How Grassroots Marketing Built a Fierce Tribe of 7 Million Subscribers - theSkimm's Danielle Weisberg & Carly Zakin


No one else is going to get you out of this situation. No one else is going to do this for you. You're at. It. I believe that the opposite of depression. It's not happiness its purpose. I believe that every single person has something unique to contribute to the world. And that's why I won't be critical called don't keep your day job. Don't keep your day job this about figuring out what it is that you were your to do in this world, that only you can do to make the world, more whole more beautiful and to stop selling yourself short. Stop sitting it out and to figure out how to take this thing you love, whether it's art or music or screenwriting for dance of baking in, how do you need this thing, love into a life that you get to contribute that you get to do what you love full-time, because it's not just about business. It's about contribution. It's about meaning that is what we seek that is what we truly want. And you absolutely are here to serve the world, and I want to help you figure out just how much value you have inside of you and every single week. We're going to be talking to people who have something to add to help. You get out of runaway to help you be more successful to help you be the truest expression of you. My name is Cathy Heller. I'm so glad that you're here. Let's dive in, thanks to experience boost for supporting this podcast experience, boosts, can potentially help you stab wish or increase your access to credit boost your FICO score instantly for free who is only available. Experience dot com slash dream job, also thinks the skill share. Skill share is giving my listeners two months of skill show for free and unlimited access to thousands of bosses good at WWW dot skill share dot com slash dream job to, to start your two months. Now for also supported by Lincoln knowing where to look is the first step to finding the right job Lincoln has twenty million jobs and the people who can help you find the job met for you at Lincoln dot com slash jobs. That's linked in dot com slash J. O B S. Hey guys, Kathy Heller. Welcome back to other episode of don't keep your day job. Today's episode is epic. I'm so glad you're here for this one. It's just so important for us to understand what it. Takes to build a business, how much action takes and what kinds of actions to take. And that's why I'm so excited for you to hear the story of these two music women and what they built because I think it'll really inspire you and truly. This is why I just decided to start this three month. Don't keep your day job accelerator, which is how to go from passion to profit. I can see it. So clearly when I'm talking to somebody, what they need to do in order to take this thing they love and monetize it. And I'm all for you guys making money. I wanna see you having ten K months. I wanna see you having twenty K months. I know as an artist that there used to be this belief that you're either going to do something that you love and not make money or you're gonna go sit at a desk and build someone else's dream in. That's how you make money. But it's been so amazing for me in my journey to have gone from working a desk job, where I was making not a ton of money, but I was making some money, and everyone kept telling you, that was the practical realistic way to go. And then I wound up quitting my job. Job. And yes, it was scary. And yes, it didn't happen overnight. But then through a series of inspired clear, actions and strategies I wound up starting to make half a million dollars a year. And then I wanted making a million dollars a year, and I went from working job that I hated where I felt like this is just the way it is, like people just are going to be depressed. And have all of these dreams dying inside of them to starting to see myself making twenty thirty sixty eighty thousand dollars a month doing only things I love doing and feeling like I was actually making tangible difference in the lives of other people, and I want you to be doing that. I wanna see you making a great living, so please hear me. When I tell you that I'm all about creatives being creative doing what you love having a huge heart and making a lot of money doing it, it is not mutually exclusive. It is not that you're either a good person with a big heart and you're poor. Or you are doing something you don't love. You're not a good person and you make money. That's not the choice that is not the only way that it goes, you can be a really good person who has a value of wanting to show up and give empathy and goodness to the world around you, and you can it good sushi and wear, nice jeans, and staying nice hotels. Yes, there is a lot of that available. I see that all around me, and I want to show you how to really deliver for your audience. I want to show you how to find your customer had a find the people who you really conserve, and I want to show you how to start making a great deal of money doing something you love. I know that you're thinking it's not possible, but then again you're hearing, the interview people every single week and they're telling you these stories, and so I wanna show you had a back up and look at what has been consistent in every person we've interviewed what's the through line. What action are they taking an I built this now into a method, and I'm going to show you step by step. If you join me for this three month accelerator I'm gonna show you how. To do this and not only going to do this, but I will be in there every single week on zoom video chats talking to you directly. We'll be doing hot seats. I'll be listening to you and helping you figure this out. So if you've been listening to the show, thinking, God, I want to be one of these people that Kathy interviews. I wanna be somebody who's doing this thing inspiring other people, I want to be making a million dollars a year painting, or drawing or sculpting, or baking. I want to do this, I'm gonna show you if you've been thinking, I'd love Kathy to coach me, I'd love to sit with our like she sat with other people that you've heard, and help them come up with their ideas and sometimes you have a passion, but you don't know how to monetize it. So we're gonna sit and we're gonna idiot, and we're going to think about all the various ways and the different incarnations of this passion project, and how you can actually start to make money from it. How you can show up every day getting paid to do what you love. So if you wanna be a part of this enrollment is closing June fourteenth at midnight. And if you go to Cathy scores dot com to sign up for this, accelerated and use the code dream job. You're going to get one hundred dollars off because you are one of my listeners. That's right. So use the code dream job go there before June fourteen that midnight. Now, also those of you who been listening to this podcast thinking, how did this girl go from being a nobody to starting podcast in her closet now she's got seven million downloads. She's on the chart with all these people like Tim Ferriss, and Jenna Katcher, and Rachel Hollis, and Sophia morosi. How did she do this? How, how is she building such an audience? How did she create such a successful piece of content over and over again, without a bestselling book already out there without her a famous last name without a trust fund? I am actually giving you my podcast course, for free when you take this three-month accelerator, so you're getting two classes in one, but you're really getting eight classes in one because in addition to me showing up and showing you step by step walking through getting you into action so that you start to see this actually start to take form and momentum starts to sprout. In addition, I'm giving you my podcast course because I think podcast. Casting is something that can be really, really, integral to helping you build your business. It's an incredible marketing tool marketing is all about giving value. Marketing is all about showing up for your audience, so you don't have to do podcasting, but if you're interested, and curious and you wanna learn from someone who's really good at this who loves doing it who's gotten results, you're gonna get my podcast course for free. In addition, also, you're getting several other courses Tracy Matthews is coming in to teach you story selling, which is all about. How do you sell through storytelling? And Suzy more is going to be coming in to teach you how to get publicity. She has a class called five minutes to famous where she's been teaching people, so successfully how to get results and had a win getting their own publicity, entrepreneur magazine. Oprah dot com mind body green, she's going to be coming in teaching you a masterclass and Laura Belgrade is going to be coming in teaching a class on copy so that you can really start to understand how am I going to say things in a way that really speaks to people souls, that I'm not sounding sales. I'm not sounding like just another add on the internet. Yet another blog on the internet. I wanna really cut through and speak to people's hearts. Because guess what words from the heart speaks to the heart, and we have to understand that casual is the new professional, we have to know how to get paid to be, who we are. So there's even more than that. There's like four other classes within this class that I haven't even mentioned, but these guests are coming in live to coach you over zoom video chat. Plus, they're going to be giving you, some handouts that you can really start to apply. What it is. They're gonna show you, it's going to be amazing. We've also added a payment plan, which is a twelve month payment lands because many of you said, you know, it's expensive or it's hard for me to afford it, and truthfully spending two thousand dollars and getting all of these classes in one is such a steel, plus meet coaching you one on one coaching is thousands of dollars a month. One of my coaches is ten thousand dollars a month for me at work with them one on one. So two thousand dollars is really really a steal, but it's still expensive for some people, and I totally hear that. So we created a twelve month payment plans, you can get it for one nine nine. Month. So I would definitely check it out. Go to Kathy's cortott com. Enrollment ends June fourteen that midnight, I would love to work with you, and inspire you and help you start to take action and help you start to see yourself profiting from the thing. You love so not. Only can you pay back. What you spend on the course, but you can get to that place where you are making five ten twenty thousand dollars a month doing what you love. Because guess what? It's happening all around you. It's happening. I'm talking to those people every single week. These are friends of mine, people who are making that living from doing graphic design hand, lettering, floral, designers, painters, photographers screenwriters dancers. Yes. It's all around me all the time. So as a doable, it's absolutely doable. But it's now about you deciding, it's having absolute certainty that this is possible, and then figuring out, what are you going to do about it, and working smart because success leaves clues. When you talk to people who've done it, and they can work with you. And someone said to me recently while I've taken online courses, and nothing happened. And I feel like it's a waste of time. Ask yourself. For those online courses where you were passively doing it yourself, just kind of watching videos, or are you working with a coach who's showing up over zoom video chat, and you are working this through. And you're having that direct connection where you can start to really be there. Live hearing this kind of training because that is a game changer super excited about it. If you guys want more information, if you wanna sign up, you can go to Kathy's course dot com and use the promo code dream job at checkout. You'll get one hundred dollars off. All right. Also, I am doing a free masterclass this coming Tuesday on how to overcome impostor syndrome in your business, so that you can start to profit if you wanna be part of that, there is a link in the show notes, you can find that they're I would love to see what that masterclass. Now, let's dive into today's episode I am so excited about this conversation today, we have onto amazing women Carly's Aken, and Danielle Weisberg. They are the co founders and co CEO's of the skim. It's a membership company, dedicated to helping us live smarter lives. They started this company literally. On their couch seven years ago. And now they have over seven million daily subscribers including Oprah it all began with their daily skim Email newsletter which has expanded to an app a production studio. Any YouTube channel among other things they also have a podcast called skin from the couch, which you might have already heard because debuted at number one within just a few hours of launching, and they have a book coming out tomorrow, which is called how to skim your life. It helps you take control in areas like personal finance your career stress management and lots more, you can pre-order it today, or you can fight it on the bookshelves tomorrow. I think you'll find so many helpful nuggets in there. I love their story. I love their too nasty. So without further ado. Please, welcome the incredible Danielle Weisberg, and Carly's Aken. Hey Danielle and Carly. Thank you so much for joining me today. Thank you so much for having us. We're so excited to be here. Really looking forward to diving in finding out how you guys started the skim. So take us back and let us know sort of where this came from and, and take us through the journey of. How it got to be where it is. Now shahr. It's daniel. So we started seven years ago, while side it's surreal to think about what we had when we started. We were twenty five years old room mates. And we started the company from our living room couch. We had grown up in the news business loved getting our hands into any type of storytelling that we could and worked, our way up to be producers and absolutely loved it at the same time. We saw that our friends didn't have a new source that they trusted or that they felt really connected with them in the way that they live their lives in. This is an audience have millennial women that is leading in so many different ways and deserve to have news that fit into their routines. I'm so we saw a win the market and wanted to create a company all about this audience in making it easier to have mused fit into your day-today. Over the past seven years. We've raised funding we've grown our company in our products. We have an amazing team. Team. And we are creating a membership to living smarter. So awesome. Just the fact that you did this from your couch. I just love that in and of itself, the fact that it then became so successful, just all of those things, I know that Oprah has she said that she's one of your subscribers. Is that true? Yeah. That is probably the best Janice Carly. That was probably the best of my way. Tell us about that. It was crazy. We, we were flying to the west coast, and we landed in LA, and when you when you land you turn your phone back on, like your Email kind of takes. Yeah. Load washer. And so, I notice maintenance as being really slow and then I tried to get on Twitter and realize I had like zillion messages. And then saw that Oprah had tweeted about us, and remember, I don't Danielle and I weren't sitting like in the same row. And I kept trying to find her like Jamaica, I contact media, it was just it was crazy like, oh my gosh, it was a dream come true. It is a dream. It's amazing. That's an official stamp. Of you have arrived. Welcome you've arrived. So let's talk about being on this couch and having this idea and how you actually started to put one foot in front of the other and build this incredible community business entity all of the things we spent the first year, we really woke up every single day and had a idea of what we wanted to do, which is create a berry date, Email 'cause at the time, that's all we had a knew that it would just the two of us. We had about four thousand dollars saved, we had a great idea, and it was going to be up to us to make it into something. So we would do things like make postcards with the company's website. And with our logo, and a slogan, we would sneak into equinoxes bathrooms and leave them there. We would go into Starbucks and drop them off. We would basically just get kicked out of. Places. We spent that horse. You're trying to meet anyone that we could who had ever started something and just get advice and we did a college road trip. It's you guys at the time he could kind of pass still is college students, so we would try to stuff like these postcards under dorms than sit in the cafeteria with our skim shirts just like go up two random friends and ask if they would sign up for this new product called the dealer skin. So it was just grassroots marketing which was fancy way of saying, we did whatever we could to get people to know about our products. We printed up t shirts sent them to our friends around the country and just ask them to wear it at places in our neighborhood, and we really were able to network and to get different connections that ultimately led to us getting first round of funding a then being able. To hire a team at the same time we were doing all of this. We were writing the newsletter at all hours of the day and night, you're sleeping in shifts. So that first year is such a blur on. We've really did everything that we could to try to get people to know and sign up for this free Email. Gosh, it's so incredible because it's so unusual. I mean, this is what separates accessible people from those that aren't this much hustle. I mean you try to get people to subscribe to this newsletter and you're putting in all of this effort, and was that a free newsletter. Or did it cost money to be a subscriber? The daily est game has always been free. That was free that in it's free now. Oh my gosh. So here you are putting all of this effort to send a daily newsletter that you it was basically news. Right. It was filled with news and the two of you were creating all of it. You were right. An editing and making all of that content come to life. Yes. At the daily skimmed the premise of the daily scam is everything that you need to know to get through your day. So what is the key information that either happened yesterday is happening today in, but you need to know about tomorrow on? So the idea, you know, when we started seven years ago in still true today, is that you should be able to go to any work, or social event, and be able to talk to anybody about anything. Cool. It's really, really cool. It's like I saw written down. He said like to break breakdown important things in like an easy to today. Just read you said before your market was millennials true or not true. Yeah. That the company is all focused around on women and really thinking about what their challenges are in their day to day what they need to be informed on, what are some of the key stats around this demographic, and creating a company all around their lives. In creating information at the bay need to make the most informed decisions in there. Day-to-day. Yep. That's amazing. And so it's really so generous that you wanted to do this so much that you were working all these hours and barely sleeping and driving around to different college campuses, and doing everything you could to try to get the word out and you weren't even making money. And that wasn't even the business model right away. I just correct. Upper went on, which is that, while news always been our passion. We couldn't afford to leave her jobs for a passion project and we've always knew the business opportunity were sitting on, and while the daily skim was free, and it's still free, and that was our first signature products. We always knew our grander vision was to have diverse, I'd Rapin UN that we could create products at finish the routines of his audience on. And so we were very, very methodical and how he built the company. So while I'd love to say that we're generous, people I we were also Avary strategic from really Jayme one around how to build a big business. And how did you know that? How did you know at that? That age sitting on your couch, what would eventually be the products that you could you could eventually monetize, once you built a very engaged community, giving them something for free. I mean I would love to say, yeah, when you went all the products are going to be on me knew how the structure would work together. We didn't. We had a lot of ideas on how can evolve and a lot of ideas on what we wanted to create. But I think you know, the north star Ross has always been that it we have focused on this particular audience, an audience that has so many competing interests. For their time it, we created something that they trusted, and that they started off their mornings with than we would have this amazing gauge meant that would allow us to build other products. So I think at a time when a lot of other people went for scale, we just focused on meaning something to a very particular inside. After group of people that are hard to get in front of any if we could do that, in a big way than we would be able to monetize it in a lot of different ways. So we knew that we didn't want to be dependent on just advertising. We knew that we wanted to be able to do creative things on that meant that we would have to have openly audience that we could have subscription revenue that we could recommend digs chew. And so the decisions that we made about the future of the company, awkwardly went back to is good for audience and will they trust us? And what does this ad I love it so much. I wish I could take a highlighter or a red pen and just like under underlying everything said circle it and like draw arrows to it that is it in every time I'm asked like, what's the most important piece of building a business? I'm like, what you just said, so eloquently, if you can build engaged community of people and show up in front of their face where it's hard to get their attention. But do something that they find me. And they keep giving this and you create a community, once you have that it is gold is liquid gold and from that point. Absolutely. You're right. You're right. You've lived to see that. It's true. And you knew you knew. And I don't know how you knew that. But that is something that we do know that most people don't know that. Right. What you just said. We had no traditional business background. So it was a blessing in a way that we didn't know kind of what the status quo. What we just knew that we had an idea and we had no callback plan. So it was going to be on us to make it happen. And I think with that we were so laser focused and we didn't know what the odds were, we didn't know how hard it would be because we've never done it before. It's amazing. And so you did just mention a couple of minutes ago that because it wasn't grossing money from the beginning you needed to have your day job. So were you working and what point did you walk away from the day job and be able to do this fulltime? We quit our jobs, and then we started the company, and we tried to save up as much money as we could which wasn't much he weren't really getting paid much time. But we tried to save and it was a huge gamble for us q-quick our jobs and to start this. I mean there was no way we could do both at the same time and we felt just such a passion and this conviction to really get in start it at the same time, you know, we had to pay rent and we didn't have families. We didn't have the responsibility. So we knew that, although this would be really tough. There wasn't gonna be. Point where it would ever get easier. Yep. That's a good good way to look at it. And so how long did it take until the started to bring in revenue? It's actually interesting. We got offers to do to bring an advertiser's truly from month one and we, we said, no heart of why we said, no, as a bandwidth issue in part of it was also we were very focused on eulogised growing our user base. So we didn't start working with sponsors until about two years and are very for sponsors were the MBA at Turner, sports and chase. Well, those are great sponsors, and two years, though. Like, how did you manage for two years now? We raise we were able eventually after a very arduous process to take in venture capital funding. Otherwise, there's no way we could have done that. And how we were able to get along that far was we really went into credit cards. Add that was a personal decision that we made together as co found. On knowing the opportunity, that was front of us, knowing we had to be doing this full time, not knowing that we had something special. And so it took us a very, very long time. She raise money. And we, you know, we've been very public about hundreds dacas two thousand knows. And while continuing to grow a very, very aged loyal audience. Eventually, we were able to raise a seed round of funding in that enabled us to be in building a team, which Nabil's us to then start working with advertisers, earth's revenue stream. But we are very happy that it is one of many that we have. Yes, yes, yes, that is, it's really incredible dedication, it all worked out in the end, and that tends to be the case when you are really clear. But what you're doing and you really care about your audience which you do. I love everything you're saying and before we keep going, let's just take a quick break. If you're looking for a job, knowing where to look as the first step to finding the right one while Lincoln's got twenty million jobs. You know, often say that it's. So helpful to have a job that provides you with a stable income and acts as your investor. 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Find the job meant for you at Lincoln dot com slash jobs. That's Lincoln dot com slash jobs. So let's talk a little bit about how you built that audience. Like how were you as people were coming in? How are you engaging them? How were you? Making a feedback loop to really listen to them to serve that and better what they needed. And see really hit the Mark. So one of the big drivers for our growth in the beginning and also throughout the company's history has been our skin Basseterre program. So when we started we would get emails from people saying that they loved the products they do anything to help in. We were kind of amazed by it. And we would write back and just invalid this pen, pal relationship. And then one day we were sitting with an adviser who said, you know, have you thought about asking them to share the scam with ten friends Merlin than probably a good idea. I'm so we started doing that. And once you hear a scam ten France would be atmos-, Kim Basseterre. And that was a term that day actually coined an that haram grew into something that drives about twenty percent of our user acquisition. And now it's thousands of women throughout the country that are involved in the company that help us. Do things like launch our book help us. Register people to vote. They're really the grassroots force that has taken what we did in the beginning with grassroots marketing, a made it this amazing impressive networking group, something that has really defined he munity within a new company in an accompanying the themselves have actually helped to bills that is so great. And it's beautiful because it gives them more and more purpose. And they get to be part of something that they really love and believe in, and what are you give them back because this is such a great idea for people listening to think about. And I'm just wondering how you you're setting that up. Are you supporting them by getting on like zoom calls, just with them? Are you doing meet ups just for your skin Bassett? Or what are they getting back from you other than the pride of being part of it, which might be enough on everything you actually just named a step that we've actually done with them? So I think you know, it's, it's been an incredible asset to the. Company on one obviously, we're so grateful for and also, I think what's been amazing is how they really taught us what community should mean in what community at the scam with, with, they're looking for, and so everything from exclusive meet ups, which we call seven scams after one of our internal traditions. We've done X is a book clubs for them. We've done. They've actually been really, really key in being part of launch squads for us around our election work are occurred, but that's coming out. And we've also really provided a platform for them to connect with one another on, we've heard just the most amazing stories of people who literally met there now spouses through this program of people who've gotten jaw cool who've made lifelong friends, who travelled together people, you know, there was one situation where woman was going through a hard time financially in a group of skin Basseterre hitched in hell, pay for her bills revile on that is completely because of the connections made in this community not, because we're asking them to do that. Of course. And so what we've done it's been able to foster community on. That's taken many different shapes over the last few years we'll continue to evolve. That's beautiful. And I'm sure that, that plays a huge role and I don't want to overlook what you guys are doing on your own. What you've always been able to do which is really speak to your audience like they can only be embassador and help continue to spread the word and China Light on what you're doing because what you're doing is so good. And I would like to look at that for a second because creating quality content is so important and people here it, but we don't really understand what is it that goes into making great content, what have you seen as you've gotten better and better at it? That are the ingredients that make something really hit. I think that there are few things that seem really simple. But I think if you can answer them, it'll. Give you a much better focus for whenever you're creating. So the person is, who is your audience. The second is what's the value? What's the take away and the third as Hauer they consuming it? I think that some of the mistakes people make when they create content is just to think that, you know, more is better Morris just more if you don't have a strategy behind it. So I think that instead of thinking about, like a half to podcast, you're I should do an Email about what it is that you wanna create what's the message. And then what is the best distribution method for that an it seems simple. But I think it gets really overlooked. And I think that today, there's so much content out there that the race to just pre more is not the best way to win. I think it also at times, really stifles authenticity. And I think whatever you're doing if you come from a place of. Telling your story than that's something that is unique. I love it so much like this should be a class at Wharton. I hope it is if it's not the what it shouldn't. Yeah. You agree. So can we use your model as a case study for, for a second to answer those questions, who's your audience? What's the takeaway, that you want them to have and how you got to those answers? Sure. Well, I think our audience was in the beginning. It was our friends, and then we took a step backwards than it is the millennial women right now throughout the United States. That's our key audience. That's what our company has always. Yep. Yeah. And I think the value first of all we want to add value, the evalu- at, and that's something that we are very, very clear about. We want to be something that doesn't try to take up all of persons time. But create something that is additive when they have time. So we'll take three minutes that you have in trying to be the biggest value add that we can be in those three minutes where instead of trying to compete with twenty minutes for your time keep you on our site longer. We know that. No one has that amount of time were all busy. There are things that we should be doing at we want to make sure that your informed and get on with your day. Yep. So if you had to boil it down and say, this is the thing that you most want people to walk away with what was the thing. What's the takeaway that you're hoping that they're gonna get trust? I think that is the foundation or our company. I think you know. At Microsoft said this in really stack of news trust is the ultimate commodity. And I think that's so true. And at the end of the day as a brand you're competing for trust with an audience that is skeptical and is really saturated with all different types of information to what does that look like I mean, it's a really important word it's something that we all feel when you say, like hits us like in our chest. But what does that mean to you? What does that look like I think that trust, there's sort of an underlying understanding that authenticity is part of it, and I think that's that's word. That's kind of overused a lot. But really, to me trot, Carly me. What trust is it underscores transparency underscores that, you know brands are created by humans in the customers of those brands arguments? We are all people people make mistakes, people make Typos people attired around the same thing, people get passionate around the about similar things, or sometimes different things. And then how do you deal with those? Princes? But how you own up to those things. And I think as a brand, we've tried to practice that at leaders grinning company, culture, which is to practice that, and that's everything from being honest, when there might be, you know, tech glitch or when we're talking about the realities are like, building a business in sharing that, you know, on our own podcast or on our own channels. It also means having our audience truly understand what our mission is about. And how that can manifest is what our work has been with the elections that are no excuses platform, where when you are telling people cares information that you're gonna make a really important voting decision around, and that they feel that they, you don't have a hidden agenda around it, or you're not pushing them one way or another on so much trust in that, you know, I think the best example of how do we know that we have trust with our audience is the back the two hundred thousand people voted because of the skim in eighteen immigration election. But is so impressive that is amazing. Home. I gosh, there's so much good stuff here. I wanna talk about something that comes up for most of the people that I talked to it seems like this is a place where people get stuck. You know, they might have one of these pieces that we just talked about even to and along the way, they'll think about taking a step forward Bill. Think about doing this thing. They wanna do starting their business during their work, whatever it is. And then this little, like voice comes up. That's really not very kind. It's very critical and they feel like an impostor they feel like a fraud. There's a lot of self doubt and you have been able to push right past that. So how do you do when you're scared, you said yourself we didn't really know and yet you kept going. So how do you encourage people? What can they take from your journey that allowed you to stay the course I think that it's a lot easier said. Than done, which is something that you have to remember that anyone that is in a physician to give advice has had those moments of self doubt. I remember we had a moment when you're catching first-round of investors in just had heard no again, again any en again, and sitting on the kitchen, floor and curly was sitting on the floor in the living room and just thinking, like, what have we done one of the things that I think, you know, is, is helpful is to let yourself thanked that. And then move on, because no one else is going to get you out of the situation. No one else is going to do this for you. You're it and there isn't anyone else that is going to do this better than you. If you're the person that is starting something for the first time. So I think also a big contributor to our sick sess in terms of being able to push through it is that there's two of us. So we would have those moments. Have them at different times. So quite down in the other one would say, okay, great. You get thirty seconds. Get your shit together in. Let's be going citing finding those people in your life. Who can be those sure leaders for you and not the ones that are going to kind of indulge you with the ones are going to say. I hear you. I know this is hard at he'd going. That's so so powerful. And again, you know, this is what you were just speaking to a few minutes ago being authentic. But it was really generous of you to share what that actually looks like because people need to hear it. So we have a lot more to cover, but first quick outbreak. You know, the better your credit score the easier, it is to get the stuff you want, or the less, you have to pay. But when it comes to actually raising your credit score that can be a major struggle while now it will be thanks to experience. They've launched experience, boosts of brand new way to instantly increase your credit scores for free a higher credit score can help you jobless and get access to credit and preferred rates for the things you want and need in life people. 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Where you can take classes in illustration graphic design craft making and even marketing you name it. They've got it right now. You can join the millions of students already learning on skill shirt today with a special offer. You can get two months of skill show for free. When you go to skill share dot com slash dream job too. And that's the number two. It's no secret that I love skills are some of my favorites have been their classes on watercolor painting productivity. They also have a purpose and a creativity workshop class, which sounds really interesting and growing up like elementary school, middle school, high school, I wasn't such a good student until college, but skill share makes it easy to learn because I can do it on my own time and at my own pace. So whether you're picking up a new skill for your day job, or you're figuring out your neck, side-hustle, pursuing a lifelong passion skills show has classes for you. They're offering you two months of unlimited access to thousands of classes for free. Decide of good a skill show dot com slash dream job to again, go to skill show dot com slash dream job to, to start your two months now, so I wanna talk about something else that comes up that's a struggle for our audience because it's something that you talk about and you help people with and that. It is personal finance. I think that in general, there's a lot of shame. There's a lot of oh, money's the root of all evil or you know, who am I to ask people for money or I don't wanna be sales, your sleazy, and that keeps people from committing to their dream because they're sort of, like either. I'm going to do something for money or I'm going to be a good person. It doesn't seem like people think that they go together, and I asked you about monitoring it, and there was no apologies. So I would love to hear you speak to the audience a little bit about money and the relationship with money and earning money from things that you love doing and how you've learned to invite money into your ecosystem like the person that we've learned about money is that it's something that people don't like to talk about openly, and that's something that we have from our audience. It's something that has influence the type of advice that we seek out and the people that have become our mentors. Because we talk about this from, you know how did we get? Out of credit card debt, Hugh. How do we negotiate our salaries to how do we figure out how to stave and all of those questions are actually things that we put into our book, how to skin your life, and it was a big impetus for actually writing the book because these are questions that we had even with great people who were generous enough to give us their time. I'm so we have these questions than they've got him universal. So I think that the biggest thing we've learned is that you need to talk about it in, you need to find people that you could talk about it with an, it's a heart operation to have, but you need to do it. I also think that we never say that it's the right decision for someone to quit their jobs and to jump into something. It was the decision that we made an we made it knowing that the trade off was gonna be credit card debt and it was gonna be all of these things that would be really tough and have long term effects for us. So whenever someone comes to us says, you know, I'm thinking about starting a business, but I don't know if I can handle the financial implications. I think that, that's a decision. You have to make for yourself or never gonna be the ones to make that decision for yo at he will talk about, like how easier her heart is I think, at the end of the day, it's really all on what you feel comfortable with. There's never going to be a best time to do anything. So it has to come down to your family your stat up and what's right for you. Yeah, exactly my stance on. This is build the bridge, build the runway before you take the leap. And so this idea of not keeping your day job to me works. I find often better when you have your day job as your investors so to speak, and you are having a side hustle, and as it's growing, and growing and growing, you start to see when you're going to actually be able to leave, but I wanna talk a little bit more about the money piece. Because energetically, I feel like there's a lot of shame around making money, and being successful, and that, if we're going to be nice people, it's not gonna work, and I don't see those things as mutually exclusive I feel like you can be rich, and be a jerk, you could be poor be a jerk like all everything in between. It has to do with the way you live your life, right? Thought about money itself. But I think that money has represented a lot of negativity for people. And there's some shame around having abundance. And I'm curious what your thoughts are on that he said it the right way, it, doesn't it doesn't? Have anything to do with, like your character. Obviously, you know, for us, we just got out of credit card debt like very recently in, we know what it's like to feel like you are living paycheck to paycheck. And I think that that perspective has allowed us to hopefully become the kind of employers that we want to work or almond to create a culture that we not only can be a place where we want to work, but also create products that allows people to have these conversations, more openly and to hopefully be able to negotiate for themselves in the workplace as well. That makes sense because you have that Pathy there you've you've been on that side in terms of where things were able to actually generate revenue. What were some of those projects that really led to a lot of revenue in the ones that you're most excited about? Yeah, I think that the most organic one is what happened was skim rate, so, you know, we started recommending books because it was just something that we felt fit into our brand promise of giving you in. Formation, that you can use during your lives, and so on a Friday of Memorial Day weekend, we needed to read than so we, we felt like if we needed that, that our audience probably use a tip as well. So we put it in the daily scam newsletter. And that's continued every Friday, since skim reads, one recommendation in a few lines of tax, we've been able as a company to move authors about, like three thousand points on the Amazon list, however argument is astounding. So then we were able to create a thing that was an organic recommendation and monetize it through affiliates on that affiliate program has grown. So we've been able to recommend things like casper mattresses posture devices, all sorts of things that fit into living smarter, and that you need to know about had a time meaning gifts. Mothers day, holidays. How can we make that process easier more streamlined? And that now has become a big revenue line or the company. So I think that's an example of how we've been able to grow revenue out of organic opportunities. That's awesome. And that's so so cool that you've been able to help people, especially in that first piece of it because selling books is a whole different game today than it ever was, and that's really, really powerful. So let's talk about how our listeners what your recommendation is for how to skim their lives. Now there's a few categories at one of the most important innings, and obviously, it's very close to our own personal story, the importance of networking on, and we talk a lot about this in the book now working is not something that you really have a choice in doing. It's a given. It is a skill set that we all need no matter what career path you go down. And we give a lot of tips in the book around how to approach it, how to stay organized with it how to really treat it varies. It's domestically will also not being a robot. The other part is I would. Say time management and how to make sure that you are literally breathing during the day and focusing your energy efficiently and some of my favorite parts in the book are different tips around how to conduct your work day in terms of, you know, kind of twenty minutes for of hard focused work than taking a break, or really actually breathing, techniques, and lots more just like that in the book, so cool and the last thing because I think that it's so important that I think we've touched on it a little bit. But at the end of the day, I think that eighty percent or even more maybe even ninety percent of everything that we do is collagen, and like ten percent is really the steps involved, one thing that you, you do deal within the book is how to deal with just managing anxiety and negative thinking in limiting beliefs. Would you talk about that for a second, like what some of your wisdom is about that? I think one of the things we've tried to instill actually at skim, h Q at is part of our culture is in state GRA time, which is you should have a blocked off time in your calendar for. You need to do what you need to do. So with other that means that you're going to therapy, whether that means you're taking a yoga class, taking a walk is that when you call home, we don't ask what it is that you're doing. But we Degnan observed that Danielle and I make sure that we don't schedule over that our selves and certainly don't infringe on anybody else's sacred time. And that's something that's very protected at our office in something that it took us a really long time to set boundaries around how to make sure that we were taking care of ourselves in, you know, working out and end taking those kind of mental breaks, even scheduling vacations with something that, like, I personally struggled with. So it's something very important to us in, we always come back to, you know, especially early on. If there's no there's no skin and you have to take care of yourself in nobody machine in can run with no brakes. Yep. Well, this was so in, like interesting in fun and helpful. Thank you for being here. Tell us where we can find you and we're where we can find your book this, skim dot com slash book, and we are. Are going on a tour throughout the country. Starting June ten all the information on how to skim your life and the tour is at skim dot com slash thank you so much. Yes, awesome great, great stuff. Thank you guys. The such a blast talking to Daniel and Carly. Their book comes out tomorrow. So definitely go. Check it out and here are the takeaways. Number one, give back by fostering community provide a platform where people can connect with each other number two to make great content ask yourself, who is my audience? How are they consuming it, and what's the value, number three authenticity and transparency, build trust? And trust is the ultimate commodity number four. Let yourself feel the doubt and then move on. No one else is going to get you out of the situation. Do it for yourself. Number five surround yourself with your chillers number six. No, the trade offs before you quit your day job. There's never a best time. So do what's comfortable for you? And number seven no-one is a machine with no brakes. So block off. That's sacred time on your calendar and make that self-care priority. Okay. One last reminder that I'm doing a free masterclass on how to overcome impostor syndrome, so that you can thrive in your business. It's going to be Tuesday, June eleventh at one PM Pacific standard time, there's a link in the show notes, also don't keep your day job passionate prophet accelerator is closing June fourteenth at midnight. If you use the code dream job, you'll get one hundred dollars off. This is your chance to have be coach you and show you step by step the same method that we're talking about here on today's episode and every other episode. What are we looking at what are the steps that all of these people Bobby Brown Jonathan Adler, Mandy Moore all the folks that have been on the show? Jensen shera. What are the steps that everyone has taken being able to do good things in the world making a difference? Having fun doing what they love and make a great amount of money doing it. We're going to talk about that imminent, put you into action. I'm gonna hold you accountable and Chopin coach if you wanna be there for this. I don't think you wanna miss it. You can go to Kathy's Corsa com. Use the code dream job to get. Hundred dollars off and enrollment does close June fourteenth that, midnight, you guys are the best and I wanna let you know, also I'm turning forty next week. Oh my gosh. June nineteenth is my birthday. I am turning the big four zero and I was thinking the best thing you could do. If you wanna give me a gift is to buy my book, you can go to don't keep your day job dot com slash book. 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It's going to be special just for those who priori book before June nineteenth one special QNA call, where we can just talk for a couple of hours. I'll be there to hang out, it's going to be super fun. And I will also send you back a voice note, a personal voice owed say thank you for going ahead and buying my book, and wishing me a happy birthday, because that is really truly the best thing you could do for me for my birthday of worked so hard on this book. It took two years. And I think you're going to love this book so not only will you get a book that you love. But you will be making my fortieth birthday, the very most epic possible fortieth birthday can ever have an it will mean the world to me. If you've been enjoying the show, enjoying this re content enjoying this podcast and you want to give back and wish me a happy birthday by the book. Go to don't keep your data dot com slash book by it before my birthday, which is June nineteenth. That's my fortieth birthday, and send me a screen shot on Instagram of your purchase. And I will send you back voice note, just saying, thank you from the. Heart. And by the way, I love chatting with you guys. There are some happy to start a chat because I'm always there to hear from you. If you're going through something hard. If you're celebrating a win, I am always there on Instagram you can write to me. Let's start the relationship I love to hear from you mean the absolute world's me by the book before my birthday June nineteenth and will celebrate together all be hosting a Q and A. And I will send you the details of that. And those who preorder will get in on this special QNA, and we can just chill for a couple hours on video chat and week, you could ask me anything you want will be there to support you and we can just hang and celebrate and maybe by, then we'll have hit a certain number, and we'll be celebrating not my birthday. But the fact that this is the New York Times bestseller, a love you guys worthy new. No. Thank you for being here. Thanks for being my cheerleader hope to see you at on Tuesday at the master class, and I would love to work with you guys those who are going to be in this group. It's going to be a small enough group that I cannot wait to do this intimate. Coaching in the donkey Pajau passionate prophet accelerator. So join the program before Thursday at midnight Alevi with a song of mine. Talk to you guys on Thursday. The podcast is a production of authentic. For more info on advertising in this show. Visit authentic shows dot com. Streams on made of paper. Let's make pay miss shea. Still fill the world together with our hands. This whole is made appealing, they'll be lack balloon. An flow a wooden stopping. Nothing. Given that easy. No, we wouldn't. Sun, said nine. Oh, god. Millions lands. Mr. Post straight. Can move to speak. Welcome sun without of sound. Little skiff. Wouldn't. Son. 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