the fresh flavor will just put all your suspicions aside like you'll you'll be on the crinkle cut bandwagon after these end regular size. Fries with four hundred twenty calories nineteen grams of fat four hundred ninety grams of milligrams of sodium and that's not too bad again. This falls in line with with everything else. That's that's in the top five here. I like everything shake shack. I'm like shake shack girl. We went to a mets game at Citi field our first because we're not mets fans were red sox fans but the boys are just obsessed with baseball and there was a we got there and I saw there was a giant shake shack and we're like Oh my God. This is so perfect yeah. It's fantastic all right in the number one pick this surprise me as well. It's another fun shrew his on the edge of their nick but here comes the shock. It's a shock and this is not a fry that I typically go for but it's Arby's curly fries. I know that's a shocking number one but the team deemed with these ones that will keep coming back for although there nutritionals make them the ultimate cheat male. Maybe they taste delicious because it's going to be five hundred fifty calories twenty nine grams of fat. That's pretty whopping more than twelve twelve hundred milligrams of sodium sixty five grams of carbs so definitely not the healthiest pick but maybe that's why the team you know if you're going to indulge in Friday on the thirteenth. Maybe just you know they're perfectly season. They taste great for once in a while. Maybe try Arby's curly fries again. Look this is another place I don't really think of and think of fries or anything related where the we've got the meats like all that we have the curly fries and they're and they're and they're delicious dishes because check this out so I will. I will check out arbitrage. I'll get I'll give them a chance and again like you said like every now and then my fries every day so you don't worry about the calories and the sodium on this one on this one meal that you're GonNa have every now now and then like if if you are eating fries everyday then you dial that back and he's thinking about this into our podcast more than pleased so looking all you who are listening right now. You're probably wondering where the heck are McDonald's famous fries people through the top five live and everyone kept thinking okay. The next one is going to be the next one is going to be McDonalds. The McDonalds fries landed on the rankings. They were just outside the top five at number six also five guys as I mentioned one of my per. One of my personal favorites came in at number eight a great so look if you want to forgo the fast food fried damage obviously as a less sodium when you're talking about twelve hundred and fifty milligrams and fire up a batch of deliciously addictive spuds at home our very own Dave's Zenko who mocked me for my sweet potato fries and in his mouth that CO author Matt Goulding. Have you covered with their rosemary. Parmesan fries sound pretty good these sound fantastic all the ingredients that I love okay so here's what you'll need. We're going to go through the recipe for you to medium Russet. I sit potatoes two tablespoons of canola oil salt to taste and maybe pepper if that's if that's your thing to to close of garlic very finely minced. I'd probably add more just because I'm gonNA garlic junkie but at least two first familiar one teaspoon fresh rosemary leaves degree by the way to beautiful out great and a quarter cup graded parmesan cheese so now it's time to fire them up preheat the oven to four twenty five degrees Fahrenheit Peel your potatoes and cut them into quarter inch fries. That's about twice. The thickness of McDonald's fries a little thicker soak the potatoes in warm water for at least fifteen minutes before cooking them then drain them and. Pat them dry very thoroughly. Make sure they're nice and dry combine the fries and the oil in a mixing bowl and toss them until they're evenly coated and then you're gonNA season them thoroughly with salt. We want good salt on these fries but we're also having Parmesan cheese so you don't have to go overboard you could it always add more later versus over-salting and then you're going to spread the fries out on a large baking sheet being careful that they don't overlap have a nice even layer. It's so important people so important to cook with soggy FRY crispy. It's I gotTA spread. 'em Out to us to sheets. If you have to absolutely and then you're going to make them for thirty minutes until the fries are just tender in lightly Brown on the outside and then you're going to take them out sprinkle them with the garlic Rosemary Mary and Parmesan cheese all those Yemi flavors return it to the oven for another ten minutes until the cheese is melting in the garlicky is lightly Brown and your house is GonNa Smell Amazing and then we john and I want to be invited over to enjoy these with view but these fries are only you know this recipe serves for people hundred ninety calories eight grams of fat and only two hundred forty milligrams of sodium so that is not bad at all for aside or a snack. I mean that's the thing that's the difference between in eating out and making something at home right I talked about making my own sweet potato wedges and fries I guess but again it's just a little salt and pepper a little bit of oil to to get them in the oven so they crisp up and caramelized nice and there's there's not a lot of damage there but if you look at some of these these fast food fries and the ones that were not that were outside the top five by the way like McDonald's and and all the others there were there were far more ranked here. We just went through the top five. You realize like how much damage can be done. Why feel kind of crummy afterwards totally I mean they? They're good going down but like an hour later like God Tom's so maybe try the homemade on July thirteenth. If you don't WanNa go out for some national Friday you know if you're not going to go out and get your own favorite fast food fries than try these these fries right here and let us know what you think. It was pretty tasty so there you have it now. You are fully prepared to celebrate national Friday and look if it's not July thirteenth li-listening to this words or it's GonNa past who cares you could celebrate your own national Friday or or or make these delicious Rosemary Parmesan fries. Just you know be aware of the choices that you're making and be aware that they're they're good choices. Okay choices not so good choices but at the end of the day don't beat yourself up over it if you're just having prize every now and then enjoy darn fry whatever fried whether they're currently sweet potato whatever you're dipping them in whether they're super salty or not salty war crinkle cut fries. Don't give up on the crinkle cut fries shake shack and try those shakes. Whatever you WanNa do you WANNA do? We hope that you enjoyed all of this great free information that you're ready to celebrate the holiday holiday in air quotes in moderation of course meantime be sure to share this so your friends can equally be shocked by McDonald's not being in the top by the way shared on on facebook or twitter or instagram wherever you have to to make noise it's necessary about the snub McDonald's snub and in the meantime subscribe and let us know what we're doing. Leave US reading and let us know your thoughts on this show. Oh thanks for listening. We hope you'll get next time until then I'm John Hammond and I'm Megan Murphy and be sure to keep letting us know what food thoughts on your mind. You can email us at podcast at eat this dot com and we're going to tackle all your burning questions for you here as we.

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